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hey. hey. hey--

i would like to challenge all of you, right now, to look up your five favorite writers/page over to your five most recent fave fics and leave a comment. tell that writer what you like about them, or just that you enjoy the things they create. quote your favorite line, your favorite part of a fic, the thing you’ve reread over and over. thank them. throw in some emojis. you can do it anonymously if you want! or not! but comments are so important for writers and honestly, we could all use some positivity and kindness spread around right now.

some examples/suggestions:

  • “hello! i love your fic ____, especially the part where _____. Thanks for writing!”
  • “i enjoy the things you make, thanks for that”
  • “______ part of your fic made me laugh/cry/get a boner/have to lie down in a dark room for an hour.”
  • “NICE”
  • “I liked reading this more than frogs like damp mud.”
  • “ “______” from your fic ______ was so good, nice job!”
  • “this fic made my grandmother rise from the dead to wreak havoc on my terrible soul, it was sick, thank you”

anonymous asked:

please share non-toxic exr fics i'm begging u

(i got you!! this is only a few and some of them are pretty popular so send me another ask if you want more/anything specific)

After the End - Rated: M | Chapters: 7/7 | Words: 74,702
Grantaire’s life goes to hell at 5pm on a Saturday evening. Which is actually kind of ironic, really, seeing as how the rest of the world went to hell almost seven years earlier. (this might be my all time favorite fic i reread it all the time)

last night’s clothes and tomorrow’s dreams - Rated: G | Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 12,669
The Prince has returned, after being away for years, and a festival is being held in his honour, in order for him to find a spouse to rule the country with. There is nothing - nothing - that Grantaire wants more than to be there.(Into The Woods AU)

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something about me

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Nickname: Ace, Cat, Lazy, Kitty 

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Height: 171 cm

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Last TV show i watched: American Horror Story

What I’m wearing right now: pigiamas >__>

When i created this blog: 1 October 2016

The kind of stuff i post: My art and fan arts >\\<

Do i do asks regularly: I really try to answer to everybody but not anons because I don’t want to spam people >< but when I have bad days I always go there and reread all of them to smile xD 

Why did i choose my URL: Because I’m super lazy…and I love cats >> I’m NOT lazy on things that I like tho –> drawing xD

Gender: girl 

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: nope xD

Favorite color: Red and black

Lucky number: 8

Favorite characters: undertale characters in general <3

Dream job: comic artist/ mangaka ;\\;

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1

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Many thoughts on :re 123

I wonder if Yoriko actually expected Mutsuki? Because her reaction does imply that she’s been expecting somebody. If she had a date with Bujin I’d expect her to already show a surprised reaction upon hearing the voice/before she turned around since I’m pretty sure Mutsuki’s voice is quite different from Bujin’s. Since Mutsuki said to Bujin that she might know Touka it’s very much possible that Mutsuki directly talked to Yoriko or wanted to meet her in person to help her find her friend. It’d easy for her to gain Yoriko’s trust and lure her to some place so she could attack her…

The hand doesn’t mean that she’s dead yet. She might very well still be alive. I see two possibilities here: 1)Mutsuki killed Yoriko (maybe even in Torso style since apparently she now also hates women and since Yoriko is the best friend of the woman that stole her man, all the more reason to brutally murder her). Also because the dead don’t speak. It might be troublesome if she’s still alive and someone somehow manages to rescue her. 2)Yoriko is purposely kept alive so she can be used to threaten Touka. You know Touka would pretty much do anything to save Yoriko… oh boi…
Which one is more likely? You tell me.

(btw, taking a closer look at the hand, it seems like a bone is sticking out..? Seems like Mutsuki’s definitely wasn’t too careful handling Yoriko…)

(also, stay strong, Bujin. AND SAVE YOUR WAIFU! ugh, this gets so much to me bc Yoriko is the sweetest cinnamon roll in TG. If there’s one person that never did anything bad it’d be her. How the fck could you do this to such a kind person??? )

Now let’s talk about Mutsuki. At the beginning we see her being super happy n emotional, tearing up, clenching Kaneki’s shirt and begging him to come back. I won’t call this all just being an act Mutsuki put up. There’s no denying that she was happy and emotional and really wanted him back (it was sad really, the panel where she holds the end of his shirt and begging him to come back actually got to me).

But at the same time she came with a fully thought out plan and she most likely knew how he’d react and what to expect. She acted super innocent but we know she wasn’t shocked or anything when she saw fake Kaneki getting beheaded (like pls, she seen and done worse than that). But  although she knew what to expect she still tried, still took the chance and when she got her answer(or so she thinks) you could see the hurt on her face nonetheless.

