i kind of want to know why he's doing that

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Why does sam always get himself tangled in a mess? Whether together or not, he could learn a few things from Caitriona. What a embarrassment.

I keep going back to his comment at Comic Con about him doing anything for her and wondering. I mean, I don’t know if that’s the reason. It kind of makes her look terrible if she’s the driving force or reason behind all this - I think they both want privacy and something to keep for themselves. But I do wonder. Someone, I forget where or who, said how Sam is a bit like a bull in a china shop and I think that’s like the perfect analogy. He can do these fake things but he’s gonna look awkward and uncomfortable AF doing them. That pic from last night is the happiest I’ve seen him with her and it comes right after we all talked about how miserable he looked. It’s all just kind of hilarious at this point. 

ALSO. I think another reason Sam seems to get himself in the most fandom messes is because he interacts so much with the fandom, not just shippers. He’s been doing it from the beginning and it’s made him much more approachable and less far away than Cait. Cait kind of stays out of it just by nature of her not being on SM anywhere near as much as Sam. It means, though, when shit happens in the fandom Sam gets dragged into it because either he’s too fucking nice or he was dumb as to how fandom worked at first and now can’t pull himself back out. I think he’s trying but he got himself into a tangled web. 

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Wait why are people saying that we're getting a bughead kiss?!?! Not saying that I don't want one (because I DO SO MUCH!!!) but I watched the trailer and it doesn't really look like they're going to kiss...

I think just with the spoilers of him holding her face, although in my opinion I don’t think those pictures will be the scene where the kiss takes place. I think jughead is just kind of letting her know it’s okay to be a little freaked out that her sister is locked away, he’s giving her emotional support. Also lili tweeted the day they were filming that scene, the lips emoji and the couple emoji and a hospital! So we’ll just have to wait and see.😘😘😘

Underrated* but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode one:

Looking at episode one again, it just is so clear how depressed this sweet boy is in it. Precious Yuuri. Even his eyes just… look sad? 

This is his portrait from the JSF website! It’s a nice shot, but he looks kind of worried in it. I hope he has it replaced with a happier looking one at some point. Sheesh Yuuri, babe. 

I just love the art in this scene? The shadowing is fantastic. Great animation wow!!

Precious and in need of so, so many hugs.

WHY have they not released a high quality version of this poster?? I WANT IT ON MY WALL.

Gorgeous boy. The amount of emotion in this skate is just… wow.



He just looks like he needs life breathed back into him?? He’s trying, he really is. And you KNOW he can do it, but he is… so tired. 

Takeshi: Yuuri you are an adorable ass man, even I can’t deny that shit. 

Sweetest smile.

Working out, looking cute, contemplating things.

I like how Yuuri’s eyes are almost this russet red brown instead of a straight brown. It’s a neat detail. 

Maybe my 8,000 Victor posters will have the answer…

When ur banquet crush is doing ur program and looking sexy AF

Yuuri’s pants legit look like they’re about to fall down here. I’m laughing. But I mean, there’s a naked Russian in the hot spring so I doubt he notices anything like that. 

*again: all shots of Yuuri are underrated because it’s not possible to appreciate him enough.

  • what she says: i'm not here for you
  • what she means: congratulations. you have invented a new kind of stupid. a damage you can never undo, kinda stupid. and open all the cages in the zoo, kinda stupid. truly, you didn't think this through? let's review. you took a rumor a few maybe two people knew and refuted it by sharing and affair of which no one has accused you. i begged you to take a break you refused to. so scared of what your enemies will do to you, you're the only enemy you ever seem to lose to. you know why jefferson can do what he wants? he doesn't dignify schoolyard taunts with a response. so yeah, congratulations.
  • what angelica says:
  • I'm not here for you.
  • what angelica means:
  • Angelica
  • Alexander
  • Congratulations You have invented a new kind of stupid
  • A 'damage you can never undo' kind of stupid
  • An 'open all the cages in the zoo' kind of stupid
  • 'Truly, you didn't think this through?' kind of stupid
  • Let's review
  • You took a rumor a few maybe two people knew and refuted it by sharing an affair of which no one has accused you
  • I begged you to take a break, you refused to
  • So scared of what your enemies will do to you
  • You're the only enemy you ever seem to lose to
  • You know why Jefferson can do what he wants?
  • He doesn't dignify school-yard taunts with a response!
  • So yeah, congratulations!
  • Angelica
  • You've redefined your legacy
  • Congratulations [ALEXANDER]
  • It was an act of political sacrifice!
  • Sacrifice?
  • I languished in a loveless marriage in London
  • I lived only to read your letters
  • I look at you and think 'God, what have we done with our lives and what did it get us?'
  • That doesn't wipe the tears or the years away
  • But I'm back in the city and I'm here to stay
  • And you know what I'm here to do?
  • Angelica
  • I'm not here for you
  • I know my sister like I know my own mind
  • You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
  • And a million years ago she said to me 'this one's mine'
  • So I stood by
  • Do you know why?
  • I love my sister more than anything in this life
  • I will choose her happiness over mine everytime
  • Eliza
  • Eliza
  • Is the best thing in our lives
  • So never lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with the best wife
  • Congratulations For the rest of your life
  • Every sacrifice you make is for my sister
  • Give her the best life
  • Congratulations

okay, but. listen. platonic mc and saeran.

