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This is me opening up a request for mild one-sided sheith. Where Keith once had a crush on shiro and lance is a bit jealous and gets into an argument with Keith over his crush, but Keith yells at lance and tells him he doesn't like shiro anymore and that he likes someone else. lance is confused and confides in hunk because of this mystery person Keith's crushing on and he hates that it's not him although it is.

this request was super interesting to me and i really hope this is kind of what you were looking for… 

i plan to end this happily in a part 2 if anyone is interested lmao but i thought i’d leave this kinda angsty since so many people have been sending me messages like “MOM I NEED LANGST/KLANGST PLS IM DYIN GIVE IT TO ME” and i just don’t understand why you want our precious boys to be sad???? lmfao

*curled up in a corner crying softly* why does everyone want me to hurt my son

do you guys realize how amazing this clip and this whole relationship is. not only bc of the clear chemistry and adoration between these two pure kids but it’s the way they speak about their beliefs: a boy confesses why he gave up on some parts of islam to a muslim girl and he knows that the girl won’t judge him. and he doesn’t judge her.  they like each other and have a crush on each other, but better yet - they fucking respect each other. and to see islam presented in this way - in a new, complex way - in a tv show feels kinda fucking revolutionary and amazing to me, and im not even religious so I can only imagine how it feels for religious people!

Sexy Bet (M)

Words: 1602

Warning: Smut, fluff.

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Reader X Jungkook

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“What about a bet?” Jungkook proposed. “If you lose it, you’ll do my homework for one week” Ah, these guys… You were a really close friend of Jungkook and Jimin, and they were always making stupid bets. You didn’t care about it anymore. You usually spend time together and that afternoon they were in your place, just killing time.

 “Really? You’re so creative, Kookie” you said. They were sat on the carpet, playing videogames and you were sat on the couch behind them, watching. Jungkook turned around to look at you.

“Do you have any better idea, idiot?” he asked “and stop fucking calling me Kookie”.

 He hated when you called him because despite the fact you were the same age, you always saw him as a kid, and he didn’t like it.

 “Ok. But what if you lose?” Jimin asked. Jungkook stopped for a sec, wondering what he could do. You had to admit you had a crush on him, and the face he was doing, so soft…Ok stop it, Y/N.  

  Jimin looked at you in time to see your stare at Jungkook.

 “Y/N is kinda pretty, doesn’t she?” Jimin pointed. Jimin what are you doing? Jungkook didn’t, but Jimin knew about your crushing. He chuckled at you and you gave him a warning look.

 “What?” Jungkook asked, confused about his hyung question.

 “She is pretty, don’t you think?” Jimin asked, raising his eyebrows at the younger boy.

 “Jimin, what are you doing” You asked, knowing what he was doing.

Jungkook didn’t say anything, just looked at Jimin, waiting for him to say something.

 “I have an idea” Jimin said, “If you lose, you and Y/N have to fuck”.

 What? Your world stopped. Jimin was crazy? Why was he doing that to you? You were still a virgin and he knew that! Oh my god what would Jungkook think about that?

 “Not a problem”, Jungkook said, pulling you from your thoughts as your cheeks got pink, “If she wants…”

Wait, he wants to?  The two boys stared at you, expecting your answer. You looked down in embarrassment. Oh God, what a situation. But you trusted him, damn it. Even though you had a crush on him, he was still one of your best friends. He would never hurt you.

  “So?” Jimin asked. Fuck it.

“I-I think that is ok”, you said shyly. Oh my god, oh my fucking god.

 “Great” Jungkook said and stood up, smiling at you.

“Fucking hell no” Jungkook yelled as Jimin throw the game control away and started jumping and scream in happiness.

 “Suck it! I told you I was a best player than you, Kookie. Deal with that” Jimin said.

“Shut the fuck up. You were just lucky” Jungkook groaned. He didn’t like to lose. Jimin teased Jungkook, in normal conditions you’d have thought it was funny, but…

Oh my God, Jungkook lost. It means

 “So…Y/N” Jimin said, you looked up at the two boys who were now standing in front of you. You avoided Jungkook’s face.

 “He has to pay his bet” Jimin whispered. You started feeling nervous. What if he does not liked your body?

 “Y/N, you do not have to do that if you don’t want” Jungkook said, noticing your reaction.

 “I’m fine… I just…” you said but cut yourself as your realized what you were about to say. Ok you could not say you were virgin. He would make fun of you for sure. “Just take me to the bedroom” you said quickly.

 “She’s amused” He played and you rolled your eyes, but couldn’t hide the blush on your cheeks.

 “Well, I’m gonna…do something. I don’t wanna hear you fucking” Jimin said, grabbing his jacket and leaving the house quickly. You were now alone with Jungkook, who was staring at you with lustful eyes. God

 “So…don’t you wanna do it on the couch? I’ve never fucked on a couch” he said as he got closer to you. I haven’t either. No way. You didn’t want your first time to be on a couch. No. You knew you weren’t his first but he was yours so, it had to be special anyway.

 “I’m not getting fucked on a couch. Take me to my bedroom” you said. He just smiled and took your hand, pulling you upstairs. The sec you got into the room, he closed the door and pushed you against it, attacking your lips.

 That was your first kiss with him, and it was already so rough. For sure he thought you weren’t virgin anymore. You kissed him back, your hands pulling him closer by his neck as his made their way to your waist. He pressed his body against yours and you gasped.

 “You know” he said between kissed, “I kind of was wishing I lost the bet. I always wanted to know how it would be to fuck you”. Oh god. Was he serious? Those words got your knees weak. You closed your eyes as he licked your earlobe, then your jaw and reached your neck. He sucked at your skin, one of his hands finding your ass. He squeezed there harshly, it felt so good. But you couldn’t focus on that. You had to tell him…

  “Jungkook, wait” you said. He stopped and looked at you, confused. Ok, here ya go.

 “I-I’m virgin, so…” your voice was almost a whisper. His eyes widened, obviously surprised.

 “What? Are you serious?” He asked, “Oh…well…That’s not a problem. Don’t worry, Y/N, I’m gonna take care of you”.

 He started placing warm kisses on your neck, licking every exposed skin. His grip on your ass were now less rough, massaging it as his other hand went under your shirt to grab our clothed boobs. You moaned slightly, earning a chuckle from him.

 “Let’s take this off” he said, taking off your shirt slowly, letting his fingertips brush against your skin teasingly. Ah, his touch felt so good. He took it off, he stared at your semi clothed boobs and you covered yourself. He stopped you.

 “Fuck, your boobs are gorgeous” he said.

