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BTS Reaction : Finding Out That You Have a Choking + Daddy Kink

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jungkook : when he found out, he wasn’t even surprised like you thought he’d be. you were planning to tell him since after the first time you two had sexual intercourse, but you never could. you were afraid of how he would react. so, when he confronted you about it, you were thrown off guard since it was random "do you have any kinks baby? like choking? a daddy kink?“ his voice was gentle and he made it seem as if he didn’t know and was only curious. “yeah…those two…why are you asking me about this?” your body was heating up, half of you was embarrassed but the other half wanted him to take you right then and there. with choking and all. “call me daddy." he cocked his head to the side, did his signature tongue in cheek, and looked at you. you hesitated but it was actually what you wanted. so you did, and his reaction let you know that you weren’t the only one with a daddy kink. "let’s go.” he pulled you to the bedroom, where your kinks were fulfilled.

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taehyung : when you told him, he was both surprised and understanding. although sexual intercourse with him was amazing already, you just felt like there was something missing. and that was choking. it was just something about choking that turned you on (even more). "if you want to call me daddy then so be it princess. we’ll be having sex more often though.“ (calling him daddy gets him heated). when you learned that calling him daddy would do something to him, you didn’t waste any time to get things heated. "daddy..” you said lowly and in a seductive tone, but loud enough for him to hear. “starting already huh?” he looked at you and shot you a sly grin when you responded with a nod. (just know that he turned you inside out that day.)

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jimin : the only reaction that you received from him was a light nod and a slight look of concern written on his face. “so you really want me to choke you? are you sure?” he was concerned because, he’d do it but he needed to make sure that you were being for real. he didn’t want to end up getting carried away and hurting you. when you reassured him that it’s what you wanted, he vaguely smiled. "as long as i get to satisfy you, i’m down, you know this.“ he paused, and thought for a second before speaking again. "we’ll take care of this tonight.” nut.

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namjoon : you totally caught him off guard when you told him. the both of you were just chilling and doing what regular couples did on a regular day. he was quick to become erect at the thought of you calling him daddy. “this was random but i’m glad you told me this.” he responded. you giggled when you noticed his bulge, you were happy that he reacted this way. “daddy?” you said, as you straddled him and watched his reaction. (gif) he didn’t respond with words but instead with actions. he lifted you up and carried you to the bed.

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hoseok : he was happy to find out that you liked choking because it was something that he was thinking about trying for a while but he was too self conscious about it to ask you. “well, that’s something added to the list.” he said which made you smile. when it came to it, hoseok and you were open about a lot of things and did a lot of things during those times. (both of you have a lot of kinks and things that you like to do during sex) “and it’s good to know for sure when you want me (calling him daddy).” in that same hour, you were calling him daddy, getting choked et cetera. and the both of you loved it.

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yoongi : "mhmm..“ he only hummed when you told him. he patted his thigh, indicating that he wanted you to sit there. (something that was regular in your relationship) "so if i grab your neck like this-” he paused and placed his hand on your neck, causing you to lightly moan. “you’d be wet for me..” he said instead of asking since he already had his answer. he tightened his grip, “what’s my name sweetheart?” he eyed you with lust in his eyes, raising his eyebrow. “daddy.” and that was all that he needed to hear, he was as hard as a rock now. “i’m about to fuck you so good.” big nut.

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jin :  not in complete utter shock, but kind of shocked. if it’s what you wanted, he would be willing to give it a try. “you’re really into some crazy shit..but i like it.” he confessed. “can i call you daddy?” you asked him, in a sweet voice. (gif) you noticed how his cheeks became rosy and figured that he probably didn’t like that idea. “you don’t h-” you started to say, but he nodded which shut you up. "that’s sexy.“ (he began to look hot and bothered) there was a sudden raise in the level of sexual tension between the both of you, and you noticed it first. so, you grabbed his hand and led him to your shared bedroom where you two had a workout.   

fortune’s fool: peter parker I

peter parker x reader

A/N: multi-part fic based off of a twitter post which I won’t link until the end so as not to spoil anything :-) 

requested: nope

Words: 2200+

Warnings: none

summary: Two Empire State University students fated to meet

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1. Meet

20 year old Peter, 18 year old reader

The mountain of boxes did not move no matter how hard she glared at it. It stood looming over her stationary. Inert. Stagnant, she thought. 

She kicked the pile. It didn’t budge. It seemed to mock her with its gargantuan size that dwarfed her small figure. She crossed her arms and huffed, tapping a foot as she tried to come up with a plan of attack.

She glanced up at the monstrous pile again. Yup. Still there. She groaned, burying her face in her hands as she silently cursed herself for sending her parents home, dismissing their offers to help her unpack. Stupid, she thought.

She’d been in her (very own!!) dorm room for only an hour before she’d said goodbye to her mom and dad, assuring them that she wouldn’t need any help setting up. Why did she say that? To prove to them that she was independent now? That she was an adult that didn’t need any parental guidance anymore? Screw that, the little voice in the back of her mind spoke bitterly. She had no idea how she was going to approach the insurmountable task on her own.

No matter how elated she had been to have scored a single room- no roommate to keep her up all night sounded like a no-brainer to her!- she was starting to rethink her decision. Why did she not realize just how alone she’d be three hours away from home with no family and no friends?

Students bustled past her open door bearing boxes and suitcases just like hers, yelling and laughing, completely oblivious to the panicky turmoil occurring within her small room.

She heaved a big sigh and dropped her tense shoulders, resigning herself to the fact that if she didn’t start now, she never would. She once again approached the cluster of brown cardboard, each box labelled carefully in black sharpie.

Standing on her toes, she reached to grab the box at the very top, stumbling slightly once she had it in her arms. Jesus, why did she pack so much? Surely she wouldn’t even use half of the things she brought. She exhaled deeply, setting the box on the ground so she could slice the tape open with her keys.

The box contained her bedding and she sighed in relief, glad her parents didn’t leave before her dad could help her set up her bed. She pulled the sheets out one by one and started to make her bed. A loud burst of laughter outside her door distracted her for a second, forcing her to turn and search for the source of the noise.

Two boys and a girl stood laughing in the room across hers, the door thrown wide open. One of the boys was doubled over and shaking as the others continued to giggle at his collapsed state. She found herself smiling wistfully, suddenly missing her best friend in Long Island.

One of the boys, the one standing, looked up and caught her eye from across the hallway. He raised his hand in a small wave, smiling brightly. She grinned in return then turned back to the matter at hand. After finishing with her bed, she started on another box, this one holding the contents of her desk.

She set the box on her rolling desk chair, unpacking its contents one by one as she slowly but surely found places for everything on her desk. A knock on the doorframe startled her from her deep concentration. She turned to find the boy from across the hall standing in the doorway, the same bright smile on his face.

“Hey there, neighbor,” he said, burying his hands in his pockets as he rocked back and forth on his heels. “I’m Peter. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Y/N,” she responded with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you, too.” She stopped removing her school supplies from the box and wiped her hands on the fabric of her jeans, crossing the room to shake his hand.

“Sorry for the mess. I’m trying to get my room organized on my own and it’s going very slowly, as you can see,” she chuckled nervously.

“You’re unpacking everything by yourself?” he asked, a confused and slightly concerned look on his face.

