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I find it really endearing that the small gestures between kd are still the same. Yes we don't see them clinging to each other like they used to for obvious reasons but slight touches, looking out for each other, bottle sharing, and forever staring ji is still the same. They are just so precious T____T

I really value the small moments a lot! Cause sometimes, those are the ones that speaks the loudest. Especially when it comes to kaisoo :’) Honestly, they’re not the b t s couple for nothing! It’s all those little things that makes you realize that yeah.. those two have something really special together <3 

And even though you can kinda tell that they’ve toned down some when it comes to interactions (for obvious reasons, as you mentioned) they still ooze of affection for each other. Like Soo helping Nini when he was injured, or all those times when the members have teased Soo for smth, and Nini defended him. The loving glances when the other isn’t even doing anything, the water bottles they share, (and it’s usually always those two that share ;;;;;;) the mic holding, the general support that they give the other at all times!! T___T

They always seek each other other out, and go into their own bubble when together. The chemistry they have is very apparent, so tbh, I get sometimes why they keep getting seperated by ppl, cause they’re very obvious with their feelings, even when they try not to be :’) 

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Hi, soo me and my gf have been dating for abt two months and i rly like her a lot. Recently though she hasn't been responding to me whenever i try to make conversations and she doesn't text first anymore, but she'll be posting on social media and other stuff. We used to talk all of the time and now she's kinda stopped. idk what to do :(

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, communication is the most important part of any successful relationship. If you are feeling insecure and unsure of how your girlfriend is feeling about you, talk to her! Tell her you feel like you aren’t really talking and it has you worried, she may not even realize it’s having an effect on the two of you. Sometimes after relationships have been established, some people are less likely to constantly contact their significant other because they’ve already established a comfortable relationship. Just because you aren’t constantly talking doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t working or falling apart, but you really should talk with her and tell her how you’re feeling. Certainly nothing will change if you don’t communicate with her. 

-Mom Em

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some Soos and Melody MonsterFalls art/headcanons?

ok, although Soos and Melody are undeniably cute together (even as a golem and a harpy), I feel kinda neutral about their ship, so that’s about all I could thought of c: ClaySoos likes to amuse Melody with doing figures out of his hands and occasionally drops food or other stuff due to his sometimes uncontrollable body material. Melody finds it cute though ^^

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Cookie-chan, this recent 暁のヨナ arc feels like it's the first time Yona has really opposed Suwon. Before, she was kinda working with him (with all the complex emotions between them and all, and sometimes unknowingly). What do you think of this?

Hello Anon!

I agree with what you’re saying. Though Su-Won and Yona haven’t been on friendly terms, they have always been on the same side of the conflicts they’ve seen themselves involved in — in Awa, they stood against the Kai Empire’s human trafficking; during the Fire Tribe rebellion​, they fought against Kan Soo-Jin; during the Water Tribe arc, they joined hands to stop the nadai problem; and in Sei, they fought against Kushibi and the kidnapping of Kouka citizens.

This IS the first time Yona and Su-Won are on different sides of a conflict. Notice, too, that it’s the first time the problem isn’t something that harms Kouka. Though war is about to break out, Mizari has left pretty clear that Xing’s makeshift soldiers are so weak that they don’t even pose a threat to Kouka’s army. Yona is fighting to protect people that aren’t her own, which is what I think really sets this arc apart from all others, and probably the most important difference between her and Su-Won.


It’s svtfoeweek! >>Day 4<< Saddest Moments

Mewberty and Destroying the Wand

“Goodbye, Star.”

This is an extremely happy and upbeat show (so far), so there’s not much sad moments to find.

#132 You never told me you had a fucking twin

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 500

Requested: Yes

A/N: Soo requests are kinda piling up but thankfully I've gotten a couple of days off school recently, which should give me enough time to clear out my inbox. Don’t feel like you can’t send me requests though! I love getting them it’s just a little hard to keep up with sometimes. Like I said though, keep sending them in and i’ll keep writing them. Anywho, Hope you all enjoy :-)

The padding of his feet sounding throughout the whole apartment. He stretched his arms high above his head in order to relieve some of stiffness that he had acquired in his body in his slumber. The clatter of dishes perked Ashton up as he thought of you making him breakfast. Maybe you would be wearing his t-shirt, just his t-shirt hopefully.

