i kinda miss it

I have a lot of feelings from that episode. First off it just reminded me how much I love this show even all the problems I have with it in the later seasons. I love it full stop. lol (Still the canon ends with me in 6x22 because this really is Emma’s story and I can’t watch it when it’s not. And in the past when it hasn’t been, that’s when it suffered. in my opinion) 

But anyways, I just love it. The beginning of Charming riding to Snow and waking her… I still get chills. (also I want to find that strip of land in the middle of a lake and go there the next time I’m in Vancouver.) Charming throwing his sword at Regina like that and his “Hey!” *fans self* I’m so happy they didn’t kill him off because I love Charming and the his relationship with Emma is one of my favourites on the show. 

I love the sleepy town of Storybrooke and everyone there. I love Mary Margaret and how even then she challenged Regina even a little bit.

And my god do I love Emma. My heart breaks for her and I’m just so happy with the journey’s she’s taken this whole series. I love her relationship with Henry I love Henry being so adamant on the reality of these fairytales. It just fills my heart lol 

some scrub: new vegas isn’t actually that impressive the courier just runs some boring, dull city w/ like 4 buildings it’s not that cool and – 

me: i cant believe valerie evelyn churchill runs this beautiful thriving city 

!!! They finally released the Valentines DLC for iOS tonight ((even though my game crashed like 15 times))!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER UGHH – also I couldn’t sleep until I drew a quick fan CG so here we are ;;v;; !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

!!! I haven’t done 707 route/afterend yet pls don’t send spoilers ;;0;; thank you!