“Uh, yeah? I kind of… sent my parents home because I thought I could do it alone? Turns out I really overestimated myself because now I’m stuck unloading all of these boxes by myself, and I have no idea how I’m ever gonna finish,” she explained, a deep red flush climbing up her neck in embarrassment.

“Oh, well that just won’t do, will it? Here, I’ve got my friends waiting back in my room, but I’m gonna go grab them so we can give you a hand,” Peter announced.

“Oh, I wasn’t complaining or anything! I don’t want you to think that you have to help me just because I was stupid enough to take on this task on my own. It’s my own fault anyway-”

“Hey, don’t even worry about it, Y/N! We’d be happy to help.” He smiles that same bright smile and turns to shout through the open doorway. “Ned! MJ! Get over here!”

The sound of his door flinging open punctuates his sentence. The two other people she’d seen earlier appeared in the doorway, traces of smiles still on their faces.

“What’s up, Peter?” the guy, Ned, you guessed, asked, wrapping his arm around his friend’s shoulder.

“Guys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Ned and that grumpy mug over there is Michelle. We’re all juniors here,” Peter introduced his friends, chest inflating with pride.

“Call me MJ,” Michelle said, holding a hand out for her to shake. She took it with a smile, then shook Ned’s for good measure.

“Nice to meet all of you. I’m a freshman and, as you can probably tell by the state of my room, things are not going well for me so far,” she joked, motioning towards the still stationary mound of boxes.

“Y/N here needs some help unpacking. Luckily, I let her know that I had two very willing best friends across the hall that could help her out,” Peter smiled wryly, eyes silently begging his friends to agree.

“Riiiight… Sure thing, Y/N! Just tell us what to do and we’re on it!” Ned exclaimed.

“Oh! Uh… thanks, you guys. Seriously, you have no idea how much this means to me. Um, I guess just grab a box and I’ll let you know where everything goes?” she asked, gauging their reactions. She let out an inaudible sigh of relief when everybody nodded in agreement, moving to grab a box each.

With the help of three extra pairs of hands, she had everything unpacked and set up within the hour, stopping only to order some pizza for later.

It was six o’clock and they were all scattered around her room, Y/N on the bed, MJ on the slightly-deflated purple bean bag, and Ned and Peter sharing the small sofa as they finished up the last box of pizza.

“You guys are so nice. Thank you so much for helping me out,” she smiled, licking tomato sauce off of her thumb as she leaned back to rest her head against the wall.

“It’s no problem, Y/N. We were all freshmen once, so we all definitely remember what it’s like to start over somewhere new,” Peter replied through a mouthful of pizza.

“Yeah, like on Parker’s first day, he cried all night because he missed his aunt so much. Her apartment is, like, twenty minutes away,” MJ chimed in, all too happy to poke fun at her friend.

“I did not cry all night! I shed a few tears when May left, but that’s it!” he defended. “Back me up, Ned!”

“I was your roommate, dude. I could hear your whimpering through my headphones,” Ned laughed. She giggled with them, thankful that they were trying to make her feel better rather than making fun of her, especially after they’d been nice enough to help her set up her room without complaint.

Peter pouted and crossed his arms over his chest, sliding down into the seat. “Not cool, guys.”

“Relax, brainiac. You know we love you,” MJ proclaimed, getting up from her seat. “Anyway, Ned and I have to go take a group of freshmen to the Rec Center in fifteen minutes, so we’ve gotta go.”

“Shoot!” Ned exclaimed. “I forgot all about that! Sorry, guys. Peter, I’ll see you tonight. And Y/N, I hope to see you soon!” he smiled as MJ pulled him out the door with one last wave over her shoulder.

“Your friends are nice,” she said lightly, grinning shyly at Peter from her spot across the room.

“Yeah, they’re awesome,” Peter agreed with a nod. “I’ve known Ned since I was a kid, and we met MJ in high school, so we’ve been pretty tight since then.”

She hummed in response. “I never really had a close friend group in high school. My friends mostly ended up staying in Long Island for college. It kind of sucks being so far away with everyone, but I’m definitely already loving not sharing a room with anybody.”

“Yeah, I did the whole roommate thing for my first two years, so I’m glad to be on my own for a change. Not that I won’t miss living with Ned, but trust me when I say that he is probably the messiest person I’ve ever met,” Peter chuckled, standing up from the sofa.

“Oh, are you leaving?” she asked, face falling. She’d enjoyed spending the last couple of hours with Peter. He was sweet and understanding, and he made her laugh.

“Nope, just stretching,” he smiled as he lifted his arms up above his head allowing a pale little sliver of skin to expose itself from beneath his blue sweater.

“Well come on up here and sit with me, then,” she offered, patting the open space next to her as she pointedly ignored the stirring in her chest brought on by the milky white patch of skin still peeking out until Peter tugged his sweater back down. Peter obliged and climbed onto the bed, settling himself by her side, his sock-clad feet dangling off the edge.

“So… what’re you majoring in? You’ve gotta be super smart to have gotten into Empire State,” Peter wondered.

“Biomedical engineering. My sister lost her left leg when she was seven and uses a prosthetic so I’d like to be able to design something that’s both effective and accessible to those who need it,” she explained with a smile. She loved her younger sister more than anybody, so leaving her behind was not a simple task.

“Man, that’s amazing. Are you close with your sister?” Peter asked, tilting his head to look at her through thick eyelashes.

“She’s my best friend. I hated leaving her, but I promised that she could stay with me whenever she wanted and I’d show her the city,” she smiled longingly, feeling the familiar pang of homesickness that had started about an hour ago.

“That sounds awesome. You’re not from here, though, are you?”

“No, we’re from Long Island. We used to make the drive to the city at least once a year when we were younger, but then my sister had her accident and we kind of stopped,” she explained, picking on the corner of her duvet.

“Do you mind me asking what happened?” Peter asked carefully.

“She was in a car accident that ended with her leg pinned beneath a chunk of concrete. By the time they got her out, all of the nerves were already dead so they just decided to amputate. It doesn’t really bother her or stop her from doing anything anymore. It’s just something she has to live with, whether she likes it or not.”

Peter sighed heavily, a sympathetic look gracing his delicate features. “I’m sorry,” he stated softly. “I know that probably means nothing to you, but I also know it’s not easy seeing somebody you love suffer. My parents passed away when I was six, and my Uncle Ben who I’d been staying with died five years ago. Since then, my Aunt May’s been all I’ve got.  I’ve had time to come to terms with it, but that doesn’t make anything any easier.”

She frowned, feeling grateful that Peter was able to trust her with such heavy parts of his life, but also feeling inexplicably sad for the young man who probably had to grow up too soon.

“Life just sucks, doesn’t it?” she asked, trying to lighten the mood.

“It sure does,” he sighed in response. “Anyway, just because you’ve been to the city as a child, doesn’t mean I’m letting you off the hook without an official Peter Parker tour. Growing up here does have its advantages, you know.”

You smiled, eyes wide. “Oh, I am so in!”

“Great!” Peter beamed, sliding back off of the bed. “I’ve gotta go meet Ned back at the Rec Center, but I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow morning to show you everything!”

