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boy i dont even watch steven universe but some days ago one of my mutuals said they made a su rant account and like???? i didnt know the show took like.... this kinda path.... like i had noticed things were turning strange (esp with lapis tbh) but i didnt know it got. that shitty

siiiiigh, yeah, it’s been pretty rough. it’s honestly pretty disheartening seeing how low this show has sunk. i remember when su used to be my favorite animated show. but now i mostly watch just because i always want to stick with a show to the end and i’m hoping by some miracle the show will get better. but i’m not too optimistic about that.

- mod b

Got7 Reaction ~ You have an Idol Brother

A/N: So I found out that I have a tiny bit of narcolepsy which sucks so I’m trying to get as much posted today as I can.

These kinda might sound like the BIGBANG ones rip, hope you like them though. I got carried away with JB’s, is that chill or not fam?

Request:  Got7 finding out u hv am idol bro


When you were asked to bring Yugyeom to a family gathering, he didn’t hesitate to agree and was all in for it. Just as it reached the day he was meeting your family you all sat around the table and he noticed there was an empty chair directly in front of him.

Yugyeom asked who still had to arrive, hinting towards the free space. You told him simply it was for your brother but it hit you that you didn’t mention who your brother was. Just on que, your brother Do Kyungsoo walked straight into the dining area excusing himself for being late; giving your boyfriend the shock of his life.


You were hanging out with your brother, Park Bo Gum, (for those who don’t know him he’s adorable check him out) who had the day off from his busy schedule. Mark and yourself had agreed to meet after he finished practice and that’s when you and Bo Gum had thought it was about time for the two to meet.

Texting Mark in advance that you were bringing your brother along, he was fine with it. To say that Mark almost passed out from utter shock when he came out from the dance studio is an understatement.


Jaebum and yourself were staying at your parents house for the weekend, seeing as you both had no work and your family was deciding to hold a small barbecue get together for you and your brother Jiyong who had just finished touring with your groups.

Both you and JB were tired from the travelling and decided to head up to your old bedroom to sleep for a while. As usual Jaebum’s dirty sleeping habits kicked in and his hand seemed to find its way up the back of your shirt and his lips a little away from your neck; next thing you both knew, a bucket of water was being poured over the both of you while your angry looking brother stood over you and Jaebum. 

All the both of you could remember after that was having ‘the talk’ with the whole of BIGBANG.


You settled yourself on your couch and tuned into ASC as you usually would, especially as today your boyfriend Jackson was MC-ing with Mark for the Markson show again.

Everything was going smooth and you laughed along to the playful banter being thrown about by Jackson and your brother, Eric until things took a turn and Eric let something slip that you hadn’t yet had the chance to tell Jackson. You shrank into the sofa cushions as you heard Jackson shout “You’re her brother?! But you’re annoying!


One night when Youngjae had decided to stay over your apartment for a while neither of you had realized that things would get so heated between you both until there was a loud cough coming not so far from the sofa making you both jump in surprise and cover yourselves.

Your brother Youngbae looked at you both with a stone cold, stern look and glanced at Youngjae for an explanation who was a stuttering mess asking what was going on.

What’s going on is, Why were you touching my younger sister like that?


When you told BamBam you couldn’t hang out until later in the evening he was pretty down about it so he just sulked around the Got7 dorms continuously drinking masses of coffee until you called him. Your boyfriend decided to plop himself on the couch and scroll through instagram when he saw his feed spammed with you and no other than Moon Taeil of NCT.

To say that Bam was jealous was an understatement, he rang you up straight away and pulled on his best ‘I’m just pretending that I don’t know you’re not with another guy atm’ act. When you picked up, he asked what you were doing and could hear Taeil and a few other guys talking in the background. You told your boyfriend that you were just hanging out with your brother Taeil and the rest of NCT, adding that you would be at the got7 dorms soon.

The phone soon slipped out from BamBam’s phone and onto his lap, making him freak the fuck out.


You and Jinyoung had been dating for a few months and you’d been talking to your brother Jooheon about him non stop; knowing that Got7 was close with Monsta X you had thought it would be good to organize a get together for both groups so you could introduce Jinyoung to Jooheon as your boyfriend and not just one of his close friends that he’s been constantly keeping an eye on.

When the day come and you were all chilling in the Got7 dorms, Jinyoung noticed that Jooheon was being extra possessive of you which started to make him boil with jealousy a bit so he pulled your big brother aside and asked if he was flirting with you intentionally and if he was could he back off.

Jooheon just laughed and tapped Jinyoung on the shoulder and explained that you were his little sister and he’s just wary of any boys that you date.

