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NCT irl at Kcon2017

Oooohhhh fuck can I just start off with they’re all really fucking attractive and pictures don’t do them justice? Like seriously pictures cannot contain how perfect they are.

Taeil: He’s super cute like really cute. His body is even cute. He’s like right in the middle not super tall but not short. When u look at his face u just wanna smile. Really smooth skin like u wanna rub it, it’s like after u shave ur legs. Has big puppy dog eyes like u finna get lost in them shits sis. His hair is very nice and looks healthy, his hair kinda looks weird sometimes in photos but it really suits him irl!!! Some girl got chosen for Doyoung and Taeil to sing a song to her and Taeil sang a Bruno mars song I’m sorry I really can’t remember what it’s called but you guys know that one Bruno mars love song. His English was PRECIOUS he has a very sweet sing song voice. Everyone melted when he sang the Bruno Mars song like GODDDD boy really can sing well!! He’s a super cute puppy flower boy, he gives off pretty boy vibes 🌸. He was smiling a smol cute little smile the whole time he was very precious and I just wanted to love him.

Taeyong: MY FUCKING BIAS. WOOOW HES SOOO ATTRACTIVE WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??? I WAS IN THE RED CARPET TAKING PICS THEN HE CAME OUT AND I JUST I PUT MY PHONE DOWN AND STARED AT HIM I HAD TO EXPERIENCE HIS BEAUTY RIGHT THERE MY MOUTH GOT FUCKING DRY AT HIS BEAUTY. Super nice skin super cute lil sweet heart trying to please everyone fan interaction every time u turn around. When he dances he GETS INTO IT his hair flops all around it’s really adorable! He hits all his moves super sharp and it’s very pleasing to see. He had a solo before all the other boys came out and he KILT THAT SHIT everyone was in shock because it was so good. He was very nervous and I was like abt to cry bc that’s my baby and no. He was talking in English and messed up and he DID THE CUTEST SHIT EVER he just looked at the ground and started smiling and all the boys just patted his back everyone said “awww” tho so I hope that made him feel better. Really a perfectionist, tried his hardest to speak really good English, ohh boy his English voice is cuteeeeee. He kept taking his jacket off because he was gettin hot. Has nice arms, the boys weren’t lying ab those veins girl u can see them from miles away, he has nice hands too. He’s kinda like Taeil he’s not very tall he’s more on the shorter side but very nice thin pretty dancer body. He was so pretty?They had a little fan interaction wheel of fortune thingy and he kept doing all the little popular American dances he was gettin it in. On stage he’s got a very sexy idgaf vibe, but in reality he’s cute and quiet. A fan had the same hair color as him and when he walked by her he pointed to his hair and then hers and gave a thumbs up. In all he really works hard and you can tell he really cares for everyone especially his members, he’s very nervous but once he gets past that he’s super cute and wants to make sure fans have a good time. ALSO HES FUCKING GORGEOUS I CANT EXPLAIN.

Johnny: BIG HES BIG TALL LEAN BUT MUSCULAR BUILD HE’S THE EPITOME OF A MAN. Very tall, I was at his elbow. He was right next to me and I almost fainted he was so hot. He has these little patches that look like irritated or inflamed skin on his left cheek near his neck and under his jaw his makeup artists covered it really well tho so I really couldn’t tell. He has flawless pore less skin it looked really soft and dewy. His hair was actual sex, the pictures don’t do him justice he fucking ROCKS this hair and it makes him give off sexy vibes. When I told him I loved him he gave me the sweetest smile ever and ugh I melted. Very polite baby!! Asked how everyone in my isle was doing and waved to everyone! I can’t get over how nice his body was I just wanted him to wrap me up in his arms so badly they looked so strong, his body is actually pretty wide but he’s lean and muscular, like he could engulf you. Bless those stylists tho bc his clothes fit him really well and he looked very cute. He’s a precious pure baby in a big sexy man body, he was smiling the whole concert everyone was PIPING HIS HEAD YO. He was talking and it got quiet and he was asking the members to show something and asking the girl who got picked for the song to pick a singing member and a girl in my isle screamed “I pick you Johnny” and he couldn’t contain his smile and laughter like he was cracking tf up. Every time it got quiet I would scream Johnny along with 2-3 other people in my isle and he would smile SO BIG. He was really happy, lots of Johnny stans there. His legs are big and long, when he dances you can see how big they are, he was smirking the whole cherry bomb choreo bc everyone kept screaming his name. In all he was extremely extremely handsome I wasn’t ready I had no idea how handsome he was! He’s so underrated please love him he deserves it. He’s a cute shy baby with a sexy face and body like he would treat u so well I can just tell. I really wanna meet him again!

Win win: PRINCE OF FUCKING CHINA. Huge eyes like they’re half his face. Symmetrical face with very nice features. Sort of round face. Good hair, pretty doll lips. He’s sort of on the shorter side and he’s thin but not as thin as Taeyong. He was gettin hyped, there were a lot of win win stans with little signs and stuff. He didn’t speak any English but listened very intently when Mark and Johnny and the others spoke English, you can tell he really wants to learn. I feel like he’s a fast learner. Very articulate and energetic dancer, looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage. Laughs at anything the members say, he really loves them. I was wearing an nct banner on my shoulders and he pointed at it and gave a heart and I thought I died for a sec. He tries to make sure every fan can see him like when they were waving goodbye he took the longest and kept stopping to wave 😂. He’s a cute baby and sometimes it seems like he isn’t thinking about anything? He loves being on stage and dances amazing I was so impressed by him, the other members all dance very well too. He seems very innocent and sweet, he works very hard and does a very energetic stage. Really tho he’s so handsome like prince of China frfr.

Jaehyun: TALL BABY! HANDSOME BABY! PRETTY BABY! MUSCULAR BABY! He really is tall, almost as tall as Johnny. Definitely most muscular in NCT he has BIG arms, you can see through his clothes how defined he is. His voice is deep, like deeper than on the actual tracks. AMAZING LIVE Singer. He sang live the whole time and everyone was amazed. He’s actually very good at dancing!!! A real man!! The type of guy u wanna wife up. Shy but confident, very smiley and cute with his members. His hair is really nice I wanted to run my hands through it so bad. When he was in the isle with me he kept looking around and licking his lips 😫😫. He’s really built so well and his voice sounds like honey. Actual prince. You think he looks good in pictures? Well if you see him in real life your gonna be blown back by his handsomeness.
Actor like chiseled features, looks like his jawline will cut you. Big eyes, small face. He was very pale, but not extremely pale he was just very symmetrical and perfect looking, he looked like if you could create the perfect man. Overall he seemed like a cute reserved sweet heart, once again shockingly handsome and sexy but also very cute!

Doyoung: BEAGLE! THIS BOY IS TALL AND CUTE! THIS BOY IS BOYFRIEND MATERIAL! He has very circular big eyes, he’s pretty thin. Legs r long as fuck they look like they’re his whole body. Sweet high voice when he sings, he sings very well live. When he was singing to the girl i was shocked how nice his voice really was. Cute hair, it’s also kinda thin. He gives off cutesy boyfriend vibes. Aesthetic boyfriend. Model boyfriend. Very well spoken and articulate. Very chic! Once again he seems like a model or something. All his clothes looked like he was modeling them. Cute stage presence equally cute up close. He wasn’t shy at all he just walked down the isle I was like damn ok. He has this sort of happy but chic aura. This boy knows what he’s doing he’s very good. Overall I just wanna walk through ny with him and take aesthetic pictures, such a boyfriend oml.

Yuta: HANSOME! SMART! LIKE REALLY DAMN HANDSOME! He’s a bias wrecker, he damn near stole my heart. Sexy boy fr tho idk if he knows how sexy he is tho. Good dancer too. DEEP DEEP VOICE FUCKKKK. His Korean is really good too. He’s in the middle for height also. When he dances he thrusts his hips a lot. You know that part in the beginning of cherry bomb the “I’m the biggest hit” part? Boy was thrusting his hips super hard. Nice body, also kinda thin but somewhat muscular. Really attractive and handsome, it’s like he commands your attention and leaves you wanting more. More of a smirk than a smile on stage. Cocky and sexy on and off stage, off stage he’s a tiny bit more cute tho. Sexy without trying sort of dancing. Sweater paws the whole night! He wasn’t sweating super bad despite his million layers of clothes. Seems like the school bad boy. Major bad boy vibes. Watch out tho bc then he’ll do some cute shit and steal ur heart. Overall very sexy with a good stage presence, I feel like he’s very cocky but in a good way like it’s hot, MAJOR BIAS WRECKER.

Mark: SUPER CUTE SUNSHINE BABY TRYING HIS BEST HE WANTS TO PLEASE YOU HES A GIFT FROM GOD! When I tell you the cutest most sweetest lil baby ever I mean it. Little baby facial features with big round eyes. His voice is surprisingly deep in real life? Tries to give bad boy sexy vibes on stage but just ends up being a cutie. PROTECT HIM. He can dance very well I would say one of the best dancers. FULL OF ENERGY THE WHOLE NIGHT. His hair was all floppy and bouncing around it was so precious. He was getting down to the wheel of fortune song like he was actually dancing really well to the random tune. He’s just so super cute and smiley UGJ. He will brighten your day. He was nervous and kept stuttering in English and smiling at the floor it was cute. His English voice is so nice to hear it’s like the perfect tone it just sort of flows into you ears. Bouncing around the stage the whole night. TRYING HIS ABSOLUTE HARDEST AND BEST. Really hard worker. Sweating a bit but it was cute. Everything he does is cute. Overall I jut wanna protect him and watch him grow and get more popular, he’s really so lovable.

