i kind of love how they look together


“Hi! Can i request a tvd imagine? All smutty with damon being dominant and rough and everything? Thank you :))” “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a damon salvatore imagine (smut ofc!!) Where you two are not together but kind of have a crush on each other. so eventually you end up having rlly rough kinky sex? Pls! ^-^”

A/N: i guess you can say i changed the plot a bit?? SORRY IF ITS NOT KINKY !! WHOOPS ?? (I can’t write kinky smut for shits ????)

You looked at yourself in the mirror, admiring on how well you did on your outfit choice for Girls Night. You twirled yourself so your back was facing the mirror. Shifting your head to look at the mirror, to see the back if the lovely dress Caroline helped you picked out. It wasn’t too short nor too long, hugged your curves perfectly. You felt good. You did your final touches on your hair and makeup before heading out the door. Once your bag and keys were in your hand, you swung your door open, out to have the time of your life with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena.

However, there was a certain someone blocking your way out. “Ah! Y/N I know I’d find you here! Cute little dress.” The raven man cheerfully said, a smirk appearing onto his lips. “Obviously you would, it’s my house.” You laughed. “What do you want Damon? I need to get going somewhere.” As you motioned towards your outfit. You knew the reason why he was here, and you tried every single thing possible to avoid him, not try and make much eye contact as possible. “Well you see Y/N, the thing is, you’re constantly avoiding me.” You were about to protest but he beated you to it. “No, don’t give me ‘I’ve been busy.’ crap, that’s such an overused excuse, sweetheart.” His voice was stern, serious for his answer. “Tell me the truth Y/N please, I’m your fucking friend for christ’s sake!” He nearly shouted, eyes wide, inching closer to you. You didn’t want to tell him why. You knew he would taunt, tease, laugh at your response. You knew he wouldn’t feel the same feelings towards you. “I don’t have to tell you everything Damon, you’re not my dad, or my boyfriend. So please, move out of the way.” You spat at him. Pushing yourself through, though you knew it was no use. You were still just a mortal, where as he was a hundred and something year old vampire; with much experience with his inhuman strength. “No.” Damon simply spoke. He pushed his way into your home, closing the door behind. He pushed you against the closest wall.

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Why we (TJLC), as a community, cannot be blamed for seeing Sherlock as queerbaiting

In the event TFP doesn’t solve this shit soon…

Can we just bring up something important that I think needs to be addressed?

If they never intended it to come off as queerbaiting, or the possibility of John and Sherlock getting together, why continue the fucking gag?

Like, if you wanted to cut it off at S1 after “You taking my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool,” that would have been understandable. One-season gag. I get it.

S2: “Somebody loves you,” “Is yours a snorer?” This is obviously some kind of trend, intended to show just how deep rooted the idea of their affection is, how much they look like a couple? It’s not like us, the uncontrolled variables, this is a constant. You could change the eyes of your character, have them metaphorically “look the other way,” sweep the whole ordeal under the rug.

S3, I think they tried to play catchup, but the characters still persisted. The first fucking episode dealt with John returning to Sherlock after breaking his heart, including “I am not gay,” the whole ordeal with his shaving, and the apology in the bomb car. Then a wedding, yes, but stag night. And “I don’t know how those rumors got started.” This gets ridiculous in HLV, to the point where John flawlessly flirts with a dangerous guard by joking about the pipe in his trousers, and no words of denial are spoken when Magnussen refers to John as Sherlock’s damsel in distress. We get literal fucking fairy tales pointing us in this direction.

The Abominable Bride was a clusterfuck of a gay Victorian fever dream, and many people can point out every part of this much better than I can, but we need to bring up one bit. The waterfall. “Why don’t you two just elope?” Moriarty, his mind’s weakness, even hints that Sherlock should just run away and be with John. In his own mind, Sherlock toys with the idea.

If they have the audacity to blame us for believing for so long, it’s all for the sake if their own actions. They had the chance to cut it off from the very beginning, but they didn’t. They led it on.