Ashton turned the corner into the kitchen to see you, unfortunately for him fully dressed, opening cabinets and drawers as if looking for something. He lightly stepped behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. Suddenly there was a scream and you turned around quickly to face Ashton.

“What the hell?!” You yelled and slapped his bicep

“What’s wrong, baby?” He questioned as he attempted to grab your hips and bring you closer to him but you wiggled out of his grip. “Y/N are you mad at me or something? Because, I have no idea what I’ve done.”

You opened your mouth to speak when a quiet voice was heard causing the couple to turn their heads towards the sound.

“What are you guys doing?”

He looked between the two faces confused “It’s too early for this” Ashton said as he leaned over the sink and stared down at the drain trying to make sense of everything. He felt a cold hand on his back. “Are you okay, babe?”

Ashton rubbed his face roughly with his hands “Y/N what is going on? Am I high or something?”

This caused you to chuckle lightly “Ashton, this is my sister Y/S/N” He looked up and Y/S/N gave a short wave and a tight lipped smile.

“Oh my god! That’s your twin! You never told me you had a fucking twin.” He grumbled

You giggled slightly “Well it never really came up”

Ashton furrowed his eyebrows at you “It never came up? Y/N you’ve met my entire family and I tell you literally everything about my life but you forget to tell me about a whole sister?”

“To be fair, I have been traveling for like a whole year.” Y/S/N stated

“See? She’s been busy and you know how forgetful I am” You gently grasp Ashton hands “And if you would like, tonight we can sit down and i’ll show you my whole family tree” You joked.

“Alright, it’s fine. One more thing though, why are you here, Y/S/N?”

“Oh right, well, I just came to pop in and say hello to Y/N before I left again. This time i’m going to Moscow!”

You excitedly hugged your sister and wished her luck on her next adventure. As she left you turned back to Ashton.

“I like your shirt” He said as he approached you and began playing with the hem of his shirt that you happened to be wearing.

“Thanks, I got it this really hot guy. I think his name was Austin or something” You teased

“Oh baby, you’ll know my name soon enough” He winked before passionately kissing you.

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Hi! This is not goblin related but Gong Yoo related! sorry!! but I would like to ask if you've watched coffee prince and what's your thought about it? I've seen a review on @gladgladysgongg on instagram and I'm asking if you have the same opinion? What do you think?

Ohh, my thoughts on Coffee Prince vs. Goblin… Gahh.. that’s a hard comparison for me lmao… xD (I love both dramas)

Originally posted by curlykpopfan

For Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo’s portrayal of his character Choi Han-kyul is FLAWLESS. A rich heir who learned the meaning of true love and worked hard for his goals/dreams despite being from a well-off family. Coffee Prince tackles many aspects of social norms and issues that are heavily important topics of today being a drama filmed 10 years ago!!! The part that captured me the most was how Gong Yoo was able to express Han-kyul’s emotions of betrayal and hurt when he found out the truth of Eun-chan’s real identity; but the most beautiful part was how he accepted her for who she was and he told her that he would love her regardless of what she is… who she is. T.T 

Originally posted by curlykpopfan

Now for Goblin, Gong Yoo’s portrayal of his character Kim Shin is PERFECT. A 939 yo god who only sought his death and didn’t know the first thing about receiving/giving love, only to learn the true joy and meaning of life when he first fell in love with his bride… and remember he continued to love her even when she couldn’t pull the sword the first place. Once again, Goblin tackles many aspects of social norms and issues that are discussed today. Gong Yoo was able to express Shin’s pure and unyielding love for Eun-Tak despite their “age difference” and him being an immortal; but the most beautiful part was how he accepted his immortal fate in order to be with her again, even though he knows he will continue to suffer from her death. T.T