(^ that’s some Furuta style acting, Mucchan…)

What’s Mutsuki’s perception of Kaneki/Haise atm? The official statement of the CCG is that Haise betrayed them and killed Arima. There are some doubters and Urie is one of them. But not Mutsuki. She wouldn’t care much about why/how this really went down as long as he came back. It’s not about the CCG. But what might be interesting to point out here is that she did not only mention herself but also briefly mentions others (Suzuya, Itou and the Qs). I have wondered about this a long time ago: Aside from Haise, what are her feelings towards others, how are their relationships, how important are the others to her?

(putting the rest under the cut bc this gonna be long bc I’m just putting everything in one post muhahaha)

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Hi everyone <3 I’ve been doing a lot of studies and practices lately for painting and rendering–Before it was stressful, nothing seemed to work, but I’ve learned to accept that not everything I make will be perfect, and I just need to go along for the ride; let my mistakes in art pile up on one another until it makes a stepping stool high enough for me to get to my next level up.

I’ve gotten all your messages and kind words, know that I keep them in my inbox to reread over and over when my stepping stool isn’t growing fast enough for me.

Also, I tend to update my Twitter a lot more (wips, announcements, art I forget to post here… All kinds of things!) So if you want more of me and my lameness, I’m over here! –> @Lolimoog

sherlohomora  asked:

Name 2 fics you read recently and liked? Also (if you have one): what's the most unexpectedly enjoyable fic you've read -- like with a trope/AU/concept etc. that you were skeptical about but then you adored the story?

I love this ask @sherlohomora

2 Fics I’ve Read Recently and Enjoyed:

  1. LHR-HNL by @scullyseviltwin-  So much John pining for Sherlock in this fic! He’s imploding with love for his detective and when they finally figure things out and John lets that love loose? WOW. I also love how the setting of Hawaii is such an integral part of the story. It’s described so beautifully and seemed to me to almost become another character in the fic. A Sherlock who’s a bit bossy and straightforward about what he wants is a plus, too. Crazy about this!
  2. The Stars Move Still by Beautiful Fiction @the-pen-pot- I am such a sucker for AU’s and this one is so well crafted. It’s got magic and demons and soul-selling and everything a fantasy-lover like me could want wrapped up in true BBC Sherlock characterization. My favorite thing is how Sherlock’s “sprites” show his unrequited feelings for John whether Sherlock likes it or not. They keep nuzzling his face and making all kinds of sweet noises when they’re around John. It’s adorable! This was a reread for me. I’ve read this one several times actually. Such.Good.Stuff.

A Trope/AU/Concept I was skeptical about at first but now I love?

5+1 Fics- These aren’t a genre I’d ever read before I started reading fanfiction and I can’t get enough of them. They’re usually quick reads and I love finding out what the twist is for the +1 part! Each author always does something different. A couple of faves: Emergency Contact: Sherlock Holmes, Relationship: n/a by blueink3 and Five Times John Cooked Something With Peas and One First Kiss by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for.  I started one of these fics a while ago but alas, I’ve lost my muse. Maybe someday I’ll finish it…


Sentinel/Guide AU’s- Never heard of this AU before fanfiction either. I feel like I’ve read them all now and I keep going back to my favorites over and over like Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London by RyuuzaKochou and Secrets and Revelations by Hisstah.  Sherlock and John are soulmates right? So why not let them be connected on an even deeper level via their minds! I aspire to write one of these fics myself someday. 

So, that’s a LONG answer to a short ask but I hardly ever get these so I figured I’d better make it good. And I’m always glad to share great fics anyone who’d enjoy reading them. :) 

scaredswiftless  asked:


Ahhhhhhhh! Come scream in my ask box whenever you want, friend.

Seriously, dude. It’s the best motivation and it literally makes my day.

Also, can I just say that it’s so crazy to me that people have been rereading the first two?? Like, it makes me so happy, but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around it. I’m so sorry part three has been taking so long and you’re stuck reading the same old trash over and over, haha. (But thank you for reading it!)

