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Playful- Jimin

As you lay on the couch with Jimin you drape your legs over his as you rest your back on the arm rest. You were watching a movie at your apartment you share with you long-time best friend who was out with her ‘friend’ as she liked to call him. You know she is still getting over Chanyeol and what he did to her, you just hope Youngjae is good to her and can make her happy again.
As the movie progressed Jimin’s hands rubbed your feet more and more. He suddenly started tickling your feet. “JIMIN, NO! STOOPPPP!” You scream and try to wiggle away from him but he traps you under him and tickles your side. “I’m sorry, what? Continue? Okay, babe.” he says taking both of your hands into one of his hands to stop them from hitting him. He tickles you for a good ten minutes till he stops and looks at you. Smiling down at you he still holds your hands in his and says, “I like you being under me all sweaty and out of breath, babe.” He leans down and kisses your throat. Your breath now coming out in deep pants, “Well, I can think of a better why to get me hot and sweaty other than tickling me.” You laugh at him. Giggling in your neck he sucks a mark there. You let out a small moan, “Oh baby, that’s what I want to hear.” He continues to suck multiple marks on your neck and you can’t stop moaning, loving the feeling of his lips on your throat.
You buck your hips to rub them against his and he moans while sucking a final mark on your neck. Look at you he leans in and kisses your lips playfully. Nipping and sucking at your plump bottom lip. You smile into the kiss and try pulling your hands out of his. “No. No. No, baby. I want to have some with you first.” Smirking at you he takes his belt off and ties it around your wrist and you laugh along with him as he finishes and puts your hand back above your head before leaving them there. “Now, keep them there, babygirl.” “Yes, sir.” You reply playfully, but you didn’t miss the darkening of Jimin’s eyes or the smirk that deepened after you said that. “Hmmm. Sir? I like the sound of that.” he chuckles as he takes off the sweatpants you were wearing that happened to be his.
You feel the cool air of your apartment hits your legs as you are left in only your shirt and mint green lace thong. Jimin moves so he is between both of your thighs and spreads your legs apart. “Oh, this one is my favorite.” he says upon seeing your underwear. He hooks his thumbs in the lace and starts to pull them down your legs while looking into your eyes as he kisses your hips and then the tops of your thighs and the other skin that your thong passes over before he throws it somewhere across the room.
“Do you want to play a game?” He is rubbing your thighs as he is talking to you. And from the look on Jimin’s face you know this won’t end well, but you still respond, “What kind of game?” “
“Well, how times do you think I can make you cum before I do? Hmm?”
Your eyes go wide. Jimin always makes you cum multiple times in the bedroom without even really trying you can’t even imagine what it will be like with him trying to win a bet. “I don’t know? Three?” Smirking at you he says, “I say six.” Your eyes almost full out they get so big, You can’t even begin to think about how you would survive six orgasms in a row. “You’re not serious are you?”  Jimin took what you said the wrong way. He thought you meant you didn’t think he could do it, but really you just couldn’t believe he wanted you to die. Since that was what was going to happen if you came that many times.
“I guess I will just prove you I can.”
“No, baby that’s not what I mea-” You were cut off by his lips kissing with so much force you knew they would be swollen later. As Jimin kisses you his finger finds your clit and rubs in small, slow circles. You moan into the kiss. He breaks away and starts to kiss your neck while moving his finger down to you entrance and pushing it in. You throw your head back, basking in the feeling of Jimin’s finger in you.
“So tight. Maybe I should fuck you more often.” He whispers into your neck knowing how much you love it when he talks dirty to you. And as he speeds up his finger and adds another, your moans get louder and louder. “Oh Jimin. Ahhhhhh” You moan as you roll your hips with his fingers. Jimin holds his hand still and moves his fingers within you making a ‘come here’ motion and he hits your spot dead on. You scream out as he gets faster and faster adding another finger. Your climax getting closer and closer and his fingers somehow go even faster. Your back arches as your orgasm hits you, but Jimin doesn’t stop his fingers. He only slightly slows down. He lowers his head to be level with your core and sucks on your clit. You scream out again, only louder this time. With him never stopping his fingers and now him sucking on your clit you feel your second orgasm approaching. Pulling at his hair you feel your second orgasm washes over you and you shudder from the feeling. Jimin finally removes his fingers but his mouth stays connected with your core. He changes from sucking to now licking and nipping at your sensitive pearl. You try to push his head with your bond hands but he just takes ahold of the belt and pulls from his hair and off to the side, not even lifting his head or slowing the pace of his tongue.
