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Can I have when it's like in the middle of the night and the Paladin's S/o just gets up from the bed and leaves the room, only to get a cup of water or something and the Paladins wake up only to see that their s/o isn't at their side, freaks out, only to find them in the kitchen with a cup of water in their hands.. Sorry if this is long

Hey it’s mod Enki! This is really super cute so it’s gonna be like a tiny drabble for each! I’m sorry this is so long orz I kinda got carried away. 



You woke up with the taste of dried spit and left over whatever you had for dinner. Space goo again? You could have sworn it was something different this past time. Either way, it didn’t leave a good taste in your mouth. With what little light in the room you looked to your side to see Shiro comfortably asleep next to you, his head on your shoulder. Even though you hated to disturb him from his sleep, you needed to get a glass of water. You were a little hot, too, from being so close to him while you slept. With a sigh you gently wiggled your way from out of the covers and out of the bed. As soon as your bare feet hit the cold floor you shivered. Suddenly you weren’t so hot anymore and even debated going back to bed. The grimy taste in your mouth told you otherwise and you headed to the door. 

Once out of the room you flinched at the bright lights in the hallway almost bumping into a few things as your eyes adjusted. Even as you got used to the bright lights, you still stumbled your way to the kitchen like a drunkard. Fumbling with the light switch you managed to light the kitchen. It didn’t take you too long to get a nice refreshing glass of water and you pretty much downed it in one go. 

However, when you turned around to refill your glass you practically jumped three feet in the air as you saw someone out of the corner of your eye. You couldn’t manage to hold on to your glass in your fright and it fell right out of your hands. You fumbled trying to properly catch it until your hands managed to get purchase on the slippery glass. A low chuckle resounded to your side and you almost jumped again. Instead you turned to face the source only to see none other than your loving boyfriend, in the same groggy state as you.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said, his voice low and a little scratchy.

“I don’t think startle really covers it.” You replied clearly exasperated. “I would phrase it more like… scared the living shit out of me.” 

He chuckled again putting his hands up in surrender. “Okay okay, I got it. Next time I’ll send you a letter before I enter a room.”

“Oh ha ha…” You mocked sarcastically. “What are you doing up anyways?”

“I woke up and couldn’t feel you next to me and got worried. Sounds a little silly I know.” 

“I see, then I guess the next time I leave the bed I’ll be sending you a letter of warning.” You said quoting his earlier remark. He just shook his head before letting out a yawn. It wasn’t long before you were yawning, too. Setting down the glass you shuffled your way over to him, rubbing your arms for warmth.

“Let’s just go to bed already, I’m cold.” You mumbled. 

“Alright.” Shiro pressed a kiss to your forehead before the two of you headed back to his room for some much needed rest. 


It was probably the dead of night when you woke up, annoyed by the boy sleeping beside you. He was practically sprawled out on the bed and kicking you in the side. All the blankets were bunched up onto you and clearly overheating you to the point of being pretty uncomfortable. You angrily shoved the blankets off of you and onto Lance who was dead ass asleep and drooling onto the bed. A sigh forced it’s way out of you and you tried to think of how exactly you were going to get out of the bed with the mess of a boy beside you. You debated just shoving him off the bed entirely so you could just get out easily. Hell, he probably wouldn’t even wake up if you did. 

As tempting as it was, you weren’t that mean. Or you were and you just didn’t have the energy to move his dumb ass. Either way you managed to escape from the bed and exit out into the hallway. You were too god damn hot and needed to get something that could cool you down. The lights of the hallway were probably even more annoying than Lance’s sleeping habits at the moment and you squinted to make sense of your surroundings. 

“Stupid lights…” You mumbled to yourself as you finally made your way to the kitchen. 

You perked up as soon as you got your water and felt the cool liquid slide down your throat. It was so simple yet so refreshing to you. You sighed contently and just stood there for a second, relishing in the peace you had found in the dead of night. That is, before you felt two arms wrap around you and a face bury itself in your neck. 

“Y/n…. Come back to bed. You scared me I thought you were gone.” Lance mumbled. 

“You’re so dumb sometimes… I just needed a glass of water.” You said trying to wiggle out of his grasp. His grip was too solid though and you had no choice but to give up. 

“Y/n…” He mumbled your name again and you couldn’t help but realize how ironic it was. He never wanted to cuddle you in bed but suddenly he was all over you. 

“Well I can’t go back to bed if you keep holding me like this.” You said trying to shove him away. 

He seemed to comply this time and let go, eyes still closed, almost like he was sleep walking. You took him by the hand and led him out of the kitchen and back to bed where you two could hopefully get some more sleep. 


When you woke up you were surprisingly comfortable, tangled up in the sheets with Keith and head resting on his chest. You sat there for a second just listening to his heartbeat and steady breathing. Everything seemed just perfect until you realized just how thirsty you were. It was that kind of thirst that you could feel all the way to the back of your throat. It was bothering you more and more every second you sat there just dealing with it. You really didn’t want to get up, it broke your heart to leave your boyfriend as he was probably having one of the most peaceful sleeps he’s had in a while. But man, you were thirsty as hell and there was no way you could go back to sleep now. 

You begrudgingly got out of bed, untangling yourself from the covers and from Keith. He looked so cute in his sleep so you quickly kissed his cheek before you made your way out into the hallway. The lights blinded you and you really regretted getting out of bed. But you had come this far so there was no way you were going back now. You zombied your way to the kitchen and managed to down two whole glasses of water before you heard someone running down the hall. 

Sitting on the counter you just shrugged before downing another glass and setting it down beside you. A yawn escaped your lips and you could’ve sworn you heard someone calling your name. You listened again and you heard it call a second time, a little louder this time. It wasn’t hard to recognize and you almost hit yourself for thinking he wouldn’t notice you leaving. 

“Keith…!” You beckoned from the kitchen. It wasn’t long before you could hear the taps of his feet as he made his way to you. He called out your name again when he entered the kitchen and you noticed how his expression turned from a scowl to a more relieved one. 

“Wow, I didn’t think you would notice me gone for literally five minutes.” You said laughing a little.

“I was worried something happened to you!” He defended himself. “You should’ve told me where you were going.”

“I was gone for five minutes, Keith.” You said. 

“Still…” He mumbled. “Just don’t do it again.”

“Okaaaaay.” You drawled getting down from the counter. “You just looked so cute while you were sleeping that I didn’t want to wake you up!” 

“Oh whatever.” He huffed. “Let’s go back to bed.”

“Whatever you saaaay.” You laughed lightly, trailing after him and back to bed.


As much as you loved Hunk, he radiated nothing but heat when you two cuddled and while you were 100% okay with this you were really feeling the heat right about now. It was late, everyone was surely asleep by now which meant you could wander the castle in whatever gross sleep state you were in right now. Sweat collected on your back and forehead and you really needed to cool off right about now. You wiggled out of your lover’s grasp and hated to part him while he was so contently sleeping. But when you’re gross and sweating and extremely hot it literally feels like the worst. 

You really preferred to be cold most of the time because it was really easy to just cuddle up with Hunk to get warm. It’s a whole different story for when your were hot though. When your feet touched the nice cool floor you really debated just laying on it for like an hour to properly cool off. But it didn’t really sound like something you had the patience for. A nice glass of water sounded way more appealing than just laying on the ground feeling like you’re dying. 

So you stepped out into the hallways and absorbed the shock of the lights and nice cool air blowing over your body. Once you were done bathing in this new found bliss you headed down to the kitchen. It still smelled of whatever goodies Hunk had managed to cook up for dinner when you entered it. You smiled to yourself as you stood in the kitchen with a nice glass of water. 

Closing your eyes you could’ve sworn you could fall asleep just standing up. However a warm voice pulled you from your sleepy stupor. 

“Of course I would find my favorite person in my favorite place.” Hunk said entering the kitchen. You looked at him with surprise before breaking into a small smile.

“Oh, what are you doing up?” You asked. 

“I mean I woke up and you weren’t there suddenly. It’s just a little scary you know?” He said scratching the back of his neck. 

“Sorry, I guess I should’ve woken you up then. I needed to cool off for a second.” You said sheepishly. “I’m done now though, so let’s go back to bed.”

“Sounds good to me.” 

The two of you walked back to bed, hand in hand humming a tune the both of you vaguely knew. It wasn’t long before you were back to cuddling and sweet dreams.


It was one of those rare occasions that Pidge was asleep next to you at a reasonable hour. You were very grateful to be blessed with this opportunity to finally cuddle your girlfriend after a long week of missions and helping out around the castle ship. Everything was perfect. Well, almost everything… You were sleeping so soundly that you managed to drool all over the pillow and now your mouth felt as dry as a desert. Dried spit didn’t taste too well and it really did bother you. 

Pidge probably wouldn’t take too kindly to your gross slobber breath or the fact that you drooled all over the pillow. So you wiggled out of bed and flipped over the pillow to the dry side of it. Your first task was done so now you were one to accomplish the next. You stepped out into the bright ass hallway and instantly regretted it. You stumbled around like you were afflicted with some sort of illness. In fact, you took you the longest time to get used to these blinding lights. 