 “Y-your turn” you said shyly. He smiled at you and took off his own shirt. You had seen him shirtless a lot of times but that was different. You stared at his gorgeous abs, feeling the necessity to touch it, and before you could even think about it your hands did it.

 “Like what you see?” he said cocky. Ah, this boy. He kissed you again, grabbing your legs and lifting you up, you wrapped your legs around his hips. He carried you to the bed, letting you fall onto the fluffy mattress. He was still on his feet, and started unzipping his pants. He let it fall, wearing now just his underwear. Ah, God… He crawled over you, placing him between your legs. He kissed you, his lips moving softly against yours. His hands trailed down to your waist, his fingers playing with the waistband of your shorts. He started unzipping it, slowly, as his tongue massaged yours. You started scratching his back, lost in the sensation. He pulled away from you to take off your shorts completely, and you closed your eyes. You were so nervous. He probably noticed that, because he leaned in and placed a peck on your kiss.

 “Relax, Y/N” he whispered. He placed wet kisses along your jawline, taking off your bra and then sucking your breasts.

 “This feels so good” you said. Did I just say that? He licked your nipples as his other hand played with the other one. He traveled down your stomach, till his head was finally between your legs. He took off your underwear and kissed your inner thigh, avoiding the place you wanted to feel him the most.

 “You’re already wet” his warm breath hit your pussy before he licked it. Fuck. He gave you a long, deep lick at first, and then started sucking your clit. You couldn’t help but moan, feeling his smirk against his skin.

 “Relax” he repeated and you felt his fingers teasing your entrance. Ok, here we go. He pushed one finger in, and you groaned in pain. He let his finger still.

 “You ok?” he said and you just groaned. He started pumping it in and out slowly, his tongue working at your clit. You arched your back, pleasure hitting you so hard.

 “Jungkook…I need more” you whimpered, because it was true. You wanted to actually feel him already. He stood up, only to take off his underwear, revealing his hardened dick. Fuck…. You licked your lips.

 He smirked and crawled back over you, placing his tip in your entrance.

 “Ready?” he asked. You nodded and closed your eyes as he pushed into you. He started moving slowly, letting you adjust. His pace was so slow you were becoming impatient.

 “Faster, please” you whimpered. He started to increase his pace, pounding into you faster. Oh my God that was so fucking good.

You were a moaning mess, not even caring about your shyness anymore. You dug your fingers on his back as he started to kiss you while thrusting, your walls tightening around his dick.

 “Jungkook, I think I’m close” you moaned. He started rubbing your clit, adding pleasure and you couldn’t control yourself anymore. You came hard, he followed you. He leaned his face against the gap between your neck and shoulder, panting.

 He pulled out of you, laying beside you. You had never felt so much pleasure before. He was amazing. Shit.

 “Are you Ok?” he asked.

 “Yes. Not bad, Kookie” you said, teasing him as he pulled you against him.

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Body Language

Request: ok so maybe Jughead x reader where they kinda always acted like they hated each other with stares and sass, but since they got back to school reader began to kinda flirt? but not with words but like with body language? (I love your writings so much)

Requested by: @littlefrenchnuage

A/N: Hey, I’ve decided to do your request because I loved it so so much. So no problem! Plus, im a bit in the Jughead mood because the last episode was amazing. And all I have to say is that if someone needs to take that boy in, I volunteer myself. REMEMBER, REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED.

Warnings: flirting but that’s about it.

Originally posted by dailyriverdale

You always kind of hated Jughead. But not because he was a terrible person or anything, on the contrary actually you had the biggest crush on him. You ‘hated’ him because you didn’t know how to deal with your own emotions, so therefore started the silent war between the two of you. Glaring and insulting each other anytime an opportunity presented itself.

But when school started and the situation with Jason only increased tenfold you decided you were tired of pretending to hate him. You were scared all the time and instead of hating him, you wanted him by his side. But you knew you needed to have fun with it, because that’s how you were.

So you started flirting, opening yourself body up to him much more than being closed off. You discontinued glaring and insulting him, to which it confused him because suddenly his glares weren’t returned and his insults meant less because he wasn’t getting a witty comeback. He began to notice your more… um revealing choice of clothing and your need to always be need him. Smiling and biting your lip around him.

It… aroused him just as much as it confused him. So, he wanted answers, just like any good novelist does. He needed to know why this sudden change in your attitude was happening. So to your happy surprise, he invited you to Pop’s one night, and you agreed almost instantly.

So that’s how you found yourself, sat in front of Jughead with a pretty smile on your lips. You wore a flannel, unbuttoned one button too low and some nice skinny jeans on. Your heart was pounding against your chest, but you never were a shy girl, so you didn’t let that face you.

“So, Juggie, what did you need me for?” You bit your lip, allowing your eyes to graze his body as his gulped in nervousness. Was it suddenly hot in here? He wondered. He wasn’t one to get so worked up this easy, but even he couldn’t deny the fact that you were hot, and that he had this attraction to you since you two met. He always found your confidence booming but your kindness flattering.

“Um… I wanted to talk about us.” He mumbled. You rose a delicate eyebrow, leaning forward to come closer to him. Allowing your lips to slowly wrap around your straw ant-agonizingly.

“Oh?” You asked, blinking your eyes. “And why would that be?” 

“What happened to our hatred?” He blurted out, blushing afterwards. 

His bluntness made you blink. “What do you mean?”

“We use to be… well not friendly. But now suddenly you…” He stopped, flushing in embarrassment. You smirked.

“What?” You asked, licking your lips as you blinked innocently at him. 

“You’re all… seductive?” He questioned and you giggled lightly at his confusion. Frowning suddenly, you reached across the table to grab his hand. Staring sadly at him. “Do you not like it?”

“No!” He blurted and you found yourself giggling again. Then suddenly, you turned serious. “I don’t want to pretend to hate you anymore, Juggie. I like you, I don’t hate you.”

Jughead remained silent for a moment and you waited patiently. Before his eyes found yours and he let a small smile slip. “I like you too, Y/N.”

You smiled brightly, letting go of his hand and leaning back as you clapped to yourself. “Great! When’s our next date?”

Pete Dunne NSFW Alphabet

Originally posted by pinknights

I thought I’d do one of these for Pete Dunne because I currenly have a love /hate crush on him and i thought it was about time that i wroe something about him. His character reminds me so much of one of my ex boyfriends so I kinda took some of his things and adapted them for Pete!

I try and write these to fit my own head cannons so y’know! I hope you can picture him the same too!


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Any comments likes and reblogs are really appreciated (: it keeps me movitated!

