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“Motivation? What more do you need than pride?”

Dedicated to @sawamuras
Happy Birthday to my lovely Teresa ( ̄З ̄)

After Hours [m]

pairing: reader x Yoongi

Genre: tattoed!yoongi, rapper!tyoongi, angst? fluff? smut, idk how to label this haha

word count: 16,212

warnings: graphic sexual content, alcohol, language

a/n: this is loosely based of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. i am v nervous about this as it isn’t the usual angst fueled plot I normally write. so if it’s crap, please be kind haha. i’m tagging the lovely @dimplecoups​ because i know you’ve been waiting for this. and @2seoke for always being the best babe.

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You looked in the mirror, making sure your face mask was properly in place. If you were going to look like a serial killer for the next 20 minutes, you at least wanted to look the part. Your bed was calling your name as you walked over to the soft mattress, choosing to ignore the missed calls and text messages from your best friend. This was the first Saturday night you had to yourself in months. No work. No brother. No best friend. You were free to do whatever you wanted.

Or at least that’s what you had originally intended. But as the door to your bedroom crashed open you soon realized that the night had other plans for you.

“Why haven’t you answered my calls?” your best friend Irene squealed as she plopped down at the foot of your bed. “It’s Saturday night and I know you don’t have to work tomorrow!”

You gave her a look. Well, you tried to give her a look to the best of your ability as the motions of your face was restricted by the sheet mask on top of it. “There’s a reason why I didn’t answer your calls. And just because my idiot brother gave you a key to our apartment doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here any time you want.”

Irene rolled her eyes, blowing a large bubble from the gum she was constantly chewing. She was clearly not amused at your disinterest on leaving your apartment tonight. You reached forward, popping it with your pointer finger. “You’re no fun, Y/N” she whined, collecting the gum back into her mouth.

“I can’t have fun when I’m always too busy taking care of you.” you quipped, reminding her of the last time the two of you went out. “I had to beg that cop not to give you a ticket for being drunk in public. Why aren’t you bothering my brother? I’m sure he would love to see you.”

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I think we’re like fire and water
I think we’re like the wind and sea
You’re burning up, I’m cooling down
You’re up, I’m down
You’re blind, I see
                                                        But    I’m    f   r   e   e


“I want to feel safe again. I want to go home to Ravka.”

“Then I’ll take you there. We’ll set fire to raisins or whatever you heathens do for fun.”

ck countdown challenge week one: favourite ship → matthias x nina

I wanted to hear his window open, hear his espadrilles on the balcony, and then the sound of my own window, which was never locked, being pushed open as he’d step into my room after everyone had gone to bed, slip under my covers, undress me without asking, and after making me want him more than I thought I could ever want another living soul, gently, softly, and, with the kindness one Jew extends to another, work his way into my body, gently and softly, after heeding the words I’d been rehearsing for days now, Please, don’t hurt me, which meant, Hurt me all you want.


You’re wrong about one thing. I’m not your “friend.” I’m your superior. The guy you owe your life to. Your surrogate father. Put all those together and I’m practically a god to you. You can even call me “Papa” if you want.

anonymous asked:

Heyho Maddox! So I need advice. I'm a 12 year old artist. Everyone in school refer me as a "young artist" and I love drawing. It's my passion. But, my parents aren't supporting me and tend to get mad at me everytime I want to draw. They want me to stop and be a doctor but I don't want to. I want to be a successful artist like you. Help please?

My parents didn’t really supported me being an artist till I was 18 (when I decided to do art for good). But I understand why they push us to do something else besides art. They worry and they know its an unstable/unpredictable job. 

You are also really young at the moment. When I was your age, I wanted to be a Fashion Designer or a Veterinarian but ended up doing Animation because believe me when I say ART is just a general term of so many other specialisations that you have to consider.

Its just like if you wanna be a doctor, what kind of doctor you wanna be. Same applied with art, what kind of art based job you wanna pursue? I am currently studying animation but I like illustration very much. And there are a lot more like graphic design, interior design, fashion design, comic artist, and etc. So you do need to do more research and put more thought on what you really want focus on for art.

I will also be very real with you since you are considering this as your future and job. Art is something you really need to love and have 100% passion in doing because there are a lot of factors like rejections, criticisms and conflicts that may make you feel like shit.

If you are very sure if you are gonna give art your all, then go for it. Convince your parents in every way possible because thats ONE of the few conflicts that you need to over come. Its like an endless battle when it comes to the creative industry. Do what you strongly believe in. 

