i kind of ship them like mad

Things that I want to scream at the assholes in the cancer crew fandom
  • Anisa is a great person who does no wrong and should be respected as such. Stop leaving mean comments on her Instagram just because she is dating Ian. 
  • Don’t harass Joji on Instagram or Twitter. He is a human being who clearly wants his life to be at least semi private, and he deserves a break every once in a while.
  • Also I noticed a couple of days ago Joji posted a pic on his Instagram of an ash tray full of cigarette buts, and people were having a goddamn war in the comments because of it. Idk why yall are all of the sudden furious over him smoking (he’s been doing it for years) but do you honestly think that he gives a fuck?
  • If you got angry over Idubbbz’ new video on fan edits, but love it when he roasts everyone else, you’re a massive hypocrite. This video was meant to be taken as a joke with a grain of salt, like when he says the word faggot or the n word.
  • Did I mention be nice to Anisa
  • PLEASE DON’T FORCE YOUR SHIPS ON THEM. It clearly makes them uncomfortable, and they have said this before.
  • Please don’t try and find out where they live. The reasons for this should be obvious.
Descendants 2

Okay , hear me out people, I’m finally watching Descendants 2 and Mal and Evie are soulmates and I will punch whoever says the contrary. Are you going to tell me that the fucking beautiful scene of this two singing to each other and dancing and being all lovely and supportive is not what a nice relationship would do?!

Like come on! They have way more chemistry than Mal and Ben, He’s a nice guy and all, and yeah Mal is in love with him (or something like that) BUT YOU CAN’T DENY THAT EVIE IS FUCKING IN LOVE WITH HER OMFG I WANT TO HUG HER POOR CHILD


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I’m not used to jeopardizing beautiful friendships like this and turn it gay, I respect them, I believe that this kind of bond can happen but I just can’t look at them as just friends I just can’t and I’m so sorry people but I’m drowning in feels, THIS SHIP IS SAILING THANKS TO MY OWN TEARS

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I know that if Disney would be a little bit more supportive on LGTBQ+++ Stuff this would be sooooo gay or at least bi or whatever just MAKE IT RAINBOW! I MEAN, this could be the most beautiful, supportive, loving and caring relationship of the New Generation Disney and this would show the little kids that it’s okay to be who you are and true love exists and and and and just UGHHHHHH MAKE IT RAINBOW I’M SO MAD AND HAPPY AND SAD BECAUSE THIS SHIP IS NOT REAL AND WITH SO MANY FEELS PLEASE HELP ME, I’M HOOK…see what I did there ;D

The maddest of them all

Pairing: fem. Sunderly reader x Euron Greyjoy

Warning: a lot of smut, fluff 

‘Balon was mad, Aeron is madder, and Euron is the maddest of them all.’ You thought about the quote while your father talked about the crowning of Euron Greyjoy during the supper. 
“How is he?”, you asked and stared at the dead and fried fish on your plate. 
“Who?”, your father asked.
Euron. Euron Greyjoy. Is he as mad as everyone says?”
“I don’t know. He looked kind of insane and he is loud and stubborn. He said he wants to murder his niece and nephew and he needs one thousend ships.”
“Loud and stubborn, like every Greyjoy.”, you replied.
“And like you”, he answered and laughed. This was his way of joking.
“I would like to see him – Euron, I mean. And his fleet.”
“Well, go to Pyke then. They already started building the ships.”

A few days later you decided to make a walk through Pyke and just as your father had told you, Eurons men already started building his fleet. You also saw his giant galleon on the harbour, black sails with a golden kraken. This must be Silence, you thought. The crew of Silence had no tongues, since Euron decided to cut them off.

