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Taeyong’s Cat Savior

“Hi can u write write an angst+fluff of Taeyong where he’s with popular clique at school n his female friends r badmouthing u so u start to avoid as much social life as possible. But one day u save his pet or something so he begins to notice u n want to get to know u. That was long but thx very much ?”

I WROTE THIS IN CLASS AND I COULDN’T THINK OF ANY MEAN GIRL NAMES SO I NAMED THEM JENNIE AND LISA I’m not changing it. I love Jennie and Lisa tho, and the idea behind this request. The first bit’s in Taeyong’s POV kind of idk.

Genre- Angsty Fluff

Word Count- 870

-Taeyong’s POV-

“–And she’s not even all that pretty, but you can tell she thinks she is.” Jennie, Taeyong’s childhood friend drones on.

“Mhm” He says, not paying much attention to the girl. He picks at his cuticles as the she carries on.

“I mean, she knows it but she acts like she doesn’t, you know what I mean?” Jennie continues, boring Taeyong to death.

“Who? Y/N?” Lisa asks, sitting down next to Taeyong. She sets his food tray aside so she can set hers in its place.

“Yeah, you know how she does that thing where she pretends–” Taeyong blocks out the conversation, not wanting to hear another word of it. He doesn’t agree with any of the things Jennie says, in fact he thinks the opposite.

After about 5 more minutes of blocking the two girls out, Lisa’s voice brings Taeyong back to reality.

“And her choice of clothes–”

“Enough!” He snaps, hitting his fist against the lunch table. Not hard, just enough to get the two girls to focus their attention on him. “I’m tired of hearing about it!”

“….If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like her.” Lisa says in a sing-song like way. Taeyong groans, putting his head down. “She’s just an obnoxious person, plain and simple.”

-Your POV-

You walk home alone, head down, earbuds in. Being new in school is horrible. You’ve never experienced being the new kid until these past couple of days. You haven’t made a single friend, but you’ve definitely made some enemies. There are two girls in particular who you constantly catch gossiping about you. Whether you walk by them and hear your name, or you enter a class room and they say something about you as you walk by. They’re always together, and they’re almost always talking about you.

You stand at the corner, looking both ways before you cross the street. There’s a car in the distance, but not close enough for you to worry about. Suddenly, something catches your eye: a cat, lying on the other side of the street. From here you can only see that it’s multicolored, maybe a calico, and frail.

You take your earbuds out and call to it. “Hi, buddy.” From the other side, it just glares. “Go home, bud.” Suddenly, it starts walking into the road. It walks slow, a bit shaky. You quickly look over and see the car, the same one that you didn’t consider to be a threat a few moments ago. It’s speeding, going a lot fast than you had originally anticipated.  “Get out of the way!” You panic, knowing what could happen if you didn’t do anything. The car shows no signs of slowing down and the cat shows no sign of speeding up. You decide to take matters into your own hands and sprint into the street. You snatch the frail cat up and run to the other side, earning a beep from the speeding car. You’re now standing on the sidewalk, in front of the house the cat probably lives in. “You could have gotten yourself killed!” You hold that cat above your head slightly, and gently shake it, trying to get the severeness of this situation through it’s kitty brain.

Suddenly, the door of the house flies opens, and a boy runs out. “Oh my god, thank you so much,” He says, taking the cat. He hugs the cat to his chest, rocking it slightly. “I don’t think I could have gotten to her in time.” You recognize him from school; he hangs out with the two girls who constantly gossip about you.

“…Is this your cat?” The dumb question just flies out.

“Yeah,” he says, just before kissing the cat on the head. “Hold on,” He carries the cat back up to the house and gently sets her inside. “She’s an old girl,” He explains as he makes his way back to you. “We’ve had her since I was young. She’s getting adventurous in her old age.”

“Oh..” You begin to walk away, when he stops you, grabbing your arm. You’re shocked at the sudden contact.

“Aren’t you Y/N?” He asks, squinting slightly as he studies your face. He’s really attractive, but you’ve placed him on your list of people to never talk to. Though you’ve never heard him talk about you, you don’t want to chance more people gossiping about you.

“..Yes..” You say, looking at your arm in his hand. He notices too, and releases it.

“Oh…” He looks as if he’s working out some intense math problem in his head. “..Mind if I walk with you?”

“I do mind, actually.” You continue on, without him. He catches up instantly, but you don’t actually mind. He seems… Nice.

“Come on, where are we going?” He asks playfully. You look over at him, looking at the cute smile on his face.

“I’m going home.” You inform him.

“You just saved my childhood pet.” He tells you the information you already know. “Let me treat you to some ice cream or something. Whatever you like.”

“Are you asking me out?”

“If I were… Would you tell me no?”


“Then yeah, Y/N, I’m asking you out.”

Ah~~~ I’m Taeyong t r a s h

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((I loved this so much, I might  make a pt. 2 or something ))

hiyoriky-deactivated20160213  asked:

Can you talk about your oc? If you don't mind


I like to reuse my ocs in different stories alot (thanks to clamp for influencing me), so they are like my actors. But they do have a distinctive personalities that makes them who they are.

He’s my oc that i’m very attached to, as you can see my icon on my main blog is him! He’s a sweetheart who look at everything optimisticly, no matter what the situation is. He’s kind and honest, a little reckless, and like to make everything better. He actually got a sad background though, but thats what makes him who he is. He’s an Aquarius, born in 6th Feb. Likes to play baseball and videogames. I call him The Optimist because i cant think up of a perfect name for him!!

He’s the polar opposite of The Optimist. He’s in his early 20s and also a sort of guardian to The Optimist. His personality is a little gloomy and dull, and he likes to see things at a pessimistic way, as what he claims to be realistic because its ‘reality’. He’s clumsy and kind of an idiot. However hanging out with The Optimist balance out their dynamics and make them the perfect duo. He likes to wear smart clothes and trying his best to be successful. He changes his hairstyle in some of my stories. He’s an Aquarius, born in the 26th Jan. Just like The Optimist, i couldnt find a perfect name for him.

He is the newest oc i made (he’s featured in my art “Concrete Jungle”). He suffered depression and got himself addicted to cigarettes. Originally i wanted to make him consume narcotics and a sex addict but idk maybe thats too much. He have this weird condition where plants and mushrooms will grow out from his skin, it looks cool but its actually painful for him. He wanted to find a cure but doesnt know how. I still havent come up with a name for him but maybe i call him Max.

He’s the only one with a name hAHAHAHAHA. He’s a character in my story called “Blue Bird”. He’s hunky and a policeman. He’s reckless and a little out-of-control when fighting, but other than that he’s responsible and soft-hearted. A chain smoker and actually a gentleman with the ladies. Decent girls is his type and he’s the kind who believes in sex after marriage. He got a complicated past and have a deep hatred and revenge for a certain somebody.

There’s actually alot of other ocs, but this is pretty much the most developed of all. Thank you for asking me about my ocs and i hope you enjoy it!