Convince yourself before you convince others.

Take My Hand

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Past Abuse (only mentioned no graphic detail)

A/N: So I wasn’t sure if you wanted smut or fluff but given the past abuse, I opted to make it fluff. It is kind of long. Hope you enjoy it!

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Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

Click “Keep reading” below to view the tutorial because looonngg post

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righteverytime-deactivated20160  asked:

can you give me three good horror manga?

Just three?! Okie doke! I’ll do my best! 

Right off the bat, I have to recommend you ANYTHING by Junji Ito and by that I mean literally anything he has ever written ever. 

ALL JUNJI ITO IS GOOD JUNJI ITO. He is the master commander of horror and he is almost required reading when it comes to horror manga. It is really that good! 

Onto more specific manga! 

I AM A HERO. It’s my all-time favorite zombie manga ever. It has fantastic characters, great art, an interesting plot, an accurate representation of what it might be like in a zombie apocalypse, and it is overall just one of my favorite manga in the world.

BATTLE ROYALE. Every single horror manga fan has to read Battle Royale. It is hyped up, but for a great reason. The movie is good but the manga is GREAT. You discover everything about every single character in the story. It moves so fluidly and so interestingly that you just want it to go on forever. You want to see everyone die but at the same time you want some characters to stay forever alive.

FUAN NO TANE. If you want to feel true paranoia about your surroundings, this is the manga to go to. It is very subtle, but absolutely terrifying. It’s about discovering all the creepy shit that can happen to you anywhere you go. All the little ghosts and shit that maybe is happening around you but you just haven’t noticed. Yet.


I cannot just let you go without also recommending you more manga because there is just so much more that I absolutely love and adore. So here it goes! You can just skip this over if you really don’t want anymore recommendations but HERE IT GOES. Also, slug-chicks is a great place to go read btw. They’re super hardworking and update really frequently with new chapters! Just throwing this in there.

KAZUO UMEZU. Junji Ito’s idol, and mine as well. I found this guy not too long ago and he is probably the master commander of this genre. It is WONDERFUL. His are a must read for any horror manga fan.

Personal favorites that all should read: Drifting Classroom | Orochi

Ill name some more below! Oh! And please keep in mind that a lot of these are still on-going. Some of them have only a few chapters, some of them have more! Up to you if you wanna read ongoing mangas!

If you are a little more into taking risks, may I suggest Shintaro Kago. His manga isn’t for everyone though. He is the master at eroguro which is erotic guro. He finds a lot of comedy in depicting very graphic and quite often, very uncomfortable, scenes. I personally adore eroguro.

If you want kind of a taste of his work but not to jump into his darkest waters, I suggest Fetus Collection. One of my favorites by him. ;u; And surprisingly, not as disturbing as the rest of his work. I found it funny tbh. Then again, I have a pretty dark sense of humor.

Oh and to make things easier!

♥ means horror!
★ means psychological!
✖ means gore/abuse/dark shit involved!
☁ means on-going that i know of…
✿ means personal favorite!

Kakegurui ★✿ ☁ 
Sekai Oni ★ ♥ ✖ 
Zero - Kage Miko ♥ ☁
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service ♥★✿☁
Okitenemuru ♥ ☁ 
Parasyte ♥★✿✿✿
Kamisama, Kisama wo Koroshitai. ♥★✖✿☁  
Tenkuu Shinpan  ♥★✖✿☁
Apocalypse no Toride  ♥★✖✿☁    
I Am A Hero ✿✿✿✿✿✿♥★✖☁
Death Sweeper ♥★☁
Coelacanth ★✿
Ousama Game ♥★
Ousama Game - Kigen ♥★  
Judge ♥★☁
Rabbit Doubt! ♥★✿  
Corpse Party: Another Child ♥★✖☁  
Homunculus ✿✿✿★
Yuureitou ♥★
Torikago no Tsugai ★  
Mahou Shoujo of the End ♥★✖✿
Darwin’s Game ♥★☁
Zekkyou Gakkyu ♥★✖✿☁
Kamisama no Iutoori ♥✿✿✿★✖  
Higanjima ♥★✖✿☁
Hakaijuu  ♥★✿✿☁
Scumbag Loser ♥★✖    
Battle Royale ♥★✖✿✿✿
Ibitsu ♥★✖
Fuan no Tane ♥★✿✿✿
Jisatsu Circle ♥★✖
Zashiki Onna ♥★  
Fetish ★
Portus ♥★
Pupa ♥★✖
Emerging ♥
8.1 Yamada Yusuke Gekijou ♥✖★        
Kouishou Radio ♥★☁  
Sprite ♥✿☁
Green Worldz ♥☁
Dolly Kill Kill ♥☁
Karada Sagashi ♥☁
Delusional Boy ♥☁★
Jinrou Game ♥☁
Death Tube ♥★✖✿☁

A couple of ones I wanted to talk about:

PARASYTE. If you enjoyed the anime (which is just like the manga), the manga is just as fantastic. It is interesting, full of action, the characters are likeable… I was actually rooting more for the parasytes than the humans. A classic and a great one.

