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Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 1,635

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Summery: Jughead and y/n get caught up in a heated moment by the lake


The heat radiated off my skin as I stepped out of the water onto the riverbank. There was a warm subtle breeze hitting my face as I join the others sat on a large rock, beer cans and food around us. The gang had decided to start off the new term at school on a high note so we all met up by the river for the day and had a couple of drinks. The group consisted of Archie, Betty, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and myself.

We all sat round on the rock sharing laughs and making plans for our future summer together. Although some moments weren’t as perfect as others due to there still being tension between some members of the group. There was an ominous feeling about the day as we’d all pushed aside the Jason Blossom case to free our minds of the stress for one weekend.

I sigh and take in a deep breath of fresh air, feeling cold, refreshing water droplets spin down my back from my wet hair. I run my fingers through it to untangle the knots that had appeared. I look to my left to see Jughead awkwardly looking around unsure of what to do with himself. A look of slight discomfort contorted onto his features.

“You okay Juggie?” I ask him quietly not wanting to draw the attention of others. He just looks at me and shrugs, a solemn look about him.

“You gonna strip those clothes off for us Juggie” Veronica cheekily flirted towards the only one still fully dressed at the time. Jughead just scoffed and looked away biting back  “Are you gonna learn to keep your clothes on Veronica?” gaining awkward hisses and coughs from the others.

“That’s a little harsh isn’t Jug, considering it’s still basically summer, are you not planning on getting in the water with the rest of us later on then?” I ask him discreetly smirking his way.

“If it gets too hot then sure i’ll come in, but it’s not necessary for me to sit here half naked and be even more uncomfortable” he passive aggressively comments throwing his arms into the air.

We all just let out breathy laughs and go back to coordinating normal conversation. Not that any of us could really have a normal conversation as our minds had been constantly filled with the conspiracies towards Jason’s death.

“So Archie, how’s your music coming along?” Betty questions the red headed boy sat opposite us. “Yeah it’s good, I’m just really trying to throw myself into writing really, right enough of this sitting around, who wants to get in the water with me?” Archie suggests standing up, Betty, V and Kevin all stand up and follow Archie into the water, all smiles and laughs. I really did love my friends.

“You don’t have to sit here with me because you feel sorry for me you know?” Jughead suddenly snaps looking towards me. “I’m not staying with you because I feel sorry for you, I’m staying here because I enjoy your company dumb ass” I laugh and playfully shove the raven haired boy. He chuckles and grabs my hands to stop me from pushing him. Goose bumps travel up my arms as his hands come into contact with mine. I lean in towards him and let myself collapse in his lap, my head looking up at him, while our hands were still intertwined he fiddled with my fingers.

“I love the way you act around me, you’re just more free” I say looking up at his beautiful face. His green eyes catch mine and he smiles, Not something many people got to see very often, but I had always had the ability to bring it onto his face.

“Well that’s because I’m comfortable with you, I don’t have to pretend to like you it just comes naturally” there was a few minutes silence after his confession, where we just sat enjoying each others company listening to the sounds of our surroundings. You could hear the water splashing and our friends laughs were heard over the buzzing of the nature. It was a truly breathtaking moment in time.

“Do you think we should tell them?” I ask him quietly not wanting to spoil the atmosphere.

“Tell them what?” He replies dumbly knowing exactly what i was talking about, just then he let go of one of my hands and brushed it through my hair, making loops around his fingers with the locks.

“About us” I retort flatly, not taking his sarcasm to heart.

“meh, why do they need to know right now, I don’t care just as long as you’re happy, but not everyone has to know our business, let them just sit and ship us for a while longer” he breaths out.

“yeah it is kinda fun watching them freak out over the little things isn’t it” I giggle and look down at our still intertwined hands. Jug just smiles and nods down at me.

“Right” I sigh standing up and pulling him with me, “take your clothes off we’re going for a swim” He groans in distaste pulling a face but still he shrugs his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes. I couldn’t help but stare at his body as he removed the layers of clothes. His slightly indented stomach sort of gleamed as the sun hit his skin. He was perfect to me, not completely ripped like Archie, he had a slightly toned lanky figure which suited him well. Once he was ready I lightly pushed him back yelling over my shoulder.

“Race you to the water” I giggle running ahead. It didn’t take long for him to catch up and we joined the others in the water.

