i kind of organized the songs in a certain way so they flowed

If God existed, he would have been murdered long ago. Man could not have tolerated him; he was an enemy. It is good that he does not exist, so you can go on praying … Just think ….

There is a story, a very ancient story ….

Once God used to live just in the marketplace, but the whole day, even in the night people were knocking on the doors and complaining about everything: “This is not the right kind of world you have created. Why is there so much sickness? If you are the creator, then why do you create bodies which are sick? Why is there old age, and why is there death?”

So people tortured him so much, the old story says, that he called a council of his angels and asked them, “I will either die out of this constant torture, or I will have to commit suicide! Can you tell me what I should do? These people don’t leave me for a single moment and their demands are such that I cannot fulfill them. One woman comes and she says, ‘Tomorrow, remember, no rain because I am trying to dry my wheat.’ And another man says, 'Tomorrow I absolutely need rain because I am sowing my seeds.’ Now what am I to do?

"And there are millions of people shouting and angry because their desire has not been fulfilled, their prayer has not been heard.”

So the angels thought. One angel said, “It is good if you move to Everest, the highest peak of the Himalayas.”

God said, “You don’t know it but I am omniscient, I know everything – past, present, future. Soon there will be a man who will reach to the highest peak of the Himalayas.

And once one man has found me, there will be buses and airplanes, and all kinds of vehicles. And they will make roads and hotels, and again there will be the marketplace.

You don’t understand: it will only be just a little peace for a short time. That won’t do. I will have to change my place again.”

So somebody suggested, “Why don’t you move to the moon?”

He said, “You don’t understand because you don’t know the future – just after Everest they are going to go to the moon. So I will have to change again. Show me something from where I have not to change!”

Then an old angel came close to him and whispered in his ear, “The only place man may never think of is within his own heart. You just sit there …”

He has disappeared from everywhere. Perhaps you can encounter something of divineness in your own being. In your own life you may find something which is godly.

You will not find God as a person, you will find a quality, a fragrance, a presence; a certain air, a certain energy which is not yours, which belongs to the cosmos.

Stendhal is perfectly right: “God’s only excuse is that he does not exist.” That is saving him; otherwise there was no safety, no security.

Friedrich Nietzsche in his, THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA, comes to a point where Zarathustra is coming down from his mountain cave where he has lived many, many years. And he finds on the way an old hermit’s hut, and the hermit is praying to God.

Early in the morning, as the sun is rising, the hermit is praying.

And Zarathustra murmurs to himself, “Is it possible that this old hermit has not heard that God is dead?”

When Zarathustra goes down he tells the crowd, “Have you heard the news that God is dead?” They all start laughing.

They say, “You must be insane. Living in a cave for many, many years alone, has made you a crackpot.”

Nietzsche himself became mad in the last phase of his life, because he declared really good news but he could not manage to find something to replace God. He could not find the celebration of life, he could not find the experience of the living stream within you.

He remained in a vacuum – in a vacuum you are going to be mad.

More people go mad in the West than in the East. More people commit suicide in the West than in the East. More people murder in the West than in the East. It should be otherwise – the East is so poor that people should commit suicide, should go mad … but they don’t. What is happening?

The Western mind has come to know God is not there – an immense vacuum. And man cannot live without meaning, man cannot live without significance, man cannot live without joy. If God is dead, man has become absolutely empty, and man cannot live in emptiness.

He needs juices of life flowing through him. He needs to blossom into beautiful lotuses.

He needs to sing songs, he needs to play music. He needs all the blessings that existence makes available to you.

The Western man is more educated, is more rich, hence his bodily needs are almost fulfilled. He looks at the sky and finds the sky is empty – there is no God. This understanding that there is no God, rather than becoming good news to the Western man has become bad news. He feels accidental, unnecessary – there is no reason why he should be here.

The East knows three religions which don’t have any God – Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism – three religions which are not centered on God. And these three religions seem to be saner than the religions which have come out of Judaism – Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism. These three Eastern religions seem to be more sane, because from the very beginning there is no God. So they don’t have to look upward in the sky, they have to look inward. That is the only place where they have to explore for truth.

Prayer is not the way; meditation is the way.