  • saeran is absolutely floored that mc wants anything to do with him at all
  • like, seriously?? after all that?? they must be crazy
  • but mc is always so kind to him and it drives him nuts! 
  • he’s very “???” about mc trying to get close to him. lots of confusion and avoidance and “saeyoung why are they doing this” “tell them to stop” and a lot of internal screaming
  • mc is v gentle and patient with him though, they know when to back off and when to push
  • mc frequently tries to show that they don’t hold any ill will towards him 
  • and after A LOT of time and energy, saeran slowly becomes accustomed to mc and starts initiating more stuff
  • the first time he asks mc to take him shopping, mc loses it, they’re so so happy 
  • mc constantly buys him cute sweaters they find when they’re out. every time, saeran tells them to knock it off and swears he won’t wear it, but he wears it the next day
  • saeran can tell when saeyoung has something up his sleeve, and he’ll team up with mc to turn the tables on saeyoung. saeyoung is both impressed and betrayed.
  • they make up a code and send meaningless messages to each other and it drives saeyoung bananas because even when he decodes it, they come up with another just to mess with him
  • mc painting saeran’s nails bright colors when he’s in a bad headspace
  • movie nights
  • mc usually chooses animal-centric movies (homeward bound, aristocats, marley and me, etc)
  • saeran kinda cries whenever an animal dies and, if mc asks if he’s crying, accusingly questions why they aren’t crying instead
  • saeran will sometimes pick slasher movies and he gets really invested in them? (”that’s not how you hold that kind of knife” “saeran no” “should’ve left them for last” “SAERAN NO” “the movie industry has a lot to learn”) mc turns the movie off if it gets too Crazy 
  • mc asks saeran how to respond to a party guest and he gives them some off the wall shit before giving a real answer 
  • “what kind of knitting needles do you use for a blanket?” “use a pair of scissors broken in half” “=_=“ “circular needles are probably the best” “thank”
  • i just really really want to be saeran’s friend

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I'd be really interested in your view on harry releasing his solo and album before Dunkirk is released. Would this effect how he's seen as an actor? Would it interfere with any of the promo for the movie or his music? When do you think would be the best strategic time to release his music? I'm super excited for Harry's music, and am interested in your thoughts on the new timeline suggested

yeahhhhhhhhhh I don’t know.  I don’t really like it and I”m trying to work through why I feel that way and i’m having a tough time putting it into words that make sense outside of my own head lol

I think part of it is because I’ve heard from different people how he wants to keep music and acting separate which i think is very smart.  And this definitely won’t help him do that.  It MIGHT affect how he’s seen as an actor, depending on what kind of music it’ll be.  Especially since Dunkirk is such a serious film and such a big departure from anything he’s done in the past, both musically and promo-wise with One Direction.  It’s just completely different tonally and would have been a great reintroduction after he’s been in hiding for so long.  

Promo also will be…complicated.  They’ll probably do print media/interviews in late may with on-camera interviews/press junkets in June.  So that’s…a lot.  Granted, it’s an ensemble film so he won’t be needed for all of the promo.  It can be spread around a little bit, but at the same time…the fact that he’s a big star and it’s his first movie means the press is going to want to talk to him a lot. It’ll definitely be a balancing act.  

Then there’s the question of with that balancing act, would it lead to overexposure?  Or is his team baking on the fact that his disappearing act over the past year and a half been enough for people to WANT all that Harry in your face all at once?  I mean, listen, I nearly died yesterday when we got to see pictures of him after not seeing him for so very long…but even I”m a little hesitant about this.  

Personally i’ve been expecting it to be a fall release this whole time.  He’s a big enough name and it’s so anticipated that he’ll do enough sales to compete in Q4.  It also seemingly wouldn’t compete with what the other boys release.  Plus, it’ll be enough time post dunkirk to recover and have people excited to see him again.  Always leave ‘em wanting more, and all that, you know? 

Hopefully my dash of negativity doesn’t mean my Harry card is revoked ;) You know whenever it’s released i’m gonna buy the hell out of that album and listen to it on repeat and tell everyone around me to buy it until they’re sick of me talking about it and I’ll be banned from even saying the word “styles” even if i’m talking about clothes.  Buuuuuuut i’m still hesitant for the time being.  

reasons why we *i* love daniel sousa


-politely stood up for peggy

-loves peggy

-is crazy about peggy


-he really is a wonderfully kind and brilliant person who is too good for this world

-still wants to kill thompson, but no more than usual

-“sure, can i borrow your forehead?”

-thought there was a real baby in dottie’s carriage and was indescribably relieved when there wasn’t

- according to peggy, no woman could find a better man


-kicks butt with an aluminum crutch seriously do you know how awesome
that is

-which means bye-bye, disability stereotypes


-took peggy’s soft “nos” for what they were when he asked her out but still tried again because she never told him he couldn’t

-remember that one time he used his crutch to beat an innocent filing cabinet because peggy was in trouble and

-“he has a special worry about miss carter.”

