i kinda liked this one actually


…how about both? :D;; i didn’t mean for this to be so involved but it kinda turned into a rival CEO-type AU… i just went with it. thanks for the request!! <3

[insert your own joke about a longstanding merger]

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i dont understand why zoro wears glasses sometimes. i mean, im not complaining, but

ahaha well a lot of the straw hats randomly wear glasses sometimes, it seems to be a stylistic choice more than anything

it is kinda funny that zoro often ends up being given glasses in movies/official art though, since i doubt he’s super big on reading (i headcanon him as being essentially illiterate, actually) and, as a glasses wearer myself, i can say there’s no way in hell someone as active/physical as zoro would choose to wear glasses for no reason, since they’d be falling off and pissing him off all the time

BUT like you said i can’t complain lol, he looks super cute in glasses.  i especially love the ones he wears in film z.

BTS reaction: their s/o ignoring their texts/calls bc of Pokémon

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He’d probably be kinda “rude. But same tbh” in a way. Like, he completely understands because he likes Pokémon, but at the same time he’s a very busy man, so he’d appreciate if you do take the time to answer him when he does try to contact you. He wouldn’t be mad or annoyed by it though, and would just move on.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He’d not like it. Not one bit. He works almost 24/7, and I think that when he’s working his phone is the last thing on his mind. So if he takes the time to actually call or text you, you better answer or you’ll have one grumpy Yoongi on your hands. Unless you have a good reason for not answering. Playing Pokémon does not count as a good reason though. But, since it’s such a silly thing, he probably wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. He’d be grumpy and tell you that he doesn’t like it, but that’ll be it.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I don’t think he’d care much tbh, unless he wanted to discuss something important with you. Like, if he’s just telling you he’ll be home late/early, or that practice is going well and stuff like that, he’ll be just fine with you not replying. If it’s about him missing you, or feeling stressed out, or if he’s checking on you if you’re sick or something, he’ll probably be pretty annoyed if you didn’t answer. And I do think he’d want you to reply to his good morning and good night texts as well.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

I think he’d be pretty much like Jin. He’d like you to answer since he works a lot and can’t just contact you any time of the day. But, at the same time, he’s quite a geek himself and people spotted him playing Pokémon Go before, so he’d get why you didn’t answer. Bc Pokémon is great. But, like Hobi, he’d be pretty annoyed if you didn’t reply and he wanted to tell you something important.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

I feel like he’s the type to start worrying if you haven’t replied within an hour, especially if you’re the type who usually replies quite soon. So, when he finds out you were just playing Pokémon, he’d probably be more annoyed that you made him worry for nothing than he’d be at you ignoring him tbh. He’d probably ask if you could just send him a text that you were playing and didn’t want to talk next time.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

This depends. If it only happens once or twice, he’ll mainly find it funny and relatable, because no lie, he’d probably do the same if he were you. And I believe he’s quite a frequent texter despite working, so he wouldn’t be annoyed at you ignoring him because it’s a rare thing that he contacts you. But, if it started to happen more often, he’d probably get a bit annoyed and insecure/sad with time, because he’d feel like you were neglecting him.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Now, this boy. I’m sure he’d do the same if he were you, as he’s quite a huge geek. And, the members have said that he’s the one who replies the least. So I think he’d be kinda annoyed, but not say anything about it. Like Yoongi, he’d want you to reply when he does take the time to try to contact you. But, at the same time, he knows that he’s pretty good at ignoring people as well, so he’d feel like he didn’t have the right to tell you to answer him since he’s just as bad.

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I’m not hating and I’m actually far from it. But I’m really sick and tired of people talking about trans marco!!!
Like where the hell did it come from. It just kinda showed up one day and won’t leave. I understand how amazing and ground breaking it would be if a trans character was represented in a kids show especially if it was one of the main characters. But guys listen….its not going to happen as bad as a lot of you want it is just can’t see it happening and if it were I think there would be alot more character development for Marco towards it. So please stop before you guys end up broken like makorra and zutara shippers

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So I have some kinda-sorta tea. I'll let you guys be the judge. I'm sick/bored at home so I decided to scroll through GG's follow list to see who he unfollowed. A lot of it was actors he followed but never met. Or vacation sites (he unfollowed 3 of the 5 whistler instagram pages he used to follow). Stranger yet he unfollowed two of lat's cousins....k@rissa Thoma and Newhope stunts. Weird considering he's actually met k@rissa and did like a few of her posts. Hmmmmmm. Thoughts?