Inktober 10.3.16

I’ve been rewatching Cardcaptor Sakura in the background lately while I draw - so much childhood nostalgia!! I keep thinking through each episode that Tomoyo is an absolute angel…

BTS reaction: their s/o not moving when they sleep

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He wouldn’t think too much of it. He might find it a bit odd at first, but he would probably kinda appreciate it. Like, it’ll help him get a good night’s sleep since you moving won’t be disturbing him, and if he’s at your place, then he would also get a break from the boys.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He definitely likes it. He needs whatever rest he can get, and personally I think he’s a kinda light sleeper. So if you were one to move around a lot, you would probably interrupt his sleep. But if you’re completely still, then that won’t be a problem.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

This depends. He wouldn’t notice at night, because he’s asleep. But if you took a nap and he saw you, he would first be like “oh, they’re asleep.” and leave the room. But if he checked on you again and you hadn’t moved, then he’d probably find it weird. He wouldn’t really be worried, but he’d think it’s strange.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

It’s a bit odd, but he doesn’t think much of it. He knows that everyone’s got different sleeping habits. And if Tae can kick around a lot and order people around, then what’s stopping other people from being completely still. But he’d definitely take stillness over getting kicked any day.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’d be slightly worried the first few times. Like, he’d walk in on you taking a nap, and if you haven’t moved when he checks in on you later, he’d have to check that you’re breathing just to make sure that you really are just sleeping. He’d get more used to it with time, though.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He won’t judge, okay. Like, he might thin the thought “well, that’s kinda weird.” but he would catch himself doing that and stop it, because he is well aware that you can’t help it, and he isn’t the most “normal” person while sleeping, either. But he’d probably kinda worry that he wakes you up a lot when he moves.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

So, like with Hobi, he wouldn’t notice while he’s asleep himself, because God knows he’s a heavy sleeper. But if he noticed during daytime, he’d be slightly worried, like Jimin. He’d feel the need to just do a quick check. And he’d keep feeling that need, because what if this time is the one time when you’re not just asleep? So, unlike Jimin, he’d keep on doing quick checks whenever he found you sleeping.

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The House In the Suburbs

This is a Hotch x reader requested by an awesome anon where Hotch kept his relationship with you a secret from the team because he wanted to see where it went then about a year or two later, hotch, jack, and you, are moving into a house in the suburbs and when Hotch is submitting the change in address to update his file Garcia notices and notifies the rest of the team, leading Hotch to confess the relationship and invite the team over for a barbecue to meet you. This one ended up being kinda long, but I actually really like it and I hope you guys do, too! Please enjoy! :)

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“Why do you refuse to tell them about our relationship, Hotch?” You barked, “I know that they’re like family to you!”

“Y/n,” Your boyfriend warned you, his voice low. He could feel the heated argument hurtling toward him, like an eager grenade clip barely hanging on.

You took a deep breath, steadying your heart rate for a moment, “Do you not think we’re going to last? Is that it?” You were hurt and confused, red in the face, doing all that you could to control your rampant anger at your boyfriend.

“I don’t think that at all,” Hotch took a number of large steps toward you. You could tell he was tempted to wrap his arms around your shoulders, but the anger still emanating from you warned him to do otherwise, “Y/n, I really like us. And that’s it right there. I don’t want us to be us and six other people- just us,”

You thought for a moment and Hotch could physically see you softening at his words. He laughed a little under his breath, “Us and Jack of course if that’s alright,”

“Are you kidding!” You couldn’t hide your smile anymore as your anger evaporated, “Jack is literally the best kid in the world!”

“Well,” Hotch chuckled, finally allowing his palms to settle around you, “Then I don’t see a problem here,” And with that, he pressed a kiss to your lips, the argument from mere moments before completely vanished from all mediums around.

“Hotch, babe, do you know if I have any more pairs of socks here?” You called from your boyfriend’s bedroom. It had been over a year since the long-ago fight.

He boyfriend stepped out of the bathroom, still-foamy toothbrush stuck into his palm like a wand, “What?” Hotch thought aloud, “I don’t think so,”

You groaned loudly, “It’s so difficult to have stuff in two different houses! I never know what I have at one and not at the other,” You resigned to stealing one of Hotch’s warm pairs of socks that were three times too big for your feet but would make do.

“Well, why don’t we just get a house together?” Hotch shrugged as if the suggestion was the most natural, easy thing to say in the entire world.

“What did you just say?” You looked up at Hotch in shock, eyes wide in surprise, only one sock slipped loosely onto your feet. His notion was flooded with such excited, crazy spotaneity, it threw you off your feet.

“Let’s sell our places and find one for just us,” Hotch was smirking, enjoying the thought of his own idea. It was rather romantic of him, so spontaneous yet so earnest and meditated.

You were frozen, still in shock. How could such a life-changing idea be uttered with such impossible nonchalance? Hotch was getting uneasy at your lack of response, but within another moment, your face burst into a gargantuan smile. Leaping off the bed, ignoring the cold feeling of the hard wood slapping the bottom of your sock-less foot, you wrapped your arms around Hotch, pressing your lips to his in another fateful kiss. When you pulled away, you were smiling like the Chesire cat.

