i kinda like it tbh

like….. I feel kinda shitty for saying this bc the fandom has been amazing. but a lot of yall want an unknown route and to me he just seems not emotionally mature enough for that. unless they make a route where the mc goes “dark” and joins the hacker but even then that’d be under seriously sketchy circumstances and based on the game settings it just wouldnt happen because of the secret route. unless under even more sketchy circumstances. but anyways I feel that any unknown route would just be skeevy and/or unhealthy in dependence

I tried to avoid spoilers for those that havent got that far. but if youve read the secret routes I hope you can see my point

But you're my flame

Maybe I wish I could die
Maybe I am dead
And he said…
For the lives that I fake
I’m going to hell
For the vows that I break
I’m going to hell