You walked away, until you heard heavy steps behind you. Before you could turn around someone grabbed your arm and pressed a hand on your mouth. You wriggled like an eel in the arms of the stranger, trying to reach the dagger in your belt but the man gave you a hard hit in the stomach and you fell on your back to the ground. It was the first time you actually could see his face. His hair was long and oily, his nose crooked. As he placed himself on top of you and tried to rip off your shirt, you grabbed his hair and pulled it until you ripped it off, together with his scalp. He screamed in pain and scratched your cheek with his long, dirty fingernails. Warm blood ran down your face, but you ignored it. You bit the man, bit his neck until you tasted blood. Your teeth disappeared in his flesh, deeper and deeper, the man was unable to move until you tore out his skin. He got up from you, fell to the ground and pressed his hands on the wound. You split out his skin with a little piece of flesh hanging on it and stood up, wiping the sand from your clothes.
“What is going on?!”, somebody screamed, a man, but not your offender. 
“He attacked me”, you explained and as you turned around you saw another man standing in front of you. His hair was kind of messy and his beard was scraggly, but he truly was handsome. He first looked at you, then at the man who still was laying on the ground, slowly choking on his own blood in his lungs.
“I wanted to rescue you”, the man in front of you explained. “But obviously you don’t need any help.”
“Right”, you answered. The man came closer, scrutinizing your face.
"Does it hurt?”, he asked and pointed on your cheek.
“No.” It did hurt.
“You should visit a maester. The wound needs to be cleaned. And maybe you should take a bath too… You’re covered in blood.”
“I know.” You tried to wipe off the blood on your face with your sleeve.
“Who are you?” It wasn’t hard to tell that the handsome man was quite confused. 
“(Y/N) Sunderly”, you answered. “And who are you?”
He chuckled. “I’m your king. Euron Greyjoy.”
You instantly made a curtsey; “Your grace.”
“May I accompany you home milady?”
“It would be an honor for me.”
“Well, I just need to make sure that you don’t kill another man on your way home”, he answered and laughed. You replied the laugh dryly and glanced at your victim. He already was dead. “He did deserve it”, you claimed.
“Aye. But you’re looking kind of insane and to be honest, even a little bit scary.”

"My father told me about the kingsmoot. I wish I had seen it by myself”, you told Euron while walking next to him.
“And why, milady?”
“It must have been incredible. I’ve heard so many stories about you. I’m glad you’re our new king, your grace. You’re strong and brave." 
"Just like you. Biting off someone’s artery, truly impressive." 
"I also ripped out some of his hair and scalp.”
“Even better”, Euron said. Then he glanced at you. “I bet there’s hidden a beautiful face under all this blood and the scratches.”
“T-thank you, king Euron.” You felt a little bit dizzy. Maybe it was because of the attack, maybe it was because of the presence of your new, handsome king – probably, it was both.

Euron brought you home, safe and sound. Your father thanked him a thousand times, until you started to feel embarrassed in front of your king. But Euron just laughed as he saw the discomfort in your eyes and wished you a good night before he left.

You did not sleep the whole night. The scratches on your cheek were burning painfully, but that wasn’t the reason. The reason was him - Euron Greyjoy. He wanted to rescue you. You have heard so many terrible stories about him, but after all, he still seemed to be a good person deep inside. Or maybe it was because he liked you?
You tried not to think about Euron anymore, but it seemed to be impossible. Whatever you did, he was always in your thoughts. The other night you started imaging being together with him. You wanted him to take you, placing his strong body on yours, kissing you everyhwere, stroking your cunt with his thick fingers, making you moan his name. Thinking about this made your womanhood wet and hot. Your clit was heavily swollen as you placed your fingers on it to rub and stroke it. And while you stroke yourself and imagined Euron doing unspeakable things to you, you came.

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*Bangs fists on table* Give us more of your voltron hcs!! The lance parkour one made me feel happy inside

Lance has an uncle who was spec ops who taught him how to fight, the art of stealth and how to hold, shoot and clean a gun. His older brother taught him parkour. Their mother would get irate when they would scale the walls or backflip off things instead of walking like normal human beings. She could barely take them out in public.

Hunk does Tai Chi. He invites Pidge but she’s either still sleeping or too impatient. Eventually, though, she tries it and loves it. She then invites Keith, claiming he needs it. Every morning they are found on the observation deck.

Lance does yoga and Shiro stumbles on him one day and asks to join him. He struggles, especially when Lance gets into the hard poses, but eventually he gets better and they develop more of a friendship over time.

Keith is an extremely good artist and will doodle on just about every surface. He’s drawn everyone on the team at least three times. Allura got mad at first when she found him painting on the wall but it was so beautiful that she let him continue and encourages him to make more murals. 