HOMUNCULUS. Incredible art, amazing story, and just overall one of my favorite mangas in the world. It is right up there with I am a Hero because it is so fascinating. It is more psychological than anything, but it really fucks with your head. You feel something change inside of you as you read it. As the character’s mind unveils, so does yours.

MAHOU SHOUJO OF THE END. This is just a little side note but while the manga does contain a lot of horror scenes, the story has actually taken a turn for the confusing. It’s gotten very hard to follow and honestly, the characters have all become incredibly annoying to me, especially one in particular.

It was really good but now it’s borderlining on the “eeeeh”. So if you want to try it out, it is very similar to Dolly Kill Kill. It’s good and interesting, but honestly, I’m kind of over it by now because it has gotten far too confusing to keep up with.

And I thiiink this is it… I might’ve read and loved more but I can’t really remember everything! ;u; I hope this helps! 

COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION GANTZ, one of the people who reblogged it, a lovely person, just reminded me! Gantz is also FANTASTIC. Its one of the mangas I am currently reading through barely but so far I really love it. 

Hello hello! It’s @sarukui aka Jen here ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ Recently, I hit a followers milestone and I thought I’d celebrate it with y’all by making a follow forever for part one! I want to tell everyone, “THANK YOU!” because your support towards my blog & graphics means so so much to me, whether it’s through a like, reblog, follow or a sweet message, it all truly makes my day and I feel extremely grateful for all the kindness! I’d like to also thank all the friends that I’ve made on this site; y'all are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and I have a ton of fun screaming over anime with you all! Thanks for making this site a fun one so far! Lastly, I just want to give *BIG HUG* to everyone! YAY! (っ´∀`)っ Thank you again for all the support! ♡♡

Listed below are talented & amazing blogs I recommend checking out! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
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I’ve been retaining this for months...

Hello, as many persons know theres an user named “theolivermaniac”, who appears on youtube videos about Oliver (in comments only), owns a tumblr blog and also a pinterest account, he’s seen as someone that loves Oliver a lot like many of us, a normal user like “theoliveraddict”, I was not supposed to reveal his gender because of a promise, and the fact that he’s also 28 (I have no idea if this is his real age, he looks older because hes bald, with overweight and has kinda long black beard, he also wears glasses) and that hes from Texas, but he broke his promise too.

He wanted a photo of my face if he send to Venezuela (my country) a wacom tablet and a camera (for my graphic desing studies), I took it as the offer of a friend or a nice person, he also was supposed to send supplies to help my family with the situation of the country, I was not allowed to send any photo of myself (and I have a kind of phobia to those devices, I hate selfies and makes me fell extremely uncomfortable and he knew that) so he got angry with me and cancelled everything, he said that he can’t help me anymore because “without a photo I’m a stranger”, it’s curious because since I meet him he was trying to convince me to be his couple, I told him that I was okay with just be friends and that I didn’t wanted a relationship with anybody.

But he continued trying to force our interaction, asking things like “what do you think of me now?”, “I’m your type?”, very frequently, he also got jealous of my friends thinking that I had a couple somewhere or one of them were my couple, like if I was “cheating” him and like if I was his couple, he even wanted to punch them, this made me feel very uncomfortable, this and the fact that he used to tell me sexual stuff and things like he wanted me to wait for him a little while chatting because he wanted to go to masturbate.

When the tablet arrived he wanted me to anunce to everybody that he gave it to me and wanted everybody to know this, the anterior things I said and his sick obsession with Oliver (in a very sexual way, this is also with any “shota”, and Fukase, if it’s a little kid, he likes it) made me want to stop talking to him, when I blocked him from everywhere he used the blogs that he knew I own to keep sending me messages, like “you forgot to block me here *image of sans smiling*” and “I can’t believe you take me off the credit, it’s the last time I help a foreing”, I didn’t replied any of his messages.