Originally posted by sassy-smolder

So final verdict? Coffee Prince is maybe a little more realistic (even though he’s a hella rich chaebol >.>), but I like Goblin a little more because of the intricate storyline and the meaning behind Shin and Eun-Tak’s relationship. Despite my thirsty fangirl side, I’ve never seen such a pure and innocent love as the one between Shin and Eun-Tak ever in a k-drama. A perfect depiction of what first love encompasses. A love that made my heart hurt when they were in pain. A love that made my heart burst with joy when they were happy together. A love that made me feel loved when they found each other again. Gong Yoo’s kisses were so gentlemanly just like Shin is supposed to be… not aggressive or controlling. I just feel that Gong Yoo put his heart and soul into giving us his depiction of the lonely and shining goblin - from all of his subtle looks to every action, you could feel how Shin felt about Eun-Tak, GR/Wang Yeo, Sunny, DH, Grandpa, his soldier friend, Samshin, God, and just everyone he interacted with. His expressions, his voice, and his actions are more polished from his younger acting days. I feel that he perfected his role with the help from his experience from Coffee Prince because Han-kyul and Shin are actually similar. They both love their special person regardless of who they are and what they are. 

Now the one thing that Coffee Prince definitely wins over Goblin… must I say it??? lmao… Gong Yoo’s special skills were fully used in Coffee Prince, while I’m literally sitting here screaming in frustration that Shin and Eun-Tak didn’t have enough steamy moments. But just look at these beauties… My eyes have been blessed lmao… I kinda like the Shintak kiss better though cause it’s just so sweet how they’re looking into each other’s eyes while smiling and gently kissing each other (it feels very touching and nice to look at while giving you the giggly feels)… T.T While the Coffee Prince kiss is just soo damn hot with all the cuddling and passion, lol (but I love it too). Regardless which ever is your favorite or you haven’t seen them, I recommend to watch both because they both equally have their strong aspects and have a beautiful story to tell. Perhaps I’d recommend to watch Coffee Prince first before Goblin if you haven’t seen it so you can see how Gong Yoo’s acting has polished from 10 years ago. 

Me: *fans self* Too much hotness in one post

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if rf dipper lived in the Shack his whole life, then the whole premise of carpet diem would never happen, because he wouldn't fight with mabel about the room because he already knew it existed, and Stan would've tossed the carpet out already. Right?

possibly! but there’s also the fact that despite working at the shack for the past decade, soos had never found the room either. i’d be willing to bet dipper’s crafty enough to have found it beforehand, though, and probably wouldve figured out what the carpet did. maybe he wouldnt have had stan throw it out though, i kinda like the idea of him switching bodies with soos and/or wendy to just mess around and play pranks on people.

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Hey Crispy! Tomorrow's my birthday so can you do me some a little quick favor??? Some kinda Fiddlestan based on the episode Land Before Swine (Fidds hops on stan's back and w/ Dipper, Mabel and Soos) ... I really love that episode really, I just want them sooooo much on my 15th birthday to suprise me... well thanks... you're such a wonderful artist Crispy :D

OOOOOOOH SHOOT! alice-jem​, I AM SO SORRY I am so late !! I didn’t have the occasion to check my inbox in a while! I hope you have had a super great 15th birthday and that you’ll like this little thing I made for you though! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments too ! :w;

(I don’t usually post Fiddlestan art on this blog but this is a special occasion !<3) Happy belated Birthday sweetie !!

Soo I’m pretty sure this girl likes me but like we’re not on that “talking all the time” phase yet & it kinda sucks lol I just get attached too easily but damn the way everything went down over the weekend was like too perfect ya know. I don’t wanna get my hopes up though..
She did invite me to her birthday pregame, party & after party.. She definitely wants me. Maybe I’m just horrible at keeping a conversation going idk lol I need to stop over thinking everything 😩😩😩

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You're right, I turned on the notifications for your blog because tbh it's awesome and I love every single thing you post❤ I actually wasn't expecting you to do my request but i'm really happy you did so thank you again haha I'll ask you things once in a while and you can recognize me like DaddyHun anon~ Saranghae

I totally didnt just squeak from excitement because of that omg 😅😅😂

thats actually really amazing and sweet and omg i’m lowkey fangirling because you like our blog that much and that you actually turned on notifications for us even though I know they can get kinda annoying when we all go on posting binges haha 

I really hope that you do send in more requests/asks lol and I can guarantee one of us will ALWAYS respond, even if you just send in something random about your day or some shit lol, I actually would love to establish more interactions between us admins and all of the followers soo c:

I hope I’m not being annoying lmao, I just like to think I’m a really friendly person who tends to not have any self-control once I start talkingg lmao 

anywaysss thanks again~


- Admin Min-Y~


I love the cute little anon names y’all give yourselves, its literally the CUTEST thing ever to me lol omg

….and it implies that we may end up interacting a lot which I love as well….