I’m in hardcore crunch-time mode trying finish part three as soon as possible.

kc’s ml fic recs (#1)

happy fanfiction writers appreciation day!! i decided to make a fic rec list because it’s about time i actually did one of these. and i have so many writers i like!!! 

this got disgustingly long because i rambled about nineteen thousand different fics. so, expect another one in a little bit!! 

part two here →

a snow white drabble by @chatstronaut | rating: k+ | wc: 2.8k | pair: ladrien, snow white au

it’s a snow white au!!!!!!! featuring lots of ladrien and prince adrien. just. i’m swooning over here. it pretty much retells snow white, but it’s fun and adorable and lovely and prince adrien is something you all need in your life. i went back in reread this bc i’m lame.

all i want by @pallasjoannas | rating: n/a | wc: 1.3k | pair: established ladynoir

i’m a slut for post reveal and established relationships. it’s a fluffly ladynoir/adrienette date and it’s literally so wonderful i melted when i read it. it also has a serious christmas-y feel so extra goodness with that too!!!!

battle wounds by kyliewrites on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 10.5k | pair: adrienette

The day had been amazing. A beach trip with her class in the last dregs of the school year, hours of conversation with the love of her life, and not an akuma in sight. (In retrospect, she shouldn’t have expected it to last.)

this is one of my f a v o r i t e fics right now, even though it was last updated in may. it starts out really fluffy and sweet and adorable adrienette at the beach and then there’s this mystery!!! that we don’t know yet!!!! and adrien doesn’t either bc marinette’s keeping SECRETS. very very very good, definitely deserves the t rating though! 

brick walls by @sadrien or demistories on ao3 | rating: g | wc: 6.5k | pair: adrienette/ladynoir 

Ladybug is sitting right behind him. Marinette is sitting right behind him.Part of Adrien wants to turn around and announce to her “I’m Chat Noir!” and part of him wants to keep playing this game with her. Not that she knows it’s a game yet.

ok so i swore to myself that i’d only pick one of téa’s fics bc all of them are like my favorites so i picked brick walls because it’s a reveal fic and adrien trying to tell mari but she’s oblivious equals the kind of content i signed up for. i also went back and reread this one bc amazing shit right here guys

chasing the sky by @asexualallura or thornsandwings on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 19.6k | pair: adrienette/ladynoir 

Adrien Agreste had grown up with his best friend and childhood crush, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, until she had moved away to China at the age of 9. The two never lost contact, writing letters until they had been gifted cellphones and access to the internet. At the age of 12, Adrien’s mother was suddenly taken from her family, leaving behind a distraught son to learn to fight for himself and a husband who grew cold as time passed. At the age of 15, he had been gifted the Ladybug Miraculous and became the superhero that stands between Paris and Le Papillon. At the age of 17, his best friend and childhood crush returned him, leaving him in a state of nervousness, panic and guilt. He fears she may become a victim of Le Papillon’s if she continues to stay in Paris.

It seems fate may be laughing at him, because the same day the woman he thought he would never see again arrives, so does another person he’d been waiting two years for.

power swap and crush swap in the same fic. aka my death. those are seriously like my FAVE aus so this is a must read!!!!!!!!

check plus one by @voltisubito or volti on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 7.9k | pair: adrienette

Marinette is finally going to do it. She’s finally going to ask Adrien on a date. Of course, this poses a bit of a problem when he asks her first.

are you kidding me. like ADRIENETTE on a really cute fluffy adorable date at a WEDDING. it literally doesn’t get any better. i think i squealed 200 times when i read this. 

i do by @l-adrien | rating: g | wc: 1.1k | pair: adrienette

‘Please, let Adrien and the others arrive soon.' As Marinette sits alone at the lunch table, waiting for her friends to turn up, a boy she’s never seen before sits down and strikes up a particularly flirtatious conversation - his friends cheering him on from the sidelines. And what’s Adrien to do when his Lady is in danger?

if you remember that one post going around when one random guy is like ‘i don’t bite’ and then adrien jumps in and screams ‘i do’ then this is the fic for you. adrien being lowkey protective is hilarious and this fic had me laughing and squealing at the same time. it’s amazing you need to READ IT!!!!

looking for adrien by @soundofez or soundofez on ao3 | rating: t | wc: 2.6k | pair: adrienette/marichat/ladynoir

Prompt: you’re always sneaking out at night and it’s really suspicious so i follow you and get myself into trouble and you save me and then yell at me for following you. It’s late, Marinette is pregnant, and Adrien is gone again.

honestly this fic has to be in my top ten. i’ve reread it multiple times and it’s really sad!!!! because marinette thinks adrien’s cheating on him….but he’s really just being chat noir. and she’s pregnant and oh god it’s amazing. you have to read it bc it’s so amazing

Drag Me Down II Mosaic II Jaspar fanfiction

Disclaimer: Nothing here belongs to me and obviously none of this is true. All events depicted here are purely fictional.