Allura is an amazing pilot. Like, not even for the castle I mean fighter ships and even the lions like.. she’s better than all of them combined. Keith who? No, Allura Princess of Altea: Best pilot in the known universe. 

Coran knows every kind of Altean martial art and you should not fuck with him. He can kill you with a napkin. Seriously, don’t mess with the Coran.

Shiro was a scrawny little dork in his childhood. He started filling out in college when he joined a fraternity and made friends with some muscly frat bros who drug him to the gym every morning. He still keeps in contact with them.. or he did.

PSA: Gaslighters

Block people who gaslight you

If you come to a person with a reasonable complaint, ( example: “hey you broke my rules” // “hey you pressuring me into a ship is making me uncomfortable” // “Hey you’re meta gaming/godmodding needs to stop” ) and they act like you’re overreacting, they’re gaslighting you. 

It sounds like “Woah! Chill!”/ “Calm down” / “It’s not that big of a deal” / “Are you on your period or something?” / “Wow I’m sorry I hurt you so badly :( this must have triggered you right?” 

The list goes on.

But here’s the thing, gaslighting a person causes them to actually get mad. If you feel your blood starting to boil when these kind of things are said to you, it’s completely normal, and you know why; Because they’re trying to diminish your feelings and force you to become defensive.

When you try to defend themselves and explain why what they’re saying isn’t an overreaction, the gaslighter will use everything you say to validate their point that you’re “overreacting”.  

You can’t reason with them, they’re deliberately trying to make it look like you’re being over emotional. 

Block them. They don’t care how you feel, they’re only trying to deflect their problems back onto you.

They’ll probably also say you’re over reacting by blocking them. But remember, that there’s nothing you can do to reason with them. They forced you at a road block where you have no choice but to either agree with them, continue arguing and be gaslighted further, or block them. 

If someone gaslights you, it’s all ready a warning sign that they don’t take responsibility for their actions, and don’t care how you feel. That means there’s another layer of shit underneath the first one, and you’re only skimming the surface. 

Do yourself a favor. Cut off the limb before it grows nerve endings. Block gaslighters before they get worse.

a fact

i am “new” in the plance fandom
it’s one of the nicest and cutest places of the vld fandom
and it’s been exactly a week i had been shipping pidge and lance
and last friday i told my klance shipping friend i shipped plance
and she was like HOW DARE YOU
and i said it’s cute, do not deny it, and i’m being honest
and she said “wow I see them as brother and sister”
that kind of pissed me off.
because… man.
if i don’t see them as brother and sister but boyfriend and girlfriend, let me do it.
plus: i know that klance has a good bond but I feel like pidge and lance have has more deeper bond than those two
but yeah we need to think more about these characters
i prefer keith and lance in a platonic relationship
but yeah
i never judge people for what they ship
i’m a multishipper so it’s okay if your ship klance and you want to talk to me because i kind of ship them too, but…

more platonically
but the worst part was… today.
my best friend (the klance shipper) said in front of my face: “i don’t have you, but i hate your ship.”
and i was like: what the fuck???
why?? are?? you?? like?? this??
but, oh well
i am a sensitive bitch and i lose hope on everything

i kinda feel bad when my friend gets mad at me for what i like

why? why hating on what other people like when you can be a respectful person?

i fear my friend will become an anti because of me

i fell bad…….
plance is beautiful and i still ship it :))

although the hope are kinda… down???

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Do you ship Gula/Ava? If so, do you have any headcanons for them?

I think they’d be ADORABLE together!!!! I definitely ship them, but given that we have so little canon to work with, I have yet to really formulate my thoughts for it and how they’d get together.  But I do have headcanons!  Could be platonic or romantic but i just love them

