i kind of want to be her

I really want to like Gabby but I’ve come to the realisation that maybe she’s actually just a crappy person who we can’t really defend anymore. Aly was the first to defend her when people were being brutal, but Gabby returns the favour by telling Aly that if she didn’t dress so immodestly then she wouldn’t have got sexually assaulted.

Tbh I’m kinda seeing why she may have been the outcast of the team since this is how she repays the kindness of others

Gearheads pt.2

Pairings: ReaderxSweetPea

Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood, few punches, fluff, hints to domestic violence (no description)

A/N: the response to part one was absolutely phenomenal!!! Thank you so so much! Already have an idea for my next sweet prlea fic…if you’re not already sick of them. Hope I didn’t ruin it!


Sweet Pea pov

Yn would come over every second evening after that. She’d stay and help with the bikes and other cars, almost part of the furniture at this stage. At the start the Serpents in the garage were cautious, now they found themselves missing her when she’s not around and running to her with their car troubles when she was.

“How’d that happen?” We both were arm deep in an engine and as she pulled one hand free, I saw the deep red marks on her arm.


“A cat? When were you around cats? I thought you were allergic to cats?”

“Right now I’m allergic to you”

“Cute” I rolled my eyes…and it was. Over the past month and a half I found myself falling for the girl behind the cheer uniform more and more.

“Hey Beauty and the Beast, stop flirting you’re making me sick” Fangs threw himself back in a chair, legs on the desk watching us. He was one of the few in the garage who were still weary of yn.

“Oh Phil is here, my time to jet, bye Sweet Pea” she slung her bag over her shoulder, kicking one of the legs of Fangs chair from beneath him sending him flying back. I could hardly breathe with the laughter. I think Fangs started to like her a bit more after then, she can hold her own.

We spent the next Friday our usual way, head stuck in the engine.

“Do you not cheer anymore?”

“Nope, gave it up”

“Why? I thought you loved it?”

“I love this more” thank God she couldn’t see me very well right now because I was smiling like an idiot.

“Would you rather I cheer?”

“If it meant you had to wear that tight little uniform then yeah” she nudged me and we laughed. Our conversation ebbed and flowed between a range of different topics then, it was just easy with her. I never felt the need to hide the snake skin around her. And then somehow we arrived here

“Do you want kids yn?”

“Today, no. Eventually, yes. You?” she grinned.

“Yeah I’d love them”

“Would you like them to be Serpents?”

“Oh of course! They wouldn’t be mine otherwise hahaha I’m sure you’d want yours to not though?”

“You know if you asked me that two months ago I might have said yeah, they’re not allowed be in the Serpent’s but now.”

“now what?”

“Now I’d be so proud of them if they turned out to be half the Serpent you are” she smiled gently as she cleaned off her hands with a rag. Can’t take it anymore. I caught her and pulled her into me, enveloping her in a kiss. It was glorious. It was like a film. It was perfect. I pulled back from her and dropped her arms that I held.

“I’m sorry I’m so sorry”

“It’s okay Sweet Pea, it’s okay” her agape mouth and shocked tone made my nervous one worse. And then it went further down hill.

“Yn! What the hell are you doing here!?”

“Chris?! What the hell are you doing here?! How did you know I was here?!”

“I pinged your phone! Good thing I did too! You shouldn’t be hanging around with these thugs!” he lunged for her arm to grab her forcefully and she flinched, almost collapsing to the floor then all the jigsaw puzzle pieces clicked. Chris marked yn, chris has been hurting her. That’s why she quit cheer, to be away from him more. I jumped in front of yn before he caught her.

“Go home Chris, leave her alone.”

“You can’t tell me what to do thug! She’s my girlfriend!”

“Call me a thug one more time, I dare you” I began squaring up to him and he did the same to me.

“Guys please stop!” Yn stood at the exact wrong moment and Chris’ fist met her face for what I feel may not have been the first time. She hit the floor and I hit him. Tackling him to the ground we rolled briefly, he clipped my jaw with with his bare knuckles, my own going for his nose. Blood ran from it almost instantly and my fist met his eye swiftly. Before I knew it Fangs was hauling me off Chris. Chris jumped to his feet and was met with a swift punch to the cheekbone from my best friend.

“Fucking Northsider! Know your fucking place!” Fangs hissed. Chris raised his head off the ground before deciding against it and collapsing again.

“I’m going to close my eyes and count to ten, if you’re not gone by the end of that, I start calling some seniors and they’re not going to like the fact that you attacked their star mechanic and her assistant.” He began counting and Chris began scrambling. I was thankful for him always… despite the fact that he called me her assistant.