Haechan: AWWWWWWW CUTE LIL BABY BOY! SOOO EXCITED AB EVERYTHING! When he dances he also bounces around. SMOL! Heart piercing smile! SMIRKING THROUGH EVERY PERFORMANCE. It’s funny because he thinks he’s older than he is and it’s really cute. CUTE PRECIOUS BABY FAT I HOPE IT NEVR GOES AWAY. Sweet baby face and very interesting and melodic voice. I’m smiling while I write this y'all he was so cute in his little shorts. He was so fucking happy and excited just really super precious. He can dance really well too he killed his solo thingy. Really sweet baby you would never know how much of a trouble maker he was. He’s really the cutest lil thing and so excited he couldn’t contain it! God I just wanna protect him.

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hey shu, just a general question here but if you were to design each of the boys' websites, how would you make them look?? like style-wise, color-wise, etc

woaH you really ask a question that got my web designing ass on fire hmm im trying not to make this a long ass essay but let’s start shall we :^)


First of all I’m mad at Harry’s team for doing everything well EXCEPT for his official website. A fucking tumblr are you kidding me??? That’s not very professional for an international star like him. Second the layout is super LAZY, LACK OF DESIGN IDK HOW HARRY’S EXTRA ASS ALLOWED THEM TO DO THIS. The website loads pretty slow because IT’S A FUCKING TUMBLR they have to use a lot of different cdns for jquery and stuff like why!!!! would you do this!!!!!! #JusticeForHarrysWebsite2k17

Ok enough for the rants. about the design, i think a full screen banner/welcome page will be nice. The color scheme, I’ll prefer monochrome or maybe monochrome with an accent color.

idek how to put my thoughts in words, perhaps something like this?? 


The thing is, I LOVE Niall’s website too much to even come up with my own ideas. Whoever is in charge of the design, I owe them my first born. The transition and animation on the website are soo neat and smooth. And also SMART. 

You see Niall actually has quite a lot stuff on his site but it doesn’t take ages to load like Harry’s GOD DAMN IT because it’s an actual web building tool written with php (for tumblr you can only write with html) plus they use a lot of jquery such as lazyload to avoid the heavily loading progress so KUDOS TO THE DESIGNERS

so um what will i do?? my first thought was Niall’s this town lyric video. I really like the drawing style and I love linear icons too. So probably some linear aesthetic? is that even a thing? asjkdlaskdj


First of all I really love the video background because like I mention earlier, that’s one of my fave stuff!!! but other than that….. i don’t really enjoy the layout because it’s kinda hard to read!!!! perhaps it might still be under construction, but i think it’s a bit too plain for liam’s style??


I think Liam definitely needs some bright colors on his website, maybe something neon-ish just like the strip that down video. i LOVE the color scheme of that video and it fits him so well. if we go with those colors along with some cool jquery animations it shall be fun!

(too bad i, for one, suck at jquery :/)


I gotta admit, I got real nervous with the louis one!! because i feel like i haven’t fully capture his style yet. there’s not much thing on the website since the single is still on the way, and looks like it’s going to be different from just hold on. so i had a hard time figuring out which style his website shall be

so turned out it’s pretty much a redesigned version of his current website :) i just really wanna show his logo since it’s one of my favorite!!!

That’s all thank you for this question!! I had fun and i hope you like them :^)