You weren’t too fond of the lights in the hallway so you didn’t even bother turning on the lights in the kitchen. It seemed like a much better idea to just let the lights from the hallway filter into the kitchen. The darkness of the kitchen was comforting and it helped keep you groggy enough to be ready to fall back to sleep the second you got in bed. 

As soon as you got your water you quickly downed it to re-hydrate your mouth. It was nice and refreshing, although a little cold making you shiver a bit. Turning on your heel you were about to head back to the room when you saw a figure in the door way. You let out a mixture of startled noises before realizing it was just Pidge. She started at you with a blank expression. 

“Did you drool all over the pillow again?” She asked. You could practically feel your heart stop.


“Y/n, you only get a glass of water after you drool in your sleep.” She added, completely trapping you.

“Fine, you got me. I’ll wash the pillow case in the morning.” You admitted. “Why are you up anyways. You never come after me just for drooling on a pillow.”

“It just scared me that you weren’t beside me while I slept like you always are.” She mumbled. “I had a bad dream.”

You smiled and went to hug her from behind. She sniffled a bit and you squeezed her a little harder. 

“You’re just the only one I have left.” 

“Don’t worry, Pidge. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

Put Money Where Your Mouth Is (M)

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Jongin x You (ft. Jongdae)
Summary -
 Your friend Jongdae drags you to a casino, where you pique the interest of the most feared lucky bastard in the entire country.
A/N - Yeah.. just enjoy it. Want to thank my friend for doing the smut part (<3 amy).

Casinos have never been your thing. That’s why it took your friends a lot of convincing for you to join them. It’s not that you didn’t like gambling. In fact, you really enjoyed watching people go rich or go broke but testing your own luck was just a lost cause in your case.

“I don’t wanna go because I suck.” you rolled your eyes when one of your close friends was standing in front of your house, “I’m pretty sure I have told you countless times before, Jongdae.”

He groaned in frustration, “Once, come us with just this one time. Play one game, I swear you’ll think it’s fun!” He clasped his hands together and whined. Giving his best cute face. “Besides… what’s not fun about watching me win money? I’m on a streak!”

“First of all, you know I’m pretty much the goddess of misfortune so why would I play when knowing I’m going to lose my money? Second, you’re a cocky asshole.” You smiled. He has been going on about being a good gambler for a while now, and yes, he has won a ton of money ever since he started but that doesn’t mean it’s meant for everyone.

You hate it that your friends have become regulars at casino’s and you can’t join them. You don’t have the need to get addicted to something that is clearly not put away for you. In all honesty, you call yourself lucky if you don’t have a coffee stained shirt when you arrive at work.

“Fine, while you are going to watch Netflix in your sweats I’m going to become rich..” He crosses his arms and huffs in frustration when you stare at him with little interest. “I’ll be going..” he takes slowly takes a step away from you, hoping to still be able to tempt you. “I’m reaaally going..”

“Goodbye. Good luck.” You wave to bid your farewell.

Jongdae whines again. If you haven’t caught on; he does this quite a lot. “The least you could do is hug me after rejecting me!”

Oh god, talk about needy.

You roll your eyes for maybe the tenth time this day and close the space between you and your friend. You are ready to let go but Jongdae, as the stubborn little bastard he is, has other plans. He crushes you into his hug and lifts you up so you can’t escape. You can’t move out of his embrace because of shock and the fact that he started working out made him a lot stronger.

Then you hear it. A click. That smirk on his face confirms your suspicion. “You locked me out!”

“Now you have no other choice but to come along!” He seems to enjoy this whole thing very much.

“What the hell, Kim Jongdae?! You locked me out! What am I supposed to do now?!” You scream. It’s too late to ask your landlord for a spare key, you will be locked out of your apartment until next morning. Thanks, Jongdae.

He grabs your arm and drags you outside, “Oh boohoo, seems like you have nowhere to go~ you can stay at my place! I’ll be your savior!”

“Are you being funny? It’s because of you that I’m locked out! How am I supposed to even go to a casino?! I’m not even wearing any shoes!” You are fuming. Only Kim Jongdae can pull something like this.

“I have everything you need!”

So there you are. In a, quite fancy, casino wearing shoes that are way too big because you had to borrow Jongdae’s soccer shoes.

Your blue socks with polka dots are sticking out, you feel very self-conscious about your track shorts. Plus, you have gotten quite some unwanted looks for wearing a university tee.

You look stupid. Very stupid.

A few snickers of neatly dressed women passed by. “I hate my life,” you whined as you lowered your head in shame.

“Geez, stop moaning. Minseok is coming as soon as he can. I’m sorry for what I did but hey I’m paying for drinks tonight, okay?” He pats your back.

You raise an eyebrow. “Well, first of all, I don’t have any money on me since you pulled me out of my apartment and then locked the door. Second, you’re not sorry.”

“I totally am not.” Kim Jongdae is officially the devil.

You notice everyone staring at you. Especially this man on the other side of the bar seems to be enjoying the embarrassing sight.

He enjoys it so much that he isn’t even paying any attention to the girls flocking around him. He looks rich and hot so it’s not really such a surprise that he has many followers.

Maybe you’d make a shot if you weren’t dressed so ridiculous.

If only you could leave this place.

“I’m here!” You see Minseok, your lifesaver, with clothing in a plastic bag and extends his arm out to you so you can take it. You assume it’s your dress.

“I really want to ask why you own a dress, but I feel like I’ll regret it. Thank you anyway.” You take the bag and open it. It’s a black dress.

He laughs. “It’s my little sisters’ and please keep it. I hate it when she wears it. She’s at that age, you know? Boys and stuff.”

You quickly get into the restroom to change and you can definitely understand why he hates this dress on his little sister. The v cut of the dress is extremely low and the stretchy fabric makes the dress form fitting. Hugging and accentuating your body shape, but also making it look curvier.

It’s kinda sad that when you look down you still see those sneakers with mismatching polka dot socks but whatever. At least you don’t look like you came here in your pajamas.

All the women here are wearing beautiful dresses paired with Jimmy Choo’s or some shoe brand you can’t afford.

“Damn,” you hear Jongdae a curse and Minseok coughs.

And like this began your first time at a casino. The first hour you spent sticking to the bar, determined to drink until Kim Jongdae is broke. But in the end, you got dragged to the tables anyway.

“Miss, are you going to pick a number or not?” You don’t even notice that you have been standing there for that long, thinking about a number.

“It’s her first time at a casino,” Minseok explains to the impatient dealer.

It’s so hard. There are too many numbers.

“Yeah, well. Minseok and I are going to try our luck at the slot machines. We’re giving you a hundred bucks okay? Don’t use all of it immediately. Also, you know how to exchange them for chips, right?”

“We?!” Minseok, not quite happy that Jongdae is dragging him in.

Even though Minseok is Jongdae’s hyung he doesn’t really seem to care and places a hand over his mouth while dragging him away.

Now you are left with the roulette table. Well, and the impatient dealer but whatever. Are you going for 7? The lucky number? Or should you go with your birthday…

“Place everything on 13.” Someone whispers softly into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You look to your right and you see that handsome guy from back when you were sitting at the bar. He seems to have ditched his fans.

You kind of mumble in the surprise of him talking to you. He subtly places a hand on your hip. “Isn’t that an unlucky number?” You ask.

He laughs, and man does it sound cute. Never in your life did you expect someone to look like a million dollar playboy, which for all you know he might be. He is wearing this dark maroon colored suit with a dark dress shirt. His hair is styled back and he has a shiny Rolex watch around his wrist. “Just trust me.”

Should you listen to him? The payoff is 35-1 and you have nothing to lose. That would mean that if he is right you’ll win 35 times what you have bet on it..

“Trust me.” He eggs you on and you do feel a bit of pressure. You barely know the guy. For all you know he could work here and is now trying to make you lose your money. “What about this? If you lose.. I’ll give you your hundred back.”

If that’s true..

“And if you win.. I’ll take you out..” he moves your hair away and his lips trace your ear gently.

“Straight bet on 13, please.”

You don’t know what or why but somehow he has you in the palm of his hands.

The dealer is definitely making fun of you as you are about to waste a lot of money on one number and the guy who told you to go for 13 is gone. However you don’t even notice, all you are focused on is the ball after the dealer spins it.

And it lands on..


An indescribable feeling of joy washes over you. You actually won money! No way. You have never been this lucky ever in your life before. The dealer pays you out in chips and you went from 100 bucks to 3500!

You run to Minseok and Jongdae as soon as you can to tell them the news and to give them their money back. “I can’t believe it! I thought you were going to just flush my money down the toilet but you actually won a shit ton!”

“I got help.” The two boys stare at each other.

“From who?” Minseok asks.