“What do you say we start house hunting?” Hotch laughed

“I’ll go get my laptop!” You squealed in excitement, jutting out of the room like a train on fire. Hotch’s laughter at your enthusiasm drifted into the hallway. You could hear him finally putting his toothbrush away as you returned.

“Garcia?” Hotch knocked on the technical analyst’s door, pulling it open and entering, “Do you have access to my personal file? I need to update it,”

“Of course, boss man,” Garcia smiled, hot pink lipstick pulling apart to reveal an ivory set of sunshine. She turned to her computer, typing away momentarily before the printer in the corner of her office spurred to life, coughing up his personal file, “Make the changes on that paper then send it to HR, sir,”

“Thanks, Garcia,” Hotch said, marking the paper against her desk.

“Sir, do you mind if I ask you what exactly you’re changing?”

“My address.”

“I didn’t know you were moving!” Garcia cheered, “How exciting! Is Jack thrilled about the whole thing?” She twirled a dancing purple pen between her fingers, feeling the soft ball of fluff perched on the end brush softly against her fingertips.

“Oh yeah, Jack is ecstatic about the whole thing. Of course he’s hesitant about having a woman in the house again,” Hotch answered distractedly, focused on writing the correct words and numbers on the paper.

Hotch didn’t notice the way Garcia’s jaw completely dropped all the way to the floor, revealing a cavern of awe between the fuschia paint of her lips. She had to shake herself out of her astonished trance. Hotch hadn’t even noticed.

“Hold up, please,” Garcia stopped him from writing any farther, leaning forward and snatching the pen right out of Hotch’s hand.

“Garcia! What are you doing?”

“What woman are you moving in with?” The vibrant blonde questioned. When it came to the personal lives of her friends, Garcia’s interrogation skills rivaled that of the BAU’s. The technical analyst’s bright orange floral sweater combated the stern line that consumed her now-unsmiling lips, a curious eyebrow raised.

Hotch backtracked in his mind, flushing white, “My girlfriend,” He answered, accepting his route of no escape from his allied cohort, “We’ve been keeping the relationship to ourselves for awhile. Less pressure and all that. Please, don’t tell the rest of the team, Garcia,” Hotch practically begged.

She leapt from her seat, “Oh no, oh no, oh no,” Garcia shook her head, rising to Hotch’s height with the aid of her much-too-high heels, “Hotch, you know me, there’s no way I can keep a secret like this!”

“Can you at least try?” Hotch pleaded with her, “I don’t think we’re ready to have the rest of the team know about our relationship yet,”

“I’ll try,” Penelope emphasized the pivotal word, drawing it out so that he would remember that she had used it, “But I can’t make any promises. You know how antsy I get when people tell me secrets!”

Okay, so maybe Hotch really shouldn’t trust Garcia with secrets. Nobody should. It took one single day for Garcia to spill the news about Hotch’s secret to the rest of the team. 

“Hotch, I’m so sorry,” Garcia rushed into his office nearly out of breath. She panted the words without context.


“Forgive me?” The technical analyst cringed at her own words. She still hadn’t confirmed why exactly she was apologizing to her boss. But she didn’t need to because a mere moment later, in walked the exact reason itself. The team.

“So, Aaron,” David smirked, leaning nonchalantly against a bookcase, “We hear you have a girlfriend,”

“Yeah, when can we meet her?” Emily added, getting straight to the point

They were all smirking. Why did they have to be smirking?!

Garcia looked like a puppy that had been kicked. There was no way he wasn’t going to forgive her, but still he couldn’t help but feel helpless as his mind grappled for an answer. Hotch finally opted for an easy sigh, looking wordlessly up at them.

“Oh, come on Hotch! You have to let us meet her!” JJ pleaded. Spencer chimed in in agreement a moment later. Even Spencer was desperate to meet their his girlfriend. There was no way he could keep this contained anymore. No way. All hope was lost. Abort mission.

Hotch sighed again, “Alright, why don’t you guys come over to our new place on Sunday? We’ll have a barbecue and you guys can meet her. JJ, you can bring the kids,”

“There ya’ go,” Morgan smiled, patting his boss on the back, “Now was that so hard?” He laughed.

The agents all filed out in one globular mess of a mob, like a clique of raucous rabbits. Garcia stayed behind, wringing the rows of rainbow bracelets climbing up her arms.

“Sir?” She asked hesitantly, “I’m sorry for telling them. I know how much you wanted to keep it a secret. I’ll make it up to you. I’ll tell you one of secrets then you can tell them! No, I’ll babysit Jack for a whole day! Actually, I’ve been told I’m not very good at babysitting… How about I-”

Hotch caught her off with a laugh and a wave of his hand, “It’s fine, Garcia. Really. It was only a matter of time until you guys found out anyway. If you want to do something to make it up to me, then you can show up at the barbecue on Sunday, how does that sound?”