- but despite how he feels about the people close to him he still does his job and he does it very well indeed

-and that’s how he became “chief sousa”

-“i can’t focus on the mission if i’m worried about rose.”

-basically any time he interacts with peggy :3

-also have you seen him

-like for real those brown eyes are 👌🏻

-and his precious smile is 💯

-apparently he can also sing

-and he also can cut the rug with the best of them

-because he got his own sweet dance number that one time

- “can’t find my leg anywhere.”

Day Thirty

-I told a man to have a good day. He loudly told me in kind to have a great day. I do not get paid enough to handle this blatant one-upmanship. 

-A woman informed me that she would not be using her Target card, as she would rather pay. I want to know what she thought the Target card was that did not involve payment, but more importantly, why she would ever choose to pay when presented with an option not to.

-As I made eye contact with a woman who was talking to me, she opened her eyes. It turned out that she had black eye shadow on with a strip in the middle that had been worn off, making her eyelid look like an eye of its own, and making me think I was ringing up an ancient multi-eyed deity. 

-In response to the feedback I’ve gotten that not only kids would like stickers, I put a stack on my counter with a sign inviting all guests to take one. An unanticipated but not altogether surprising amount of people took up this offer, and guests from all age groups, teenagers to the elderly, left the store with a sticker in their pocket and a smile on their face.

-As a very mean-looking woman approached my lane, I began to have a nearly-debilitating sharp pain in the center of my forehead. I do not mean to imply that this woman is the Dark Lord Voldemort, but I am most certainly not saying that she is not.

-I was informed by a team member that if I were ever to post about her, I must refer to her as “The Crazy One.” I laughed at first, but I realized that she was serious about this. 

-In conversation with a guest, I mentioned that I was having a migraine. I experience severe migraines somewhat frequently, and I had been on the verge of asking to leave early due to it. After I finished her transaction, she returned to the sales floor, seemingly having forgotten something. She returned moments later with a box of Excedrin Migraine and a Gatorade, refusing to accept my protests as she purchased them for me. This is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for me and I began feeling better almost instantly. In case she never returns to my lane, this is my thank you.

-A guest told me to have a good day just as I told them to have a good night. We looked at each other for a moment, panicked, then looked outside to see who was in the right. I am proud to say that, for once, it was me.

-A man with snow-white hair and a urine-yellow beard came through with a chewed up, unlit cigarette hanging loosely out of his mouth. I am sure this is a metaphor for something, but for what, I do not know.

-I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a guest’s newly-purchased mirror was about to fall off of the counter. I lunged for it, knocking over items and throwing out my back, catching it just before it fell and shattered everywhere. I then realized that it was not a mirror, but a wreath that was in no danger of any damage, and my entire reaction was unwarranted. 

-A woman in her forties was accompanied by a man in his sixties. She loudly exclaimed to me, “Tonight I’m with daddy!” With all of my heart, I hope that man was her father.

-As a three year old was preparing to purchase her toys with her own money from her own wallet, a woman offered her a sticker from the counter. Seeing this as a contest of who had more items of value, the child pulled out an enormous wad of cash, the likes of which I have rarely seen and never possessed, and held it out in front of the woman’s face. I think it is clear who has won this battle and my admiration.

Teaching Peter Pan how to Cuddle Would Include:

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  • Peter understands affection, he just doesn’t show it
  • He doesn’t really know how to
  • He didn’t even know how to love his own son
  • This is why you have to teach him

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  • It started with him coming to you
  • “Love. What is a cuddle?”
  • You laughing at this
  • “Let me show you!”

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  • You wrap you arms around him as you both lay on his bed
  • “It’s kind of like hugging but better.”
  • He snuggles into you on instinct, enjoying the human contact
  • “I know you want to kiss me.”
  • “That I do Peter Pan.”

okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 

What Roman poet should you fight

Who wins: ???
I don’t know who will win this but please, he is so egotistical. Beat him up. Do it.

Who wins: Nobody
No one benefits from this. Why would you fight Vergil? What kind of evil person would do that??? He’s not hurting anyone, he is too precious. Don’t fight Vergil.

Who wins: You
Dude is essentially a scrawny little white boy. if you punch him he will probably cry. Do it. Fight Catullus.

Who wins: You
BUT he will probably sass you so badly in one of his poems and you will never be able to live it down. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Martial.

Who wins: You
I know you want to punch him, hell I kinda wanna punch him, but you’ll regret it. He’ll probably seduce everyone in your family after. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Ovid.

Julius Caesar
Who wins: Caesar
I know his poems are shit and he deserves to get punched in the face for them but don’t fight him. Dude is a renounced general and is practically unstoppable. Don’t fight Caesar. He will kill you.

Who wins: You
Dude is so fucking old you can probably KO him in one punch. Do it. Fight Seneca.