“well look who decided to show up” V commented splashing water up at me. I let out a small screech as the cold water splashed up at my body, I just laughed and splashed her back. Bad move. We had started a splashing war between the group, everyone screaming and laughing kicked and thrashing in the water to get everyone wet.

Even Jughead joined in and genuinely looked happy, something that goes a long way in my eyes, I loved to see him happy and smiling, a nice difference from his usual grumpy disposition.

We all carried on messing around in the water for a matter of time, when Betty suggested taking a swim around the lake, Her and Archie swam off and Veronica and Kevin were heavily enthused in competing on ‘who can do the better handstand’

“You wanna take a walk?” Jughead nudges me, his arm comes up to my waist and he tugs me towards the river bank again. I ring out the water from my hair as we walk towards the rock where his clothes were. He just shimmies on his jeans and hands me his flannel shirt, I look up at him and smile, putting the flannel on over my body.

We walk through the forest into a more secluded area, talking about nothing in general. I stop to look at the scenery before us. You could still see the lake peaking through the trees, and sunlight streaking through the gaps of branches. Jughead pulls me towards him by my waist and presses his lips against mine briefly. he pushes his forehead onto mine and breathes out “Beautiful” raising a hand to my face he strokes my cheek, his rough thumb stroking over my bottom lip, I look up into his eyes and notice the contentment in them.

He leans down pressing his lips to mine again, harder than before, his grip around my waist subconsciously tightens. My arms sling around his neck, one hand coming into contact with his face the other falling to the back of his head grasping the wavy raven locks in between my dainty fingers.

He slowly starts to walk me backwards not breaking the kiss until my back hits a tree. Both of his hands now resided on my waist tugging at the shirt he had so graciously handed to me. Our lips moved roughly against each others, both of us pouring our passion into the other person. My hands slipped down from his neck and rested on his smooth chest. Jughead pressed himself closer against me our chests now flush together. I could feel the rough bark from the tree behind me digging into my back. Giving me a slight sensation while our lips were meshed together.

I captured his bottom lip in between my teeth and lightly sucked on it before returning my lips to his. His hands slid round my waist to my lower back where he pulls me closer into his, if that’s even possible. The closeness between us right now was why we enjoyed being with one another, the raw connection we both felt never hesitated to send shivers down my spine.

“Woah! what’s going on here then guys” We hear the smug comment from Veronica, causing us to pull away from each other in shock. she just laughs and shakes her head. “I knew something was going on between you two” and walks away yelling to the others that she had some “big news”

“Well i guess the cats out of the bag then” Jug smiled and looked down at me, still holding onto my waist.

“Do you want me to go and tell her not to say anything?” I enquire looking up to him shyly, not really caring we were caught.

“Nah, let them all see I’m a fool for you” he replies pressing his forehead to mine smiling down at me. I just smile and lean up to press my lips to his once more. This really couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

I’m such fucking ship trash I swear, but in the JC movie, after Slade captures the Titans and BB comes to and his first thought is that Raven’s not moving.

Like, not that he’s captured, or the others are, too.

He panics and is just like RAVEN’S NOT MOVING, because she’s the only one comatose. 

It just reminded me of The Beast Within, where even after he’s told his DNA is falling apart and that something is WRONG with him, all he can think about is Raven’s safety.

It’s got to be canon, how selfless he is when it comes to her.

Fucking hell.

This ship is going to tear my soul to pieces. 

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Okay, so I'm kinda new to the fandom and shipping drarry, so what would you say are the fics that everyone must read? I've read turn and chaos theory already, and I loved both of them, but the number of fics out there is kinda overwhelming so I'd appreciate help with knowing where to start? Thank you so much and I love your blog!!

I have a little secret project I’m working on that will DEFINITELY help you out with this, but until then, I can give you a couple of my favs!
(I cannot link, I am on mobile, REGRET, but I am including author so you can google & find it p easily)
- Yours is the Earth (Hold On, Hold On) by chickenlivesinpumpkin
- Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill
- literally ANYTHING by Sara’s Girl
- Eclipse by Mijan
- Humbug (A Christmas Tale) by Snegurochka
- Here’s the pencil, make it work by ignatiustrout

More to come!

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Hm that Klaroline answer kinda helped with my question. But my problem is the fact that Klaus still continued to hurt Caroline's friends even after he had feelings for her and I can't get over the time he bit Caroline. Like he really tried to kill her, but when he bit Camille, he said it hurt him. Klamille and Klaroline are two ships I'm torn between tbh. I mean I do love Klaroline more but I'm having trouble with them for the reasons I stated and Klamille is kind of flawless but...