I turned to yn who was sitting on the ground with her head in her knees, almost in a little ball shape. I looked at Chris and he nodded, leaving the garage and sliding over the door. We were alone again.

I crossed to sit next to her, wiping the small stream of blood coming from my lip. I could see the bruising forming on the side of YNs eye. I wrapped an arm around her and pulled her into my side, she leaned in.

“You know why I like cars?” She barely whispered


“Because when they’re broken you can fix them, they never stay broken…they don’t have to just rot away for the rest of their days knowing they can’t be fixed…I’m not like a car” she half cried into my side before I turned, pulling her fully into me, she was balled up between my legs, head resting on my chest. I wanted to cuddle her like this forever.

“Yn, you and I have fixed cars that should have been left to rot years ago. We can fix anything together… including you if you feel broken…and I bet you have much simpler wiring” I felt her chuckle lightly against me. She looked up through red eyes to mine.

“I swear to God if he ever comes near you again he’ll have the whole gang to deal with…you’re basically one of us now…I mean…if that’s what you want”. She wrapped her hand around the nape of neck and pulled me to meet her lips again. Every nerve in my body stood up.

“Serpent Gearheads”

“The best kind”

“….do you want your notebook back ever orrr” she nudged me before kissing me again.


Much love Xx

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Okay so I kind of want the next big character arc for Stranger Things season 3 to be for Mrs. Wheeler.

I really want to see her get the guts to stand up to her trash husband and take what she wants from life. Maybe she tries to get satisfaction from Billy but ultimately realizes he is a Human Pile of Feces. But before she leaves him (and let me reassure you, she does) she hears him making these off-hand comments about his sister, something about a fight, nails and bats and all the kids and Steve Harrington at the Byers’ place last year? And after using her gossiping skills to figure out What The Hell Is Going On™  she ends up getting initiated into the Demogorgon Hunters / Mindflayer Resistance.

Like, just imagine with me for a moment a season 3 Karen Wheeler at the end of her rope, having nothing left to lose, and realizing that some monster hunted her daughter, almost killed both of her kids (aka the only good that has come out of her horrible marriage)actually did kill Nancy’s best friend, and that for two years she had no damn clue? 

And that’s to say nothing of when she finds out the “Russian spy” is actually this crazy telekinetic superchild who saved her city, her children, and is basically dating her son? Like Eleven is weird and all but she is a hero, and Mike adores her, and her existence means that the Department of Energy, the government, that Ted lied to her even more than she had previously thought.

And after learning all of this, after absorbing all the ways she’s been lied to, all the times she almost lost her children, all the reasons she should be furious, then the Mindflayer comes back to take revenge on this little adorable weirdo who wants to kiss her son, and something just snaps.

Hold my chardonnay, Michael, mommy’s got to kick some demogorgon ass. 

ok….midvale was a really good episode and reminded me of all the things i used to love about supergirl, but it also just made me sad about what’s happened to the show

@ people saying Panto and/or Wakti are evil: look, I’m not saying this is impossible, this show is difficult to predict. But based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m not sure where this is coming from.

The kind of plot twists this show tends to serve up usually smash tropes and stereotypes. I don’t think revealing that a canon LGBT character and one of the very few characters played by a WOC to be evil would really fit that pattern. If anything it would play into larger TV stereotypes, which this show tries very hard not to do.

I’m not saying that you can’t have gay villains and villains played by POC if they’re well written and nuanced, and maybe whatever twists and turns the show takes next week will alter the bigger picture. But as things stand now, I think that the “surprise” of having Panto or Wakti be evil would be a somewhat disappointing one.


Weiss’ character development over this series has been INCREDIBLE.

She’s gone from a lonely, entitled kid who was loyal to only her family,
To a person who found a new family in her friends,
To someone who realized that she was being treated terribly by her blood family, realized that she didn’t deserve that kind of treatment.

She broke off ancient family ties in order to prove a fierce loyalty to her friends, who she loves with all of her heart.

And here she is, in the middle of struggling with her own feelings about her relationship with her parents, but thinking only of Yang. To see just HOW MUCH SHE HATES RAVEN BRANWEN, how much she wants to support Yang, and help her through this, to help her found family break free from blood relations with her, is so beautiful. I love Weiss so much.

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Lili Reinhart is such a perfect human being. And I hate using the "perfect" word, because it sets up unrealistic expectations for us. Obviously she makes mistakes like we all do, but I just want to shout from the rooftops that she is handling fame so well and praise her for being a good role model for her fans. She is kind to us and also offers great advice--whether it's about taking time to understand our mental health or respecting the personal lives of celebrities. So proud of Lili!