Who wins: Horace
He was a fucking officer in the military. If he wanted to, he could kill a man. Plus if you fought him you would probably make Vergil sad. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Horace.

Who wins: You
Please look towards the entirety of De Rerum Natura. Dude is a weak ass fucking nerd. Do it. Fight Lucretius.

Who wins: Petronius
He is metal as HELL. He does basically anything he wants and chose to fucking kill himself before he could be sentenced and will probably not hesitate to punch someone in the gut. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Petronius.

Pliny the elder
Who wins: Pliny
He was a military officer and commander. He knows how to fight and stuff. He will most likely not hesitate to beat you up. Don’t do it. Don’t fight him.

Pliny the Younger

Who wins:???

Who wins this is irrelevant. Dude practiced law. He’s practically BEGGING for someone to punch him. Do it. Fight him.

Who wins: ???
I honestly don’t know who will win but he looks deeply distressed in every picture ever as well as completely punchable. Do it. Fight Quintilianus.

Who wins: You
Look he may have written about wars, but he didn’t do shit. You can punch him in the face easily. The only issue is that he’s a sweetie and you’ll feel super bad about it after.

Preference "How they react to you rejecting them"

(Lol poor our faves being heartbroken XD Omg I live on chaos XD But srsly though I wouldn’t reject any of them 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d laugh it off at first thinking you’re joking but slowly grow angrier as you would confirm to him that you didn’t feel that way. He’d get pissed and just try to hurt your feelings back just as you had that way before trying to get on your good side. “Real funny, Y/N…W-wait what you’re serious? Why?! I’ve been fucking kind to you from the day I met you! I-I take care of you! And let you do whatever you want! And you still don’t love me…You know what, whatever I don’t need you…”

Daryl-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be really heartbroken but try his best to conceal it. He’d look down at his feet and just nod, saying that he understands and that you’re right, it’s probably not the best time to be together and all. He’d feel like giving up on you but in end just wouldn’t be able to. “I-I get it…You don’t need someone right now…It gets complicated…I understand…Yeah…It’s for the best…”

Rick-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be startled and just confused as to why. He would’ve thought that you and him had been on the same page lately and that you would’ve wanted to progress the relationship, so hearing you reject him just shocked him. He’d ask for an explanation and rethink of his ways to get you. “Y/N…What do you mean? I don’t understand…I-I thought…You and I were something…I thought that you felt the same way…But why?”

Merle-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d understand the feeling of being heartbroken but just try to hide it behind his usual smile and laugh it off. He’d try his best to make a joke out of it and start to deny his feelings for you. However, in the end, he’d let it slip that he really does love you and promise that you’ll end up together. “Y/N, i’m joking…You really think that i’d get all romantic for you, come on now…I’m just trying to get you to make you smile a little more…So yeah, I love you and you’ll end up being mine!”

Glenn-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel at a lost for words and just wouldn’t want to believe it. He’d listen to your reasoning and it just wouldn’t be enough for him, so he’d keep asking as to why, only to end up being more heartbroken. He’d then pretend to be alright and start to distance himself. “What…So you never felt anything more for me…Why? I thought…we were closer than that…You really never felt anything for me?”

Carl-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t understand as to why and just wouldn’t want to believe you just rejected him. He’d feel his heart stinging in his chest and put the blame on any other person he’d believe you were in love with and ask you about it, wanting you to admit the real reason behind your rejection. “Why? I-I don’t understand as to why…You don’t feel the same…I mean we spend so much time together and…Is it because of him? You like him don’t you?”

The Governor-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d try his best to keep his composure and act understanding of you but you could feel something’s off with him. He’d grip his glass of scotch tighter and take a quick sip of it before chuckling and doing his best to ask you politely as to why you’re rejecting and slowly getting angry. “Pardon? Y-You don’t feel the same…I see…Can I ask why? Why is it that you don’t want to be with me? If there is a another man in your reasoning, please don’t forget to mention him…I can handle it…”

Abraham-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t believe you and just laugh. He’d start to tease you about being just to shy to admit that you liked him, only to slowly understand the reality of things. His smile would turn into a frown and although he’d try his best to understand your perspective, he just wouldn’t understand. “Oh, Y/N, don’t be shy! Just admit it! You like me as well! Wh-what? You’re serious?! You don’t see me that way…What…Why not…”

Eugene-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel even more nervous than he was already. He’d start to stutter saying he gets it and just try his best to remain calm and not break down in tears in front of you. Although, he’d still be able to keep his serious tone, you could hear how sad he actually was. “O-Oh…I-I get it…Y-you’re not interested…It’s normal…I-I understand you just don’t feel the same as I do…I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing…Sorry for bothering you…”

Ron-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d get angry and just start to deny that you didn’t feel the same. He wouldn’t believe you and think that he knows as to why even before you would explain it to him, saying that you’re simply scared of what Carl might think of you and him. “What?! No, I don’t believe you…You’re just denying it because of Carl…Am I right? You’re just scared he might do something about us…If we get together…You love me…I can tell…”

