i kinda like it though soo

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I find it really endearing that the small gestures between kd are still the same. Yes we don't see them clinging to each other like they used to for obvious reasons but slight touches, looking out for each other, bottle sharing, and forever staring ji is still the same. They are just so precious T____T

I really value the small moments a lot! Cause sometimes, those are the ones that speaks the loudest. Especially when it comes to kaisoo :’) Honestly, they’re not the b t s couple for nothing! It’s all those little things that makes you realize that yeah.. those two have something really special together <3 

And even though you can kinda tell that they’ve toned down some when it comes to interactions (for obvious reasons, as you mentioned) they still ooze of affection for each other. Like Soo helping Nini when he was injured, or all those times when the members have teased Soo for smth, and Nini defended him. The loving glances when the other isn’t even doing anything, the water bottles they share, (and it’s usually always those two that share ;;;;;;) the mic holding, the general support that they give the other at all times!! T___T

They always seek each other other out, and go into their own bubble when together. The chemistry they have is very apparent, so tbh, I get sometimes why they keep getting seperated by ppl, cause they’re very obvious with their feelings, even when they try not to be :’) 

#132 You never told me you had a fucking twin

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 500

Requested: Yes

A/N: Soo requests are kinda piling up but thankfully I've gotten a couple of days off school recently, which should give me enough time to clear out my inbox. Don’t feel like you can’t send me requests though! I love getting them it’s just a little hard to keep up with sometimes. Like I said though, keep sending them in and i’ll keep writing them. Anywho, Hope you all enjoy :-)

The padding of his feet sounding throughout the whole apartment. He stretched his arms high above his head in order to relieve some of stiffness that he had acquired in his body in his slumber. The clatter of dishes perked Ashton up as he thought of you making him breakfast. Maybe you would be wearing his t-shirt, just his t-shirt hopefully.

Ashton turned the corner into the kitchen to see you, unfortunately for him fully dressed, opening cabinets and drawers as if looking for something. He lightly stepped behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. Suddenly there was a scream and you turned around quickly to face Ashton.

“What the hell?!” You yelled and slapped his bicep

“What’s wrong, baby?” He questioned as he attempted to grab your hips and bring you closer to him but you wiggled out of his grip. “Y/N are you mad at me or something? Because, I have no idea what I’ve done.”

You opened your mouth to speak when a quiet voice was heard causing the couple to turn their heads towards the sound.

“What are you guys doing?”

He looked between the two faces confused “It’s too early for this” Ashton said as he leaned over the sink and stared down at the drain trying to make sense of everything. He felt a cold hand on his back. “Are you okay, babe?”

Ashton rubbed his face roughly with his hands “Y/N what is going on? Am I high or something?”

This caused you to chuckle lightly “Ashton, this is my sister Y/S/N” He looked up and Y/S/N gave a short wave and a tight lipped smile.

“Oh my god! That’s your twin! You never told me you had a fucking twin.” He grumbled

You giggled slightly “Well it never really came up”

Ashton furrowed his eyebrows at you “It never came up? Y/N you’ve met my entire family and I tell you literally everything about my life but you forget to tell me about a whole sister?”

“To be fair, I have been traveling for like a whole year.” Y/S/N stated

“See? She’s been busy and you know how forgetful I am” You gently grasp Ashton hands “And if you would like, tonight we can sit down and i’ll show you my whole family tree” You joked.

“Alright, it’s fine. One more thing though, why are you here, Y/S/N?”

“Oh right, well, I just came to pop in and say hello to Y/N before I left again. This time i’m going to Moscow!”

You excitedly hugged your sister and wished her luck on her next adventure. As she left you turned back to Ashton.

“I like your shirt” He said as he approached you and began playing with the hem of his shirt that you happened to be wearing.

“Thanks, I got it this really hot guy. I think his name was Austin or something” You teased

“Oh baby, you’ll know my name soon enough” He winked before passionately kissing you.


It’s svtfoeweek! >>Day 4<< Saddest Moments

Mewberty and Destroying the Wand

“Goodbye, Star.”

This is an extremely happy and upbeat show (so far), so there’s not much sad moments to find.

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what do you think of gladion x hau?