A/N: Y’all know that I love twisting real life events the Jaspar way, let’s say, but I can also turn them the other way… enjoy the angst, my darlings. Also this will be a bit darker than what you are used to, just a heads up.

On another note, as a kind anon told me, there were two minor mistakes in Honey which I have now smoothened out so in case you want to reread it, you hopefully won’t notice! This is what happens when you take too long inbetween chapters :’)


Take my hand and

Drag me down

Pull me under

Just don’t let go

Until I drown,

In you

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space-hums  asked:

I just wanted to let you guys know that this blog made my crappy day infinitely better the moment I took the time to scroll though it. I support and am loving everything but I found this place through some of the D.Gray-Man fluff, which genuinely made me cry and felt like an actual hug. Please keep up the excellent work! (Don't overwork yourselves either) :D

THANK YOU FOR THE KIND WORDS!! !!!! !  ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )

I hope that all the other DGM imagines will make you feel as happy as they make me feel when I reread them :’) (I have lots of off days as well :’(…)

And thank you for the concern ♡ ~(‘▽^人), please take care of yourself as our supporter too!

- Admin Katsudon

dazedcyborg  asked:

Your favourite marauders era fanfic? Or top 5? I've never read one but your post got me really excited to!

OK this is like the best ask I’ve ever gotten (possibly because it’s a very welcome distraction from the boring stuff I have to do today!) Fingers crossed you are not averse to Wolfstar bc all the Marauders era fics I read feature them! 

1. Text Talk - this is basically a staple. It’s one of the first fics I read and it is basically the most popular fic in the marauders era fandom. Au.

2.Long live living (if living can be this)  - This is possible my favourite ever. It’s just really beautiful and nostalgic and lovely. Au.

3.Advent - Hogwarts era Christmassy fluff. It’s great. 

4. That Old Black Magic - kind of Au - Remus starts Hogwarts aged sixteen and the Marauders kind of adopt him into their crowd, I think. Most of these recs are fuzzy in my mind because I read them the summer before last! 

5. Dating Remus Lupin -  honestly I don’t remember this fic but it’s in a rec list I gave to my friend and I reread the first page just then and I reckon it’s probably great. 

Go forth and binge read, my friend. (And also, I am cursing you a little because now I want to reread all of these but I am starting and English degree and I have a bloody boring list of books to get through. Oh wow, look at that alliteration.) 

Which Fallout 4 characters should you fight? a guide

Opponent: Codsworth

Who wins: Not you

Should you fight them: First of all, Codsworth is a giant metal robot. You are going to break your damn hand if you try to fight him. Secondly, why would you??? Poor guy has been alone for centuries, unable to fulfil his primary purpose. Don’t fight him.

Opponent: Piper Wright

Who wins: You, but only in the short-term

Should you fight them: No. You can beat Piper in a fight but A) why would you want to fight her and B) she will publish an article about you in Publick Occurences that completely destroys your reputation in ways you didn’t even think were possible. Your friends will leave you. Your partners will leave you. Your spouse will rise from the grave to track you down and take back their wedding ring. Don’t fight Piper.

Opponent: Nick Valentine

Who wins: Nick

Should you fight them: No. Look here’s what goes down if you fight Nick. First you try to give him the ol’ one-two and bust your hand on his janky broken-ass metal exterior. Then he makes some smartass comment about how dumb your ass is trying to fight him, and then he patches you up because he’s nice like that, and guess what??? You’ve got the hots for him now. Tried to fight him and now you’re horny for an unromanceable clockwork dick. Nice going jackass

Opponent: Cait

Who wins: Depends on if she’s using Psycho

Should you fight them: Look, if you’re fighting Cait while she’s hopped up on Psycho, you will lose the fight. You will get absolutely destroyed. And if you’re fighting her when she’s sober, you’re just an awful person. Hasn’t she been through enough? Don’t fight Cait.

Opponent: Deacon

Who wins: You

Should you fight them: Deacon’s a cool guy and all but beat him up anyway because oh my god all of his in-battle quotes are SO FUCKING ANNOYING

Opponent: Dogmeat

Who wins: PETA

Should you fight them: C'mon, buddy. Don’t fight a dog.

Opponent: John Hancock

Who wins: Hancock

Should you fight them: Hancock will beat your ass in a fight, then all of Goodneighbour will beat your ass, then your own conscience will beat your ass. Don’t fight Hancock.