College!AU Hoseok
  • major: pre-veterinary 
  • minor: KSL/KSDSL (korean sign language minor: both ksl and ksdsl)
  • sports: swim team, also participates at rallies as a male cheerleader when they need him
  • clubs: big brother big sister (his little brother and sister are actually deaf and since he’s learning ksl he’s like a role model to them it’s super cute,,,)
  • hoseok has literally always been about helping others no matter what so his major was intended to be medical, like for humans, but after a while he decided he’d rather do pre-vet because he got inspired after learning about the importance of service animals especially to kids with disabilities
  • it’s also the reason he’s passionate about learning KSL. honestly, he would think it would be mandatory to learn by now (and he’s always trying to get the rest of his friends to learn it with him) because communication with everyone is important!!! it’s what builds friendships!!! 
  • and hoseok is pretty fluent in it, both KSL and KSDSL he’s taking the minor so he just improve his skills and also because he’s in the big brother big sister program with a local middle school and there’s these two twins who are deaf and he wants to be able to teach them and show them how to sign things correctly through KSDSL which is the manual translation of the korean alphabet and he just like he doesn’t want to make mistakes because he wants to keep being their role model but also KSL because it’s distnict and literally like learning a whole different language
  • and the twins /love/ him they just ADOre him especially since hoseok is studying to work with animals and is always telling them the coolest dog facts ever. also did you know dogs have 1,700 tastebuds anyway
  • and hoseok is also really athletic and has won medals for the campus swim team since he was a freshman. sometimes he dabbles in other sports teams unofficially with like the cheer leading squad if they’re short a person or even the dance team on campus with jimin and jungkook
  • and ofc whenever he has a met and the twins can make it they do and hoseok loves it when they hold up the little banners they make for him and honestly this dynamic of hoseok basically raising these two as his own siblings is so soft im crying while writing 
  • moving on though hoseok and you actually get to know each other because of the twins
  • see you’re doing work study as a way to help pay for your dorm and like usually the jobs you’re given are like library intern, filing for the administrations office, or even being a lab helper to some of the graduates but on your luck you got a job at the sports facility on campus taking stock of the equipment of the campus gym
  • and it’s like an easy job so you don’t complain (also all the campus athletes walking around shirtless is like a bonus BUT)
  •  and so it’s the day of a big swimming competition and since everyone’s at the pool you get to freely check the gym and locker rooms for the equipment but to your surprise you find two wandering kids and you’re like ??? 
  • and the girl sees you first and runs over holding the boys hand and you’re like hi!! are you lost?? and the girl kind of looks at you with wide eyes and you’re like??? and she’s like a bit panic struck now but she starts signing to the boy and he’s signing back and it clicks in your mind that oh ! that’s why she can’t understand you and you’re like ok ok think think 
  • and you look down at your clipboard in hand and flip over the page you were writing on and scribble down the question; “are you lost?” and squat down so you can show it to the girl
  • she reads and starts nodding and she reaches out and you hand her the clipboard and pen and she writes out “pool, hoseok?”
  • and you’re like ….hoseok ive heard that name before……….
  •  and then it comes to you – he’s the swimmer everyones excited for at todays meet and so you take the clipboard back and write down “I know where he is, follow me!” and the girl smiles and reaches up to take your hand with her free one and you’re like omf she’s so cute and her brother is so shy and it’s like you smile back and take them to where the pool is
  •  and it’s super packed, but you manage to squeeze your way into the front sections with the kids and there’s barely enough room but the girl just plops down in your lap and you’re like you know what im ok w this ive known these siblings for five minutes but honestly like how could you ever say no to cute kids
  •  but yeah she like takes a little banner out of her backpack and it says hoseok on it in kids handwriting and has little kitty faces drawn next to it and the boy, who you guess is her twin because they look so similar also has his little hoseok banner with puppy faces on it
  • and like you see hoseok, it’s kinda hard to miss him seeing as though he shines like the SUN both his smile and like his personality like he’s the one swimmer going around wishing everyone luck and patting everyone on the back and like
  • you know him from like seeing him on campus and his photos in the campus newspaper and stuff and like he’s incredibly handsome but now that you’re sitting here like watching him he just like
  • what’s a subtle way to say ‘fucking hot’ ????? yeah that’s hoseok
  •  but like you don’t focus too much on that you’re like dying because the two siblings are so cute, excitedly bouncing up and down and hoseok turns and he spots them and waves and they both like lean over the railing to wave back you have to like hold them steady you know how kids can be
  •  and like you stay with them the whole met because you want to make sure they’re safe and don’t get lost again and when it’s over the girl tugs on your sleeve and points down to where hoseok’s team (that won ofc) is standing and you immediately know that she wants to go and see him so you set her down and take her hand and her brother and lead them out off the bleachers toward the back where the swimmers are passing through to get to the locker room
  •  and like the second hoseok comes out with the towel around his neck, hair wet and like looking Fine
  • his smile just hits you because it’s so bright and he opens his arms and the kids just fULL GALLOP toward him 
  •  and you like sheepishly stand there because like lmao should I go??? but hoseok comes over and he’s like holding the girl up in his hands and the boys like clinging to his leg
  •  but hoseok is like signing something with his free hand to the girl and she’s like signing back her answer and he like grins and turns to you and is like
  •  “she said you helped them when they were lost. she also says she thinks you’re very pretty”
  • and you’re like oh well yes im glad i found the- pretty??!?!?! and hoseok is like chuckling like “she wanted to sign something more complicated I think she was going for mesmerizing but she messed up a bit and went with pretty, it’s cute she’s learning.”
  •  and one you’re extremely touched because wow mesmerizing??? pretty?? all these sweet compliments but like the thing is that hoseok is looking at you and he’s like
  • “you know I agree, they are very pretty and im also glad they helped you two…” and then he signs the rest and is like “I told them they’re little rascals who keep getting themselves into trouble like this.” and you giggle like ahh not rascals, these two are cute small angels
  •  And like hoseok is like im gonna take these two to get lunch, wanna come? and the girl is signing to hoseok that she wants you to come with you guys but you’re like I wish I have to finish work,,,,I kinda slacked off by watching the competition and hoseok is like oh my god im sorry if I would have known I would have asked like jin to come over and stay with them asjlfw im sorry let me make it up to you another day
  •  and you’re like wAH no it’s ok really ;;;; but hoseok is already extending his hand and is like do you have your phone on you??? let me give you my number and you can call me if you ever need someone to buy you some free food hehe
  • and idk maybe it’s the fact that hoseok is breathlessly charming that you give in and he puts his contact info in and the girl takes the phone from his hands for a second and changes ‘hoseok’ in your phone to ‘hobi (four thousand heart emojis)’ and it’s cute hoseok is like hey! let me change it- but you’re like no no it’s fine
  • and so you say bye to hoseok and the twins and like the whole time you’re like taking count of the equipment like you were supposed to be doing you’re all giddy inside
  • and like you fret over actually calling hoseok like a week passes and you’re just tOO scared to call
  • but you end up not even having to because on your way to the library you feel someone wrap their small hands around your wrist and you’re like !!!! 
  • but you look down and see the girl and her brother and from behind it’s hoseok running up to catch you guys
  • and you’re like oH hi!! and you like bend down to like smile at the twins and hoseok is like signing to them and he’s like “hEY sorry i was scolding them for running off like that but when she saw you she just haD to run to you,,,,,,,,,,like i said small rascals”
  • but he’s also grinning from ear to ear and you’re like yeah ok rascals that own your heart but you’re like “it’s good to see them again, can you ……..sign that to them for me hehe” and hoseok’s like no prob! and it’s cute you all have a little conversation and then hoseok is like actually im dropping these two off to see their parents and he invites you to walk toward like the parking lot campus and you know you do
  • and when the twin’s parents come the dad gets out of the car and like talks to hoseok about the big brother big sister program and whatnot and then turns to you and is like 
  • “ah i see hoseok is finally dating! what a good surprise, take care of him well!” 
  • and you’re like awe-struck like uM SIr aCTUALLy and hoseok is turning like a very bright red and is like “um we aren’t a couple-” but the dad is just like “you aren’t a couple YET” and is like laughing like anyway gtg see you tomorrow hoseok
  • and when they leave and the twins wave out of the car it’s you and hoseok standing beside each other like both flushed messes it’s cute
  • and hoseok is like “um,,,,,,,,by the way you never called,,,,,i was ,,,,kinda upset,,,,,,okmaybealotupset……..”
  • and you’re like im sorry ;; i was just shy and hoseok’s like don’t be shy!! i really wanted to see you again to you know……..pay you back and thank you…………..
  • in reality he wanted you to call him so yall could go on a cute lil date BUT 
  • and you’re like well ahh i mean if you’re free now-
  • and hoseok is like yes. yes im free. as free as ever. completely and utterly free.
  •  he’s like i know this little cafe in the city if you want we could go now it’s open pretty late and you’re like ok frick the library im going with hoseok
  • and like you guys take the train and somehow it isn’t awkward at all considering you’ve only talked in the past for like ten minutes but hoseok just makes everything so easy and natural
  • and like you tell him about your major and you’re super surprised when hoseok is like “im pre-vet!” and you’re like what i thought you’d be like ,,,,,,,,,studying to be a teacher or something and hoseok is laughing like “right??? everyone says that!! but i got into being a vet because of the importance of service animals. i think a lot of people benefit from them in ways that not even medicine can help.”
  • and as laidback and sometimes even childish hoseok can come off in his loud laugh and his manner of speaking and just being so inviting, hoseok ends up telling you some things that are really interesting and deep
  • like when you learn he started self-teaching himself KSL/KSDSL because he saw the way kids with disabilities were ostracized around him and he told you that people are way too focused on always pitying these people instead of learning ways to engage with them
  • you were just like holy shit 
  • because he’s so thoughtful and intelligent but so so so selfless it’s amazing you’re like how are you h u m a n
  • but you get to the cafe and to your surprise (but also excITMENt) it’s a puppy cafe and you and hoseok in like less than a minute are surrounded by yapping fluffy baby pups 
  • and you’re like hoseok im in heaven and he’s like it’s gr8 right!!!!!
  • you two bond cutely over feeding pups doggie snacks and sharing a ‘wooftastic watermelon smoothie’ 
  • and like when hoseok and you are going hoseok is like id love to walk you to your dorm but i actually have a late night study group for our big exam tomorrow so i need to head toward the otherside of campus
  • and you’re like don’t sweat it,,,,,,,,,,,,today was nice and hoseok is like ^^ yeah it was really nice
  • and you two are like covered slightly in dog hair but honestly it’s like getting dark, the sun is setting, you guys are standing kinda close
  • and hoseok is like this,,,,,,,,feels like the ending to a first date
  • and you’re like blushing like y-y-yeah 
  • and hoseok swallows and shifts from foot to foot like ,,,um,,,,do,,,,d-o you kiss on the first date??
  • and you’re like hglsafjlwaw  usually,,,,,,no but this one time - 
  • and hoseok is like really?? and you’re like yes please kiss me
  • and he does and it’s a peck like super soft, nothing too big but it’s adORAB L E and the second you head inside to your dorm you plant your face into the wall trying not to squeal and hoseok like has to do a lap around campus from the happiness he is feeling rn
  • and after that hoseok actually calls you a couple times to join him and the twins out for like some fun activities that are part of his club duties as their older brother
  • and you all go volunteering or to the amusement park or like indoor ice-skating
  • and finally one day you march down to the bookstore in the city and buy a beginners guide to KSL and the minute hoseok spots you studying with the book in the cafe, trying to make the signs and form coherent sentences he’s like
  • “they’re the One. I’m in LOVE.”
  • hoseok and the twins try to teach you some of the basics, the twins don’t really teach they’re like the judges of how understandable your signing is 
  • and hoseok is just super proud of you for sticking with it and taking an interest in it because like it means a lot to him
  • and like you guys aren’t “officially” dating until the twins sign the word “significant other” about you to hoseok and he’s like stuck and he looks at you and is like “they want to know if you’re my significant other?” and you’re like “am i?” and hoseok’s like “wanna be?” and you turn to the twins and sign “yes.”
  • it’s cute the twins tease hoseok all the time when you’re not around and even if you are and like you turn they sign something cute to him about you and hoseok has to like frantically sign for them to stop
  • but all you see is him flailing his hands 
  • the people around you are like ? and you’re like oh don’t mind it,,,,,,,,
  • you were going to go out with hoseok after one of his labs and he comes out in the white overcoat and you’re like oooooOOOO fancy doctor jung OOOOOO and hoseok was like SHH and you’re like OOOO doctor jung~~~ for the rest of the week
  • it caught on and literally jin, namjoon, jungkook, jimin, yoongi, and taehyung refused to call him anything but that
  • “doctor jung pass the controller to the xbox!!” “doctor jung how was your test?” “doctor jung im sick take my temp-” “STOP calling me THAt also im training to be a veterinarian jungkook you’re not a dog.”
  • yoongi: “he’s pretty close to a dog though-” jungkook: “look whose talking, sloth.” yoongi: BOY
  • its adorable you like come to cheer him on when he’s swimming or even like cheerleading or dancing whatever he has on his schedule 
  • and hoseok is aLWAYS there for you
  • like it doesn’t matter what he’s got going on his care for you is so important to him that if you need him to run to you and like climb up the side of your dorm to deliver some ice cream or something like hoseok will do it
  • he’d literally stay up studying with you all night even if he had 6:00 am lab in the morning
  • and like you know he can overdo it with his care and you are always scared someone might use him because he’s so willing to help out and you’re like
  • i have to protect hoseok
  • and it’s endearing you’re like “hoseok come here” and he like lays his head on your lap while you and like the rest of bts are having a movie night and it’s like you play with his hair 
  • and jungkooks like making faces @ jimin and v
  • and everyone’s like you 2 are so lovely dovey and c*rny its gross and hoseok is like you’re all just sad and alone so hush
  • you got better at signing and he signs to you like “these losers are jealous cuz you’re so cute and you’re all mine” and you’re like hoseok shush,,,,,,,,,but TRUE
  • and one day after he has another swimming competition and the twins had to go because it ended close to 10 pm and all the swimmers are like bye hoseok we’re gonna go home because rip this was so long
  • and hoseok’s like saying his goodbyes and then he’s like 
  • hey
  • with his arm around you waist like
  • everyones gone the shower room is all ours~~~
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,really?? here?? and hoseok shrugs and he’s like “you know i like adventure”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,well
  • and mind you he’s still like glistening from the water in the pool his hair in his face believe me you don’t think too long about it
  • until he’s pulling you into one of the stalls and like the warm water is on
  • and like hoseok is a gentleman and he takes it slow but at the same time like my bro your back is against the wall and like i mean you know (—–:
  • and after you’re wearing hoseok’s like varsity sweatshirt and you’re like oh my god it’s past midnight my RA is gonna murder me and hoseoks like changing in front of his locker like 
  • “i have the keys to jin hyungs car, wanna find a 24 hour diner instead and just drive around till it’s morning?” and you’re like hoseok we have class in the morning
  • and he’s like yes we do
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,ok fine i love you lets go find a dennys or whatever the korean equivalent of that is
  • but yes you and hoseok are just the cutest couple and sometimes when you take the twins out hoseok is like ,,,,,, a family is so nice to have you know,,,,,, and you’re like omf
  • but also hoseok is like still twelve and keeps sending you videos of him dancing in the line at the campus cafeteria and jin keeps begging you to get his keys back from hoseok because hoseok keeps forgetting to rETurn them like dammit it’s been three weeks h o s e o k
  • sometimes you and hoseok will pass animal shelters and muse about what kind of pet you two should get in the future heheheeh

find college au!namjoon (here), jimin (here), yoongi (here), taehyung (here), and jungkook (here)
find college!au vixx (here
and please look forward to the last college!bts soon~

anonymous asked:

can you talk about the liveshow and what you think? im feeling really anxious cause it seems phil isn't staying at their place and like dan seemed really angry and short tempered? like he kinda insinuated he hated the presents phil got him, he barely mentioned phil, he threw his phone down and said 'apparently im phils PR agent', he very clearly wasn't a fan of the tinder video. idk maybe im over-reacting and you can reassure me but the entire thing seemed so strange and it has me on high alert

hi love!!! i’m going to be honest, i definitely didn’t interpret any of these things the way that you did so i will do my best to try and go through each of the issues you brought up and explain why i didn’t see them in this live show–hopefully that will help you, and i think it will give me the space to also talk about some of the things that stood out to me a bit!! so your first concern is that it seems like phil isn’t staying in their place, by which i think you mean that phil isn’t living with dan? i can’t even articulate how wholeheartedly i disagree but i’ll try hahah. what we know is that phil left for two days literally two weeks ago in order to go to what they described as a family thing, and that now he’s gone for “a few days” again, for another “family thing.” i don’t see why there’s any reason at all to disbelieve these explanations or take them for anything more than what they are on face? we know phil has quite a large family with many random cousins and aunties and since dnp have been traveling so much in the last couple of months and are set to travel again in a few weeks for vidcon, and moreover phil is someone who values his family quite highly, it makes sense that he would maybe use of this downtime to catch up with them. and it fits that he’s not taking dan to these things bc dan has almost never gone to extended family events w phil that we know of (family weddings and the like) and he’s been expressing for the past few weeks how badly he just wants to be alone and not see any more ppl in order to decompress and recharge and get his creative juices flowing. 

