i kinda miss it

Im afraid this Mystery Dungeon Game is going to be some kind of a Freemium Game with.. PAY DIAMONDS TO CONTINUE / PAY DIAMONDS TO UNLOCK DUNGEON .. etc. I’m kinda missing the extra title on this one like with the others.. “explorers of sky” “gates to ..:” whatever.. this one sounds a bit blant with this “SUPER MYSTERY DUNGEON”.. urgh - I really hope its a full game and not some pay2win ;_;…

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BRO have u tried a new york bagel yet they are my lifeblood. i moved to Michigan like 2 yrs ago and i miss them so much (if u like kinda garlicky stuff i'd reccomend an everything bagel or a bagel with all the stuff you can put on bagels on it b/c its my favorite but if u dont just stick with a plain or a sesame seed one)

ok I’ll eat a bagel today to see what this thing is


pls read this post before viewing or you will spoil yourself!! now understand that this secret has been around since roach’s creation as a character so that’s the reason why there’s such a range in quality and design in general.

I do not have the dates on all of these anymore but I will go from approximately earliest to latest…

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I know it’s been hella forever since I’ve been here.  Sorry about that.  I’m still playing sims, kind of.  Sims 2, and just haven’t really felt like taking the time to do stories or post pictures or anything. Just having fun with it. Very unseriously and very sporadically.   I’m really kinda missing a lot of the friends and stuff I made on here though. But I just don’t see myself coming back to posting sims really.  Not in the near future anyway.

Mostly I’ve been on another blog. I know I know, I’m a horrible person. But I’m sure some of you remember Xavier.  His face is still my icon here. I was roleplaying him on twitter when sims twitter stuff was a thing,  it probably still is but I haven’t been on there in a million years.  Then I was roleplaying him on Skype, and still am.  Anyway, he has his own RP blog now and a human faceclaim and I’m pretty deep into the tumblr RP community with him and really enjoying it.    (don’t anyone be judging me now :P  I know firsthand how weird the sims community can be :P and there’s no room to talk about weird hobbies)

SO if y’all want  you can check out his tumblr -   prettylittlehalfling  and come and write with me if you like.  :)  (should probably throw a warning in here that it’s pretty heavily smut related, though that’s not ALL he gets up to) Or just ask him really awkward questions on  (or off) anon. That’s fun too :)  If you’re interested and you’ve never done roleplay before, or just never done it on tumblr, just shoot me a message and I’ll show you the ropes.

I might be (probably (okay almost definitely), because I can’t resist an idea once it’s taken root) turning this blog into a personal, we’ll see if I can keep up with stuff first before I decide that.

Anyway, sorry I disappeared on everyone. Have a gif hug from human Xave to try to make up for it.

Xavier’s human faceclaim is a younger Bill Kaulitz from the german band Tokio Hotel.  Who, (unless you are completely blind) looks just like him, and more importantly, looks just like the Xavier I’ve always had in my head.

Xave says Hi to everyone by the way.

ANYWAY!!  I’ve missed you guys!  so shoot me a message maybe. :) 

I miss The Mentalist so much.

I miss The Mentalist so much.

I miss The Mentalist so much.

I miss The Mentalist so much.

I miss The Mentalist so much.

  1. I miss The Mentalist so much
  • I miss The Mentalist so much.

I miss The Mentalist so much.

I remember back when tronnor was the tiniest of all the ships, and there were barely 5 blogs centered just around it. I remember checking the tronnor tag every day, even though there’d only be 5 or 6 new posts each time I did. I specifically remember knowing that when there were, on rare occasions, 10+ new posts in the tag, shit had gone down while I was away.