i kinda like it though soo


villain au

i know the comic may be too soft for an edgy villain au, but i personally love soft tododekus in any au soo,,,

villain deku is just kinda like “"if i can’t have a quirk, then no one will”“” and he even created a serum to get rid of people’s quirks Permanently.

villain shouto has a hatred towards heroes because of endeavor and ran away with his big brother dabi. (i like the dabi todoroki theory) he grew out the left side of his hair to cover his face. (his blue eye reminds him of endeavor. his scar brings back bad memories)

shouto is pretty surprised when izuku helps him with his quirk. (even though izuku does actually Like him and care for him, he just knows he could use shouto as a bodyguard since he’s quirkless. and he’d like shouto to use his quirk to the fullest potential.)

and shouto is also surprised when izuku takes his mask off (he never takes it off) so that’s how he knows shits serious

Request: Shy!Kyungsoo (18+)

Can I request a kyungsoo smut where it’s your first time together and he is kinda shy about it at first and he’s not really making a move other than making out but u can tell what he wants to do. So u are kinda like please don’t choose now to be shy soo, (don’t gotta use those words though) eventually he gets not shy and u two get on with it.

Kyungsoo seemingly planned this night as he lights the final candle in his bedroom when you enter. His entire posture is tense, his eyes wider than they usually are as he notices your arrival. You knew you were early but you wanted to surprise him. It didn’t seem to be a good timing. 

“What are you doing?” You feign innocence as he moves closer to greet you with a warm kiss. He keeps quiet aside from his soft ‘hi’ and continues to kiss your lips gently. His parents were out of town for the weekend and this was the first time he invited you round to sleep over. You didn’t expect any less when he stopped your hand from trailing down. 

“I.. You know I’m not as muscular as the other guys but-” You gently shush him, shutting him up properly with a kiss as your hand continues down south. His advances are hesitant and shy, insecurities clearly showing. But he slowly relaxes and gets into it more as pleasure and lust overtakes both of your senses. 

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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Jared (briefly)

Words: 1376 (1181 without lyrics)

Summary: The reader is nervous about singing with Jensen at a Con, but he helps her relax. 

This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 4! I used both prompts, the gif featured below the cut (no, in the story it’s not in a laundromat. I’m sorry about that), and the quote “You’re supposed to talk me out of this.” It was super fun to write, so enjoy!!

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roadhog week day 4: maskless headcanon

well….it’s the last day of mermay and since i saw zero (0) merhogs this whole month i thought i’d take matters into my own hands. oh yeah and also he has a face (full view for best quality since tumblr hates me)

some long rambling about my hcs below the cut:

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Lookout (drama)

I seriously did not expect this drama to be this good. The drama is not centered on romantic kinda love or whatever, it’s actually an action kind of drama with corruption, revenge etc… But unlike other “action dramas” it doesn’t get boring like Man to Man (yeah it was not my cup of tea even though I love action movies/series). Indeed it’s really intense and stressful and this is what I’m looking for in a action drama. And Lee Si-young is sooooo badass, love it! This drama is definitely in my top 5!

Originally posted by anapher

Originally posted by anapher


Video title: Translates “SKAM” to Chinese 

OK, so I just saw this and had to post it, because it is completely ridiculous but also verrryy cute. Here is what they say summarised: 

  • Kai Joseph Xu studies Norwegian and is translating SKAM to Chinese
  • For some reason this lead to him getting to meet our prime minister, Erna Solberg???
  • He asks her if they can please watch SKAM in China! Cute!!
    • she replies that she heard the reason it was blocked was the music rights, but that they are working on it and next season will be open internationally
      • liar!! ( typical politician) 
  • He says that over 6 million chinese people have seen SKAM !!!
  • And that 120 million follow SKAM on Weibo?? Can this possibly be true though??!!
  • He thinks Sana’s season will be exciting and that she is very beautiful (samee!) 
  • And he says the hardest part is translating the slang, and when characters speak “Kebabnorsk”
    • “Kebabnorsk” = norwegian multi-ethnolect commonly used amongst immigrant youth/ children of immigrants (particularly in oslo)
      • (just pointing out that kebab-norsk is not a name that the speakers coined though? it more likely comes from those who criticise it as “bad language”, i think?)
    • he points out mahdi as a difficult character to translate.. soo. rip him translating the balloon squad, particularly elias haha! 