Opponent: Paladin Danse

Who wins: You, if you do it right

Should you fight them: Look you can’t take Danse in a straight fight, but every time he says something bigoted, pop him one in the face. Do it. The Commonwealth will thank you.

Opponent: Preston Garvey

Who wins: You

Should you fight them: You might think that Preston would be a really tough opponent, as the last surviving Minuteman. But honestly? He’s just lucky. You could wreck him in a fight if you wanted, but do you really need to make the dude’s life worse than it already is?

Opponent: Robert Joseph MacCready

Who wins: You

Should you fight them: Absolutely. Don’t beat the shit out of him or anything*, just give him a good punch to remind him who’s boss. Who knows, he might even be into that kind of thing.

*Unless you still have unresolved anger over Little Lamplight, but in that case, I think your issues run too deep for this to really fix anything.

Opponent: Curie

Who wins: Not you

Should you fight them: Go back and reread all the stuff I said about Codsworth, and then if you still want to fight Curie, uninstall Fallout 4 and give it to someone who actually deserves it.

Opponent: Strong

Who wins: Not you

Should you fight them: There are two outcomes here: one, Strong rips you in half. Two, Strong is impressed by your strength and guts for a human, and you become closer than ever. Neither outcome is preferable. Don’t fight Strong.

Opponent: X6-88

Who wins: X6-88

Should you fight them: I know it’s tempting to fight X6-88, but he’s a cold unfeeling machine, programmed to be unable to feel empathy. Fighting him will not help. Like, you know when your computer isn’t loading and you’re really mad about it, so you smack your computer? This will go down exactly like that. It makes you feel better, but you accomplish nothing, and then you die. Don’t fight X6-88.

Opponent: Conrad Kellogg

Who wins: You

Should you fight them: Yes. The dude kidnapped an innocent child from an innocent family, he’s practically begging to get fought. Bring mini nukes.

Opponent: Jack Cabot

Who wins: You

Should you fight them: Yes, because someone has to pay for the absolute horseshit that was his quest line.

Opponent: Travis Miles

Who wins: You

Should you fight them: No. Go away, Vadim.

Opponent: Elder Arthur Maxson

Who wins: Not you

Should you fight them: Absolutely. Look even if you manage to beat him you will catch hell from about a billion zealous Brotherhood of Steel members, but you should fight him anyway, because maybe if someone had given him a good hard slap a few years ago we wouldn’t be here right now.

Opponent: Legendary Chameleon Deathclaw

Who wins: Take a wild fuckin guess buddy

Should you fight them: If you have a deathwish???

naive: in defense of hannah abbott - by dirgewithoutmusic
By Organization for Transformative Works

When Voldemort had Cedric Diggory killed, he said this: kill the spare.

Hannah heard it whispered in the hallways, too, right behind “sheep” and “not smart/not brave/not cunning” and simply “Puff.” Potions with Snape was always a treat. He hated Harry Potter, but the black and yellow earned his disdain. Even Flitwick sometimes sighed when Justin Finch-Fletchley just couldn’t quite figure out a charm.

And Hannah, in her quiet, accustomed, burning way, fumed.

We are not spare parts.

You think we’re your cast offs. You think we’re the kids no other House wanted to take.

Well, here’s a clue for you, suckers. This is a story about choice. The wand chooses the wizard but the wizard chooses the House. When that Hat goes on your head, it doesn’t forbid you things, it offers them to you.

We are not your castoffs. We’re just the kids who didn’t choose you.

Recommended because hufflepuff got the short end of the narrative stick, and stories do tend to inordinately focus on specific kinds of heroes, and sometimes fanfiction makes me like support characters more than main character and that’s awesome.

complete at 5600 words

Hannah Abbott & Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot & Ernie Macmillan, and Hannah Abbot/Neville Longbottom

[short fic] [gdi I don’t have time to go back and reread all of Harry Potter] [but you make me want to] [lower decks fic] [hufflepuff pride]

anonymous asked:

According to you, name the 10 (or less if u want) best voltage smut writers. 😁

Most of them write all kind of fanfics while some only specific in smut, regardless, these are the writers I follow and they’re terrific.