but let’s jst say for argument’s sake that the “family thing” is an excuse to cover up something else that’s happening–i still do not see why phil not staying with dan is a reasonable conclusion.  like, w most things to do w dnp there is sometimes room for discussion and it could be better to consider both sides. for this though, there’s truly ZERO evidence to support this and plenty of evidence to refute it including but not limited to phil’s tv box sets behind dan when he does his live shows, the numerous pics phil has posted of them moving and then of him in rooms w the same furniture, decor, and hardwood floors that appear in dan’s pics, and the fact that like, it just wouldnt make any fucking sense for them to go through all this effort to lie about them not staying in the same place? what would they achieve out of not telling the truth about moving apart? and also why would dan then even mention phil going to “see his family?” isn’t that just drawing attention to something he is hypothetically trying to keep secret? i honestly can’t even believe this is something i have to take the time to address but it’s getting frustrating to see it keep cropping up (and i’m not blaming you anon bc ik how compelling conspiracy theories can be, but in this case there is truly no reason not to jst go w the evidence of your own eyes and trust in the fact that dnp are just as disgustingly happy in their domestic bliss as they appear to be.) if there IS some reason that the “family thing” is an excuse or a cover i think there are any number of more reasonable things that they could be covering–e.g. it’s v possible phil has something negative happening in his family right now like a sick relative; maybe phil is working on a solo project that requires him to be out of the house a bit to film or work at diff locations; maybe they’re BOTH working on a joint project but phil is taking care of parts of it and giving dan the time and space to rest and recharge. so many alternatives that make more sense than them living apart. 

to your point about dan’s mood, i definitely did not read him as being angry or short-tempered, and let me emphasize that i am remarkably sensitive to him getting into those more negative moods. in my opinion from watching dan so closely for so many months now, when dan is upset about something he tends to turn most of that ire inwards and it leads to a live show ripe with self-deprecating comments, repeated mentions of wanting death or his life being a joke with zero accompanying smiles or laughs, a lot of notices of negative comments in the chat, long rambles about his feelings or the general lack of direction in his life, etc. i think this live show was a good example of him being tired and nothing more, and that seems understandable given the general activity and socializing of the last week. he seemed lower energy with a lot less yelling and flailing about than he is normally prone to, but i didn’t get any of those really strong negative themes that he normally gets lost in when he’s not in a good mood. on the flip side he pretty confidently defended his decision to change his yt banner and icon, even tho he read out negative comments he laughed them off and assured everyone the changes are temporary, he seemed eager to spend a few days thinking about his next main channel vid and excited to have the time to put more creative effort into it, he was passionate and didn’t even qualify his opinions very much when he talked about wonder woman and the importance of representation and uk politics and the vital role of young people in the electorate, he was full of energy when he was discussing nintendo and steven universe and his other random interests. there were plenty of moments where he could have gone down a darker route but i actually thought that on the whole he kept the content of this show quite positive and light.

regarding his presents, i don’t think anything he said made it seem like he “hated” them? i mean he wasn’t super enthusiastic but that,, makes sense? given what he showed us and what he explained to us about them? w the fidget spinner it was a literal gag gift that he was underwhelmed by bc theyre litro not fun to use at all. makes sense. w the glass bulb tht predicts the weather i thought his tone was gently teasing and fond about how phil so would be the guy to find a nerdy gift like that and think it was awesome but dan the cold-hearted cynic obvi has to point out the lack of scientific merit lmao. but he was quick to defend it as well and state that he still thinks it’s a cool-looking object that he can look at, which honestly reminded me of the xmas present phil got dan with the inky dots suspended in water, and how dan said phil rly understood his need for calming, aesthetic looking things in order to soothe his mind. re: the plastic bonsai and the dog shirt from his family, both of those also seem like gag gifts and he was reacting accordingly bc they’re funny so he’s playing the necessary role of spurned gift-receiver in order for the joke to carry. and then w the sunflowers, i mean i found that whole bit v entertaining? it’s just a fun quirky fact about dan. he appreciates the thought and he’s still going to display the flowers, but it’s  funny as fuck to think about this giant ass man being afraid of literal sunflowers. and tbh i dont think this is the full haul of gifts he got. he’s sharing the ones he feels comfy sharing, the ones that are more joke-y and less personal and that make more entertaining stories for him to share, and that makes sense. i don’t think it needs to be interpreted more deeply in order to speculate on his general emotional state or his relationship w phil. 

you next stated he barely mentioned phil, and i think that makes sense given that he had a lot of non-phil-related things to get through in this ls. it’s clear there was a list of topics he wanted to discuss in his mind or maybe even written down that included his new graphic design, his birthday/the gift haul, uk politics, wonder woman, the gaming channel, new dinof vid. he tends to talk more about phil when there are fewer general topics he needs to touch on–this gives him space to just share a few domestic anecdotes. but this time around there were jst a lot of other issues to discuss and i think that’s fine? he’s his own person, he has perspectives he wants to share, he had a busy week and imo it’s not weird at all if sometimes he doesn’t have that much to say about his partner lmao 

he definitely did not throw his phone down after reading out the text from phil. and the “apparently i’m just phil’s PR agent” comment seemed soooo joke-y and fond to me, i actually thought it was incredibly cute. i get how tone is subjective and i suppose it’s open to interpretation and if you were reading that w this larger context of feeling as though dan was in a very negative mood, i understand why the comment may have struck you the wrong way, but to me i really found it to be a playful bants-y lil remark that fits very much w the way that dnp tease each other when they’re happy and flirty and whatnot 

finally, with respect to phil’s tinder video, i actually was struck by how far out of his way he seemed to go to defend phil for his behaviors? he said like multiple times “it’s not that weird” and tried to make everyone feel like we’ve all “been there,” which like,,, no. we haven’t all been there. wtf. if anything it felt like a classic sidelong defensive comment that dan makes where he is responding to criticism without really explicitly mentioning the criticism. since there were a few ppl who found the video a bit uncomfortable both bc of phil admitting to catfishing a random person online and bc of phil recommending tinder to an audience w a significant percentage of underage ppl, it’s v possible to me that dan saw some of that criticism and was sort of heading it off without fully getting into it. he did kind of laugh when he said “what a partnership” referring to tinder and phil, but i thought that was completely valid and in good spirit–i mean it really IS the unlikeliest and most random of partnerships and i think dan being somewhat openly aware of that is kind of funny and cool. moreover, his tone seemed fond (again) when he was talking about how he was cringing while actually watching the video. i mean a bunch of ppl had full on intense secondhand embarrassment while watching so i dont find that odd at all, and i honestly thought dan’s explanation of his own feelings seemed mild in comparison. im also interested in the fact that he’s going to be making his own tinder video though not one like phil’s, which, if it is the same one that he is going to putting creative energy into in the coming few days, opens up a whole realm of possibilities about how dan is possibly going to connect tinder to any of his own experiences. i’m curious and a lil nervous lmao. 

all in all i thought this live show was actually pretty decent. i mean it wasnt the most interesting as far as dan’s live shows go but it also certainly wasn’t off-puttingly negative for me either. i thought dan was quite honest about his emotions w many of the things he discussed and although he seemed exhausted he also seemed a little bit grateful and excited to get the chance to actually be alone in the coming days and think about his new video. im excited for him to get that chance and looking forward to see what it will be!!! and who knows,, maybe the time alone will finally convince him his new graphic design is trash and he’ll be inspired to change his banner/icons to things that aren’t Ugly ;)))

Mkay so there was this guy that went to my middle school that was kinda weird, like he talked in this strange voice that wasn’t his actual voice (his real voice just sounds like a normal guy with a slight chinese accent, while the one he used was kind of pitchy and purposefully bufoonish?? idk it’s hard to explain) and he would make weird jokes about fascism and ask girls if he could smell their hair and stuff like that, but we were all like 12 and it seemed like he was just doing this stuff to be edgy or whatever so we mostly just ignored it.

For obvious reasons, this guy didn’t have many friends, and one of my best friends is basically the exact definition of a sweet, optimistic person, so she ended up befriending this guy. Back then our friend group would all skype and play minecraft together, so we added this guy to our group chat and gave him the ip of the server one of us hosted and besides the occasional much-too-casual mention of or joke about rape/stalking/nazis, he was basically normal. (I honestly don’t know how we decided we were all okay with this guy, but, as I said earlier, we just assumed he was joking and was gonna grow out of this weird phase).

Fast forward to the other day when about half of this friend group was hanging out, and we ended up getting really bored and deciding to re-download minecraft and check out our old minecaft server just for the laughs. For some reason we decided to tell this guy what we were doing, and he came on the server too.

For a while it was all good, and we were all just having fun laughing at all the weird shit we’d made that had been so important to us in 7th grade and uncovering all these old inside jokes and whatnot. Then, the two girls who I think this guy has pegged as the biggest/most outspoken liberals in the group (out of a group comprised entirely of liberals because this is San Francisco) went to bed and it was down to just me, two guys, and this weird guy.

