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I see those cute SakuMahi headcanons and I raise the stakes: cute KuroSakuMahi headcanons. As they struggle to learn together, Mahiru has to scold the other two to do chores. For instance, laundry. Kuro is cool with putting them in the wash and stuff, but always forgets to hang them up. So Sakuya has to do that, complaining the entire time until Mahiru praises him for 'doing such a good job'. Then Kuro butting in-between, like: where's /my/ pat on the head?

I AM ALL FOR SOME KUROMAHISAKU HEADCANONS MY FRIEND. YOU KNOW I AM. That’s why I have plans for an ot3 au soon~ Cause I need these kinda things for them!!!

Kuro: MUCH OFFEND. and this is also where Sakuya becomes a huge suck up lol

He deserves some credit too Mahiru hahaha. 

Not exactly in between them but I remember this one post about pets smashing their faces into their owners hands so they will pet them, so I did that. HA. Thank you for this Chaos!!!~ <3 I NEED MORE OF THESE THREEEEE. 

SKAM 4.02 Clip 4 - Norwegian party girls

EVA: I’m sorry we’re late!
VILDE: It’s really impolite to come late now!
CHRIS: Aren’t we just looking at a bus? It’s not exactly a fucking job interview.
VILDE: No, but we still have to present ourselves as dependable so they can trust that we’ll pay.
NOORA: But they can’t trust us … because we don’t have money.
SANA: No one says anything about us not having money.
VILDE: I’m thinking Sana and I are in charge of talking, and then you guys can be in the background.
SANA: I think I’ll do the talking.
VILDE: I can contribute!
SANA: You can contribute a little.
VILDE: Yeah …
MARI: Hello!
VILDE: Hi! What a cool bus!
MARI: Yeah, I think it’ll be good. We’re a kinda behind though so it’s a fucking mess inside, but you can take a look.
VILDE: Yeah!
(Mari points out features inside the bus)
VILDE: Holy fuck, it’s so nice. Oh my god.
SANA: Is it EU-approved?
MARI: Yeah, it’s approved. And all yearly fees have been paid.
SANA: Does it have any economic liens?
VILDE: Are there are a lot of people coming to look at the bus?
MARI: Well, we haven’t put it up anywhere because it’s important to us that we like whoever takes over the bus. So we just have another bus coming to look.
VILDE: Okay. Who?
EVA: The Pepsi-Max girls.
INGRID: Hi! Are you here too?
SARA: So this is the bus! It’s really cool.
MARI: Yeah, it’s not quite done yet. We’re a bit behind schedule.
SARA: Wasn’t it One Oak that had it last year?
MARI: Yeah, and Vogue in 2015, so as I was telling the other girls, it’s important to us that we keep up that tradition, so that there are some cool girls taking over the bus.
SARA: I get that, there are so many weird concepts and buses out there.
SARA: Now I’m not trying to sell myself here, but I feel like we’re kinda like you, like, we’re cool, normal, Norwegian party girls.
SANA: And you have such an awesome name. The Pepsi-Max girls.
SARA: That’s not our name anymore.
VILDE: How many seats are there?
MARI: Twenty-five.
CHRIS: So enough room then.
MARI: How many are you?
VILDE: Five.
SARA: We’re twenty.
MARI: Yeah? Well, as I was saying, the bus is EU-approved, all the paperwork is taken care of, and the yearly fees have been paid. Do you have any questions?
INGRID: Yeah, was it 310 thousand you wanted for the bus?
MARI: 300.
INGRID: Because we have a budget of 310, so…
SANA: We’ll pay 320.
MARI: Yes. Well, then you’re both interested?
MARI: Cool! We want to make a decision pretty quickly, so when do you think you could pay?
SANA/SARA: Straight away.
MARI: Cool. Well, if you don’t have any more questions… Bye.
EVA: Hello? What the fuck just happened?
SANA: We will get that bus.
NOORA: We don’t have the money!
SANA: I’ll fix it.

Bts reaction: when their gf give them a blowjob during Vlive

BTS decided to do a Vlive to hang out with Armys and talk about their upcoming comeback when their gf decided to tease them by getting in their pants.


Originally posted by softlytaejin

would scream out of surprise as soon as his gf start licking the tip. He would then realize his Vlive is still on so he would play it cool and say

“Sorry……um…..uh……Just now a Jjangu bite me so I scream.”

Then you start to take a full mouth of him and he went quiet trying to fight the moan and he try to distract it with a cough.

I’m sorry, army. I think we will need to continue the Vlive next time. I….have….*cough* to finish some business…..bye!

( his gf know what daddy do when she misbehave )


Originally posted by forever-young-got7

This guy is daddy as fuck! He ain’t waste no time and would do you the honor of taking of his pant for you. Then he would pretend to pick something from under the table and whisper to her

Daddy need to say a quick goodbye from army so I want you do your job and daddy will reward you, babe girl.