7:30 pm
Hey, it’s me. I just wanted to see how you’re doing. I miss you, kind of.

2:34 am
Okay you don’t have to respond but I’m laying here and my bones are rickety and I need you to hold me together again.

3:00 am
No, fuck that. I don’t fucking need you. Fuck you and that stupid fucking bitch that thinks she could ever touch the surface of how much I love you.

8:17 pm
I’ve seen 3 cars that look exactly like yours. You’re haunting me and my lips can’t form anything but your name.

9:00 am
Let’s fuck in your moms bed like we did that one time. No strings attached.

4:00 pm
God damn can you just come hold me for one night and we can forget about it in the morning?

5:00 pm
I don’t think I can forget about you because when I look at my skin all I see is you in my veins and I don’t know how to get you out

1:00 am
Can we please just talk things out? Maybe we could have some coffee at that place you always complained about but secretly loved? I think they have your favorite on special tonight, vanilla bean right?

3:00 am
I just want to touch you one more time. Taste you one last time. I know we said last time was the last time, but I don’t think I can sleep unless I fuck-

5:00 am
I’ve typed at least a million messages trying to just fucking let you know I miss y-

4:50 am
You just kissed me, and then you left. How is that fair? I dream about it sometimes, I hope you still remember. You just kissed me, and you fucking left and how am I supposed to live with that? All this time I thought you weren’t interested, that I was crazy for still hanging on and then you brought hope to these tired veins god damn why did you have to-

9:00 pm
I just saw you with that fucking pussy. He may have given me the finger but your eyes met mine and I know you miss me so don’t even deny it, princess.

10:00 am
I know you said that you’ve moved on but I just want to hang out with you and maybe get super fuckin blazed and fuck a few times? Just a friendly offer you-

3:00 am
God can you just fucking come home? You’ve been gone too long and I’m forgetting how you smell and how your warmth feels against me. I need to remember baby girl please.

7:00 pm
How come all your other lovers are so important? How come you can’t come and give me your love again? What’s she have that I fucking don’t? I FUCKED MY LIFE UP BECAUSE OF YOU AND YOU DONT EVEN FUCKING CA-

8:00 am
I saw you today. My knees started shaking and I think I had a panic attack because you looked at me and I couldn’t see that girl that loved me so sweetly for 3 years baby where are you? Please don’t tell me you’ve given up on me? Our love creates miracles rig-

5:00 pm
Remember that one time you ran and kissed me in front of everyone because I was such a pussy and wouldn’t kiss you first? God damn I was just thinking about running to you but you’re so many states away and are you happy? God please don’t be happy without m-

6:00 pm
I see that you’ve been going to church now. I can imagine you thinking it’s so normal, going to church with your husband. But hey, remember that one time we fucked in the church bathroom, I think we agreed that was the best time right? God damn.

8:00 am
Am I still important? Do you remember everything still? I look through all these messages and wonder if you could ever feel that love again. God it was so fucking real. It was real, wasn’t it?

12:00 am
6 fucking years. A date that haunts me with forgotten love and the stench of ‘the one that got away’ lingered in the air all day today. You didn’t even call. I just feel like you should’ve fucking called, you know? Why didn-

7:45 pm
I have to go back. I thought leaving would keep the memories from flooding my mind every waking second, and it has but I fucking miss you. You’re always home to me, I’ll go to every spot we’ve ever made love. I’ll go sit in the neighborhood with the trees and maybe you’ll be there. I know you won’t, but maybe I’ll see you

2:00 am
What happened? Fuck what’s happened. I loved you so hard and so desperately it should’ve never gone away. I just want you to love me like you used to when you didn’t have to try. Am I not good enough anymore? What’s wrong with me? Why did you leave? I never got this closure and I don’t want it I just want you back in my fucking arms mal-

4:00 am
Please, just let me know it was real. Just let me know that I’m not crazy, or pathetic, or fucking stupid, let me know that you loved me so hard even when it was hard. Let me know that there’s still a god damn chance. All this time I’ve never given up and you just never noticed? 6 fucking years and yet you think someone can love you better than me?