I forgot why, but for some reason we all ended up teleporting to this guy and found out he’d gone off into the wilderness and was building a giant nazi flag. None of us really know what to do, and we still thing he’s just trying to be edgy, so we just kind of awkwardly refuse to help him build it and leave the game pretty soon after. 

Then, the next day, one of the girls who left early decided to go on the server again and found that this guy had made banners with swastikas on them and hung them all over the town we had built. She decides this isn’t okay, and rants about it in a group chat with everyone except him. Later, one of us tells this guy that the swastikas aren’t okay, and he says something along the lines of, “oh yeah, [girl] found them, didn’t she? crazy liberal” and we tell him, no, she’s not a crazy liberal, 10 million people died in the holocaust so it’s not really something he should be joking about. And then he says that no, actually only 200,000 jews died, and links me and this other guy to a 6 hour documentary on youtube about how the holocaust was fake. And for the next hour and a half I argued with this guy about whether the holocaust happened or not.

Some of my favorite points of his:

- the jews made up the holocaust to elevate their political status so they could reclaim israel

- the jews did live in internment camps, but they were actually fun places to be because they had leisure activites like painting and swimming

- the reason the jews looks so emaciated and miserable in photos from ww2 germany is that it was wartime and no one had enough food,  and it’s actually the USSR’s fault

- jews control the mass media and censor everything that could threaten their power

- 200k jews did die, but that’s only because of disease and starvation because of the USSR

- all those things we think are gas chambers were actually just bathrooms

- hitler just wanted to improve his country and make a new, stronger reich

- mussolini did nothing wrong, and when i brought up how he heavily censored the media/free speech and jailed all of his political opponents, he said this was a “necessary evil”

- when i brought up that what he’s saying wasn’t wrong for mussolini to do is exactly what he’s saying the jews are doing right now, he said that it’s different because mussolini was just trying to strengthen his country, while the jews want to oppress other cultures

- “there’s nothing wrong with racial purity”

- jews “promote our modern rape culture and even support multiculturalism which is ruining europe”

- germans only care about holocaust remembrance because they are “forced to be subjugated to the jews”

- jews caused germany to lose ww1 and didn’t suffer at all from hyperinflation under the weimar republic (i will admit that the hyperinflation part is partly true because many jews did hold high paying jobs at that time, which was actually huge a contributor to the growing antisemitism in the country, so he’s actually kind of arguing against his own point here)

- the nurmeburg trials were fake and orchestrated by the USSR because they wanted to humiliate the germans

(there’s more and if y'all want i could submit screenshots of all this shit to shameshack) I just cant believe my friends and I actually hung out with this guy

Stardew Valley Challenge

um so it’s like 5am but I was working on this a few months ago and kinda gave up on it so I’ve lost the cool banner I made for it and its all over the place but…I figured maybe someone would like it? make something good out of it? who knows maybe I’ll even finish it one day 

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The Avengers


Bucky Barnes x Reader
Prompts: “You got a death wish?” and Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.

Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You work for S.H.I.E.L.D and just after the events of the Winter Soldier, you are attacked by past members of Hydra in an alleyway and saved by what you presumed was a homeless man.

Bucky Barnes x Reader
Prompt: “If you touch so much a single hair on her head i’ll fucking kill you!”

Dating Bucky Barnes Questions


Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You’re at a gala and you and Pietro end up in an awkward situation that involves a slow dance and coming to terms with your feelings. Also implied smut.

Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Request: Could you do one where the Avengers throw the reader a surprise birthday party and, in a game of truth or dare, she finally admits that she has a crush on Pietro.  

Pietro Maximoff x Reader (Christmas Themed)
Request: Imagine meeting drunk Pietro under your balcony quoting Romeo and Juliet.

Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Summary: You and Pietro pretend to go on a date as part of a mission.

Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Prompts: 29 “now, don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with me already” and 39 “someone once told me that we fall in love with beauty”.


Steve Rogers x Reader
Request: Could you do a cap one that’s set before the twins become ‘good guys’ and wanda uses her powers to make steve see the reader with bucky so he flips out and eventually admits his feelings to the reader?

Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You and Steve babysit Lila and Cooper Barton while Laura is in labor. When the kids fall asleep, feelings are expressed.

Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Steve doesn’t like to lose - even in training.

Steve Rogers x Reader
Prompt: “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

Steve Rogers x Reader
Prompt: I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth

Steve Rogers x Reader
Prompt: “My eyes! My virgin eyes!”

Steve Rogers x Christine (Dedicated To)
Summary: Old recruit turned new field recruit has been spending more time with Steve in order to be prepared for frequent field missions. He notices something’s off about her and decides to follow her.


Bruce Banner x Reader
Summary: Bruce decides he wants to try and get back to his old life again. After being embarrassed about being away so long without any contact with his friends in the Avengers, he thinks he hasn’t made much of his life so he tells Tony that he’ll be bringing you, his girlfriend, with him to see his friends again. The problem is, the two of you aren’t actually dating.

Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky is sick of feeling like a ticking time bomb and being under constant surveillance. In an attempt to deter his over-worrying friends he says he’s dating his next door neighbour – you.

Teen Wolf


Derek Hale x Reader
Request: Can you do an imagine where you are Stiles older sister, but you are like super quiet and shy and stuff, and when you meet the pack, very one is kinda surprised by how quiet you are (being related to Stiles and all…), but Derek finds it adorable..

Derek Hale x Reader
Request: Can you do a preference where you are Stiles’ older sister and you are just home from college and you need to pick him up from a pack meeting and you meet Derek and he’s kind of a jerk at first, but then you find out later from Stiles and Scott that he has feelings for you? Then he loses control a little while after you started dating and figures out that you are his anchor?


Isaac Lahey x Reader
Request: Isaac overhearing you telling Alison about liking him, later discovering she’d asked him to come down bc she was going to get it out of you.

Isaac Lahey x Reader
Prompt: “My eyes! My virgin eyes!”

Isaac x Reader
Prompt: “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Isaac Lahey x Reader
Request: Could you do an Isaac Lahey one-shot where the sentence “You’re not too tall, you are exactly right and perfect for me.” is included? :) Yes, I’m tall (5'11) as well and I thought I’m not the only one struggling with their height sometimes. (Even though Daniel’s 6'2.)

Isaac Lahey x Reader
Prompts: “If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask” and “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice”.

Isaac Lahey x Reader
Request: You’re Stiles’s cousin and you’re secretly dating Isaac and Stiles suggests you and Liam date.

Isaac Lahey x Reader
Prompts: “Don’t tell me you were actually worried about me?” and “Will you shut up a moment so I can tell you I’m in love with you!”


Jackson Whittemore x Reader
Prompt: “Your heard me. Take. It. Off.”


Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Request: When you first find out Stiles has panic attacks and you comfort him and once you’ve talked him down he asks how you knew how to do it so well and you say it’s because you have them to.

Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Request: Can you do like Stiles being laughed at cause of the whole ADHD thing and coming to you to be comforted because you’re his buddy. Kinda changed it a bit. Only short!

Stiles Stilinski x Reader (Contains Smut)
Request: Could you maybe write a Stiles smut imagine in his jeep (riding him, maybe?) And before the reader and he get down to business he mumbles “your brother is going to kill me”

Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Summary: You move in across the street from Stiles and find him intriguing so to find an excuse to talk to him, you let your dog off his leash in hope he goes into Stiles’s yard but he almost hits it with his jeep.

Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Prompt: You and your friends have been playing the penis game in the library for the last five minutes and none of you have gotten above a quiet yell and i’m really just trying to study over here so i’m gonna put an end to this by winning the game

Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Prompt: “Look at me, ___ . It’s going to be okay.”

Stiles Stilinski x Isaac Lahey x Reader (Rivalry)
Request: Isaac and Stiles both liking you and trying to trip the other one etc to make them look bad


Dating Scott McCall Questions


Embry Call x Reader
Summary: Could you do a one shot for getting angry at Embry for being protective over you and he explains to you you’re his imprint?

The Flash

Barry x Reader
Request: barry allen x reader where they’ve been friends since forever and he gets jealous of your friendship with oliver queen (he is secretly in love with the reader but thinks the reader likes oliver, when she is in fact in love with barry) and idk maybe they confess their feelings or something idk this is so cliché i kinda hate myself but oh well *shrugs*

Barry x Reader
Request: Barry takes you ice skating.

Barry x Reader
Prompt: “I was always weak when it came to you”.

Barry Allen x Reader
Prompt: Wait, my hero’s secret identity is… you? To be honest, I’d always kind of hoped…

Barry Allen x Reader
Prompt: “hi, i’m (Y/N), and i have no idea who you are, but i need you to kiss me.” 

Dating Cisco Ramon Questions 


Oliver Queen x Reader
Summary: You’re being chased in the Glades and come across Oliver Queen, billionaire heart throb who genuinely wants to help you get out of this situation.


Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary: Dean’s nightmare about you ends up with a few of his secrets being revealed.

Dean Winchester x Reader    
Prompt: If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

Dean Winchester x Reader
Prompts: “Did they hurt you?” and “Don’t tell me you were actually worried about me?”

Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy x Reader
Summary: You accidentally see that Draco has a Dark Mark tattoo.

Weasley Twins x Reader
Prompt: “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Young!Sirius Black x Reader
Prompt: “How do I know I can trust you?” “Should I strip?”

The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Illya x Reader
Prompt: “Kiss me.”

Star Wars

Poe Dameron x Reader
Prompt: “Please.. don’t go.”

Poe Dameron x Reader
Prompt: “Looks like you have a secret admirer.”

Kylo Ren x Reader
Prompt: “You’re scared of me… aren’t you?”


Matt Murdock x Reader
Prompts: Being on the brink of admitting their feelings for each other but then getting interrupted and “I’m flirting with you” (I changed it to ‘I was flirting with you’).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Leo Fitz x Reader
Prompt: “Is there a reason you’ve taken over my bed?”

