i kinda lost the will to live. yeah

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Disney cancelled best friends whenever. So all they have left is Bizaardvark, stuck in the middle, bunkd, and kc undercover. Although i do enjoy kc i think disney is really falling:( i guess the show that could potentially save it is the new one with raven and even then the thats so raven era kids like myself (im 23) aren't dying to see the new show simply because its on disney. its pretty sad how disney has become pretty irrelevant when we all used to love it

I actually think Andi Mack (from the Lizzie McGuire creator) is more likely to take off than the TSR reboot, but yeah it does seem like Disney Channel is kinda lost in the wildnerness in terms of live action sitcoms at the moment…

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Is it bad I'm kinda annoyed about the fact everyone's upset about Hobi? One... They choose their own line distribution Two... We havent seen choreo or live and sometimes they change lines for live Three... He's in the background vocals Four... The song was pretty and prob really hard to make ;-; love the song quit complaining ahhh it is everywhere already

yeah I see where you are coming from 100%

i low key just had fun saying where are the lines i lost them and making hide and seek jokes hahaha i should probably stop…

but i love the song so much i can’t wait to  see the choreo

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I can NOT get over the hug in the end of Frozen.  I mean come on, you just NEARLY lost the only other living member of your family and you hug like when saying  “yeah cool I’ll see you tomorrow”???  I know Disney has an ongoing obsession with making pretty female characters always look perfect and pretty and skinny but that’s kinda not how expressing actual human emotion works. 

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I'm kinda happy that Bellamy was not in Arkadia when Clarke was being called out for putting his name on the list. Because he already believes that he does not deserve to live and this would have totally done it for him. What are your thoughts?

Yeah he would have taken his name off immediately. I also think he woulda gone off on anyone who lost it on Clarke lmao


An emoji questionnaire. (I was trying to be clever. It never works out.) Thanks to the marvellous @katherinebodine for the tag.

✍ Tattoos: No, and I don’t want any.
😷 Surgeries: Not yet.
🏥 Broken Bones: Got my baby toe stuck under a door when I was a kid and broke it.
🔫 Shot a gun: Only a glue gun.
💼 Quit a job: On good terms, but yes.
🛫 Flown on a plane: Yes.
😨 Gone zip lining: Terrifying but fun.
😯 Watched someone dying: Yeah.
🇨🇦 Been to Canada: I live here.
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance: Was in a bus crash and scraped the side of my head. The paramedic was ridiculously hot so I was distracted the whole time.
🗼 Been to Europe: Not yet, hopefully someday.
🌎 Stamps in Passport: Not sure, kinda lost it in the house.
🏛 Been to Washington DC: Not yet *hums X-Files theme*
🗻 Visited Colorado: Not yet.
🇲🇽 Been to Mexico: Not yet.
🎰 Visited Las Vegas: Not yet.
🐕 Had a pet? I have two dogs.
⛷ Been downhill skiing: Heck to the yes, maybe I enjoy danger but I love trails in the woods most of all. I once broke a ski going off a cliff wrong.
🎶 Ability to read music: Of course, I assume everyone knows how to do this.
🏍 Rode a motorcycle: Nope.
🏇 Rode a horse: A few times as a kid I think.
🏥Stayed in a hospital: Yeah.
💉Donated blood: Not yet but I should.
🐌Eaten Escargot: Delicious with garlic.
👽Seen a UFO: Anything is a UFO if you’re bad enough at identifying it.
🚢Been on a cruise: No, the microbiologist in me says no.
⛽Run out of Gas: Not personally, no.
🍣Eat sushi: Love it.
👻Seen a Ghost: I feel like I probably have at some point.

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Lol where I live we only celebrate Valentines day in June 12th, I kinda forgot that it wasn't like that in every single country in the world so I thought I lost my mind

oh wow! yeah, that must be confusing

So the Sims 4 Announced it’s “City” pack called City Living. Kinda disappointed it’s not called “Get Downtown” or “Get to the City” But I will survive.

Here are my first thoughts on the trailer (if anyone cares)

  • LOL the girl with the map being like “i’m so god damn lost” is me when I am in a city 100%.
  • I am loving that roof top apartment with the pool and the greenspace. #goals
  • I see street art has made an appearance, I hope as a cop you can like.. arrest people… who tag buildings and stuff.
  • Politicians?! Someone is SO GOING TO MAKE DONALD TRUMP 1000%
  • Oh yeah street performers, dope dope. Have we had that before? I guess the Sims 2 apartment life right? kinda?
  • Basketballlll, I am still waiting to have soccer Sims Team.
  • LOL the power going out in the apartment, thats my future when I move downtown.
  • I hope neighbours and stuff in apartments are more involved.. the sims 2 apartment life they were just kinda.. there..
  • A lot of Bo-ho / style stuff in this pack.. or so it seems..
  • THE RETURN OF THE BUBBLE HOOKA. SO EXCITING. I want sims to have a mood of like, Dazed after they use it LOL
  • OMG, you can get noodles. i’m in so in.
  • Hot pepper eating contest? Hot food eating contest? eating contests in general? that seems weird for a pack like this.. but interesting..
  • FIREWORKS TOO, STOP. This pack is killing me.

Yeah I’m sold.

The Feeling songs and Sans/Reader fics

I associated a bunch of songs together with fics I’m reading? Just. Just look ok

Don’t Make Me Sad - Personal Boogeyman (by SkeezyBreezyCovergirl)

I Thought It Was Over - The Lost Toy Problem (by @auntie-diluvian)

Never Be Lonely - Better Safe Than Sorry (by Milkynubs)

This Time - Feel It In Your Bones (by @dinkywitch)

Loneliness - The Party Incident (by @poubelle-squelette)

Spare Me - Resolve (mine)