Jesus-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d laugh and smile, as he’s trying to assess the situation. He’d believe he hadn’t heard you right and just ask you one more time. He’d then get it and although it would sadden him, he’d be positive and try his best to explain his feelings to you once again and still convince you to be with him. “Excuse me? Can you repeat that? I’m not sure I heard you right…I see…Well, Y/N…I just really like you…You’re on my mind constantly and I believe we should get together…”

Dwight-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t understand as to why you were doing so. He’d then just smile at you before leaving and just get angry at himself, punch a few walls for being so foolish to believe that you and him could’ve been together before calming himself down and try to let go of his feelings for you. “What?! You don’t see me that way…Y/N…I thought…We could’ve been together or something…You know what, i’m fine…I really am…”

Morgan-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d just feel empty and stare at you not knowing what else to say. He’d think about your reason and simply nod, pretending to be alright and saying he understands. Although, it would break his heart, he would never hold it against you and would even still feel the same for you. “I-I understand…You don’t feel that way…There’s nothing wrong with that…It’s me who jumped to conclusions…”

Shane-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be in denial and feel his heart ache. He’d shake his head and tear up slightly, still trying to convince you that he really loves and cares for you and almost beg you to feel the same way. No matter how long it’ll be, he’ll find a way to convince you as he’s determine to be with you. “No…No…You don’t understand…I-I love you, Y/N…I want to take care of you for the rest of your life…Y-You can’t just say, you don’t feel the same…”

Milton-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t be able to hide his disappointment. As you’d talk, he’d look down to his feet and exhale in exasperation before telling you to stop and that he gets it. He’d quickly apologize about him thinking that you could get together and try to avoid being around you too much as it really hurts him. “Stop…I-I get it…You don’t need to say anything more…I’m sorry…I just thought that you might’ve felt the same…It’s my fault…”

Aaron-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d instantly ask you as to why despite being scared of the answer. Although, he’d feel disappointed and it would show in his expression, he’d believe that knowing your reasoning will make him understand your decision better or even that it might help him find another way to get to you. “Can I ask you why? I mean I thought…You had some feelings for me…I’ll be honest…I just need you to explain it to me clearly…Because I don’t think i’ll be able to let it go…”

Gabriel-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d chuckle to conceal his disappointment and tell you that he was joking with you. He’d ask your reasoning subtly but he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking of how foolish of him to think that you could’ve been together, and it would slowly show in his expression. “It was a joke, Y/N…I’m a priest so there’s no way god would’ve allow this…sometimes I forget my sense of humor leaves to be desired…Still, is there a reason for you refusing….”

The Wolf-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t care for it and just take it as it is. He’d still be calm as he’d already made his mind on you, so whether you’d accept him or not, he’d already follow you around, keep you safe and probably even plan on taking you away with him. “Ok…So what…I still like you…You think i’m going to change because you don’t "love” me…No…“

Noah-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d put on a fake smile and pretend to understand your decision. He’d try to brush it off and simply reveal to you that his feelings aren’t that "serious” yet and reassure you that he can get over it on his own. He’d still be his friendly self around you and put in even more effort to make you fall for him. “I get it…You don’t feel that way…It doesn’t mean we can’t stay friends, right? I’ll be fine, I promise…”

Simon-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t really catch on to it and just think that you’re joking. He’d act as his usual self and laugh at you while teasing you about “hiding” your feelings. Even as you would try to tell him as to why you didn’t feel the same, he’d simply laugh it off and think you’re so lovely rejecting him. “Sure, Y/N! You don’t feel the same! I totally believe you! You know sweetheart, the more you reject me the more I love you…”

Ezekiel-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d chuckle and wouldn’t believe you. He’d smile and smirk, simply thinking you were playing hard to get and making him have to work even harder to get you. He’d flirt with you as he has been and pay even more attention to you acting as if you had never really rejected him. “Alright, Y/N…Of course, you don’t see me that way…You just love to play hard to get, don’t you…You’re walking away from me? That’s fine by me! I’ll get you back, beautiful!”

Benjamin-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d act as if he understands your reasoning and tell you that he’s fine. He’d keep his calm until he’d be alone in his room or away from you and just start to tear up slightly thinking about his feelings for you, he’d then try to cheer himself up by convincing himself that he can surely make you fall for him. “I understand…You don’t see me that way…Ok…So i’ll go back to my room…I’ll be okay…I swear…Everything’s fine…”

Caesar-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d scoff and just start to recount the instances when he felt that you were looking at him and all. He’d simply feel like you were hiding your feelings and just try to get you to finally admit to him by teasing you more often. “Oh, please, you don’t feel the same?! Y/N…You would always make sure I come back safe, tell me goodnight, drink with me and…the way you look at me…I find it hard to believe you don’t like me back…you’re just being shy…”

Heath-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d understand you and accept how things are. He wouldn’t hold it against you and just tell you that he would hope that you can one day see him other than as a friend. “I get it…You don’t see me that way…It’s understandable…I’m not angry at you or anything, I swear…There’s nothing wrong…but it doesn’t change my feelings for you…and maybe one day, you’ll be able to feel the same…”