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I find it really endearing that the small gestures between kd are still the same. Yes we don't see them clinging to each other like they used to for obvious reasons but slight touches, looking out for each other, bottle sharing, and forever staring ji is still the same. They are just so precious T____T

I really value the small moments a lot! Cause sometimes, those are the ones that speaks the loudest. Especially when it comes to kaisoo :’) Honestly, they’re not the b t s couple for nothing! It’s all those little things that makes you realize that yeah.. those two have something really special together <3 

And even though you can kinda tell that they’ve toned down some when it comes to interactions (for obvious reasons, as you mentioned) they still ooze of affection for each other. Like Soo helping Nini when he was injured, or all those times when the members have teased Soo for smth, and Nini defended him. The loving glances when the other isn’t even doing anything, the water bottles they share, (and it’s usually always those two that share ;;;;;;) the mic holding, the general support that they give the other at all times!! T___T

They always seek each other other out, and go into their own bubble when together. The chemistry they have is very apparent, so tbh, I get sometimes why they keep getting seperated by ppl, cause they’re very obvious with their feelings, even when they try not to be :’) 

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but after the lion (and bayard) switch, Keith still has a sword (black) and Lance still has that shooting thingy - now red. But when they form voltron, the red bayard still produces a sword. Soo... where's the logic?

oh it doesn’t actually?? Keith is still the one going Form sword! :D and he does it with the black bayard. Voltron is still holding it with the red lion arm though cause…you know…would be kinda awkward for Voltron’s head to just like, hold it between its teeth or whatever. Similarly, when Hunk uses his upgrade, the canon thing appears on Voltron’s shoulder instead of on his leg lmao

That’s what I mean when I say Blazing Sword can only be done when Shiro and Keith are both paladins–paladin upgrades are entirely unique to the person and not the lion. So you won’t find two people who are able to replicate that combo again. 

Kdrama Rant

It’s fall and I’m finally at the point where I’m following a handful of dramas like clockwork again. Unfortunately, I’m still not as active as when Suspicious Partner was airing (that drama ruined me in all the right ways). So… feels like the right time for a drama rant.

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Save Me: I think the storyline and actors are great, but politics/religion/corruption are definitely topics that numb the excitement that should carry me from week to week while a drama airs. I ship Sang Mi and Dong Cheol like my life depends on it, but it feels kind of frivolous to do so while the drama explores heavy issues that are beyond the scope of your standard lighthearted rom com. Is it just me? I’m still gonna ship it tho, hah.

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Hospital Ship: Not really a fan of medical dramas in general, but decided to give this one a chance. I actually low-key enjoyed it… right up until the main leads started actively showing mutual interest in each other. I’m kinda sad about it because I like yeonha relationships (like hello, Witch’s Romance?). The acting is getting a little cringey for me though, so I might give up on it soon.

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Strongest Deliveryman: I do love this drama, I do, but *deep sigh*. It’s taken me 15 episodes to finally admit that the chemistry between Chae Soo Bin and Go Kyung Pyo is a bit lackluster. I held out for so long hoping it was just building, but here we are in the last week of airing and I’m looking around in disbelief. You could say it was balanced out by the second leads’ awesome chemistry, but would it have been too much to ask for Jin Gyu to start genuinely liking Ji Yoon back a little earlier? In any case, the four of them had a great dynamic and the gender role reversals were fun, so I’m happy with it overall. I’m ready to see what Go Kyung Pyo will do next and really look forward to Kim Sun Ho getting a lead role because he was the true gem of this drama.

