i kind of ship them idk

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could call celine/damien/william: the founders, 3DPop/3DGum (3d = red and blue, pop or gum = warfstache's pink?), or some kind of reference to their roles (Colonel, Mayor, Seer)? I'm personally a sucker for making ship names some kind of symbolic phrase instead of just name-smushes. Could also call them something like the "echoes" or "shades" or something, since technically the people the 3 were sort of 'died' in becoming warf and dark. idk, ideas i guess

those sound adorable omg. but i agree, sometimes combining names together for a ship can get a bit tricky. but it’s also hard because you don’t want to have a name that’s already another ship’s name, y’know? why is shipping so hard lmao. i’m sure we’ll all work something out. 💕


make me choose: asked by @mhinyards ♡ drarry or wolfstar?

“Lupin was lowering his wand, gazing fixedly at Black. The Professor walked to Black’s side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother.”

aren’t these the kind of matching outfits y’all wanted? 

i’ve been seeing ships with these shirts everywhere but never saw a d&p one sooooo why not?

also idk who came out with these shirts idea but if you do you could dm me their username or link so i can credit them propely.

ps: if you are seeing this in a computer and phil’s hair looks like it has radioactive poo in it i’m sorry. in my phone it looked completely normal.

So, this is weird, and idk if it’s just me, but…I think I actually ship Klance more than I used to? Not that I didn’t love them before, but it’s a different kind of love now. And I think the fandom feels that way, too…this past year, we’ve thrived on mostly fanon content: fics, art, headcanons, etc. A lot of that would incorporate canon into it, but efforts were focused on the fanon aspect, on what they could be, on interactions they could have. But now…I’ve seen more meta on the characters and their relationship during the season over the last few DAYS than I have over the course of this entire YEAR. Most, if not all of the Klance content I’ve seen this weekend, art included, has been based around their actual, canon interactions in the show, and not our HOPES for their interactions.

I think that really, really says something.

I think that one of the things I really truly love about Victuuri is that they’re one of those ships you can imagine doing those weird little relationship things? Like some ships are so Serious and you can’t imagine them doing anything but IDK Solving Crime. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But Victuuri is a ship made to be imagined with an air of domesticity. For example:

Yuuri tries a new kind of protein bar, takes a bite and makes the universal expression for what did I just put in my mouth.

“This is gross,” Yuuri mumbles around his mouthful, and holds it out to Viktor. “Taste it.”

Viktor, unthinkingly, leans over and takes a bite. 

“Erg, why did I just do that,” Viktor says, chewing laboriously.

Yuuri grimaces at the protein bar as he chews and then swallows, glances at Viktor and says, “Do you want the rest of it?”

“…Yeah, I’ll take it.”

And also:

Driving around Saint Petersburg, Yuuri resting his head on his hand and looking out the window. He sees a street name that tickles him a little. “Lanskoe. Lanksoo. Lakeshoe. Canoe.”

“Lanskoooooe,” Viktor says from next to him.

“Lakeshoe,” Yuuri says, still mindlessly staring out the window. “Say it with me. Lakeshoe. Shoes for lakes. Lakeshoe.”



These things are all happening at quite formative ages, so I think it’d be great to see them cross paths again. I have no idea what it would be like, but I think they must carry some torch for each other. I think they crossed paths at that time where they were both searching for something, and they kind of found it in each other a little bit
—  Joe ‘I don’t ship Gendrya’ Dempsie (x)
Im probably the only one who does this
  • Lemony goodness fanfics: -Insert hot as hell make out scene-
  • Me: oh... my
  • Fanfic: -insert dirty talk here-
  • Me: ...why can i hear them-
  • Fanfic: -Dude fucking moans-
  • Me: Forgive me mother for i have sinned.

I figured I’d draw some, and it ended up being a really self indulgent kakpol pose practicing session. I also ended up making into one of my rare line art pics lmao

I want to tell just how great it is to draw tango poses, btw. I definitely recommend it.

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