[Hm I think that Klaroline answer helped a little, but I just hate the fact that even after having feelings for Caroline, he still continued to hurt her friends. Ig his hybrids meant more to him]

(Cont)…but there’s something about the bond between Klaus and Caroline that Camille and Klaus could never have. But then again there’s something about Camille and Klaus that Klaus and Caroline can never have. I feel like Klaus loved Camille more passionately though.`

1. My thing is like I said in the ask I linked you to, I can’t convince you to ship or not ship Kl*mille or Klaroline, it’s up to you.

2. ‘Klaus continued to hurt Caroline’s friends’  He’s not a good guy. If you can come to terms with that then Klaroline is the ship for you if you can’t then it’s not.

3. In response to your conflict over the biting scene in 4x13 I have to refer you to these posts 







*Edit: http://dontbeallupinmyfriesdawg.tumblr.com/post/148983354335/why-do-you-think-there-was-a-lot-more-focus-on

because I don’t have all the answers and sometimes other people explain things bettwer than I do. If these posts don’t resonate with you and give you perspective, then it’s safe to say this is not the ship for you.

4. What I will say about that whole ‘biting Cami made him sad thing’ Klaus consistently did things that Cami found morally abhorrent and upset her. Then he’d give her some teary-eyed speech and disappear into the night, Cami’s heart would swell and that would be that. The difference is between Caroline and Cami is that Caroline didn’t take Klaus’ shit lying down (even when she was lying down). She called him out for his actions and made it clear that she wasn’t going to be taken with his charms and ignore the horrible thing he did.

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Cami, on the other hand, set up camp in the ‘Klaus is a good person with a pure soul, deep down he can change’ zone. 

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Her whole existence was to validate his ‘goodness’ and reedemability. + THE ORIGINALS ARE STILL DOING THAT TO THIS DAY

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Don’t get me wrong, Caroline saw the good in Klaus but she didn’t , make excuses for him and her entire existence wasn’t in aid of justifying that goodness.

5. For this reason I would strongly diagree that Kl*mille is flawless. What it is, is sugar coated. Basically because in Cami’s eyes Klaus is a saint and Cami Is more or less Mother Theresa in terms of the originals, an angel who died in an attempt to save Klaus’ soul.

6. If I’m really honest I think Klaus loved Camille in the sense that he was fond of her and that she was his friend and someone he trusted and felt he could confide in.

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But I don’t think he was in love with her. I saw no passion in Kl*mille’s relationship, an ease, comaradery; but not passion. The kiss was flat, the ‘I love you’ was flat. So, I belive that Klaus cared about Camille but that’s about it.

7. Anon there’s a beautiful thing that exists and it’s called multishipping. Hell I do it. Just because theres a large group of poeople who stan Klaroline and hate Kl*mille and vice-versa doesn’t mean you have to chose. Ship both if it makes you happy.

Ok so @goldendaydna tagged me to spread the love and positivity….I’m no good with words, but I live for this ship!!

everything in that picture says alot not to mention I need to make one for season 2 since there was so much shipping goodness!!

- The main reason I love this ship is for the personality differences, they are like two different sides of the same coin kinda deal!! The chemistry and interactions between them is wonderful!! These two will be the death of me!! They just are so cute!!!! 💚💙

@swindle94 @badwhalenikki @luxurioushope @otakusiren @lunacy13 @hillcaption @novastar134 (don’t hate me but @little-green-paladin help spread the love) @aquaburst07 anyone else who follows me help spread the love, by saying one reason you love this ship!


OKAY THIS IS CONFUSING I KNOW but it was the best way i could explain it aaaaaaaaa I started making headcanons for the ghoul grumps au with all of them being poly in mind so whoops(Click the pictures for captions for a bit more clarification)

SO to answer ur question…its kind of free form?? As in Arin is almost literally w everyone lmao…like..

