i kind of liked her as a char

Reckless - Part 2

Part: 2/?

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Warnings: None this go-round.

Previously: Part One | Also check out the Master List

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Note: Thanks for the love on Part One! 

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800 Followers Inspire Forever

it has been three days since i hit the last hundred; i am still working on the drabbles from 600; and now it is barely mid morning and this glorious event has occurred. i know i say it every single time, but it’s true: i literally cannot believe this has happened or is happening. it’s happening so quickly and im overwhelmed every single day. i feel so truly honored and blessed that people are still arriving at my blog, deciding they want to see more PCY/Hoseok meltdowns, and me drunkenly waxing poetic about My Guys. i appreciate every single one of you to actual infinity, and i dont have any words to describe how happy this makes me, or how amazed it makes me. 

SO instead of blathering everyone’s ear off about how crazy this is to me or how blessed it makes me feel; instead of doing a follow forever like i did for the first 500, im going to do something different. 

i want to do a kind of inspiration post where i detail the people here who inspire me to be better, both as a creative person and a general human, and the people who, even if they don’t follow me, manage their time here with grace, aplomb, and wild creativity. for each person listed, i will rec my fave things. that said, i would like to make clear i am not a fic recs blog and i will explain why below. 


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i know bethesda just made Curie french for the Sexy French Robot thing but tbh i kinda wish she just spoke french all the time and you had to use an INT check in order to understand her, kind of like with non-english chars in NV


So Over the past week or so I’ve been rewatching Pll from 6B on. These are just some things that may be clues/ things I picked up on.

In 6B, Aria starts off super shady. Sneaking out of the hotel. Everyone was convinced that Ezra and Aria are somehow behind/involved in Charollets death.

Lucas and Melissa both return in 6x13. Lucas to impress Hanna, Melissa to call out Spencer on her *ahem* dating life. Melissa is also worried about the tape she made spencer, and spencer says its destroyed dont be paranoid.

They reallly are putting Ezra out. Calling out his drinking, and outbursts. “No one broke a chair….it was an inncident.” This behavior is presumed to be because of Nicole.

The whole “It was highschool.” “NOT FOR HIM” gets me everytime i stg

Ezria scene “you are compassionate, sensitive. You are kind.” Ezra, “Maybe I’m not.”

Insert infamous scene where the liars burst in and accuse Ezra of murder (ARIA INCLUDED) they are convinced and he says “Anybody bring torches ptichforks? anything like that? (lolz) and Ezra has his outburst “NOW! GET OUT!” which was pretty extrra for someone who’s only secret was aria’s parents hooking up??? seems like a major overreaction.

“Who do you think I am?” Ezra

“I don’t know” Aria

Ezra makes it clear he is glad that Charollett is dead.

Lucas is involved in something, maybe he killed Char to protect Hannah. He loves her to death obviously, is that that big of a stretch? I know he and Charles were friends way back when, but according to Lucas he didn’t know Charles as Charollete, and it makes more sense for his loyalty to be to Hanna, since he partially blames himself for what happened to her, all he wants now is to protect her.

6X13 we get the first new text from the new enemy. “jYou know who did it and I’m going to make you talk.” At this ponit they think Ezra is the killer. The texter isn’t refered to as AD until 6x20 (they think AD and the other texter are different people: one who wants revenge for Chars murder and one who wants to cover it up)

Now, this text is also thought to be sent by Archer/Mary right?? But then why at the end does it show A getting rid of the hoodies. Archer wasn’t around when OG A had hoodies and was tormenting the girls, if Archer was the one being A, then that scene doesn’t make sense. 6x14 “JI don’t lurk in the shadows, I hide in plain sight” Making it seem like its someone they know.

It’s important, I think, that this is the first A who allows the girls to communicate freely with them. From 6x14 when Hanna texts the number asking “Do i know you,” to Aria calling AD lateley, idk it’s interesting. This AD has to have more confidence than whoever was playing the game before, they are tech savy enough to KNOW beyond a doubt they won’t get caught. (caleb, mona, lucas?)

The murder weapon was the golf club right? Ezra has the club in question, but it could have easily been replaced after he used it right?