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Can we get your opinion (are they attractive) for the rest of 127? what you said about doyoung was really sweet and I'd like to know the others

oh sure!!

taeyong - is incredibly beautiful,,,,,i think the word beautiful encompasses exactly what he is but it is definitely a stoic beauty,,,,like his face reminds me of a painting???

taeil - has charm,,,,,,,rather than calling him like beautiful like taeyong i think his face is charming and his curled hair really matches his personality 

johnny - he has such seductive features,,,,when he’s being serious his eyes just turn so intense like HOW but then he smiles and becomes the literal ^_^ emoji and its so adorable,,,,,,he’s very striking

yuta - is hot,,,,,,he’s hot like ofc he’s handsome and sweet but holy moley he is h o t 

doyoung - attractive ofc,,,,that smile of his is,,,,,,,everything i love his mouth esp when he laughs and is happy!!!!

jaehyun - he reminds me of the flower boy-esque look,,,,,,he just is undeniably good-looking and has really nice hands,,,,,,

winwin - wow,,,,,show stopping,,,,,,,he doesn’t look like anyone else he’s so unique and i love his lips and ears!!!!!!!! somehow even tho he’s younger he’s very elegant looking 

mark - school boy charm??? like when i look at mark im like u play on the school soccer team and have a golden retriever named sunshine and look the best sitting at a desk with a pen pressed to your cheek,,,,,,like he’s so,,,,,,,adorable first crush style??? 

haechan - i love haechan’s nose,,,,and the way he smiles really subtly because it makes him look kinda coy but also so ,,,,, warm??? his skin is always glowing too and his neck birthmarks are cute!! 

I mean, we ALL know Damian listens to music. ALL THE TIME, Every chance he gets. But like, what kind of music does he have on his phone? What Genres? What’s his favourite song? Does he have a favourite artist? Favourite Genre? Does he have playlists he listens too when in a certain mood?

Dami, love, what kinda music ya got there? I’m sure we all would like to know.


PARING- reader x steve rogers


WARNINGS- bad language, SMUT, ALL OF THE SMUTTY SMUT, with slight fluff at the end 

Request from Anon-

 Well maybe a kinda smutty one with Steve where you’re Natasha’s best friend and she knows about your crush on Steve. So she and Clint invite both of you over to a meeting in the Stark tower where Steve gets all flustered when he sees you. Then you later end up pulling him by his shirt cause you can’t resist his cuteness and you have a passionate making out session and later a night together. Then he cuddles you and want to make sure it wasn’t a one time thing and he wants you to be his ? :)

Oh boy did i have fun with this one *laughs suggestively* I loved writing this even if its currently 11.12pm and i have to be up at 5.30am BUT THAT WILL NOT DETER ME FROM GIVING YOU READERS THE SMUT YOU DESERVE GOD DAMN IT! so here it is in all its smutty glory (this is my first time writing smut so i hope its good) 

Originally posted by skywalkersleia-archive

You were going to kill Natasha, you should have know not to let slip you secret little crush on Steve, that you couldn’t help but stare when ever you saw him wandering around the tower, you couldn’t help that the man was build like a Greek god and you knew how gods were build, you only had to compare Steve to Thor and know that the super solider could give the God of Thunder a run for his money. So you knew that telling this to your best friend it should have been filed in –secrets-you-tell-you-best-friend-and-threaten-her-if-she-tells-a-soul. So you really shouldn’t have surprised when the teasing started happening from Clint.

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  • everyone who makes "every john green book" posts: i haven't actually read any of these books but i see that teenage girls like them and often relate to the characters, especially when they say pretentious fakedeep stuff so rather than acknowledging that maybe this author is attempting to portray the realities of being a young teenager, which often include being kinda pretentious and fake deep, im just going to make fun of him and make young girls who relate to his characters feel alienated and excluded because i like to shame people out of enjoying media that i personally don't like. since i haven't read the books, i also don't know that john green is trying to show how damaging it is when we romanticize other people, especially when boys idealize girls they have crushes on. i don't know that john green's books end with the greasy white nerd boy realizing that teenage girls are just people so i'm going to continue making snarky posts because that's easier than trying to understand something i don't like. this is really helpful & i feel that i am using my time productively

@lonleymeaf replied to your post “SO LIKE, I was looking through episodes to answer a post and I just…”

Dude, why would he be so thristy for a kiss? This makes me feel like Adrien WAS REALLY EXCITED FOR THE KISS WITH MARINETTE but he didn’t have it so he wanted to kiss ladybug instead. BUUUTT WHYY? IS THERE A POSSIBILITY OF ADRIEN KNOWING OR SUSPECTING THAT MARINETTE IS LADYBUG I MEAN WHAAAT IM FANGIRLING RIGHT NOW

Dude like?? I’m actually thinking he probably subconsciously knows? Idk if it’s the magic of the Miraculous or whatever, but he’s definitely feeling that Ladybug vibe on her, ya feel?

I mean, he knows Ladybug has dark hair, wears pigtails, and has bluebell eyes—-and who else is in close proximity to him with the very same features??

Originally posted by sarahcada

I mean, there are a lot of instances where Adrien seems to be giving Marinette some “special” attention that even he doesn’t give Chloe or anyone else—-the primary one being him putting out all the stops to impress Marinette during the Evillustrator episode (and thus Marichat was born).

Originally posted by 50shadesofmiraculousladybug

Originally posted by chibistar

“She has other things to do, so YOU’LL be my Ladybug.

Like……… Adrien…. kid… dude… bruh…

And he winks at her a lot??

Originally posted by miraculousgifs

And touches her a lot???

Originally posted by lovelysemixo

And it’s clear that he admires her one way or another?

Originally posted by ionlywannaseeyousmile

Hahahaha……….. kid… pls.

He doesn’t have to say or realize he has a crush on her too. I honestly think it’s less that he’s not interested in her, and more that he’s completely oblivious about his own feelings because of Ladybug being at the forefront of his mind. But I think, deep inside, he just sort of knows.

Then again he is a French teenage boy so……………. I don’t know…. I mean, I’ve seen him touch Chloe’s shoulder? And Juleka’s? Maybe he’s just the touchy feely kinda dude. He is starved for affection after all, someone love him pls

But, I mean, they’re obviously made for each other anyway. In the end, they’ve always liked each other. In the end, the four ships are two dumb people circling around each other so! It’s all good??

Originally posted by ladynoir-aka-life

random ponyboy headcanons

-he has a really short attention span

-doesn’t like cats, but he really wants a snake???