I’m so sorry if I told you that he’s a nice person, when I said that I was trying to keep my promise, but the truth is all what I said, I also have testiges and two of them were friends who supported me while all this was happening (I’m a very sensitive person about this kind of things, I had a horrible experience with a kid molester when I was small), I had to hide the sex of one of my female friends because he gets even creepier with girls or when he thinks you’re a girl (he’s bisexual but preffers girls) there are some screencaps of one of my friends in case you have any doubt, I deleted all my conversations with him because I didn’t wanted to know anything else from him so I haven’t screencaps of those

Notice he tags Oliver stuff with “shota”

I know he comissions artists for nsfw (and sfw), he asked the same to me (even an animation of Oliver masturbating), I didn’t wanted my Ollie to be material for fapping, I also was told he asked people for voice acting of Oliver, I would not be surprised, he asked me to make Oliver moan and say dirty things for him (and wanted to hear me saying the same things and moaning too)

Ah, my problem is not with his artists, they all are very talented ones, my problem is with maniac, also, be careful if you’re one of his artists, he can talk very bad a bout you if you stop making nsfw for him, he told me awful things about a very good artist named “Enzo” because she didn’t wanted to continue with this, he also said mean things about “theoliveraddict” because “she left Oliver for the Steven Universe fandom” , she didin’t, she follows me on twitter in my olikasecentral account, I think other reason for that was the fact that he was ”in love” with her and she didn’t noticed him or rejected him, and don’t talk “bad” about Oliver in front of him, he gets really pissed for things like “I really love Oliver, but his voice is hard to tune sometimes, he sounds muffled and I can’t understand him sometimes”

He also called my brother “SHOTA!” when I told him that he was 15, he started to act creepy about him when I told him his age and “joked” about date him, he also wanted to gain his affection with gifts, he does the same that he did with me with many persons (also the part of ask for photos) he offers gifts and money to look like a good person, but please be careful, specially if you’re underage

If you will insult me because you support him, I will not reply you, I just wanted to say all this because for months I’ve been feeling bad about this, I don’t like to hide my feelings or thoughts about something that bothers me, have a nice week.

EXO Reaction when you ask if you can give them bath xD

Yeah this is a little weird but oh well xD Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Bathe me? What? but but… wae? You are going to see me naked!” *Who area you fooling, you were dreaming of that the other day Chan*


“Is that how they flirt in your town? Well this is what we do…” *Expect everything but a bath*


“Oh no… she’ll see that butt fake tattoo I got… oh well screw it! Sure jagi!” *A little bit nervous there*


“You got some weird kinks there baobei.. oh well… anything to please my girl” *So cool with it, honestly who doesn’t like being spoiled*


*For some reason he’ll laugh the whole time* “Oh jagi… this is so funny.. who would have thought we would be doing stuff like this!”


“You know what I’d would like to do more? Make some babies so you can do that all the time. So when do we start?”


*Nervous but.. excited?* “I’ve never done this before jagi… this is my first time…. please take care of me in the shower!”


*Graphical description of a wild deer being washed*


“So… is this the part where I take my clothes off.. or you want to do that too?” *He seems very excited about it that is kind of suspicious*


*Do it fast before he changes his mind!*


“I was a little hesitant at the beginning but… this actually feels nice baobei…” *Very nice indeed*


“Pretty please” *Baby is so excited because for once, he won’t be the mom and he’ll be the child*

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anonymous asked:

hey i like your arts >< so beautiful. i wanna ask some questions. what app do you use to make your arts? and would you show me your tool pallets that you use to make your art *especially your short comic.i want to know but if you dont want to show .would you give me information what size of your tools do you use to make your arts and what tool do you use O.O i want to know so badly cuz your arts so bright in my eyes :'D

I use clip studio paint EX, but the japanese version:

i bought it, you can buy the english version here and i’d totally recommend it now because looks like there’s a 60% discount on both versions

my tools are the normal clip studio paint tools, I don’t use anything in particular bur you can download new tools on the clip studio assets that comes within the program.

