i kind of want this as a tattoo

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Hi! I have both of my wrist tattooed and I have veins that pop up. I didn't have any trouble with pain for them. I even have one that's shaded and colored. Again, pain is different for everyone! I would not trust numbing cream or things like that because it could have a bad reaction to the ink. If it's your first tattoo, I would recommend starting off on something a bit more meatier if you're scared. Like your upper arm. The thing is, they won't go where your wrist bends, they'll go a bit above.

Ah okay that’s good!! Also I’ll probably just stick with lines, I’ve kind of got my heart set on having it on my wrist and I don’t want to fuck my skin up by colouring just in case 😆


Can you believe I actually sat down and lined this personally I can’t

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Okay can we talk about this pic Mark Darrah tweeted recently as a teaser? Because I am screaming. You can find his tweet here

I love how simple and clever it is. It’s obviously a reference to chess (since as we know, Solas reveals a fair bit about himself/the foreshadowing with his mental game of chess with Bull). The piece is obviously a rook, which was once called the tower. Rooks are most powerful towards the end of a game, and the rook is a very powerful piece to deliver checkmate. It is also a reference to Solas’ The Tower tarot card.

I AM SCREAMING YOU GUYS, THIS PICTURE IS SO SIMPLE YET SO SO SO CLEVER!!!! I literally cannot believe how amazing this is. 

people generally get tattoos for one of two reasons. either a) it’s for someone important in their life, or b) they think that certain piece of art is cool and they direly want that forever inscribed on their body.

but every time I look at ral’s artwork my first thought always lands on that goddamn meme “who is she

so… who are they. who is this dragon. i can’t quite tell if ral’s the kind of guy to say “hey the izzet guild has plenty of cool dragons, i want one on my arm forever” or “me and this dragon in particular go way back. that dragon is a huge prick. that’s why the tail goes down my middle finger. fuck that dragon.”


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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So this one is kind of a special one, and I really wanted to get it before Clexa Con came around. If you know me, then you know I’m pretty Lexa obsessed, and most of you will automatically think this is for Lexa; most of you are wrong. It’s not a symbol to represent Lexa, or my love for her, but rather a reminder. A reminder of how I should, and need to live my life. How life should be about more than just surviving, but also how sometimes, despite our feelings and emotions, tough choices need to made. How sometimes it is essential to think with your head, but also be able to listen to what your heart is telling you. How walls are good to have, but sometimes it’s important to lower those walls, and trust in people, or you will miss out on great opportunities. It’s not only a reminder of all these things, it is also a reminder, and a dedication, to this fandom, and what they have done for me. A fandom who has let me in, trusted me, and listened to me. A fandom who has provided me the opportunity to attend Clexa Con so I can meet as many wonderful people as possible, and speak in front of those who wish to listen. It’s a reminder, but it’s also a thank you to you, and to Lexa for being there as inspiration and a guide. This is cheesy, I know, but I needed you to know this; when ever I look at this tattoo, I will always be reminded that she was special, and so are you. 

She was intoxicating…
The kind that makes you drunk off the air she breathed and all you wanted was more.
—  Nicole Torres// ) #12

I did a post about  little and girly tattoos and it seems that people liked it, it had  a lot of notes.
So, this time I took some beautiful ideas of watercolor and ondrash tattoos!
It’s not for people that do tattoos just for fad! It’s for people that want ART in their bodies.
Watercolor is my favorite kind of tattoo, but I will do more posts like this with different kinds of tattoo like chinese and trash polka.

Hope you like it!

I remember when I was younger, I was obsessed with the idea of love. I would have dreams of kissing someone and it seemed like the most beautiful gesture in the world. When I finally kissed, I felt all kinds of things and it gave me butterflies. I could imagine doing it for hours.
Over the years a kiss lost its meaning in a way. A kiss started to feel less treasurous. It’s colored by feelings of hurt and disappointment.
However, I am hopeful that one day someone will take me back to the feeling I had when I kissed for the first time. 
I dedicate this tattoo to that period in my life. A period of utter loneliness and yearning for love.

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I was thinking of getting a tattoo of my favorite original character since I've poured so much time into her and carefully constructed out who she is and what she represents to me. She really holds a special place in my heart for sure and I'm sure Buttons is like that for you too. Would you ever consider getting a tattoo of something that reminds you of him?

Aw that’s cute of you! I wonder if our OC-s would be creeped out if they knew how smitten we are with them. I know Buttons would be lol
I’m kind of a wimp (just like him) so if I ever wanted to get a tat, it would have to be something simple and small. Not a big fan of physical pain lol
Guess I wouldn’t mind having a li’l cartoony Buttons or Butts+Meg tat. Something like these in b/w:

I don’t know that I would ever get a tattoo—they hurt and I’m too fickle. I’ve never much cared for them, especially those done on a whim. But I have thought about the other kind: the inked initials and dates, the tiny messages and quotes we send to ourselves—I rather like those. There is something about an idea being so integral to who you are that you want it marked forever on your body, that you would endure pain for this thing that you love. To have something mean so much to you that you want it as close to you as you can possibly get, as close as the skin on your bones. That’s something worth considering.
—  d.e.m. // “Tattoos”