Sorry army but we will have to continue this next time cuz rapmon seem to be really hungry. Need to feed him so bye bye~

( I don’t even have say what happen after that )


Originally posted by imonaworldtour

This calm fuck would play it cool. Pretend like nothing happen after he feel you licking his dick all over and sucking him real good. He would let you suck him while he continue doing live and talking to fan cuz I gotta admit, he does have that kinda vibe around him. But a cough would always come every 2-3 mins. 

( He would fuck you so hard after the Vlive, trust me. )


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

He would start laughing it off as soon as he feel you in his pant trying to get him to moan. I think when it comes to pleasure or this kind of thing, Jhope is an impatient man but he couldn’t ditch his fan tho. So he pretend to drop sth and bend down to tell her to stop.

Seriously babe girl, you have to stop. I need to talk something important with my army so you’ll have to wait. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll give you the best all of it later after I finish so be a good girl, okay?

Then he gets up and start complaining about he have to find the thing he drop and pretend nothing happen. But after he finish, he make sure to give her the best pleasure she ever had.


Originally posted by sosjimin

Would be really flustered and the blush on his face would be really visible, small moan would come out while he’s talking that fan would comment and ask about it. So he have to play it off by saying the changing room is really hot and tell fan he need to go home to do the Vlive again then he said good bye to the fan. And guess what? Right after he finish saying goodbye, he drag her to a room and fuck her ROUGH.

Babe girl, you don’t know how you made me feel. Now I’m gonna fuck you so hard till you beg me to stop.” 

cuz yes, he is PISSED.


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The dorky Taehyung have just disappear and what the fan see through the screen is V and his gf know damn right what he will do to her when she awaken him. The pissed expression he’s making is visible to the fan.

Sorry, guys but I have to go now. I need to get some business done. Bye.

And that’s when shit about to get real.


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Oh no m8, you don’t mess with fucking jungkook and his gf know that but she always like to see that priceless reaction on jungkook face so she thought to herself why not? She love him fucking her roughly anyways so there is nothing to lose.

“Guys, I’m sorry but manager nim want to talk to me about something important so I promise you that my Vlive will be longer than this next time.”

And that is how his gf find his gf tied to the bed with blindfold later that night screaming his name loud and clear, begging him for more.

I hope you like it!

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Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader gets caught in the middle of a case Dean and Sam are working and learns that monsters are real.

Word Count:  2775

Warnings: Language, smut

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  There is still room on my Forever Tag list, you can add yourself here

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Reader’s POV

“You okay?” 

A stunning man with vivid green eyes crouches before me, a hand on my shoulder. I blink a few times and take a quick assessment. Nothing seems broken, though I am most definitely battered and bruised. Blood trickles down from my brow, obscuring my vision. 

 Looking up at him, I nod. “Yeah, I’ll live.”

He stands and reaches out a hand, pulling me to my feet. Wait a second, I know him. He’s that Fed that came into my office at the museum today. Agent…Freed? Fredrick? Oh, wait, Frehley. Agent Frehley. That’s it. I remember thinking that he was cute. And a little flirty.

“Stick close to me, and no matter what, don’t leave my side, got it?” His jaw is set, he’s dead serious. As if I’d dream of doing anything else, after what had just happened.

“Got it.” Reaching around to the back of my jeans, I pull the gun out of my waistband. His eyes widen, surprised to see that I’m packing. 

“You just happen to have a gun?” he asks, his brows drawing together.

I shrug. As the daughter of a former policeman, I never leave home without it. “Looks like I’m not the only one, agent.” I spare a glance at the gun in his own hand. 

He nods sharply. It seems to please him that I’m armed. “If you see anything you can’t explain or don’t understand, don’t ask questions. Just…shoot. And keep shooting. It may not do much, but don’t stop.”

“I can do that.”  Again, he looks at me in surprise. Is he waiting for me to break into hysterics after what I’d just seen?  ‘Cause he can just keep waiting. There will be no breakdowns, not here. Once I get home and lock myself in, barricade the door, and arm myself to the teeth - that’s when I’ll have the breakdown. And it’s going to be one for the ages.

“With me,” he says and I take a deep breath before following after the man.

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Do you still enjoy drawing Insomnia? Or are you ready for the story to be over?

Ah. This a tricky question for me.


Don’t get me wrong. The comic is fun, and I have it all planned out, and I want to see it through to completion. Also it has grown my art immensely. It has forced me to draw more backgrounds, and to experiment with light and color in ways I had been avoiding for years. Also I’m pretty proud of the story and it holds a place in my heart. I think it has a few good messages in it.

That being said it also extremely time consuming and lately I’ve had less and less time time to work on it. Which has made it a bit more laborious and stressful in recent months. I mean this thing has been in progress since December 2015. That is a long time to be working on something, and to be disciplined and consistent(ish) with moving the story along can be difficult sometimes.  

