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I am literally so happy you're watching shameless jfc

Andy: tbh, it’s a bit hard to watch. On the one hand I love the idea that they don’t leave anything out. They get it all and show that people like me and my family can have great times and great intentions in the middle of a shit storm of a situation…..

But at the same time, I hate that someone who has never known a life like this….how real this is…. can laugh at the situations they’re in?

It’s like yeah, Frank ripping holes in the wall during a manic withdrawal is kinda funny from the outside… but I’ve lived that. I’ve lived with holes in the walls and with my friends politely averting their eyes from them. Yeah, it’s funny that Lip has all this potential and he instead is sarcastic and hard and bitingly brilliant in his scams… but some people don’t know how it feels to have everyone expecting you to fail, no matter how smart or impressive you are.

It’s hard to watch…because it’s real and some people aren’t going to see the reality… they’re going to see the ‘quirky-ness’ of poverty.


It’s a spiderweb.

You know where else there’s a spiderweb?

You know what it is a part of?

Yep. Frank's hopeless romantic tattoo. Hopeless with a spiderweb on one hand, romantic with just one half of a broken heart on the other.

And that one,folks, we’ve already talked about. It’s connected with the HOPELESS ROMANTIC song by the Bouncing Souls, I’ll now remind you of its lyrics (please note that Frank has also tweeted this song and these tattoos showed up on Frank’s hands around the ProjRevolution times so yeah.)

“I’m a hopeless romantic
You’re just hopeless

Beer and wine does me fine but
It doesn’t always do
When I get back up and dust off
I always come back to you.
I’m my own man with my own plan
I can’t do the things you want me to
I’m kinda lazy and I kinda stink
But I’ll clean myself up for you”

So obviously, that song’s got a lot to do with how Frank felt over Gerard’s well, or let’s just say over their 'break up’ after Projekt Revolution. …over the fight…and the non-talking and the band hiatus and leathermouth and world is ugly and stay and all that followed…ehm.

Now, the lyrics…Assuming that this is exactly how Frank felt (cuz c'mon,tweeting that song,getting a tattoo of it), then the half of the broken heart represents just that, a break up, being heartbroken, end of a rship. Frank was crushed and desperate and pissed off cuz c'mon,Gerard, but despite all that and how much he hated himself for it, according to the lyrics, he knew he would always get back up, dust off, clean himself up for and come back to Gerard. And THAT’S exactly what the web represents. It’s not being hopeless as in “there’s no chance for us anymore”, but being hopeless as in“i’m hopeless-ly in love with you, i will always come back to you, there’s no getting out of this love web”

Aaaaand here we come to the the album’s cover photo!!


So now you get the idea, i believe….cuz hell yeah, i’d totally say the spiderweb on the cover once again represents Frank being unable to get out of the freaking 'love'web of their relationship……He used to have stomaches after ProjRev (too), when he gained weight rapidly cuz of the pills he ate, also the anti-depressants and all that shit.

So yep, i’m pretty sure it’s ALL connected.

Now when we’ve discussed the (possible) general idea of the album, let’s get to the particular songs that stood out for me as frerardish ones.

(Mind you, this is just MY humble opinion. Not forcing you to read it, so if you’re not ready for a frerard dose, i kindly ask you to step away now.)

….Get ready for some LOOOOONG reading :-/ sorry.

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Forget the horror here
Leave it all down here
It’s future rust and then it’s future dust

I can’t believe it’s over, like literately my entire life is over and i have nothing to wait for.  but it’s been an amazing journey, I’ve never had this much feeling for a game since The Last of Us or The walking Dead, and I felt emotionally attached to the characters. I laughed like an idiot, I cried like a little bitch and I’ve never felt related to the characters like this before, as i heard there’s going to be a second season, but with different characters. kinda exciting and disappointing at the same time.

“Frank Protecting Karen” prompt SEQUEL!!!!

A week or so ago, someone prompted me to write  Kastle prompt fill “Frank Helping to Protect Karen When Fisk Finds out she Killed Wesley”, and it’s been so well liked (and I was so taken with it myself) that I decided to write a sequel to it! 

The prompt I gave myself? “Frank Comes to Karen Beaten and Bloody and it Becomes Her Turn to Protect Him”

Here’s hoping you enjoy it!

Karen doesn’t often respond to knocks at her door without a gun in her hand anymore. She inches her way toward the peep hole in response to two decided thumps, and one sloppy, muffled one like someone falling against her door—or halfheartedly trying to break it down. She pauses for a moment, waiting for another sound, or gunshots. None come. So she looks.

A head of dark hair is all she can see. Her visitor is, indeed, slumped against the door itself. But she knows that haircut, and she sets the gun aside, and scrambles for the lock.

“Frank?!” she exclaims as she opens the door, and he all but falls into her arms. “What the hell?”

“Need your bathtub,” he grunts.

“What? Why?”

“Better n’ bleeding on the carpet.”

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