-he doesn’t need glasses but wants them bc he thinks they look cool

-he’s always holding back that one legendary roast that could destroy someone’s life

-girls friendzone him all the time but he doesn’t notice

-his favorite color is purple

-he loves cuddling but he gets hot easily


-like modern pony definitely supported Bernie and actually convinced several of the gang members to do the same

-modern pony also loves Kendrick Lamar

-he likes vegetables but hates fruit

-hes actually really good at pranks but he doesn’t want to get in trouble so he feeds his ideas to soda, who will actually do it

-like hes an evil little shit sometimes, never play truth or dare with him

-his favorite movie from the 80s (it cant be The Outsiders haha) is probably St. Elmo’s Fire

-look under his bed, there are at least thirty notebooks full of unfinished stories and sketches

-no one knows where he gets all those notebooks

-he forgets everything

-he will accidentally wear the same socks for like 3 days then realize it later and be TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH HIMSELF

-like hes scatterbrained but for some reason its kinda funny and cute

-he definitely has dimples FIGHT ME

-he has a baby face so he looks younger than 14 awww

-but he had a growth spurt at like 15 and when he came back to school after summer everyone had to look up to him

-hes really social and has a lot of friends at school, girls and boys (some of them have crushes on him, shhhhh)

-Ponyboy Curtis is adorable and that is it

anonymous asked:

Hi Ki! Can I get headcanons on how the S and M boys would ask their crush on a date?

Ki: Hewwo~~~

Straight forward with little fuss.
*lying next to crush* “Hey, wanna head out sometime?”
Kinda out of the blue he’s so chill is he really serious, we’ll never know

Refined with a plan set out before he even asks.
“Would you like to accompany me to have some tea this weekend?”

Would try to play it cool but his blush is giving him away.
“Hey, uh, you wanna come watch a game with me?”

He’d more demand you go out with him.
“Come have tea with Teddy and I NOW.”

Mr. Smooth over here thinks everything’s gonna go to plan. (rip Laito)
“Heya, wanna come over to my place later, yeah~?” 

Poor boy’s doing his best.
“H-hey uh, you wanna go somewhere, someday… Like- N-no like just the two- Do you want to go out with me dammit?”

The real Mr. Smooth.
“Would you like to head out with me, just the two of us, on the weekend?”

He’s so confident honestly he’s more confident than I am breathing.
“Ne~ Neko-chan you want a backstage pass to my next show?”

He kind just drags you into his garden..
“Oi, come help me harvest some stuff.”

Honestly he doesn’t even ask you probably dragged him out.
“Ah- Where.. are we going? It’ll be fun? Ok..”

Bts reaction to their crush dating another member


Seokjin is always seen as the mother figure in BTS which did not make it easy for him to accept that he had a crush on Maknae Jungkook’s girlfriend! It was all just a mess for him, he never before had a crush on somebody younger than himself, prefering more mature and older girls, but he had fallen in love with you loud laugh and half yells at you threaten to choke Jungkook with his controller since he once again decided that playing Genji was an acceptable life choice. Love always comes in the most unexpected ways.

Originally posted by jinmini

“I am not avoiding you guys I promise, I just need extra dance practice”


Yoongi is clearly not the best person in the world to deal with his emotions, what he did instead was write a lot of sad songs like it would come to point where BTS could do a full comeback of just sad songs. On the bright side… Deep emotional BTS songs, on the sad side… You did break Min Yoongi’s heart even if you didn’t know it.

Originally posted by tahyns

“Nothing is wrong! Just… go… Hoseok is waiting for you!”


For Hoseok it was bad, you were dating Taehyung the person which everybody said he was most a like. Which meant that it wasn’t cause you didn’t like his type of personality, but simply that you didn’t like him.
His at time fragile self esteem  would take a blow because of this, and it would take him a long while to get over it. Poor boy.

Originally posted by jjilljj

“Hyung? Is something wrong with me? No… Nothing is wrong I just… I just wondered.”


Being the leader sucked, specially when being the leader meant that you had to make sure that nobody was fighting or anything else was going on. Namjoon had always kinda had a low key crush on you, but he wanted to wait to confess to you until they were done with the comeback and he had more time so he wouldn’t have to leave you alone for months right after.
What he never saw coming was Jimin, Jimin who asked you out, Jimin who you said yes to, Jimin who for all Namjoon believed weren’t the type he expected you to go for. Maybe what hurt the most wast hat Jimin was the oppositeawaaw of what he was himself… Oh cruel cruel love.

Originally posted by bangthebae

“Why Jimin? You said you weren’t looking for a boyfriend? I know you said that you love him?”


Jimin would be hurt there were no doubt about it, but he would also do his best to support you guys. He knew that Yoongi struggled with showing his emotions sometimes, and he deserved a girl like you. To be honest you guys deserved each other, which was why no matter how much it hurt… He would still be your biggest cheerleader and your peacekeeper when you needed it.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Trust me, you and Yoongi-hyung are going to workout I promise!”


Puppy love, and he didn’t know what to do about it. You were Seokjin’s girlfriend and he knew it wasn’t right! Like you were Seokjin’s nonna even if only be a year, but that made the age difference even bigger between you two! And you treated him like a little brother just like Seokjin treated him. He was stuck with just puppy loving from the side, oh love was hard.

Originally posted by toughchim

“uhm… uhm… “


Jungkook was stuck in a weird situation, the thing was that he was young and he wanted to yell out that you should be dating him instead, but he was also the Maknae and you were Namjoon’s girlfriend his leader that he respected that, or more like he didn’t have a choice. Sometimes being the maknae… Sometimes it really isn’t

Originally posted by sugutie

“You and Namjoon-hyung look really good together, nothing is wrong! Just been… a long day”

Got a reaction you would like to see? Requests are currently open so feel free to request something!

- Prussia

The signs as I know them (capricorn girl)

Aries: Likes movies about violence. Sarcastic. A little antisocial, but still leads an active life. Easily bored. Very talented. Big ego. Drinks a lot. 

Taurus: Calm and quiet. Seems shy, but is not. Has many friends. Likes horror movies, sweets and classy girls.

Gemini: Had a difficult life. Very strong. Doesn’t trust a lot of people. Loves attention. Talks about interesting subjects all the time. Cool style. Once whispered the secret to a happy life in my ear “don’t give a fuck about ANYTHING!” and then laughed out loud. 

Cancer: Strong and soft at the same time. Big green eyes. Street smart. Extrovert. Always late. Hates night clubs. Gets close to people very fast. Sleeps only 2-3 hours. 