Suzy is in a nice poly relationship w both Arin and Danny, but shes also with Holly…and Holly totally loves Suzy, HOWEVER shes also with Ross.. but Ross is not in a relationship w Suzy so thats why theres no threeway bubble for Suzy, Holly and Ross… I kinda hope that helps a little lol EITHER WAY I practically ship everyone w everyone so if you send me a scenario where anyone interacts with anyone else im gonna be like ‘huehuehue’

ALSO FUCK I DONE GOOFED!! I FORGOT ABOUT THE ROSS/BARRY/BRIAN SHIP GODDAMN IT I just now noticed it as I was uploading this but i cant be assed to fix the picture lmao


A fic to celebrate one of the most important days of the year

Y’all know what day it is…our favorite blue paladin’s birthday!!!! so to celebrate this (should be) international holiday, here is the first chapter to a fic, starring Lance as a journalist, and Keith as a police officer, also featuring shay and the rest of team voltron (except pidge who will be introduced in a later chapter don’t worry guys I didn’t forget about her). tagging @hastalalaterkeith7152 for letting me bounce ideas off you and also practically forcing me to write this :) length for this chapter is about 3780 words. please guys tell me what you think of this. would you like to see more chapters?

Chapter 1: Late

Routine was a pivotal function of life. It provided structure, organization, and better time management, which were all qualities of successful people. That was why Lance McClain began nearly every day in the same fashion. Wake up, make coffee, drink coffee, read the newspaper, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, go to work. Simple. Very difficult to screw up. Yet somehow, this particular morning had so easily gone to mush.

Keep reading


– SO YEAH I MADE A THING— courtesy of my cousin’s generosity, I have been playing Alpha Sapphire a ton lately, and there’s this random part a little ways into the game, where you re-encounter the first Aqua Team member that you fought, where he gifts you a TM because he wants you to FORGIVE him for losing….. naturally I thought this could be a cute thing if he ended up being a little sweet on my chara, and HEY IVE KINDA GOT THE FEELS NOW AND MADE AN OC OUT OF THIS GUY AND NOW I KINDA ACTUALLY REALLY WANT TO SHIP THEM. Help me. <3 <3 <3 *cOUGH* lowkey want them to marry. xD

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I kinda agree with the anon who was talking about kitty. I mean I ship it and love Livvy and kits platonic relationship but I don't really love ty and kit as much as other people love them. Don't get me wrong they're great, I just think they're a little overhyped.

it’s cool, and i respect that, however I once again polietely disagree. Not everyone ships everything as strongly as they ship other things, and that’s fine. People ship clace over sizzy, or sizzy over clace. It’s often a matter of personal preference, and how you feel about the dynamic and relationship. 

Having OTP’s is a personal thing, and not everyone can have the same favourite, which is just normal. 

This tag is totally dead why it’s like the only person who still cares about the show anymore is Net

Okay I’m gonna bring life into this fandom again IF IT KILLS ME (or until everybody gets annoyed about my pointless posts whichever comes first but considering the type of show Hyperforce is death ain’t out of the question I mean really my tombstone is gonna have a picture of Gibson’s dumb little happyface at the end of Demon of the Deep)

Anywho wow this post got long but hey j button exists for a reason and also NOBODY IS IN THIS TAG WHYYYYYY



For most of the episode she kinda fulfills the whole “sweet yamato nadeshiko girl from a small village who falls in love with the white savior hero (though I don’t ship them because Jinmay is best robogirlfriendo)” role

Like she defends them from the distrusting villagers because they saved her from the monsters and she assumes they’re heroes of prophecy or something

And when they’re all like “uh yeah we can’t help you we’re kinda in the middle of a huge war between good and evil” she says she understands and doesn’t blame them even though she’s definitely hurt

She even does the whole “quiet moment on the rooftop” thing

but then



During the final battle scene they have plainclothes villagers who serve as distractions and set up traps from a distance

And villagers trained as warriors wearing ninja costumes and bringing the whup

And during the fight

huh who is this mysterious individual with the same eyestripes as Nekeeta’s brother Tiqudo who is also extremely mad when their village leader/father(maybe idk possibly just headcanon) is hurt

huh there they are again looking incredibly concerned when Chiro’s about to run the final charge against Big Daddy Bugman







And that’s not even the first indication it turns out when Chiro first found her she was SEEKING OUT THE MONSTER NEST









Also she and her brother are included in the final cameo avalanche of the final episode meaning she fought in the final war against Skeleton King SO IF THEY HAD GIVEN US A FIFTH SEASON WE PROBABLY WOULD HAVE SEEN HER FIGHT





I feature her in a lot of my fics because she was such a good character ugh we needed so much more of her

“Amarantha would be greatly aggrieved if she knew her little warrior was dallying with the human help,” Rhysand went on, crossing his arms. “I wonder how she’d punish you. Or perhaps she’d stay true to habit and punish Lucien. He still has one eye to lose, after all. Maybe she’ll put it in a ring, too.”