You turn around to scan the crowd in order to find his face. One of the tables looks to he unusually crowded compared to the other tables, full of cheers and howling. While motioning the two to follow, you head over to the table.

Just like you thought, it’s that guy that everyone is making a fuss over. Once again he is surrounded by females and men are almost kissing his feet.

“That guy,” you point to the same maroon suited man that helped you earlier.

Minseok slaps Jongdae in excitement and you don’t understand why. The older boy holds a hand in front of his hand while the other is on his hip. “Do you even know who that is?”

Jongdae hisses in annoyance, “Don’t overhype the guy he is already over appreciated and I’m sure he is just a big hustler.” He says to his hyung but Minseok ignores him.

“That is Kim Jongin. Kim Jong-freaking-in!” Minseok tells and Jongdae rolls his eyes and shakes his head. “He is a master in gambling - no! A god. I’ve never seen that guy lose, like casino’s hate him. And he helped you! Oh my god!”

“Calm down, hyung.” Jongdae pushed him off of him. “He is a total fraud, a hustler. I can see it on his face. All of his opponents are just too busy with ogling at his face to notice it. He’s just trying to get into your pants.” Jongdae warns you.

“Woah, is someone jealous?” You poke in his side and he hisses in annoyance.

He steps away so your finger doesn’t reach him anymore and glares at the one he was badmouthing. “I bet I could win from him if he played fair.”

“Okay, okay. You’re a really really tough guy.” Minseok mocked him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “But let’s face it. You against him? Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

Jongdae shrugged it off, clearly not happy with the little confidence his friends had in him. “I’ll prove it. Watch me.”

And then he did something both you and Minseok were very shocked to see.

A furious Kim Jongdae stepped with his not-so-tall frame to the infamous King of Gambling with great confidence. He then slammed his hand on the table in front of him for everyone to see.

The Jongin guy looked up when he noticed everyone becoming silent, even the girls who gave him consistent attention stopped for a second to see what was going on.

Oh god no..

“You against me. Whatever game you prefer.” He said after the whole room went silent. Only he wasn’t as cool and manly as he thought. His plan turned out different than he had in mind.

Because Jongin started to stare the boy up and down with a laugh stifled. He was able to keep it in, but when he scanned him again he couldn’t help but cackle a loud laughter. Leading the people around to follow his laughing. “Sorry, kid. I only play with the big boys.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? I bet I’m even older than you. Just because your suit is Prada or whatever doesn’t mean you’re better than I am.” Jongdae spat back at him. He is quite well known as the one who can’t take a joke in your circle.

“Woah, woa.. we don’t want any trouble.” Jongin raises his hands as if he were protecting himself from Jongdae, but everyone could hear exaggeration in his voice. He was mocking him, and you didn’t feel like this was going to end well for your friend. “Fine, if you really want to play with me. My only condition is that you play with chips no lower than 50 dollars.”

Once again everyone started cackling. They were mocking him, knowing he would never be able to bet that much money. He was wearing his worn out black skinny jeans and a big red hoodie, that didn’t scream ‘Ferrari owner’, or anything like that, at all.

You had to step in. Not only because this was extremely embarrassing but also because he was your friend, and you had to help him when he makes himself look like a total fool. “Come on, Dae. It’s not worth it. Let’s just go home.”

“But that bastard is making fun of me,” he gritted his teeth, “I want to punch him in the face!”

Rolling your eyes, you tugged on his arm in an attempt to get him to leave.


The tree of you turned around when a voice called you, only to see that Jongin guy calling you. “Big two. We’ll play big two.”

Jongdae knitted his eyebrows in confusion, “I don’t have the money-”

“No need,” he wore a smug look on his face.

The three of you exchanged looks. What did this guy have in mind? Was he going to make you look even more like losers? “What made you change your mind?” Jongdae asks as he slides into one of the chairs without negotiating, and Jongin waves over someone to give him a deck of cards.

“I know something you can bet instead of money,” Jongin whispered for only Jongdae to hear.

Jongdae became a little suspicious. “What..?”

“Your girl.”

People started murmuring. The girl in pajamas and oversized shoes? Really?

Jongdae followed to where Jongin was pointing his finger. It was directed to you, who was very busy talking and huffing with Minseok. This was a bad idea, so he quickly shook his head. “First of all, she isn’t ‘my girl’. She would kill me if anyone referred to her like that and she’d hear. Second, I can’t do that. That’s my friend, besides.. the whole ‘women’s right’ is very active so I’d rather not bet a woman.”

Jongin leaned back in his chair. “Are you sure?” He shoved a whole tower casino chips his way. Jongdae’s eyes dilated in awe. Were those really poker chips of 5000 dollars?! “Just one night.”

You’ll be so mad at him..

The man across from him dangled a pair of keys right in front of his face, then dropped them without much care. Jongdae swallowed, this was so tough for him. There’s a tower of poker chips that could pay off his student loan debt, and there’s a key of a Maserati lying right before his eyes.

“Okay..” he hesitated but agreed, “on the condition that you remove that blazer. I know you got stuff up your sleeve.”

Jongin raised his eyebrows and his mouth pursed, “I feel insulted, but as you please. Well then, follow me.”

You watch the both of them walk to a more secluded place. It’s an odd sight seeing that man in suit and Jongdae in his skinny jeans competing. Suddenly you hear them call for you and Minseok. “What are you two waiting for? You play this with four.”

A few minutes later you’re facing all the man and next to you are your two friends. You have quite decent cards. Two aces.. three sixes and a clover two. Also, you are the one to start the game. You hold the lowest four, so you dump it together as a flush. The game continues and Jongdae and Minseok seemed to get rid of five cards as well, only Jongin passed.

I have two cards left, a King and a 10. Not bad but considering all of them are throwing doubles, I can’t continue. Jongdae throws a smug look and I can see why. Two aces.. I wish I had mine left, I could have overthrown him. Jongin chuckles but I wonder why. He has 7 cards left, Minseok has 3 like Jongdae. Jongin places two two’s down and everyone gasps. Bold move. Quite risky.

However, he had it all planned out because no one can overthrow him and all of a sudden he pulls a flush out that he didn’t take out the first round.

He won.

“Shit. Jongdae, did you just lose all your money?” I ask him and he looks up from his lap, guilt displays in his eyes.

He seems hesitant. “I-I’m sorry but I.. I..”

“What?” I ask in confusion.

“Oh no. Jongdae, what the hell did you do?” Minseok asks him, trying hard not to get violent - knowing his friend messed up.

“I didn’t bet with money.”

Minseok looks at me and I look him back at him in the eye. We turn to Jongdae at the same time, searching for answers when I feel a hand on my shoulder.

I turn around and its that Jongin guy.

“Are you ready?” He asks me.

And suddenly it all clicks together. He sold me. Kim Jongdae used me.

I can’t even kill Jongdae as I get pulled away. Two large men are close behind me as I follow Jongin to another room upstairs. He must be staying at the hotel above.

A nervous chill shoots through my body. I don’t want this. Don’t I get a say in this? What is going to happen to me?

A large door opens and my eyes almost fall out of my casket. Never have I ever seen a suite so beautiful, it looks as if royalty lives here. I make a turn to take everything in and the door shuts with a loud bang.

I feel hands on my shoulders and I know it is Jongin as he whispers into my ear. “I know you are nervous and worried but I will have you for tonight only.”

I turn around and he smiles in a gentle manner, nothing like the man back down at the casino. This man is.. different. Not out for money… but for something else.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want to do.” He assures me, but the way he talks and looks at me makes me melt right into his arms.

His voice is alluring yet sweet. “I..” With a slick touch, he moves my hair from my face.

“You are so beautiful.” He says and I snort. He looks at me like I did something weird and starts laughing too. “What’s so funny?”

He really doesn’t know? He had beautiful women surrounding him just a couple of minutes ago. Women with makeup, high heels and designer dresses.

Yet he chose the worst dressed person to spend his time with. And he thinks you’re beautiful like this?

“Have you seen me?” I ask him and though I am laughing he doesn’t laugh along.

“I am, right now.” He replies.

“I look hideous like this, yet you want me?” I pull the ugly fabric I am wearing and look up at him. I probably have a pimple above my eyebrow, I look like a hobo and my friend was rude to him. What in the world would make him want me? “You should have picked one of those models.”

He shakes his head. “What I see is beyond superficialness. I like you for what is under your clothes and foundation.”

“What is it exactly that you like?” I ask him.

“Your body. You.” He then leans in and I am overwhelmed by such a passionate and breathtaking kiss. His lips and soft and fine against mine. My body feels like it’s under heath when he touches me more and more.

I don’t even notice he has been leading me to the bed until my legs hit the bed.

“Can I?” He asks between the kissed while tugging my shirt. I nod too eagerly and he chuckles.

My clothing is long gone and so is his shirt. I am only in lingerie and he steps back to look me up and down. “Fuck.” He curses.

The undressing slash make-out session continues when I am pulled onto the bed. His fingers dance up my thigh as I feel his bulge press into my other leg.