“Sounds good,” you agreed, following him to the door. “It was nice meeting you. And thank you, again, for helping me out. I’m sorry if I ruined any of your plans for the night.”

“I wouldn’t consider a night spent with a pretty girl ruined, would you?” he commented, watching as she tried to hide her blush behind a curtain of hair. “Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow, smarty pants.” And with that, he shut the door, leaving her giddy with something that felt a little bit like hope.

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BORN TO BE A STAR — JOEY CLAIRE, MAID OF LIGHT – optimisticDuelist – Medium
MAID: One who makes Light, or makes through Light — for themselves. LIGHT: Power, Fortune, Enlightenment, Knowledge, Ideas, Importance…
By optimisticDuelist

Here’s a post on Joey’s Hero Title–The MAID of LIGHT!–and how understanding it strengthens our reading of Joey’s struggles with neglect and loneliness, her STRIFES, her skills and abilities, and more! We even look at some interesting foreshadowing for where her arc may be going in the next Acts!

(Credit to @thricequeen and @dahniwitchoflight for providing key details that feed into my own speculation, btw! Thanks a ton, peeps)

Classpecting has so far been a hugely underappreciated part of Hiveswap’s narrative, and I’d like to change that. This post is also a focused introduction on Classpects in general, and should ideally be perfectly easy to follow if you’re a new Hiveswap fan with no exposure to the system from Homestuck! 

I do have to warn, however, that there will be Homestuck Spoilers in this essay. So heads up about that! Now, on to some bad news. I have similar Classpect essays brainstormed for Xefros Tritoh and Jude Harley.
But alas, it may be a while before I can write those. 

As excited as I am to post this, it comes with an announcement I wish I wasn’t making. If you enjoy this essay and want to know more about future content from me, please read on.

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Imagine...Dean Surprising You

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Request: I have a request! A Dean x Reader, where the reader thinks she is alone in the bunker and is dancing to Freaks by Timmy Trumpet (I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days lol), you decide how it goes?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut

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(please bear with me) Okay, so, I'm a 15 year old freshman in highschool, and I've wanting to create some sort of series, whether it be a comic, or something else for a few years. I haven't too serious about it, but after one my of my friends showed me your video, for some reason, i was especially inspired. Now, I already have one character... but that's all i got. How did you come up with the things in your film? And did you ever experience "writer's block"? and if so, how did you deal with it?

No worries dude!  So okay, I’m gonna’ be honest, when I read this, I was hit with such a weird mix of, like, “god this is literally impossible to answer”, and “man I remember feeling that way when I was 15″.  So I guess the best thing I could do is elaborate.


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rfa boys + v + saeran with MC as brand new parents. Like, we're talking baby time with middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, and crying and not sleeping and the exhaustion that comes with being a new parents, but also a cute moment here and there as well.

Awww anonny you’re hitting me with the feels! I could write tons of pages about the Mystic Messenger characters being parents so these turned out to be longer and fluffy! I based the children’s sex on my last post about these peeps being parents and I also added Jaehee just because I didn’t want her to be left out so hopefully that’s okay! I kind of want to give the children names and personalities now because I’ve become so attached to this idea thanks to you and the other anon’s parent request! I absolutely loved writing this request so I really hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung is surprisingly really helpful when it comes to dealing with your newborn son
  • He understands how exhausted you are from the day and usually takes the night shifts when taking care of your son
  • Yoosung already stays up late to play LOLOL and has even started to set up a schedule as to when to check on his son while also killing some monsters
  • The times whenever Yoosung is actually asleep and hears your son crying, he always gets right out of bed to care for him
  • Your son sometimes has problems properly latching onto the bottle when it’s feeding time so Yoosung gives him little encouragements to help him
  • “Come on little guy, you have to drink your milk! How else will you grow big and strong enough to help daddy slay the monsters in LOLOL? Hey, that’s it! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of my little man!”
  • There have been nights where Yoosung is just exhausted from work and just wants to sleep but when he hears his son’s crying, he’ll attend to him no matter what the problem is… unless it’s diaper changing then he may call you for some assistance
  • One of Yoosung’s favorite things in the world is showing your son picture books of animals and seeing his reaction to each one, slowly but surely teaching his son the wonders of being a Vet
  • Yoosung is honestly Super Dad and is extremely attentive to his son’s needs because he’d do absolutely anything for his son


  • Zen definitely tried his best whenever it came to dealing with your son at night, he just wasn’t always the best
  • He’d come home tired from rehearsals and as the two of you were about to fall asleep, your son would start crying
  • With a deep sigh, Zen would roll out of bed and tend to his son’s needs
  • Your son was like his father for more than just his looks, he was extremely vocal like Zen
  • Zen would wince sometimes at just how loud his son would cry but he found that his own voice would usually soothe the little one
  • “Listen son, I’m really proud of you for working on that singing voice so early on in life but mommy and I are tired. How about you listen to your old man sing a little bit and then you go back to sleep alright?”
  • When it came to night feeding and diaper changing, Zen would typically have to turn to you for help because he would usually make the bottle too warm and could not change a diaper to save his life
  • But when your son wasn’t crying his little lungs out, one of Zen’s favorite things is to put his son on his bare chest, taking ahold of his son’s tiny arms and moving them in random patterns and singing to him while lightly kissing his forehead
  • Zen definitely has room to improve with his parenting, something he understands and accepts, but one thing that he’s mastered is to always love and care for his son


  • Jaehee already has experience taking care of the other RFA members, who’re basically kids, so she ends up being a super great mom
  • She sees how exhausted you are so Jaehee’s more than willing to take care of her daughter at nighttime
  • Your daughter isn’t a very loud crier but Jaehee can always tells when she’s in distress
  • Jaehee’s a pro at diaper changing and heating up the bottles since she had lots of experience with heating up her coffee
  • But there are times when both you and Jaehee are tired but your daughter is crying her little heart out but of course Jaehee will attend to her, she just may be a little bit cranky in the morning
  • When your daughter refuses to fall back asleep, Jaehee likes to read her stories from a fairytale book, even acting out all of the parts which earns a few giggles from her tiny daughter
  • “This is what I want you to learn my daughter, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. You’re going to grow up to be such a strong and beautiful girl and me and your mother want you to be happy. We’ll make sure to always encourage you to follow your dreams.”
  • You notice your daughter starting to fall asleep only when she’s cradled in Jaehee’s arms, making Jaehee give you a shy smile
  • Jaehee is an amazing mom, no one would argue that, and her daughter grows up knowing just how much her two mothers love her


  • Jumin wanted nothing more than for his daughter to grow up in a healthy, loving environment
  • To do this, Jumin wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, so since he worked during the day he usually would spend all night with her
  • But when your daughter would cry, Jumin would panic never knowing what she needed
  • Jumin was terrible at changing diapers, he could ever get the bottle temperature right, and it seemed like every time he’d try to pick his daughter up, her cries would turn into wailing
  • He was about to give up hope of being a good dad but you kept encouraging Jumin, telling him to just keep spending more time with his daughter then she’d start warming up to him
  • One night when you and Jumin were sleeping, the two of you heard your daughter crying yet again and just as Jumin was about to call a nanny, you convinced him to go to her
  • He was reluctant but did so, carefully picking up his daughter to try and get her to calm down
  • When her crying turned louder, not that Jumin was surprised, he tried something new and started to rock his daughter back and forth while singing a lullaby in his deep voice
  • “Do like my singing my little girl? Hmm your mother says the same thing but I don’t think it’s that great. But I’m glad that you like it, I’ll sing anything for you my precious girl.”
  • His daughter eventually fell asleep in his arms, making Jumin almost cry on the spot as he cuddled her closer in his arms
  • Jumin may not be the most experienced dad, but after that moment he knew that he would give his daughter all of the love he could because, besides you, she was his favorite person in the world


