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Super-festive Art Ross™!Jamie Benn welcomes you to

And-Here-Come-The-Stars 2015 Holiday Giveaway :D

And what is up for grabs?

First prize: One super-swank dudes of the Dallas Stars 2016 calendar :D (not the one pictured, that’s the one I bought for my home, I will have the Stars Foundation ship it straight to you)

Second prize: One hand-made scarf featuring your hockey team of choice (which hopefully you will think is still kind of swank, but I understand it’s not as good as the calendar [and be tee dubs, Mr. February!Jonny Oduya is looking fiiiiiine.])

How do I enter / what should I know?

✯ The contest runs now through the end of the year. I’ll use Random.org to help me pick winners and I’ll announce them during the Winter Classic.

✯ Enter by reblogging and/or liking this post! Only one like and one reblog will count.

✯ Participants need to be at least 18 years old and have a shipping address they are willing to give me that is in the US or Canada. If you are selected as a winner and live outside of the US or Canada you can definitely still win, but you will need to make arrangements with someone to ship it from the address you give me to wherever in the world you need it to go.

But Autumn, do I need to be following @and-here-come-the-stars​ to win?

✯ Nope! This is open to all you fine people of tumblr :) Just please make sure that either your messages and/or askbox are open, so we can work things out :)

So about that scarf, how will that work?

✯ I will take as little or as much direction as you’d like to give me! If you say, “Autumn, I would like a scarf that is 60″ long x 11″ wide using a moss stitch and matches the third jersey of the Pittsburgh Penguins and has Flower’s number on it” I am down. If you say, “I like the Oilers, surprise me” I can do that too. I will do my best to get the colors as close as I can, but they probably won’t be perfect. Scarves will be crocheted most likely out of an acrylic fiber and will come from a pet-free and smoke-free home. If you have allergy concerns, please let me know! :)

Seriously, any team? What if I want it to be like the Minnesota Wild?

✯ Yes, even then (although my heart may weep for that is a kind of fug color combination in my opinion)! The only restriction is that it has to be from a hockey team of some sort (NHL, minors, NWHL, national team, whatever) and I reserve the right not to do certain numbers.

I really want to win - is there a way I can get more than two entries?

✯ You totally can! You can get up to 10 extra entries by creating hockey-centric tumblr posts of things that I like and tagging them with andherecomethestarsgiveaway (no hyphens, it’s tagged on this post as a reference). .gifs, photo sets, …..other posts that I’m going to allude to vaguely because not everyone is RPF trash like me, it all works! If you don’t see a like from my regular blog (@surewhenitsautumn​) after a day, please send me a message with a link! PS - I’ll also add one entry for everyone who already added a note to my scarf giveaway interest post (but I already got those names, so no need to like/reblog that post)

Wow that was long. Anything else?

Nope, that was it. Happy holidays! :)