That also means that I’ve had to dedicate a lot of my available drawing time and art capital to this project, instead of other things which can get a little tiring I guess? When I started it, it was during a two month gap in between jobs so I had all the time back then.

Now though, between keeping a full time job, and having grad school classes this fall, it’s going to be even harder to get pages out if I want to ever have free time again (to keep myself sane).  My job, and my school will have to take priority.

But I do wanna finish because I’ve spent all this time setting up some really cool stuff and we’re getting to the pay out. And because I still really, really like this story and I’m still excited about a lot of parts in it.

But I have noooooo tiiiiiime.


So. Yup. Both.

I feel like we don’t talk up the weapons enough. I mean, no offense to the meisters– they’re brave and badass and awesome as hell, but I feel like we don’t talk about how equally amazing the weapons are?

From first glance, it may not seem that the weapons do much at all except lay stagnant in the hands of their Meister but dude?? They’re out there. They’re on the front lines. The Meister may be soft and squishy but the weapon is the one who takes the blow. They protect and they guard and they are selfless to the point of giving me cold sweats.

Also, resonance? Yeah, they amplify and help stream it and that is a huuuuuge thing. That is super cool and amazing and they do such a great job. Good work guys.

And I think the weapons may also have some sort of sway on accuracy and precision, judging by the practicing Soul and Maka did, and how Spirit’s actions seemed to have consequences on Stein and Shinigami-sama’s battles (“Senpai, don’t move”/ spirit screaming as they attack Asura) and think how VIGILANT. How much CONCENTRATION that must take. One mistake and your partner’s life could be at risk. God, what a monumental job.

The Meisters are awesome but I feel like they kinda get most of the glory– let’s give it up for the weapons.

So, I just had a dream...

…in which we somehow established a link to an alternate version of Earth. The dream wasn’t about that, so much as it was about learning the difference between our worlds. I don’t really know what my job was, but I was involved in going over there. (Also, for some reason, this other earth was called “outer earth” or “upper earth”.
Anyway, apparently, they didn’t have a problem with global warming, exactly, but actually global cooling. Their sky was sort of purplish, and there was a film in the air that made it smell and taste kinda perfumey. (They thought our air was salty, so go figure). They did a lot of building underground, rather than building up by default.
For some reason, i was best buds with @markiplier, and he was on this mission, too.
Also, they didn’t have dogs.
They were baffled that our ancestors thought it would be a great idea to become best buds with an apex predator and, through selective breeding over countless generations, turn it into a new species.
This was apparently too much of a break from reality, cuz I woke up when Mark’s upper-earth analog (everyone had a counterpart/alternate self and we met his), flipped his shit upon seeing our team’s dog, thinking it was some sort of monster. I remember Mark turning to me, aghast, and saying, “…no Chica..?” in this small, horrified voice, and then I was awake.

Kieru's 30 Day Drawing Challenge

1. Favorite plant/flower
2. A pirate (space, sea, desert, etc.)
3. A phobia of yours
4. Book character
5. Your zodiac sign (as a warrior/wizard)
6. A liquid in motion
7. Candy/sweets
8. Favorite anime series/movie
9. Cake
10. The meaning of your name
11. Your most influential mentor as a jedi master
12. A bird
13. Favorite word as graffiti
14. Childhood memory
15. Most recent dream (that you remember)
16. Open a book. Turn to page 57, read the 6th sentence and draw it
17. Friend/best friend
18. Sea creature
19. One of your favorite musicians/singers
20. Redraw a screencap from a movie/anime
21. What’s in your bag?
22. Yourself with 5 different facial expressions
23. A drink
24. Fairy tale
25. An insect
26. Your losing design on Project Runway
27. A character from a game
28. A drawing representing your favorite song
29. Instrument
30. A girl in a dress

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I have recently made a purchase that I am not sure whether or not I should be proud of:

Now, some of you might be wondering what so strange about this book? I mean, it’s just the lord of the rings, what’s so odd about that?

Well, this is the complete text of the lord of the rings, all of it, all six books, totaling in over 1000 pages in all.

Don’t believe me? Look at this:

This is the index…the second and third pages of the index, and as you can see on the left, the number of pages go over the four digit mark, making this the single biggest book I ever owned.

And look at this font size!

It’s puny, what is that? Size 8?

….Y’know, I only ever saw the movies, and I always wanted to read the books, since their such a staple of fantasy literature, a genre I wish the one day be a part of…so I’m going to read this whole massive thing.

I might hurt my eyes beyond repair.