My breath hitches as his fingers slip into my folds and spread the wetness for better access. He slips in a finger slowly while his thumb is softly flickering my clit. I break the kiss and close my eyes to preserve the moment. This feels incredible.

He moves away from me and sits up straight, then undoes his belt and with one hard pull he removes his belt. Then he does something I did not expect. I was too focused on his caramel muscles flexing that I didn’t notice him strapping my wrists. A 500 dollar Valetino belt.. just like that.

Then he moves into his pocket. I expected him to pull out a condom of some sort but instead its a wad of money. “Open your mouth.” He commands, and I comply. The wad of money is being pressed right between my teeth and I look at him. “Holy shit. What a sight.”

He quickly removes his pants and moves back up on me. His lips trace the lines of my body and his lips slowly and dangerously near my private area. He bites my hip one time before digging into my most desperate body part. The lewd sounds turn me on when he sucks slowly and licks gently. I can’t keep my eyes open to see his mop of hair between my lips, giving me joyful pleasure.

My entire body feels paralyzed by the blissful feeling. My shaking thighs, loud screams and arching back tell him I am drawing close.

So he stops.

Leaving me unsatisfied.

He flips me over and puts his hands on my hips, lifting my ass up in the air. “Ready?” He bends over me and asks me in my ear. I nod and he smiles. “Oh. So bad.”

His hands are on my hips again and he aligns himself. His boxer is long gone and I feel him slip inside of me very very slowly. It’s almost painful how bad he is trying to tease me.

With every thrust, he cranks up the speed until he has me screaming from how erratic he is going. If he keeps his up I’m going to pass out. “Fuck, yes.” He curses. “How can you be so fucking wet?!”

He gives one very deep thrust and I gasp. He notices how much I like it and does it again.

“You like that?” He smiles.

I nod shamelessly. And he does it again. My heart is going erratic from this.

“Close?” He asks and I nod. My legs are going to give any moment. “Me too, sexy.”

A few moments later he comes in spurs and pulls out of me slowly. My vagina is leaking his and mine combined liquid and I can feel it between my thighs as we both lie down after that intense session. He removes the belt and the money he throws it out, sending it flying over the room. Then kisses me again.

“Goodnight.” And you fall asleep.

The next day, he was gone.

And so was the room you were in.

A/N: Haven’t updated in forever so I decided to finish this old thing I had in my drafts!

Last complain about the Lion King I swear… this time p much the Lion Guard…

I fucking hate Jasiri’s design.

The hyenas in the show look goofy, while still a little intimidating, they have big noses, sharp big teeth, different head shapes, long kinda-pointy ears and a big snout

Yet her ears are more circle-like, her snout is WAY smaller, her eyes and pupils are bigger and her nose is small and her teeth barely poke out. Her skin is also a lil more purple-ish instead of blue grey-ish.

I hate when artists do this thing of making the females look more… “Soft” and “Perfect-like”? Say whatever you want about the first movie but the three hyenas looked like the same species and followed the same rules even tho one was a female. 

Yoongi imagine; Super Psycho Love: Part One

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Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Warnings: Stockholm syndrome, yandere?!Yoongi, toxic relationship, smutty~

When one night standing becames something more. When he calls you everyday. When you saw him staring at you everytime you went to the club. You thought he was behaving like a child and he would eventually let go, but it didn’t happen. Why didn’t you stop him when you had the chance? Now you were involved with someone you shouldn’t. For some reason, you didn’t feel like complaining.

Disclaimer: Please, don’t continue if you are a sensitive person to certain topics. I don’t pretend to offend anyone. This is all fictional, and please, don’t let anyone do this to you. If you suspect, you can talk to anyone. Get help. If you want, you can anonymously send me an ask. I repeat, this is all fictional. Keep reading with caution.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.” the teacher made a long pause, but didn’t stop staring at the book. “but sometimes, the hostage can actually develop true feelings, not only as an actual strategy.”

You were, as usual, paying attention to the class. It was a part of your lesson, and you were interested in the topic. Everything about this topics was awesome to you; how the brain worked, why some people developed these kind of feelings. What caused it? You questioned everything. You were so submerged in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Jiwoo staring at you. To be honest, you didn’t even notice when she sat next to you.
“Boo!” she scared you, and you jumped on your seat making her laugh her ass off. 
“Were you thinking about shit again?” 
You knew she was right, but you hit her arm playfully anyways. 
Jiwoo was your best friend since you arrived Korea. Since highschool, she introduced to you her group of friends, who warmly welcomed you. After some years you trusted in her more than anyone, and you told her everything that happened to you. Your dates, the boys you were with, who you wanted to fuck, who wanted to fuck you, everything, and so did her. She was like your sister and she never left you alone. 
“Are you going to the club tonight?” she asked, even though she knew the answer. When you opened your mouth to reply, she interrupted you; “of course you’re going. I’ll be there at 9.” and just like that, she left.

You weren’t sure if you wanted to. You always went to the club, every friday night. There was always someone you were interested in, and ever since your boyfriend broke up with you, you just followed the conversation with any person that seemed interested in you, and didn’t flirt back until they did first. It was something common for you. Making out with someone sometimes, dancing with someone you liked and then forgetting about it. You were a mature person, and it wasn’t a sin, right? After all, you didn’t play with the person’s feelings. Since the beggining you told them that it was only one night. You didn’t want feelings involved, you didn’t want anything serious, and everyone agreed, until last friday.

One week ago, you went to the club, as usual. Jiwoo drove you there, and when you entered, she started looking for her boyfriend; like usual. Everything was usual, it wasn’t strange, neither it was the first time. As usual, again, you sat on the couch of the dance club that was in the back, where people sat down to drink calmly, to smoke, to make out and get touchy or simply because, like you, didn’t feel like dancing. 
As soon as you entered the club, you saw your ex with his girl. He looked happy, and the girl was, of course, very pretty. He had his left arm wrapped on her waist and she was smiling, and your self steem dropped to the floor. 
You broke up with him because he made you feel unwanted. He didn’t compliment you, he was so submerged in his own work that he didn’t even see you. He didn’t have sex with you more than once; in your 6 month old relationship, and in all the years of friendship, he touched you only one time he got home drunk. You tried to understand him, until you discovered the reason behind his behavior wasn’t his work, but his sidechick. 
And there he was, happily hugging her. The asshole and the bitch together.
You stared at the couple with wide eyes, tears aiming to spill out, but you watched at Jiwoo happilly. If she noticed how you were feeling, she would have to stay with you and you didn’t want that. She always put you before her boyfriend first, but it wasn’t a big deal. You broke up with him a long time ago, and she didn’t see her boy very often so you just let go.
Sitting there, staring at everyone, arms crossed and a frown, you were trying not to cry or burn his house down. She was pretty, tall, and you were you. You didn’t feel like being with anyone today, not after what you saw.

