i kinda failed at this

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i called twice but you did not answer. its really tough during the nights. im so used to having you around, that this will take awhile to get used to. we will be apart more often in future, so i think we need to find a way that works for us.

dont get me wrong, professionally, things have been going great for me and i really appreciate your guidance and support. but on a personal level, i am feeling quite empty and lonely lately. maybe im in the adjusting phase.

i cant wait to see you again soon. sorry i kinda took for granted all those times we had, and failing to realise how lucky we were to be near each other. now that there is distance between us, i long for more time together with you.

you are always on my mind, soo.
take care.


A bride to spring, a mate to night. 

(Tumblr messed up the quality, for a change, so I had to add the borders to post the full drawing, but please also click it for hd :D)

Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

kinda vent kinda not this is a mess

My dash is now so empty with all those blacklisted fe14 post, so I thought it’s time to draw a quick fe13 character. Here is a Olivia sketch~

this was gonna be for rainbow aesthetic BUT i kinda failed  bc i couldn’t get the idea of a cute sno-cone sundae design outta my head so im gonna do it again with a dif dessert but like !!! enjoy this cute lil popsicle baby