i kinda like his accent

Dark’s voice in fanfiction: “His voice deep and gravelly, yet sophisticated and enthralling, luring people in like a deadly siren, etc.”

 Anti’s voice in fanfiction: “w͠h̢at t͘e͜ f҉ook d̶o y̢e ҉wa̵nt t̴h̶is̕ ̛ty͞me ͘ya͢ ̵ars̵e͜ piec̵e͟ of shi̸te̵? foo҉kin͡'͞ ͞c͟irc͞l̡e̢ş ̀i͠ tel̸l ya͞,̷ ̡jeasu͝s͝ ͘chri̢st͏🔪🔪🍀”

re: turning u all into jjseung shippers; have some half-baked fic that was supposed to go up during jjseung week except i never finished it 


“This is a terrible idea. Let’s stop,” Seung-Gil says right when the camera shutter goes off.

JJ groans and drops the arm that had been thrown around his shoulders. “We’ve already got everything laid out.” He frowns because he’s mildly upset, which he has every right to be, because it was actually him who had set everything up and if Seung-Gil backs out now right at the literal last second, he’s going to lose his mind.

“It’s just,” Seung-Gil wrinkles his nose. “It’s a bit much.”

JJ stares at him, paper crown on his forehead and a sash slung across his body with the words KING JJ written on it. “I don’t know what you mean.”

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