Dating Mack Questions 

Justice League

Bruce Wayne x Reader
Prompt: “I needed someone and… you were the only one I thought of.”


Jillian Holtzmann x Reader
Prompts: “If you think you can keep up with me, feel free to tag along” + BED SHARING + “If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do is ask”.

Legends of Tomorrow

Dating Leonard Snart Questions


Dating Peter Maximoff Questions

ddadds kids....

i like thinking about them as one big extended cul-de-sac family… [headcanons and stuff!]

  • imagine all the families spending the holidays together! i’m sure some celebrate things that the rest dont but theyd probs have one big generic get together during The Holiday Season
  • all of the kids are crammed together on one big “kid’s table” even tho like half of them are teenagers and there are more offspring than parents
  • someone always ends up starting a food fight,, usually ernest and lucien, or the twins [either pair. both pairs?? christie and christian vs hazel and briar??]
  • this was referenced in game once so amanda probs ends up babysitting a lot when she’s home from college for breaks+ during that short time shes still around before she leaves! she’d be  a cool fun babysitter, but tough enough to keep some of the more rambunctious kids in check ;p
  • [ernest voice] dad i dont NEED a babysitter!!!
    [hugo voice] son i want to know that i can be away for the weekend and come home to a house that isn’t on fire
  • ernest is probs really snarky to amanda when she babysits like “youre not the boss of me” and going out of his way to cause trouble, but amanda is Cool and probs gives him a run for his money with snark and idk shenanigans ensue and he probs secretly admires her and thinks she’s awesome but would rather die than let anyone ever find out
  • lucien looks like he might be fairly close to amanda’s age? they probs dont have all that much in common, but damien’s date revealed that lucien listens to mcr, and amanda made her dad listen to black parade, so I bet they could bond over some music tastes here and there
  • amanda: pleeeeeaaaaassseeeeeee ;D???
    lucien: no way. the goth lifestyle isnt for posers
    i think with enough pestering she’d get him to cave. he’d take great time and care while painting her nails to make sure he does it Right
  • amanda probs comments on how careful and skilled he does it like “wow you really take this stuff seriously” “uh obviously??”
  • once he finishes, amanda takes a pic, and then all the other neighbors see her and are bothering lucien to make them look cool too. he pretends to hate it but actually has a lot of fun and is secretly really happy that they think he’s good at what he does
  • amanda convinces lucien to do like, cool goth makeup videos and put them on youtube/instagram. she helps him with filming and doing photography of final looks and together they get a lot of followers. sometimes she’ll guest star in his videos if he needs a face model other than his own
  • amanda’s kinda freaked out by christie and christian at first but over time gets used to and sees past their “creepy twin shtick” and, much like her dad [in the joseph brownie date] learns to use it to mess with them and possibly other people
  • at first chris probably doesnt talk to amanda a lot and keeps to himself when she’s over, but maybe over time she’d adapt to him and learn a few things hes interested in and express gentle interest in those things to kind of help him open up to her more
  • chris gets quietly attached to her like shes an older sister
  • everyone in the cul de sac does. they love amanda
  • i want daisy to be involved with the carmensita and amanda girl band thing mentioned briefly during one of mat’s dates. that’d be adorable
  • you know what else would be adorable? allllll the cul de sac kids coming to briar and hazel’s softball games to support them. 
  • the kids going to each others’ anything to support them!! when theyre in clubs and activities that put on shows or performances or other sports games, as many of the neighbors that can make it are there
  • when they get older, they try to be more and more obnoxious to embarrass their neighbors in front of everyone, like making huge support signs and banners with glitter with a stupid yet supportive pun that one of their dads helped come up with, or printing their neighbor’s face on a tshirt or a giant cutout on a popsicle stick, shouting as loud as possible 
  • they def went to amanda’s actual graduation and PROBABLY ALL CRIED
  • a lot of this has amanda centric bc i Love Her, but also,,
  • maybe hugo and craig start going to wrestling matches together [+dadsona] so ernest sees a lot of the cahn kids. if amanda’s in town, she’s with them and in charge. if not, ernest is technically in charge, but secretly [not so secretly probably] the dads are counting on briar and hazel [briar, mostly] to keep things from falling to disaster for the few hours theyre out
  • they all like to take turns riding on the Giant Dog that ernest got in damien’s route [duchess something i think?] [a good component that should be canon in all universes]
  • “lets put river on him” “no she’ll fall off” “wheres the duct tape” “n o”
  • if enough disaster happens leaving these kids alone together, they probably get dropped off at another dad’s house to be looked after for a while. joseph volunteers to look after them but since he and mary are already looking after 4 and KEEP LOSING CRISH, they tend to try and ask literally anyone else
  • [not that theyre bad parents lmao but it’d be easier for all the other parents that just have One Kid]
  • i bet christian and christie love robert’s wild spooky stories. he probably makes up so much bullshit to fuck with any kid that’s listening
  • they’d carpool if they could fit enough kids in one car. it’s probably a 2-3 car carpool depending on who’s driving what size car and who needs to go where at what time
  • there are probably so many inside jokes[CUL DE SAC MEMES……] that are born at every cul de sac gathering. 
  • when amanda’s home from college, all the kids wanna be the first to tell her all about the SHENANIGANS she’s missed out on
  • river and crish are bffs once theyre old enough for human interaction. they Have To Be.
  • pranking each other in the school hallways plz, or just all around chaos. god help the teachers that somehow end up with 2+ of the cul de sac kids in the same class
  • ernest definitely sends his dog to poop on damien’s lawn outside lucien’s bedroom window / probably does the flaming bag of dog poop ding dong ditch when he knows lucien’s home alone and will be the one to answer the door
  • christie and chris like when briar and hazel pretend to be each other, so they get their hands on a pair of scissors and chris gives christie a terrible haircut. possibly briar and hazel try and help with the scheme and things just get Worse and joseph has to take his daughter to a Professional [or maybe one of the dads is really good with hair/has had their child do the same thing and is good with fixing a bad haircut ;p]
  • carmensita goes through a goth phase after she goes over to lucien’s to be babysat one day. mat does not know how to Deal bc this isnt the type of music hes used to playing but he loves and supports his daughter regardless and likes to hear her singing all kinds of music to broaden her horizons and strengthen her talent
  • G R O U P  T E X T between all the kids old enough to have phones
  • there are lots of memes. lots. of memes.
  • they take candid shitty photos of each other all the time and send them in the chat, and particularly amusing ones end up reused as reaction photos
  • lucien: [sends photo of ernest having just spilled cereal on himself with duchess in the background making off with a piece of pizza]
    ernest: fuck u
    carmensita: mood
    daisy: why are you having pizza and cereal for breakfast?
    ernest: dont tell me how to live my life
    amanda: lol tag urself i’m duchess
  • this is just something i like to do w/ my friends but they’d probs also stealthily take pictures  of each other when theyre out and about and send them to each other in secret like
    amanda’s out with her dad at the grocery store and spots lucien and damien in the dairy isle and is like FUCK,, she hides behind a stand of donuts or w/e and takes a pic of them and sends it to lucien w/ no context or like “lol hey” 
  • it becomes a war of sending pics of each other to each other/the group without getting caught. lucien and ernest probably act like they think it’s stupid but get so competitive about it
  • they all keep score and it probably also would extend to taking stealthy pics of cul de sac dads too Just Because
  • the dads find out about the competition somehow and like,,, secretly are so into who’s winning. especially brian and dadsona. sometimes they’ll try and serve as a distraction for their child to get a sneaky pic so they can win, but usually the kids prefer the solo missions
  • val comes and visits sometimes with cool stories. sometimes she brings her girlfriend, and amanda especially looks up to them like two cool older sisters [i dont remember if it was jacket pins or photography that val said her gf is into, but whatever it is i’m sure amanda would geek out about it with her]
  • christie and christian eventually grow out of their “creepy twin” thing but still have a more unique brand of humor/personality. the cul de sac kids are used to them by then, and will THROW DOWN with anyone that bullies them/ calls them freaks or anything like that, or anyone that picks on chis [and eventually crish] by association or for any other reason
  • i could go on forever making up headcanons or scenarios for these kids bc i love them and constantly crave more content about them but imma stop here bc it’s been over an hour and this is Long but anyway plz talk to me about these kids + the cul de sac as a whole. share ur headcanons,,,,, i l o v e the m ,,

coloringpencils  asked:

Headcanons of Izzy roping Jace, Clary, Simon and Lydia into trying to plan the perfect wedding for Magnus and Alec (because I know she woud probs try and do it herself, and they all want to surprise the two of them)

you got it!