And those who have come to the ultimate experience of meditation – a Gautam Buddha, a Bodhidharma, a Mahakashyapa, a Mahavira, a Lao Tzu, a Chuang Tzu, a Ma Tzu, a Sekito … they all don’t even talk about God. That which does not exist – what is the point even to say that he does not exist? It is simply out of the question to discuss God, to discuss heaven and hell.

Hence I want you to understand that Zen has come as a flowering out of the meeting of Gautam Buddha and Lao Tzu. It is the meeting of Dhamma and Tao. It is a crossbreed of Bodhidharma and Chuang Tzu. These two religions have reached to the highest peak, and they are unorganized religions. Where they have become organized they are dead. For example, in Tibet it became organized, it became dead. In Sri Lanka it became organized, it became dead.

Wherever religion becomes organized it becomes dead because it is immediately a desire for power, a desire to dominate. It becomes politics instead of religion.

Organization destroys the individual, sacrifices the individual, and the individual is the only one who can know the highest peaks of consciousness and the depths of consciousness.

Out of the meeting of Gautam Buddha and Lao Tzu, Zen is born. Zen is neither Buddhism, nor is it Tao; it is both, just as you are both your mother and your father. You are neither – something of your father, something of your mother is flowing in you.

Zen has come to the highest point of expression. It has become almost synonymous with eternal life. Adam and Eve could not eat the fruit of the eternal life, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. They had only eaten the fruit of knowledge. But Zen gives you the other tree, the tree of eternal life.

God is no where.

Life is now here.

And Zen is the master key to open the doors of the mystery of life.

—  Osho
Just Regular Stuff - (A Suho One shot)

“Oppa” you said in your sweetest voice, kicking your legs cutely as you sat up on his kitchen counter. He glanced at you before returning to his container of yogurt. You had just finished a run with Suho, your workout buddy who you met at the gym three months ago. You hit it off well and had been spending time exercising together now. You liked him. You really really liked him. But he was a total nerd. And a self control freak. You’d never met someone as in control of himself as Suho was. It was beginning to drive you crazy. How was he so repressed?

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Secret Love - Chapter One

She was an outcome of a night filled with pressure. 

You had only been together for two months, Mike constantly pushing himself on you, not showing any limits of boundaries. He was desperate to have you in an intimate way, but you weren’t ready.

He’d come home from work, hopping over to your flat for a visit, and each time, would try and push himself on you, until one night you gave in.

You remember the day like it was just yesterday…

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160816 SUGA

Agust D

Music can be easy and take a sudden turn into something difficult and it can also be difficult and transform into something easy and sometimes you can be stuck in one place for ten,twenty days or have music flowing out of you in ten minutes or so.Hmm I’ve been doing music for 11years now and it’s still difficult haha like life.


I started music when I was 13.The long duration in which I was making music somewhat helped me organize and sort out who I am,and what kind of person I am which was actually my biggest concern.But I was able to figure out my identity and have things sorted out now but I won’t tell you.


I picked my best beats out of all the ones I’ve made and produced this mixtape with them.I was saving them for Bangtan’s albums but well…I’ll be able to make lots of good music :) I’m going to be creating music for way longer than how long I’ve already spent creating music haha


I’ve been living life composing music for about half my lifetime.I’ve spent enough time with music to be sick of it but I’ve stuck with it for a long time.I wonder what else I’ve been so passionate about in life other than music.I’m super impatient so when I started something I don’t last long with it :)


I always wanted to become the best to someone.So I felt rushed and anxious.I compared myself to others,and I wasn’t satisfied with the parent.I was greedy.I pondered and felt sad…Greed,which can be used as a weapon,sometimes became anger.While working on this mixtape,I went back to the corner of my memories to find my 13-year-old self who had just started making music.When I first started producing I wanted to make music that comforted and deeply touched the human’s heart rather than make the ‘best’ music.