Oh dear sorry for extremely late answer….orz

Hm I haven’t really thought about it…. It’s not because I dislike the pairing, I didn’t really have lot of ideas around shipping with Pokemon sm. I am really fine with any ships tbh! I don’t have any “ugh pairing list” haha

But I like the character comp, I am fan of “bright character and trying to be cool” duo lol

Especially glad had hard life, I think he can always have positive happy person around him. also with Hau, he doesn’t show it strongly but we do feel vibe of pressure on him (and his father)  for having Kahuna as grandfather. Soo I think they have possibility on both gag based pairing and kinda serious moments as well!

Even though I said I don’t have lot of pokemon sm otp, it doesn’t mean I hate pairing, I am open to suggestions and talking about it! Goes same with other titles I like.

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I'm 18 and I kinda accepted that I'm Bi like Lauren made me realise it soo much cos I'm soo obsessed it's unhealthy but idk how to tell my friends I have one or two homophobic friends but they're in my group so idk wjat to do and my best friend isn't homophobic but we spend a lot of time together so I'm scared if I come out to her that she thinks I fancy her even though I don't cos she kinda hints she's bi too cos she said she was bisexual when she was drunk a year ago but yea

I’m happy for you, i think one of the hardest things to do is accept yourself so well done for that babe, if you feel like some of your friends might not accept you then what kind of friends are they?, if they don’t accept you I don’t think u need them type of friends in your life. About your best friend, I get we’re you coming from but she’s your best friend I think she would be happy for you, and maybe she actually is bi too who knows?, maybe just talk about it with here and You never know people can suprise you❤️

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Hi, Scorpius. I really like you. I think you have the nicest eyes and the loveliest smile. I wish I was brave enough to talk to you off of anonymous, but I'm soo shy. <3

I’m not sure who sent this, though I do have some…hopes…but whoever it is. Thanks. And, I think your new jumper looks great. 

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For the sleepover thing!! My crush is soo cute and his fringe kinda of curls in a really nice way??? I can't stop staring at him and his voice and aaaaaa I just really like him and today my friends laughed because he walked in front of me and I got this lovestruck look on my face and aaaaaaa I can't. It's kinda of dumb, specially because he won't ever like me though😓

no boo it’s cute and you never know :3

Ask   me

just talkin and ideas ??

well….heyy how is everyone me good just stressing u know life lol….

well i am pretty much going to beginner on workouting out and i need some help i am really relearning everthang cuz whe i was with my ex very bad  i am on some new meds soo i am doin a bit better well i want t star doin like hitt but with weights and yoga i am doin 31 days of yoga but my problem is being this

cardio like i always do to much idkk if i am all in to running anymore i kinda just want to do anything 

do yall train just cardio days then weights ik people are diffent i just need some ideas to help i am just really lost with thangs cuz i though i was doin good 

is hitt curoiut training bad  to do with yoga or is yoga a day just by it self 

hell anythang can help ik there so much suppurt and help on here i am going tag a few but anymorre u can tell me i like talkin makeing new freinds too 

@dragonfli17  @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak @tayydubb @aubernutter  @fitnika @imgonnamakeachange @dontcallmecosmo @jewsquats @just-yasmeen @kaitlifts

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Hi!!!! So i read that multi chaptered fic a while ago, it was a jungkookxreader one in college where y/n is kinda toxic (she smokes a lot, parties to much, hooks up etc etc) and jk is a "good boy" that never goes out and y/n tries to get him out of his dorm but she scares him (he likes her though but he's impressed) and yeah its probably still an ongoing fic and its soo freaking good!!!! If u know the name or the author could u help me?? Thanks!!! Ur amazing!!!!! I love you !!!

I have no idea, does anyone know?

About Me/Tag Game

I haven’t been on here much, but I was tagged by @psychedemigod  & @doggirl21 & @imwritingmywayout to do a couple different get-to-know-me things! I’m combining them cause I’m lazy. So, sit back, relax, and endure my bragging.

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5′4″

Current Time: 10:31

Favorite Music Artist: idk? I like Enya, Dua Lipa, obv. Lin-Manuel Miranda, does Phillipa Soo count?