Leo: Very cute. Helps everybody out. Lifts your mood the moment he enters the room. Adores attention. A little hard on himself. Likes being pet on his head.

Virgo: Very talented but underestimates herself. Has many friends but spends most of her days in a cafe, alone, with her laptop and loves every minute of it. Has a good taste. Takes cool photos. Eats slow with very small bites. 

Libra: Every boy is in love with her. Red hair. Very touchy feely. Gives the best massages. Makes her own dresses. Likes changes. Adores her family. Rare beauty. Talented in multiple things. 

Scorpio: Nobody knows what is really  going on in his life. Loves hugging. Has a huge ego but acts like he doesn’t. Likes to dress well. Has beautiful black hair. Very sensitive. Likes to explore the dark side of the human psyche. Stalks you on social media. Wants to know the real you. 

Sagittarius: Loves to talk to everybody about everything. Very cute (I kinda have a crush on him). Adrenaline freak. Has ADHD. Is never late. Open minded. Likes luxurious lifestyle. Awkward hugger. Curly hair. Loud laugh. Listens to music all the time. Loves teamwork. Hates rude people. 

Capricorn: Acts tough. Very sensitive inside. Has many friends but doesn’t let them close. Very independent. Great sense of humour. Dresses well. Everyone knows and likes her. Works hard. Travels a lot. Quite famous photographer.

Aquarius: Cool, smart and independent. Yoga freak. Listens to Jazz. Loves her bicycle more than she likes people. Introvert. Wants to work in the Red Cross. Last night she told me about her astral travel - how she flew to the roof of her house and watched the city from there. 

Pisces: Beautiful eyes. Optimist. Interested in spirituality. Likes comfort and warmth. Is a little shy. Studies well. Hates arguing with people. Wants to travel to Thailand with me next summer. 

starlighticefire  asked:

Can I ask for the GOM (including Kuroko) and Himuro reacting to a girl who has a crush on him, but he doesn't know until her friends tell him?

*cries* I finally have my computer up and running again!!! Also requests for Himuro make me very happy because I feel like he doesn’t get enough love.

Kuroko:  “Ok, but why does ____ like Kuroko-kun? He’s like a ghost. It’s kinda creepy,” one of the girls in the group cringed.

The boy nearly stopped in his tracks when he heard those words. Not the thing about him being a ghost, since he kinda expected that. His lack of presence was something he was well aware of, obviously.

He heard the name of a girl that was in his class. And that she liked him. They sat on opposite sides of the classroom, but she was pretty. Kuroko felt his face heat up at learning this new information that the girl liked him. A part of him wanted to confront her about it, but a part of him wanted to see if she’d gain the confidence to tell him. He walked to class with a spring in step and a small smile on his face.

Akashi: A girl known for being… in kinder terms, a floozy, came up to Akashi one day and thankfully he already had a rejection speech ready. He wasn’t interested in relationships at the moment, especially not with someone who wouldn’t take it seriously.

“Akashi-kun, I’m a good friend of ____, and she would never tell you herself, but she has an almost debilitating crush on you.” She tossed hair over her shoulder and scoffed. “She’s such a pansy sometimes, but I figured if I told you then you might be able to do something about it.”

With that, she walked away, leaving Akashi somewhat dumbfounded. He blinked cluelessly for a few moments before he sat down at his desk. He knew the girl; in fact she sat right next to him. She was nice, didn’t get the best grades in class, but he knew she worked hard.

He put his chin in his hand and grinned a little to himself. Maybe he could use this information to his advantage to get to know her better…

Aomine: When the ace heard that a girl had a crush on him, he wasn’t really fazed. After all, he was a total stud, so of fucking course a ton of girls liked him. This wasn’t anything new, but something bothered him about it.

Her friends had told him. He felt like that was breaking unspoken girls’ code or something.

He asked Satsuki, and she’d been dumbfounded.

“What kinds of friends does she have?!” the pink-haired girl demanded. “That is one thing that girls don’t do!!! I mean, unless they think that they have a better chance, but… Jesus, this really pisses me off! I’m gonna go and become her best friend!!!”

With that, she’d stormed off, leaving a baffled Aomine on the roof. Maybe if Satsuki was going to become her best friend, he’d see her around, and he figured that wouldn’t be too bad.

Kise: When yet another girl traipsed up to Kise, he had to plaster a smile onto his face again. He hated when girls confessed to him on the roof; it was so cliché. If someone was to confess to him, he wanted it to be original.

This girl, though, she had a sly smirk on her face. “I have a feeling you get a lot of confessions up here,” she said with her hands behind her back.

“Yeah…” Kise raised an eyebrow. “What are you getting at?”

“You’re not gonna get one from me,” she giggled. “I already have a boyfriend. But I’m here on behalf of my best friend, ____. She’s too shy to confess to you herself, and I thought I might tell you to give her a push in the right direction.”

Kise was very confused at this point. “Uh, so… what does that mean?”

“It means that I’m putting the ball in your court, Kise,” she shrugged. “Whether or not you do anything with this information is completely up to you, but I think even if you talked to her, even to give her a rejection, she would be over the moon that you even noticed her.”

“And what if I told her that you told me?” he wondered.

“She’d probably kill me, but I wouldn’t regret it.”

With that, the girl walked away and down the stairs. Kise plopped down on the roof and thought. He’d heard that name before; after all they were in the same class. Maybe he should talk to her a little.

Midorima: Takao bounded up to Midorima at practice one day with a huge smile on his face.

“No,” Midorima said as soon as Takao got to him.

“But you didn’t even hear what I’m going to say,” Takao pouted.

“I don’t care, the answer is already no.”

“But Shin-chan! Just hear me out! Please?”

Midorima rolled his eyes and looked at his teammate. “Fine. What?”

“Yay! So, there’s this girl who has a crush on you, and I totally think you should ask her out because she’s really, really great and I think you’d like her a lot. And honestly her crush on you is embarrassing and I’ve tried to convince her to tell you herself but she’s way too shy. So I decided to take it into my own two hands.”

Takao’s barrage of words stunned Midorima. “Wait…”

It took a few more seconds for it to finally sink in and when it did, the boy blushed and turned away from his friend. “Whatever,” he scoffed, grabbing a basketball.

“So is that a yes?” Takao smirked. “Because I’m gonna text ____-chan right now and tell her that you’ll take her out on a date this Friday night.”

“NO!” Midorima shouted louder than he’d anticipated. “I’ll… do it myself,” he muttered.

In all honesty, he’d noticed ____ a little more since she’d started hanging out with Takao, and developed an interest in her. She seemed to be nice, since she tolerated Takao, and he wouldn’t mind someone like her.

