i kinda miss their locker room scenes

So Tex storms into the locker room looking for Carolina, and I kinda missed the first time around that Carolina was already in surgery, so… why was Tex looking for Carolina? South assumes she’s looking for a fight, but Tex was actually pretty chummy with Carolina in the previous scenes–“Hey, that was pretty gutsy. Hope it works out for you.”

And right after that moment in the training room, Omega manifests for the first time, looking up at Sigma, and Tex saw the whole thing.

I can’t shake the idea now of Tex getting a little freaked out, pulling Omega, and deciding to go try to talk Carolina out of the whole AI thing. And, y'know. Arriving a few minutes too late.

As a side note, considering South was apparently never supposed to get an AI (she and North being the test cases for one-with-one-without), the Director just straight-up lied to Carolina and straight-up lied to South in ways that absolutely egged them both on. Jeeeeez.