Garcia’s lips exploded once again, “I’m very excited to meet her, sir,”

And with that, Garcia scurried out of the unit chief’s office without another word.

The barbecue. The day had finally arrived and the freshly painted house buried deep in the suburbs was buzzing with palpable excitement. Jack couldn’t wait for all of his favorite people to visit, overjoyed to see Uncle Spencer and Uncle Dave and Henry once again. The adults on the other hand (you especially) were incredibly nervous. 

All morning you were fidgety and anxious, wracked with never ending nerves. Hotch did what he could to comfort you, reassure you that these people were going to adore you, but you could tell that deep, deep down, he was just a little nervous, too.

The sound of the doorbell startled you to attention, and you anxiously followed your boyfriend to the door. As the door swung open, you were met with the sight of a bustling group of seven adults, two bustling kids that must have belonged to JJ trailing behind with laughs mounting jubilantly across their faces before they disappeared into the backyard in search of Jack.

Introductions were made and it became fretfully obvious that these people were nothing if not welcoming, if not friendly. Especially Garcia. Instead of a polite hand shake, the enthusiastic woman opted for an energetic hug, wrapping her arms around you in exuberant welcome.

“I’m Penelope, it is so nice to meet you,” The vibrantly robed woman gushed

“Oh, you, too, Penelope,” You smiled back warmly, rapidly feeling more and more comfortable in the presence of your boyfriend’s team.

“What do you say we take this outside?” Hotch suggestion, his arm wrapped naturally around your waist after several minutes of casual small talk.

Laughs and smiles filled the warm afternoon under the smiling golden sun. The kids laughed and played while the adults had their own fun, chit chatting easily the entire afternoon, seizing their rare opportunity for a stress-less day without work.

Garcia and Hotch barely left your side. Garcia, eager to learn all about you and seemingly become best of friends, and Hotch simply never wanting to leave your side. The food was delicious, a scrumptious summer treat on tired tongues fatigued from laughter, yet another embellishment of the increasingly delightful day.

As the food sitting on dinner plates began to disappear, Jack tried to capture your attention, waving his hands in the air from a couple seats down the table. After a moment of zero acknowledgement, Jack said rather loudly across the table, “Mom!”

And just like that, you felt everybody freeze around you, Hotch’s muscles tensed up as if the muscles themselves were additional bones. Garcia’s sharp intake of breath on your other side was painfully audible. You knew about what had happened to Jack’s mother, what had happened to Hotch’s ex-wife. It was awful, a trauma that would forever change Hotch and his son and everybody around them in so many infinite ways. The name that Jack called you could have scared you, could have changed everything, but it was Jack for Pete’s sake, so you turned to him with a muted smile, eyes soft, “Yeah, Jack?”

You slowly felt everybody around you let out a breath. Hotch’s arm tightened around your waist in a different way this time. He pressed a kiss to your cheek, “Thank you,” He whispered subtly to you as chatter resumed. And once again, all was good.

After awhile, Hotch filtered away to work at the grill to finish cooking off the last of the patties simultaneously chatting with Dave, matching beers in hand. You, Garcia, and Spencer, had ventured into the grassy abyss of the delightful backyard to join the boys in their game, running wildly and falling about in the dewy wonderland of afternoon joy.

“I like this one, Aaron,” Rossi commented, watching as you tumbled to the ground with Jack, Garcia plunging down along with the two of you moments later, “Would’ve liked to meet her earlier but…. she’s still a keeper,”

Hotch couldn’t hid the smile that reached his lips even as he brought his drink up to his mouth, “Yeah,” He said happily, watching you from the homely backyard the two of you now shared together, “I know,”

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was there a special reason behind 'SHNee' because i see that you changed it into SHINee haha. just curious feel free to ignore. I love your works soooo much btw :')

(thank you so much ;;;;;;) no there’s no special reason what so ever ;;; that was just me being blind for about 2 months and not realizing i’ve left the I missing ;;;; that’s until the lovely mia brought my attention to it ;;;

Soul Bound (Hamilton x Laurens)

Words: 500+

Warnings: small sadness

Prompt:  Colorblind soulmate au with lafayette x reader where reader is a nurse in the revolution and the first color she notices is laffs blood when he gets injured 😨 (pls don’t kill him tho I’ll cry forever) or alternatively colorblind Ham x Laurens where Hams already met Eliza but they’re not soulmates but he loves her anyway and then he meets John and sees color and they’re both kinda like “well fuck” 😓 (I kinda like #2 better but either one you prefer if you do one) 😘

A/N: had to stay up all night doing this yall, hope you like it  After writing this, I realized something: how would Alexander know what brown, what red, what names to go to what colors. Then I was like, eh, it’s a fic. Everything is made up in a fic.