I might not even like it.




suddenly, florist AUs
  • So I work as a florist for some time, and one day you walked into the shop and I just fell in love with you at almost first sight?? And in the end when you wanted to walk away with a bouquet you bought for someone, I gave you lavender rose on the house, just because I thought it’d be a nice gesture. But because you liked the flower shop so much, or for some other reason, you started buying flowers at us all the time and consulting with me, and almost every time I gave you a flower, making up excuses for it. But today you walked in, red in face, and told me that your friend saw all the flowers from me that you collected in herbarium and told you all the meanings, and now you ask me if I did meant all of that, and I’m trying to collect all the thoughts in my head, like – what do you think of me now? and did you actually make a herbarium??
  • (variation of the ending for the AU above) I actually had no idea that all the flowers I gave to you had such meanings, because I just work here and am no expert in language of the flowers, but yes, apparently my intuition gave you all the right flowers to explain my feelings for you 
  • Because I really needed money I signed up for a temporary job in a flower shop, since you really needed a pair of hands to help. I have almost no idea how to tend to flowers and compose a bouquet, and you, the strict manager, are really, like, really frustrated with me by the end of first day. I try and try and try, even seek help in the books and internet, and you’re still mad with me because I do a lot of things wrong and you have to help me with both flowers and customers. But instead of firing me, as I supposed, you ask me to stay after work so you can teach me the basics. And it’s so cool, thank you sooo much, you kinda saved my life and you’re not that bad as I thought you were? And are you that short-handed on personnel?
  • You’re this person we had to hire because not everyone wants to have a job as a florist, so we’re short on employees, and on your first day you make so many mistakes it’s embarrassing and I have to help you a lot. A LOT. But I’ve found that you’re struggling with money (not that I’ll tell you that I’ve found out), and you really want to stay on this job, and even found this book no one else in our shop read in forever and tried to make something by it. So I decide to help you. And yes, we’re that short-handed on personnel.
  • You’re this person I meet a lot throughout the last year, and you’re that grumpy, not very social person with whom I have nothing in common with, and we merely had two? three decent conversations? Apart from a few snarks we shot at each other. And one day, [for some reason] I walk into this little  flower shop not too far away from my place of work, and see you. As a florist. Humming something very pretty while you tend to flowers, and you’re such a different person than one I met before, even your face is different, like it’s lit up with some beautiful emotion I can’t describe. And now I can’t help but stare at you with awe.
  • Everybody thinks that if I am a florist, I must know the meaning of every single flower I work with. And now even you, the person I wanted to ask on a date, ask me if there’s a hidden message behind this bouquet I gave you! There’s NOT!!… Apart from that I wanted to ask you on a date. Not the point here.
  • I am a secret agent/thief/[insert anything applicable here] that needs to get into this one place which is heavily-guarded. The only way to seek its faults in defenses without attracting unneeded attention is to apply for work in a flower shop near it. And so I work here for almost a month, and my plan is coming smoothly… except for you, who works here too, and who confronted me right now, telling me what my actual profession is and what I want to do. Who are you to deduce it so well?! This was supposed to be a secret, dammit!
  • I work as a florist for a long time and you are the new employee who’s acting strange. For me, being raised on detectives since I was a child, is not that easy to determine who you actually are, but in the end I’ve done it. And you know what? I want IN, because I really need money [because (insert reason here), optional], so what do I need to do for you (or your group) to accept me as your assistant?

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I was thinking about your mafia au and I had a question. What if Yuuri and Victor were on a date and Yuuri says something that completely looks down on/degrades Victor as the Mafia boss? Like he starts saying how his mafia is a lot of trouble, the worst people, cold blooded, etc. What do you think would Victor do? Sorry if this is a weird ask, you don't have to answer it if you don't wanna (^ ^" ) I love your work!!!

Interesting! OuO
I do think at some point Yuri will end up talking about his job and how much of a pain the mafia is and what not XD
I think Victor would keep his cool, and not get too flustered P:
But, the type to maybe make kinda vague comments so that he doesn’t seem too clearly on their side???
“Yeah, I can see how it’s pretty troublesome. But, there’s a lot of people who can’t find anywhere to belong except for in the mafia. A family or sorts perhaps?”
Maybe something like that? :O

Shiro and Keith trying to find a minister for the wedding...
  • Shiro: We're never going to find a minister.
  • Lance: Oh, let me do it!
  • Keith: Lance...
  • Lance: No, really, listen. It won't be some stranger up there who barely knows you. It'll be me, and I swear, I'll do a really good job. Plus, I love you guys, and it would really mean a lot to me.
  • Shiro: [glances at Keith] Would be kinda cool.
  • Lance: Does that mean I can do it?!
  • Keith: [smiles] Yeah, you can do it.
  • Lance: Alright!! I gotta get working on my speech!! Wait.... internet ministers can still have sex, right?
  • Keith: ...yeah.
Seeking Roommate for Apartment in Brooklyn

Kind of loosely based on this anon request, but I tweaked it a bit (sorry anon!):

Can you write one where Bucky and Steve place an ad for a third housemate and they choose a 19 yr old girl that was kicked out by her family for being a witch? They make her feel accepted and invite her to work with the avengers. She’s a bit of a tomboy and I’d love it if either Bucky or Wanda fall for her.