  • Seven would always joke around about being the best dad ever but he honestly was starting to become one
  • His sleep schedule is the worst so he’d always be ready to go to your son when he started crying
  • By some miracle, your son didn’t become a crying mess all that often, making both you and Seven extremely relieved
  • It took Seven a while to get the hang of changing diapers and getting the bottle ready, let’s just say there were lots of times when you had to help clean up the mess Seven made
  • But Seven would always let you sleep when your son cried at night because he cherished his time with his little boy
  • When the little Choi was being extra fussy and wouldn’t stop crying, Seven would lift him up and spin around in slow circles, telling his tiny son crazy made up stories
  • The smile his son would show made Seven’s heart melt, he finally had a family to call his own
  • “You know little guy, I never knew what it was like to have loving parents. But you’re never going to feel that way because me and your mom are going to love you for forever! And maybe someday if you’re extra good, I’ll take you to space with me!”
  • Your son always seemed to calm down whenever Seven was with him, realizing that your husband made a father-son bond that would never be broken
  • Seven would always spend as much time as possible with you and his son, making sure that his son would grow up in a family that was filled with lots of love


  • V already had a feeling that life was going to get a bit… messier when your twins had come into this world
  • He always had an immense amount of guilt for not getting the eye surgery sooner so that he could see his children
  • So V figured that taking care of your fussy twins at night would at least start to show how sorry he was
  • The twins weren’t easy to deal with, your son would try and crawl out of the crib and slobber on anything he could get his hands on while your daughter was a crying machine and would flail around whenever anyone would try and pick her up
  • V definitely had his work cut out for him
  • He was a terrible diaper changer and he usually ended up dropping the bottles of milk on the floor before even heating them up since it was still dark outside, not helping with his poor vision
  • But as time went on, V started getting more and more confident as well as helpful with his twins
  • He loved having them sit on his lap while he watched their eyes widen in wonder as V showed them his scrapbooks of photos
  • Granted, he had to be careful of his son’s drool and his daughter’s tears when handling the photos
  • “You two sure seem to like this photo a lot and I’m not surprised. Uncle Jumin took this one of mommy and me in the garden. I really love this photo, even though it’s pretty blurry, we still need to teach Uncle Jumin how to take photos when you two get older. I’ll have him take a photo of all four of us together when you both are bigger okay?”
  • Now every time V’s with the twins, they immediately start to crawl onto his lap waiting for a new scrapbook to be presented to them
  • V had become an amazing father to his twins, not that it surprised you, and when they did get old enough, V received the eye surgery to finally fully see his beautiful family


  • Saeran was absolutely terrified about being a father and having a child to look after
  • In fact, Saeran was practically afraid of his son, he saw his own vulnerable self within his son, making Saeran think of his own awful childhood and wanting nothing to do with the little boy
  • You would usually end up taking care of your son day and night since Saeran would get flashbacks of his childhood and nearly had a panic attack once
  • But one night when you were feeling extremely sick and resting, Saeran heard his son crying from the room next door
  • Saeran cautiously went to his son’s room and yet again, panicked when seeing his son crying, reminding him of himself
  • But then his son looked Saeran right in the eyes, making Saeran freeze but realize that his son needed him and that nothing else mattered
  • He gently picked up his little boy and sat down on a rocking chair, softly shushing him and wiping his tears away
  • “I’m so sorry for not taking care of you and properly loving you. But you helped me realize something, you’re my son and nobody’s going to take you away from me. I promise to protect you and love you for forever so don’t be sad anymore okay?“
  • From that night on, Saeran became a super dad and wouldn’t let his son out of his sight, soon becoming a diaper changing and bottle making expert
  • His favorite thing to do with his son is to go sit outside and stare at the clouds, with Saeran usually chuckling when his son would get excited and point at the sky
  • Saeran soon became an amazing father and husband, he would always make it a point to tell both you and his son how much he loved and cherished you two
Don’t Need Candles and Cake

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)

Summary: You and Steve have been dating in secret for a little while now, but what kind of girlfriend would you be if you didn’t give him a nice present during his birthday barbecue? 

Word Count: 3.6k


“Tony, that’s really unnecessary. Everyone’s tired, let’s just relax all day tomorrow. I really don’t want a big thing.”

“Oh, c’mon, we can’t not celebrate. You only turn 99 once, Capsicle!” Tony smirked up at him from his seated position on the quinjet, his cheek beginning to form a nasty-looking bruise which, in Steve’s opinion, is yet another article of proof as to why they shouldn’t have a party tomorrow. This past mission was no one’s idea of simple.

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Break Even

A Christmassy SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown


Of course, it’s not enough that the Crucible stuck me and that twat in a room together.  It’s not enough that I have to deal with his abuse every single day six months out of the year.  Of course, someone out there, whoever’s controlling the fates, has gotten it in their mind that I don’t have it bad enough.

           You know what would make this even better?  Make Simon and Baz buy each other Christmas presents!  Perfect!

           I trudge along the snowy pavement, scowling at the melting slush.  I’ve been in five shops already and I can’t find anything.  I don’t even know what I’m looking for.  What do you get for someone you despise?

           I suppose I could pull a prank or something. That’s probably what he will do. He never fails to stoop to the lowest level when it comes to me.

           But then again, he would probably kill me if I pulled something like that.  For some reason, he’s allowed to mess with me, but I’m not allowed to mess with him. Figures.

           Exhausted, I duck into a coffee shop.  The air is warm and spiced with cinnamon.  As I make my way to the front of the line, I see the display of gift cards next to the till.

           Baz drinks coffee, doesn’t he?  Of course he does.  Everyone drinks coffee.

           So I buy my peppermint mocha, load a gift card and walk out relieved.


Of course, it’s not enough that I have to pretend I hate the boy with every word I say.  It’s not enough that I have no choice but to make his life a living hell every single day six months out of the year. Now I have to display my everlasting hatred by means of a Christmas gift exchange.

           Whoever thought this was a good idea can get fucked.

           I shove my way out of a candy store emptyhanded. Every shop is bringing me closer to the point of giving up.  What kind of villain gives the hero candy for Christmas?

           Then again, what kind of villain gives the hero anything for Christmas?

           Maybe the villain who doesn’t want to be the villain.

           I shake my head to clear it, squinting up at the sign over the next window.  Antiques it says in big loopy writing.  I sigh and push through the door.

           The smell hits me first.  It’s not a bad smell necessarily, just old and musty, kind of like breathing straight dust, and I cough.  As my eyes adjust I begin to make out the piles of knick-knacks stacked up on every surface, age-old brass and silver winking at me from every corner.  Or rather, blinking.  Like someone who’s trying to wink but never quite got the hang of it.

