i kinda like it uwu


Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay

Can someone please tell me why these two nerds look like they’re waltzing in space? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This is what happens when I play with photo editing programs… My sister asked me for a kallura phone wallpaper and I delivered, albeit poorly. I’m lucky she loves me anyway… Maybe I should go to bed now. orz

charging $30 dollars for unprofessional internet therapy isn’t a mistake, like if she was trying to give the advice for free than yeah maybe id believe it’s a simple case of someone trying to help without realizing her limited expertise  mixed with her popularity could do more harm than good but no she fucking tried to sell health advise without any licence or schooling (which I’m pretty sure is illegal?)  and she already get’s paid by ad revenue by reblogging ads and the like (which isn’t necessarily bad but it certainly doesn’t help her case of doing sixpeneceee heals for helping people and not for the money) so yeah sixpenceee heals is without a doubt a scam that i will not forgive   


The new HigglyTown Heroes looks great.


All right, look. There’s a fine line, Jonah, between hate and non-hate. You attacked me with a burrito. And if I could turn back the hands of time, I would. Oh, what, so you could do it again? The juice could have gotten in my eyes, Dan. The spicy burrito juice.

Eddsworld Week Day 4: Iconic Art Style or Extra Scene


Tag yourself, I’m the lazy coloring

Art styles in order are - @princeofmints (I know he’s not into EW anymore, but he seems to be one of the most well known artists and I honestly had a lot of fun drawing in his style!) | Bleach (Tord likes anime, so I decided to do one of my favorite anime’s, Bleach!!) | Paul-de-vorte (I’m not sure how to spell it oops. I was gonna do Edd’s style, but I went with Paul’s as it’s more well known for the new members. I honestly like Edd’s better uwu;;;) | @hoshmyposhes (Fun Fact: Hosh had kinda asked me to try their style and I’m only now remembering this lmao, whoops. I’M IN LOVE WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT THO SJKAFNLJDKSBNGJ)

Fake screenshot aw y is-
This took a few days to get done, but I like how it turned out!!
Here’s the backstory to this pic because I bet it makes n o sense :))
Okay, England brought America to this place called the “Rain Room”. It rains everywhere but where you’re standing. It’s pretty neat. America thinks it’s super cool, and while he’s like, fanboying, England is looking at him lovingly like “w o w I’m so lucky to be dating this guy” and alL T H AT-
It’s kinda cheesy but whatever,, I hope ya’ll like it uwu


John Laurens, patron saint of gay kids with shitty families.

(For @john-laurens-was-super-gay. I also added the version w/out shine because I kinda liked it more? IDK I hope you like it UwU)

I’ve got a weakness to the underwater aesthetic so I decided to give it a shot, myself! The way anime liquid recolours everything but the purest white to various shades of aqua and there’s lovely attention to detail to movement, it’s very pretty~ 😻✨

My attempt is only 4 frames and kinda choppy, but overall I’m rather pleased with the result! It’s also so much fun drawing Goku’s hair when it actually moves around :’3c

Poor Goky gets pretty frustrated in this part of the anime, mostly considering his son, friends and Vegeta are getting the crap beaten out of them while he can only sit there and feel it, but he sure makes an interesting fight commentator! I love his internal monologues and the framing and all that jazz 😺🎵