Request: Heyy would you like to do a soulmateAU of Jeonghan and SCoups? I love your blog and thank you <3

  • Let’s start with the tattoo on your wrist, aka the first thing your soulmate will ever say to you
  • “Ah hi can you please tell me where the apple’s are?”
  • you were wondering in what situation that exact sentence would be used
  • as you grew older you quickly realised you’d probably meet your soulmate while working in some kind of grocery story 
  • you had a few jobs here and there by now
  • but they never seemed to want you in a grocery store? 
  • like you wanted to speed up meeting your soulmate but fate wasn’t fucking having it
  • so one day your mom was making your favourite kind of cake or idk pancakes whatever you like most
  • and she asks you to quickly get her some eggs from the store because !! she ran out of eggs!! what will happen to her bakings now???
  • so off you go to the small store in your neighbourhood 
  • every time you go to the grocery story you feel like this might be the time
  • you always spend some extra time at the fruits, observating people because who knows when you’ll meet them
  • also today you weren’t lucky but you did see a cute buff guy who sweetly smiled at you
  • he seemed to be with a huge group of friends and one dude was taking selfies and you almost laughed out loud when you saw someone else photobombing him. *cough*  Soulmate!Jun *cough*
  • you decided it wasn’t gonna happen today so you walked to the register with your eggs
  • it was a sad walk home because as often as your mom sent you to the grocery store you wouldn’t meet your soulmate
  • you’d almost given up hope
  • so days went on like always and you got ready for your job at this multi media store
  • it was not that far from the grocery store so basically you ate ready-made stuff from the grocery story everyday as lunch
  • today seemed to be your lucky day though
  • that cute guy you saw about a week ago just entered your shop!!
  • he walks straight to you, with that smile of his again 
  • “Ah hi can you please tell me where the Apple’s are?”
  • you just look at him for a minute like ‘dude ??? wtf do you expect here we sell printers and tablets and shit’
  • suddenly it hit you 
  • OH WAIT you mean the phones!” 
  • it sounded even dumber when you said it out loud tbh but you had to explain him why you’d been staring at him for a minute
  • then something else hit you
  • but at that same time he suddenly laughed loudly
  • his laugh is so contagious you just had to start laughing as well because after all you’d spend your life with real apples when after all IT WERE FUCKING PHONES
  • you two kinda calmed down when he suddenly interrupted the stifling laughs “Well hi I guess my name is Seungcheol”
  • “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N… so we’re like soulmates right?”
  • his eyes opened in realisation 
  • and that’s the story of you two very clueless people meeting as soulmates


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The Krayt Dragon’s Heart

An Explanation: Last night I was sketching some designs for a tattoo I want to get; the Unfettered symbol from Fialleril’s Tattooine Slave Culture inside the Rebel Alliance symbol, when I had the thought that the Rebel Alliance symbol kind of looks like a stylized dragon with the Unfettered symbol at its heart. Then this happened. I hope you like it and that I didn’t accidentally misrepresent anything…

This is the story of the First Unfettered child of Ar-Amu, and how the Krayt Dragon acquired a new heart.

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Alright so a few days ago I was out at lunch with some bros of mine, and our waitress came over to ask for our orders and I noticed she had the anti-possession tattoo on her wrist, so naturally I was going to make a reference because I’m trash, and so when she asked what kind of fries I wanted, I looked her straight in the eye and said:

“I’d like my fries as straight as Dean Winchester.”

And about ten minutes later she returned with a dish full of curly fries and left in a laughing fit.

1) I have no problem with Fiona having no clue about anything and giving shitty advice, it’s kind of part of her character, I think.

2) I have no problem with Ian asking her about JimmySteve as a way to figure his shit out. I genuinely don’t think he asked her about JimmySteve because he thinks Mickey and Fiona’s ex are even remotely the same, but because at one point Fiona genuinely loved Steve and wanted to run away with him. The major difference between Ian and Fiona in relation to their boyfriends is that Fiona has had passionate relationships after JimmySteve, and Ian’s got “nice”, but nothing at all like what he still feels for Mickey. I think Ian just needed to talk to someone and I’m actually super proud of him for doing so, and then making up his own damned mind because I think he too was reminded of the fact that Fiona doesn’t know shit. Because when she says that Mickey’s bad for Ian, like JimmySteve was bad for her, I think he realised (but didn’t verbalise, because he never does) that Mickey would rekindle his fire and that it would be a good thing, because Mickey was good to him, Mickey did everything for him, and Ian isn’t stupid, he knows this. He’s just bad at acknowledging it.

3) I have no problem with Fiona not grasping how good Mickey was for Ian, everyone’s always underestimated Mickey. Everyone but Ian. I do not take Ian’s non-argumentative nature as him agreeing to what someone like Fiona has to say about Mickey. Ian only argues when it really matters, and Fiona’s opinion doesn’t actually matter because she was never really there, she doesn’t know.

4) and 5) was a long rant about Fiona saying something she didn’t actually say. Sorry Fi, I assumed the worst, mea culpa. She does say to Ian “You turned your life around” which is really nice (and not horrifyingly wrong, as previously stated).