           I don’t know where to start.  I don’t even know what I’m looking for.  What do you get for someone who despises you?

           From what I can tell, everything in here is pretty expensive, which almost causes me to turn around right then.  Expensive doesn’t fit the guidelines I’ve set for myself. The gift can’t be too sentimental or he’ll know you don’t hate him.  It can’t be too expensive or he’ll think you cared enough to spend money on him.  It can’t be candy because candy is for kids, it can’t be cologne because that’s too personal, it can’t be homemade or he’ll think you spent time and effort on him. The list goes on and on.

           A flash of metal catches my eye, and I turn to see a tiny silver object on a table by the window.  I wander over to it.

           It’s a sheath, only big enough for a dagger, and it’s patterned in bronze rosebuds.  When I pick it up, I discover that the blade is still inside, intact, and actually nicely polished.

           Of course, Snow already has a sword, but when you live with a vampire, what harm would it do to have an extra weapon handy at all times?  One that doesn’t disappear when you’re not using it?

           “How much for this?” I ask the shopkeeper.


When the last day of classes rolls around, I find Baz in our room – no surprises there – packing the last of his things for the holidays.  I clear my throat as I enter.  He turns, but only for a second, and he doesn’t make any other move to acknowledge my existence.  Again, no surprises there.

           “Are you leaving soon?” I ask, trying to at least begin the conversation in a civil manner.

           “Yes, Snow,” he sighs, “as you’ll be thrilled to know.”

           I roll my eyes.  It doesn’t matter what I do.  This is just him.

           I drop my bag on my bed and rummage through it, searching for the tiny gift.  When I find it, I toss in onto his bed.  “Here.”

           He looks at it, his brow furrowed.  “What’s this?”

           “Christmas gift exchange,” I say, “you might have forgotten.”

           He opens the pathetic little square of wrapping paper I’ve taped around the gift card, and mutters something incoherent.  “What was that?” I ask.

           “I said, this is my favourite coffee shop.”

           “Oh,” I reply, not sure what else to say.  “Well, good then.  Happy Christmas, I guess.”

           He slips the card into his pocket and doesn’t move.  I figure he’s completely forgotten about the gift exchange, or he deliberately didn’t get me anything, and decide not to press the subject.  I flop down on my bed and pull out a magic book.  No use in packing for me, I’m not going anywhere. Not like Baz.  Not everyone gets to celebrate with a family.  And certainly not everyone gets to celebrate in a fucking mansion.

           A small wrapped package appears in my periphery. I look up.  Baz is madly arranging clothes in his luggage, trying to look like he didn’t put the thing on my bed.  I’m surprised, I’ll admit.  I guess he didn’t forget.

           “What’s this?” I ask.  I don’t know why I ask it, as the answer is fairly obvious.

           “Just open it,” he says, not looking at me.

           Carefully I pull the tape off of the paper, not wanting to trigger anything in case this is still some sort of prank.  I wouldn’t put anything past him, the boy who literally pushed me down the stairs and tried to feed me to the Chimera.  But nothing ticks, and nothing blows up in my hands.  Slowly I pull the paper back from the object, holding it far away from my face, just to be safe.

           I am not expecting a dagger.

           Specifically, I am not expecting a dagger with a matching sheath that clips onto a belt, adorned with a rosebud pattern of bronze. I am not expecting what appears to be a polished silver blade with a soft leather hilt that fits in my hand like it was molded to the shape of my grip.

           My mouth is hanging open in awe.  I can’t seem to form words.

           I look back up at him.  He’s stopped rearranging his luggage and is watching me, and he looks almost nervous.

           “How much did you spend on this?” I breathe.

           He shakes his head.  “It was just from a pawn shop,” he mutters.

           “Damn, Baz,” I chuckle, “way to make me look like a shit gift-giver.”

           His eyes harden.  “I’ll take it back then,” he growls, moving to take it from my hands.

           “No!”  I clutch the knife to my chest.  He stops, looking surprised, like he hadn’t actually expected me to like it.  How he could think that beats me.  “I love it,” I say, not even realizing that I’ve admitted to something.

           His brow softens a bit.  “I just thought it might be easier than always having to summon your sword,” he shrugs.

           “It’s perfect,” I breathe, staring at the roses on the sheath, spellbound by the thing.

           Suddenly I’m hit by a wave of guilt.  I spent a handful on a lame gift card, when Baz went and actually found me something that would mean something.  I don’t stop to think about why he would want it to mean something, I only know that it leaves the scales completely unbalanced.

           I need to repay him somehow.

           I stand, and suddenly we’re nearly face-to-face. If our room wasn’t so damn tight we wouldn’t be this close together, but for once the proximity doesn’t bother me. It clearly affects him though, because he shies away as soon as I stand.  He won’t even make eye-contact with me.

           “I can’t accept this,” I tell him, “not without paying you back somehow.”

           “What part of the term ‘gift exchange’ do you not understand, Snow?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at me.  “It’s a gift.  Let’s just wish each other a Happy Christmas and be done with it.”

           “No, that’s not how we work,” I insist.  “I torment you, you torment me, and somehow we always break even.  So now we have to break even on this.”

           “I’m not telling you how much I spent on that,” he shakes his head.

           “Why not?”  My heart drops for a second.  “Was it terribly expensive?”

           “No, it’s just not what you do.  You don’t tell someone what you spent on them, it just makes them feel guilty.”

           “And since when have you ever passed up an opportunity to make me feel guilty?” I challenge.  He doesn’t answer, just stares at something that isn’t my eyes. I can’t quite tell what he’s looking at. Maybe the wall behind me, maybe my shoulder, maybe nothing in particular.

           “Alright,” I concede, “no money, then.  But there must be something I can do.”

           And – Merlin – his cheeks turn pink.

           And now I’m very aware of how close we are.

           And of how I can pinpoint his gaze now.

           He’s looking at my face, but not my eyes.  My mouth.


           I don’t think.  I just lean in and kiss him.


Simon’s mouth, no matter how many times I’ve thought he might kiss me, is a complete shock.  I’ve stared at his lips plenty, but apparently I wasn’t prepared to feel them against mine.

           And now here he is, pressing a gentle kiss to my cold mouth like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

           Before I can even close my eyes, he pulls back.

           I don’t speak.  I don’t trust myself to.

           “Is that alright?” he whispers.

           “Yeah.”  Crowley, I’m shaking.

           “Are we even then?”

           “Um,” I swallow nervously, “almost.”

           “Oh?” He smiles, and my heart stops entirely.  “What else do you want?”

           I lean in by just a fraction, hoping he’ll take the hint.

           He does.

           And then his mouth is flush against mine, not even bothering to be shy.  

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When will people finally understand that it's not about being "racist" against white people, but it's about using jimin for harmful posts like this. The topic is unimportant. It's the way people are promoting it. This is not a joke. Just because jimin is a popular singer that doesn't mean that he's your property to use however you want. But anyways, it's useless to argue with them bc they will still keep holding onto their own opinions. It just gives them the attention they so desperately want

Anonymous said:  Tbh the jimin hates white people joke is not alright. Because BTS has now been introduced to billboard there may be more people searching them up. If those people see that kind of joke they may take is seriously. You don’t want people hating Jimin for a joke his fans created. People will get the wrong idea about his personality. I want to tell ppl please stop it with these jokes. If you make just one joke doesn’t mean someone else made just one too. Everyone together makes it into a big deal.