  • Gula: “I don’t have the energy for this” Ava: “For what?” Gula: /gestures vaguely/
    • the response: “Yes you do, we’re going,” and Ava drags him with minimal effort out of his study
  • The Short Team™.  Have probably sat on Aced’s shoulders more than once to gloat at the other.
    • I bet they teamed up once or twice to take down Ira or Aced in sparring, just for the sake of beating the Talls™.  Vicious attacks to the knees are very effective.
  • Gula isn’t openly affectionate in public, but he doesn’t have a concept of personal space when they’re alone so the amount of times Ira has walked in on them reading together with Gula on Ava’s lap is in double digits.
  • So Gula gets stressed out really easily by deadlines and there’s been more than one night where he’s been up even later than Invi in the library, studying for some test, and Ava sometimes drags a blanket in there to sleep near him (she does this often, actually, because the best armchairs are in the library) but just having her in the room makes him relax 
  • Ava probably checks on her Keykids a lot on their missions–Union Mom–and Gula often joins her to spy on the kids.  She just gushes about how well they’re doing.  He listens.
    • “His form has gotten better.” “Oh I know! He’s been practicing so much, and when he started he could barely cast Fire and now look!  His friend helped him.” “Mhm.” “And the other day, they went to the store and helped the owner and got a moogle seed but didn’t keep it because Liria needed one–” “Mhm.” “–and they were sharing tips!  And maps!  Orin made a map of the mines and made copies!  None of my kids have gotten lost down there since.” “Nice.” “Oh and–”
  • I’ve heard it’s a pretty popular headcanon that Gula was an orphan and grew up on the streets and I. LOVE. this idea.  I can SO see that in his character, in how he could distance himself from the others during Back Cover in order to obey MoM’s orders… but i’m getting off track
  • So when Master first brought him to Daybreak Town, he was really distrustful of everyone and didn’t open up to anyone.  He was just there to learn to swing a Keyblade, he wasn’t going to trust any of them.  
  • but Ava was the first one to break through his shell and kind of get him to open up, just because her smile was so wide and sweet 
  • and he kind of learned how to relate to people in a nice way by watching her (not that he always does, but he just didn’t have any friends before this, so… He got sucked into her friendliness and learned how to trust because of her)
  • No, Gula doesn’t /approve/ of Ava’s habit of picking up strays everywhere, but… if he /happens/ to catch sight of a poor, bedraggled-looking little cat somewhere on a mission he… /might/ just pick it up and drop it off with her because she knows how to take care of them really well and it’s not like I could just /leave/ it there, Master, stop laughing.
  • Related to this, if Ava manages to sneak a pet onto the castle grounds she always hides it in Gula’s room because he doesn’t have the heart to throw it out and no one will dare go in there.  He secretly likes finding random puppies sitting on his bed and will hide them for as long as he can.
  • Ava is the only person who can ask to have one of Gula’s secret stash of chocolates and actually get one.
  • They like holding hands.  Not even necessarily romantically.  Gula just likes knowing someone’s there, and Ava is a very physical person so sometimes when Gula gets on edge during a meeting Ava just takes his hand, and sometimes when Ava doubts herself Gula sneaks up beside her and grabs her hand
  • Gula, during a pep talk to the Keykids: “Someone is going to die.” Ava, subtly elbowing him offstage: “Of fun!”
  • She is the only one he goes to after he gets into a scrape (not a frequent occurrence, but he does anger people a lot and sometimes that bites him back), even though Invi is better with Cure magic.  Ava has a special stash of potions just for those days.
  • “Hey Ava, Master’s kind of mad at me, could you go ask him about his new project or something before he comes out here he always cheers up after you talk to him.” (it works)

anon, thank you SOOOOO much for your ask!! it is super encouraging that people like my headcanons and I lovE talking about the foretellers and shipping them even though I really don’t write romance that well or that often.

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Hai, can you elaborate on why you ship archiebetty? :)



Look at these dorks. Everyone just look at them. Reading the comics growing up I have always rooted for Betty. I loved Mary Jane too I just identified with girls next door despite not being one. I’m a hopeless romantic and I think that’s why. I love the idea of best friends growing up and knowing the best and worst about each other and still loving each other. As Eddie Redmayne says “it’s a slow burn”. They say that the best relationships grow from friendships. It’s not just an idea I’ve found it to be such a truth. I’m not saying that people who meet and start dating aren’t good for each other. My longest relationship, 3 years, was with someone I met and immediately liked. We started dating two weeks after meeting and were together all that time. 