Reader’s age is not specified and she has powers but isn’t specifically referred to as a witch. Otherwise, it’s the same general concept.

Bucky x reader. FLUFF. Word count: 2,439.

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long, but I hope you enjoy it!

Your name: submit What is this?

“’Two cool guys seeking roommate for apartment in Brooklyn. No pets, no smoking. Just need a third to help with rent.’ Not bad, Bucky. That was smart that you put my number as the contact, since you’re kinda bad at answering your phone,” said Steve as he closed his laptop.

“Steve, I’m lucky if I can even get the thing to turn on. I thought I did okay with the ad. Hopefully someone will answer it. Tell me again why we got a three bedroom apartment when there are only two of us?”

Steve stood and walked over to the fridge. “I thought we could have an office, but it turns out avenging doesn’t pay well and rent is really expensive,” he said as he grabbed a beer.

“Well, just make sure you keep your phone handy or else we’re gonna have to move back into the tower and deal with Tony Snark all the time,” joked Bucky. Oddly enough, Steve’s phone began ringing.

“Hello? Yeah, you’ve got the right number. You have a pet cockatoo? And you’re a drummer? I don’t think that’ll work out. Sorry, bro.” Steve hung up the phone and pinched the bridge of his nose. “This is gonna be a process, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but good call on bird guy. Sam is more than enough bird for me, and I already have a hard enough time sleeping without Ringo making noise 24/7. Hopefully we find a new roomie soon, though.” As if on cue, Steve’s phone rang again.

“Hello? Yeah, this is Steve, you have the right number. You can afford your chunk of the rent, right? Oh, no job. Huh. Well, as long as you can get something lined up by the time rent is due, I guess that’s okay. You don’t play any loud instruments, right? Okay, and you’re okay with the fact that you’ll be living with guys? No, I promise we aren’t creeps. I think once you meet us you’ll be confident in that. We’ll be around if you wanna come take a look at the place later. Half an hour? Okay, see you then, Y/N.”

“Well that sounded promising,” said Bucky.

“Her name is Y/N and she’s trying to get back on her feet after some sort of falling out with her family. She’s pretty sure she can get a job lined up by the next time rent is due, and she seems nice, so I think we should give her a chance. She’ll be here in half an hour to look around, so maybe tidy up a bit? I’m gonna run to the store and grab some flowers or something to brighten up the place. And maybe crack a window, too? This place smells like pizza, and not in a good way,” said Steve. He grabbed his keys and headed out, leaving Bucky alone to clean. He threw out the soda cans and candy wrappers, tossed some scattered clothes in the hamper, and vacuumed. He opened every window and before Steve came back, there was a soft knock on the door. Bucky answered it.

“You must be Y/N. I’m Bucky. Steve is on his way back from running an errand. Come on in, take a look around.”

“Wow, this place is pretty clean for a couple of guys living here. I’m impressed,” you joked as you walked through the apartment. “Pretty nice kitchen, too. I like baking, so if this works out you can expect a steady stream of cookies.”

“Deal! Well, I mean, I should probably check with Steve, but if you like the place it’s cool with me. That room over there would be yours. There’s a futon in it, but you can swap it for a real bed if you want,” said Bucky.

“Futon is fine for now. I like it here, so if Steve’s okay with it I’d like to move in. I have a few interviews lined up, so even though I don’t have a job at the moment I’m fairly certain I’ll have something by the time rent is due, and I have a little cash saved up in the meantime. Hey, umm, this might sound kinda weird, but you look really familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before? Your friend Steve sounded really familiar too, but I couldn’t connect the voice to a face,” you explained, hoping it wouldn’t come across as weird. Before Bucky could answer you, Steve walked through the door, flowers in hand.

“Oh, Y/N, you’re here early,” he said as he set the flowers on the kitchen counter. “I just grabbed these to kind of, uh, brighten the place up. Anyway, what do you think? You like it?”

“Shit! You’re Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes! What are two Avengers doing in an apartment in Brooklyn?” you asked, shocked that you stumbled into the apartment of Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

“Eh, we grew up in Brooklyn, and we don’t really like being on Stark’s payroll, so we could use a third to help with the rent. I told ya we weren’t creeps,” said Steve with a chuckle. “So, you wanna move in?”

“Yeah! Would it be okay if I moved in, maybe, umm, now? All my stuff is in my car already since I’ve kinda, umm, been living in it,” you sheepishly explained.

“Sounds fine with me. We’ll help you with your stuff,” said Bucky.

The two men helped you carry your things in and you settled into your room. There wasn’t much to unpack, which was good because you didn’t have a dresser. You didn’t have any job interviews until the following day and it was starting to get a little late, so you went out into the living room to hang out with Steve and Bucky for a little while.

