i kinda shipped them


I noticed (ok well twice) that whenever Cor is on their team, he talks to Prompto and I am a bit emotional ok lol 

Your friendly neighbourhood medic and security chief would like to remind you to stay safe this festive season!! Happy Lunar New Year again everyone!


hey guys could you say in tags when and why you became a larrie? i’d love to see how you people have found your way here :)

Things that make me weak in my knees:

- Percival and Theseus. Not just pen pals, not just formidable coworkers exchanging letters from one shore of Atlantic to the other, but friends, in the highest sense of the word - friends forged in War and trenches and rain and blood dripping down necks slick with sweat. The kind of friends you can not see for nine years and when you do it’s like not a day has passed, the kind of friends who hugs you when you’re chocking on homesickness and shushes you like a mother would, and yes, the kind you sometimes slips in a cot with to hold on through the freezing France nights and press closer and closer until it’s just skin and dust-tasting lips and his hands searching yours as he pushes down, young hearts hammering like exploding grenades because I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna die I don’t wanna i won’t let you die.

- Percival looking all classy and polished, when they’re still off the front and spending evenings bragging around French clubs in their brand-new suits - imagine a younger Graves, still unrefined around the edges, raven-black hair, a lock perpetually falling on his eye, the uniform in pristine order and a modest elegance you just can’t fake - while Theseus is all laughs and curses and songs and perpetually in disarray, from the mop of auburn hair to the collar he never learnt to make. They’re a study in contrast, the Yankee dandy and the Brit oaf. Appearances can be tricky, though. Because actually it’s Theseus the more straight-forward, the brash, combat-minded Gryffindor, made to make plans on a chart and guide man and get into fights and get into beds; and Percival is the pensive Horned Serpent, quiet and observing and still feeling too old for his body, curling up on his cot at the training camp with his pile of books. There’s a lot of books around Percival Graves - Theseus learns it the hard way, finding his bed surrounded with neat stacks of volumes and having to resort to phisically beg him to sneak out and do something, anything Percival - and Magical Criminology of Goblin Organizations, really? Is this even a real subject? 

But the world is enamoured with the dandy and the oaf, and oh, how they like to encourage it. Percival purposefully making his movements languid when lifting his glass of brandy at the bar, putting on cufflinks carved in jade and painting cat-like smiles on his face; Theseus exaggerating his clumsy stumbling and hiding the fierce intelligence of his green-grey eyes behind his bushy beard. 

If only they know their New York dandy is the fusspot mother lamenting I don’t fold my socks the right way.

Would you shut the fuck up, Scamander.

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Popstar Meme | Relationships [2/?] - Conner4Real & Ashley Wednesday

There’s moments in your life when, all of a sudden, everything just clicks into place. And you’re, like, “oh, shit! This is my person. This is who I’m gonna spend my life with.”