i kind of love my tummy recently

teatimewithamz  asked:

Hey hey, first off let me say that I absolutely love SNK! I run my own online apothecary, my specialties is tea blends & recently I've been thinking of doing a tea collection inspired by SNK & was wondering what kind of tea would represent the Vets & Cadets? i.e. Levi- black tea, Armin-green, Hanji-fruity, something along those lines or something completely different if you have any suggestions.

Hello there dear, you have a wonderful idea there! Let’s see. Here my suggestions:

Mikasa: normal Green Tea

Rainer: Spice Tea

Berthold: Camomile Tea (for his upset and stressed tummy!)

Annie: Fruit Tea, Apple maybe

Eren: Oolong

Jean: Yellow Tea

Marco: Mh something Fruity, too

Sascha: Anything Berry flavoured

Connie: Fruit Tea, Berries

Historia: Mate

Ymir: Mate

Armin: White Tea

Levi: Black Tea

Hanji: Water with sugar….

Erwin: Peppermint Tea

Nanaba: Roibos

Mike: Fruit Tea, Orange flavoured

Moblit: Lemongras Tea

Trigger warning: negative body image

Dear Reader: This is my tummy. It’s squishy. I can grab a handful (or two, or three) of the chub around my waist and hips. It has rolls. It’s kind of cute and looks a bit like a marshmallow. I love marshmallows! I hope you have fun admiring my cute tum, because I sure do! I think it’s pretty adorable, and my curves can be sexy as all hell when I dress them up right. I recently took up yoga because I’ve had back problems my whole life I think it might help strengthen some muscles that will support my back, but I still haven’t lost the squish, and I don’t especially want to. Why would i want to get rid of something that’s that great?

Just remember lovebugs: be your own kind of marshmallow <3