i kinda missed this pairing

jj keepin’ it real

emptydollzuki  asked:

imagine if mizukis collarbones were his weak point, like bite them gently and hed be a puddle of goo

yO okay alright how bout this

Koujaku does the tickle thing that makes Mizuki jerk and hide his neck w/ a laugh

Mink nibbles at his collarbones and really all mizooks wants to do is let minks teeth scrape against his neck already

and rEN ohgosh he loves Mizuki’s collarbones sO MUCH he sometimes doesn’t realize Mizuki’s become a giggling mess under him when Ren nuzzles his neck

Noiz would make the most of this information tbh like their sexual practices include Noiz eating off of Mizuki’s neck

aoba. AOBA. Aoba teases Mizuki so much. He’ll press his lips on his collarbones and blow air into them so mizooks is half laughing half moaning

As much as Clear loves to press his nose against them, the REAL teasing happens when they snuggle and Clear’s hair tickles his neck