Betty is so faithful and loving to Archie. No matter how many times he fucks up she is there to support him. Even when he’s sleeping with teachers and picking a questionable career she doesn’t brand him as an idiot and leave him behind. Betty could. She’s smart, beautiful and capable of making friends. She has Veronica and Kevin and Jughead. She doesn’t need Archie Andrews to be her best friend. But she chooses him, every day, every morning she wakes up. Even after he breaks her heart she shows up on his fucking doorstep the next day and asks him to walk her to school. That’s one of the reasons I ship them so much.

And he loves her too. She takes meds and everyone calls her sister crazy or a slut and he’s there to send heart eyes at her from their windows and gush about proposing to her when she’s not around. LOOK AT THAT EPI 8 SPOILER WHEN V. SAYS J. IS HER BOYFRIEND AND ARCHIE IS LIKE SHUT!DOWN EYES. He still wants them to be best friends even if things are hard. He runs around asking people for advice when she’s mad at him and forgives her even when it hurts. They are that “red string of fate” kind of love and I will ship them even if the ocean runs dry.

Why the RWBY fandom needs to chill the fuck out

I’m a very complicated person when it come to topics such as this one.

However, what I will say about a certain fandom is that they bitch about the smallest things even if it’s not even that problematic. What it is, is that they make that small thing a big deal.

This is to the RWBY fandom for being such very rude people when it comes to marking everything in the show a big deal.

What I have seen is the major amount of hate towards certain characters they portray them as and I quote, “heterosexual boys who get in the way of our precious ships and gay ships.”

This kind of hate is mostly towards the character Jaune Arc. Literally everything he does in the show looks like it’s not a big deal and just how the story goes right? Well, unfortunately, the fandom considers him an abomination to the show and that he should die. I mean I can understand their opinion if they were looking at his weaknesses and flaws but the only focus on the negative traits he has and declare him the worst character ever.

Here is my opinion on this type of bullshit. Jaune is my favorite character right next to Oscar, Ren, Ruby, Velvet, and Qrow. Reason why I like him is because I can relate to him on a figurative level. What I always wish is that he can be at an OP level just like the rest of the characters(just not too OP).

This is where I find the so called “RWDE” to be the most infuriating people I have ever seen in tumblr. They think of him as a useless boy who doesn’t deserve to be in the show. Literally everything he does the rwde people get triggered. They bitch about how he’s overrated, he gets too much screen time, and that he’s just a bland character that no one like. It pains my heart to see that large amount of hate he gets when literally I see no problem or see nothing that makes him a bad character.

It’s mainly because he would probably snap at both Qrow and Ozpin. So fucking what!? People have the right to be mad over something big but it’s no reason for you to hate him for having a realistic reaction.

And then there’s the shipping community. The only paring that’s ever with him are him and Pyrhha. To me, this ship is kind of overrated and people still complain about Pyrhha deserving not to die(get over it). I like Pyrhha don’t get me wrong but she kind of got overrated. And then people complain about him getting in the way of their gay ships. What I’ve learned is that people really hate heterosexuals like their a virus to them. What I can probably say is that Jaune doesn’t have to be straight, maybe he can be transgender, bisexual, or demiboy. At least in my opinion. To me I find that type of problem and complaint very repetitive and petty.

This is a character who sticks to “his” character as Monty had made him. Just because he’s weak doesn’t mean he’ll be useless forever. He’ll get better and we’ll get some in depth about his background someday if given the chance.

So for everyone who gets offended by this…good, you triggered rwde people are asswipes bitching over a character. It just a show for fuck sakes!! Learn to just enjoy the show rather than hating on one character.

For those who read this and are not any rwde people I apologize. If you disagree with why I say that’s okay because this was mostly directed towards the assholes of this fandom.

So thank you for taking the time to read this and have a nice day.

when Laura asked Salim if he loves his god, or he is in love with his god, it made me think that Laura loves Shadow, but she is not in love with him. She is going to protect him, because that is her purpose now, but I think Shadow deserves to be with someone who is in love with him, someone who is able to love him the way Laura can’t.
So no, I don’t ship Shadow/Laura, I like Laura, I love Shadow, but they are not good together.
And no, I don’t ship Mad Sweeney and Shadow neither. The only thing they did was fight and I didn’t see any kind of attraction between them. And they shared like 2 scenes together. ( that doesn’t mean it can’t happen in a future )
For now ,I think I like Mad Sweeney and Laura. I think Pablo and Emily have a great chemistry, so I’m enjoying their scenes and their time together. 