There’s definitely a fatherly relationship between Soos and Stan. I mean, as you guys saw in “Blendin’s Game,” Soos is a guy who never really had a big family, and Stan, as we learned in “A Tale of Two Stans,” is a guy who had an awful relationship with his own family, you know, never really got that family life, and so they both kind of found each other accidentally. I imagine probably in the first week of having this little kid work for him, Stan–you know, even though he acted like a gruff jerk, was secretly happy to kinda have someone who looked up to him for once in his life, and Soos was happy to have someone who would listen to him and tell him what to do, some kind of father figure. And even though Stan is the worst possible father figure, his heart’s in the right place and Soos is somebody who only sees your heart. He sees the best in everyone.
—  Alex Hirsch, “Gravity Falls Revealed” panel at NYCC
The Mirror on the Wall

A/N: More TAU. It is too easy to play with multiple dimensions and alternate realities in this universe. Also freaking out little human Dipper with an alter demon self is a little too much fun.

Of all the wallspace covered by dials and lights and tiny dark screens, this was the only expanse hidden under a tarp. Soos prodded at it, decided it probably wouldn’t get him into any trouble, and pulled. The old material slid to the floor amid a rising cloud of dust, revealing –

“Hey, doods, check it out!”

“A mirror?” Wendy came over and peered at her reflection. “Weird.”

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((I can’t believe I drew a gem!Gold ref before a canon ref. Fun Fact: Gold actually started out as a gemsona, but since I found the fandom pretty toxic, I lost all interest in it and teleported him to my headworld. Joining the SU crit community kinda made me nostalgic though soo here we are. I tried to draw him in a way that looked like he could plausibly be from SU in design and style.))

This is Red Goldstone. He normally goes by Goldstone or just Gold. He’s a Yellow Diamond scout gem, who blends in with humans by hiding his gem under his hair (his ‘civilian’ ref is probably exactly the same as his canon outfit, but simpler). His weapon is based on a jian - a double bladed Chinese sword that is mainly for defense, and utilises techniques that uses the opponent’s force against them. 

I gotta say though, even though he’s technically Homeworld-aligned he’s more of a total neutral party. He’s not for or against the rebellion, and actually loves his assigned job but hates the constant change of moving from planet to planet. I imagine if he fought the Crystal Gems he’d probably give up halfway and be like “Yeah sure ok you win. I’m not gonna report you if you just lemme chill here for a bit.”

PS I accidentally drew this at a pretty small size, so it’s kinda blurry. Does anyone know how to enlarge images without noise and such? I tried Waifu2x but that… did not end well.

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Hey there Akui-chan!~ Speaking of outfits. Do you prefer the Sakamaki's HDB casual outfit or MB ones?

*sway head around in circles in thought*  ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Some I prefer their HDB and some I prefer their MB outfits. And for a few, I like both. Random images expressing my thoughts (;-◞౪◟-) //slapped. All are my personal, lighthearted opinions.

Ayato: Gotta go with the More Blood outfit. Though, I like his HDB outfit too.

Laito: His fedora looks out of place/doesn’t match with his More Blood outfit. HDB for him. PSST. The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time~


Reiji: I think his More Blood one is better. The black jacket looks so bad ass. I like both though.

Shu: More Blood in a heartbeat. I didn’t like the cut of that blue sweater shirt thing he wore.

Subaru: HDB. He looks good in red (it matches his eyes //shot).Seeing him in all black is kinda ehhh *shrugs*. And I don’t like the cut of the black shirt, it seems short.

