i kind of ship them idk

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If you could ship your fav mutuals with a member of bts, who would you ship them with and why?

Oh man this was kind of unexpected. I got it this morning and ive been lowkey thinking abt it all day and its gonna be so hard bc i have a lot of favorite mutuals lmao. I’ll just do it by who I talk to the most.

I ship Idalia ( @1rapline ) with Min Yoongi. Oh, Idalia,,,my sweet yoongi loving binch. Okay besides yoongs being her bias, they would be so cute together?? Idk their faces just compliment each other nicely.

I ship Amanda ( @95s ) with Jungkook. Her love for him is so pure and sweet and just the fact that she loVES HIS NOSE SO MUCH IS SO CUTE AND WOW YES.

I ship Ashlea ( @softggyu ) with Jimin. They’re both so soft and sweet and deserve each other!!!!!! I want to see them holding hands and being cute together wtf !!!!!!

I ship Kenna ( @seyungsoo ) with Namjoon. Kenna and Nams,,,,, Nams and Kenna,,,,, what better combination. I dont have to give a reason for why I ship them. Its just gotta happen.

I ship Seina ( @luhanetti ) with Taehyung. Seina, I dont remember who your bts bias is (I’m vvv sorry I’m terrible) but like,,,,consider this,,,,you and taehyung,,,,holding hands and getting ice cream,,, perfect. They’re also both very loving and sweet and energetic so !!!!

Okay so like, I didn’t give real reason why I ship them bc honestly????? I just ship them bc it feels right lmao.

Whoever sent this in, thank you!!!! ❤

aren’t these the kind of matching outfits y’all wanted? 

i’ve been seeing ships with these shirts everywhere but never saw a d&p one sooooo why not?

also idk who came out with these shirts idea but if you do you could dm me their username or link so i can credit them propely.

ps: if you are seeing this in a computer and phil’s hair looks like it has radioactive poo in it i’m sorry. in my phone it looked completely normal.

i think that hance dating happens naturally. they kind of expected it, thought about it plenty of times too. there weren’t any thoughts such as “what if i ruin our friendship?”, because deep down lance knew that no one in this world will get him like hunk does. and because they were really close, they’ve always used pet names like “baby”, “dear”, “sweetie” so it was no big deal, both of them were used to it. and they start dating, right? they make things “official” and one day instead of all the obnoxious sugary nicknames, hunk just calls lance “love” and lance just….Dies a bit. he’s flustered and fumbles around trying to answer to whatever hunk just said, except he can’t… he never called him ‘love’, not even jokingly. it felt too intimate. hunk gets anxious af and starts saying things like “oh my god?? i shouldn’t have said that without warning, i’m sorry it’s just that–” and lance shuts him up with a gentle kiss and hunk’s shoulders drop and he’s not tense anymore, he just melts in lance’s arms….  i’d die for hance


I figured I’d draw some, and it ended up being a really self indulgent kakpol pose practicing session. I also ended up making into one of my rare line art pics lmao

I want to tell just how great it is to draw tango poses, btw. I definitely recommend it.

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as a kookmin shipper to a fellow kookmin shipper; why is it that you specifically chose (or got dragged into more like) for them? for me it's kind of the way kookie developed into his relationship with jimin (how he went from shying away to overtly showing his affection in a dominant but semi-tsun way) + how kookie is a big buff baby and jimin is a small soft (and buff) hyung but they are still equal (idk.. I just.. love them so much. have a nice day <3)

Ahhh  Anyone who’s followed me for a while knows about ‘The Moment™’ right? I can’t believe that post is almost a year old…

When I pick ships, I tend to go for those who at first seem like they’re in opposition to each other. And Jikook was no exception. They were the perfect example of a push/pull, love/hate relationship and I thrived off their teasing moments (still do). 

I couldn’t imagine how they would grow but they did, and wonderfully. Jungkook, shy, lone little fetus Jungkook grew (physically hELLO puberty) but also mentally and emotionally. He broke out of his shell, became more comfortable with himself and his band mates. He’s still growing of course, but the transformation he’s already gone through is amazing. Jimin also grew. Grew more into himself, more confident in himself, and became more mature. He’s calmed down quite a bit but still shows more affection to Kookie then almost anyone else (all of the hair ruffles ^.^). 