Beware: if you download and crack it illegally you can’t use clip studio assets. I know that amateur and non-professional artists like us are usually broke and don’t want to spend money, but clip studio assets is a big revolution because it makes free quality tool/brushes/tones/patterns available for everyone (90% are free, some of them are done by professionals and you gotta pay with csp points). 

also since most of us payed for their own graphic tablet, might as well spend 25 dollars (that is the discounted price, normal is 50 dollars) for a complete program that has everything. (if you want to have tools for drawing manga tho you need the EX one that is 87 dollars (219 not discounted SO IT’S A REAL DEAL). YOU SHOULD REALLY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DISCOUNT SERIOUSLY
PS. they make this kind of discount once every two months if i’m not mistaken, so you can grab them discounted very often

for the comics, it isn’t really something very difficult. I use the line tool for the comic stips

i sketch with the basic chalk tool

i do the lineart with the basic g-pen tool

and for the lettering, there’s the text tool that has the balloon creating thing

for the effects, it’s something that csp has already on it 

important: these are more than one tool used together, you have to blend and edit them to get the thing you want

that’s really all about it 

Sweet Home Alabama AU

Laurel Lance’s life is going better than she could have imagined. The law firm she’s with is considering her for partner. She’s newly engaged to Oliver Queen. There’s just one little problem.

She’s still married to Mick Rory.

It looks like there’s a trip back to Central City in her future. It’s time for Mick to finally give her that divorce she’s been asking for!


There are many things I love about this scene, one of which is Agron’s compliance. When Nasir playfully pushes him off/away in his attempt to be “responsible” with their duties, Agron stands and retorts with a teasing remark displaying his eagerness. However, he waits. He does not move back to Nasir, he does not press forward to kiss him again. Instead, he stands exactly where Nasir had moved him, and awaits his partner’s decision. He waits to see whether Nasir would actually prefer to fully stop, or whether he will succumb to desire. The decision is in Nasir’s hands and he of course pulls Agron back towards him, in which Agron proceeds with desire. Even then however, it is Nasir’s hand that teases him as it falls to Agron’s lower region, encouraging the playful and building desirable mood. I find Agron’s compliance so incredibly significant. Nasir has been a slave most of his life where he was forced to lay with people and where choice was stripped from him. Agron never places him in that kind of position. Even when they are both of equal desire, he does not pressure him or make a move towards him, unless he has Nasir’s absolute and total consent and mutual want for it. 

My Nagron Commentary (5 / ?)

graphic design is my passion

A (re)introduction 

Now that a school year is over and summer is here and next step for me is the actual IB diploma programme (#pray4me), I was kind of feeling like having a fresh start. Some of you may know me by my previous url marinette-s, which wasn’t very studyblr-ish, and tbh I’ve been quite lazy in making any of my own content these past months….

Anyway, with a new url and new blog theme, I really wanted to be more active here and make use of all the amazing resources you all share, as well as contribute in return and also document my school life and struggles through the IB.

So I guess it’s time to reintroduce myself, as my last introduction post was like over a year ago and lots of things have changed!

  • Name’s Mary, I’m 17 and I come from Finland (fun fact it was snowing last week. in june. fun times welcome to finland everybody)
  • I’ll be starting IBDP year 1 in August and the subjects I’m taking are
    • HL: maths, physics, chemistry, french B; 
    • SL: economics, english A; 
    • theory of knowledge
  • I’m super interested in languages and I’m currently learning French (intermediate) and German (beginner) as well as kind of casually learning Norwegian totally not because of skam
    • My native language is Swedish and I’m also fluent in English and Finnish. I can also speak Vietnamese but not read or write it, so that’s another language I’m still learning!
  • I’m also a massive classical music nerd, I’ve been playing the piano for about 4 and a half years (self-taught rip) and I’m really hoping to get into the local music conservatory this autumn to get some proper lessons… I had the entrance exam last month and it went quite well, so I’m crossing my fringers
    • I also play guitar (badly). Picked it up when I was in my pop punk phase but now I care way more about classical music so I’m thinking about maybe focusing on classical guitar more? idk it’s not a very popular thing is it
  • Also a space nerd. My dream plan is to study astrophysics at university in the UK, because at some point this “far-fetched” daydream turned into a definite goal I’m working towards and I cannot imagine what else I would like to do in two years time! 
    • btw I’m planing to apply to the universities of Oxford (#pray4me again), Birmingham, Edinburgh, St Andrews and University College London
  • Other interests include books, anime, history, and memes. My entire identity is in fact being a meme so don’t expect much from me

Anyway this is me! I’m thankful for how motivational the studyblr community has been for me, and surely for many others too, and am definitely looking forward to being more active in it!

P.S. shoutout to some of my fave studyblrs (and langblrs) who have kept me in this community (non-exhaustive list) @letsbesuccessful @athenastudying @asteroidstudy @studyblr @hunny-studies @lemonadeandlanguages @houkago-japanese and @langblog u rock like a floating space rock