6:00 pm
I hope you’d come to me. If the world was in shambles and you had the chance to say goodbye, I hope you’d come. I hope you’d love me one last time. It’s all I’ve ever wanted, all these years, after all this time, always

—  6 years of messages I never sent

Regina Harris
The best decision

My husband and I agree that since entering polyamory our one on one relationship has grown for the better dramatically.

It’s like we took the fast track to expert level marriage since my metamour joined our family. (Although, ask me again in twenty years and I’m sure I’ll look back and say it gets better yet)

Let me be clear… We learned so much because we messed up so much. But I would say that a few months in, there was a particular shift between us.

I’m not sure it was conscious at first, though it certainly is now.

We decided to cherish our time together.

… And this opened a floodgate to positive and uplifting behavior. We looked each other in the eye. We found new words to tell each other how we loved each other. We listened. We opened our minds and hearts to the magic of our souls.

We look for all the ways we can make each other’s life better, and we are each grateful for every little kindness.

I have heard him tell me how I’m beautiful more times in the past two years than he mentioned over the previous 15 years. Likewise for me to him.

And I feel like I’m in high school again. Utterly twitterpated.

Because we decided to make our time count. Every moment.

I always love the Junkers doing really mundane or domestic shit and realizing how in love they are with the other.

Like Hog’s just watching TV or something and Junkrat looks over at him and just…..something about the expression on Hog’s face makes his heart swell with joy and excitement like “Jeez, I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now…..”

Or Hog and Rat are out shopping together and Junkrat’s looking at some food and putting it in the basket for them and Hog can’t help but think it’s kind of really cute. Maybe he can’t contain himself and slides an arm around Rat’s waist and pressing a kiss to his cheek or something.

I’m Yours

Request: hayes imagine where you two are getting ready for an awards show and you have your hair and makeup people helping and you and hayes and the guys are all just hanging out while getting ready and hayes can’t believe how georgous you look and the guys are all shocked so hayes like keeps touching and hugging and kissing you to make everyone know your his. thanks girlie!! love ur blog❤


could you do a hayes grier imagine where him & y/n are dating and they hang out at his house with all the guys?

a/n; I combined the two requests since they kinda go together, and one was kind of vague as to what happens so

Word Count: 810

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys somehow ended up in the kitchen where I was getting ready, I couldn’t turn to face them since I was having my hair curled. The blinds all pulled up to let lots of light in, “what are you guys doing?” I asked, looking as far back towards them as I could, “waiting.” I heard spread out across the room, I sighed, looking back in front of me, the makeup artist just got here so she’s setting up. 

“What kind of look are we going for?” She asked, ignoring the noise from everyone else, “modern, but not crazy.” I answered, I pulled up a picture of my dress for tonight, so she would know what type of colors to use. Hayes appeared in front of us making me smile, “hi babe.” I grabbed his hand as it rested on the counter next to me, “hey, baby.” He smiled at me, glancing back over at the guys who weren’t really paying any attention. 

“You look nice.” I told him, looking him over, he was almost wearing a suit, he was just missing the tie basically, but it looked nice, mature and polished. “Thank you.” He laughed, letting go of my hand as one of the guys called him over. “He’s sweet.” My hairstylist said, tugging gently on a piece of hair, pulling it into an updo, I closed my eyes as the eye shadow brush started coming towards my face. “And so it begins.” I mumbled, hearing the boys get even more rowdy, without a doubt getting documented on Snapchat by Johnson. 

“And here we have Y/N, getting pulled around by her hair.” I heard Johnson, as my head got pulled to the side by my hair, I laughed, “vlog or Snapchat?” I asked, not opening my eyes, since I couldn’t. “Vlog.” He answered, I nodded subtly, not wanting to mess up anything. 

“I just have to get dressed.” I assured Hayes as I walked past him, he grabbed my hand, making me turn towards him. He planted a kiss on my lips before letting me go, normally Madison and I helped each other get into our more elaborate dresses, but she’s out of town right now, so I’m on my own. 