Anonymous said: I think Jimin would be sad to hear that people, armys, joke about him hating whites. Jimin doesn’t seem like the type to hate anyone

Anonymous said: I’m not even white but the whole joke really pisses me off. It’s like “social media has built an idea around instead of leveling race issues and eradicating them, to instead turn the tables.” It’s still very hateful and there’s no need for it, there’s no evidence Jimin hates white people so shut the fuck up and let’s all try to be a more loving fandom for fucking once.

Anonymous said: the shittiest thing about this whole jimin hates white people thing is that people are actually believing in this crap and new fans will believe bts hate white people and it gives a bad rep for bts, most people whining about it aren’t whining cause they’re white they’re upset for the boys rep, but all the poc who think its a harmless joke think white people are offended cause its insulting to white people it’s borderline bullying tbh

Follow My Instructions

A/N: So…I needed to write this…yea. 

Warnings: Smut


Being apart this often was killing your sex life with Spencer, so after nearly a week of not seeing each other and then jumping each other upon his return, you set up a system - or maybe not a system so much as a decision to make sure that you could still keep your “sex life” going during the times when he was away.

Spencer had been home for a sum total over maybe 12 hours over the past two weeks with cases coming into the BAU at lightning speed. Both times he’d come home, he’d only had enough energy to fall into bed and say hello before falling asleep as you wrapped your arms around him. 

While you’d had short conversations and exchanged a few texts, you’d basically resorted to using your trusty vibrator to give yourself a few hollow orgasms - the kind that did the job but were completely unsatisfying. But thank the gods Spencer was coming home in a few hours, and something came over him. What was it? You had no idea, but he’d sent you some instructions.

S: We’re wrapping up now. Should be home in about 8 hours. I need you to do something for me. Set an alarm for every hour for the next 8 hours. When the alarm rings, touch yourself for two minutes and then stop. No coming. I want you desperate when I come home.

Y/N: Baby, I’m already desperate. It’s been two weeks. More than two weeks! Like three. See? I’m losing time I’m so desperate!

S: See you in eight hours ;)

Would Spencer know if you didn’t follow his instructions?

Maybe, maybe not, but you were going to follow his instructions anyway. As you set each alarm for the next seven hours while reaching into your pajama pants and slipping your index finger in between your folds. A few moans escaped you before you realized that two minutes had passed and removed your finger.

The next three hours went by in a blur. You did in fact have a a few things you needed to do - laundry, dishes, watch The Avengers for the 100th time - you know, important shit. Just as Spencer had instructed, you touched yourself every time the alarm went off, bringing yourself to the brink easily within a couple minutes and feeling frustratingly unsatisfied as you pulled your hand away. 

Each hour after that was almost to the point of painful, just underneath that threshold. After you removed your hand each time, you texted Spencer, desperately needing an update as to when he’d be home.

When the alarm went off for what would hopefully be the final time, you re-read Spencer’s last message as you slipped your fingers inside your sex. You were so worked up and so desperate for release that you hadn’t heard Spencer turn the key in the lock. He was slightly early. Thank god. “Oh my god, you’re home. Thank you lord.”

A smile stretched across his face, part joy, part smirk. “How are you?”

“You know how I am!” You cried, laughing as you pointed to your tank top, your hardened nipples pushing up against the fabric. “I am so desperate.”

He sauntered across the room and pulled of his tie. He looked well-rested. Maybe they had caught the guy last night and today had just been paperwork and traveling - you’d ask later. Wrapping his arm around the small of your back, he pulled you in and brought his face to yours, millimeters away, his stubble rubbing against your cheek as he pressed a kiss to your neck. “Spence, I’m all for foreplay for the most part, but right now, I’m just so beyond that.” 

Your cocky, pain-in-the-ass laughed against you, his rumbling laugh giving you goosebumps. “I told you I wanted you desperate.”

“Well, I’m there,” you giggled, the words almost getting caught in your throat. “So, for the love of all that is good in this world, make me come. Please.”

“Since you asked so nicely.”

Simultaneously, you jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist while he lifted you, effortlessly bringing you into the bedroom and placing you on the bed. Once all your clothes were removed, which happened rather unceremoniously, he crawled onto the bed and grabbed your thighs so that you were straddling his face. This wasn’t a position you were used to, but right now it didn’t matter. The second he licked up the length of your slit you groaned. 

“Ahhhhh.” The moan was shaky, almost a cry. A heady groan emanated from Spencer’s mouth, which rumbled against your sex. “Oh fuck, Spence.”

“You like?”

“Y-yes,” you choked. “Please…more.”

His arms tightened around your thighs, his muscles glistening with a sheen of sweat as his tongue delved in between your folds and inside you, deeper than his mouth had ever been.

It had been what, five minutes since he’d come home? Yup. But it didn’t matter, his tongue was relentless against your sex; your orgasm was already cresting and it wasn’t going to be fought off. Your body shook even more when his lip brushed up against a particularly sensitive part of you. 

Gasping, your body lurched forward, your hand steadying you position above him. As you started to cry out, you grabbed at your breasts and ran your hands over your stomach. Your body was on fire. “Come for me, Y/N,” he breathed. The next time he licked at your center, you groaned, your arousal soaking his eager mouth.

“Oh. My. God.” Your body trembled and you leaned back, removing yourself from above him and bending down to kiss him. “I’m so glad you’re home,” you laughed.

Falling to his side, he pulled you flush against him and chuckled into you ear, his laughter bringing goosebumps to your skin. “You don’t think I’m done yet, right?”

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I can't believe Thor's been part of the MCU for years and no one's written the Bayreuth Festival fic where Thor sits down to watch Das Rheingold and spends the whole time grinning because the opera is basically "Loki and Odin go on an adventure together" and that's his /brother/ it's a whole masterwork people pay good money to come see and it's all about how clever his brother is.

I do love this, in spite of my reservations about Wagner in general given his, uh…virulent antisemitism. 

But actually it’s funny you should send this because @portraitoftheoddity was just talking to me about an AU where at the end of Thor 2 when Loki goes back to Asgard post-not!death Odin’s like “YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK THIS, YOU’RE COMING WITH ME” and ends up dragging Loki on the worst/best father-son road trip ever and they bond over conning people for all they’re worth, because Odin in his youth was totally more of a Loki than a Thor and got up to all kinds of shit (as he does in mythology) and it’s actually…the best their relationship has been in years, and they both discover that they actually make a really good duo of grifters

and this is an AU that I now desperately want because awkward family roadtrips and Odin and Loki shenanigans and the first time they successfully pull a con and are driving off laughing and then realize what’s happening and like. it gets super weird 

(but you know what, it was fun)

p.s. don’t give me credit for this great idea, it’s totally @portraitoftheoddity‘s this just came up in my inbox and it felt like kismet

Head Over Heels / Cheryl Blossom

Words: 943

Cheryl Blossom was smitten with (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and everybody knew it.

It was something that, despite everyone’s differing opinions, could easily be agreed upon regarding the pairs relationship. 