Hamilton wasn’t the type of person that believed in soulmates. Yes, there was some evidence of people seeing in color, but how did he know it was true? How did he know that what everyone said wasn’t just a lie? Sure, it happens to millions of people around the globe, but millions of people died without finding their “soulmate”.

His live was black, white, and every other shade of grey. But when he met Eliza, his world changed. He thought he found his soulmate, the love of his life. But the colors, the thing everyone was talking about, did not appear.

Neither did it for Eliza.

“it’s just not a thing, Eliza. We are meant to be together, and this color thing isn’t going to change how I feel about you.” Hamilton explained to a teary-eyed Eliza. She nodded slowly, and Hamilton kissed her tears away. “Let’s go and get that hot chocolate now.”

His friends didn’t say anything bad about their relationship, but they didn’t say anything good either. Lafayette and Mulligan were soulmates themselves, knowing how it was to finally see color. They stayed quiet about Eliza. But they gave the two looks whenever they saw Hamilton holding her hand, or kissing her lips.

“Are you sure about this, mon ami? What if you do find your soulmate?” Lafayette said to him one day. Hamilton slammed his coffee mug on the table, glaring at him. Lafayette jumped, and Mulligan touched his hand affectionately.

“Laf, I told you; I don’t believe that you have to see color when you find your soulmate. Eliza is the love of my life, and there’s nothing or no one who’s going to change that. Alright?” He finished.

Oui.” Lafayette whispered.

And that’s how it just was. Hamilton and Lafayette were together for a month, sharing their anniversary date at a local coffee shop. As they were sipping their drinks, a man began walking to their table, his pad in his hand. Alexander almost dropped his coffee on the table, watching him come over.

The first thing he noticed was his curly, brown hair pulled back from his face. There were a few strands loose around his face, lightly touching his skin. When the man looked at him, his light brown, almost green eyes, stared into his. They widened when they met Alexander’s, his freckles scattered across his face. Eliza was calling to Alexander, touching his arm. But he was too focused on the man in front of him.

He was beautiful.

The man stumbled over someone’s foot, and Alexander quickly jumped out of his seat, running over to catch the man. He caught his waist before he hit the floor, and the man blushed, the warm color rising on his cheeks. Little did Alex know, but his was the same color.

Alexander Hamilton could finally see color.

“Uh, hi.” The man said, straightening himself up. Alexander still held on to him, but realizing that everyone was staring at them, he quickly let go. Alexander held out his hand, and the shorter man took it, smiling at him. Alexander’s heart fluttered at the touch, at the expression.

“Hi, I’m Alexander Hamilton.” He replied, their hands still together.

“John Laurens.” They stared at each other for a few moments like this, admiring each other. Alexander heard a cough behind him, and he tore his gaze away from John, looking back.

Eliza stood there, confused. Once she saw the look in Alexander’s eyes, a look she had never seen him look at her with, her heart dropped. Alexander’s eyes softened, and he took his hand out of Laurens. He felt like a small part of his heart cracked when he did so. He saw the look on Laurens face as he glanced at Eliza. She was even more beautiful in color, her dark black hair shiny against her pale skin. There was pink on her cheeks, like she was blushing all the time.

“Um, Eliza, this is John Laurens. He’s…” Hamilton trailed off, not knowing what to say. Before he met this man, before he realized what a soulmate actually felt like, it broke his heart. Eliza would understand, she would know what’s going on right?

Hamilton looked down at Eliza, and her face made the stars in his eyes disappear. She was crying, the tears going down her cheeks. Hamilton tried to pull her into him, but she backed away.

“No, Alex, it’s fine. It’s completely, utterly fine. I get it, I know where this is going to go.” She grabbed her bag, throwing her coat over her shoulder. “You don’t have to explain it to me.”

“Eliza…” Hamilton started, but she ignored him, stomping out of the apartment. Hamilton gave one look back at Laurens, and his face was sad, but he nodded, seeming to give permission for him to go after her. Hamilton threw his cash for the meal on the table, running after her.

He looked around the street, searching for wherever she might have gone. He noticed her at the far end of the street, sitting on a bench. He quickly ran over to her, concern in his eyes. She barely glanced at him, her face in her hands. He sat next to her silently, listening to her sniff. After a few minutes, she finally looked up.

“I’m not mad at you, Alexander, I’m just sad that I can’t be with you anymore.” She whispered. Alexander put his hand in hers.

“You don’t know that, Eliza. Laurens and I could just be good friends, and that’s it. We don’t have to be together.” Eliza looked at Alex like he was stupid, shaking her head.