I resisted the urge to bite my lip as I struggled to reach the zipper on my dress, “why couldn’t it be on the side?” I mumbled to myself, sticking my head out into the hall. “Hayes!” I shouted down the stairs, “someones in trouble.” I heard faintly followed by his footsteps thumping up the stairs. Hayes raised his eyebrows at me as I came into his view. “I can’t get the zipper.” I explained turning my back towards him. 

I watched in the mirror in front of me as the dress got pulled together, hugging me just right. It was a simple black dress, snug at the top but slightly looser once it got past my hips, spaghetti straps on top to help hold the v-neck up, cut outs on my waist. But it still had an element of class, it showed skin, but not in an obnoxious way. 

“Well, damn.” Hayes met my eyes in the mirror, I turned in his light grasp of my waist, his hands on the skin showing in the cut outs, “ready?” I asked, reaching to grab his hand. He nodded, asking me if I had everything I needed before we started our descent downstairs. My heels clicked on the wood stairs, slowly but surely everyone started shutting their mouths as I came into view. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks by all the attention, they normally don’t see me this way, it’s normally a “she’s Hayes’ girlfriend and she’s younger than us” way, but now I don’t look like I’m as young as I am. The dress in combination with the hair and makeup ages me, in a good way. 

I cleared my throat, realizing we were all kind of just standing there, I felt Hayes’ hand rest on the small of my back, slightly lower than where it normally is. I glanced at him, but didn’t say anything, I’ll let him have his little moment. 

“Ready?” I asked everyone as we stepped off of the last step, Hayes’ hand still on my back. “Uh, yeah.” The only two who had really stopped looking at me early on were Nash and Gilinsky, since they have girlfriends. “Let’s go then.” I mumbled, walking away from them, feeling Hayes wrap his arm around me some more. A quick kiss left on my temple. “I’m yours, Hayes, you don’t have to keep showing them.” I mumbled, looking up at him as everyone followed behind us. 

“I know but you just look so good.” He whispered in my ear, his eyes shooting a warning glance behind us. 

So I am not that good at explaining things but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and a bit worried too. So you all know Stevonnie right? I love her and I cried when she was introduced (and any time she is brought back but thats another story..). So I love her first outfit, very cute, shows them together and all adorable and whatnot.

At first I liked how the star was there but it not being a big part of the outfit kind of bothered me. Eventually I got over it and just accepted it. But her 2nd most recent outfit, with Connie’s work out outfit is what has me worried.

Would you see what has me worried? Its small but, its there.. Maybe another photo..

Do you notice how, not only the star is barely visible like before, but its looks like something else.. Oh yeah, A DIAMOND.

Like what in the world is that about?? I’m like having a mini heart attack that that is a thing. Maybe it was just how it worked out or maybe its more.. I mean her most recent fusion has the whole star and its the strongest they’ve been together so far.

Again, I am just worried about the whole YELLOW diamond showing up on their clothes, mostly because all of the Crystal Gems make sure to have a star somewhere, and them fusing together I feel they would get to choose a little how they look but thats just my two thoughts.. Anyone else worried about this??


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNWYNLuYFc4)

Questions included in this video:

0:20 - If you could only keep one peice of clothing from the wardrobe you have right now, what would it be and why?
0:51 - How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? The outfits look like they take a lot of work!
1:38 - Did it take you awhile to be able to put together such lovely outfits?
2:11 - I don’t mean this in a rude way, but do people stare at you because you dress so extravagently?
2:41 - What kind of sports do you do?
3:34 - You have a beautiful style!! And I ma so happy you pende a YouTube channel too 😄 my questions are : “Have you ever been in Italy?” And “What is your biggest dream and goal?” Xoxo from Marina from Italy
4:21 - Love your sense of style and just how you present yourself in general. I was wondering, since I wish to improve my own wardrobe and achieve a more polished look, if you could show what makes up a good outfit? And what do you look for when putting an outfit together?
5:20 - How long is your hair at the moment? Do you always keep it at the same length?
5:55 - Do you support the book Lolita?
6:20 - Hello Fanny! Thank you for your beautiful posts! I want to ask you since I also have long hair, how do you deal with hair fall? And how do you protect it while sleeping? Thank you!!
7:39 - Hi I think you are fabulous! I was wondering if you have clothing in all colors or is there a color you don’t like?
8:28 - I had no idea you were married! How do you like married life, and what does your wedding dress look like? P.S. You are my absolute favorite blogger.
9:20 - Hi, Fanny! I have been following you for 3 years now and must say you have ceased to disappoint. You are lovely, eloquent and do inspire many! I wanted to ask, was it hard getting Madame Bissonnette from Canada to Japan?
13:33 - Are you going to stay permanently in Okinawa or will you return to Montreal in the future?