I think that the producing of this mixtape was very comforting to me.Why do I have so much on my mind when I was young. I think there’s a lot of things I worked harder at because that fellow named 'expectation’ was always so far from me.Because of that I was consistently able to show you guys beyond your expectation.It’s a relief :)


I don’t really like analyzing songs and adding explanations to them.Music belongs to the listener not the creator.This is why I always talk about the production procedure rather than explaining the songs and the lyrics in my albums reviews.Music isn’t something you can understand just from a simple explanation.Analyzation is a task given to the listener.Chew,tear,taste my mixtape to your heart’s content :)


I feel like I was going back and forth between heaven and hell thousands of times a day during the production of this mixtape.I would feel confident at one point and want to throw everything away at the next,or I would like I’d done enough and feel disappointed at it a moment later.It’s a bit of a different feeling from when I was working on Bangtan’s album.It was very chaotic because I started working on this mixtape while we set on tour but I felt like I could breathe thanks to BigHit family since they helped produce the last half of my mixtape :)


Thanks to Yankie hyung and Suran noons who delightfully helped me out with just one phone call on not even an official album but on a mixtape :)


Hope to be together at the creation and at the end of life.

Be generous wherever your position may be.

Finally be at full bloom at the end of the test.

Your beginnings will seem humble so prosperous will your future are.


It’s certain that Min Yoongi is a genius.

10 Days of Christmas: Day 7

Office Christmas Party-miseltoe kiss

Previously: Day 6

The office was absolutely crazy, turned upside down from what it normally was, the music playing festive songs, the different groups singing along, lights twinkled and the spiked drinks flowed, leading to renewed camaraderie and yuletide celebration.

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Rupphire Fic 2

Here’s the other one! It’s a little more out of character than the last. Sapphire has significantly less chill than she should. I think she does a lot of internal worrying anyway, so… yeah.

Sapphire woke up alone. She was never alone. She was never Sapphire. Where is Ruby? Where did she—oh. She remembers, remembers being forcibly split apart by some new technology, by some terrifying new Gem called Jasper, remembers being forced back into her gem without seeing Ruby, remembers Steven’s face

She has to find Ruby. Where did they take her?

No. No, she can’t panic, can’t worry herself into a fit. She needs to keep a level head. She’s the calm one. She’s the one who comes up with the rational plans, the one who sits on the sidelines thinking of battle strategy when she should be battling

She needs to sing. If she sings, Ruby will find her. Ruby could, and would, follow her voice anywhere, which scared her a bit. …irrelevant now. She needs to sing, Ruby will find her, she’ll be saved… again.

Once her singing moved to her mental ‘autopilot’, she found herself worrying in the worst way. She hates being the damsel in distress, the one who always needs saving, the one who couldn’t save a metaphorical cat from an even more metaphorical tree unless it was just a sapling with her feeble height, in which case the cat wouldn’t need saving. Ruby could. She could climb the tree, already carrying the blue gem’s weight, and climb down also holding the feline, all with ease. Sapphire is the weaker half when they aren’t fused, when she can’t use her calmness to stop Ruby’s outbursts before they happen (when she could, if only she thought to check). She’s weak on her own. Incomplete. She’s—

She’s being watched. She stops singing and turns to where she had felt eyes pierce her self-made bubble of mental isolation.

“Hello,” Steven says from beyond her cell, looking as cheerful as always even with his injuries. He’s got a dark, purpling eye, somewhat swollen. It looks incredibly bad, but humans were hard to judge to her own standards. Wounds showed up more severely on their fleshy bodies. “I liked your song. Did you get captured, too?”

She’s staring rudely, even if he can’t see under her bangs, gaping at the poor child. How did he get out? “Of course, you saw—“ she starts finally, only to cut herself off with realization. Of course he wouldn’t recognize her. He only knows her as Garnet. (So much for his birthday, her mind’s eye seems to tease, not allowing her to look farther than the few measly moments she used to cherish. It was like seeing only ten feet in front of her, and she shuddered to think of poor Ruby walking entirely blind.) “Yes,” she says instead. “How did you get out?”

“Hm? Oh!” he says, looking mildly surprised. “I kind of just…” He reached for the cage wall.

“No!” she says, throwing out a useless hand to try and stop him, but his hand slips through unhindered, stopping the very flow of energy. “How…?” (Flesh, her mind’s eye reminds her, helpfully for once. Organic.) “Of course.”

“Yeah! Come on through!” He holds up his arms to let Sapphire pass through safely. “I’m Steven. What’s your name?”

“Sapphire. I need to find Ruby.” She looks around but sees nothing. Well, nothing important. Nothing but green, great big artificial walls she would have welcomed before joining Rose.