“I think maybe it would be good for the three of us to set a few ground rules? You know, like a sort of roommate agreement. What do you think?” asked Steve. You and Bucky agreed that it would probably be a good idea.

“Okay, first rule—when Steve and I come back from a mission Y/N has to make us welcome home cookies,” suggested Bucky. You nodded affirmatively and gave a thumbs-up.

“No bringing anyone home to geek out over the whole superhero thing, please. We really aren’t too fond of the spotlight and like to keep a low profile when we can,” added Steve.

“If any of my relatives come around, please tell them I’m not home and I’ll call them. Don’t let them in,” you requested.

“Deal, but do we get to hear your tragic backstory or what?” asked Bucky.

“Buck! It’s not our place. Sorry, Y/N. Bucky’s social skills are still a little lacking from time to time. You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to,” explained Steve.

“No, it’s fine. I mean, I wasn’t gonna say anything about it but I think if anyone will be understanding it would be you guys. The thing is, I was in a car accident a few years ago, and since then things have been a little…strange. I was living back home while I was between jobs, but my family kinda kicked me out when they realized I was different.” You stopped, not realizing a little more explanation would be necessary.

“Different, how?” asked Bucky.

“Well, umm, I can kinda, umm, move things…with my mind. I can also generate these sort of energy fields—it’s all really similar to Wanda Maximoff based on what I’ve seen of her on TV. I don’t really like using my powers though. I’m no Avenger. I just like to keep a quiet, calm life. My family thinks I’m some sort of monster though, which is why I split. I hope this isn’t gonna be an issue.”

“Y/N. We’re both like a hundred years old. I’m wearing long sleeves and a glove but I literally have a cybernetic arm. We’re all a little weird here, so it’s no biggie. We’ll keep our mouths shut about it, but if you ever decide you want to get into the superhero business, I’m pretty sure we can hook you up with a gig fighting bad guys,” said Bucky. You smiled and reached out to hug him, which brought a strange look to his face.

“Sorry. I’m a bit of a hugger. If I’m overstepping just tell me to back off. Promise I won’t be offended,” you said apologetically.

“No, it’s fine,” Bucky paused and embraced you. “It’s just that people don’t usually hug me. It’s like they think I’m gonna crush them with my arm or something. Your hair smells wonderful by the way.”

“Way to make it weird, Buck. Anyway, I’ve gotta head out—I’m meeting Nat for some sparring practice. If you come up with anything else for the roommate agreement just add it in. See you later!” said Steve as he grabbed his jacket and keys.

“Have fun getting your ass kicked by Natasha,” teased Bucky. Steve tossed you a key from the dish so you could come and go as you pleased, and you and Bucky spent the rest of the evening watching TV together and talking.

Before you knew it, you had a waitressing job at a diner just a few blocks away from the apartment and life was good. Steve and Bucky had quickly become your best friends—especially Bucky. Steve was not a homebody and was rarely in the apartment, but you and Bucky spent tons of time playing board games together, watching movies, and you even got Bucky into baking and it turns out he’s pretty good at decorating cakes. You could feel yourself falling for him but didn’t think he felt the same way.

“Hey, Y/N, I wanna talk to you about something that’s been bothering me for awhile now,” said Bucky as you hung up your coat, having just gotten home from a shift at the diner.

“And what would that be?”

“Well, it’s probably gonna sound rude and I’m sorry if it does, but I think you’re wasting a lot of potential not joining the team. I just think that maybe you were given your gifts for a reason and that reason is almost definitely not so you can wait tables.”

“Actually, I’ve been kinda thinking that too, but it all seems so scary. All of the shooting and the bad guys—I don’t know if I could handle it,” you explained.

“Well yeah, but I’d be right by your side to help back you up and to protect you if things went sour. I’d never let anything happen to you, Y/N. I—“ Bucky stopped and there was an awkward moment of silence as Bucky looked longingly into your eyes before turning his head down and staring at his boots. “Maybe just give it a try?”

You agreed to give it a try. In your spare time, you went to the tower with Bucky to train. At first you were self conscious using your powers in front of him because they always made you feel so vulnerable, but soon enough Bucky’s encouragement made you become not only comfortable using them, but also very skilled. After a few weeks of training, you quit your job at the diner and became a full-time Avenger. Tony offered you a room in the tower, but you preferred your apartment with the guys.

For your first several missions, Bucky stayed right by your side for every minute, per Cap’s orders, but once you had been given free reign of the battlefield, you noticed Bucky was still your shadow. After a few missions like this, you decided to have a talk with Bucky about it.

“Hey, Buck. Can we talk about something?” you asked as you walked into the apartment with dinner.

“If that pizza you’re holding is from Gino’s, yes.”