  • Clary makes a rune especially for Alec and Magnus one that Magnus can bear kinda like the binding rune in city of Glass. 
  • Izzy completly takes charge and spends days just yelling orders at everyone
  • She’s super organised and everyone has a set job and everything has a set time and if it’s not done on time iz can get pretty scary
  • Clary, Izzy and Lydia sneaking off to go cake tasting for a whole day even though Alec and Magnus said they werent allowed to make those decisions, they just went to eat cake and shop for bridesmaid dresses 
  • Meanwhile the boys were left at home licking envelopes
  • Clary hand paints banners and makes the figurines for the cake so they look like Magnus and Alec, Simon helps
  • Clary does calligraphy on all the invitations and has to spend hours at it, the others try to help her but she ends up being like “omg you’re so bad at this! is that supposed to be an O? it looks like a boob, ugh get out I’d rather stay up all night doing this than put my name on that
  • Alec’s like “can I not just wear the suit I wore to my first wedding” and Lydia’s like “…..no and don’t call it your first wedding you literally left me at the alter to make go out with your boyfriend, you’re getting a new suit”
  • Jace and Simon helping Alec with his new suit
  • Clary wanting to add in some mundane traditions and covincing izzy to add something old, new, borrowed and blue into the decor.
  • something old = Magnus something new = Alec
  • Instead of seperate bachelor parties they surprises them with a big joint party with all their friends, Alec may or may not have gotten a bit drunk and gave Magnus a lapdance.
  • Jace and Simon write best men speeches but Jace forbids simon from adding anything nerdy because he saw his fanboying at the branwood wedding. Simon fanboys anyway
  • Magnus tried to get involved with organising but Izzy would not allow that. “If I let you organise it you would blow our whole budget on glitter and alcohol”
  • he does collaborate with Izzy on the decorations a little bit though and makes sure to incorporate Alec’s style in as well as his own, but he doesnt tell him anything because he wants it to be a surprise
  • Everyone rushing around in the morning, Lydia doing everyones hair, Izzy doing makeup. Jace and Simon make breakfast. Clary is still on strike after spending days writing those fricking invitations
  • Magnus and Alec write their own vows and everyone cries. Especially Simon
  • JEM AKA BROTHER ZACHARIAH MARRIES THEM I mean he’s just like “its has to be me guys”

Idk if this is what you really wanted lmao but i hope you like it! Also big thank you to my fave and saviour @mustafaisaiah for helping me out with some of these (specifically 1/6/13/15/18) and for inspiring me 

clizzy/part2 |Clalec| Branwood| Clyzzy |Lyzzy |Jalec |Saphael/part2 |Jace/simon/Alec| Malec|Maphael|Sizzy |Bimon Lewis |Salec |ImmortalBffs

diamondblueuniverse  asked:

Excuse me. I was wondering what type of story telling methods you use? I noticed you have quite an intricate way of telling stories. I was wondering what comes to mind or what you apply to a story you make up.

I don’t know if I have a method, actually?  Hahaha.  I’d be interested to know what you think is intricate though, hahshdfh.

Generally speaking you can use the Three-Act Structure as a good basis for telling a coherent story, but obviously there are other ways to do it.

I have a tag called #important film stuff where I’ve been reblogging posts about film and storytelling and junk.  You might wanna’ check that out too!

The closest thing I have to a method involves this:

1. Introduce main character/characters in a way that is entertaining, active, and catches people’s attention.  Don’t start on something boring and overdone like a morning routine, unless you’re specifically setting out to deconstruct that trope.

2.  Let that character have a few moments of acting.  People like to see characters with personality, flaws, quirks, habits.  It makes them interesting and relatable.  

3.  Don’t bore people with exposition.  If you have to drop an exposition bomb, at least find an interesting way to do it.  Maybe you get the information you need from a newscaster on TV in the background, or a banner hanging on a wall.  (I’m actually really bad at this.  Half of W2H is just Mephistopheles standing there explaining shit.)


5.  Your conflict can come from an internal force or an external force, or both.  Sock’s conflict is internal.  I think having an internal conflict makes characters more relatable and enjoyable, so even if I’m using both, I like to focus more on the internal conflict.  I’d never write a story that was exclusively external conflict.  Not saying it can’t be done, or done WELL, I’m just saying that I’m not particularly interested in writing them.  
(Side note: One of my favorite movies is Cloverfield, don’t laugh.  It’s a disaster movie, so the conflict is external, but the thing that drives the story isn’t the giant monster attacking the town; it’s the characters actively deciding to go back for their friend rather than run for their lives.  The last line of boring teenage partying before the monster attacks is literally “you gotta learn to say ‘fuck the world’, and hang on tight to the people you love”.  And that’s precisely how the movie ends, the world collapsing around two people in love.  That’s literally all it takes to get me to give a shit about a disaster movie. Simple stuff.)

6.  This is kind of a follow up, but characters should have relatively clear motives.  You can definitely write a character who’s motives are intentionally unclear, but it would have to be for a specific reason; either they’re the villain, or they’re an anti-hero, or their identity is actually a secret and you’ll reveal it later. You shouldn’t just have a character do something aimlessly.  Even a character who’s whole shtick is wandering aimlessly and having wacky adventures has a motive: living life to it’s fullest.  Don’t let characters just be plot devices!  I think this is especially handy for writing good villains; why do they want to take over the world?  No one just wants to take over the world for no reason.  The only exception for a character just being evil for the sake of being evil is MAAAAYBE, maybe if they’re the Devil.  (And even then, idk, I put probably more thought into Mephistopheles’ backstory than I have any other character.  No excuses!)  Bottom line:  If you’re writing a character-heavy story, let the characters drive the plot.  

7.  This one isn’t mine, this is actually something Matt Stone and Trey Parker said, but I think it’s good:  When you’re writing a story, write out a little summary or a chart of what happens, chronologically.  If you find yourself putting mostly “and then”, “and then”, “and then”, between plot points, go back and start over.  You should be able to put “BUT then”, and “therefore” between most of your plot points.  Characters actions should have a clear cause and effect on the story.  Otherwise it’s just a bunch of random shit happening.

8.  This is probably kind of pandering and horrible, and it’s definitely one of my biggest self-critiques, but I tend to write characters with the knowledge that I’m giving the audience a little bit of shipping fuel, and that’s going to help them care about their relationship.  I mean, I’d obviously draw the line at deliberate queer-baiting or whatever, but if your story DEPENDS on establishing characters’ feelings for each other, sometimes all it takes is a smile or a laugh or a blushu.  They don’t even need to share ~a moment~, it can be something really stupid and simple.  Audiences will pick that shit up, even if it’s subtle.  The kind of audiences who are THIRSTY for it will pick it up and run with it and never let it go.  (This can probably work with any relationship.  It doesn’t need to be romantic.)

9.  Plants and Payoffs!!  You can drop something early on in the story and then have it sprout up again towards the end.  Maybe a character learns a piece of information and then uses it towards the climax, or maybe it’s something simple like a joke or a conversation between two characters that one of them experiences first hand later on.  Little ways to tie the elements of the story together!  (In W2H, you might consider Meph’s puns a plant and payoff, though not a very satisfying one.  Sock gets used to hearing him make dumb jokes, so he assumes Meph’s always joking.  At the end, he wasn’t.)

10.  I like endings that aren’t 100% happy?  I like endings that have a little bit of compromise, or leave you wanting more, or leave you FEELING a THING, really strongly.  That thing doesn’t necessarily have to be a sparkly happy thing though.  BUT!! It also kinda depends on the story?  I liked Warm Bodies because it was basically the reverse of that; they took the bleak zombie apocalypse movie that I’m getting super bored with and turned it into a charming thing with a positive outlook.  It’s still apocalyptic and spooky but it’s also fucking adorable???  Idk.  It’s just nice to be surprised and caught off guard every now and then.

I’VE HAD THIS OPEN FOR LIKE … 2 OR 3 DAYS??? I keep coming back to write more and I could probably keep going but I’m gonna’ stop.  Idk if this helps, like, LITERALLy at all.  But there you have it!  Those are some things that I think are good to know about storytelling.  It’s definitely not a rulebook and it’s definitely not thorough, but I hope it helps!

A Good Person

Originally posted by yourcoffeeguru

Author’s Note: I got writer’s block in the end. Hope you like it anon!

Requested by Anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a StevexReader where reader works with Tony and Bruce in the lab and is kinda intimidated by Steve bc idk he’s tall and just great and she feels like he could really make her feel small and horrible and she’s just kinda scared of that. But Steve notices her and always says hi to her and stuff but she’s kinda jittery and just acts like a scared rabbit like all the time and then one day Steve confronts her. (going to continue this bc submitting is scary idk) After some prodding, reader is honest with Steve, and he kinda feels bad because he kinda knows what it’s like to feel the way that reader feels. And then he just reassures her that he wouldn’t put her down or be mean to her. And yeah, fluff. Sorry if that’s really weird and confusing.

Pairing: Platonic Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 1809

It started on your first day working with the Avengers. Your father has always been a fan of Captain America, him being the World’s First Superhero. You were raised in a Captain America household. You read your father’s comic books, and he would tell you stories about the star spangled man with a plan. You knew that you would never be as good as Captain America.

When your father got you a job in SHIELD, you were ecstatic. You were always a fan of science, but when facing college, you didn’t know what you wanted to do. You decided to major in physics, and in physics, the lesson about electrical engineering came to you with ease. So when you were done with that, you went into electrical engineering.

That is why a job in SHIELD was perfect for you. You were just an average worker in the science department, and you did your job so well. And that’s when you caught the attention of one Tony Stark.

You were so surprised that it happened that you were just waiting for someone to wake you up. But it has been two months, and you were still in this marvelous dream.

You got to know the team really well, connecting with each and every one of them. Everyone, except Steve. You wanted to get to know his so badly. Your father made you into the crazy fan you are today. You wanted to ask about his experiences in WWII with his times with the Howling Commandos. You wanted to comfort him with his loss of Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, and his youth.

You longed for these long conversations, but you couldn’t even hold a single small-talk conservation. One look of him, and you freeze. Inside, you are fangirling so hard. Even though, it’s been months of being a co-worker of his.

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So this is kinda specific to history since I’ve only taken textbook notes for history?? and I’ve only used this system with 1 textbook so idk how it works with other ones??

Finding the system that works for you is really just a ton of experimenting. This system is 1 ½ years of changing and a lot of using the wrong pen. 