Five Things You Love

Tagged by @lenfaz & @lillpon to share 5 works I’ve made & something I like about them (Original post with the rules here).  

Confession:  I’m pretty terrible when it comes to talking about my own stuff. So these kinds of posts are hard! haha. But it’s good to look at the positives & find things we are proud of, so I will do my best!

1. CS Spinning Kiss 

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so al @reneewvlkers​ and i were chatting about how much we love wymack and decided to make a wymack appreciation post of all his finest moments and for his character in general

he is described as such

“Clad in jean shorts and a faded tee, Wymack looked more like a garage band rocker than a university coach”

  • honestly what’s with these characters and jorts?
  • but he’s just a tired™ coach, he doesn’t have time to dress to impress (although his casual dress seems to surprise/impress neil) 

he is the whole reason the foxes get put together the way the do and stay together

“Coach Wymack was quiet for a minute. ‘Did you think I made the team the way it is because I thought it’d be a good publicity stunt? It’s about second chances, Neil. Second, third, fourth, whatever, as long as you get at least one more than what anyone else wanted to give you.’”

“‘I can take care of myself,’ Neil said.
‘Watch me beam with pride. It’s not your job to take care of yourself anymore. It’s your job to play, and mine and Abby’s to look after you. Get your priorities straight.’”

  • he takes care of the foxes like they never have been before
  • he becomes their
    • mentor
    • father figure (or actual father in kevin’s case)
    • emotional rock to lean on
    • protector from the media (he petitioned to not release neil’s name so he wouldn’t be forced into the spotlight)
  • on top of all of this, he is an inventive and good coach who comes up with new things to do on the court (the whole situation to switch renee off of goal when they’re down to only 2 strikers)
  • he is aware of everything happening with his team and discovers the thing brewing between andrew and neil before it’s anywhere closer to being on neil’s radar
  • which like, he is so observant, possible more than andrew, and knows everything going on with his team pretty much
  • he’s always first and foremost their coach, and it’s his responsibility to take care of his players
    • specifically when he finds out kevin is his son and takes on the attitude of
    • “why didn’t you tell me”
    • followed by “this won’t change anything, but i want an actual relationship with you”
    • it’s exactly what kevin needs because he was so worried it would interfere with exy 

he’s on level with neil in terms of comebacks and sassiness

“You get to take him shopping later this week,” Wymack said. “On your own time, not mine. I’m sick of seeing him in the same clothes over and over. Just let me know when you’re going and I’ll give you the p-card so we can expense it.”
Neil was mildly offended. “I have money.”
“Good for you.”

“There is no surviving worse driving than that idiot’s,” Wymack said. “There’s just open casket or closed.”
“Hey, hey,” Nicky said. “That’s not fair.”
“Life isn’t fair, tweedle-dumb. Get over it. What are you still doing here?”

  • honestly, he loves and cares for the foxes but doesn’t put up with their shit and is just as sassy to them as they are to him
  • of course he is their coach, but he acts more as a parent to petulant teens that challenge him at every step
    • he is the epitome of “i know best” as a parent except he does

overall, wymack is one of the best characters in the book because he founded the foxes in the way he did, is generally a great guy, and takes care of all of his players 100%

(feel free to add on with your own fav quotes and moments)

Sometimes I think about Castiel being conflicted about having romantic feelings for both of the Winchesters.