He also unfollowed one of her besties…🤔🤔🤔

Is anyone else just still in a surreal bubble of ‘I can’t believe it my heart is bursting robron actually got married they are husbands they made it, WE MADE IT !!’ and ‘I’m so empty now the day we’ve been waiting for since 4/12/14 is over and the heartbreaking angst as the newly weds are forced to disconnect is gonna hit us like a truck’. I’m kinda grateful for the one day break in-between the emotional mayhem tbh so I can just relish in the bittersweet beauty we’ve been given and I can just keep trying to function like a normal human being taking a breather to repeat the stunned silently and internally screaming sobbing thing as it hits me all over again that Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden are married, after the happiest day of their lives!!

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hey was wondering does noodle let you pet him? I know some morays let you pet them (I know noodle isn't a moray) or too scared to try? (I wouldn't blame you I'm sure noodles teeth are sharp) lol

I mean technically Noodle is a snowflake moray eel haha.
I don’t really try to pet noodle because i have been bitten before and she does have pretty sharp teeth lol. (They’re actually more cone-shaped but it still hurts!)
Sometimes when i know where her head is, i’ll kinda touch her body/tail area with one or two fingers. So like if her head pokes out one side of a pipe and her tail pokes out another i’ll pet the tail a bit. Noodle never seems to care. (She doesnt avoid me or move away so i guess she doesnt completely hate it?)
The first time i pet her she just ??? opened her mouth really wide and held it like that ??? no idea what that means

I know that they have instincts that stop them from biting cleaner-type fish/shrimp so the way to be able to pet them is for them to recognize your hand as a cleaner-hand. Not sure if that’ll ever happen lol
So i guess i have tried to Pet but i don’t do it often.

Had my assignment 2 returned, and yeah, some revision to make, but it’s like… only a bit and not that bad. I actually expected it because this was the one bit where I kinda… yolo’d, lmao.

Basically I didn’t know what exactly they wanted, so I just kinda… didn’t do much of anything. But the actual important code seems okay, so!

Whoop whoop!

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Ok so you're telling me that being an Aries libra moon scorpio mars and Taurus Venus I can't have a one night stand without crying myself because of the guilt?

You’d probably just feel guilty, imo. Venus Oppo Mars tends to do a lot of things they regret. They also confuse Lust and Love, so you may get attached quickly.
Being it’s a Scorpio Mars I feel you could pull it off and just kinda go “fuck feelings,” but it would also depend on what you’re looking for.
If you went into the bar thinking One Night Stand, shit’s fine. If you end up having one without it being planned out (like you actually wanted to try with the person you found) you’d be damn upset.

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i was watching shane dawsons video the conspicary videos. and the tom cruise thing that hes actually gay and is married to women for 5 years for the contracts stuff.. what if thats like with andy now? .. what if him and juliet just have some contract to be together and one day they will just divorce and then andy will be himself again and im overthinking this and im kinda scared now

Who knows at this point I think he’s just been sucked into an abusive relationship.

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Is there anything about the original Hellsing anime you actually kinda liked? Most fans say the music was one of the few things they like about the original, but is there anything you particularly enjoyed at least a little bit?

There were some things but for the most part it was utter trash.

The music never really put me up or down tbh (though real talk, ask @capturedcountdragwylla​ the ending theme is THE otp anthem for their Alucard and my OC, so stating my bias there.)

He was staunchly my fave part of it.
I did a weird yoyo with Hellsing.
In High School when I was an Assassin’s Creed roleplayer (so looking back like 6/7 years) my friend Donovan was roleplaying Alucard so I watched the first 2 episodes of Hellsing Anime to get a feel for his muse.
I wasn’t till last year I watched Ultimate, then watched ALL the anime series.
SO In the series, I really liked the difference in how Alucard used his powers and abilities, like his third eye being physically there!

And the way he gave as good as he got from Integra in terms of passive aggression.

