i kinda hate my hair


this was supposed to be a shallura tangled au but this isnt even in the actual movie lmao

anyway, allura grew up with magical growing hair that glows different colors depending on her mood, and lived in a tower since she was young till an escapee climbed into her tower to hide

bonus klance (this au probs only have side klance tho lol):

cant believe how dumb they are that person is literally just next to you–

I was able to talk to an IRL friend about my detransition recently.  It was nice, she doesn’t have a lot of first-hand experience with transition but that almost made the conversation better?  Like she didn’t have the preconceived bias about detransitioned people being fake or whatever.

I basically said that I don’t consider myself trans anymore, but I still look/sound like this so I’m just gonna have to live with it.  She asked me if I could “re-transition” to look more feminine so I’ve been thinking about that question.  I guess technically I could get laser hair removal, train my voice to be higher, attempt to pass as female by dressing really feminine, etc.  But making myself look more feminine would require a lot of modification and I’m kinda done doing stuff like that.  I hate my facial hair and wish I didn’t have it but chasing physical ideals is what got me into this in the first place, I don’t really want to keep doing that.  I want to accept myself for who I am at this point, and if I could turn back time I probably wouldn’t transition at all but it just is what it is now.

Crack! GF AU where Bill is like Varrick and Dipper is like Zhu Li (from the Legend of Korra).

Now I can see this happening in two ways…

1. Dipper makes a deal with Bill and his payment was to become his permanent assistant.

2. Dipper is fascinated with Bill because of his clashing characteristics of ridiculous behaviour but genius mind, so he snags a job as his personal assistant. Of course, he learns the hard way that Mr. Cipher’s antics can’t be decoded into comprehensible things and that he’s actually quite the pain in the ass to deal with.

y’know, whichever floats your boat the most, lol.


BILLDIP IS CANON *dives in trash bin dramatically*

sammy wilkinson imagine

a/n; this wasn’t requested but i cut my hair today randomly and wanted to make a cute little sammy imagine inspired by my wild actions (as marie calls it) but either way, i hope you like it! -ely


I was having a small crazy moment in the house all by myself. I was laying down in the couch of Sammy and I’s apartment. Sammy was my boyfriend for almost a year and even though we had our problems from his career and my job, we dearly loved each other.

I usually went to the studio with him since I dearly enjoyed hanging out with him and the rest of the guys but something got to me this time. So this morning when he left, I simply told him that I could be fine and that I wanted to stay here by myself.

Honestly, I wanted to stay here because I didn’t feel like seeing anyone. Social anxiety really really sucked at times.

Even though I was just laying on the couch, I decided to get up and go to the bathroom to just go stare at myself through the reflection. And oh wow, how much of a mistake that was. I began to see all of my pores filled with anxiety, all of my blackheads, all of the weird parts of my face and hair that I really didn’t like.

UGH UGH UGH. My hair. I hated my hair. It was extremely curly yet kinda straight at the end. It was kinda short but then again it wasn’t short enough. Everyone knew I didn’t like how long my hair was yet Sammy liked it so I kinda always refused to cut it. But something took over me. Screw what Sammy likes about my hair.

I grabbed some scrunchies, scissors and sat on our bathroom sink. I put my hair up in a high ponytail with one of the scrunchies and grabbed the other scrunchie and put it on my hair as well so I could see how much of it I wanted it gone.

“Babe, I’m home! The guys really missed you– babe..? Where are you?” Sammy’s voice echoed through the apartment and I cursed under my breath since I figured he was going to come into the bathroom and see me doing my crazy wild decisions.

His footsteps echoed along the hall and he stepped inside of the bathroom, quickly finding me in the bathroom with scissors in my hand. “Baby..what are you doing?” He said through slight chuckled and I sighed and put the stuff down.

“Do you ever just get so upset about your whole entire appearance and want to just change it all? Well babe, that’s exactly what’s going on right now. I’m cutting my hair.”

Sammy just erupted in laughs and grabbed the scissors from the sink. “Yeah, mami. I completely understand what you’re saying. I’m here now though. Let’s cut your hair.” He kissed my forehead and began cutting my hair carefully.

I smiled to myself and looked at him through the reflection of the mirror. He didn’t like my hair short but he was still cutting it for me. He was still doing something that made me happy. I had the world’s greatest boyfriend. “Baby..?”

“hmm..” He replied back with his furrowed eyebrow from how focused he was.

“Do you think this was a crazy idea?”

He laughed and nodded his head. “I know it was a crazy idea. You’re ultimately wilding right now with everything. But I still love you  and will always want to be with you so I’m going to be here and support you with your wild decisions.” He laughed again and when he was finally finished, he gave me a full kiss.