Castiel getting sweaty palms and butterflies when he’s studying lore with Sam and being in awe of how brilliant the younger Winchester is and/or watching some kind of documentary with him about space and feeling his cheeks grow hot when Sam casually stretches out and rests his head on his shoulder.

Or Cas sitting out in the garage with Dean while he works on the Impala, passing him the tools he needs while listening to Dean singing out of key to whatever classic rock song he’s got playing on the radio. And if he has to excuse himself because the sight of Dean all sweaty and breathless gets him hard well…that’s his business.

But the Winchesters aren’t conflicted at all.

Besides, Castiel’s always been their angel and it all comes to a head one morning when Cas sleepily makes his way to the kitchen, lured out of his blanket nest by the smell of hot coffee and both Winchester brothers greet him with a kiss to each of his cheeks before settling at the table and waiting for him to process what just happened.

When he realizes that he doesn’t have to choose, that he can have this with them, he just kinda stands there with this dopey grin on his face.

“We love you, too, Cas, but your breakfast is getting cold,” Sam grins.
Castiel nods and takes his rightful place between both of the Winchesters.

ok look i dont wanna be that person but like jinyoung n jaebum have loved each other for so long ,, so fucking long like they went from not even wanting to train under jyp together to literally communicating by looking into each other’s eyes n like can any1 even comprehend the fucking relationship they share ,, how fucking deep and complex it is bc i cant ! pls explain what kind of soulmate bullshit jkkjjggg


            I love this time of year. There’s just something about the leaves on the ground and the crisp air in the mornings that makes the Canadian in me feel at home. I remember as a kid, I always hated wearing any type of sweater. They were too itchy, too constricting, too bulky. Until the 5th grade that is, when I came across old reruns of the show Blossom and saw how she rocked the turtleneck so cool and effortlessly. As an adult, I’ve learned a thing or two about fashion and for me it’s fun playing dress up and putting cute looks/outfits together. I love all kinds of sweaters and they have definitely become a major trend over the years.

Saudade. Part Four - Smut

Author: mystic-biscuit
Rating: NSFW 18+
Words: 6500 give er take

Notes: A big sucker of a part, more than half I would say is some kind of smut in one way or another. I went a little cray. Again thank you for all the love. I really appreciate it. You all deserve a cookie.

And anytime I get to use these gifs its a good day

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You know, ‘Eric is Luke’ and 'Eric has the hots for Princess Leia’ aside, Hyde and Jackie are totally Han and Leia. While Eric and Donna are too much like Luke and Mara (aka Luke’s canon wife in the 'Star Wars Legends’ continuity). Both couples are volatile in their own way, and both are #iconic too.

Mara and Luke had to learn how to be in a relationship together, they experienced love and support together, and committed to the other almost immediately once they accepted their love. Yet, they differe a lot when it comes to general opinions but agree on the important things. Not to mention Eric does looks like Luke while Mara has red hair and is tall, curvy like Donna.

I mean, give me a break here

While Han and Leia started disliking each other and angry flirting, with Han being kind of obvious he liked Leia but being the last one to accept his feelings after she confessed love during a hard time, kind of like Jackie and Hyde. Not to mention how both couples are terribly devoted to each other, yet spend a good portion of their time together burning down each other.

Leia is a literal princess, fierce, bossy little thing, can be mistaken for self centred at first, just like Jackie. While Han is supposed to be a lazy, sarcastic piece of shit, an orphan and poor boy that grow up to be a criminal. Sounds familiar? Yeah, to me too.

So there’s a halloween Eric kinda tries to make his wife and friends dress up as the characters once Mara is introduced in the 90s, no matter they are already adults with kids and whatnot. And they all just look at him like 'no’, but since one of Donna and Eric’s daughter birthday is on Halloween, he and Donna had to when she insist with the idea. To their surprise, the Hydes shows up dressed as the Solo Clan too (Han and Leia had three kids in Legends. Twins, male and female, and a little boy).

