i kind of want to make soul gems too

Simple Soul Gem

This was actually one of the last pieces I made for the cosplay. I wanted a soul gem, but I didn’t want to be carrying it around with me all day. I had seen that you can get some hand made acrylic ones on Etsy and deviantart, but they were kind of too big for me to do anything with. I was close to giving up on the idea, not knowing how to make my own crystal replica, but then I went to my local craft market, and saw this stuff.

It’s called Aqua Aura. It’s a manufactured crystal, they basically coat quartz crystals with gold vapour, and it turns into that. For anyone who doesn’t have a lady selling crystals at a market near them, you can pick up points of it on eBay. It’s gorgeous, and it was perfect. It’s kind of iridescent, so depending on what angle you look at it, sometimes it’s a bit purple, sometimes pink… And it was a really good size for a pendant. (Obviously if you want to just leave it as is and have a few cool soul gems in your pocket, go for it, but if, like me, you wanna be able to easily show it off, keep reading.)

So, I took some jewelry wire, and wrapped it around a few times, leaving a loop at the top (the hardest part about this is choosing what colour wire you want. I went with copper, cuz it contrasted really nicely with the colour of the crystal). You don’t need to use pliers or anything for this, because the wire is so fine, but it’s easier if you do.

You’ll want to give it a couple of tugs just to make sure it’s secure, and then you just need to put it on something so you can wear it! I went with leather cord, because I wanted the whole thing to have a really ‘crafted’ look about it, as if I’d thrown it together at some tavern somewhere on a night off from killing dragons, but you could use a chain if you prefer.

But that’s literally it! Very simple, very effective. It’s one of the details that I felt just kind of completes the whole outfit. Plus, it’s gotten heaps of attention at the cons I’ve worn it to. ;)