S A M E!!!!!!! I wanna write an entire book for the world to read. She is so unique, with such a fresh voice with such young female empowerment. I love how she tells it like it is, owns up to her mistakes, how much love she has to give to those around her, how clever she is, how creative and ambitious she is, how non-judgemental she is, how fucking hilarious she is but most of all - I love her for being her goddess self all. the. damn. time no matter what. She’s a huge inspiration to me.


yOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET YOU ALMOST MADE HER CRY WITH ALL YOUR KIND WORDS AND WELL WISHES AND  i AM TAKING CARE OF HER PROMISE she asked me for one bag of doritos and I bought her 3 and made her yakisoba (cos she wanted noodles) and put on drake and josh cos there’s nothing better than drake and josh when you don’t feel good. B) aND NOW SHE IS COMFORTABLE AND i’m drawing hehehe 

Regina adopted baby Henry and through her love for him and want to be the best mother she could be, she slowly found the path to redemption and became a better person.

Killian has a daughter and just seeing how this cocky-ass pirate is gazing at that baby with love and wonder tells me that he wants to be the best parent he can be to Alice.

I don’t care if it’s another rehash. This is the kind of story that I will gladly see unfold over and over again because it’s important and it means so much to a lot of people, including me.

I can’t wait for these two to bond over their shared experiences as parents.

Just Me??

So i love Mike and Eleven and i had a idea about something we could see (but probably wont) so Mike is on a “date” with her just hanging at her house. A storm going on outside. (Hopefully we see some kind of date, or Hopper giving Mike the whole “What are your intentions with my lil girl?”) so Hopper has to go to work and leaves them alone, Mike makes their dinner, everytime he meets her eyes they smile, he stares at the fire and asks her if she likes smores, forgetting that she has never heard of such a thing let alone had one, He forgot to bring candy with him, so he decides they can cycle to the store as they would be under the cover of dark so she should be safe, she seemed very happy with this, However she sees the rain and looks at him hesitantly, but he asks if she has a jacket, she nods but he rethinks the idea however she grabs his hand, he smiles and they go and get everything to make smores he also asks her to choose her candy, and then they go back and he makes a very romantic smore with her and hug and stuff. Hope this wasnt stupid haha :)

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at least we know that jane's baby daddy isn't gonna cause issues or being a constant worry (MG said it was her high school sweetheart) unlike other tv shows. at least MG was kind enough to give us that while we angst over everything else.

Yup, totally agreed. I love how they’re dealing with the angst between those two. It’s not contrived or forced between them. It’s external forces that will test their bond and their love and their commitment. And honestly the number of times Jane has said that their relationship and their marriage is what she cares about and what she wants and what she is fighting for gives me life. It won’t be pretty and some battles will be harder than others and maybe they won’t pass all with flying colors but like Hirst said, “to the good times and the bad, may love rule mightily over both.”

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There's a girl in my school with ADHD like me and she has a fidget spinner, the problem is that it's distracting me and really annoying me (the sound is just annoying for me tbh) but she needs it in class sometimes, I don't want to take away the spinner since I know how it's like to have ADHD myself, but at the same time it's really ruining my focus, anyway do you have any advice?

Ah, competing access needs. The bane of our existence!

Honestly, the best thing to do is probably to talk to her about it. Not, like, angrily or anything, just as a “hey, here’s a problem and I’d like to find a solution, what do you think?” kind of thing. There may be a way she can use it that won’t make the sound, or maybe there are times when it’s not as disruptive for you, or maybe there’s even a different kind of toy she can use that will work the same way for her. You don’t know until you ask.


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So, I'm still not over Nancy dancing with Dustin at the Snow Ball to make him feel better. How about you? ~HC Anon


but also like realest talk nancy going up to the dance with him made my heart BREAK that was the cutest thing and it made me so happy :’) the smile on his face when she said he was always her favorite out of mike’s friend group !!! what kind of PURITY !! 

Something occurred to me in regards to why Batman Who Laughs kept Raven, without subjecting her to Jokerized treatment like he did to her teammates. It seems he wanted her to give in to Trigon’s influences and allow her father invade the world. That doesn’t make that much sense because neither Trigon or Barbatos look like the kind of ominous demon-like abomination that would like to share. Assuming he didn’t do that only for the lulz (I mean this is Joker’s personality with Batman’s mind who joined Barbatos to kill stuff, I could totally see him just wanting to see Barbatos and Trigon duke it out) I was wondering what his goal to do that could be.

Trigon is called Ruler of the Five Under Realms and called Raven The Queen of the Under Realms. Batman Who Laughs had multiple times referred to Dark Multiverse as being “below” the main one. I think that Trigon’s dominion might be placed either IN Dark Multiverse, maybe being one of the few things that don’t die, held together with his power. Or it could be placed in-between regular Multiverse and Dark Multiverse. Either way, Batman Who Laughs might have planned to unleash Trigon in order to fasten the process of plunging entire Multiverse into the Dark Multiverse.