Vampire Behaviours
In the anime it looked like Vampires are social. They like to be in pairs for the most part.
Be it as lovers, brothers or a family unit.
Vampires seemed to be able to call also, something I noticed when the italian vamp was looking for his lover Mick, he made and Orca like sound
and ceiling Alucard also made such a sound to announce his presence.
Seras didn’t fully turn and accept her need for blood until witnessing Alucard feed on the reporter.
So does this mean Fledglings need shown what to do which would explain Dracula/Alucard’s shit track record of having thriving fledglings?



let us not forget the slutty forearm XD

Stucky Round Robin #2

I’ve decided to start again because the last one kinda disappeared. Like same rules apply (I can’t actually remember the first lot of rules…) Tag the whoever you want, if you don’t have anyone to tag to, tag it back to me, (Or if you don’t want to put anything) Make sure to read the tags, or put warnings down. Write as much or little as you like, and try and keep it to one feed and enojy!?

First tag goes to @tatteredbooksandinkypages I’ll try again because whoops, XD

Steve sighed happily laying his head down on Bucky’s shoulder, who placed a kiss on the crown of Steve’s head. It had been a long time since the two of them had actually gotten some down time. No world saving, no bad guy beating, no lectures from Fury of why it was a bad idea to do whatever Steve had done because of course, it was always Steve who came up with the most stupidest and hare-brained plans of all time.

But no, they had none of that today, which meant that got time to relax with each other, they were both surprised and thankful that none of the team had come down to pester them yet, *cough* Tony *cough* and was just enjoying their time together, snuggling on the sofa and catching up on all the films they’d missed, at the moment they’d started watching the Dark Knight trilogy, and Bucky kept making jabs at Steve about how Batman, a guy dressed up as a bat had a better suit than him. Steve would eventually get his revenge.

but yeah, i’ve been in a bit of a shit mood lately. i’m lonely, i’m tired all the time because i haven’t been sleeping well, i have anxiety problems that no amount of medicine can seem to help treat, i feel like what few IRL friends I have left only like me for the things that I have rather than the person I am, the location of my home is really prohibitive to me having a social life since there’s nothing to do out where I live and I’m a solid half hour drive from Atlanta where I can actually do anything, every time I try to reach out to people to make new friends or reconnect with old ones it seems to fizzle out as quickly as it sparked up because of my own anxiety, everything’s just kinda going poorly right now.

bad times for me right now, i guess. i can’t even muster a joke to hide behind. 

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What does your inner home look like? Love you and your videos!💛

It actually changes between a few different ones every time I imagine it. 

One of them is me having the perspective of a baby in a womb haha.. Kinda weird. But everything is comfortable, perfect temperature, the light is dimmed and the noises are muffled. 

Another one is a big house with a lot of rooms. And I picture myself walking through the different hallways opening all the closed doors, opening windows, turning on the lights etc.. There are so many places inside of us that we forget to visit and befriend. So I guess I imagine this house being all the different sides of me that I want to explore and get to know, 

Hope that helps when you’re building your own inner home :)



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I feel like the Framework is just 1 big connected VR & not small individual ones, so I think Daisy's situation (& almost everyone else's) is based on Coulson never joining SHIELD. She used to be a hacktivist opposing SHIELD, w/o him she was probably recluted by Hydra/Ward. We know Coulson's regret; I think May's is Bahrein?, Mack's is losing his child, Fitz's might have to do with his dad? maybe he never joined SHIELD either bc of it, no clue on Jemma, & unsure on Daisy. What do you think? - D.

Okay so…

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I’m pretty sure I accidentally bought a misprint of Carry On. All of a sudden it just jumped from page 250 to 283 and I was so confused like “where could they have gone?”, so I just found a pdf online and caught up, and then I kept reading. But then I found out what happened to the missing 32 pages. Turns out they accidentally reprinted pages 315 to 345. I actually find it kind of hilarious for two reasons. One, because how do you even mess up that badly? And two, the first time in ages that I actually have time to actually sit down and read I get bookblocked by a defective copy. I’m kinda torn because part of me wants to take it back and get a normal copy, but part of me also wants to keep it cause it’s special


to buy the iwachan nendo to accompany my oiks one… or the others hmmMM

loljk too broke to get any of the new nendo /sobs/


skam meme:

[4/4] scenes ➢ it’s your girl

sketch of some sort (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)