Look at that, Rhys thinks more about Lucien than Tamlin does. Shocking. (for real though. I need details on Rhys and Lucien’s past beyond immediately. I can’t figure them out for the life of me) 




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Yandere Simulator

Kokona Haruka and Budo Masuta(featuring a delinquent)

I really ship Kokona and Budo! I hope that when YandereDev get’s to doing the matchmaking elimination that Budo will be Kokona’s suitor. YandereDev did say that her suitor is already in the game and I think Budo’s crush being labeled as ???? is a hint that it is him(at least I really hope that’s what it means!). I think she would be really attracted to him because he’s a strong man that uses his power to help and protect people, a huge contrast to her father, who abuses her.

Edit: With the latest update my theory is kinda void but I still ship them! And the next update will let me see if my theory about Budo having a crush on Kokona is true or not. I’m excited for the next build!

Edit: Lol I was completely wrong and misinterpreted everything. Oh well. Still can’t help but ship them a little but I know it to never be true

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They have Hickeys??? I mean I'm positive they have them, with Jensen's hand being where it was on Misha, but... Am I blind- why can't I see them?? :'( Even when I'm zooming in.. Gah, help me see them please? Also, lol at the fact that the anti-Cockles people have nothing to do but sit around and watch the Cockles blogs. You'd think with ALL of their own shipping material they'd be too busy to bother with us. I certainly have no time after squeeing over Cockles to stalk their blogs!

So Jensen’s hickeys look kinda like moles, except he doesn’t have any moles there. 

Misha’s are a little more questionable.  There’s a red mark on the back of his neck and a dark spot in his stubble. 

And that’s what confuses me too. There is so much content for other ships, why shit on ours?

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any tips about college?

[sighs] [cracks knuckles]

  • when /preparing/ to go to college, earlier is always better. don’t drag your feet on it bc it’ll come back to bite you i promise.
    -do your fasfa early (i know in my state at least, when you file in january-march or s/t it’s considered “early fasfa” and you actually get 1k free for doing it early, so it pays off), do your state-based aid early (for example mine is called ‘hessa’ and from hessa is where i get my state grants and things like that), make your deposits early, etc.
  • save your receipts for everything! and keep them in like a folder of s/t bc you’re gonna need proof of something eventually. you make a deposit? save it. you buy a book? save it for taxes. you receive your financial aid letter? save a copy of it. 
  • contact your school (or future school) as often as you need. don’t be in the dark because you’re afraid to ask. no one’s a mind reader, so if you have a question about your financial aid, call the financial aid office, it’s the only way you’re gonna know for sure
  • you don’t need to ball out on hella school supplies. this isn’t middle school baby boo. come with a notebook or two, and few pens, and yourself. once you get the syllabus, then go and buy your books and however many notebooks/folders/etc you think you’re gonna need. 
  • fact: over spending is the #1 killer of all college freshmen 
  • the most common forms for writing papers is mla and apa style, try to get familiar w/ them if you aren’t already, you’re gonna need them
  • there’s also a ‘dk handbook’ on those writing styles, and they actually help if you’re a hands-on type of learner and need it right in front of you
  • pick a good number of classes that you know you’re able to handle. i think it’s universal that you have to have a minimum of 12 credits to be considered a full time student, but that’s already 4 classes. me personally, i take 15/16 credits a semester and that’s good for me. so find what’s good for you.
  • don’t feel bad if you don’t make friends right away. you’re not gonna be the only one feeling weird. you’re all freshmen. this is a new experience for /all/ of you. try to remember that. 
  • the “freshmen 15” is avoidable if you eat as you do in college as you did before college. try not to eat late at night, try not to only have junk food, i’m sure there’s a gym on your campus, take care of yourself. 

