i kind of want a baby harpy

Original Sin (Chapter 3 of ?)

(AO3)/ Chapter One/ Chapter Two

Authors: Mod A (tanagers) and Mod K (fangirlingforeverz)

Rating: NC-17/NSFW (Warnings: Unhealthy relationship dynamics. Black Reaper Ken being himself).

Word Count: 5,534 words.

Notes: The third chapter is completed at long last! (Black Reaper AU, Canon divergence).

Touka takes several days off from working at Re:, citing to Yomo that she wanted to take some time to relax and use that vacation fund she had been saving up to pamper herself. In reality, she had no plans, she secretly snuck in a few pounds of decaf coffee and locked herself in her room to sleep away the numerous emotions she was feeling inside.

He has not reached out to her, not even with a simple text. Not that he should – she had made her feelings clear, no matter how much it hurt and if anything, she should be happy, glad that he was heeding her warnings and staying away from her.

But – her heart is in pieces.

She had engaged in those trysts because of her inability to let go of the past, a product of her own hypocrisy, when she had promised herself that she would stay away from him and let him live the good life he deserved.

In the end, she was just a hypocrite.

God, she wanted to call him. She stares at his contact information on her phone, her finger hovering over the call button. She almost presses it numerous times. Frustrated, she places her phone back onto the dresser and sits herself up on her bed, raking her fingers through her messy hair.

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to draw a harpy any tips? (your harpy babies are just so adorable)

hmm well i guess one of the best things i can recommend is to use actual birds for references!! they have some pretty cute anatomy and it’s just a matter of how u adapt it onto a human i suppose??

u can have small, lightweight harpies, or rly big ones, or bird-centaurs!


take into consideration different wing shapes and foot shapes, too, or just what kind of bird ur basing ur harpy off of, if any!