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Temperature of Love: Holy hell, let me talk about this new little drama for a hot minute. I’m gonna take a stab and guess that most people watch kdramas for the chemistry between the main actors, I know I do. For me, it’s the keystone in my decision to continue watching or not because it’s hard to stay fresh in dramaland sometimes. If you have to recycle drama tropes then it’ll only be worth it if the chemistry is off the charts. And I have to say that Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong are totally killing it. They are chemiroyalty, gotdamn. In the preview special YSJ talked about how there’s something about SHJ that keeps him really focused while they’re acting together and wow does it really show. Is On Jung Sun and Lee Hyun Soo’s relationship in the drama moving fast? Yes. But it feels real. It’s fine if none of us believe in love at first sight in reality, but this drama gives us the chance to suspend our beliefs and take a peek at what it might be like as a realistic fantasy. And that’s precisely why I like it so much already. I’m just hoping the drama will continue to deliver. I’ve noticed lately that I keep getting disappointed about ¾ into a drama because it feels like so much more was supposed to happen before the wrap up arc. I think it might be a trend these days to have simpler stories though, so I’ll leave it at that. Temperature of Love, fighting! And that’s about it so… 

- Rant Over - 

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Hi Alex! I kinda agree with you. I really hope LWYMMD and RFI are like, the bad ones out of the bunch lmao. Not that I *hate* them but I was expecting SO much more, you feel me? Anyways, why do you think Taylor's not doing any promotion? Is she really done with the media or is this like, a strategy and she's got something up her sleeve? Does she just not give a flying fuck about sales anymore? It's weird that she's shutting out her fans though.. homegirl doesnt even write her own tweets anymore!

Yeah I personally like her acoustic stuff SOO much more than her electronic-y pop stuff… I was hoping after the positive reception of Riptide, she’d go for that type of music… Her voice and style just don’t fit this type of music so it ends up sounding super fake and monotone.. I agree too with the connection with her audience. I think she’s trying to go for the Beyoncé style of marketing where she just lets the music speak for itself, but it really just feels disingenuous. But I do understand that she may want to pull back from the “Taylor is my bff” thing a bit because that strategy would backfire really quickly if anything ever came out about her sexuality or really anything suggesting she had created any of her “persona”. But at the moment, she just comes off as a bit pretentious, which I don’t believe is what she is trying to do. But also, let’s not kid ourselves into believing that she ran her social media prior to this era… she is an A list celebrity, no one of her status runs their own social media without input of their PR company…

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some Soos and Melody MonsterFalls art/headcanons?

ok, although Soos and Melody are undeniably cute together (even as a golem and a harpy), I feel kinda neutral about their ship, so that’s about all I could thought of c: ClaySoos likes to amuse Melody with doing figures out of his hands and occasionally drops food or other stuff due to his sometimes uncontrollable body material. Melody finds it cute though ^^

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Oml your Glee AU Lance x reader was soo good oml 😣👏 I love stuff related to Glee you've blessed my eyes. May I request something like that with Damian Wayne? Thank you 💕💕💕

A/N: I love Damian and Glee so this is perfect! Also I made these into Hcs because I’m having a slight case of  writer’s block atm. (Damian and the reader are both 17!) Also these are kinda short but I wrote them up on the library computer so!!!!!!

Warnings: Glee References!

Request Something! Masterlist!

-Damian had gotten into trouble at school (What was new though)

- And the principal(Idk how private schools work)  knew that detention wouldn’t teach Damian anything, so instead told Damian that he must join an after school club

-The principal gave Damian a list of the clubs

- The was garden club, mathematics, academic decathlon, drama, and Glee

- Damian walked out of the main office, rushing to the front of the school where Alfred was waiting

- He walked by the choir room when he heard an angelic voice

-He peered into the classroom to see you, surrounded by a bunch of people, as you sang a song from a musical he had never heard of (Damian didn’t have time to watch musicals, not like he would want to anyways)

- You stopped singing and everyone started clapping, “ Go, (Y/N)! That was amazing”

- Damian quickly walked away before anyone realized he was standing there

- You better believe the boy went home and used the bat computer to look you up (there was something about you that made him go as far as breaking one of Bruce’s rules)

- Your name was (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), You’re in senior choir and advanced choir. You were apart of Glee and Drama club. You taught piano to the younger kids, and you held the spot for best Choir High school soloist three years in a row.

- Damian decided to join Glee Club

-He went into his first meeting with a scowl on his face

- It was tradition for each new member to sing a song with the captain (not only as an introduction but also to place you in a spot for your vocal range)

- Dick had given the advice to sing something from your favorite musical (to help woo you over)

- So Dami had decided to do something from (insert fav musical here)

- You and him sang surprisingly well together.