“Trust me, when you guys were standing there staring at each other for a solid three minutes straight, I knew. You are meant to be together, Alex. I’m not going to stand in your way of doing that.” Alexander was hurting, not wanting to give up Eliza. But not wanting to not see Laurens ever again.

“I love you, you know that right?” Alex whispered, and she nodded.

“I know.” They both pulled each other into their arms, their tears running down their faces. “Now, go. He needs to know that you didn’t leave him.”

Alexander knew that. He felt his heart ache, and a small part of him thought that he could feel how Laurens felt. Alexander gave Eliza one last kiss on the forehead, and jogged back to the coffee shop. Laurens was waiting on other people in the restaurant, a look of sadness on his face. Alex’s chest panged at the sight of his soulmate. Laurens turned around sensing that he was there. 

They both gave each other a smile, and Alexander walked over to him. “Do you want to get a coffee later?” His face dropped. Why would he want coffee? He stands around coffee all day. Oh Hamilton, you’re messing this up already.

“I would love to.” Laurens whispered.

Next time, I’ll do it better… long time I didn’t pick the pencil, charcoal and paper to do something, but I felt I had to. I thought I had to because I need to thank him somehow. @thatsthat24 thank you for making my 2016 different, for helping me figure out who I am, for telling me that the picture is not finished yet, that my life is on my hands and no one can tell me otherwise. Also for teaching me to be strong in the worst moments of my life, for noticing me on Twitter (@ChuckNurys), for being there. I’m sorry for the long post, and for stalking you on the internet. Hope you like it, and I hope to meet you someday and hang out for no reason…even though we live kinda far xD (Chile)

Thanks Thomas Sanders, I love you 😏

Sebby’s Hair

Summary: You work on the set of Sebby Stan’s new movie and he has a special request based on this request: @marvelfanuniverse asked: … I’d like to get something where you can imagine Bucky letting you being the only one to help him with his hair?… 

Characters: Sebastian Stan x reader, Chris Evans

Words: 500+

A/N: Hope you enjoy. Sorry I kinda took this a cliche route. Wrote on my phone, unedited, unbeta’d…again, I apologize. lol. NO WARNINGS. OK, ONE WARNING; A CURSE WILL BE CAST UPON THE HOUSES OF THOSE WHO SEND ME A MESSAGE ABOUT SEBBY HAVING A GIRLFRIEND. I KNOW THIS, IT DIDN’T WORK FOR MY FIC, OK? GEEZ. :P

You watched as the new girl walked toward Sebastian wielding her utility belt of combs, brushes, and styling tools, only to get politely turned away. You notice him waving in your direction. Confused, you look around, deciding that he couldn’t possibly be talking to you.

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sneaking over and secretly spending the night at 17 year old high school boyfriend luke’s house on a friday and cuddling with him in his giant king size bed that’s usually half empty but you’re there to fill the space for once and he’s so happy. since it’s night time and he’s at home, his hair’s flat and he’s wearing sweatpants instead of skinny jeans and everything about him is just even more beautiful than usual. the two of you contently laugh and talk about life with your fingers casually intertwined and no tv or cellphones to interrupt. it starts raining and luke whispers, “we’ve never kissed in the rain before” and you say, “yeah, because it’s stupid. we could get struck by lighting or-” but before you can finish your sentence, he gently interrupts you by lifting you out of bed and carrying you to his second story window. you’re mumbling things like, “luke, this really isn’t a good idea” and he just smirks at you before opening the window and climbing onto the flat part of the roof. the rain pours down like crazy, causing his shirt to cling to his skin and his eyelashes to collect water droplets and he looks really irresistible when he stares at you the way that he does, so you finally give in and let his hand lead you onto the roof with him. all your fears instantly fade away when luke uses one of his strong arms to pull you against him and keep you steady as he kisses you. even though you’ve tasted his lips 1,000 times before, this kiss is more passionate than anything in the world and nearly leaves you breathless. when it’s over, luke softly says, “everybody’s gotta do it once, baby” before you go inside and take a hot bath even though luke hates baths because you have him wrapped around your finger so anything you want is basically his command and whquwnuwjwjdjw bye


I’m really hoping we see Clarke acknowledge the absence of Abby’s rings this episode. It’s kinda doubtful considering how action packed the episode is, but I think it’d feel a little artificial if she didn’t. There’s no way she wouldn’t notice them not hanging from her neck. Clarke may be a lot of things but she’s not that dense. I just really want some sort of exchange between them. Tell me I’m not the only one?

The Spider 3/?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: I mean you kinda make a fool outta yourself but nobody notices and a like one swear word

Summary: Meeting his friend… good or bad?

Note: hey yall it’s me Anahi if you havent realized my other admin is Mie she’s a really good writer so 10/10 recommend reading here fic called hello part 1 and 2. Anyways hers part three of the spider hope you enjoy and request will be opened Tuesday so stay tuned.