“There’s something that’s been bothering me,” you said, setting down the pizza box on the coffee table and then sitting on the couch next to Bucky. “It’s just that Steve said I don’t need babysitting on missions anymore but you’re always right on my tail. Do you not trust me to hold my own?” At your words, Bucky’s eyes grew wide with disbelief.

“Is that what you think? Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! It’s not that, it’s just…” he trailed off, but you poked him and he got back in the zone. “It’s just that I know it was me who asked you to join the team but it is really dangerous and I just couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you. I know you’re capable of holding your own but I love you and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.”

“Now when you say you love me, do you mean like ‘you’re my friend’ kind of love or like ‘I’m in love with you’ kind of love?” you asked, silently praying it was the latter option.

“The second kind. I have been for awhile, but I figured that since we live together and work together that if you didn’t feel the same way things would get really awkward, and I didn’t want to risk screwing up our friendship, but now that I’ve gone and run my mouth I guess there’s really no going back from that, so what do you say?”

“First, I’d say that that’s the longest run-on sentence I think I’ve ever heard. Second, I’d say that I love you, too.” You smiled, and Bucky leaned in and planted a long, soft kiss on your lips, followed by another quick peck. “So, what does this mean?” you asked, unsure of what the future would look like for you and Bucky.

“Well, despite my 1940s sense of romance, I think it might be kinda silly to ask you out on a bunch of dates when we already spend like 90% of our time together, so maybe I’ll jump a little bit ahead and ask if you will be my girlfriend? You know, make it official?”

“I’d love nothing more.”

The pizza grew cold as you spent the next 20 minutes making out with Bucky on the couch, only stopping when Steve walked in on you.

“Are you two finally an item? I hope so, because this whole awkward tension thing was getting really old. So, am I officially the third wheel or what?” asked Steve through a cheesy grin.

“Sorry Steve, looks like you’re a third wheel,” said Bucky as he reached out and grabbed your hand.

“Well, if that pizza over there is from Gino’s, then I guess I don’t mind.”

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MY reaction to: Bangtan Boys! (BTS)

{Y’all seriously liked My reaction to EXO, so how about i give you guys another one? Okay, so these are based on my actual reaction to the Bangtan Boys when i first found them [about two years ago] so, hopefully y’all like it!}

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

Originally posted by softfluffytae


Holy shit, oh..wait…what are you? You look like you’d be a vocalist….Too tall to be a dancer and…too gentle to be a rapper. 

*First dad joke*….jesus christ….get the fuck out ya piece of dad poo. 

*Watches Eat Jin* Jin…what the fuck are you even doing? Hasn’t your mother ever told you not to play with your fucking food? 

*High key thought he was part of the maknae line*

Way i know him: Giant dork with dumb dad jokes

Suga (Min Yoongi)

Originally posted by sweetly-delirious

WHO IS THE PASTEL PRINCE OH MY GOSH. You’re eyes are funny lookin’ though. They are so tiny. Also, YOU ARE SO SMOL. You seem to always be frowning, sweetie, you’ll get crows feet like that. Smile a bit more. Jesus.

*Watches Agust D*….holy…fuck…..YOU’RE A RAPPER. I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OH MY GOSH. You look so gentle, i never would have thought you’d be a rapper. I gotta rethink jin’s position for a sec.  

Baby, you look like you need some serious sleep, i can see bags under your eyes even with the make up on. 

Way i know him: Pastel Prince with an AMAZING smile

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

Originally posted by yoongismochi

*Didn’t pay much attention to him at first* Huh, who are yo– 

*Finds he’s a dancer, rapper, and low key vocalist*…W O A H You are just a RAY OF SUNSHINE aren’t yOU? STOP THAT. STOP THAT SEXY DANCING YA PIECE OF SEXY CUTE SHIT.

I feel like you and Suga would be very good for each other. *Watches the face mask live stream* I SHIP IT. 

Also, why the hell is your laugh so contagious?! Why do you fall off your chair whenever you laugh?!

Way i know him: The guy i ship with Suga/ The guy with a long face and high cheeks

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)

Originally posted by rapnamu

That is some serious FIRE you’re spittin’ fam.

Nice lips, they are thick. 100% would kiss, but you got that brother feel to you so nah. Actually, your brother feel is hella strong…stop that. We’re supposed to find you attractive, not hope you were our brother.

Also, i like how low and husky your voice sounds. I’d fall asleep to that. 

Wooooaahhh…you talk about some deep shit. What a great mind you’ve got on top of those shoulders.


Jimin (Park Jimin)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Wow…just like Rapmon, 100% would kiss the SHIT outta your lips. 

Also, ugh…what an angelic voice…lay me down daddy Jimin, holy shit. 

BOI, WHY MUST YOU BE SO RUDE AND LIFT YOUR SHIRT???? *just finished watching No More dream* THAT IS SO RUDE, SHAME ON YOU. 