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Omg I was looking at your answered tag anyway I came across your favourite ship as Hermione x Fred!!! I thought I was alone! It’s such an unpopular opinion but I ship it so bad!!

OMG YES 💖💖 you’re totally not alone omfg I ship Hermione x Fred since forever omfffg it’s one of my total otp’s like I love them just so much and I’m still kind of mad that they didn’t end up together omfffg hahaha I just really really love this ship ! And yeees you’re right, it’s a pretty unpopluar ship so it’s always SO GREAT to meet other people who ship it too 💖💖

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Just watching a panel interview with Holly and Brian from CHARMED. And she said som of us are going to be "MAD" about who A is. She was pretty adamant about that answer. So, I'm not so hopeful about it...

Oh yes.

So, I have dissected every single “response to finding out about A.D.” I’ve read so far… and I agree… they’re not filling me with hope. 

The general feeling I get from everyone is that it’s shocking, and technically DOES make sense… but won’t be satisfying. Like… it’s not the thing that makes the most sense. 

So, if you go back to the beginning you’ll be like “yea, ok there were clues about this the entire time. But it also really doesn’t explain half of the other bizarre shit that happened here.”

I am preparing myself for something like “Yea, all of these people you thought might be A.D. were all actually helping A.D., but A.D. themselves is kind of an underwhelming reveal.

Also though…

No matter who it is… she’s right. There is no pleasing everyone. If it’s anyone from any of the ships, shippers will be devastated.  if it’s one of the parents, it’ll just be a letdown. If its not Aria, Ezra, Ali, Spencer or Mona, then those respective theorists will be mad (Cause “WHY DID THEY MAKE HIM/HER LOOK SO GUILTY!?!”). If it’s not a twin then “Why did they drop so many twin clues?” And if it is a twin “Oh my god. what a cop out! I can’t believe they went with the book story.” etc. 

I think that for the cast, their view on how pleased we will be, is based really on what part of the audience they see most. If most people they see are die hard shippers, then they might think “yea half of your ship is sunk in this, so you are going to be mad.”

Also, what if it’s just kind of predictable? not at all shocking, like Mar says? 

Basically, there’s no way that some people aren’t going to be extremely pissed off at this ending. Because promises have been made, and they won’t live up to them for everyone. 

For me, I’m sure I’ll have varying degrees of acceptance. But the absolute worst ending for me, is a happy ending for Ezra. Any ending that doesn’t acknowledge that he is an abusive, shady POS, will me make me angrier than words can say.  I definitely think Ezra is A team, but even if he’s not… and it’s just like… ‘A’ strings him up and calls him out for being a piece of shit… that’s enough for me. I need this show to acknowledge Ezra’s guilt. If they don’t, then that’s basically the worst ending I can imagine. 

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Throughout the years when it comes to shipping real people I've learned to appreciate their friendship above everything else. Is like "I don't wanna force them into anything I want them to have each other for the rest of their lives but if they dated I wouldn't be mad" kind of thing y'know??? Obviously I read fics and I don't judge people who believe in a secret romantic relationship between their ship but to me you enjoy your faves better that way :'))

yes! tbh just be respectful, always keep in mind that they’re real people and don’t force anything on anyone. platonic love is a thing and you can ship them without oversexualization 

Have you ever had a ship that you’ve seen around and you’re like… eh. It exists and I don’t really like it, but it’s not so terrible that you’ll consider it a notp. 

So, you allow it to come across your dash occasionally. Then you start considering interactions between them and you’re like… Ok yeah I can see that and I suppose that art is kinda cool, too. 

But, if someone were to ask you if you ship it you’re like naw man not my cup of tea. And you go back to scrolling through tumblr with just a little bit more aware of that ship. 

And then it happens. 

You look around yourself and realize that the ship sailed a long time ago…

You have no idea when you bought that ticket. You don’t even know how long the ship has been at sea, either. All you know is that you’re on the ship and there’s no end in sight.