They had known each other for years-they couldn’t even remember a time where they hadn’t been friends. As they grew older, they ended up running in different circles but always remained close. Their relationship had only grown into something more a few months ago-though most people in town were expecting it to happen sooner. 

The two girls sat in (Y/N)’s room working on an assignment-however, the redhead was paying more attention to her girlfriend than her work. 

Cheryl watched (Y/N) as she shifted her position for the countless time. She was lying on her stomach-her books spread out in front of her while she flipped through their pages and wrote her notes. Her face morphs to express her confusion before her agitation grew not long after-being unable to understand what she was reading. 

Cheryl bites back her smile as her head tilts, in the middle of taking (Y/N) in. Her hair had been tied up messily and her face wiped clean of what little make up had previously been worn. Her jumper was fitted loosely unlike her jeans that fit her figure like a second skin. 

(Y/N) reaches a hand to her face to rub her temple gently, her painted nails on display-slightly reflecting the light in the room. 

The small groan released from the girl on the bed snaps Cheryl out of her trance. “Are you okay?” she asks.

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The Affair - Chapter 4

Summary: The reader has dinner at Negan’s like originally planned. 

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Swearing & Smut.

Notes: Things start warming up a bit. Sorry for the lack of updates on stories, I’ve been super busy with things! 

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10224827/chapters/23635404

Tags: @jasoncrouse @ronweaselz @hiddlesdowneyjr @ali-pennell @melodicdolls @namelesslosers @deepsouth @shanaatjelove11 @warriorqueen1991 @caitydestroys @acklesdowneyandhiddles-ohmy @jaylaelizabethw @prettyepiic @negans-dirty-girl @mamaredd123 @jdmsgal @alyisdead @memphisgirl1977 @negans-network @esmerhya @carrter5 @karaokke @freaktesque *As always, please let me know if you want to be added to the tags or if you wanted to be taken off!*  

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Two Things

There are two things of which Gabriel is completely certain.

The first is that he loves Sam Winchester with every spark of his Grace, far more than he ever thought it was possible for an angel to love a human, and he wants them to be together for the rest of eternity.

The second is that he has absolutely no idea how human weddings work.

He proposes to Sam in the same way he does everything - in the heat of the moment. It’s just the two of them, because of course it is, because there’s no way he’d do this in front of Dean and Cas.

But now there’s all these other things he has to think about, boring human things that he’s always considered himself so far above. Like tax benefits and flower arrangements and memorizing a specific list of words that he needed to say in order to be allowed to have Sam forever.

Some things aren’t so bad. Gabriel gets to visit a bakery and try out no fewer than twenty-eight different cake samples and he thinks that if he were a human, one who has a personalized heaven, this might just be it. He knows after the first cycle that cake number nine is the exact kind of fluffy vanilla that he wants for himself and Sam, but he pretends to be deliberating between three or four just so that he can get himself more free cake.

Some other things, too, are easy for him to cheat on using his powers. Sam wants to get married in a little countryside barn, possibly overlooking a lake, far away from anyone but the small handful of people they’re inviting. He finds a few examples but they’re expensive and booked out and far enough away that Gabriel really doesn’t want to drive to take a look at them - so he snaps one up himself, walking distance from the bunker. Sam rolls his eyes, but he has to admit it’s pretty great that Gabriel can customize it to his exact specifications.

But other things are just so, so tedious. Like suit fittings.

Gabriel learns that there are humans out there who plan weddings for a living, and he’s never been more horrified. He thinks about making them the next targets of his pranks, but then he remembers that their lives are already terrible enough and they don’t need him making them even worse.

Gabriel wants to give up on the whole wedding idea. Yeah, it had seemed great at the time, but now? It just feels like an unnecessary amount of work for something that’s not going to change his and Sam’s relationship in the slightest.


Until Sam starts to talk about applying for a marriage license.

“I can’t exactly put ‘the archangel Gabriel.’ Even if they did believe me without any kind of proof of identification, I think the state of Kansas would be confused that the archangel Gabriel was suddenly applying for a marriage license in the year 2016, and it might cause a stir in the papers.”

“Fight me, Sam,” Gabriel rolls his eyes. “I don’t care. I’m done with all this wedding crap. Make something up. Make me Gabriel Smith or Gabriel Reese or, hell, make me Gabriel Gabriel for all I care. I’m an archangel. We don’t tend to give a crap about last names, there’s not enough of us.”

Sam scoffs. “Come on. This is a big deal. You think I wouldn’t give anything to change my last name? Almost did while I was at Stanford. Didn’t exactly want to be associated with the Winchesters. Family names are important, and you’re lucky that you get to pick your own.”

Gabriel stiffens, and he turns away from Sam. “You still feel that way? You still want to change it?”

“No,” Sam says after a long, uncertain pause. “No, crazy as it sounds, I think being a Winchester has done me more good than bad in the long run.”

Gabriel nods, slowly, closing his eyes. Even after all this time, he still finds it hard to say things like this while looking directly at Sam. “Yeah, I think it has for me too. So the reason I don’t give a crap what you put on the marriage license is cause after we get married, I wanna be a Winchester too. Officially.”

“Really? Gabe, you don’t have to, that’s an old fashioned tradition that loads of people don’t even stick to anymore, especially not gay couples. Look at Donna and Jody-”

“Sam, please!” Gabriel’s eyes snap open and he stares right at Sam, looking almost angry. “Listen to me. Archangels don’t have last names, but we have names. And I spent a really long time trying to hide mine. I got out of heaven and I went into witness protection and I hid my whole identity and sometimes I still feel weird about being Gabriel, it reminds me of things that I don’t want to remember. But if I was Gabriel Winchester, that would make me more than just Gabriel. That would make me… your Gabriel.”

He blushes then, because that was sappier than he intended, but really there’s no other way to say this. “And people talk about 'the Winchesters’ as a collective unit - those Winchesters who are always together, who’ll do anything for each other. I’d like to be a part of that. Of all the groups I’ve been associated with, none of them have ever meant anywhere near as much to me as you do.”

He shrugs, forcing a small grin, too nervous for a real one. “So. Yeah. Gabriel Winchester. I think it could work. If that’s… okay with you?”

There are two things of which Sam Winchester is completely certain.

The first is that he loves Gabriel enough to make every heartbreak in his past worth suffering, and that he would be honored to have Gabriel take his last name, that Gabriel fits perfectly with their messy, amazing, broken yet still fighting family.

The second is that he really needs to kiss Gabriel, right now.

Shades of Pink // AJ Styles Drabble

Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: Flirtatious behaviour. Implied smut. Slight daddy kink. 

Request: AJ Styles + 191: “Behave.” // requested by @p0tat0catofwesteros 

A/N: I’ve always wanted to post a lingerie shopping with AJ fic, and this has been sitting in my drafts for months! And talking about lingerie shopping with a certain anon from last night inspired me to post this! (with some modifications to match the prompt, of course!) Enjoy some sugar daddy AJ!

Originally posted by baellinswithstyles

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Something I never understood clearly was Iroh's intentions. I know at least he wants the best for Zuko. How does that translate into joining Team Avatar in "The Crossroads of Destiny"? Why didn't Iroh help Team Avatar from the start if that's what he wanted for Zuko? Or it was just that he was always against the Fire Nation and found the Gaang to be a better group? Finally, was the White Lotus was just a series finale thing? Why didn't they help Iroh financially? He even became a beggar in B2.