“Ruby? Is she your friend? Did she get captured, too? I’m looking for my friends. We could look together!”

“…you could say that, yes.” She looks again, following the river farther forward. If she can just push to a few minutes rather than seconds, she can see… there. Certain capture, certain death, dead end… Ruby.  “Come on, this way.” She grabs his arm and pulls him along, running at full speed. Green walls fly past her. She looks straight ahead. She needs to find her.

“Wow, you’re fast! …wait, stop!”

She stops, not because she obeys Steven unquestioningly but because the request shocks her into stopping. He’s human, never experienced this speed before, is it like the teacups all over again? “What? Why?”

He doesn’t answer her. Not on purpose, anyway. “Lapis!”

“Steven?” the water gem asks from her own cell, looking utterly defeated.

Sapphire senses she’s unwanted. Lapis never liked Garnet, never liked any of the Crystal Gems. She wouldn’t want Sapphire here. “I’ll guard the doorway,” she says quietly, quickly flipping through timelines. More good than bad would come of her being on guard duty, as far as she could tell. It’s the safest option.

She stands in the hallway and tries desperately not to eavesdrop. She does anyway. She couldn’t help being curious. Still, she tries to act surprised when Steven comes out of the room alone. “What’s wrong? Was Lapis’s cage stronger?”

“No, she didn’t want help,” he says morosely. He perks up a moment later, back to his usual cheery self. “We’ll come back later. Let’s go find your friend Ruby, and my friends!”

Sapphire feels a pang of guilt at the mention of her ‘friend.’ Of course, Ruby is a friend, but she’s so much more. What if Steven was offended at them lying to him for so long? Garnet is who they are, but Steven is half human and raised as such. He only knows Fusion as a battle strategy, an interesting quirk of Gems, a fun experience every once in a while… even after Stevonnie, she was worried the young gem won’t understand. Walking slower, she attempts to explain tactfully. Tact was never her strong point. “Steven, you see, Ruby isn’t just a friend. She’s my other half. She’s—we’re—Ruby!”

Everything else becomes irrelevant the second the red gem comes into view. Sapphire runs to the cage, leaving a bewildered Steven far behind her. Ruby is curled up, panicking against the wall. She’s worried. Sapphire is used to worrying, but Ruby had always been in a position to do something about it. She was never stuck, always the knight and never the princess. Sapphire felt even worse now that she realized what happens when their roles are reversed.

“Sapphire?” Ruby squeaks, face lighting up as she stands. She forgets about the wall and tries to put her hands on it, only to pull back in a flurry of angry grumbling. “Ow… How are you out?”

“Steven,” the blue gem replies gently, and they each understand that it’s the only response necessary.

As if on cue, the mentioned gem catches up, grin wide. “Hey! Are you Ruby? Come on out!” he holds his arms up to let Ruby out the same way he had Sapphire, and out Ruby runs, directly to Sapphire for an embrace of pure relief.

“Did they hurt you?” Sapphire asks urgently, arms around her partner’s shoulders protectively.

“Who cares?” Ruby asks in disbelief, tears pricking in the corners of her eyes. “Did they hurt you?”

I care!” Sapphire says, kissing the tears as they fall. “I was so worried!”

“I’m fine,” Ruby says finally, smiling as she cries.

“I am, too.”

Ruby grins wider and lifts Sapphire up, spinning her around and giggling childishly. Their voices change pitch and meld together, and suddenly she becomes herself again.

Garnet lands on the ground in a crouch and grins. “Steven! Thank you!”

I remember having so much fun writing these and you might find a few more later i have ideas and i blame you and the rest of the rupphire squad ty ilu all

randilla  asked:

Recently you posted some (really awesome!!) characters related to your tea dragon story and you said you were still getting to know them. How do you "get to know" your characters? I have a story and characters I really like but it's a struggle to design them and make their personality more 3 dimensional

Ohh this is a really interesting question! I think it’s different for every artist, but some ways that I personally go about it:

- Draw them HEAPS!! like, filling up sketchbooks heaps. just draw them making weird faces (bonus points if this causes you to make the face yourself), walking, shopping, eating, talking on the phone, sleeping, grooming - at first you may need to think about how the character would behave in each action, but the more you do it the easier it gets!

