i kinda miss it

Atlantic Island Park:

A tribute to the untamed heart of Solomon Island and the people who used their talents to bring the dream of Nathaniel Winter to life.

May this park be a place where joy and laughter are gathered and used to infect all of those who follow after.

- Dedicated this 1st day of May, 1977 - James B. Longley

Ah geez.

- Andy Gardener (paraphrased…except when it isn’t)

Nathaniel Winter believed he could obtain occult power in four easy steps: find the Architect who sails the Calypso Deep; outbid the Phoenicians for his anima capacitor design; use the design to build a park that harvests occult energy; infuse it into himself.

Countless deaths and dollars later, one must conclude that occult power requires much more than deep pockets and the screams of children.

It was an enlightening test. We learned how someone with near infinite means would go about constructing a capacitor. Perhaps more importantly, we learned how far a man would go to acquire what he could never have.

The Architect has been informed of the results.

- Mission Report: “Gravity” (The Dragon)



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Sooo since a few other Rp blogs have been asked this what do you think of your mundane, Sans

* well, tenta’s…. they do their best. s'all i can really say.

* they don’t like showing themselves much, at this point. mental state’s real bad, n'they feel like they shouldn’t be seen nor heard. s'to the point where those meowth masks are all they are. they don’t really see themselves as a person anymore. more like just.. a vessel for channeling.

* i try to keep them from falling too far, though. so does my brother.

* … sorry, that got a little depressing.

* i just kinda miss how they used to be. i think they do, too.

i will learn to love the skies i’m under  []  []  []
a playlist for journeys about recovery and finding yourself

1. fink – pilgrim  //  2. carnival youth – brown eyes and all the rest  //  3. tom odell – i know  //  4. ben howard – under the same sun  //  5. of monsters and men – mountain sound  //  6. radiohead – codex  //  7. beach house – lazuli  //  8. the antlers – kettering  //  9. grizzly bear – colorado  //  10. angus and julia stone – i’m not yours  //  11. bon iver – holocene  //  12. the neighbourhood – sweater weather (pre-release)  //  13. dan auerbach – goin’ home  //  14. the national – sorrow  //  15. laura marling – what he wrote  //  16. ólafur arnalds – άgúst  //  17. emily and the woods – never play  //  18. mumford and sons – hopeless wanderer  //  19. apparat – goodbye  //  20. bark cat bark – iceland

“its for winston but you can have it” 

pouty jelly dan and in denial phil i am liking this trope. Late BRITs phanart :”)