They also grew, not just individually, but together. They learned their places in the group, and become much more comfortable with each other. Kookie still likes to test those hyung/dongsaeng boundaries every once in a while, but now they are close enough so that it seems like it doesn’t undermine Jimin’s authority as the hyung as much as before. And Jimin seems fine with it now, perhaps even encouraged it (off camera).

Watching their growth has been an absolutely lovely experience! They help each other, admire each other, respect each other, love each other, and it seems really genuine. That’s why I ship Jikook, why I love their relationship.   

  • what i say: im fine
  • what i mean: i just cant get over how i once shipped Feyre and Tamlin but im so glad i dont now, but i also cant ship Feyre and Rhysand enough i read feysand fanfic everyday and i still cant get enough of them like how is it that Rhysand is someone we all didnt know we needed until we met him?? i cant get over how he decided to wait to tell feyre they were mates bc he respected her that much and wanted her to choose for herself and i cant get over how azriel pined for mor after so many years idk what kind of love is that but its a beautiful and true one and i just love them so much and i cant get over how rhys went thru so much under the mountain and now he has feyre but then she decided she would make this sacrifice bc she loves her court that much and rhys too and i just cant help but think thats why aelin did it too, and i will never not want to cry everytime i think of how lorcan said "i wanted to go to perranth with you". like, that just breaks my heart and i also want to know what manon said to dorian to make him smile like that and i just cantttt get over. how. these. two. series. ruined. me. for. the. better. or worse? idek.

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Why are people so hateful towards our ship?? I don't get it :( we're not mean to them

idk i’m kind of mean sometimes

i can’t sum up EVERYONE because there’s a broad spectrum but the reasons that antis i’ve encountered have done what they’ve done is one or more of these things

  • they just can’t see it happening because the idea of it is too weird (this is what i like to call “antis that are actually semi-reasonable because they don’t pretend that it’s anything more than that”)
  • they think it’s incest.
  • they think it’s pedophilia.
  • they think it’s abuse.
  • ^ all of these things aren’t true about reylo, by the way. the incest one might be if the writers screw the pooch, but who knows
  • they fundamentally misunderstand the subtext to kylo ren and rey’s relationship which i cannot entirely blame them for because some of the more overt references to it got cut from the movie and are only available in the books, ie, “You have compassion for her”
  • they do surface-level analysis of things and water down complex characterization to inappropriate labels (KYLO IS AN ABUSER/NAZI/WHATEVERTHEFUCK!!! REY IS A PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL SUNSHINE STAR CHILD!!!)
  • they pit fin.nrey against it
  • they choose to ignore actual canonical/official content that comes out or attack the people that wrote it if they disagree with what was created (Claudia Gray got attacked really badly with her book Bloodline)
  • they think that they are more morally pure than us
  • they’re twelve year olds that just don’t know any better or they’re forty year olds that should know better but are still mentally twelve
  • they have savior complexes
  • they’re just miserable, spiteful people

So while I have a severe weak for Soriel, at the same time I also kind of headcannon both Sans and Papyrus as aces??

It’s mostly because they’re skeletons, really. It wouldn’t make any biological sense for them to be sexually attracted to anyone. Papyrus kinda reinforces that idea by learning he doesn’t share any romantic feelings for the player in the game and that he had never dated anybody beforehand either. Idk. Maybe it’s just me projecting myself a little onto those goobers. Is that really so bad? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Bughead ;-;

Oh god, the one ship I can’t STAND. 😂Maybe because I read the comics religiously when I was a kid and they were never a couple in the comics and therefore I hate them together on TV, but idk, I just get so mad when I see them on my dash, it’s kind of concerning. 😂

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deedennis shippers are crazy. they say bc dee and dennis stand so close??? or sit together??? that they wanna fuck? they're fucking twins and twins usually gravitate towards each other/are in sync. doesn't mean they wanna fuck. this isn't game of thrones.

lmao right like?? theyre supposed to be close theyre siblings???? also honestly idk how anyone can watch Who Got Dee Pregnant and still think they’d go anywhere near that kind of thing like?? dennis literally threw up multiple times and could barely stand up when he thought they’d accidentally slept together while super drunk?? but yea theyd definitely do that on purpose sure, jan