Now as I type I remembered that there is one place that seems to also exist between regular and Dark Multiverses - Phantom Zone. Which, as I’ve been told was revealed in Multiversity, is in Hell (if anyone ever asks you why Superman doesn’t kill, point out to them he has a tech to outright banish people to Hell). So it’s possible Trigons realm is either very close to Hell or is even considered a part of it. 

Which nicely plays into “One Belial” theory. What is that? Well, in New 52 Trigon has three sons, one of which is a demon named Belial. There was a demon named like that in pre-flashpoint continuity, one of the high-ranking demons in Hell. There is a theory that, especially in the wake of old continuity slowly, piece by piece, crawling its way back in, that they’re the same Belial. And Trigon’s realm being in or close to Hell placed between regular and Dark Multiverse adds to it.

Interestingly, if Belial Son of Trigon and Belial Demon From Hell are one and the same, then….let me introduce you all to the son of Belial and Raven’s nephew:

- Admin

Hikari Yagami & Maki Himekawa

I think the both have many similarities. 

They have an outward semblance.

By the way, Maki means true hope

Apart from the appearance. Hikari and Himekawa are connected with the dark ocean.

Furthermore, Homeostasis contacted the DigiDestined with the unwanted help of them two. 

The two of them are fall insinde the black.

Additional, there are two boys, who have a crush on the two, but the love is  unreturned.

But not only Hikari and Himekawa have smilarities, also their DigiPartner.

Bakumon (Tapirmon) and Salomon (Plotmon)/Gatomon (Tailmon) (it doesn´t matter which of them) have a holy ring. 

I don´t guess that this have anything to say. Hikari is very kind, while Himekawa lose her mind and get really crazy 

I only wanted to mention it, 


I wanted to doodle while playing Fire Emblem Warriors and I ended up thinking about how there’s a tactician class and a summoner that have the same kind of design. 

I got bored and wanted to see if I could do something like that for Warriors to represent the player lmao :’) I used an oc to sort of model the design. Her name is Maia and she screams a lot. She’s not really a tactician per se, she’s just very observant and likes to take note of everything.

I am working on commissions, promise! I’m just taking the weekend off since I just finished classes ;;v;; I’ll get right to it when the week starts since I have this week off before I go back for extra class stuff for two weeks… ;;v;;/

EDIT : I wonder if I should’ve changed some of the colours like a gold coat with blue details etc. Ah but I suppose the Aytolis soldiers have a more blue kind of colour scheme. Have an alternate gold!coat scheme to look at :0

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]


With Emily’s mood improving from her first date, she wanted to take all the guys one on a one-on-one.

“Haha, was it that easy to tell?”
“Mm, kind of. What’s on your mind,” Emily asked, unsure if he would answer or not.
“I guess it’s just the future, and if I play my cards right, our future,” Peter responded. From his tone, it sounded like he was simply teasing her, but Emily knew better than to overlook the expression on his face. So all she did was laugh, if anything to stall the thoughts going through her brain.


this has been bothering me for the day so i just want to talk about something that had happened with my friend today. i was working on an art project in the same room as my friend, who was blasting her american indie/classic rock music through the speakers on her phone. keep in mind that this was a part of her effort to “culture” me since i really don’t pay attention to the american music industry. naturally, after three songs or so, i wanted to show her some of my music tastes so i pulled up a k-indie song that i thought she would like. immediately she was like “ew is this korean?” and then shut me down saying “ashley you know that i don’t like your kpop” and “sorry but i can’t jam out to a song unless it’s in english” and then continued to play her music over top of mine……idk but i was so offended and i still kind of am? she could’ve at least TRIED to listen to it and be openminded instead of cutting me off like that. like okay so you’re “culturing” me about your shitty american hipster music and making me live though an hour and thirty minutes of it but i can’t share three minutes of MY culture with you???? lol k

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I'm a super duper aromantic girl and I strongly suspect this other girl has a crush on me? It makes me a lil uncomfy and unsure (especially because she's asked why cant I be "normal and just feel love like other people") so I've been avoiding her. Problem is it makes me feel like the biggest asshole and since she hasn't confessed or anything I don't have proof I don't want to confront her? Idk I'd much rather be distant friends but she seems to want more,,

You aren’t an asshole for not being interested in romance, and being aro CERTAINLY doesn’t mean you “can’t feel love”. Love is not romantic by default. There are many different kinds of love that ANYONE is capable of displaying. Never feel pressured to pursue or allow a relationship that you are not okay with sustaining, you can’t control the feelings of others, only how you react to those feelings and how you involve yourself in them.