Murasakibara: He was honestly surprised when a group of girls approached him. Because of his height, he almost never got to talk to girls. Not that he really cared either way, if he was honest.

“Murasakibara-kun! Um…” the seeming leader of the group averted her eyes as soon as she glanced up at him.

“We just wanted to tell you about our friend, ____!” another girl added.

“She’s had a crush on you for forever!”

With that, the three of them ran away, leaving the purple giant more confused than he usually was. He shrugged and turned around to go back to the vending machine to get his favorite snack when he saw a girl standing in the middle of the hallway. Her face was pale and she looked terrified. She must’ve overheard.

He cocked his head to the side. “Are you ok, ____?” he wondered. She was the manager of his basketball team, after all, and it wouldn’t do any good for her to be sick or something.

“Uh… Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” she nodded, letting out a sigh of relief.

“So you like me, huh, ____?” he drawled.

She tripped over her feet and fell on her face, amazed that he’d put two and two together. Usually he was so unobservant, but she supposed she had her friends to thank.

Himuro: Himuro Tatsuya was by no means unpopular with girls. He was kind, attentive, and quite a gentleman. He always seemed to be just out of everyone’s reach, though.

He was hanging out by himself in the gym one day during lunch, and he heard a group of girls approaching through the door. He sighed and resigned himself to smiling for them and pretending to be the ideal person he knew everyone thought him to be.

The girls were giggling endlessly and he groaned internally. They were the fluttering preppy girls who usually tried to hit it off with him.

“Himuro, we’ve got something to tell you!” one of them grinned.

He raised an eyebrow. He then realized how strange it was for a bunch of girls to come to him at once.

“What’s up?” he wondered, smiling a bit.

“You know ____, right?” another girl asked.

“Yeah,” he shrugged. He’d seen her around, and he was pretty sure she was in Murasakibara’s class. She seemed to like him well enough; at least she wasn’t scared of him like some people.

“Well, she totally has a crush on you, and we think you two would make a good couple!” the last girl piped up.

Himuro barely contained his surprise. Usually girls were willing to kill for a chance at him, even though he always turned them down. And yet here these girls were, trying to get their friend a chance.

“Huh,” he nodded. “Interesting. I’ll look into it, thanks for the tip.”

This girl must be extraordinary for her to have friends willing to give up their shots at dating Himuro to try to set her up with him.

“How are we gonna find him?”


Omfg he just totally melted it in seconds. I really love that they tried having a giant bowl of ice cream in a beach town though??? Like, the sun would’ve melted it anyways???? Unless the whole town was gonna eat it together or something, which is kinda gross tbh….

“Steven… That’s hilarious.”


“And other boys!”

That was so cute. Is this implying Steven has a crush on Lars?? Or is Steven just jealous that Lars was hanging out with other friends besides him? Either way, it’s adorable.

the truth might be out there, but it’s not here

Ryan Bergara is a normal sixteen year old boy who just so happens to love the supernatural and has a knack for ghost hunting. Shane Madej is the new boy in town who just so happens to be a demon sent from Lucifer himself. Shane’s mission? Stop Ryan Bergara at all costs – or at least, try. Ryan has some evidence he has no business having, and he’s getting real close to unlocking something about the devil that Lucifer doesn’t want to see the light of day. Shane befriends Ryan quickly, and eventually Ryan trusts him enough to take him ghost hunting with him. But will everything be ruined when Shane starts to develop an actual attachment to Ryan? With his luck, of course it will.

Rated T+

Read it on Ao3 too! ( here )

A: go easy on me please, it’s my first time writing fanfic of any kind and i’m trying really hard b/c i love these two suckers so much. rn it’s just a plain highschool!au but i promise it will get spooky soon. enjoy <3

“Ryan –” Jen bounds up the school’s steps, Kelsey and Zach by her side. Once her dear friend doesn’t answer, she tries again. “Ryan –” Nothing. “Ryan –” How can he be this distracted? Really, how? “Ryan!” That one comes from Kelsey, who was steadily getting more and more annoyed while Jen tried to get Ryan’s attention patiently; the thing was, Kelsey wasn’t patient. Kelsey’s impatience works, Ryan’s head snaps up from his laptop, eyes slightly narrowed and irritation clear across his face.

“What?” He snaps, eyes moving from Jen, to Kelsey, then to Zach, and his face softened. Zach looked uncomfortable, and Ryan simply sighed, head moving back to Kelsey. He couldn’t get mad now, not at his friends – he knew it was his fault for ignoring them, anyway.

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Auston Matthews - Part 22

How am I already at part 22?? 

The next week is a whirlwind of planning, packing and hidden tears. My final request to the university was to be housed someplace that allowed me to bring my two dogs, because there was no way in hell I was leaving them on top of leaving my parents. So I spent many hours on the phone and computer trying to find a place that wasn’t downtown (as much as I had loved being downtown while staying at Auston’s, there was no way I wanted that for myself every day), and that had plenty of space for my girls to run.

               Finally settling on a neighborhood that was not yet completely developed, I was able to get a good price for a house that was much bigger than I expected with two additional bedrooms besides the master. The university expected me to choose two roommates to join me there, which I had absolutely no plans to do so, and the university wasn’t too pleased about it but agreed regardless. I’m not a huge fan of being around people more than I have to be.

               Auston tried to be helpful in pointing out various things in different neighborhoods that I was looking into, but eventually he had to give Mitch my number because I was being so picky. Which resulted in a chain reaction of my number being handed out to several players on the team which then resulted in gaining several new snapchat friends. Who, because they are just so “gracious” as Mitch put it, send me snapchats night and day of Auston, “to help me cope with the separation” as Mitch also put it.

               Most all of the snaps were of Auston with either a grumpy expression on his face at being photographed or with pink cheeks which I’m sure was from one of his teammates giving him a hard time. To be completely honest, they were always the highlight of my day. In addition, I had started watching the Leafs more than I had before, which annoyed me but I couldn’t help it. I missed Auston already and seeing him on the ice was calming, and afterwards he would always find a private place to call me.

               I glance at the clock and do the quick calculation of what time it is in L.A, and almost instantly my phone vibrates on my dresser. I scramble over the many boxes in my way and snatch up the phone, seeing the new very familiar name flash across my screen.

               “Hello?” I ask a bit breathlessly for having only ran ten feet.

               “You always answer like you don’t know who’s calling,” Auston’s voice says through the speaker, a teasing tone to his words.

               “Sometimes I don’t, especially after that conversation with Mitch two days ago,” I reply, flopping down on my bed.