Yoongi stared at you from the distance. He fell in love at first sight with you, you were gorgeous in his eyes. You always ended up with someone else, and it made his blood boil. He felt angry and he had to leave immediately before punching the guy in the face and scaring the hell out of you, discarding any chance he had with you.
When he saw you sitting there, with a sad face, he had to approach you. Whatever had happened to you, whoever tried to touch you, he had to take action on the matter. He was nervous, though; he loved you from the first time he saw you and he didn’t want to fuck up, he didn’t want to be so crazy for someone that despises him.
He sat next to you, without making any noise. He stared at you from that distance and he felt his heat rising up. Your face, your eyes, your hands, your hair, you fashion choices. Everything was perfect about you, but what wasn’t, was that you didn’t notice him. You were thinking so deeply that he had to sigh once, twice very loudly for you to see that he was sitting right next to you.
He stared at the crowd, and you stared at him. You didn’t want to be with anyone, didn’t your face tell him so? You were about to tell him that you weren’t on the mood to fuck or kiss him or whatever he wanted to, until he opened his mouth.
“So you hate clubs too, huh?”
He knew you didn’t. He knew you loved coming here, he heard your contagious laugh and saw your smile everytime you stepped into the dance floor, excepting this one time of course. But what could he say? He didn’t want to look like a weirdo, that he knew he kinda was, and he had to disimulate.
You sighed in relief. Apparently, he wasn’t direct nor he wanted to flirt right away. The anger disappeared a little bit. 
Actually, I don’t. I just saw something horrible, and I’m here because I don’t feel like dancing or drinking…” you were honest. Why would you lie? He was a random stranger, yes, but you were used to make friends or talk with people about some kind of things. You were kind of an open person, and the fact that you saw your ex with the bitch he cheated on you with wasn’t a big deal neither.
Yoongi felt his heartbeats rising, he heard your beautiful voice for the first time. But paying attention to your words, he actually got worried. There was something that was bothering you after all, someone did something to you or you felt bad because or something, so he just asked right away, shamelessly.
“Really? What is it?
You stared at him and laughed nervously, and then stared back at the crowd.
“Ah, it’s not a big deal. I saw my ex with the girl he cheated on me with.“ you made a pause. “She is pretty, so I kinda understand why he did it...” you made another long pause. Yoongi wanted to interrupt you, hold your hands and tell you that you didn’t have to think that way, and at the same time he wanted to kick that guy’s balls for not appreciating someone as gorgeus and so full of life like you; but he saw you were about to talk a little bit more, so he restrained.
My self steem kinda died a bit,” you laughed awkwardly, hidding that it hurt you. “so I just came here.” 
Yoongi wanted to talk, but when he opened his mouth, you interrupted him again. 
What about you? Do you really not like clubs? Or are you as miserable as me?” and once again, you laughed sadly. He loved and hated that laugh so much. He loved how it sounded, but hated the fact that it hid so much pain.
Actually, I like clubs.” he lied. “But this time I just didn’t feel like drinking or dancing or anything, and my friends left me all by myself.” he lied again. He went the the club all by himself. His friends were calm and didn’t go out; he went there because, even though he hated clubs, he went once just to try and he saw you. He didn’t drink that much, he didn’t dance, he didn’t flirt or fuck around. He just entered there and observed you like a creep, hoping one day he could talk to you.
“Ah, I see. So you’re not as miserable as me.” You said and smiled at him. You were happy to see that he didn’t seem like another fuckboy. He was really attractive, his voice was lazily beautiful, his hair was mint green and he looked like those boys from novels who are bad on the outside but are actually very soft on the inside; those boys on the books who were cold but loving. He was so surreal, you had to blink a million times to make sure your mind wasn’t playing a trick on you and made up a fake boy because of your low self-steem.
Don’t worry, you’re not miserable.” he added before you could continue hurting him without knowing. “It’s normal, it had happened to me,” he lied. His ex never cheated on him, he hadn’t had a girlfriend in six years. “but you have to forget about it. You seem very nice, so you shouldn’t worry. She is going to cheat on him anyways.” 
You laughed and Yoongi felt like his world was illuminated once again. He was nervous, mostly because he had to look for the right words to not scare you. If he flirted with you, or complimented your appearance, you would take it and flirt back, and then you’d hook up, and then you would forget about him like you did with every guy. He didn’t want that. He wanted to know you, to be with you, he didn’t want you to be with anyone else. He wanted you to himself, and the only way was acting like a friend, not like a fuckboy or a flirty random stranger who wanted to bang.
But when you stared at him once again with flirty eyes, he dropped everything. He stared back at you, right into your eyes; he couldn’t resist. He knew it was wrong. He knew he didn’t have to. He knew the plan was failing, but when it was about you, you drove him insane; and it happened.
After two hours of conversating, of drinking one beer between the two, the atmosphere changed completely. He was a nice guy, interesting. He told you about him; Min Yoongi. a 24 years old who liked to compose and was born in Daegu. He moved to Seoul to follow his dreams six years ago. 
Slowly, you became much more touchy. When you laughed, you placed your hand on his thigh, and he didn’t stop you. Slowly you forgot about your ex and just invited him to the dance floor, and he agreed. He didn’t like dancing, but how could he reject you? Even if you hit him, kicked him, stab him, he would still be crazy for you.
What started like an innocent dance became so much more. Yoongi forgot about the plan completely, his hands now running through your body, cupping your cheeks, slowly leaning down to kiss your lips. His lips were soft, the kiss was gentle. When realization hit him, he couldn’t stop. Not when you were already in his apartment, moaning his name, not when he was enjoying so much being inside you, touching your body, kissing your lips, hearing that the sounds that your mouth were making were because of him, because of what he was doing. Not when you were his already; at least for one night.
He slowly took off your clothes, he was the most gentle person you’ve met. Since your ex broke up with you, you didn’t sleep with anyone. You only kissed one boy per night, sometimes they got touchy, but this guy was so smooth. He didn’t have to compliment you or your appearance until things got heated up, and still, he had you on his feet. 
His dirty talk was the best. You couldn’t resist it. He was the best experience you’ve had and he was so gentle, yet so passionate at the same time. He touched you and made love to you like if he was afraid of hurting you, breaking you. Like if you were precious to him. How his fingers grazed gently your skin, your lips, how good he kissed you.
Everything was magical. You had one, two, three orgasms in one night, and you saw he enjoyed it a lot too. You cuddled, his arms hugged you tightly and he hid his face on your neck. 
But when he woke up, you were gone.
Oh god, he wanted to hit himself. He wanted to turn back time and at least ask for your address, now he had to wait until next friday. What if you didn’t want to see him? What if it really was just one night and now you forgot about him? He tried to resist, but since he had your number, he couldn’t avoid the temptation. It was wrong, you were going to hate him, but he couldn’t be rational anymore.

When he called the first time, you both talked for half an hour. When he called the second time, he asked how you were doing. When he called for the third time, you started to get scared. He didn’t get the message? You enjoyed it, but you didn’t want to develop feelings for someone that probably slept around with everyone. Yoongi wasn’t like that; but you didn’t know. You started suspecting that he didn’t call to fuck again, but simply to talk to you. It hurt you, rejecting him like that, because he was interesting. But you knew about that; you fucked him two hours after you met him, he probably did that with every girl. You didn’t want to remind yourself about the past. You wanted a normal relationship, where your partner doesn’t cheat on you. After all, you saw him every friday. You didn’t pay attention to him, but what was he doing there if he wasn’t fucking around? Of course he was. He was a man. He slept with you, he could sleep with anyone else. He probably was just a flirt.
Oh, but were you wrong.

You started declining every call, not daring to block his number. It drove Yoongi crazy, he missed you so much, and he fucked up. Now he was regretting his life choices. If he didn’t call you more than four times, maybe he still would have a chance: but he didn’t stop. He wanted to hear your voice. He went to the club every night, hoping to see you there, to talk to you, even if he knew you had to attend college. He knew. But he didn’t care. 
He started to get obsessive over it. You were clouding his mind day and night, and all he thought about was you. He didn’t recognize that feeling; he wasn’t like that with anyone, specially girls. Not since it broke his heart leaving his ex girlfriend behind to chase his dream; and ironically, the work he was doing, his “dream” was interrupted by the thought of you. 

That’s why you didn’t know. That’s why you weren’t sure of it, what it you saw him there? After he did love to you, after you enjoyed it so much, after all his calls, you couldn’t just stare at him like if nothing happened. But you couldn’t tell Jiwoo, she was such a mom. Her boyfriend wouldn’t want to switch clubs, after all, he worked there. Your friends were there too, they would have to switch just because you were scared of a fuckfriend you had for once? It was ridiculous. After being scared for a whole afternoon, you decided to get ready and go there anyways. If you saw him, you were to flirt with some random boy for some minutes until he got the message and drop it.
But, once again, you were wrong.

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Hey Bendy, what's your opinion on Alice, if you haven't said it before? Like, do you like spending time with her, do you have common interests, etc?

“I mean we’re both Drew toons, got that in common, shared some experiences; we’re kinda family I guess. I know I ain’t never gonna be rid of the broad - but do I like spending time with her? No! You kiddin’? Nevermind she’s an angel and I’m a demon, she don’t like the way I conduct my business. But so what? You don’t gotta like your family. She can’t do nothin’ about bein’ stuck to all of us same as we are to her, so she might as well take that clean little nose of hers right outta the air.

It’s even worse she’s tryn’a play the goody-two-shoes now. I thought she couldn’t get any more annoying than when she thought she was runnin’ the underground but now she’s tryn’a… Tryn’a deny her nature. She’s got power like me but she pretends she ain’t got it. Got self-image issues if you ask me… She needs a head doctor or somethin’.

I don’t hate her or whatever, like I said, we’re kinda family. And everytime she starts to nag me too much she backs off before I get too mad, so it’s whatever. I guess I can count on her when push comes to shove. But if ya give me the choice between spending a day with Alice and spending a day at church camp, can’t say it’d be an easy choice.” -BTDD

Riddler spending his birthday in Arkham

- Riddler not wanting to get up or do anything bc his birthday is a nothing day and holds more bad memories than good.

-  It’s group therapy and the doctor congratulates Riddler on his progress and birthday and Riddler goes into this long winded speech that no one cares for before harley wraps an arm around him and engulfs him in a giant hug

- The Kristen, Query and Echo stopping by to give him a birthday cake with a file in the cake like a gag but they actually cooked the file inside of the cake instead of slipping it between two layers of cake so Riddler chews them out while they eat around the melted file sections

- A select few of the inmates give Ed gifts, none of them special but small things like Ventriloquist made a mini puppet of himself, Crane got him a book and tea, Harley a one of a kind hand made card, and joker gave him a dead rat in a box.

- Batman showing up to play that game of chess that they always do on Ed’s birthday but Ed doesn’t show up and the doctor explains that a lot of the inmates have been given an extra hour of rec time to celebrate Ed’s birthday and batman takes his leave with a little smile.

- Riddler opening calling most of what the rogues gave him junk but placing each item (not the dead rat) on his shelves (tho the very bottom one).