6) I love Ian, and I love Mickey, and in a perfect world they should have gotten a whole episode to themselves to kiss and fuck and TALK, and then they could’ve run off together because why the fuck not? It’s stupid, but it’s an ending that allows the viewer to be as pessimistic or romantic about it as they please.

7) but judging by the previews for next week, there’s gonna be shenanigans that I got really weird vibes off of and at fucking best we’re gonna get a couple of good kisses with Mickey’s real hair that we can gif and gawk at for eternity, and then canon will be officially over.

8) We’ve seriously survived for years staring ourselves blind at that club kiss. We can milk another couple of years outta this, whatever happens. Come on. Don’t leave me here alone.

9) I feel a lot of false hope because I really enjoyed this episode, I enjoyed all their scenes together. There could have been MORE, and the writing could have challenged the situation better, but let’s be real, when did it ever? idk I just feel elated, like, yeah! Ian got reunited with the love of his life! He took time to think about it and he chose Mickey! Mickey let him choose! Ian didn’t seem at all manic or whatever I pretty much expected for them to make him out to be! But I have no doubt that by this time next week, it’ll all have been all for naught,

10) but dudes. that kiss though.

To the Store, To the Store

“Excuse you, princess—” the man starts to say, uncrossing his muscled arms.

She sighs, watching the cashier scan her own purchases. “Look, guy, I get it, okay? You’re an independent adult, you can afford your own beer. Whatever, just take it as a favour from a very exhausted fellow customer who just really wants to go home and inhale one of these in, like, fifteen minutes flat,” she says, gesturing towards the two ice cream pints on the counter. She pauses to glance up at the tattooed man still staring her down, offering him a careless shrug. “A little neighbourly kindness, okay?”

“Not familiar with the concept,” he snaps.

Or, the one where Kate somehow always manages to find herself at the same grocery checkout line as a handsome, surly stranger in black.


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Oh my gosh you're taking jaytim prompts? Your Jaytim is my favorite!! I know this a cliched trope but can I request florist Jason and tattoo artist Tim? Or the other way around, I'm not picky! You're the best!

“So, how much do you charge an hour?” Tini has been asking intelligent and informed questions about the designs and ink that wrap up Jason’s arm from his wrist to disappear under the tight sleeve of his t-shirt. The kind of questions that indicate a sincere desire to get a tattoo that isn’t motivated by alcohol, and won’t end in regret not even a week later. A big contrast to her giggling friends who preceded her into the shop. Tripping over nothing and loudly exclaiming over the cute designs they want inked on them as they very obviously looked over Jason who was propped up behind the counter waiting. “I’m thinking maybe next week sometime?”

Being DD sucks all kinds of ass, and Tini’s had a real rough night of it going by her pinched expression when one of her friends gets a little too loud about wanting to get ‘that’ as a tramp stamp. ‘That’, Jason glances over to see, is a stylized octopus with a mouth that looks like a vagina lined with sharp teeth gaping open. One of Steph’s sketches, and Jason fully approves of any woman wanting it. Though getting it as a tramp stamp might be invalidating everything aggressive –passive and overt– Steph put into it.

“Um, sure,” Jason replies and looks to the back where Tim is taking his sweet ass time fixing the light exposure. It’s not even broken really, just temperamental, and mostly Tim uses it as an excuse to disappear because he thinks it’s funny. “Tim’ll be out in a bit and he can set up a day and time for you.”

Which are the magic words to say, because Tini doesn’t even have time to look puzzled before Tim’s striding up to the counter. Phone already out and looking through his calendar. “Does Thursday work for you? I’ve got an appointment in the morning but that should be done by noon.”

“Yes?” Tini says as she takes in Tim’s very immaculate appearance. He’s dressed in flannel and skinny jeans, not the most prim clothing he has, but it’s easy to see how many tattoos he doesn’t have at all. Her eyes drop back down to the portfolio she’d been looking over with Jason, Tim’s name neatly signed on every page. “I, uh, thought you were the artist….”

Tini trails off with an awkward laugh, and Jason’s respect increases for her. It’s not easy admitting to a mistake like that. Jason’s seen people bull right on through without acknowledging it before after all. “Nah, he’s the creative one,” Jason says with a grin and a shrug. Perfectly willing to let it all slide. It’s not the first time people have assumed he’s a tattoo artist, and it won’t be the last.

“Give me your phone number and I’ll text you some sketches before then,” Tim slides a pad and pen towards her, proving he had been listening in on the conversation. His eyes flicker just a tiny bit behind Tini. Jason only notices it because he’s looking the man square in the face when a smarmy smile appears.

“And don’t put yourself down like that, honey,” Tim turns to Jason, voice syrupy sweet as he reaches up to cup Jason’s cheek. His calloused thumb rubs teasingly as he laughs silently around his words. “You’re creative too! Not everyone can arrange flowers in such beautiful bouquets. Babe.”

Babe is tacked on at the end just to make Jason snort and Tini bite her lips in an obvious effort not to laugh. It doesn’t take long for Tini’s friends to drag her away from the shop, all of them pouting and sending Jason little betrayed looks.