 /Part 1/Part 2/

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Dipper’s thoughts:

  • Oh man, I can’t believe I’m with the author!
  • Gosh, I hope no one was looking!
  • Maybe if I cross my legs, no one will notice!
  • Kinda kinda hungry, but I could also not eat.
  • I should really try out the president’s key some time.
  • I could probably rob a bank.
  • I miss Tyrone!
  • That red bathing suit, man!

Okay my lovies…here it is…
Part 3 of the “fratboy Harry” blurb lol. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.
This is kinda turning into a story I think. Hope you enjoy.

Five days. Five fucking days since the party.

When you and Harry had walked out of the bedroom together, nobody had seemed to notice, though you could feel the heat rising to your face. You’d exchanged numbers and Harry’d promised to call. Even then you’d taken his words with a grain of salt, acting nonchalant when you’d caught up with your friends and waved goodbye.

Then he’d texted you. That night. He’d claimed he was just making sure you’d gotten home alright, but you couldn’t help but feel elated. You’d texted back and forth until you could barely keep your eyes open. He was really funny and made you laugh and feel at ease. You didn’t want to get your hopes up, but you thought you could really like him.

Then nothing.

There was no phone call or text the next day. Okay, one day, no big deal. He might have been busy, you told yourself. The next day, Monday, still nothing. Same for the day after that, and the day after that. By Thursday you decided to just text him yourself.

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Ex To See (Rami Malek One Shot)

I’ve been really into country lately (specifically Sam Hunt) so I decided to write a one shot using parts of the song ‘Ex to See’. First Rami one shot so I hope you enjoy :)

Summary: Reader is trying to make her ex jealous in the store, and Rami catches on after a while.

Ling to the song -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbqxCxOW8-A

Words: 561

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Your name: submit What is this? //

Well there ain’t enough smoke in my eyes

To hide the kinda games you’re trying to play

              It was the third time that Rami had finally noticed that something was up. Every week you and him would go to the same supermarket, at the same time- it was like clockwork. And everyday for the past three weeks, you would randomly grab his neck, and pull him down for a long passionate kiss. It’s not that Rami exactly hated it, but it was awful strange because you were never one for much PDA. You would hold hands, or let Rami kiss your cheek,but that would be it for you.

Everywhere we go you keep looking around

Fixing your makeup like it’s about to go down

               It was also the third time when he noticed the same man was always around. It would be in all different aisles though each time. While getting the milk, or ribs for a barbecue you would be having, or grabbing pasta for your famous macaroni salad. You would start putting on slightly more makeup before going to the store, and you hardly ever wore makeup.

And he walks in, it all makes sense

Suddenly you’re climbing all over next to me, next to me

               It happened again, this was the fourth time that he had seen this man, and that you had pulled him in for a kiss. You were both in the dog food aisle, getting a small bag for the dog you were babysitting for the next two weeks. Rami had gladly kissed you back, but the nagging feeling at the back of his mind still bothered him. He had began thinking you knew it was paparazzi, but immediately threw out the idea, because you would have instantly hid your face in his chest.

I ain’t no fool, you rascal you

You don’t want me, you just want your ex to see, ex to see

               It was later that night when you and Rami were watching a movie on his couch, that he finally spoke up about the strange show of PDA, and the man in the store. You thought about your options, simply laughing it off and just saying that it was because you love him. But it would never work- your boyfriend of 6 months would never be that gullible. You bit your lip, quickly explaining that it was your ex. Rami simply smiled, kissed you and turned back to watching the movie, leaving you scratching your head at what had just happened. He was probably planning on how to tease you for this later.

Girl come here and kiss me

I just want your ex to see

               The next week on Friday, you were both at the store once again, this time getting a box of popcorn for another movie night. Sure enough, Rami had seen the same man walking over, looking like he wanted to talk to you. Rami grabbed your waist, turning you around, and placed a kiss on your lips, his tongue quickly finding it’s way in your mouth. You were shocked at first, but none the less immediately melted into the kiss. The man had awkwardly turned away, and walked out of the aisle you both were in. After Rami pulled away, he noticed he was gone, and started smiling to himself, knowing his plan worked. You just simply blushed, and turned to pick up the box of popcorn you had dropped, putting it in the cart.