 And you kind of want to get angry and demand a refund, but you realize that there’s no one to get angry at. Because you were the one to buy the ticket in the first place. 

So, instead, you just accept your fate and allow yourself to enjoy the ship.

Oh and then there’s also this point where you’re like, oh I can just read one fic about them. It won’t change my mind.

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But then it totally does.

As excited as I am I feel kind of bad for them. Like yeah this weekend they were pretty fucking terrible at hiding anything, let’s be honest. But when a magazine posts an article about it, that’s more than just a blog post or a tweet. A LOT of people are going to see that article. Hopefully they survive through this madness. That’s all I have to say. Thank you

Trying to enjoy something lately...

Me: Let’s see if there are awesome gifs about GoT. At least I want to see something with Ghost and Jon in here or maybe something with Lyanna.

Game of Thrones tag: JONERYS IS ENDGAME! / JONSA IS ENDGAME! / Leaked episodes / Spoilers

Jon Snow tag: SANSA IS HIS REAL LOVE! / DANY IS HIS REAL LOVE! / HE IS PLAYING WITH DANY BECAUSE HE WANTS HER DRAGONS! / HE IS SO OOC! / HE IS BETRAYING THE NORTH! / HE HAS MORE CHEMISTRY WITH (insert any character name here but Dany) / Weird posts about why Jonsa is endgame that overanalyze every single action he has on screen and how everything is connected with Sansa.

Daenerys Targaryen tag:

Me: …. Ok, maybe I should try with Star Wars, I need news about The Last Jedi.



Me: … maybe any other tag is better.




That’s it, it seems like we can’t enjoy anything here…

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Also me: Time to play Breath of the Wild, at least no one dislikes Link…

Revali: Hold my beer!

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Don’t hate me, this was real and it happened, I can’t! LMAO!

And just for the record, I don’t ship Jonsa, Jonerys, Reylo, Finnrey or anything! LOL!

Kuro Week Day 1- Madness

Characters: Shiro (voltron), Kuro (voltron), unidentified Galra soldier
Summary: A Galra soldier is tasked with guarding the fabled “Champion”. Needless to say, he’s not a fan.
A/N: sorry shit summary, but hopefully a good story. I’m really excited to see what people think of this so hope you enjoy it!

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honestly i’m not being salty or anything but when i saw people said that showki is fake/just a mere fan service/starship is trying to sell them i’m like ‘what?’ because, that doesn’t make sense at all. when people said shownu and kihyun are not supposed to be shipped together because there’s nothing romantic about them i’m like- speechless.

guys, i’m not being biased or anything but there’s no regulation or rules to ship someone with someone. if you find a pair that is cute it’s up to you to ship them or not. no one force you to ship showki- like, you can ship other shownu ships or kihyun ships because no one’s gonna be mad at you if you do. but when you said ‘this is just fake’, 'you aren’t supposed to ship them’ well for me… it’s kinda rude. we have the rights to ship who we want to ship.

i know that shownu and kihyun are awkward with each other at first but that doesn’t mean they are still am now, right? you don’t live with them, you don’t even see them everyday, yet you assume that they are just acting/their interactions are fake? i can see it for myself; how both of them are slowly trying to be comfortable with each other. and maybe during this comeback, their bond just got stronger. maybe their relationship is evolving to a better phase than before? who knows?

i’m sorry if this offended anybody but yeah, i’m just saying that they are all the best of friends. whether or not you ship them in a romantic-kind-of-way or just mere friends, it’s up to you. what i’m trying to point out is that we shouldn’t say things like that. i believe showki shippers are growing more and more everyday and we might be offended by your words about our ship. imagine if someone talks bad about your ship by saying that it’s fake; won’t you be mad too? consider putting yourself in our shoes please.

i’m so sorry once again. just an opinion (or more like a rant) from a showki shipper.

Soraru’s tweet “ Recently, I’ve fallen in love with Mafumafu” is ranked 7th on twitter 

and Mafumafu’s reply- “Lies!!!!!!!!! Soraru-san wouldn’t say such things!!!!!!! He’s not the kind of person who can say such words so honestly!!!!! Who did this I won’t forgive you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mad)” is ranked 11th