Spencer-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t understand it and just ask you as to why. He’d try his best to keep his calm but the more you would talk the more he’d get frustrated and it would show. He’d roll his eyes, shake his head and just try to explain to you that he’s in love with you before actually asking your reasoning. “You don’t like me? What did I ever do to make you feel that way? I-I just really love you, Y/N…I’m happier when you’re around and I just can’t picture my life without you…”

Richard-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel like it’s his fault and wouldn’t be able to hide his disappointment. He’d look at you in the eyes and just try to get you to explain yourself before simply grabbing your hand and telling you that in the end, he’ll still have feelings for you. “I-I’m sorry, Y/N…I-It’s my fault…I just thought that you would’ve like to be with me…but I was wrong…Can I ask you why? I see…But I just want you to remember that no matter what…I still love you…”

Nicholas-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d pretend to be fine but you could tell he was mad, with his fists curled and his eyes glaring away from you. He’d try his best to understand your reasoning but it would never really sit well with him and it would show whenever you would pass by. “Ok…You don’t feel the same…I get it…Some people just don’t belong together…I-I’ll get over it…I can do it…Because i’m fine…”

Gareth-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d get mad at you on the spot but laugh it off and start to enumerate the reasons as to why you should be together. He’d just feel like you were doing him wrong by rejecting him and just want to make you understand that he wasn’t going to let go of you so easily. “What? You’re rejecting me? Why? You should realize that there will never be any other better for you than me…I love you, care for you and I can provide for you…In this world being alone isn’t going to work for you…”

Michonne-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be heartbroken but do her best to conceal it by saying that it’s understandable. She’d tell you that there is nothing wrong with you not feeling the same way as her and that she’ll get over it as much as she can. “I see, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying…It’s normal…sometimes you just don’t feel the same as the others around you…I can get over it…There’s nothing for you to worry so much”

Maggie-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she wouldn’t understand as to why and just express to you her disappointment. She’d want to let you know that you’re hurting her simply because she couldn’t hide the fact, and slowly you’d notice her eyes getting teary. “Really? You don’t feel anything close to…love for me…I thought you might’ve liked me…I thought…we could’ve been more than friends…I really like Y/N…and i’ll be honest with you…It really hurts…”

Andrea-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be unsure if you were joking and simply take it as that. She’d let you take some time before telling you about her feelings again and as you’d refuse again, she wouldn’t understand as to why and ask you about it. “Okay? You don’t feel the same…Sure…Anyways I thought that maybe we could go on this run, just you and me…What? You’re serious…Why? Did I ever do something wrong to you?”

Jessie-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d accept it and do her best to hold back her tears. She’d reassure you that she was fine with your decision and seek comfort in the others in hopes to change her mind and let herself cry. “I-I understand…You just don’t want a relationship at the moment…I can accept that…I’ll be fine…I just wanted to be with you but I can handle it…”

Beth-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d convince herself to accept it and try to move on despite being heartbroken. Nonetheless, she’d always keep an eye on you and eventually she’d convince herself that she wasn’t going to back down so easily and that you’ll end up giving her a chance one day. “I understand…it’s just not the right time…and you don’t see me that way…I get it…I’m fine…I’ll be fine…I promise…”

Sasha-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d tell you to not worry and that she’ll be alright. She’d think from your perspective and convince herself that it was for the better that you didn’t get together. “Look I get it…There’s no need to worry…Sometimes it’s just not right…and it doesn’t mean I won’t get over you…”

Rosita-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be taken back and in disbelief. She’d feel as if she had been putting all of efforts on you only to be betrayed and it wouldn’t sit well. She’d ask you why and end up trying to hurt your feelings back just to give you a tasted of your own medicine. “What?! You don’t feel the same? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much attention and care I pay to you?! A lot! I’ve never been this attached to someone and you’re telling me you don’t see me that way! No, you know what go to hell!”

Enid-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d get quiet and wouldn’t know what to say. Slowly, she’d feel tears but try her best to fight them back, telling you that she’s fine and that you should get back to whatever you were doing before going back to her room. “Ok…I understand…I’m sorry for bothering you with my feelings and all…I really am…I’ll go back to my room…and let you continue your work…”

Tara-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be unsure of your words and just ask you what was wrong with her. She’d believe it was her fault and just want to improve herself or at least prove to you that you both should be together all while still being her friendly self. “Really? But does it has anything to do with me? Is it the way I act around you that bothers you or something? I just need to know…”

Carol-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d feel betrayed and wouldn’t want to believe you. She’d end up trying to forget about you and just treat you as any other person of the group, in hopes to make you distance yourself from her. “What…How come? You don’t feel…Alright…I get it…I was stupid to believe this…Whatever…I’m sorry to bother you…”

Arat-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d try her best to conceal her anger and frustration but you could see it in her eyes. She’d ask you for your reasoning even more only to get even more and more mad at you and wouldn’t be able to stay friends with you. “What? Why? What did I ever do to you to make you not like me that way? You can’t be serious about this…”

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 6) Junior Year: March

“Wow,” says March, adjusting her bra under her shirt. “Shall we like, stop?”