               “Yeah, that’s not going to happen again.” Auston huffs into the phone and I giggle.

               “You weren’t very nice to him afterwards,” I remind him, grinning at my ceiling.

               Auston makes some noise into the phone and I burst out laughing again.

               “He just wanted to make sure I knew how much you missed me,” I tease.

               “I don’t miss you,” Auston grumbled into the phone and I bite my lip to hold in another laugh. “That’s it, we need to facetime instead, it’s driving me crazy hearing you laugh and not getting to see it.”

               Before I can say anything back the phone call is ended and within seconds a facetime request comes through.

               “Hi,” I say shyly, the screen popping up with Auston’s face in clear view. He’s lying in bed as well.

               “Hi,” he says softly back and my cheeks flame. “How’s packing?” He asks the same question every night, I think he’s more eager for me to be in Toronto than I am, even though he’s currently on the other side of the country.

               “Almost done, just clothes and things I need between now and two days from now are left,” I say, panning the camera off me and showing him the stacks of boxes creating a hectic path through my room.

               “I wondered what your room would look like,” he says and I cock my head to the side.

               “Why?” I ask, bringing the camera back to me.

               “You’re just a hard person to read I guess,” Auston shrugs and looks a little embarrassed.

               “I don’t have to imagine what your bedroom back home in Arizona looks like,” I say, stretching back across my bed.

               “No?” He asks, a slight smile tugging at his lips.

               “Nope, I even slept in your bed once,” I nod.

               “You what?”

               I have his full attention now.

               “You heard me. Alex had the flu and Breyana already had a friend sleeping in her room with her, so Mrs. Matthews set me up in your room. It was when I was in my sleeping naked phase,” I muse, hiding my grin by pressing my lips together.

               Auston goes still on the other end of the call, and then brings a hand to his face, rubbing it and I bite my tongue to hold back a laugh.

               “Why do you have to do that to me,” he groans and I can’t hold it back anymore, I giggle and roll onto my side. He watches me with an amused expression on his face that makes my cheeks blush again. “There’s my favorite blush,” he murmurs and I look away from the camera shyly.

               “I wasn’t actually naked, just to clarify,” I say after a moment, peeking back at him.

               “I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that, I liked my vision better,” he says.

               I roll my eyes and sit back up on my bed.

               “Where’s Connor?” I ask, not hearing him in the background.

               “Dinner with some guys,” Auston answers and glances at the clock on his nightstand it looks like. “I’ll have to go soon to meet with Mitch and a few others.”

               “Well then I’ll give you a really fast tour,” I say and slide out of bed. I hold the phone up a bit higher and I point to various things. “That’s my bed,” I say obviously, gesturing behind me, Auston rolls his eyes at me. “Where all the magic happens, obviously. Cause I…” I climb my way over to where my T.V is mounted and pick up my stack of Harry Potter movies. “Watch these all the time on it.” I laugh at my own joke while Auston just scoffs at me.

               “Good one,” he says but I can see him holding back a smile.

               I purse my lips thinking about what the show him next. My eyes travel to my ceiling again and I bound back to my bed, stepping up onto it and stretching up to move one of my ceiling tiles.

               “When I was little I would climb up onto a ladder and write down the name of the boy I currently had a crush on up here on the wall,” I tell Auston, finally getting the tile to shift over so I could see the messy sprawl of my adolescent handwriting on the small foot of space under the vent work. I flip the camera and point out a few of the names.

               “Owen, he was the first boy I had a crush on. In kindergarten he used to pull my hair and I punched him the nose, he didn’t like me as much after that. Logan, he was my first kiss when I was in eighth grade,” I smile at the faint memory of him having to stand on the sidewalk curb so that he was taller than me in order to kiss me.

               “Eighth grade?” I hear Auston say and I flip the camera back to me.

               “Yeah, does that surprise you?” I ask him.

               “Well kinda, you seem like a confident person. I would imagine you had boys trailing after you since you could walk,” Auston says, raising his eyebrows at me.

               I laugh as I answer him. “I don’t think of myself as confident, I’m comfortable with myself, there’s a difference. But when I was younger I was terrified of kissing, I only kissed him and one other boy before I graduated high school, I didn’t like it then like I do now.”

               “Why didn’t you like it?” Auston asks.

               “I guess because it just seemed like a very intimate thing. Even now I think of it that way sometimes, altogether I’ve kissed five boys, including you. Kissing means more to me than most people I think, I would never kiss someone that I didn’t care about in some way,” I trail off staring at the couple other names of insignificant boys that I had crushes on.

               “I prefer feeling over lust, I guess,” I say after a moment. I look back down at my phone and see Auston smiling at me.

               “What?” I ask self-consciously, eyeing him.

               “So you do care about me,” he smirks and I roll my eyes.

               “No, just want you for your body,” I huff at him.

               “Doesn’t surprise me,” he says and I want to reach through the phone and wipe that smirk off his face. “Though you also just admitted you want me,” he adds.

               “I thought that much was obvious when I took advantage of your emotional state on the stairs of the science building in Toronto,” I quirk an eyebrow at him and his eyes narrow. “But I’m more than willing to refrain from all future advantage taking if you want,” I tease him and I can see the blood pool in his cheeks.

               “You know I’m starting to think you’re too smart for me,” Auston starts, a smile finally quirking his lips up. “Every time I try to get under your skin it always backfires.”

               I laugh and slip back down onto my bed, sitting crisscrossed and holding the phone up.

               “You get under my skin more than you might think, Auston,” I tell him.

               “That’s good to hear because I’m a mess of jealousy over little Owen and Logan and all those other names on that damn wall.”

               “Would it make you feel better if I added your name to the wall?” I ask him jokingly, this makes him laugh and shake his head.

               “As long as my name is on that sweatshirt you’re wearing, I’m okay,” his nods at me and I realize that I’m wearing the USA hoodie he gave me back in Toronto.

               “My dad almost fell over when he saw it actually.” I laugh at the memory of five days ago when I was outside with my dogs and he saw the name across my shoulders, he almost slipped down the ice covered stairs in his stupor.

               “I always forget Mr. (Y/L/N) is your dad, I spent so much time with him when I lived in Ann Arbor, lusting over his only daughter who never paid me the slightest attention,” Auston muses and I roll my eyes.

               “Don’t you have a dinner to get to?” I ask him, though I really don’t want to hang up with him.

               “Unfortunately yes,” he says, glancing at the clock again. “Don’t want Mitch to be mad at you for holding me up.”