That’s how one of Eric’s biggest fantasies of having a cosplay group of Star Wars characters came true for like, four hours one night.

I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss getting lost in your eyes. I miss your laugh. I miss how your face would kind of crinkle up while you laugh. I miss how happy I felt by your side. I miss how perfectly our lips fit together. I miss how warm and happy I was in your arms. I miss our weird conversations. I miss your stupid jokes that somehow made me laugh. I miss looking up at you while my head was in your lap and trying to memorize every inch of your face in its different moods. I miss looking at you and thinking, “Holy fucking shit how did I get this lucky?” I miss pulling away from a kiss breathless and smiling, then whispering that I love you. I miss you baby, so much. My chest is aching and my heart is tugging me to you, yet my body has to stay put. My stomach hurts when I think of you because I know I can’t be with you right now. I can’t get you off my mind. Darling, I miss you so much and would give anything to be with you.
—  I love you // shadowhuntersdemon
Draco Malfoy Imagine: “When Pansy and Blaise get involved…”

Can I have a Draco imagine where the reader is a Slytherin and they’re pretty much best friends who have feelings for eachother and their friends kind of force them to admit it and get together?? And can it just be really fluffy n cute pls? P.s. I LOVE your writing!!

Requested by anon

Notes: slytherin reader

Slughorn had decided to organize the class in pairs to work in a potion.

“For Merlin’s pants! Could they be more obvious? Draco and y/n are making eyes at each other again!” Pansy shrieked.

Her partner, Blaise, agreed: “We have to do something, Pansy. I can’t stand another rambling about how amazing y/n is, and what beautiful hands she/he has, and how pretty her/his face looks when she/he chops the ingredients in the cauldron! It’s even worse than listening to Draco complaining about Saint Potter!”

Smirking mischievously and raising an eyebrow, Pansy asked: “I know exactly what to do…”

Blaise didn’t even stop to think about it one second: “I’m in!”

“Come on, y/n! You’re my best friend! You should do this! What could go wrong?” Pansy shouted.

“It’s a blind date, Pansy: EVERYTHING could go wrong!” you countered back. “Why did you set me up in this anyway?”

Pansy rolled her eyes and mumbled: “Valentine’s Day’s getting closer… I don’t want you to spend the day alone with chocolates and crying, like last year!”

“Hey! I didn’t do that!” you defended yourself. Pansy simply raised an eyebrow, as if saying are you really going to deny it?

“Well… Only a little! But you make it sound much worse!” you finally admitted.

Pansy grabbed your shoulders and pleaded, with a serious voice that didn’t really suit her: “Promise me you’ll give it a chance… If you don’t like him you can forget about him! But what if he’s the one? You’re going to regret it, if you choose not to go… Please, do it for me”

You pondered it and finally said: “Ok! I’ll go! But if he isn’t the one I will never talk to you again!”

Pansy rolled her eyes once again and said, sarcastically: “Sure thing, y/n”

Meanwhile, Blaise and Draco were having a similar conversation.

“Come on, mate! Just try it! Nobody else will know!” Blaise insisted.

“I don’t like this one bit, Blaise” Draco kept saying.

“Draco Malfoy, listen to me. I saved your ass on countless occasions. You owe me”

Draco wasn’t convinced: “I don’t know, Blaise…”

Blaise put his hands on his temples and massaged them, trying to remain calm. He took a big breath and finally said: “Draco, you can leave if you don’t like her/him. But give her/him a chance, will you? You may be surprised.”

Reluctantly, the platinum-haired boy agreed to the blind date, but not before threatening: “If it goes wrong, my father will hear about this, Blaise, I swear!”

When you got to the Three Broomsticks, you politely asked a staff member: “Excuse me, my friend set me up in a blind date, do you know which the reserved table is?”