-You were S H O O K and developed an insta crush on him (I mean he sang your favorite song from your favorite musical! That was the way to your heart)

-He refused to sing duets with everyone except you (This mad the club made but Damian didn’t care)

- Fast forward to regionals

- Turns out your rival Glee team had stolen your set list!

- Quickly you were able to still sing because you had suggested a medley of songs everyone in Glee knew

-You ended up doing this ( listen here) l (It was a last minute option but everyone was fine with it)

- You did a kickass solo for somewhere over the rainbow

-Everyone was cheering when your group took home the trophy for winning regionals

-Damian was really proud of you and ended up kissing you out of shock over how well you handled that situation

-Damian, overtime learned to love Glee club and was glad he was forced to join

-Because he met you, his fantastic, beautiful, partner!

Damn two for one day, I am on a fucking roll aren’t I? But yeah I’ve been sitting on Wendy’s AU sheet for a while now, so I’m glad to finally finish it and I think it turned out pretty good! Wendy’s a lot of fun to draw so I’m happy that I was able to come up with how she’d look in each of the AUs, even if there was some challenges along the way. But anyway… 

1. UF Wendy
2. Reverse Wendy (Reverse/Diamond)
3. GR Wendy (Gravity Rises/Momswap)
4. Kid Wendy (Anti-Gravity/Permafusion)
5. Adult Wendy (Relativity/Gem Kids)
6. Swap Wendy (Swap AU)

So yeah, like I said I’m proud of these! I’m pretty sure GR Wendy is my favorite of the bunch (Goth Wendy is hotter than I expected), but kid Wendy is an absolute cutie too! Adult Wendy’s a strong af badass, while Swap Wendy is just as chill as usual, though I should probably explain my idea behind Reverse Wendy. So instead of being chill and laid back and a bit of a slacker like her UF counterpart, Reverse Wendy is an extreme A type personality. She’d be like the class president, most likely to succeed kinda teen, who’s much more future minded and puts a TON of pressure on herself to succeed. Basically put, she’s a workaholic and stressed like 100% of the time. Hence why she looks like a jr businesswoman. But yeah, so here you go! All the Wendys! I’ll either do one of these for Soos or for Greg next, idk we’ll have to see, but anyway… Enjoy!

Appreciation Post

Got7 throughout the Era’s:

Got It?:

If I have to completely honest here when GOT7 first came out I really didn’t want to like them because I was a really big 2pm fan and knowing that a group was coming out from JYP that was going to be another dance group I felt… threatened? OH and when I first saw them on WIN: Who Is Next I was like ehh because I was too into Team A and B for me to give my slightest attention to them… but… when they came out with Girls Girls Girls  I couldn’t deny how catchy the song was… at this point I still didn’t think anyone was really attractive or no one really stood out to me

Got Love:

I think this era caught me though.. When they came out with A I was like… this is actually really good… I think from this era my first bias was Youngjae.. this cutie really caught my eye.. haaha ALSO I LIKE YOU? LIKE THAT SONG GOT ME SO SHOOK 


Now when it came to this era I started really liking GOT7 and I guess this was my first comeback what I waited for and enjoyed fully. This song was really catchy as well but I don’t think I really looked into the album too much. At this point I was still getting more into them.. I wasn’t looking for them in my playlist but if they played I’d listen to them. They were that kind of group to me for the first few eras

Just Right:

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this era because I started liking more angsty songs and I didn’t like the cutesy boy group style.. BUT later on when I came back to this song…. wow… this song really and I mean REALLYYYY grew on me.. 


I think this was the era in which GOT7 really….. shook me… and… they… really…. wow… just… this era was literally…. SO… GOOOD….. Also I think this was the era in which I switched or actually… found a real bias in this group which is…. the… Gyeoms… Also I think this was the first time GOT7 won an award on a music show and oh my goodnesssssssss was I sooo proud of themmmmm (BUT MAN WAS THIS A GOOD ERA TO WIN…) 

Mad Winter Edition: 

I just wanted to add in this era even though it was still kinda part of the Mad album.. This was soo cute I swear to god these boys are soooooo extra and whatever they did in the Confession Song was LITERALLY THE CUTEST THING EVERRRR

Flight Log: Departure:

…. This… era… mess…. me… and… all… ahagse’s…. up…. this era GOT7 did the dramatized style of MV and… JINYOUNG…. WHAT???? whatever the story was, in the MV? WHY DID JINYOUNG LOOK SO GOOD? AND HIS ACTING??? LIKE ACTOR JINYOUNG? NO…. wait… I need to save that for his individual post… okay okay… but you guys… Fly this song? Was no iss so good.. and all of the boys and their acting? Wow… like what the heck you guys… 

Flight Log: Turbulence: 

You guys… the Turbulence album…. all they boys took part in writing or producing songs and… when I mean everyone I literally mean everyone and I am soooo proud of them like sooo proud of them.. Also this choreo?? these boys work so hard and I am so incredibly proud of them.. I love these boys with all my heart and ughhhh I can’t they are all so amazinggggg…. OH AND GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE FAN MEET CANADA??? I swear you guys they are all so handsome in person… I was honored to see Hard Carry performed live as well as Let Me other songs from their Turbulence and previous albums but they are so amazingly talented… I say this about every group that I love but they really put their all into what they do and all they want to go is to please their ahgase’s and they also have been through so much the past few years and even this year???? AND ITS ONLY BEEN A MONTH INTO THE NEW YEAR…. I really am so proud of them and all I want to do it protect them…. I am really excited for what they will do next and to see they grow as individuals and as a group

(Credit to gif makers) 


It’s svtfoeweek! >>Day 4<< Saddest Moments

Mewberty and Destroying the Wand

“Goodbye, Star.”

This is an extremely happy and upbeat show (so far), so there’s not much sad moments to find.

suspicious partner ep 27-36 | kdrama rants

o boi well wasn’t that a big binge watch wITH SO MANY EMOTIONS AND CHANGES LIKE WHEW like that went from being refreshed by them finally dating to shit’s hitting the fan rEAL FAST like eun bong hee waking up from her nap and catching ji wook staring is literally me binge watching those episodes like

appreciation for this moment that was so incredibly awkward and rushed but still cute nonetheless before shit happened: 

like here a quick summary of all the shit that’s gone down

- ji wook and bong hee declaring they’re dating (along with bong hee realising that she’s doomed considering her relationships with both of ji wook’s parents), going on their first real date, sleeping together, sleeping together, being cute, breaking up bc of family history drama, being sad, being all awkward, and heading back on the path to being cute in time for the last week of suspicious partner which i’m not ready for this drama to end at all someone save me

- ji wook and bong hee realising the connection between their fathers, ji wook thinking that bong hee’s father killed his parents, only for the memories of the district attorney pullin his shit to return and to realise the real role her father played in saving him like wheeew what a jOURNEY

- eun hyuk and yoo jung’s relationship progressing with eun hyuk showing how he really feels about her a bit only to lowkey highkey lead on ji hye and friendzone himself (lmao rip eun hyuk but im actually hoping for this to work out and for yoo jung to somehow become less pitiful and more friendship !! with the rest of the characters cause she’s hella lonely and makes me kinda sad cause she’d be such a great addition to the gang)

- jung hyun soo waking up n scaring the shit outta bong hee, having amnesia, regaining his memory, stabbing ji wook and getting jailed with really hot af hair though i must admit

- bong hee and ji hye are kind of friends !!

- ji wook is now a prosecutor again just in time to prosecute jung hyun soo’s ass like heck yes 

- bong hee calling out the district attorney on all the shit he’s pulled AND refusing his apology when he realises all the mistakes he made with accusing bong hee for being a murderer like hell yes u go girl yoU TELL THAT BITCH TO sIT DOWN 