@smutmylifeup My smut queen
@teresa-yukibito My fanfic goddess
@hifftn Her smut is so good, I often reread them, there’s one that I’ve read 5 times lol
@obiwanmcprobie Emotional roller coaster but damn her fics get to my heart, every damn time

lol there’s more than 10, to be very honest, I have read other wonderful fics here but I CANNOT remember their names. It was my early day in tumblr and I just searched “voltage smut” & “voltage fanfic”, and my life have CHANGED ever since……

anonymous asked:

How do I begin to love myself again? I feel like I'm a terrible person, not worth the time or effort..

Loving yourself takes time. It takes time and it takes effort and it takes a bit of lying to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful, say that you’re smart- even if you don’t believe it, because one day you will. When you believe that you’re something negative it’s because you think that you are, not because it’s the truth. Saying that your eyes are too close together or you can’t write an essay will only dig you into a hole that you’ll have to crawl back out of. Good news is that it’s not impossible. 

I know how cliche it sounds to say ‘name five things that you like about yourself and reread it to yourself’, but it’s a start. When people want to spend time with you, it’s for a reason. It’s because they find you funny or interesting or just because they find you to be a good energy to be around. Thing is, if people are flowers, then we’re all roses. We hate ourselves for our thorns, so much sometimes, that we fail to see our roses. They have names, too, and if you try hard enough, you can name them. Compassionate, considerate, kind, empathetic. You’re a lot of things, but terrible is not one of them. 

You are worth loving yourself. You are worth the time and you are definitely worth the effort. Wear something that you feel nice in, maybe something you wouldn’t consider wearing before- like a nice jacket that you thought made you look silly. Go for a walk around the neighborhood to clear your head. Look at the sky and the clouds and listen to the birds. It is blissful being alone sometimes. It is because your own company is very nice.

You are your own self. Use your arms, legs, voice, body in every way that you can. Do not be afraid to leap, shout. Do not fear what others may think. You are the most important instrument that you will ever own. You are a beautiful, strong, and capable creature who will learn to love yourself. Live how you wish. Find your own joys. You are magnificent, and it is nobody’s right to make you believe otherwise.

anonymous asked:

What fics are you talking about? I desperately need new fics to read 🙏🏼 loving tfa by the way! Thank you for sharing and thank you for being so consistent with updates! You're amazing! X

You’re more than welcome, my love. Happy you’re enjoying it!

BUT I AM TALKING ABOUT ALL OF THEM! LITERALLY WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD STUFF OUT THERE? I CAN’T COPE! Okay… I’ll try and make some kind of organised list here, but just know, I’m going to fail.

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anonymous asked:

hi!! i recently read some of your fics a freind recommended and i wanted to know if you have more?? or if you also have fics you can recommend?? i only got into aokise not that long ago and i'm trying to fin d fics to read but there's so many to choose. :'(( i also like some of your roleplay posts but the stories are cut off cause i dont know where the rest of the parts are?? is there a way to read them all at the same time?? ?

[ aww, this was such a nice ask. mahalo for the nice things and for taking the time to read. I’m glad you enjoyed the fics and welcome to the hell that is aokise. all of mine are tagged here and just bc you asked for recs, please also mosey on over to my better half’s fics here. all of kaijoskopycat’s fics are golden. ALL OF THEM. most of our stuff’s also on our joint ao3 account (some people say it’s easier to read on ao3 anyway haha). my fics are tagged “h things” and hers are tagged “v things” for distinction. :D all our aokise threads are tagged and listed here. now on to other fic recs. these are just off the top of my head and I’m super tired, so I might have missed some really awesome ones. hope this list suffices for now. ;D ]