“Table 13, on your left”

Ok, bad start, you thought. Out of all the tables, did it have to be the 13th? You were about to leave before any disaster could occur, when you spotted a blond boy who had his face hid behind the menu letter on table number 13. Your eyes widened. Suddenly, you didn’t want to leave anymore. Your legs started to walk towards him. When you reached the table you greeted him: “Hi! Are you my blind date?”

He let the menu go and directed his grey eyes at your y/e/c orbs.  When he recognized you, his expression showed surprise.

“Y/n?” he asked.

“The one and only. I guess Pansy set this all up…”

“Pansy set you up?” he shook his head. “Figures. Blaise did his part too… Please, take a seat”

You did as told and kept talking: “You know, I didn’t want to come at first…”

“Do you regret it?” he quickly asked.

“So far? No”

Draco’s cheeks turned bright pink and confessed: “I didn’t want to come either, but I’m glad I did. You look stunning, by the way”

You smiled as you felt the heat rise to your face. Trying to dissimulate it, you took the menu letter and covered your face with it.

“Thanks… Do you already know what you’ll ask?” you wondered.

The meal had been wonderful, and you had had such a great time with Draco; you two had always been best friends, after all. On your way to Hogwarts, he took your hand. When you finally reached the Slytherin Common Room, Pansy and Blaise were waiting for you two.

“So? Did you already confess your feelings?” Pansy asked jumping excitedly and clapping her hands.

Yours and Draco’s eyes widened in shock.

“W-what? You set it all up so that we confessed our f-feelings?” you asked bewildered.

Blaise snorted: “I told you they wouldn’t admit anything, Pansy. It’s been a waste of time!”

The slytherin girl made an angry face and shouted: “Oh no! I didn’t put so much effort for nothing! Blaise and I are fed up with this! Admit it, or I swear, I’ll steal some veritaserum and use it on you two! I don’t care if Snape catches me!”

Blaise took her arm and drew her away against her will, before anything else could happen: “Sorry guys, we just thought we were making you a favor with the blind date plan.  We’ll leave you two alone…”

When you and Draco were alone in the room, you turned towards him. He had his head down.

“D-Draco? Is it true? Do you have feelings for me?”

He raised his head and looked at you straight in the eye.

“I think I do…” he confessed.

You felt butterflies in your stomach when you heard his words. Biting your lip nervously, you dared him: “Then kiss me already, you fool!”

His grey eyes widened and as he shook his head, he mumbled: “If I kiss you I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop…”

“Let’s find out then” you whispered, already leaning into him and closing your eyes.

In that moment, he grabbed your head brusquely and pressed your back against the closest wall of the room. It turned out that he really couldn’t stop kissing you, and you truly didn’t mind it.

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I’m kind of back ;;;; Sorry for being innactive orz

I’ve been sick all last week and still today,  but I really wanted to draw my lovely kids together. 

Yesterday, my sister and I took our references books and decided to measure Mutou and Afuro to see how shorter was Mutou than Afuro. My heart melted when I saw how cute Mutou looks <3 (⺣◡⺣)♡* I love him sooo much!!

I hope to be back this week <3

anonymous asked:

I agree that Bellarke not being canon by now is unrealistic. It's the apocalypse and these are two young attractive (and probably horny) people who love each other. How are they not together? Wouldn't they at least be looking at each to relieve stress, to stay warm on those cold nights with sex/intimacy? Like, who better than the person you love and trust with your life? Sometimes I think JRoth is keeping them apart on purpose just b/c they are canon in the book and he wants to be "different"

I do think that it is kind of weird, especially to the casual viewer, that they haven’t gotten together yet. I actually do enjoy though that they haven’t gotten together just to have sex because I do think that doing that might’ve had a good chance at ruining the beautiful trust and friendship their entire relationship is built on. I do think that when JRoth has an endgame in mind though, it involves Bellarke. For as much as the show strays from the books, I think he has really enjoyed that dynamic and plans on incorporating it into the show and that he just hasn’t done it yet because he really does want it to be endgame.

tl;dr- i do think that bellarke is starting to become romantically canon but i appreciate the time that the writers took to build up their relationship on unwavering trust and unconditional love for each other as partners and friends first.