- Batman coming back a second time to check up on Riddler and Riddler’s all smug, faulting batman on being late. But batman lets it slide commenting on Riddler’s good mood and Riddler kinda tilts his head off to the side with a whiskful smile, “It was a better day than expected”

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You seem like a pretty realistic person. I'm a non-shipper. Too many variables for me personally. I'd like to know why someone that seems as realistic as you would ship something like Jikook? Not saying they aren't cute. They positively adorable. But the odds of them actually being together are so slim. Why would you willingly ship something that has such a high chance of being disproven/fake/never happening?


Who knows? Maybe it’s just the heart eyes. Just kidding. 

It’d be too cliche at this point to say simply because it’s fun, because while it is, I guess there’s something more dedicated than just fun. And I’m not sure I can entirely explain why, because some things just are what they are. I know, more than anyone else, that the odds of them being together are extremely unlikely, 

It’s a combination of a lot of things I guess: their idiotic love-hate act back then was extremely amusing to watch and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, their complementing each other on their onstage performances (singing, dancing, Adult Ceremony, WDTA…etc etc.), and just the names “BTS’ Jimin and Jungkook” together is a staple and just sounds kinda nice, and more. It’s kind of like I’ve been following this story that they themselves wrote and fortified throughout the years, but whatever it is and whatever you call it, these little things that they say and do to each other are still there and still exists. 

I know, at the end of the day, that fanservice will be fanservice or they will announce their girlfriends tomorrow etc etc., but that doesn’t suddenly render this “story” irrelevant. What they did in front of the camera still exists, and can be extrapolated to a bigger picture that, while fictional, can be analyzed, rewritten and enjoyed as seen fit :) 

And you said it yourself. They’re “positively adorable”. And if makes me happy to look at them being adorable, than so be it. I need these happy distractions, I need to live vicariously through other people’s love, and if shipping jikook wakes me up in the morning and makes me laugh on a day to day basis, then there’s no reason why i wouldn’t indulge in it ;)

Like…look, look at them:

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It just gets the serotonin rushing :’D

Slow Burn - Part 3

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned. Is there an instant spark or is it a slow burn?

Pairing: firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,806

Part 1 Part 2

“Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls, sweetheart.” You 

It’s taking everything you have not to jump on him right now. Play it cool, Y/N.

“No way. Only the special ones.” He flatters with a smile that makes you melt.

You notice Sam walking by the kitchen but he stops when he sees you. He silently calls you over. Dean follows your gaze to where Sam is standing.

“I’ll be right back, ok?” You say to Dean.

“I’ll be here, sweetheart.” He says in his husky voice.

You walk up to Sam and he has a huge smile on his face. He leans down a bit because he’s gigantic compared to you and whispers, “What do you think?”

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jealous!park woojin

(as requested! // bf!woojin imagine can be found here)

  • this might b a bit short bC i dont see woojin as someone who gets v v jealous often?
  • at least not in the sense tht people like jihoon or minhyun get jealous
  • and it’s not bc of u, it’s more bc he can get kinda possessive if tht makes sense??
  • he doesnt trust other ppl not to look at u the wrong way and things like tht

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Reggie x Reader: Let Me Explain, Please.

A/N: different scenario, NOT a continuation of “Finding A Date” ~~~~~~~~~~~

Walking out the entrance, I pulled my car keys out of my pocket. Shoving the key into the car door, he bursted through the entrance of Pop’s Chock-Lit shop and made his way towards me.

‘Lord, please help me now.’ I prayed.

“Can you stop please, Y/N? Just listen to me, please.” I slammed the door of my ‘83 Rabbit shut and shoved him away from me. “Listen to what, Mantle? More lies coming out of that stupid mouth of yours?” He took a step towards me and attempted to grab my hand, but I shoved him again.

“It’s not what it looks like-” I let out a dry laugh and ran a hand through my hair, looking around the empty parking lot looking anywhere, but at it him.

“What’s it supposed to look like, then hmm? Tell me that, what’s going on?” I pushed him again, egging him on. Trying to get some answers from him, answers to all this crap he’s got me stuck in. Three shoves and not one word from the tall Asian that stood before me.

“I don’t know how they do it here in Riverdale or if it’s just your dumb ass, because this whole situation you’re putting me in is complete bullshit. You know that, right?” He ran both hands down his face and placed them on his hips and I just watched his face. I could see that his brain was running full speed, trying to come up with some lie to tell me that it wasn’t what it seemed, but he didn’t utter a single word. Shaking my head, I continued to stare at him in unbelief.

“You’re not even going to say anything? You seemed pretty confident running out of Pop’s away from her.” I told him as I threw my hands up and glared through the windows of the diner at the raven haired girl with the sharp eyebrows. ‘God, I can’t even be mad at Veronica! Her eyebrows literally slay my existence, fuck!’. My hands found their way to my hair and tugged harshly at the strands as I growled in frustration.

Closing my eyes, I spoke, “Just answer this, make me understand. Not even three hours ago, you spilled your heart out to me and I told you to give me time because I’m new to this dating shit and I need to straighten out my feelings. For you! Because lo and behold, I fucking like you too. Now, you’re here snuggling with Veronica and sharing a milkshake with her. You almost kissed her, Reggie! What the fuck is this?!” Again. No reply from him.

“What? Was this all some game to you, did those jock dickheads dare you to play with me? ‘Fuck With The Other New Girl's​ Feelings’? Did you need a backup for when I said n-no?” My voice cracked and he finally looked me straight in the eye, his own brimmed in tears.

“No, I just- This was all a big mistake.” He stumbled. ‘I’m so pathetic…’

“The part where you said you liked me and wanted me to be your girlfriend? Or the part where I caught you with someone else after you said you’d wait for me?”

“…I don’t even know.” His shoulders slouched with his hands tucked in the pockets of his varsity jacket and his head hung low. Letting out another dry laugh, I shook my head.

“Reginald Mantle the Third.” Said boy looked back up at me, eyes hopeful and meeting mine. I sadly smiled at him, finally letting the tears fall from my eyes. Reggie’s eyes widened and took a step forward to me, bringing me into his arms. I felt his tears soak into my hair while he cried into the crook of my neck and my own tears soaked the front of his jacket.

“I hate myself for liking you. I wish I had never met you. I wish we were never friends.” He shook his head and held me tighter against him, trapping my arms by my side.

“No, don’t say that, Y/N, please. Don’t say that.” His voice wavered as he pressed his face further into my neck. I stood lax, Reggie just clinging onto me like a little kid and I, his mother, scolding him. ‘Well… I kinda am scolding him, why am I such a grandma though.’

“I wish you’d just left me alone out of whatever this is. I wish that you had just dated Veronica and I could just get over you, find someone else to love because it so hurts so much just thinking about living without you.” I pressed on and tried to wriggle myself out from his grip, but his hold just became tighter and his breathing became heavier and ragged against my neck.

“Y/N, stop. I love you! Veronica-” A new voice cut in.

“Veronica what?” His hold on me became non-existent and I slowly peeled myself away from Reggie’s grasp. I found myself face to face with the one and only Veronica Lodge.

“Veronica… should give Reginald a chance.” I stated. I took one last glance at him and walked to my car, got in, put the keys into the ignition and drove home.

I just sat in my car for a few minutes, thinking. ‘Should I apologise…? No. But, I overreacted. I should’ve waited for him to say something. Did he even have anything to say?’ I wiped the remaining tears from my face and chuckled at that last thought that ran across my mind. “How long was I supposed to wait for him to break my heart?” I asked myself aloud. I slammed my fist against the steering wheel and got out the car.

When I made it to the front porch of my house, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Reluctantly, I slid the phone out my back pocket and swiped to unlock it. It was a text. From two people. Two from Reggie and one (many) from Veronica.

REGINALD: Please, meet me after school on Monday I swear just give me another chance Y/N.

REGINALD: please y/n I’m begging you, just meet me after school

VERONICA: Are you okay, Y/N?? I’m so sorry about what happened, please.

VERONICA: I had no idea that you were with Reggie!

VERONICA: Y/N please believe me

VERONICA: If I had known you two were endgame I would’ve NEVER made any advances on him, I swear on my mother’s pearls


VERONICA: Is there anything i could do to make it up to you?

After reading Ronnie’s texts… Y/N pieced together what had actually happened without Reggie telling her and she knew.

She done fucked up.

“I done fucked up.” I whispered to myself.