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You just did Chansoo spam (it was lovely. I'm quite curious about one gif in which Kyungsoo fell on his knees and hugged Chanyeol. Do you have vid of it? ^^) Also, could you make Baeksoo spam? Of course, only if you have time and want to. ^^ ~Happy anon

Yes, I actually know where this is from!! (for once haha) The video is here - around the 2 min mark is where the Chansoo stuff happens ^^

Oh, Baeksoo. Really?? You wanna do this to yourself - I have a lot of Baeksoo things to share with you all. Strap yourselves in, kids.

First of all, Baeksoo is probably the most love/hate (but really love) EXO ship, right?

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Allen a.k.a Protagonist of TOLink. Wait, are you still doing that?

I guess that’s for the character ask? If so: Yeah, I’m still doing that ^-^

Here ya go~

  • First impression: That’s a good looking guy! Who is tha- Wait! Is that me?! I- I’m a guy? Woops. Better go change my name! But man, I like his design. He looks kinda cool.
  • Impression now: Even though he’s more or less the silent protagonist, I still really like him. He’s pretty badass actually. I just wish they would give him a name plate. Everyone has one! He’s the protagonist. He deserves one too! It bugged me soo much while playing as Zephyr.
  • Favorite moment: When he and Lippy give parts of their souls to save Sara’s life ‘cuz I really like Sara.
  • Idea for a story: Him and Lippy switching bodies :’D
  • Unpopular opinion: Liking him is probably the most unpopular opinion since most people just don’t like the “silent protagonist”.
  • Favorite relationship: With Zephyr and Sara. 
  • Favorite headcanon: It’s the same as Zephyr’s.

Send Me A Character

Well, y'see, my full first name’s Jesús.  That’s uh, Jesús…not Jesus, like the Bible guy.  And cause people kept messin’ up the pronunciation n’ stuff when it was written down…Well, I decided to like, make it shorter!

But dude, it, uh, kinda didn’t work.  Shortin’ it to “Sus”, it just sounded real weird havin’ a name that people would pronounce like “bus” or somethin’.  Or “cuss”.  Dude, I don’t cuss.  That was a rule my grandma made sure I knew, haha!  Oh, dude…

Anyway, sorry.  My brain gets pretty wandery n’ stuff.

Anyway, after that, I changed it again!  This time it was Soos–And, dude, it worked perfect!

Well, almost perfect.  Dude, don’t sweat it, you’re not the first person to think my name’s “Zeus”.  Heh, kinda funny though!  But it’s better than “bus” or “cuss” or whatever.  And who knows?  Maybe there’s a deeper meanin’ in it.  Abuelita always said I was special!!!

Yeah…but don’t worry, dude.  I get that like, tons.

…It’s tough to be a god.



hey hiii hello sooooo ive decided to make my 1d blog into my main blog,, so 

>>>>>> THIS IS MY NEW BLOG <<<<<<

im still @ niallsmyrockstaridol ++ same icon and stuff so that im easily recognizable!

and im sorry i know ive done this before and its a hassle etc etc but yeah…gotta do what i gotta dooo (~gotta moOOove~)

ALSO ALSO!!! ill kinda make it into a personal/1d blog??? sooo ill be reblogging some of my other interests as well like hp, comics and stuff and some other shows/artists i enjoy as well.. ill still mainly be a 1d blog though,so yeah. hopefully you’ll stick around?? idk??  obviously u dont have to but like,yea..would be nice..ok..yeah. thank u for reading this!! love u


Soo, a few days ago my family decided that they wouldn’t maintain me anymore. I kinda freaked out since I need money for basic things such as food. At this moment I’m kinda forced to open commissions though I meant to do that a few months ago.

Rules & Info:

⇒ I have the right not to agree to draw something that is uncomfortable for me.

⇒ The price of a drawing will depend on how complicated it is. Probably only in the case of drawing mechas or similar.

⇒ For simple animations like this one - 3$ charge

⇒ I am actually quite good at drawing animals, dragons, anthros and ponies. I do not draw only humans~

⇒ Simple backgrounds

⇒ You can contact me by tumblr or e - mail; vreingraphics@gmail.com

Paypal Only! E - mail: vreingraphics@gmail.com

Please buy my commissions or donate. Oh, I also have a redbubble store.

For more art examples click here.

Remember that if you cannot afford, a reblog would be a huge help too. Thank you in advance! It means so much to me ♥