(i am not joking, i just made a song just from jimin’s nickname while making this, lord help me)

Way i know him: The cute faced guy with Thick lips and a sweet bod.

V (Kim Taehyung)

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Your smile is really weird, but it’s kinda cute (In a weird way) 

Babe, take me straight to your make up artist. They have done an amazing job with your eyeliner good lord. 

Also, what’s with your EYES??? THEY ARE SO PRETTY OH MY GOSH. Also, Dude, you have a nice long body…like, that is so cool and really attractive (As a short person i appreciate

Also, you got nice vocals my man. It sounds very breathy though sooooo…maybe good for ballads?

Way i know him: The guy with a cute/weird smile

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)

Originally posted by jkguks



*Watches no more dream* Woah, are you a rapper too? Wait, but you sing…and you’re a REALLY good dancer…WHAT ARE YOU?!?!?!? …Can i actually date you? *Finds out he’s nineteen* HOLY FUCK I CAN.

You look like a little bun with your buck teeth. So cute~ Also, i high key ship you with Jiminie. You’re such a little shit to him though, rood. 


Way i know him: Buff Bunny Boy

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (2 years ago): 


Anyway, i am just glad they are such a small group, still is gonna take me forever to figure out their names. 

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (NOW): 

Same thing as up there, except, Now i know their stage and full names. Also, i still love Jimin but Hoseok is my Bias and you can fight me to the FUCKING DEATH if you tell me i shouldn’t. 

Good luck on your tests, @strokinghamster2910 !!

Tapi works hard as well, so I hope both of you are going to succeed!
And to anyone else who struggles with exams and school - good luck to all of you, I know you are doing a great job.

Don’t get too hard on yourself, drink lots of water and remember to take some time off for a snack and to cool off n_n

anonymous asked:

What kind of fairies are you?

JM: well… we’re forest fairies so our jobs mostly revolve around what goes on in our forest. i make sure that flowers are happy and healthy! jeongguk’s kinda like… what you humans would call the lumberjack guy?

JK: jimin has the cooler job though, he gets to use fairy dust.

JM: your job is cool too?? you have an axe!

JK: that’s nowhere near as cool T^T

(they’re both just rlly smitten lmao)

anonymous asked:

Hello. I saw in an answer you did that you think Jumin got screwed over in the secret ends. Would you mind explaining why you think that? I'm just curious.

Hello sweet Nonnykins. Please, take a seat next to me and let us sip our whiskey (or your drink of preference) and talk about how Jumin got screwed over. I know a lot of this has been discussed in other posts by other bloggers so I hope I’m not repeating things already beat into the ground. I’d like to preference this with a couple things right out the back. Also this got way longer than expected, as usual, so under the cut it goes!

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laecra  asked:

So im related with a boy in my class (like 3rd cousins or further) but he didnt know yet, but I did. I didnt know how to tell him direct so, I like didnt tell him at all. But a teacher was like, 2 *my surname*? Are you related? And I just told very casually: "Yeah, really far tho" And the whole the class went nuts?? Best moment of my life so far. and I bet they have more 'respect' for me now cus hes kinda popular lmao. Just wanted to share

Ohhh that sounds pretty cool! Good job just dropping it so casually!

Killian had reported that she was bringing in three new reclaimers, but Lucretia saw four figures walking up to her on the dais.  Three were familiar, and she tried to keep her expression blank as she looked at them.  Her friends.  Her family.  Taako, looking bereft without his shadow.  Merle, somehow even crunchier than when she’d last seen him.  Magnus…Magnus, pulling a toddler along by the hand.

Lucretia stood involuntarily.  

She couldn’t have been much older than three.  Her pigtails were singed but they didn’t seem to bother her; she looked around the room with her father’s soft brown eyes, one of her hands curled around Magnus’s thumb.

Lucretia tried to keep her voice even as she explained the situation to them.  They thought she was a stranger, she reminded herself.  They had to believe she was a stranger.  Once they forced their way through introductions, she asked, “And what’s your daughter’s name?”

“Lucy,” Magnus said, grinning at the chance to talk about his kid.  “It’s a nickname.  Lucretia’s pretty, but it’s kind of big for such a widdle baby, yes it iiiiis…”  His voice slipped into baby talk and he swept the toddler up in his arms, poking her belly.

“Oh,” said Lucretia, and this was too much.  She really should have had them knocked out already.

He had named his daughter after her.  He didn’t remember her–she would have been able to tell if he did–but…God.  Fuck.

She had missed so much.  

“It’s good that you have this base,” said Magnus, oblivious, though Lucretia could see Killian looking at her curiously from the corner of her eye.  “I kinda have to take her along on jobs and stuff, but…you guys have a childcare plan, right?  That’s gotta be part of the benefits package.”

“Well–” Killian started, but Lucretia cut her off.

“We can figure something out,” she said, and smiled, quick and private, just to herself.  “Whatever you…all of you…need.”

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