“Jimin. Jimin, baby. Please. Oh God, please!” You didn’t even know what you were begging for. The words just coming out of you mouth along with the hursh sounds of your breath. A third orgasm runs through you and you shake. Jimin slowly laps his tongue over your center one last time and feels it spasming. Reaching your face Jimin holds you close as your whole body is shaking and as you to catch your breath. “Are you ready for the real fun to begin, babygirl?”
As he says this your eyes snap open and you look at him like he is crazy. “What do you mean?” “Baby, That was only three. You have three more to go. Well, you will be lucky if I stop there.” He starts taking his pants off and pulls them down along with him boxers and kicks them off. You lay your head to the side and groan as you feel Jimin fill you up with his impressive length. “Oh God. Baby, yes.” You moan out as he pulls out of your still quivering channel and pushes back in deeper and harder this time.
“Always so tight, baby. And only mine. Mine. Mine.” He emphasizes each word with a hard thrust that has you back coming over the couch and your clothed chest press to his. This makes him notice your hard buds under your shirt and pulls your shirt up right under your chin. His lips launch onto your left breast and your moans increase with the feeling of his lips on you.
A fourth wave of pleasure washes over you. You scream out as you feel your thighs becoming wet with your release. Feeling your orgasm from within Jimin groans around your breast. He lets go of your chest and pulls out. You think he is done, but you should have known better. He flips you over, he literally has to flip you himself since you are so tired from your orgasms. He puts you on your knees and you upper body on the armrest so you ass is pushed out.
He runs the tip of his cock along your dipping core and you push back against him with what strength you had. No matter how tired you were you couldn’t deny how great Jimin made you feel. He pushes into you and starts a slow pace and you don’t complain. No matter the pace Jimin always was mind blowing during sex. You moan non stop as you push back against him. He reaches around and rubs your clit along with the slow roll of his hips. Your head shoots up and the breath leaves you as a fifth orgasm hits you. Tears come to your eyes as you feel a small hint a pain with the pleasure.
“Please Jimin. No more. No more please…” Your voice trails off as his hands and thrust increase. He grabs you by your hair and hold you against him by you chest, leaving your over stimulated clit alone. “Just one more, babygirl. One more. You can do it. I believe in you.” He kisses away the tears of pleasure that roll down the side of your face.
His thrust increase as he tries to get you to your peak as fast as he can. You throw your head against his shoulder and put your still bond hands on the armrest in front of you as you let out a silent scream as more tears stream down your face from all the pleasure you have received and the six orgasm bring a little bit more pleasurable pain than plain pleasure.
As soon as you go limp in Jimin’s arms his holds himself still and cums as well with a shout of your name, “Y/N, God, baby.” He rests his forehead on your back as you both drop on the couch. “See, I told you I could do it.” He picks you up and turns you over, so you are laying on his chest and takes off his belt and rubs your red and sore wrist. You open your heavy eyes to see Jimin frowning at your wrist. “Baby?” you mumble, “What’s wrong?”
“Was I too rough? Was it too much? Oh no, I’m so sorry I hurt you. I was just trying to prove to you I could make you feel good. That I was-” You cut him off with a lazy kiss in which he returned just as lazy. The kiss never deepened, you both being too tired to give anymore than a simple peck. Pulling back you rest your head on his chest, “Baby, I never said you couldn’t do it. I was just shocked you picked such a high number. And let me tell you that was the best I have ever felt. I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.” Jimin chuckles and kisses your forehead.
“Sleep baby. We can shower later.” But you were already fast asleep. Chuckling once more he throws a blanket over you both and he too falls asleep.
“Shhhhhh, they are asleep. Awe, look at them, baby. Aren’t they cute?” You faintly hear y/f/n say as you begin to wake up. “I swear they always fall asleep during movie night. Every time I come home after a few hours they are asleep just like that. How sweet. I am so glad she is happy.” You hear the front door shut and Youngjae responds, “Yeah babe, they are cute.” he and y/f/n laugh quietly to each other. Not wanting to move you keep your eyes closed. You try to go back to sleep once you hear her bedroom door open and shut because you know what is about to come. You smile while thinking about how your best friend thinks you don’t know about all the times Youngjae has came over and stayed the night only to leave early in the morning so he wouldn’t run into you. You only knew this because your best friend wasn’t exactly the quietest person in the bedroom. And right on cue you hear, “Oh Youngjae.” Laughing just snuggle into Jimin’s chest knowing she has heard you and Jimin plenty of times so you just smile since she seems happy with Youngjae and go back to sleep with your boyfriend slightly snoring in your ear.