    -when /in/ college
  • again, early is always better, especially when it comes to assignments
  • DO YOUR FUCKING WORK. it’s /your/ money you’re spending to be there, you might as well get passing grades
  • if you don’t have money for your books, there’s /always/ a way around that. there are sites that have your books online, you can get them hella cheap from amazon or an online store like that, there are OPTIONS try not to stress
  • time management is /key/ 
  • i see so many kids have /too much time/ on their hands and they spend it doing /nothing/ and then they have like 5 hours to write a paper that they left to the last minute. don’t be that kid.
  • don’t believe college is gonna be like the movies. the movies are movies for a reason.
  • you don’t have to be there /hella/ early before your teacher, but don’t walk in after them
  • don’t be too hard on yourself. there’s a reason why college kids get discounts on everything and kinda get the sympathetic eye from everyone else — it’s bc college is fucking hard and it’s stressful but it’s ok bc if ryan lochte can do it, you can do it
  • try to find something you’re interested in, it’ll make your time in college go a lot smoother if you have something constantly positive in your life
  • PARTICIPATE IN CLASS. you’ll learn more by being an active learner, the teacher will learn your name/recognize you, it’ll become easier to speak in front of strangers, you’ll feel more comfortable
  • you can leave the classroom after 15 minutes if your professor doesn’t show up. 25, i believe if they have their phd. 
  • sometimes you gotta say to yourself “is it fucking /healthy/ for me to be up at 2 in the morning writing this fucking paper when i have to be up at 8 for a class?” 

    like, i know that it feels like you have to do it /all/ in a time that’s TOO FUCKING SHORT so if you have to let something slide, or miss an assignment, or /something/ for the sake of /your// mental health, then fucking DO IT. HONEST TO GOD /DO IT/ bc that 10 page paper isn’t worth it and the world knows it
  • stores and food places offer discounts to college students a lot, take advantage of it
  • amazon.com allows free two-day shipping for registered college students, take advantage of that
  • get to know your professors when you can. obv you’re not gonna be bffs w/ all of them, esp if you go to a HUGE university w/ like 300 people to a class, but be friendly when you can
  • i know there’s this like of stereotype that professors are like this drill-sergeant, hard-ass, rude people but imma let you in on a little secret— 90% of them aren’t like that. yes, some of them have kinda bad personalities, but the point is they’re there to /teach/ and /help/ you so GO TO THEM when you can. there’s no point in suffering and being in the dark about something that’s a quick answer if you just go up to them and ask or shoot them an e-mail
  • don’t slack off, it’ll just come back to bite you
  • know your professors attendance policy if they have one, and if you’re allowed to miss 4 classes without it affecting your grade, then understand that and choose your 4 days wisely.
  • having a car is a plus, but not /essential/. if you don’t want to eat your cafeteria food, there are usually other food places near your school. food places strategically place their businesses around college campuses bc they know they’re not gonna want their school’s food all the time.
  • you’re never /stuck/ in a situation. there’s always a way out, you just have to find it. loopholes are everywhere and they’re a lot more apparent once you decide to look for them. talk to your counselors, your friends, your professors, your coaches, your boss, etc. if you’re in a situation, you’re not the first or last person to ever be there, so there’s a solution. 
  • get enough sleep. running on e is not good, bro. and it’s unhealthy.

i have more but i should prob stop wow

There is so much angst here in the Barduil tag so here are some fluffy thoughts/scenarios:

Thranduil and Bard becoming close friends, slowly learning to let other people into their hearts again. Them having inside jokes and silent conversations. Going to meetings together and gossiping about everyone else there. Thranduil giving Bard pointers on running a kingdom. Thranduil and Bard whispering together in corners and laughing and leaning on each other. Thranduil throwing a kinda of celebration and inviting Bard and his family and helping braid Sigrid and Tilda’s hair. Bard falling asleep on Thranduil’s shoulder and Thranduil glaring at anyone who makes even the slightest noise. Thranduil and Bard slowly falling in love with each other and just kinda falling into a relationship. Bard gives Thranduil the Emeralds of Girion and Thranduil wears them when they have important meetings with other leaders so everyone knows.

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I did the math; sheldon and amy have kissed a total of 10 times on screen, and half of those kisses have happened in the last 2 episodes - not to mention that in this season sheldon was gonna propose, he had wanted amy to move in with him, and they had sex. They've come so far! God, I love these two too much for it to be healthy.

You are SO right dear Anony Anon =)))) this kind of messages are heaven to me *:* Yes, they are so grown up and happy! i love how they can’t help but show their love for each other and they don’t wanna hide it anymore (i’m lookin at you Shelly). May i add: i kinda like how the writers made it look like Sheldon is some kind of sex beast and how he is relieved to know it..like “Yeah, i was a little nervous, but DAMN I’M GOOD…I KNEW IT!!”

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And thank you for sending me this adorable message ;) i love being part of this fandom. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to ship. i just love Shamy so much i could adopt them and lock them in my house for EVER 

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