- Work out some interactions! Characters very rarely exist in a void, they’re defined by how they interact with others. For me, this is The Good Stuff - drawing characters smoochin, yelling, fighting, cuddling, playing, lookin scared as shit together….. it’s all so much fun haha! Draw characters in different combinations with each other and the more you do it, the more nuances you’ll develop. Do they have a special way of curling up so that their bodies fit together perfectly in an old arm chair and they can both read their respective books? Am I complete trash? Yes.

- Make a playlist! This sounds kinda weird, but think of it as kind of an audio moodboard for your characters. Put together songs that put you in the emotional place you want for that character, or ones that you think they would like! I find that movie/TV show OSTs are a really good place to start for this. Then when you sit down and draw the character, have the music playing so it gets you in the zone!

- Answer a bunch of OC or OTP questions! I don’t know any good ones offhand, and tbh the best ones for you will depend on what’s important to you. They’re pretty easy to find on Tumblr and make you solidify certain aspects about a character that will flow on to others.

- Finally, draw draw DRAW THEM!!!! Have you ever seen early concept art for a movie or show? It usually looks COMPLETELY different from the final product! This is the natural result of just continuing to draw the characters over and over again, and being open to making changes and organically developing both the design and personality. Sometimes you’ll get to a final design pretty quickly, but odds are there will still be little adjustments you can make. You just have to draw them SOOO MUCH!! if you already know the kinds of situations they’ll be in in your story, try drawing multiple variations of those!

I hope that helps and isn’t too overwhelming!! Have fun with your babies!!!!

Interview: Ghost B.C

Ghost B.C are not the kind of band you forget in a hurry. Clad head to toe in gothic robes, with a front man who resembles a high-priest from the fiery depths of Hell, all is not what it seems when they take the stage to perform in a multitude of musical styles. Formed in 2008 in Linköping, Sweden, they have been sweeping a storm throughout the world as of late, completing both a American and European tour. We caught up with Papa Emeritus and his Nameless Ghouls to talk about life on the road, Meloria, and the absence of God…

Words: Alex Inkley

S] How are you finding the tour so far? It must be good for the soul to be out there playing again!

NG] “We had a year off before this tour…well not a year off really, we wrote and recorded and album in that year! But we’ve been out and about since September and it’s a lot of fun touring America and Europe.”

S] What do you guys to for Christmas? Did you relax or have you been constantly writing new stuff?

NG] “We generally spend time with our family and friends, have a bit of a break from Ghost!”

S] You guys have a very vast, technical, and theatrical show- what are the biggest challenged you face in pulling a Ghost show off?  

NG] “Well, the major challenge is getting it all right of course aha. It’s something that has developed over the years, how we move and what we say on-stage, how we play, how we dress…it’s all changed. As far as putting on a show nowadays goes, it’s all thanks to the crew. Setting up the stage is the most difficult part, especially what with every venue and every stage space being really different- have have to accommodate for that.”

S] I feel like there is an uplifting element to your music- you have horror influenced, comedy influences, tongue-in-cheek stuff. If it your aim to uplift your audience?

NG] “Yeah, definitely. Our goal is to entertain. As much as there are many ways to entertain people, this is the way we decide to do it.”

S] I’ve noticed that there are a lot of younger fans at your recent shows who enjoy your imagery. With a lot of black metal bands you don’t get this uplifting feeling that you get at a Ghost show.

NG] “I know what you mean, I get that with those kinds of bands it’s the kind of image they want to put out and the way they want people to feel, that’s that’s not how we want people to feel, not bleak. I could maybe make music like that in another band, but not for Ghost. I’d say 99.9% of bands are very aware of the image they want and aim to project, on-stage and in the media, even the most indie rock bands who look like they turn up by accident to rehearsals, they know what they’re doing, right down to the fucking t-shirt they’re wearing.”

S] In terms of outside influences that feed into Ghost material, what inspires you personally?

NG] “A lot of movies and TV shows, visual stuff. Even architecture and the art of buildings. The countryside, the city, different cultures, traveling….anything that I find interesting! We all enjoy old horror movies, I hate to namedrop though. It tends to be subtle things, like the way certain characters move in a film and they capture a certain mood, we take that and adapt it to our own show to revive that feeling. Like the way we look at and dress each other, could be influenced by a certain scene in a movie. We don’t actually take much influence from metal music or the world of metal- we don’t want to do something that people have seen before.”