Hey anon!

Sorry for getting to this question so late. I kind of had an idea how to answer it, but I eventually forgot about it as the inbox started to fill up. So, now that the inbox has been emptied a little, I thought I;d give it a shot. \

The first thing you have to remember is that Iroh is going through his own journey. He started out thinking his destiny was to conquer Ba Sing Se. But, as time passed, his belief in what his destiny was constantly changed. He goes from simply thinking he;s wrong, and maybe even that his destiny is to just a peaceful life in Ba Sing Se, to realizing that his destiny is to free Ba Sing Se from Fire Nation rule. 

Another thing you should remember is that Zuko too is going through his big redemption arc, And it’s really about Iroh not trusting Zuko, it’s more like there’s no way in hell Book 1 Zuko would even care to listen to Iroh. Thus, Iroh’s more subtle with his guidance, trying to calm Zuko down when his anger gets too out out hand. 

By Book 2 though, Iroh is more obvious with his guidance. After all, they’re actually on the run this time, and Iroh doesn’t want to see his nephew consumed by his obsession more than he already has. 

This leads us to “Crossroads,” with Iroh thinking he’s changed his nephew for good, or that hie nephew has changed for good. Unfortunately though, Iroh miscalculates, and Zuko betrays his uncle in favor of the one thing he wants most: his father’s love. 

As for your White Lotus questions…

Finally, was the White Lotus was just a series finale thing? 

Rewatch the series more closely. There are lotus tiles everywhere. Also, right from the very start we see the White Lotus conspiracy. Everything from Iroh’s obsession about his white otus tile in “The Waterbending Scroll” to his conspiring with the flower shop owner in “The Desert” leads up to the big reveal.

As for why they didnt attack sooner, remember what Bumi said about neutral jing? They used a lot of that, I think. Waiting for the right moment to strike. 

Why didn’t they help Iroh financially? 

The White Lotus is more of a philosophical guild. And, while we don’t know much  about their financial assets, the whole point of going to Ba Sing Se through the White Lotus network was that they could blend in with all the refugees. By the time Iroh set up his shop, it was almost like he belonged there as opposed to immigrating there from someplace else, which would have undoubtedly caught Azula’s attention. 

Teen Wolf — Season 3  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I’m not fearless. I’m terrified.“
  • “Can we drive? Now, please?“
  • “Sacrifices. Human sacrifices.”
  • “Come on, no one died, alright?“
  • “I was gonna see if you were okay.“
  • “You didn’t have to follow me home.“
  • “They’re werewolves, not Bond villains.“
  • “Why is the default plan always murder?“
  • “You have no idea what you are, do you?“
  • “Do you know what I want for my birthday?“
  • “We’ll figure it out. You’re going to be okay.“
  • “Give up the game. You have no moves left.“
  • “You called the police before you called me?“
  • “We don’t like you. Now, shut up and help us.”
  • “I’m gonna rip your throat out… With my teeth.“
  • “I was kind of wondering why you punched me…“
  • “But, I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a distraction.“
  • “Okay, there is a snake out here the size of a train.“
  • “Are you serious? Have you still not seen Star Wars?“
  • “Do I have to remind you what we’re up against here?“
  • “You never get tired of being so blandly moral, do you?“
  • “I’m supposed to call you first when I find a dead body?“
  • “So, if these aren’t random killings, then what are they?“
  • “I swear, if we make it back alive, I will watch the movie.“
  • “Do you have any idea how it felt to find out you were alive?“
  • “I didn’t say it works every time. It could just as easily kill you.“
  • “They’re too fast for us, for all of us. They’re too strong, too rabid.“
  • “And, just curious, is there a reason the gun is still pointed at me?“
  • “Well, there’s probably still some part of me that wants to shoot you…“
  • “Don’t kid yourself. It’s not the first time you’ve gotten your hands dirty.”
  • “Does anybody else want to rethink the plan where we just, uh, kill ‘em?“
  • “But, if something happens, don’t expect me to risk my life trying to save yours.“
  • “Look, there may have been some maiming, okay? A little mangling, but no death!”
  • “You gonna threaten me? Tell me that no one’s gonna believe me? Try to scare me? Kill me?”
  • “I can’t take waiting around like this, you know? It’s nerve wracking. My nerves are wracked, they’re severely wracked.”
  • “If two little twin girls come out of the woods and start asking me to play with them forever and ever, I’m not gonna be surprised.“

Many of us know Olive Garden’s slogan When You’re Here, You’re Family.  Well, I recently put that to the test.

The tables were wooden and nice to sit at.  The chairs were also comfortable.  The view wasn’t anything special, but there was a pretty cool looking van in the Walmart parking lot that had flames on its sides. 

I was immediately offered wine, and after admitting I was underage, refused wine.  If you’re going to offer me wine, please don’t rescind your offer.  It’s common courtesy.

The napkins were probably the highlight.  They were cloth and worked really well at cleaning the windows.  One waiter told me I didn’t have to do that, but I insisted.  After all, I like a good, clear view of parking lots.  Who doesn’t.

Finally, it was time to order.  I went with the pizza.  The menu said I could pick four toppings, so I chose half portions of eight toppings.  There were only seven to choose from, though, so I made one up.  “…and blorgaspork.”

“Sorry?  What is blorgaspork?”

“That’s your job to know, now isn’t it.”

After a reasonable wait, my food arrived.  It was a really good meal, not exactly overpriced, but not exactly underpriced either.  It was just priced.

My waiter soon arrived and asked me if I wanted dessert. 

“Steve,” I said, “Have a seat.”

He did.

“I have this business idea.  And while I’m here, and we’re family, I was hoping you could give me a loan.”

Steve tried to laugh it off.  Like it was some kind of joke.  I was offended and he could tell.  “Steve, this isn’t a joke.”

Steve looked a bit nervous.  I grabbed his hands and pinned them to the table.  “Are we family or not, Steve.”

“Not in the literal sense…” said Steve.  I wasn’t going to let him reason his way out of this one. 

“Look, Steve.  I cleaned your windows.  Family does that for each other.  They clean each others’ windows.  Now, don’t you think I deserve that loan?  We’re family, Steve, we’re family.”

Steve handed me 13 bucks.  “Thanks, Steve.”



When Bitty mentioned, “I had that nightmare again about getting tackled during Pee Wee football” I had to write a fic in which he tells Jack about them for the first time. Lots of angst, and then fluff. Warning for mentions of violence and low-key homophobia. 


“And…what about the dream, Bits?”

Bitty startles and blinks, “Oh… I’m so sorry… I must’ve blanked out…for a second there… I….” He wipes his eyes.

“Shh, shh,” Jack’s voice is low and warm in his ear, “It’s okay. Take all the time you need, Bud. I only have press tomorrow, remember?”

Bitty sputters, “But-”

“Tater isn’t going wake up even if there’s an earthquake. I promise.” Just to confirm Jack looks across the dark room. Sure enough, the large lump that is Tater is rumbling away in the other bed.

“It’s still 2:43 in the morning for you, Jack.”

“I don’t care.”

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