i kinda liked it lol

Even though I like Fates kind of better as a game, Awakening had this really comfy homely aura that no other FE game has had, for me


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Baby’s breath

Adrinette Month Day 5: Coffee Shop Au 

Back to working loosely haha I enjoy it far too much 8]

He didn’t know when she started sitting there, every morning at eight, with a cup of coffee in her hands. He only knew when he started remembering her. 

Sometimes she was with someone–a friend, he hoped–but most times, she was alone, sitting contentedly with her beverage, enjoying her own company. 

He never could quite muster up the courage to go up to her–what was he going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you drink coffee every morning as I walk to work, how’s it going?” Yeah, that’s not a bit creepy.

So one day, when it was down-pouring, and he went his way to work, believing fully that perhaps today, he might not get to see her, he was surprised to find he was wrong. There she was, wearing a bright red raincoat–but no umbrella.

And he finally found his chance.


actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

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I was bored so I drew some allura and lotor being childhood friends…I think I heard a hc about this before somewhere


Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay

I’ve been drawing some ghost ‘mons recently so here is one of my many children. His name is Lloyd and he has a Bashful nature. 


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘What If…’


From happygocallie on instagram!

So when Lena was almost forced into the arranged marriage she learned that Daxem has different marriage/wedding traditions than earth so logically krypton would have different wedding traditions. And she talks to Alex and Clarke and researches traditional kryptonian marriage traditions. And then a few days before their human wedding Lena surprises Kara with traditional kryptonian style wedding. She tries to recreate everything from the ceremony to the architecture to food because she knows that little kryptonian Kara had a dream kryptonian wedding and she wants Kara to have that dream wedding.

And Kara? Kara fucking breaks down when she realizes what’s happening. Because not only does this women want to marry her but she’s loves Kara enough to marry her twice. Kara can’t believe how much she loves Lena and it confirms that Lena is not only her earth soulmate but her soulmate of all universes.