ADVENTURE PART: Human Anatomy Model (0:00 - 2:36) & Tacit Understanding (2:37 - 4:42)

Other parts: Festival || Oikawa & Iwaizumi || Kuroo & Kenma || Bokuto & Akaashi

There is a protagonist in the game (that we play as) and he’s not voiced by anyone so it’s not a mistake or anything if the video doesn’t have a sound at his part. To be convenient, I will refer him as [Protagonist]

() = Thought

Part 1: Human Anatomy Model

Narration: The conversation the protagonist has with Kuroo by showing the “human anatomy model”…?

Kuroo: A human anatomy model… You’re bringing another weird thing…
Protagonist: I found it by chance so I brought it in.
Kuroo: It’s good timing then. I’ll explain about Nekoma’s strength with this.
Protagonist: Eh? With the model?
Suga: Hee, what does that mean?
Kenma: He’s just joking around.
Kuroo: It’s unthinkable that it’s a joke. It’s an earnest story.

(Kuroo-san pulls the model away from me.)

Kuroo: First, this is Kenma. 

(He says, as he points at the brain.)

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What if in the third book, Feyre and Rhys switch roles. Rhys let Amarantha use his body for her own personal pleasures … and he did it to protect Feyre and his family, so that they might live in peace. Now Feyre is with Tamlin again and she has to play the part of his broken lover … I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to eventually have sex with her and of course there are excuses … but excuses can only last so long before he starts getting suspicious. She’ll have to submit to him, just like Rhys did to Amarantha to protect her and his family, to keep them out of harm. Feyre is in a new kind of under the mountain. Just a thought.

Big and Little

Hi guys! The Haikyuu Siblings Zine (a free e-zine) is available now!! We wrote a little collab for it featuring the Hinata siblings, with a side of kagehina because we’re weak. We hope you enjoy it!! A lot of effort was put into it and it has several amazing works!!
Claudia wants to dedicate this piece to Pixie, an amazing human being that left us too soon, but touched so many lives and will be hardly forgotten. The art she made for the zine shows the bright and wonderful artist she was. I hope she’s resting in peace. 

Car rides usually make Natsu feel sleepy, but today she couldn’t fall asleep even if she tried. Her mom looks happy too, and, well, it’s not every day that the freak duo of the national team comes to visit. The last time Natsu saw her brother was for their New Year’s party, and the last she’d heard of him was from TV; the national team classified for the world cup, the match point made by Shouyou.

She was so excited when Shouyou announced he would come home to rest, which is a novelty because as far as she knows, he loves being on the move, but she won’t complain. Natsu wants to feel she has an older brother again, to play and bicker like before he left home.

Her mom parks the car and Natsu is out before she can remove the keys, running to the meeting point. In the distance she can make out the bubbly orange boy and his tall cranky partner, both carrying big gym bags and wearing their team jackets.

Shouyou notices her and waves his arms way above his head, grinning from ear to ear. Natsu can’t stop herself, and when she’s by his side, hugs him. There’s something different though… her big brother is…

“When did you get taller than me?!” He shouts, stepping back and staring wide eyed. Natsu hears a chuckle from beside them.

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anonymous asked:

Hello Lucas! We are Kronch (@everynowandthenkyurem) and Steve (@occasionalhaunter), your hosts for the FIRST DAILY POKEMON HUNGER GAMES!!! So, we have a few questions before the games begin. What made you enter the Games? What are you fighting for? What skills do you feel you are bringing to the games? What kind of moves do you have? ... and finally ...What is your favorite food?

@occasionalhaunter & @everynowandthenkyurem

“It’s nice to meet you!! I’m Lucas!!”

“Why did I enter?”
“I wanted to make new friends!!”

“Fighting for?”
“My family!! I want them to be proud of me!!”
(feat @dailyshinyampharos‘s pharos and bellpepper and pichu’s trainer)

“Skills? Oh like things I’m good at! Hmm…I’m really good at hide and seek!! And that game is fun to play with friends!!”

“My…moves? I think my trainer has told me this before…”

“Oh!! Favorite food!! I love….”

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, but I've been feeling really sad and unmotivated for the past week or so (this happens a lot, unfortunately) and I was wondering if you have tips on cheering yourself up?