“Um, yeah,” says Holster. What do you say in these situations? He has never felt this awkward during a hookup before. Not even his first time was this weird.

“We could try again later?” she suggests politely, like she’d rather eat a volleyball.

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I'm so tired why won't they speak up, or shut everyone else up. Like if you aren't going to talk about it but show it to other musicians who give interviews tell them, hey you know just don't mention this anytime soon? I haven't said anything, but he obviously doesn't do that let's them talk about it and he remains quiet.

I do think it’s interesting that his team is allegedly allowing multiple people to listen to the music but we have yet to have any of it leak. When are they going to let Julian listen and hit us with 6 second audio clips?

About the ASL brothers

Okay so,
I’ve been on this fandom for a long time now. I have read a lot of fanfictions, I think, and saw a lot of fanarts, well at least enough for me to write this post today.
There’s one thing I’ve never understood: why does everyone think Ace and Sabo would be overprotective with Luffy?

I know each time the brothers met Luffy’s crew they would always say “Please, take care of my little brother”, and everyone including me, would go “awww fdhjfdilfd”. AND this is alright, this is what family do, they care for their brothers, they want to make sure everything’s alright.
That’s not being overprotective, that’s being a brother.

Now, if they were the overprotective kind of brothers, they would never have allowed Luffy to go on adventure alone like that. And each time Luffy would go into troubles (as he usually does), they would never try to hide and protect him so nobody touches their precious, fragile little brother - on the contrary they would fight together and join their forces.
And yes, fragile, because ‘this is how Ace and Sabo see Luffy in the fanfictions’. Except that Luffy’s everything but fragile!

I mean, seriously guys? He fought and trained with Sabo and Ace. They would always chuckle and laugh at him because he was weaker than them, but they valued – value – his strenght, they recognized potential in him.

And you know what? They also know, deep down, Luffy’s gonna become the Pirate King, or at least they believe in his dreams. And would a Pirate King need to be overprotected by his big brothers? No. Because he needs to get stronger, to improve himself, to experience life, to be independent, to be himself. They trust one another. Just like Luffy’s crew (Remember when Zoro said Sanji could handle things in Dressrosa? Kinda what I mean).

Letting people act the way they want because they know they are able to manage on their own is a way of showing love. But to be possessive? It’s poisonous. It doesn’t go anywhere. It’s unbearable. It’s insulting. And most of all, it’s not love. Not the way it’s described, anyways.
Whatever your ships are, each time I read something like Ace on his way to punch the Person X for going out with Luffy, just because “he’s his little brother”, I’m sick of it. It’s bullshit. Ace wouldn’t do that, nor Sabo.

They love Luffy, yes, but there’s a difference between caring about someone and always be here in case of huge huge problem, and somebody always checking on one’s life like a supervisor behind your shoulder and trying to control everything just to be sure “he’s safe”. That is not the ASL’s relationship.

AUs are hard to write, and I admire people who try to make up a plot and go for it, I’m myself one of them so I get it, it’s difficult, but please when you do write about the ASL brothers, even if it’s to get a ship stronger, use another way than making them out of character.

Now I’m sorry if I have done some mistakes and didn’t express myself very clearly but English isn’t my native language. I did my best.

Thigh Riding- Calum Hood Smut

Here’s the Calum thigh riding smut as promised! I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to drop me an ask and let me know what you think because I really do appreciate it!x

Oh and before you read it just look at those thighs….nom……


(There’s a NSFW gif in here so no peeking if you’re too young for that kind of thing)

Thigh High

“Babe”, you pant as a set of somewhat chapped lips work against the sensitive skin of your neck, “can we try something different tonight?”

Calum’s brows furrow as he pulls away from your neck to look down at you.

“What do you mean something different?”

“I mean something different. You know? Something we haven’t tried before.”

“I know what something different means Y/N. I was just wondering why you wanted to try it. Have I been boring you?”

You bite back an amused smile as Calum huffs and pushes himself off you. If you didn’t know any better you’d say he was slightly offended. Not that that surprised you. Calum always had considered himself somewhat of a lothario so your suggestion at mixing things up a bit had obviously been too abrasive for his sensitive ego.

“Calum”, you whine pulling at his shirt sleeve, “I’m not bored with our sex life I just had an idea that’s all.”

Your cutesy tone and fluttering eyelashes are all it takes to start melting his icy demeanour.

“What idea?”

“Well”, you start as you move closer to him, running your carefully manicured nails up and down his arm, “I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and I just so happened to stumble across a very interesting picture of you and Ashton. You know the one? Ashton is on your back and you’re not wearing any pants?”

“Yeah I know it. So what?”

“Soooo it gave me a new appreciation for how amazing your thighs are….”

“My thighs?”

“Yeah baby. You’re thighs. I never noticed how thick and strong they were before.”

A wave of confusion displaces the grumpy look on his face.

“I’m not following you here Y/N”.

Why did you even bother trying to be sexy and suave anymore?