- the introduction of ji wook and bong hee’s future child through a murder case like aw isn’t he adorable (aNd iM LAUGHING AT JI WOOK’S APPROACH TO HAVING A CHILD BEFORE TO HIM BEING AN AMAZING FATHER BC OF HIS ABILITY TO RELATE TO THE CHILD LIKE AWWEE)

and i can’t do this rant without appreciating ji wook’s adorable aegyo

ngl kinda annoyed that it took them until like episode 30 for the whole “a murderer has amnesia” part of the synopsis to actually be introduced, and for the “who keeps trying to kill noh ji wook and eun bong hee” part to be played out for like an episode (or barely played out at all, since he doesn’t directly go for them more than once)

and also, now that ji wook is a prosecutor, does that mean he’ll still be working under that asshole district attorney cause like i hope they get rID OF TRASH LIKE HIM THX and then what does this mean for the law firm? does this mean eun hyuk would be taking over or something cause then they’d probably have to relocate or something idk but aNYWAY AFTER THAT WHIRLWIND OF EMOTIONS IM SO READY FOR JI WOOK AND BONG HEE TO FINALLY BE CUTE AGAIN YAAY

aaand gotta finish it off with eun hyuk’s pouty face cause honestly me at the fact that this week will be the final episode of suspicious partner and also ji chang wook’s last drama until after he’s finished his military service like aw ):

gif credit: addicting kdrama (1, 2shadowoftheforce, anthenamini22 and  r-a-n-x-i-e

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Hi, soo me and my gf have been dating for abt two months and i rly like her a lot. Recently though she hasn't been responding to me whenever i try to make conversations and she doesn't text first anymore, but she'll be posting on social media and other stuff. We used to talk all of the time and now she's kinda stopped. idk what to do :(

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, communication is the most important part of any successful relationship. If you are feeling insecure and unsure of how your girlfriend is feeling about you, talk to her! Tell her you feel like you aren’t really talking and it has you worried, she may not even realize it’s having an effect on the two of you. Sometimes after relationships have been established, some people are less likely to constantly contact their significant other because they’ve already established a comfortable relationship. Just because you aren’t constantly talking doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t working or falling apart, but you really should talk with her and tell her how you’re feeling. Certainly nothing will change if you don’t communicate with her. 

-Mom Em

post aai2 sebastian thoughts

ok so this is rlly rushed but heres my VERY UNFINISHED post aai2 sebastian design….and below are several paragraphss detailing Literally Every Thought That Went Into It 

i wanted to do a  stereotypical orchestra conductors outfit to match his baton obviosuly. also uhh i see a lot of older seb designs where hes wearing all red and/or has long hair ???/but i wanted to avoid…both of those things…bc that just makes him look like a smaller blaise. i DO think hed wear red though (definitely bc of edgeworth) but i think having him Not wearing the red jacket shows him like Developing and moving on past that kind of superficial display of achievement (plus youd think thered be some bad memories associated with it, lol). thats also why the rest of his outfit is mostly black, bc thats less flashy and more professional. plus a red shirt/black jacket is kind of an inversion of blaises outfit (black shirt/red jacket) so thats like symbolic or something

also seb is wearing a cravat in almost every older design ive seen which is cute but i Dont think hed do that, at least not for long. after aai2 hed certainly be looking to edgeworth A Lot for guidance but considering his entire character arc revolves around him becoming His Own Person instead of just copying the people he looks up to  i rly dont think hed end up copying edgeworth to that extent. like i said though i think hed certainly copy his mentor in Some ways soo i kept the bow tie and undershirt white and Fancy so that way its still reminiscent of the cravat kinda 

as far as him wearing his badge goes im not sure if im gonna keep it the way it is. idk if its canon that he retakes the bar exam after aai2, bt thats my headcanon so, i have him wearing it  as a reminder to Himself of his ability (rather than to anyone else, bc again, No more superficial displays of achievement!)  i think i might have him wear it as a cuff link or smth instead of on his lapel bc that way its more visible to him than it is to anyone else 

ANYWAY sorry for clogging up ur dashes with this nonsense i just have a lot of feeligns about this and i dont think anyone else in the world gets as worked up abt this kind of thing as i do but yea……..enjoy this content,

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Cookie-chan, this recent 暁のヨナ arc feels like it's the first time Yona has really opposed Suwon. Before, she was kinda working with him (with all the complex emotions between them and all, and sometimes unknowingly). What do you think of this?

Hello Anon!

I agree with what you’re saying. Though Su-Won and Yona haven’t been on friendly terms, they have always been on the same side of the conflicts they’ve seen themselves involved in — in Awa, they stood against the Kai Empire’s human trafficking; during the Fire Tribe rebellion​, they fought against Kan Soo-Jin; during the Water Tribe arc, they joined hands to stop the nadai problem; and in Sei, they fought against Kushibi and the kidnapping of Kouka citizens.