I like how queer ships in the present actually have a chance at happening. If you look back a few years there was pretty much was nothing for lgbt represent in cartoons, fast forward to 2016 and we have cannon queer couple like korrasami, bubbleline and pretty much the entire Steven’s Universe cast (I’m looking at you Ruby and Sapphire)

So, I thinks it just kind of amazing that we can ship pairings like Klance or Lapidot and actually have a chance of them happening

Idk it’s just makes me happy

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I can't believe someone like you would be into something as juvenile as shipping. And by the way, Drake is not 'respectful' towards Nicki Minaj, he raps about wanting to have sex with her in basically every song.

There’s nothing juvenile about shipping, stop being such a pretentious asshole.
And you can want to have sex with someone and still respect them? Clearly she’s ok with him rapping about it because she’s never been the kind of person who’d keep quiet about something that’s bothering her. Maybe they have that kind of friendship idk. She’s ok with giving him lap dances and stuff.
Anyway, if having sex with her was the only thing he talks about then yeah, that’s not ok but he also lets her know that he respects her for the kind of person/the kind of artist she is.AND MY FAVORITE (taken from this interview):

When I was on the first tour, I saw Nicki for the first time and literally fell in love. She had this snap-back hat on that said ‘Minaj.’ She used to wear that every single day. She was like a theater student and she was so cold at rapping. I remember one of the first nights that we were out in Miami and I went to Jerry’s Deli. I was like, ‘You want food, you hungry?,’ I sent her flowers, and she was like, ‘Yeah, I want some food.’ I was like, ‘I’m in, we gon’ eat food together.’ I came to her door and she took the food and shut the door in my face! I was just like, ‘Man, this is gonna be a long road for us.’ I’ve always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her.

So yeah, BYE.

(gifs taken from here and here)

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apart from reylo, do you have any other sw ships?

well, if i’m being honest, i shipped finnrey way before i shipped reylo. i just hated how some finnreys treated the other fans and somehow it lowkey turned it off for me? i still kind of do, though. anyway, i also ship rebelcaptain, hanleia, stormpilot (even though i don’t reblog it alot i just love them together), and aotc/clone wars anidala (because rots anidala just…broke me)

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To add to the anon's point about Jughead being asexual. If the hate towards Bughead is about Jughead being asexual, why do people ship him and Archie? I think people just don't want Jughead in a hetero relationship.

Yup !!!!! Honestly I even deleted that bc is just gonna be a petty argument people can be really hypocrite when it comes to this ship thing and I’m not in the mood for this kind of drama! tbh I respect all the ships (except for archie and ms robinson) and I see no reason to hate on them just bc it’s not in the comic doesn’t mean it can’t happen in the show. Plus idk why so much drama like we are in the first season who said he can’t find out later that he’s actually asexual it could happen ppl need to chill

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OTP: what kind of fucking question is this when Charlie/Matteusz are the cutest shit to grace my screen since a certain post-apocalyptic lesbian died and took that ship down with her

BrOTP: Charlie and April, definitely. We really didn’t get to see enough of their friendship, but it was always so genuine and sweet and they’re such kindred spirits that I really hope we get to see more of them being adorable together

OT3: Charlie/Matteusz/the general grumbling of Quill in the background 

NOTP: idk anything involving him (or Matteusz) hooking up with a girl because wow these boys are gay as shit, not bi but super super gay 

and people shipping gay characters with people of the opposite gender need to never ever do that (admittedly it’s more of a problem with lesbian characters, especially with male characters they might have dated in the past, but yeah, it’s icky and let’s not go there)

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I noticed that Demi has a "type" she only goes for Latinos or Latinas being her exes are Selena allegedly and Wilmer. Lauren falls on that category. She loves her some hot Latina. And I think she is sweet, kind and loving to the people she has been with. The good thing here is tho Demi and Lauren are both 'serious' when it comes to commitment, neither of them cheated and both had it most of the time long term. Demi is good now, So is Lo, I think they would be good for each other. If not Camila.

maybe latinx really is her thing. idk. i can’t really see myself shipping it.