               The moment the words leave his lips my IPad lights up with an Imessage from my phone, unable to go through because of my current Facetime call. I pull it over to me and glance at the message. Low and behold, it’s from Mitch.

               R u on the phone with my boy? If he stands me up im gonna be pissed

               I laugh and read it out loud to Auston who rolls his eyes this time.

               Don’t make me come up and get him. I don’t wanna know what u’ve been doing on the phone but im not afraid to walk in there.

               The next message comes through and I blush, Auston asks me what he said and I reluctantly tell him. A cocky grin creeps across his face. I ignore him and type out a reply to Mitch.

               I’m hurt you think I would purposely keep your boyfriend from you for so long

               That’s it. I’m comin up.

               I giggle and tell Auston he better get going.

               “Mitch is on his way, apparently he’s a little jealous,” I wink at Auston and I hear knocking on his hotel door.

               “Well, the fun police just arrived so I better let you go,” Auston yawns and I can’t help but admire how adorable he is.

               “Alright, don’t let them ruffle your feathers too much,” I smile, still not wanting to hang up.

               Auston eyes me a moment, the knocking on his door getting louder.

               “Three days,” he says and I nod.

               “Three days,” I bite my lip and give him a shy smile before ending the call.

               I lay back in my bed, the giddy feeling in my stomach still flying around. I eye the still exposed wall behind my ceiling tile and I grab a marker from my nightstand. Getting back to me feet I stretch up as far as I can and hesitate just a second before writing out one more name on my wall. I step back to admire my work, a smile playing across my face before shifting the tile back into place and hopping back off my bed to get back to packing.

               Just as I expected, my snapchat was soon flooded with pictures from Mitch and Nylander, all pictures of either their faces or Auston’s. I had barely had a conversation with either of them but I was already attached to both of them, which was making to easier as I packed. Knowing that there were people in Toronto that I could make relationships with. I laugh softly at how just over a week ago I had been sobbing in Auston’s car to him that I had no one in Toronto, which was just the opposite.

               There’s a soft knock on my door and I look up to see my mom peeking in.

               “Hey,” I say, halting my progress of getting as many socks into the outer areas of the duffle bag in front of me.

               “Hi, sweetheart, how’s it going?” My mom asked, smiling softly at me though I can see through it. She’s just as sad for me to leave as I am.

               “It’s going,” I give her a halfhearted smile back.

               She silently moves farther into the room, moving gracefully through the mess of boxes and bags to get to my side. Grabbing the box I had just finished shoving all my shoes inside and dragging it over to sit in front of her, then taking the socks in my hand and placing them inside the shoes already packed away.

               “Oh,” I say dumbly and flash her a smile.

               “You learn after moving a few times how to save room,” she says softly, continuing the process until all my socks are out of sight. I sit silently and watch her work. When she’s done she pushes the box over to where she found it and we stare at each other.

               Tears well behind my eyes and I stumble to my feet into my mother’s waiting arms, already outstretched to me. I wrap my arms around her slender waist and burry my face into her neck, grateful that I never reached her in height. Her hands slowly stroke my hair that is so much like hers, I can feel wet tears falling into it as well. We don’t say anything for several minutes, only holding each other and quietly sobbing.

               From the time I could talk my mother had been my best friend, my constant support even when my dad went on scouting trips to Europe or Western Canada for weeks at a time. That only meant that we ordered take out and I got to sleep with her in her bed for a week straight. We became even closer when I graduated high school and was home during the day. Being an engineer, she was able to work from home most of the time, creating models and blueprints on her computer a few hours a day when I would go to class. Other than that, we were constantly together.

               The night my dad told me the story about the North Star for the first time and how when he had met my mom, the need to keep following it stopped, she was out there with us. I was seated in my dad’s lap, my head rolled back on his shoulder as I stared hard at the star, thinking there was nothing more beautiful in the world. However, when my dad spoke I looked at my mom in time to see the biggest and most beautiful smile I had ever seen on her face, and I knew in that moment that I was wrong about the star. It wasn’t the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, my mother was.

               Now standing here with both of us crying, I still think the same thing, she’s more beautiful than I could ever aspire to be. My dad always said he was thankful that I got every positive gene from my mom; her brains, compassion, sense of humor, her beauty and most of all her love. He also complained that I got all my negative genes from him; his too big of eyes, temper and stubbornness. None of which I thought were negative in any way.

               “Mom?” I ask.


               “Can you just move with me?”

               My mom’s body vibrates with laughter and she puts his hands on my shoulders, pushing me back gently and wiping at my tears with her thumbs, making me feel like when I was nine years old and fell off my bike, skinning my knee. I was trying to be tough like my dad taught me, trying to keep the tears in but I couldn’t stop them all.

               “No, honey I can’t. And even if I could, I wouldn’t because it’s your life starting.” She smiles softly at me and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear, I always used to hate when she did that but now I wish she would do it all the time.

               I pretend sigh. “Worth a shot,” I grin at her and nuzzle against her again. My mom laughs again, wrapping her arms around my back. Her hand grazes the name written across my shoulders and I tense slightly.

               “I remember him, you know,” she traces the last name with her fingers and I open my eyes.

               “What?” I ask, pulling back to look at her.

               “When I would go with you and your father to practices or games. He was good, even better when you were there watching,” she continues on, smiling to herself, lost in some memory.

               “What are you talking about?” I frown at her.

               “One time they were playing and they were playing awful mind you, falling behind four to nothing within the first ten minutes of the first period. You came late to that game, but when you got there it was just at the halfway point in the second period and I saw the moment he spotted you in the stands. It was like someone lit a fire in his skates because he jumped over the boards and flew down the ice, stole the puck and within seconds it was in the back of the net. Everyone cheered, but you cheered the loudest. He went into show off mode then, I believe he scored once more and then had-“

               “Four assists…” I finish for her, remembering very clearly the game she was referring to. I make a face at her. “Honestly how did everyone see it but me,” I wonder out loud and she quirks an eyebrow at me.

               “Because you’re Y/N, who only had eyes for the sky. Just like her father,” my mom laughs.

               “Until he found you,” I say and she blushes, another trait that I just so happened to get from my mom.

               Her eyes dart down to my wrist, exposed because I have the sleeves of the sweatshirt pulled up to my elbows.

               “From what I can tell, you seemed to have found something as well,” she taps the golden charm in the middle of my bracelet and winks at me. I turn pink and swat her hand away.

               “I have not!”

               “Keep telling yourself that for as long as you can, honey,” my mom says, a smirk pulling at her lips as she makes her way to my door. “But I can see it in your every being.”