Q. In terms of the writing process, do you find yourself noting things down as you travel or do you all have to sit down together and plan things meticulously?

NG] “We definitely jot things down on the road- not specifically music, but definitely visual and performance ideas, or how to promote a new single, that kind of thing. Musically, we don’t sit down and have concrete writing sessions, so I guess the ideas for music are organic also, things just tend to flow naturally. We create things out of joy but also as a way of venting, of letting out frustration, which is only natural. If you aren’t inspired but you’re forced to create something, I can guarantee it will turn out shit. Many songs we hear on the radio, even in metal, are probably written in a haste. Mind you, not all good songs start out by being inspired, so it is good to leave things alone and pick them up again when you are in the right frame of mind.”

S] The concepts and styles of Ghost have changed with each record. How do you think you’ve changed since the beginnings of Ghost, personally as a musician?

NG] “You get more and more humble for every day that you’re allowed to do this, to play music for your living. You learn from other bands that you work with and who you see perform, you understand how much work goes into the whole process. I have a whole new respect for the musicians I looked up to as a kid, now. It’s a business like everything else, but the selling point is it’s more spiritual and rewarding than most! Don’t get me wrong, some bits are fucking boring and it’s hard sometimes on the road and you miss home.”

S] Do you think it takes a special kind of person to deal with going on tour without getting overwhelmed?

NG] “All of us in the band have got very different views and feelings about touring, some get easily homesick and others, especially the crew members, don’t appear to be phased. Maybe because they have been doing it for so long, it’s their life, they accept it. We’ve been out for 5-6 years now, and it still feels new to us, I don’t think any of us are totally at ease yet. But we’re still riding on a wave of beginners’ happiness.”

S] Do you feel like the  initial passion behind Ghost that was there at the start is still there, despite the constant touring and mounting pressure?

NG] “Yes! We couldn’t do this is the passion was still there. We can only do what we do best and write music that we like, when you start to compromise you lose your sound. So we keep going with passion and we don’t compromise our sound. If we were to obey other people’s demands we would be sell-outs, and we never want that. We have had shit and we will continue getting shit for now doing what people expect us to do, but that is not our problem.”

S] I remember seeing you live at Leeds last year; there was a little girl in the crowd talking to her mum saying ‘Oh my god weren’t they amazing?’. She was so excited, it’s something I’ll never forget. Do you have moments that you think you’ll never forget?

NG] “When some of my childhood idols have recognised and praised us and other worldwide renowned musicians, Dave Grohl being an example. To be honest I’m proud every night, every time I see our audience, every time I see someone in a Ghost shirt. Everyday I stop and think, wow, can’t they see we’re just a bunch of shit-kickers from Sweden, and I start to question things aha. It’s weird that so many people love what we do but know nothing, personally, about me. I think about that a lot. But at the end of the day this is a job, and playing all over the world is a great privilege.”

S] We’ve had questions about the themed of this record [Meliora]- in the absence of God,  you seem to offer a helping hand to fans. Do you believe in an afterlife, of something post-physical existence?

NG] “I’m afraid I can’t answer that. The record is more of a comment on modern society, that we are doing fine by ourselves but still yearning for something bigger. And who knows, maybe there is something, not God but a force, a drive that guides us. The human brains calls for guidance and meaning, constantly.”

S] A lot of Metal bands comment on and address concept of religion and how it works in society- I feel like people do find comfort in it, and so fans find comfort in them and their music. Certainly your fans feel comfort and elevation at your shows, they find that comfort they need to get them through the day.

NG] “I definitely found that with a lot of bands when I was growing up. It could be a line of lyrics that could help me through tough weeks, or a song I saw in a movie. When you play music, memories linked to that music are evoked, and images of that movie or music video or that day resurface, it is such a powerful force. Music sure as shit helps people! We aren’t here to save anyone, but we hope that our music can offer a comforting escape, or help make reality more bearable.”

Final question, can you tell me anything about Ghost’s plans for this year?

NG] “We can’t say much, but we can say that we will be touring our fucking asses off, so you can expect to see us around very soon!”