This IS the first time Yona and Su-Won are on different sides of a conflict. Notice, too, that it’s the first time the problem isn’t something that harms Kouka. Though war is about to break out, Mizari has left pretty clear that Xing’s makeshift soldiers are so weak that they don’t even pose a threat to Kouka’s army. Yona is fighting to protect people that aren’t her own, which is what I think really sets this arc apart from all others, and probably the most important difference between her and Su-Won.

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Hi! This is not goblin related but Gong Yoo related! sorry!! but I would like to ask if you've watched coffee prince and what's your thought about it? I've seen a review on @gladgladysgongg on instagram and I'm asking if you have the same opinion? What do you think?

Ohh, my thoughts on Coffee Prince vs. Goblin… Gahh.. that’s a hard comparison for me lmao… xD (I love both dramas)

Originally posted by curlykpopfan

For Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo’s portrayal of his character Choi Han-kyul is FLAWLESS. A rich heir who learned the meaning of true love and worked hard for his goals/dreams despite being from a well-off family. Coffee Prince tackles many aspects of social norms and issues that are heavily important topics of today being a drama filmed 10 years ago!!! The part that captured me the most was how Gong Yoo was able to express Han-kyul’s emotions of betrayal and hurt when he found out the truth of Eun-chan’s real identity; but the most beautiful part was how he accepted her for who she was and he told her that he would love her regardless of what she is… who she is. T.T 

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Now for Goblin, Gong Yoo’s portrayal of his character Kim Shin is PERFECT. A 939 yo god who only sought his death and didn’t know the first thing about receiving/giving love, only to learn the true joy and meaning of life when he first fell in love with his bride… and remember he continued to love her even when she couldn’t pull the sword the first place. Once again, Goblin tackles many aspects of social norms and issues that are discussed today. Gong Yoo was able to express Shin’s pure and unyielding love for Eun-Tak despite their “age difference” and him being an immortal; but the most beautiful part was how he accepted his immortal fate in order to be with her again, even though he knows he will continue to suffer from her death. T.T

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So final verdict? Coffee Prince is maybe a little more realistic (even though he’s a hella rich chaebol >.>), but I like Goblin a little more because of the intricate storyline and the meaning behind Shin and Eun-Tak’s relationship. Despite my thirsty fangirl side, I’ve never seen such a pure and innocent love as the one between Shin and Eun-Tak ever in a k-drama. A perfect depiction of what first love encompasses. A love that made my heart hurt when they were in pain. A love that made my heart burst with joy when they were happy together. A love that made me feel loved when they found each other again. Gong Yoo’s kisses were so gentlemanly just like Shin is supposed to be… not aggressive or controlling. I just feel that Gong Yoo put his heart and soul into giving us his depiction of the lonely and shining goblin - from all of his subtle looks to every action, you could feel how Shin felt about Eun-Tak, GR/Wang Yeo, Sunny, DH, Grandpa, his soldier friend, Samshin, God, and just everyone he interacted with. His expressions, his voice, and his actions are more polished from his younger acting days. I feel that he perfected his role with the help from his experience from Coffee Prince because Han-kyul and Shin are actually similar. They both love their special person regardless of who they are and what they are. 

Now the one thing that Coffee Prince definitely wins over Goblin… must I say it??? lmao… Gong Yoo’s special skills were fully used in Coffee Prince, while I’m literally sitting here screaming in frustration that Shin and Eun-Tak didn’t have enough steamy moments. But just look at these beauties… My eyes have been blessed lmao… I kinda like the Shintak kiss better though cause it’s just so sweet how they’re looking into each other’s eyes while smiling and gently kissing each other (it feels very touching and nice to look at while giving you the giggly feels)… T.T While the Coffee Prince kiss is just soo damn hot with all the cuddling and passion, lol (but I love it too). Regardless which ever is your favorite or you haven’t seen them, I recommend to watch both because they both equally have their strong aspects and have a beautiful story to tell. Perhaps I’d recommend to watch Coffee Prince first before Goblin if you haven’t seen it so you can see how Gong Yoo’s acting has polished from 10 years ago. 

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