i kinda like it what do u think though im bored

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that paranoid feel when u put tape over ur camera but you're still not at ease with it

What kind of tape do you guys use I started with a sticky note and then I switched to masking tape but that was too transparent so now theres bright orange duct tape on my laptop/phone

Im concerned though because in my webcam i checked and it looks kinda gray and i think if you hold it up to the light you might be able to see a little bit through it, im thinking of switching to black electrical tape because thats inconspicious, more solid, and Im under the belief it blocks radiowaves/currents because its electrical tape 

(but then thats so boring? idk like colored tape is fun and adds personality? and it reminds me that its there which is reassuring? maybe two layers of tape)

also im not entirely sure which circle is the front camera on my phone (theres like 3) so I just covered the entire top but now whenever i talk to someone on the phone i have to peel it off to hear them, it kind of wore out a little bit so now i can hear them better but i still need to peel it off, i really need to reconfigure it and find the camera specifically

then again blocking the speakers can block audial transmissions so thats an aspect

also btw if anyone needs an excuse i started saying my phones broken/the glass is shattered in that specific area (and the camera got smashed along with it so no ones like take it off for a picture) and that seems to work unless they know me well, (then they make fun of me) i try to not show people my phone in general though

man electronics are the most untrustworthy thing i own and i use them all the time like there’s so many things about it that just doesnt sit right with me im hiding behind like five different chrome privacy extensions and i still dont feel like my web activity’s safe particularly with knowing that people are gathering data for advertising and everything like this isnt even completely unfounded paranoia web activity is actually irl monitored to some extent

also i write a lot on the notes app in my phone and thats the source of a lot of paranoia for me because like thats not behind a proxy thats straight up in the cloud apple can access it at any time anyone can access it  like I really need to stop writing in there and transfer all my documents to a usb and then write in a journal but its so much faster on my phone and thats a lot of work

its a struggle the digital age is a struggle