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americapeaceout  asked:

#24-#27 for gabelena

And I already did 27 😊

24.   Who starts the food fights?
Hmm, I’d think it would have been a fair share between the two of them. Elena would out of playfulness and Gabe might play to win

25.   Who wakes up first?
Gabe, he’ll get up at five when he wants to. Elena just continues to sleep but sometimes he’ll wake her up if it’s gotten kind of late.

26.   Who wants to stay in bed?
Elena, she loves to sleep in and will convince Gabe to stay in bed with her. Sometimes it just takes a kiss and he’ll stay with her.

anonymous asked:

Do you still have plans unveiling that secret blog eventually or is it permanently under wraps?

Oh, that one. Hmm, I suppose there’s no harm in showing it here. It’s a project I kind of wanted to do with lessons and tutorials, a place where I could signal boost people’s art and help them with advice on how to improve their work. 

It’s not “ready” and I had planned to work on it next year, but here you go, right now it’s just a place where i reblog and organize tutorials from time to time.


The avatar is Francis, a character I played as in a Call of Cthulhu tabletop game. He was a smuggler and a thug and that’s how I wanted to have my take on teaching people how to “steal” techniques and improve themselves. You just gotta do what you gotta do to get good. Be smart about it.


Wonwoo knew it very well. His friend’s dead. And he was the one who killed her.

Characters: Wonwoo, Female Character, A bit of Jihoon

Genre: Angst; A Very Unnecessarily Long, Sad, Angst

Word count: 6,160

Warning: Depression.. and.. stuff..

Note: I cried writing this… what the hell.. I don’t even want to put the girl as “reader” because I’m so… sad….

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Kinks - 5 Seconds of Summer Preference

Warning: Contains Smut


Ashton: Daddy Kink (obvi)

He’d been teasing you for what seemed like eternity. His fingers would ghost over your throbbing center, barely allowing you any friction. His mouth would pepper kisses all over the insides of your thighs, but never where you wanted his lips the most. His tongue would carress the skin where your legs met your hips, but not once did it stroke your heat. You were whimpering against the lack of contact, arching your back and wiggling your hips, begging for his touch. You needed him. You wanted him. “A-Ash.. just fuck me.. please,” You practically moaned, finding it hard to form words under the intense amount of frustration. Your hand moved down your body, over the curve of your breast, traveling fast to your soaking center. You felt like you needed some type of touch, and if Ashton wasn’t going to give it to you, you’d have to relieve yourself. He noticed. Grappling his hand around your wrist, he stopped its descent to your throbbing core. “Ah, ah, ah..” He cooed, “You weren’t really going to touch yourself.. were you?” His tone was thick with lust. “I’ll fuck you if you ask me nicely..” He added, his mouth so close to where you wanted him. You could feel his breath on your skin, never touching. You whimpered, writhing underneath his torture. “Ashton, please..?” You whispered. You couldn’t take much more of this. He didn’t move. He ran his tongue up the skin on the side of your center, teasing you again. “Daddy, please? I need you, daddy..” You tried again, the desperation in your voice growing more and more evident. “Good girl..” You heard him whisper, dragging his tongue between your folds, circling around your clit. Your breath quickened as you finally experienced some relief, the build up and teasing had nearly been enough to push you over the edge. Intense pleasure coursed through your body, causing you to quiver and tremble underneath Ashton’s touch.

Calum: Rough sex

You were underneath Calum, your back arched up off the duvet of the mattress beneath you. The headboard of your bed was relentlessly banging against the wall, filling the room with the sounds of Calum’s hard thrusts. He was moving in and out of you at a fast pace, holding your legs up to pound into you as deep as he could. You were a moaning mess, victim to each and every one of his movements. “Fuck, Calum, right there,” You groaned, throwing your head back as Calum’s hand came to wrap around your throat. He wasn’t trying to hurt you, rather he wanted to hold you in place as his thrusts found your g-spot. You trembled uncontrollably beneath him, grasping onto his biceps and digging your nails into him. He knew how to work you. He knew that you could barely hold yourself from the edge when he was rough with you like this. Calum was groaning his well, breathing quickly, his body glistening with sweat as he pounded into you. You were catapulting towards the edge, the knot growing bigger and bigger at the pit of your stomach. Your walls began to spasm, convulsing around Calum’s length as he continued moving in and out of you. Your whimpers grew louder and closer together. “Let it go, Y/N..” You heard him mumble, struggling to get the words out while maintaining his rapid thrusts. His words were all it took to send you spiraling over the edge, moaning his name while you dig your nails into the skin of his biceps.