Last TV show I watched: 24: Legacy

Currently wearing: Plaid pajamas

When this blog was created: Oct. 2016… I didn’t really use it till Dec. though

What I post about: Me? POST SOMETHING? WHAAAAT (hamilton. funny things. basically trash.)

Any other blogs: nope

Do I get regular asks: nope again

Why I chose my URL: So when I was younger, I used to call those fantasies little kids have “think-about dreams,” which kinda means the same thing as an “imagine” when you think about it. I don’t think imagine was a noun back then, so I coined my own phrase for my fantasies, hence my url!

Favorite Colors: green, navy blue, black, grey, I have more, I love colors, ok next question,

Average hrs of sleep: usually 7 or so, but I technically need about 12

Dream job: SO MANY THINGS: Actress, filmmaker, FBI/CIA agent, documentary-maker, historian, medical researcher, I MIGHT BE STARTING VOICE ACTING SOON SO HOPEFULLY THAT DREAM JOB COMES TRUE

I tag my friends @always-blame-jefferson @sasstran @matt10nt and anyone else in @its-the-hamfam who wants to do this!

I had an amazing time with you today💕 the movie was kinda disappointing.. I was hoping it was so bad that it was funny but honestly it was just very bad I don’t understand why it’s so popular.. however I could enjoy sitting next to you and holding your hand (which made me feel very warm actually so thank you c:) and well we did laugh a few times soo that’s something :p supergirl fixed alot though, I especially enjoyed that c: and I can’t wait to watch the valentines episode together because I’m dedicated to finishing it on time c:

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some Soos and Melody MonsterFalls art/headcanons?

ok, although Soos and Melody are undeniably cute together (even as a golem and a harpy), I feel kinda neutral about their ship, so that’s about all I could thought of c: ClaySoos likes to amuse Melody with doing figures out of his hands and occasionally drops food or other stuff due to his sometimes uncontrollable body material. Melody finds it cute though ^^


Soo, a few days ago my family decided that they wouldn’t maintain me anymore. I kinda freaked out since I need money for basic things such as food. At this moment I’m kinda forced to open commissions though I meant to do that a few months ago.

Rules & Info:

⇒ I have the right not to agree to draw something that is uncomfortable for me.

⇒ The price of a drawing will depend on how complicated it is. Probably only in the case of drawing mechas or similar.

⇒ For simple animations like this one - 3$ charge

⇒ I am actually quite good at drawing animals, dragons, anthros and ponies. I do not draw only humans~

⇒ Simple backgrounds

⇒ You can contact me by tumblr or e - mail; vreingraphics@gmail.com

Paypal Only! E - mail: vreingraphics@gmail.com

Please buy my commissions or donate. Oh, I also have a redbubble store.

For more art examples click here.

Remember that if you cannot afford, a reblog would be a huge help too. Thank you in advance! It means so much to me ♥

HAPPY 7 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS @therealjacksepticeye!

you are the boss! and I really like your videos though! YOU’RE SOO AWESOME AND COOL!!! I’m happy that you got 7 million subscribers! YOU REALLY DESERVE THAT JACK!! :D :D :D YOU’RE MEH SEMPAI ! KEEP IT UP! AND I’LL ALWAYS WATCH YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just a gift from me to you! :D hope ya like it! :D :D :D [ I know that it’s kinda lame but this is all I can gift ta you!]

Nah, dude, that kinda fell through.  Unfortunately, as hairy and dog-accompanied as he was, I still didn’t have enough solid evidence.   And trust me, dude, I tried! I musta stayed outside on every full moon for like, a billion years, man, just lookin’ for him.

Luckily my wolf family from months back would bring me th’ occasional snack an’ all, but still…no real progress on th’ mailman quest. 

Over time, I kinda grew t’like those unidentified chunks’f meat though!

But th’ good news is, bein’ the new Mr. Mystery has opened my eyes to all sorts’f supernatural epicness around town!  Bein’ exposed t’all those customers firsthand, I get t’catch all th’ tiny details about ‘em that I was missin’ behind the scenes.

And y’know what, I think Mabel was on t’somethin’, dude!  It’s a real subtle observation, bro, but trust me, I have my reasons…

That checklist boy that Mabel was flirtin’ with?

Pretty sure that guy’s a vampire.