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shrivelled raisin man is... my favorite description of ennard????? ever?????????

My fav description I’ve ever heard for ol’ EnnBoi is “literally a pile of paperclips”, brought to you by @mirroredwithpuns ( I will say, though, shriveled raisin man sounds great, do you perhaps mean Ennard while parading around in the human skin?)

Bonus Ennard reaction because I had this banoodle doodle lying around:


Particularly, though, I’m going to talk about how I’m noticing some people obviously aren’t doing their homework for DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. This isn’t really offensive like getting mental illness or cultural stuff incorrect, but it’s still not good because it can be confusing for those who have done the research and/or have firsthand experiences.

Those people have their muses reacting realistically, then some people just write whatever they think is right, then their partner has to work with or around that incorrect information… which in turn can be confusing to the other and it’s a mess, actually.

It can also get misinterpreted by others who don’t know about the subjects either, and since they remember what one person was writing about it, they might feel like they don’t need the research. So it spreads… and therefore more mess.


  • look up the side effects and the dangers, longterm and short term
  • how they’re measured
  • whether or not it’s actually addictive, plus withdrawal symptoms
  • what possible medical reasons they are meant to be consumed for
  • how it can react with alcohol and other drugs
  • if they’re over the counter or prescribed or made illegally
  • the ways they’re made and/or distributed
  • the ways they can be consumed (orally, inhaled, injected, etc.)
  • different names the drug can be called by
  • relevant laws in the location your character is at if applicable
  • the likelihood of a tolerance being built if its even possible
  • how much your character will be affected relative to their size and amount consumed
  • and possibly even the history of the drug


  • look up a bunch of different kinds, possibly even familiarize yourself with brands
  • understand the standard drink sizes
  • check the alcohol content of the drink your character is consuming
  • the side effects and the dangers longterm and short term
  • how it can react with certain drugs
  • learn about how someone of your character’s size can be affected, how a tolerance is built and how it’s developed by someone of your character’s size
  • definitely research alcoholism and alcohol abuse if your character is supposed to be an alcoholic or heavy drinker
  • make sure you know withdrawal symptoms for the above
  • research alcohol poisoning too
  • and relevant laws in the location your character is at if applicable

If you are writing someone who frequently uses a drug or drinks alcohol, and it’s a lifestyle for them, pretty much everything I just listed for both is necessary to know. Don’t only base stuff on what you’ve seen in shows and movies.

Not all of this information may be possible for you to find. If that happens, or any time you feel particularly uncertain, you can go to someone you know / ask around for someone who would be okay with sharing firsthand experiences. If they aren’t writers themselves, just explain you’re a writer!

AND REMEMBER! Doing research can really help you get to know your characters better, or even your partners’ characters better, and you can develop them much further.

sometimes when im feelin lonely i just kinda slowly scroll down my dash and window blog. like window shopping. i dont reblog or like anything

everyone @ jyp pretending not to hear jackson getting yelled at:

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please, PLEASE, please, do not mistake the choice of writing a character heterosexual as the mun being a CLOSED MINDED person. this is a personal choice regarding portrayal and one’s own personal view on said character, and it should be obvious that choosing to do so is NOT an attack on your or anyone’s beliefs or sexuality. do not get all huffy puffy if you see that someone’s rules states their character is heterosexual. if you disagree with this choice, please move along. it was not meant to insult you, rather to prevent any confusion.

I wanna see some witch designs that aren’t stereotypical pointy hats and the Witch Outfit™[or the alternative ‘Sexy Witch Outfit™ Now with 20% More Cleavage’] like sometimes it’s really cute if someone takes a new spin on it [like making match a characters personality or making it a theme or something other than generic witch character] but for the most part witches have so many different styles because people have different styles

And like speaking of witch characters there’s so many ways to practice witchcraft. 

Some witches cast hexes and curses, Some don’t

Some witches use plants, some use technology

Some witches like having written out spells/rituals while others prefer to keep their spells/rituals in the moment so that no two are the same

I could really go on forever, I’m so happy there’s such a wide array of people interested in Wicca|Paganism|Witchcraft|Ect and making characters inspired by them it’d just be cool to see different things be used other than TV tropes and Halloween costumes.

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I’m probably not gonna do the otther two requests tonight, but hey I spent way more time than I needed to on this, because I wanted it to look pretty

So, from what I’m able to gather with really poor translation skills, here’s what the people are saying happened: Yona thought Hak looked anxious as they were about to go their separate ways, and she didn’t want to leave him like that so she pulled him in by the hood and kissed him. I do think his reaction is supposed to be comedic in that he like does not know what to think. Seems like Yona broke Hak.exe.

I think there’s more to that (especially Hak’s reaction), but I really couldn’t tell what the summarizer’s comments/head-cannons were vs the actual events.

Oh and then Yona’s kinda like oh man, oh boy, better dash. And I think she’s like questioning herself as she leaves and is kinda hard on herself about it.

PLEASE TAKE THIS ALL WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. I haven’t actually seen the scans and this is just what I could put together from a few forums and blogs. I just wanted people who ship hakyona as hard as I do to be able to get a better idea of what went down.