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Check!Frisk © Me Requested by an anon (Dude I hope what u meant by Check frisk is Checktale frisk [or maybe another person’s frisk, if it is then oops- XD] I actually have a concept of Check!Frisk ready to go! Hopefully one day I could make a ref if i aint lazy)

Ze Green gal © Requested by @kata3211 (She’s an interesting one!)

Pink skele gal © Requested by @anaarts121 (AHHH THE EYES! OWO)

Checka © Me Requested by @blazeflaze (Hnngg i know you requested her to say hewwo but I kinda failed I suppose XD)

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...i kinda wanna see them failing in rescuing kaneki. like i think it would be really awesome if tokyo gets halfway wiped out so the ghouls can live in it with the ccg being gone ...aand i think it's too early for cooperation between humans and ghouls i wanna see more struggle in creating order

Oh yeah there’s definitely gonna be trouble but this is a massive first step in their centuries-old struggle. 

Also, ghouls living peacefully because all the humans die is not the message of the series. That would fly right in the face of the co-existence motif that has been in the story from the start, as well as advocating genocide. The CCG and Ghouls are equally sinful - condemning the CCG for killing ghouls is no different from condemning Ghouls for killing humans, because they both do it for the same reason - to survive as a species. 

In the modern political climate, it’s easy to perceive the CCG as just another oppressive and prejudiced power, but unlike real-life oppressive systems (and boy are there a lot of them), they actually have a decent reason for what they do - Ghouls need to kill people to survive, and it’s not just a myth or a fear, it’s reality. If lions were prowling the streets of your hometown, could you object to the authorities shooting them? Of course, the analogy is complicated because Ghouls are equally as intelligent as humans, and viewing them as nothing but monsters is certainly wrong - but it’s a psychological self-defence mechanism from having to partake in unjust slaughter - and in the exact same way, most Ghouls just see humans as a food source. The alternative to the CCG is just allowing people to be eaten by Ghouls, which is also wrong - just like with the Ghouls, it’s a matter of survival. For this reason, Kaneki says in Chapter 18:

That said, I’m certainly not excusing the CCG, because what they do is obviously wrong, but just as much as what Ghouls do is wrong. As Yoshimura says, taking a life is always sinful, even when the world forces you to.

That’s why it bothers me when people talk about how the CCG characters need to suffer more and redeem themselves (especially when they’ve already suffered tons and are now outright joining forces with Ghouls). That could equally apply to nearly every character in the series. The point of TG is that it’s a world where everyone has to sin, and they need to strive to create a world where that’s no longer necessary. Insisting on punishment in such a capricious world as this is affirming its sadistic dogma. What this world needs is a blank slate if there’s ever going to be peace.

But thankfully, there is a wholly evil party in this: V and the Washuu. The truth behind the CCG makes it possible to identify directly the people responsible for warping this world and by removing them, working towards a solution. These characters I have very minimal sympathy with as they have actively created the twisted birdcage and are not compelled by necessity but their own lust for power and control. The same accusing figure lands on the Clowns; their misery does not excuse their cruel hedonism.

If Dragoneki ends up wiping out V or the Clowns, who are almost definitely going to try and stop the Human-Ghoul alliance, then all the more power to him. But if a better and brighter world is ever going to be possible, hands off the doves.

Also…why not save Kaneki??? He’s our boi.


namjoon: i’m not sure what you think, but you play a major role in building the mood in our group. you take care of the stuff i sometimes miss as a leader. i always envy you. you’re the most professional member in our team; you’re stable, that’s the quality an entertainer should have. // ©

A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

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  • Jungkook: Jimin, it's not fair that you don't pay the rent!
  • Jimin: what are you-
  • Jungkook: I'm kidding, you don't have to pay if you live in my heart
  • Jimin:
  • Seokjin, drying his tears: I taught him well

Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

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