  • basically all aokise written by shizuos - she is the reason I started shipping aokise. her drabbles started it all even before I ever watched or read knb and her writing is magical gold wrapped in rainbows surrounded by dancing leprechauns.
  • here comes the sun by pyrodynamo - established aokise, future au, some angst, but mostly lots of fluff and the end we all really want them to have. this was one of the fics that ingrained aokise into my soul. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read and reread this. pretty much everything by this author is worth the read.
  • you were a kindness by shingekinokyojin (aka utsu on ao3) - future au with tattoos and piercings and amazing world building detail. but seriously, aomine inked up and pierced, dear daiki help me. this one I found recently and has me legit patiently not so patiently waiting for the next chapter. not complete yet, but she updates every saturday. :D 
  • yellow by selfish-cat (aka neko-nya (neko_fish) on ao3) - the deathblow of all aokise angst. warning: major character death. I am still not over this fic. I will never be over this fic. this fic destroyed me more than any angst fic I’ve ever read, but it’s so beautifully written that I powered through the pain anyway (a full box of tissues later). I was in mourning for ages after I read this oh god. 
  • a target of war by corporation-tshirts-and-fanfics (aka reincarnatedrainbow on ao3) - implied aokise, unrequited haikise. I am so in love with this more than I thought I would be. the visceral descriptions are amazing and the characterization is some of the best I’ve read. ever. 
  • half a heart without you, the prison!au, and just breathe by moustachiopenguin (but really, everything written by Mo is fantastic with amazing characterization)- the first is an age difference au where aomine is seven years older than kise. lots of fluff and a happy ending. prison!au is self explanatory and omg, it’s fkn amazing. just breathe hurts my heart and warms my soul. 
  • victims of love (a tale in three acts), victims of shamelessness (anecdotes from the life of kagami taiga), the permanence series, rules (are made to be broken), and kise-sexual by puella-magi-cassandrabunnyhips (aka beautifulthief on ao3) - there’s lots of fluff and comedy and the kagakuro bonus melts my heart. basically most of cassie’s fics are worth the read. 
  • advice by kurokobun - kuroko asks kise for some sex advice which turn out to be pretty useful. really funny and light and fluffy. :D
  • drunk on love by bexara - pwp. hot smut that starts in the car with an adorably drunk kise. haha 
  • it’s a very simple game by ninannarambling (aka ninanna on ao3) - kise and aomine pretend to propose to each other at various restaurants to get free food until the one time when it’s not just pretend. 
  • let the wheels do the talking by pseudorganized / cimberelly (aka cimberelly on ao3) - lots of bitchpls cocky playful kise and a gorgeous car that screams “Aomine Daiki”. 

when i was a Baby i found A Gay Story on the internet and it was Super Long and Full Of Religious Themes (and this was after my parents started thinking i might be a Gay so they became Hugely Religious) so every time id go to my grandparents house id save like 5 super long chapters of this very gay story onto floppy disks and then id sneak them back to my house (which didnt have internet because internet was The Devil) and read the super gay floppy disks while pretending to do homework. any by the end i had like 20 floppy disks i was carrying around at all times but my parents didnt actually know what floppy disks were so they never figured out how to check them for Gay.

Tbqh the whole Raven Gang is LGBTQ+ and in a big polyamorus relationship w/ each other. 

Blue Sargent is genderqueer (maybe genderfluid but probably genderqueer) pansexual and probably aromantic (if she’s not aro she’s pan but she just reads aro to me) like she loves her partners v v much just. Not romantically. No one is in danger from her kiss b/c lol fuck romantic feelings bye. The first time Blue presents as a boy (also I just realized I need art of her in a Blue-ified Aglionby uniform) in front of the rest of the gang Gansey looks at him and goes “James is a good, solid name, isn’t it?” and Blue yells indignantly b/c Gansey has named him twice now and he can’t just keep naming him things and Blue is a perfectly good, gender-neutral name, thank you very much. I honestly don’t know what he’d try to call Blue on nb or extra-genderqueer days. Maybe by their name imagine that. (Do any of the rest of the gang ever call Blue “Sarge” or “Sargent” I can’t remember). Everyone quickly learns that presentation =/= gender and that they should ask Blue what pronouns to use rather than trying to guess based on that day’s outfit, esp b/c sometimes Blue wears dresses on his boy days. 

Noah Czerny never identified w/ gender strongly to begin w/ and then they died and woops there went the last remaining scraps of gender identity they had. So yeah they’re agender aaaand panromantic demisexual. And just for clarification I’m not just going ghost=ace-spectrum b/c ace-spectrum ppl aren’t any degree of dead n there’s no association but Noah just seems demi to me. They just didn’t seem very interested in their gf while they were alive n Whelk even referred to Noah’s gf as his which implies that he interacted w/ her more than Noah did. However, due to a fic I read, I also hc that they kissed all the rest of the Raven Gang before the polyamorus relationship started so like. They’re good w/ kissing but the rest takes them a while to be okay w/. 

Ronan Lynch is super super gay. The gayest. I’d love to make him even the tiniest bit bi but no. He is not into girls like at all and he and Blue are 100% bros. I mean they team up on the other three like hell (come on just imagine them grinning at each other while they absolutely wreck Adam) and idk MAYBE kiss now and then to fuck w/ the others (esp Gansey bless his heart. Noah’s p unfazed) but they aren’t rly into each other. Oh, also trans. He’s been trans since he was a little boy and I mean. His dad can dream anything into being he wasn’t about to get all bothered by his middle child turning out to be a son. Also someone in a fic described adult Dad Ronan as singing soft rock ballads to his daughter and this is 100% accurate and perfect and I should probably find this fic to recommend it but oh well. Also he is just as gentle w/ Adam romantically as he is w/ Chainsaw n if u think he isn’t then u can meet me in the pit tbqh. 