  • Color Code: 
    • Pink=Dates
    • Blue=People
    • Red=Main Header
    • Black=Sub-Header
    • For AP Euro we had People&Terms we had to know (and were supposed to be tested on but my teacher sucked) so I highlighted that in Green
    • I also put banners around headers 
    • I do this bc I legit cannot look at a whole page of text without  my eyes zoning out on their own plus I’m a visual learner and aesthetically pleasing notes motivates me to actually use them to study and wanting to do this makes it so that I can actually read them
  • I usually read over a paragraph and then make a summary sentence as a main bullet point and any important details as sub bullet        
  • So I use the Cornell Method and after a year I finally found a way to properly use the side bar
    • Notes of things to look up so that you don’t lose focus 
    • Connections to other events
      • how this event lead/caused another event or was caused by a past event
    • Why it’s important/the significance 
    • Questions that will help you study
    • Things that will help you remember it
      • Like mnemonic  devices or writing down the part in the History of Japan meme about WWI (and yes I really did that and I would have also done WWII but I didn’t get that far in the notes and my teacher didn’t even get to that unit b4 the AP test but more importantly if you haven’t seen it go watch it on youtube pls)
    • If your teacher actually teaches at all then they’ll at least go over something in the textbook and if they do you can add it in the sidebar 

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a Marvel AU? ;_; Who would their superhero alter egos be? You can include headcanons or anything as well! (GoM + Kagami + Takao + Imayoshi + Haizaki)

i didn’t know i needed this until you sent it in damnn

rest under a read more bc it’s a bit long

Akashi: ‘Absolute’ (not sorry) - can fly and see into the future (through his dreams). His precognition also extends to predicting his opponents moves. He can predict moves much better than he can see into the future in terms of dreams, which are often unreliable and/or ambiguous. Thinks he looks good in all red that matches his hair but he doesn’t really.

Aomine: ‘Black Panther’ - super speed and agility with heightened reflexes! He’s also stronger than the average guy, although he doesn’t have enhanced strength. His suit is midnight blue all over and he’s known to sit in front of a mirror, admiring himself. Regularly gets into fights with Kagami about everything, from whose superpower is better to who can beat up the most baddies.

Imayoshi: he’s the guy that no one actually trusts because they think he’s actually working for the enemy. Wears a mask 102% of the time and trusts no one. Doesn’t actually stick to one side, floats around - he’s there one second and gone the next. People call him ‘Ghost’ or ‘The Drifter’ but he doesn’t actually have a proper alias. Has telekinesis, is super smart and relies on body language to tell what one is thinking. Can fight pretty well, too. 

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hey guys its christmas eve so here’s my christmas follow forever:))) first off thank you nadya @fuckwhoyoucamewith for the banner<33

okay so first things first these list of people have made tumblr a great place for me and i always know i can count on them and they’ll always make me laugh and shit and i love them a lot 

selenaogomez: ALYSHA u were my first friend on here like 2 or 3 years ago (omg..) and wow oh god you’re so so so annoying but you’re like a sister to me i get mad at you sometimes but you’ll always be here for me i know it and i love you sooooo much and we have so many good times i remember like when we first met we used to Skype and watch old jelena vids together (fuvkK) and cry and omg it was so bad and i can always count on you as my number 1 JB hater u always fill me in on new insults even though i know u love him deep down and thats okay bc i do too and omg idk what else to say i just love you but i also hate you bc u live like what an hour and a bit away from me and we’ve never ever met r u a catfish

drakeful: justine justalightweight we met i think like a year and a bit ago?? and we became close immediately and i love you for that i dont think we ever went through that awkward like friend kinda phase idk we were always messaging and i’ll never ever forget the day you made me piss myself:) then we had that group chat with alysha which is still going on and i love it bc i always wake up to messages and y'all ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAYS tease me and make fun of me for my fukin age and about my harry but its okay bc thats what makes my day tbh<333 i also love our poop conversations that will forever be our thing i love you solo much you’re the mani to my ally never forget it<3 AND I REALLY HOPE WE GET TO MEET IN ATL SOMEDAY (HOPEFULLY THIS MONTH!!!) #staystrong

fuckwhoyoucamewith: nadya nadz nadaroo dadya you mean sooo much to me its unbelievable you always help me through stuff and sometimes i feel bad because i talk to u about some things my friends do to me and then i dont talk to u for a while but its not like i do it on purpose and you already know this but you mean literally the universe to me like i love you so much it physically hurts like i just<3333 you’ll always be my #daddy no matter what and i cant wait for your birthday because i have a load of screenshots from snapchat and our texts to expose u my love<3

lianpayne: ughhhh maya mayonnaise u stupid RIP to you you deleted……….dumb hoe

aikojhenes: MEENA MACKLEMORE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U CUTIE you make me laugh SOOOOOO much especially when you me justine ornella and alex are comparing england to america i literally die and you just always know what to sayyy and you’re just overall such an awesome person and your natural hair is beauuuutiful and i will never forget the story you told me…..about your brother….and the…ginger…yeah okay i wont say any more except that i really love you :)<3

mileymas: ALEXX ur so beautiful and amazing and thank u for accepting me into that group chat…i was so late and y'all were already talking about selena or something and i was like SHIT MEENA THEY WONT LIKE ME but y'all did/do (i hope) and i just love you and it makes me sad when you get hurt by your sister bc ur just such a lovely person to talk to and idk ur just great<3

hallemberry: my #1 jelena source god damn you are sooooo quick i think without you I wouldn’t be up to date with anything especially after becoming a 1d blog last year lmao just like alex thanks for never being weird with me when i joined ur group chat lol i can never ever ever forget the jelena afterlife they’ll forever be in my prayers but damn those were good times when we would wake up to news or something okay i love you<3

rihannasclit: SMELLENI MY LOVE ur such a hoe i cant breathe #funfact did u know i actually waited for those dildo boots to arrive fuCK oh my god i cant believe we made a friendship over penises and REMEMBER THE PENIS IN THE SOCK THAT WAS HTE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER GO D i love you my lil angel hoe ur so amazing i love how we can go long periods of time without talking and its never weird ur just great i love you so much

rihahna: HEY GUYS ITS ME SARAH i LOVEEE u my mirfanda who looks like she’s 17 but in reality she’s like 55 ur so awesome and hot and honestly god bless you u make me laugh so much bc ur literally just so stupid and i love it stay fab my darling<3

celinehoe: zoey my bunny oh man i love you soooo much we havent even been talking that long but i love texting you and i get like really happy when we text and i love how i can talk to you about nigeria bc its similar to india and now that pic of the toes poking out of the shoes is ver close to my heart i just really enjoy you and hope we stay friends for a real long time you’ll always be bunny and nobody else<33 

last but certainly not least.. itsjustinsbieber: BECKKY my lovely becky i love you a lot i miss talking to you soooooo much but just wanted to let you know i love you and i remember we used to sing together a lot and i used to prep u doing ur exams and ur so great i love and miss you<3

OKAYYYY now onto all of y'all that make my dash v special and entertaining and without you my dash would be so stale and dry and i’d also never really be informed on news so thank you for that my lovelies!!!! bolded are friends and blogs that i truly adore :*

22ndfeb 4thalbum  6xgod aikojhenes alrightchillout  aubreygraharn bigdaddysantaclaus bewbies boybangme babycambridgesus blakeyonce bosszayn beyonoce comicziam catholicschoolgirl costcosanta celinehoe cexting christmassquad cigarettezayn clitt dinahjaen97 dickstopher drakeful drakeandrihanna destinyschlid emojchic enemaroberts faulties feliciathegoats freezayn2k14 freemefromzaynsass fuckwhoyoucamewith festivezarry godblessniall godlymalik geminizayn ghostworld2001 gay4zayn getnakedselenamarie gracieteefey haroldfucks hellathicc hasnochill howsyourguineapig heleanorau harryinadidas hatescabello haroline harryedward horanyewest itsniazkilam ifuckinghateniall itsjustinsbieber jadelust justinjieber jlley jesuschrists kendriclamar kardashianwests keiraknightleyisavampire khhalil kyliekenner laurenjauresgui monicalewinskys merrycastmasliam makeyoubeleive mrzayn mansdowns marijuanazayn mileymas mcdontgiveafuck niallhorans ohzayns punkasszayn problematicassharry poyntere punkrads rihahna rockmafias rihanae rihannasdildo rihspect rosegardns rihannasclit sleighs selenangomez sandrabbullock shittiestblogger smaries swoggy selenaogomez sincerelystratford smariedrew tylersposeys thottyhoran tenerifezayn twerkwithzayn tattookink tuscansweaters thugzmansions uneducatedharry wingstosfly wordsofwisdoms wreckinqz yikeszayn yaserdaddy yzarry yourgold zaynscumshot zyazn  zaynkillers  zarriallmas  zarrynotzerrie zarriamofficial zainclouds  zaynsmipapi zulhania zarrysquad zayncancelthewedding2k15  zaynisbrown zrake zaynscigs zaynner zarrychristmasalbum zaynsmalik  zarriallau zeymar zaynmalikeatsass zeysus zaeynmalik zayns1d  

there are so many other people that i wanna mention but they dont follow me and i really cba so i dont see any point in putting them down lmao but MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE I HOPE YALL HAVE A GREAT ONE THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME

ps. if i forgot you please feel free to doxx me and beat my ass<333333

My interest in FR has been dwindling a bit lately. I’ve been thinking about how some extra things to some areas of the site could maybe.. spruce things up a bit. Dominance battles and rewards being one of them.

Right now, rewards are:

Idk about anyone else, but besides the obvious bragging rights for the winning flight,  the only small attractive point is the 10% off marketplace items. The community have taken it upon themselves to make dom battles seem a little more worth the time and effort it takes to win (which is rad!) But I think site bonuses would really help in FR in the long run.

Some extra ideas for winning dom battles:
More under the cut

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or uh. seven hundred thirty one.

ok so i said i make one and i never actually did. make one… so ill do it now, and while this banner is Hideous but its also good enough i guess. i want to tell everyone how much i love and appreciate them, i didnt put all my mutuals here so i guess its not a follow forever?? maybe a friend(?) appreciation post ^^;; but anyway ctrl+f to find your name bc this isnt in abc order and i didnt expect this to get so long yikes i hope i dont sound repetitive. if i forgot to put you here im so sorry just tell me

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