i kinda like this ok


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes



I spent like 3 hours on this.

doing it for them tho *wipes tear*


Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay


I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.

isak is really good at being there for even when even is not doing well. isak is patient and caring but not overbearingly so 

but even is also really, really good at being there for isak when isak needs him to. when isak doesn’t realize he needs him to. when isak is studying for a big, important test, even will make them a cup of tea. he’ll also help him study, taking his textbook and asking him questions. and when it gets too late and isak tells him “ask me something else”, even will close the textbook and tell him calmly “no. you’re ready, isak. the material is all in there” and he’ll run his fingers through isak’s hair slowly and add “in your head. you’ve got this” and after a while isak will sigh and even will ask “let’s go to bed?” and isak will nod. and they’ll go to bed, even’s arm around isak’s stomach, and isak will get a good night of sleep 

one time, isak has a really bad cold and misses a day of school. and when even is done with his classes, he comes to see him with enough pho soup to feed him and all his roommates. and isak mumbles “you shouldn’ be here, ‘m ver contagious” against his pillow and even sits on the edge of his bed and tells him “you have to eat even if you’re not hungry. come on” and isak sits up, eyes half open and brows furrowed and strands of his messy hair sticking to his forehead a little, and sleep lines from his pillow on the right half of his face. and he sighs and asks “what are we eating” and even opens one of the take-out bags and says “pho soup” and isak smiles because he’s loved pho soup ever since even took him to a vietnamese restaurant for the first time (”you can’t just live off pasta and frozen pizza, isak”) 

one evening, they’re watching tv in even’s living room when isak gets a text from his dad and he doesn’t tell even about it but even can tell something is wrong, so he asks “what’s up?” and isak simply shrugs and looks down, and even has his arm wrapped around isak and he squeezes his shoulder gently, his way of saying “you know you can tell me, if you want to”. and isak swallows audibly and then he whispers “he wants to introduce me to his new girlfriend” and he lifts his gaze and looks at even and even simply nods, a small, understanding nod. “do you want to go?” isak starts playing with the hem of his shirt and he blinks quickly when he realizes that his eyes sting and he lets out a “fuck”, and if even wasn’t sitting so close to him, if their faces weren’t inches away, he wouldn’t be able to hear it. isak rubs his eyes and he says quickly “this is so stupid. i know they haven’t been together for a while and like, i didn’t expect them to be back together, like i’m not stupid, i knew he wouldn’t come back and i shouldn’t even care because we don’t live together and it shouldn’t matter because it’s not like i’m five years old or something but-” 

and isak stops there because the words simply won’t come out anymore, they collide with the little sob that’s stuck in the back of his throat. and even simply holds him close, runs a soothing hand along his arm, and isak rests his head on his shoulder. “of course it should matter, isak. it’s hard when your parents aren’t together anymore. it’s hard for anyone, doesn’t matter how old you are. i’m two years older than you and i can’t think of my parents breaking up.” isak’s breathing is a little shaky against even’s neck and after a minute he says “three” and even asks “what?” and isak replies “you’re three years older”. even laughs a little at that, turns his head and plants a kiss on top of isak’s head and says “two years and a little over four months, actually. i counted. you’re not the only maths genius here, you know?” playfully and isak actually lets out a little giggle at that

they stay like this for a little while and even breathes slowly and evenly, which he knows isak will feel and which he knows will soothe him. and it does. and when isak is feeling calm again, he tells even “dad said i could bring you with me” and even replies “if you want to go and you want me to go, we’ll go” and isak lifts his head and looks at even’s face and says “i think we should go”. and even leans in and he kisses isak, just to touch his lips with his own, just to bring them closer, just to remind isak that he’s here. “then we’ll go”