A/N: hey guys, another trash fanfic from me. sorry, im trying to get my head clear of ideas for that daddy imagine with Reggie but i keep writing other “prompts” I guess. I dunno, I was too dramatic in the beginning bc I was literally frustrated at the time that I had started writing it but then I let it alone for awhile and now i opted out with the ‘misunderstanding’ trope This was supposed to end up with Reggie NOT getting the girl, buuut… I hate those type of endings bc I’m a soft roll of cookie dough:’) Pls tell me if you want a Part 2 or not bc I might just leave it to the Reader realizing that she done messed up Also, sorry for the cussing:’)

Can we all just think a moment and appreciate that Tweek x Craig went the way it did? I mean, think about it. Matt and Trey COULD have spent the whole episode mocking the ship (I mean they kinda did, but hopefully you understand what I mean). They COULD have used the episode to 100% sink the ship and establish that Tweek and Craig, like, hate each other or something (not that that’d stop the shippers, but you know what I mean). This is the show that mocks pretty much everything, no reason to think this ship should be any different just because the fandom likes it, especially with how little canon interaction they’ve had besides that one episode way back in Season 3.

But they didn’t. Instead they made the two pretty much best friends at the very least AND kept their relationship, whatever the true nature of it is, going past that episode AND throw tease for the shippers around like confetti just about every time the two appear together (which is often these days). Thinking about it like that and thinking about how they COULD have chosen to approach things just makes me appreciate all the more how things turned out.

AU: Yui finds out she’s a Sakamaki

Okay so I’m just gonna guess that you mean Yui is only a Sakamaki and the other two families are gonna react to it just like the Sakamakis.


- It was a normal night until Karlheinz decides to make a rare drop in and his kids are not happy to see him as always and Yui is just polite to him like always.

- Then he drops the bomb.

- “Ah, daughters are so much more welcoming than sons. I’ve been missing out on the gentleness of a little girl.”

- The brothers stare at him like ‘wtf you old geezer?’.

- casually states “That is why I came here tonight, Yui is your half-sister since she came from a different person than your mothers.”

- “E-Eh? But I’m human…I don’t have fangs or cravings for blood…What…?”

- “Your mother was human, Seiji prevented you from turning into a vampire and so you haven’t gone through the proper stages of developing into one.”

- Now the boys hate their father more.

- Ever since then, they’ve been acting really weird.

- They don’t really attack her blood anymore.

- When they try, they just kinda chicken out which makes Yui even more confused.

- Laito has been more, touchy?

- “Everyone’s been so weird lately, don’t you think so Imouto-chan?” He was hugging her from behind as she was sitting on her bed. “I-Imouto-chan? I’m the same age as you…” “Not really if you don’t count vampire age.” Laito laughed as he suddenly kissed the pale blonde’s ear which jolts her up and she got up and turned towards him with a shocked look. “H-Hey, I’m your sister!” “I know, but it gives us a chance for me to be a little bit nicer to you. Wouldn’t you like that, Imouto-chan?” Laito got up and suddenly pinned her softly to the violet colored wall and gave off a dangerous smile, as if nothing changed about their positions except he was being strangely more gentle. Immediately Ayato came into the room and dragged out his brother.

- “Oi, if this pervert messes with you just tell someone…” “Eh? You’re so mean Ayato-kun~” “Shut up you pervert.”

- Subaru has been distancing himself away from Yui…

- Yui decides to face him in the garden, but it doesn’t work out right and he yells in her face to leave him alone and walks off to leave a confused Yui alone. But when he’s far away enough he sighs and rubs his temples…

- “My first love can’t be my sister…Fuck that old man…”

- Reiji would probably act a bit more decent towards her but he’s still the same, like pointing out mannerisms and such as he would do for his other brothers. He’ll be nice occasionally towards her but like once in blue moon but his sadistic nature towards Yui as lowered a bit…

- “-Don’t sit like that, you’re a lady and one of the only ones who decides to follow table manners.”

- Basically her mom now.

- Shuu really doesn’t care…Like at all. 

- “Oh…Is it weird if I bite you then?”

- So he still acts the same towards Yui.

- Ayato changed a lot, like at one point he’ll be snarky and arrogant like any other day but when Yui comes in he instantly shuts up and it amazes Reiji.

- “Yui, I might need you to come into the living room. Ayato is being disruptive.”

- “Ayato-kun ,did I do something to make you upset?” “No it’s…I…Ah, shut up and leave me alone!”

- As if his highkey salt towards Karlheinz could be any more salty.

- “Y-You don’t have to do those things, I’m your sister now!” “But I don’t like you as a sister and I never will.” Still possessive as he is in denial.

- One day Yui overheard Kanato and Teddy’s ‘conversation’.

- “Since Yui-san is my sister, I don’t think a wedding dress is appropriate for her…Don’t you think so Teddy? Maybe she’ll be more comfortable in a Sunday dress…”

- Still wants to turn her into a doll.

- There are also those times where they bite her and completely forget that they’re half-siblings.


- They’re not happy with the news either.

- Well at least she’s not directly related to them. (Since they’re adopted)

- Ruki wouldn’t change really, probably more homie to Yui since she’s their technical cousin. But he’s still the Ruki she knew, although he had his times he would forget about her relations.

- Yuuma would probably invite Yui to the garden just talk about stuff and it made her really happy that he wasn’t treating her poorly much.

- “Ah shit…I like the neet’s sister…”

- Kou would probably try to get Yui to spill some things about the Sakamakis he can use against them as blackmail. His dislike for the Sakamakis is still there but he really can’t bring himself to hate Yui after all of the things she did, so he labled her the ‘likable Sakamaki’. He’s still a liar towards her though.

- “C’mooon tell me something you know about Laito~!” “But I really don’t know anything!” “You guys are siblings, you should know something!”

- When his bipolar switch is on he’d probably yell at her stuff about ‘Why would I be okay with a Sakamaki’ something like that and he’d hella regret it afterwards. But Yui’s used to it so it was a reminder of sorts.

- Azusa wouldn’t really think much less of Yui.

- “Ah…Kanato-san…Might be angry if I do this…” *bites anyway*

- “Say…Hello for me…Yui-san….”

- 2/4 think: “Ugh, she’s that person sister…I’ll do it just to aggravate him.”


- Carla just looks at Yui and blinked. “Oh…That’s nice, I guess.”

- No hesitation to bite, he gots ta cleanse.

- “Your blood probably is impossible to cleanse now I found out you’re somewhat related to them.”

- Like Kou, she’s the ‘tolerable Sakamaki’. Not much change between their relationship.

- Shin on the other hand would use this information for new forms of teasing. 

- “-Perhaps you’re hiding a secret lust in you? If you’re related to that idiot, you must be one like him!” “Hm? You’re not sleeping? If you’re related to that rock, shouldn’t you follow your big brother’s footsteps~?” “Ah, don’t be so full of yourself. No wonder you’re his sister.”

- They literally don’t care about that.

- Occasionally nice but still treat her like shit.

- “Wait…Does this mean we’re technically you’re uncles?”


- Karlheinz is hated a little bit more.

- Yui was kinda happy about knowing she had an actually family, but not in these circumstances.

- Some in denial…

- She tried call Shuu and Reiji Onii-san once: “Please don’t do that.” “I know you follow family traditions, but you do not have to force yourself to do that”

- Kou and Yuuma cracked up laughing hearing that.

- And so did Shin.

- Yui’s mom is probably long gone dead knowing how Karlheinz treats his wives, but still wishes to know about her and what she was like.

- If Yui decides to stay human, things will be like normal (whatever normal is in a vampire household. If Yui becomes a vampire, she’ll need a lot of training and education about the urges, powers and things like that of a vampire…Someone’s bound to stuff her mouth with blood because she’s too nice and gentle to actually do that to a person.

- Dear god someone help her.

Idk if you wanted Kino or if I even did this right, but here’s what you got. Also be specific on what you want, thanks for requesting!

Animal Crossing Theory #1 - Are you dead?

I promised to make a new version of my theories so here I am! Let’s begin!

Animal Crossing is like an afterlife, a heaven. It’s a paradise where you go and stay forever. Where you can finally find your peace. Why?

- You are the only person in this village. All of your friends are animals, it’s kinda impossible, huh?

- Everyone is so polite and likes you. No offesive language, no hate (and let’s just make clear I’m talking about New Leaf, ok?).

- It’s too perfect, just like a dream. You come and receive your dreamy town and you can do whatever you want. What also is a little weird is all these animals doing they job 24/7 for free while you play around

- The most important things are letters from parents. The letters you receive from your mom are like a diary, where she writes everything to you as she can’t deal with the thought of you not being here with her anymore. 

She accuses herself of your death 

and talks with nostalgia about all the stuff you did 

althugh, she slowly realises you will not come back and she has to move forward.

What I would also point out is that she only has memories of you as a child, she never says about you actually moving out, just about the ‘new place’ you are in now. Also, look at this: 

- Another thing are the gyroids. In Japanese version of the game they are called  埴輪 (haniwa) which are actual things in Japanese folklore. 

And they represent, you guessed it, dead people. From 3th to 6th century people made these clay figures and buried with the dead person as other objects. It is a bit interesting why you find these randomly buried in your town… Every single one is different in it’s own way, just like people. Also, there is this quote from Kiki in New Leaf: If you look closely at gyroids, you’ll see how much personality each of them has.

If this isn’t enough evidence to convince you then I don’t know what is.