(Edit: The fic in question is Hook, Line, and Sinker by @incorruptusronanlynch and 10/10 would recommend b/c Dad!Ronan is too presh 4 this world)

Richard Campbell Gansey III is definitely bi. He’s clearly in love w/ Blue but come on if u think that he hasn’t wanted to kiss Adam or Ronan at least once (Noah’s kissed everyone for various reasons somehow) then hoo boy I do not know what to tell u. Or swooned over them. I’m not completely sure anyone’s a swooner in this group but if anyone is it’s probably Gansey. I can’t decide what I headcanon his gender to be. I want to say he’s nb or maybe she’s a trans girl, but I’m also absolutely here for cis!Gansey that is just constantly baffled by everyone else’s trans adventures. I don’t really have a lot of headcanons about him being nb, just that he’d be comfortable just having his own gender outside the binary and going on about his life and his Search for Glendower. If she’s a trans girl then I have a lot of headcanons even tho I’m not sure they suit as well. She ignores her Gender Feelings for a long time just b/c she’s focusing on other things n she’s so busy and then when she realizes “Wait I’m a girl” she keeps it to herself b/c of her mom’s career but when she eventually comes out her mom goes from being neutral on LGBTQ+ rights to advocating them n her family is just rly supportive n since they’re rich they’re like “Time for Gender Conformation Surgery!!!” and honestly I don’t think Gansey would want that and it takes her a while to explain that not all ppl want GCS n honestly yeah she has dysphoria sometimes but this is her body, damnit, and she’s keeping it. N maybe she starts HRT and maybe she doesn’t but as far as presentation goes Ronan dreams her up breastforms that are better than anything manufactured and any wig she wants n so on n so forth so if she wants to get dolled up she can and honestly I think she still loves suits n getting them fitted and wearing ties and also if she dresses too Classic Southern Belle she starts to look like Helen n she loves Helen but that doesn’t mean she wants to look like her so yeah. N I guess she’d hate being called Dick even more b/c she knows it comes from Richard (somehow?) but it still feels like they’re referring to her by the body part she likes the least.  N she’s still called Gansey b/c Gansey is Gansey is Gansey. Also she gets a little happy glow every time the rest of the Raven gang refers to her by her proper pronouns and as a girl so they make sure to go out of their way to do it and after she comes out she’s a little more welcome at 300 Fox Way and they help her figure out how she connects w/ and identifies w/ womanhood a bit more.

Adam Parish is biromantic, leaning more towards gay, and ace. Starting at Aglionby was an adventure b/c he disliked most of his classmates but at the same time so many pretty boys gosh golly. He experiences aesthetic attraction a lot (esp to Ronan’s tattoo and Blue’s outfits and Gansey w/ his glasses on) but not sexual attraction and he’s not sex-repulsed so much as sex-meh but messing around with his partners is fun most of the time so eh, what the hell. When he is feeling kinda sex-repulsed either it becomes time for one-on-one bonding time w/ another member of the gang or everyone keeps their clothes on and has a big cuddly movie night and there’s at most some cute gentle kissing and lots of cheek-rubbing and nuzzling. Also he’s nb. He prefers he/him/his pronouns but being a boy felt like his skin didn’t fit right and he was just forcing himself into it for his father’s notions of masculinity and for Aglionby, which just oozes maleness. He’s much more comfortable around the Raven Gang b/c they don’t make him be a boy. 

Also Maura and Persephone and Calla are in an open triad and Maura is bi and Persephone is ace and Calla is a lesbian and idk it’s very possible that Persephone and/or Calla are trans women. 

If you have different headcanons I am 100% open to them and would love to discuss (esp if u think any part of this is problematic) unless u want to tell me that everyone is Cis and Het and the Canon Says So, in which case congration u have made everyone more trans and more gay by default and also go back and reread b/c Ronan’s crush on Adam is 100% canon and also can be seen from space. 

(I kind of want to also write about my hc’s for BDSM/kinky stuff but that is not related to LGBTQ+ stuff at all and also probably even less people want to see that than want to see this so I’m not gonna make anyone kind enough to sit through my gender/orientation headcanons read the gross NSFW stuff so I’ll just make that a separate post if I make it at all)