On your side | Theo Raeken Imagine

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request: Please can you write a smut with Theo and they are in the bath, just relaxing and then things start to get heated

word count: 1149

warnings: smut, bathtub sex, mention of blood & violence

A/N: so i really enjoyed writing this because i kinda liked the idea, so thanks for the request. yeah, i hope you like this one too :)

You felt the warm water encasing your body, making you feel safe. The only thing you could hear was your own breath, going slow and steady. Your hands softly rubbed your body, trying to get rid of the blood crust on your skin. Opening your eyes, you noticed a scald on your shoulder created by the hellhound, well, by Jordan Parrish. You were still trying to process what had just happened. When the pack and you tried to follow the hellhound, you got attacked by the dread doctors and they were way stronger than you had imagined. After a lot of blood and screaming, the pack had to escape the dread doctors but not without the hellhound noticing all of you. He just went by and you couldn’t help yourself but touch him, so you could find out who it was. It was Parrish. His face wrapped in flames and his eyes glowing. And now you had this scald because of touching him, but at least you had found out who he was. Everyone was shocked except for Lydia, she just sat there and said nothing. With a pale face she just left the room, without any explanation. A familiar voice softly interrupted your thinking. “Y/N? Are you okay?”, Theo wondered, his voice deep but still soft. You cleared your throat before you answered. “I don’t know”, you replied quietly. “Can I come in?”, he wanted to know and you agreed slowly. Theo’s black shirt was sticking to his toned chest and you were able to see his chest rise and fall. His clothes were still covered in mud and blood. He looked at you with a compassionate expression before he sat down on the edge of the bath tub. “What is it?”, he asked, locking his blue eyes with yours. “I’m just tired of all this craziness going on here and… I don’t know but I really miss you”, you explained with a soft voice. “But Y/N, I’m here”, Theo replied and looked at you confused. “I miss our time together, your touch, your kisses…”, you said shyly. Theo stretched out his arm and cupped up your cheek. “I love you, Y/N”, he mumbled. Suddenly he got up and slowly peeled off his dirty clothes, until he was standing in front of you completely naked. You smiled and slid to the side, so Theo could join you. He sat down right beside you, his legs at both sides of your body and his chest pressed against your back. You leaned in and closed your eyes when he started to slowly caress your soft skin. He removed your hair from your neck and planted soft kisses on your neck. His hands got to your waist, hugging you from behind and pulling you even closer to his body. While he was nibbling on the skin of your neck, you intertwined your hand with his. Without saying a word, you turned around and looked into his eyes and you could feel the tension between the two of you. “Kiss me”, you mumbled. Theo pressed his lips against yours harshly, wanting to satisfy you. Your lips melted into his while they were moving in sync. You slowly guided your hands behind his neck , starting to play with the small hair. Theo’s large hands got to your hips and he pulled you onto his lap. It was a completely new situation for you, sitting on his lap you both being completely naked. You were able to feel his already hardening member at your thighs. When Theo bit your lower lip passionately, you couldn’t help yourself but moan into his mouth. His hands started to rub your back while he was planting kisses on your skin, down to the valley of your breasts. He took one of your nipples in his mouth, biting and licking the soft skin. “Fuck, Theo”, you groaned and used your hands to pull him closer to you. You sunk your head down into his hair, absorbing the smell of him and his shampoo. “Why haven’t we done this for so long?”, Theo whispered against your skin, leaving goose bumps. “We didn’t have time”, you simply replied and grabbed his face to connect your lips again. He pressed your back against the cold wall of the bathtub while you opened your mouth to slide your tongue into his mouth, making him moan softly. Before you were able to really get into the kiss, Theo pulled away. You looked at him with surprise before he pulled you up and changed your position, so that he was able to position himself over you, looking you right in the eye. The water was splashing around your bodies. His hand slid down your body slowly until he stopped at your waist. He slowly slid his finger through your wet folds, causing you to moan his name. “Do something, Theo, please”, you whined and he just smirked before he guided one finger into you. “O-Oh my god”, you groaned. “No, it’s just me, Theo”, he explained with a short laugh. You rolled your eyes at him and he pulled his finger out of you, making you whine. “What do you want, princess?”, he wondered with an innocent face. “Y-You, Theo, I want… you”, you groaned. He nodded, not making you beg any more, he placed himself at your entrance. You pulled him closer and pressed your lips against his again, while he slowly entered you, making you feel every inch of his member inside of you. You started biting the skin of his neck, making him moan and you admired the marks you left, even if they were gone after seconds. He would look so hot with marks on his neck and it would also show that he’s yours. “Babe”, he groaned. “You feel so good around me”, he whispered. You smiled and started licking over his neck until your lips were connected again. Theo’s hand got under your thigh and he pulled your leg up, positioning it over his back. The warm water wrapping your bodies started to slowly get cold, but you didn’t care, now that Theo was hitting a completely new spot. “Ohh f-fuck”, you moaned, feeling your back arching. “Y/N”, Theo grunted as his eyes changed their color and his claws drilled into your skin. You looked into his eyes, seeing the pleasure you were giving him. He came in side of you with moaning your name loudly. His come filled you body and that pushed you over the edge, but instead of stopping his actions, Theo continued thrusting inside of you, wanting you to enjoy your orgasm. After a while he pulled himself out of you and pulled you close to him. He planted a kiss on the corner of your mouth and smiled so bright, that you couldn’t help yourself but smile at him too.