There is a bit more, but this in my next theory, which will probably show up next weekend :) I’ll try to make this a regular series, but soon I will run out of ideas so if anyone has any clues or just a thing that needs a solution, my ask is open.

controversial opinion:

i don’t understand why people get so incredibly mad when they see minors who age regress, here’s why:
💖age regression is not sexual! not supporting minors who engage in sexual acts is more than understandable, but age regression ((going into the literal, mental head space of a younger child)) is not the same as age play! age play is sexual, and the act of role playing or pretending to be a younger/older age than you are. these are two different things, and doing both separately, one, or the other is fine, but one is sexual, and one isn’t

💖doing “childlike things” ((such as using pacis, sippy cups, bottles, children’s movies, etc.)) are things that were literally made for children! and people are trying to say that others can’t do them because they’re children?? i literally cannot fathom that logic

💖fun fact: eating mac n cheese while watching winnie the pooh and calling someone daddy, mommy, caregiver, whatever, is in no way illegal for minors to do :)

sorry for the long rant, i’m not trying to talk bad about people who are sexual with age play as well as non sexual or talk bad about adult regressors,
i just think the hate towards minors ((especially in the sfw environment)) is kinda obnoxious

stay cute, loves~♡

pandagirl7878  asked:

Hey! That asgore piece was AMAZING! I can't find any other words to describe it, it just looks so beautiful. How did you make it so detailed?

Oh heck um… idk??? I just sorta sketched out the rough blocks of where everything had to go, then kinda zoomed in and… detailed??? I’m sorry I’m really bad at explaining how I work XD I just draw the basic shape, then see what shapes I can fit into that, and then what I can fit into those etc etc until I find something I’m happy with/ the whole thing starts pixelating! Hang on I’ll make a progress gif with the wips…

(apologies for the pixelation, it’s a big ass file and this is the only way I can get it to load!) The trick is to break it down into stages - sketch, block out the silhouette, add basic shapes, see how many other shapes can fit into those, go crazy with lines then highlight/backlight to whatever you want!

Cuz the whole peice is a little confusing to look at in this zoom level, I’ll demonstrate with just the shoulder thingys:

(again apologies for pixelation, tumblr hates me =M=)

As for what to do in terms of shapes… you kinda just got to play around with it a bit to find out what works for you, don’t be afraid to go crazy! The more you draw, the more ideas and experience you have and the more structures you sort of “learn”.

Try just messing around on a blank canvas doodling patterns or whatever flies into your head - it doesn’t have to be ‘good’, it just have to get your mind flowing, and if you’re anything like me then you’ll eventually end up \in the zone\, where you can just draw patterns inside patterns until it starts to pixelate - on that note, ALWAYS HAVE A LARGE CANVAS SIZE (A3 or up) IF YOU WANT TO GO FULLY BLOWN DETAIL, or you’ll regret it trust me.

Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m really glad you liked the peice!! When I saw this message I’ll admit I inwardly shrieked a bit at the compliments (*´∀`*) It’s always really inspiring to hear such positive feedback!! I hope this helps and that you have a wonderful day <333

(to see the speedpaint click here, and to see the whole peice without any annoying pixelation click here!)

not a fuck anyone story, just "I'm sick as shit of my job and want to work at a fruit orchard company"

I’m an autistic femme, I was clinically diagnosed since I was four, but a lot of people say I “don’t look it” or whatever because I was traumatized into trying to act as allistic as possible. it kind of sucks in a lot of my customer service environments, especially with my current job. the last time I disclosed to a job about my disability I was fired and discriminated against because of it, and I’ve been terrified of disclosing it to other jobs because of similar repercussions. I’ve highly succeeded in some jobs (to the point where I’ve been promoted to assistant manager) and have struggled in others. the one I have right now is one of the latter. my boss is constantly snapping at me for “not reading social cues” (which is a part of my disability) and today I just completely ran out of spoons halfway through my shift to the point where I was just dissociating. I’m so ready to leave this goddamn job, it’s full of rich pretentious women who can afford to spend thousands of dollars on clothing all the time. my coworkers are always laughing and talking to each other and complimenting each other on their outfits. I have seven tattoos and dress kinda outside of the box and they don’t really compliment me unless I’m wearing something that I absolutely hate, and I really want to quit, but I’ve been there for two months and I have a sliver of an opportunity at my boyfriend’s work at a fruit orchard company. I worked for them on Saturday but I feel like the work is going to not be too often. I want them to give me something a little more reliable and more permanent rather than me just going once a week or whatever. I just want July to roll around so i can work at my beautiful halloween job again lol

anonymous asked:

Do you think Rin and Yukio are still going to church? (as in mass)

  • I believe that Yukio tries his best to make it to church/mass on time
  • sometimes he gets there a little late and sits quietly on the back row 
  • but he really tries to get there on time as often as possible 
  • but considering he works so much and he has to keep an eye on Rin - he doesn’t always make it
  • Rin doesn’t go to church/mass
  • he always pretended to hate going to church for the whole ‘bad boy’ reputation he had going on 
  • and so it kinda stuck 
  • sometimes he goes on like holidays or whatever but - even then he’s on edge 
  • cause all he can think about it his old man 
  • and how much he misses him

It does make me kind of sad how much Mark (and possibly Jack) seems to hate Septiplier now.  Like, I’ve never been a big shipper of the two personally: I think they work better as friends, and they both have lovely S/Os that they are happy with.  But I remember when “Septiplier Away” was a joke that EVERYONE was a part of, and we would all laugh (including Mark and Jack) at the ridiculousness of its existence.  But now they don’t joke about it anymore and they seem to really hate it even being brought up, even as a joke.

I understand the problem came from certain fans going too far, such as blaming Amy and Wiishu for keeping Septiplier apart or whatever bullshit.  I know that things got real nasty real quick, so we can’t joke about it anymore.  But it kinda sucks, ya know????  It was a fun little joke to have in both communities and I feel like it brought people together, because it was not only a joke about the two of them “dating” but about the unification of both Jack’s community and Mark’s.

Idk. I’m just sad that the fun has been taken out of it, and both Mark and Jack (and Wiishu and Amy) seem to have been negatively affected by all that has happened surrounding it.

My favourite parts (and thoughts and comments etc.) of this review of Hey Violet’s Album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rak40lmCaeY&t=5s

-It begins with Jon acknowledging that HV have responded (via Twitter. a tweet I believe Nia made) to his review of their album. The tweet said “i’m actually a huge fan of you videos. appreciate you listening to it😂 we’ve been waiting to get roasted😱 - n” I just wanted to address this quickly first because it annoyed me. It implies Nia thinks that her band is popular enough to get roasted. It’s not him roasting you love. Roasting applies there is some joke to what they are saying and that they don’t really mean it. Like they still like you blah blah. After watching the whole video this guy knows his stuff it seems with music so it is a serious review. it’s him critiquing your music and he means it. She just comes across as passive aggressive and that is honestly who she is. He then later thinks that the tweet she made was her being able to handle criticism. No. That was her passive aggressive way of sweeping the points he makes in the video under the rug and calling it a roast.

-Firstly it is great that he knows and acknowledges that Cherri Bomb was their band first, something Hey Violet members don’t even do…

-It is also great how he comments on their drastic change of sound and how they were a “girl version of 5sos” as he puts it

-Comments on “I Can Feel It” as having “no personality” which just sums up Hey Violet’s music and it’s members completely

-Says how there is a lot of electronic and overproduced moments in the album and how it doesn’t work for a band. Literally the truth as it doesn’t work. It’s all electronic there is no need for a band with HV and it doesn’t sound good.

-”a band like this that is trying to blend a lot of different styles but they’re not pulling it off the majority of the time” Honestly he is just stating what we all know and that is that they tried copying other artists and you can tell and it hasn’t worked. Like at all

- He repeatedly goes on about how he has to listen to the songs a few times to really enjoy them, which I think is because they copied the other artists to get a catchy tune and that is why they grew on him. but honestly if you make good music then people will like it instantly not have to forcefully listen to it over and over again for people to kinda enjoy it a little. not even a lot just a little

-Jon hates and detest the lyrics. Yeah. Don’t we all. They are not good at writing whatever songs they wrote. And they even like and support the ones they didn’t is still bad because it means they support the message and agree it’s good when it just isn’t

-”it’s like they couldn’t quite get it right on any of the songs”

-”some of these (referring to the songs) are just ungodly mixes of things that you would never want to hear from really any kind of band especially one that seems to be catering to a younger audience” BOOM! YES! That’s what we’ve all been saying!

-Talks about how “Hoodie” will go down as easily one of the worst songs of 2017. Yep. Agree.

-More lyric critique!

-Calls the instrumental parts and arrangements a “jumbled mess”

-”This album is mostly a snooze fest whenever it’s not being boring it’s being insultingly weak in the lyrical departments and some of the instrumental arrangements. I can’t really give this a recommendation”

-”play a little bit more with the instruments and a little bit less with the production”