“How about I show you instead?”

Standing up, you wiggle yourself out of your skinny jeans and pull your old Harry Potter t-shirt over your head. Just as you throw the faded cotton to the floor you notice Calum has done the same with his shirt and is moving onto undoing the button on his jeans.

“No Calum!” you exclaim a little too loudly, “leave those on!”


“Sorry baby. I just think it’ll be better if you keep your jeans on. Not because I don’t want to see you naked but just for friction purposes.”

“Friction for what though?”

“Jesus Calum! Are you still not getting this? I want to ride your thigh!”

“Well why didn’t you just say that then?”

Before you even have time to answer two strong arms snake around your waist and pull you onto Calum’s lap. Your lips immediately find his and settle into a familiar rhythm. You can feel your body melt into his as his calloused fingers travel the length of your back, only pausing to open the clasp of your bra and toss it aside before continuing to caress every inch of you. A soft moan leaves your throat only to be swallowed immediately into Calum’s mouth as his warm lips continue to move against your own. The way he’s touching you combined with the feeling of his lips on yours is enough to start a dampening between your thighs and to give your hips a will of their own. Ever so slowly you begin to grind downwards earning a lustful groan from both yourself and the slightly flushed boy underneath you.  

“Fuck”, you mutter, pulling away from Calum and shifting your weight slightly. You had to move now before you got too caught up in the way his kisses made you feel and forgot what you were aiming to do in the first place. Moving your hands to Calum’s strong shoulders for support you lift your hips so as that your crotch is hovering over just one of his muscular thighs.

“Can I?” you ask quietly, wanting to make sure that he was comfortable with what you were about to do.

“Go for it baby”, he growls at you giving you all the encouragement you need.

You allow your eager hips to lower you onto his thigh and for a moment you daren’t move. Your eyelids flutter closed as you allow yourself to savour the initial pressure you feel. The rough denim of his jeans catches the lacy material of your underwear causing a delicious pull against your clit. Slowly, you begin to move. Calum’s hands fly to your hips as your own hands move to pinch and tug at your nipples as he would under normal circumstances.

“Oh God Calum”, you groan as you relish the friction between your legs. His thigh muscles are flexing and that, combined with the constant rubbing on your clit is driving you crazy. As you move your hips faster and faster still your vison begins to blur and your moans heighten. You know you probably sound like an overly dramatic porn star right about now but you honestly couldn’t care less.

“Fuck Y/N this is so hot.”

A strangles laugh leaves your parted lips and you mentally thank whoever took the photo that planted this marvellous idea in your head to begin with. Focusing on Calum you can see that his pupils have blown and you can feel his stiffness trapped underneath the confining material of his jeans.

“I’m close Calum”, you warn him, your hands flying to his hair and tugging sharply. Calum lowers his mouth to your chest and begins to suck and nibble in an eager attempt to drive you over the edge partially because he loves to watch you fall apart and partially because he wants his opportunity fuck you senseless.

“Oh God Calum”, you cry out as your hips begin to buck and rut against him in an almost embarrassingly desperate display. You can feel yourself on the brink of ecstasy and you’re finally tipped over the edge when Calum reaches around to the back of your panties and pulls them tighter against your body. As the material rides up, it gives your clit the final bit of friction it needs to send you spiralling into an orgasm.

Your fingernails dig into Calum’s shoulders as your head falls backwards causing your breath to catch in your throat. Calum hands return to your hips, grinding you down onto him to make you ride out the aftershocks that are coursing through you. Once you’ve become too sensitive to move any more you allow yourself to collapse onto his strong chest.

“That was incredible”, you whisper, tracing the tattoos on his collarbones absentmindedly, “thank you for letting me do that”.

“Anytime gorgeous”, Calum smiles, kissing your temple lovingly, “anytime”.

Tom- Why am I doing this?

Tom- Well, I think Edd knows why.

Edd- Tom, you better shut your mouth…

Tom- Edd and Matt used to be a thing for about… maybe two weeks? Not very long,-

Edd- Tom-!

Tom- and Edd fell head over heels for Matt, but Matt didn’t feel the same way. Just thought Edd wanted to see what that kind of relationship looks like.

Tom- And I do care for Matt, he is our friend. Eventually I’ll just cut off the romance tie and it’ll be fine, I just wont tell him why.

Edd- I knew that was it you fucking asshole!

While maybe some of the sentiment behind this is okay… This is fucking bullshit.

Men are not born to pursue women. That is how society has trained them to be. Women are “prizes” and that is the patriarchal societies fault. Not being born. It’s not human nature.

A relationship should be two way unless you like it the other way. Pursuing a guy does not mean he is not interested. It could just mean he’s not an entitled asshole. Some won’t make advances until they know the girl is comfortable with it? It’s a two way street.

Like yeah, it shouldn’t be one person doing all the stuff… On either side.. Unless both parties want it that way.

Is anyone else kind of very uncomfortable with this post? Blech. I can’t even formulate all the words to describe why this is gross. Feel free to add on.

I just really don’t like how this is acting like women are supposed to be passive.