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headcanon that whenever someone posts a conspiracy article about how Bruce Wayne is abusing his kids someone responds with the comment “no i think they’re all just really reckless” and provides a link to a video of Dick Grayson attempting to back-flip off of a moving car while Damian is driving


I wanna boop his nose

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Can you please (if it's not spoilery or anything) give how Prompto and Dino met in the Sentinel au?

not a spoiler, will be relevant in that au at some point or another, and in the meantime, here it is!

got longer than expected. i sure do love my boy dino <3

Dino blinks in disbelief at the guy sitting across the table from him. “Really? You?”

The guy nods. He looks solemn and pale and scrawny and in no way somebody fit to guard Dino’s precious body.

“No offense, man,” Dino says, “but you look kinda… scrawny. I bet I could take you.” This guy, Prompto, is almost pretty enough that Dino would offer to let him model for pay instead of being his bodyguard, but he looks just too wane and miserable.

“Bet you couldn’t,” Prompto says immediately.

They stare each other down. Dino could keep up the challenge, and actually pick a fight, but he’s starting to suspect that maybe he shouldn’t fuck around with this guy.

“Do you have weapons or anything?” Dino asks.

“I’ve got my gun,” Prompto says, which… shit.

“Guns are illegal,” Dino hisses, looking around the café. “I can’t hire someone who’s breaking the law.”

Prompto rolls his eyes. “I don’t have it on me. I leave it with a hunter friend just outside Insomnia. I’m hunter trained.”

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Can freeform promo team at least ACT like they give a shit about this show retaining viewers?

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Satoriiiiii!!!! New winter anime is finally out, what's your favorite so far? (Need an excuse to scream!)



I haven’t watched any anime for like a year…. Like…. I haven’t even seen S3 of Haikyuu ;;;;;;;;;;;; lol

BUT! After googling!!!! I have decided that I am excited to see gif sets and art and writing for:


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(like come on guys… Ban is 100% my type)

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Hello, I am leaving for New Zealand tomorrow morning and I’m freaked out

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Luke absolutely LOVES when someone touches his hair.  Random caresses, run your fingers through his hair, he just loves when someone caresses his head. He really finds comfort in that.It helps him to relax if he’s tense. HE IS A PUPPY LMAO

im just as excited as the next gay for love, simon, but in the book the author tried to portray girls who love yaoi as allies 

so in case they do the same thing in the movie, just remember that that isn’t the case, and if you think that knowing how gay sex works is all you need to be an ally, you’re wrong

Can 2018 be the end of fanwars? The end of comparison of groups? The end of hate altogether?

This should be a reminder that it doesn’t matter who has more daesangs on display. It doesn’t matter if your faves are popular or not. It doesn’t matter. None of it does.

What matters is love. Support. Kindness.

What matters is that our idols are human too. They feel sadness, lonlieness, and worthlessness as well as happiness and laughter. They can be in a stadium with 20,000 people yet feel alone standing on that stage with their members; their fans right in front of them.


well if pink diamond is off-color….

perhaps she was the one infatuated with jasper……