Luke: Dominance

Pinned against the wall, unable to move, Luke kissed you passionately. Your hands were traveling up and down his chest, unbuttoning the flannel that covered his skin. He briefly released you from his grasp, pulling his lips away from yours as he removed the shirt, pulling it off of both arms with ease before tossing it into a heap on the floor. You reached out to touch him, wanting to feel his newly exposed skin. Moving yourself closer to him, you were desperate for his lips to be back on yours. Your heat was throbbing at the sight of him. Before you managed to place your fingertips on his skin, Luke’s hands wrapped around your wrists, pushing them back against the wall. He pulled his mouth away from yours, leaving you whimpering in his denial. “Luke..” You mumbled his name, tugging your lower lip in between your teeth as you squirmed against his grasp. “Did I say you could touch me?” He growled into your ear, his lips tantalizingly close to your skin. Goosebumps formed on your arms as a result of his words. You didn’t speak. “Get on the bed. Now.” He whispered, releasing you from his grasp and moving away, waiting for you to follow his instructions. You blinked, almost frozen in shock. You meandered your way to the bed, sitting your rump down on the edge before scooting back and laying on your back, pulling the sheets between your fingers. Luke unbuckled his jeans, slipping them off of his legs and leaving them on the ground before doing the same to his boxers. His cock was harder than you expected, springing up to slap against his lower abdomen. You moaned at the sight, feeling yourself throb. “Like what you see?” He mused, tipping his head to one side as he watched you quiver while you looked him up and down. “Yes..” You breathed, spreading your legs and waiting for him to come have his way with you. Luke approached your body, crawling over you and supporting his weight by placing his forearms on either side of your frame. “You’re mine tonight, alright baby girl? You do what I say. What happens if you don’t?” He breathed into your ear, his breath tickling your neck as you bucked your hips upward. His hand came down to grip your hip, shoving it back down into the mattress. “Hmm?” He purred, awaiting your answer while he played with the bottom of your shorts, teasing the skin underneath them. “I get punished..” You answered, holding back the urge to touch him. “That’s right baby girl..” He replied, moving his hand to cup your throbbing center with his hand, brushing his nose against your ear lobe. Part of you almost wanted to disobey.. just to see what kind of punishment Luke had in store for you…

Michael: Dirty Talk

“You like that, Y/N?” Michael spoke gruffly from above you, pulling his body upright as he continued moving his length inside you. He went slowly, moving against your walls and causing you to moan each time he removed himself from you. “Keep doing that, Michael.. Please..” You replied breathlessly, bucking your hips upwards, urging him to keep moving. He kept his pace slow, frustrating you. “Doing what? This?” He asked, suddenly jerking his hips forwards and filling you completely, slamming against your g-spot. You squealed in pleasure, bringing your hand up to grip onto his arms, needing stabilization against his hard thrust. He only did this once, moving his hips slowly again. “Fuck. You really do like that, huh baby?” “Fuck yes..” You replied, biting onto your lower lip as another moan threatened to spill over at any time. “Faster, Michael.. go harder..” You practically begged him, grasping tightly onto the sheets with your other hand, moving your hips against him, needing him to quicken his pace. His hands came down onto your hips, holding you in place as he slowed his pace even more. You whimpered. “No..” “I’m sorry, I’m not quite clear on what you want, Y/N.. why don’t you tell me more specifically?” He growled, moving his lips to your ear and biting the skin just beneath your earlobe. “I want you to fuck me. Fuck me so fast that I see stars. Fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk in the morning.” You begged, breathing hard now. You heard him groan against your skin at his request, and soon his hips were moving quickly against yours. He began slamming into you, hard. You head flew back, moans and swears escaping your mouth as you held onto him. Your orgasm came upon you quickly, intense pleasure rocketed up your spine. You trembled as he continued thrusting sloppily, losing his pace as he too neared his climax. “Like that, Y/N? Is that what you wanted?” He breathed heavily into your ear, “Just like that, Michael..”

A/N: Enjoy! Feel free to send me feedback or request something you’d like to read in the future! xx

  • yoonjin probably
  • seokjin: yoongi i want to see your recent selca. post it on twitter please?
  • yoongi: hmm.
  • seokjin: ...
  • yoongi: ...
  • seokjin: yoongi i'm waiting
  • yoongi: why don't you post yours first
  • seokjin: but yours..
  • yoongi: everything has a price hyung
  • seokjin: fine
  • seokjin: *post selca*
  • yoongi: *post selca less than 5 mins after seokjin*