“When he get’s like this I’ve learned not to ask….He’s dark and depressed.” That blonde coffee chick emily dated, about Ezra.

Toby seems content and happy with Yvonne, I really don’t think he is AD. At least from season 6 perspective, so far.

Flashback of Aria’s parents arguing about Charolete, making it seem now like it’s Aria’s dad that killed her. Adding to the evidence that her dad doesn’t have a 9 iron in his set.

Shower Harvey’s room was 214. 214 has connections to Jenna and Toby (the hotel room with the flute music that was faxed in braille. BAD) Hanna and Caleb (The locker combo and Jenna and the flashdrive.) Sara, (this) and something recently in season 7 with the school and Aria being shady with the locker.

In season 2 episode 14, Ezria gets outted to Aria’s parents, Spencer confronted Garrett about the NAT club, Toby gives spence the rocking chair (A Replica of which was in the dollhouse)

Mona called Char from the two crows diner the night she died and asked for her to meet at the two crows. (SHe had pie???)

After Ezra sees Arias parents, he says he went to the house of pies and had a three hour conversation about politics with a truck driver named Earl.

Melissa’s suitcase is broken and there is a piece missing that could be the murder weapon. Eyes off Aria’s father. Melissa comes back in 6x17. We know Charollet called wren and (probably) told him that Melissa was the one who burried bethany alive. as heavily implied by Hanna and Melissa’s conversation. Melisssa was a sobbing mess that night. That’s her motive to (kill?) Charlotte.

“Hail to the conquerer” Caleb to Melissa….hmmm….

Emily finds the ‘murder?’ weapon on a roof and AD? steals it. (The driver was NOT melissa according to sketchy garrage guy who is on AD’s payroll so his words aren’t exactly credible)

6X20 SoME lady calls Toby PRettTY EYES I SAID IT THEN AND ILL SAY IT NOW THATS A CLUE ALL THESE PIE CLUES AND PRETTY EYE S I STG IF THIS BITCH IS IN THE NEXT EPISODE IN THE DINER THATS PRROOF IDGAF ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE that toby is involved somehow. (im particularly fond of the toby and spenciritta theory) (IF he is involved otherwise i like wren theory or ezria theeory)


7x01- AD knows somehow hanna was lying and isn’t charlottes killer. The liars now begin to think it’s Alison that killed Char. Later in the episode Archer, thinks it was Ali as well, who told hiim that? someone with the group? He continues to believe it was Ali and that’s why he tortures her.

Toby: “We can’t pretend that the Alison that blinded Jenna never existed.”

THANK YOU!!!! (This points to Ali potentially being AD or at least involved.)

*INSERT SCENE WITH HANNA AND “”SPENCER”” which is a ‘’dream’’. If this is the twin, then she let’s hanna go (kinda by saying there is a way out) because Hanna says “its a good thing i don’t know who killed Charlotte, because I’d tell if I did.” Twincer must have believed her and that’s why she let her go. (Why would hanna lie to her best friend in a dream?) This scene just moments after Mary visits Spence and says something about twins, “you look so much like your sister…” (presumably refering to Melissa, but maybe her twin”

When Hanna is running through the woods half naked after escaping, it reminds me a lot of when Aria was running from Ezra in the woods. Only thing is, we know Ezria are together at this point, so Ezra is ruled out as being AD at this point, right? Same with Ali, who is in the hospital, Emily who is breaking into Alis house, Caleb who is at the lost woods, mona, toby, and spence who are with the group after hanna escapes, so they could still be involved somehow. So they didn’t kidnap hanna- AD kidnapped hanna- none of them are AD

anonymous asked:

People claim that there was no reasons for the series to show us a certain connection between Nina and Charioce if they weren't meant to be endgame but... could this be just what authors want us to believe? I mean what if they're misleading us? That's not the first time it happens: the main girl has a crush on the cool and serious guy but then realizes her true love is someone else or simply just changes her mind about him and doesn't end up with anyone.

Well, I’m a huge AzaNina shipper. It’s OTP that’s why I ofc wish to see them as endgame. But why not Charioce and Nina? I try to explain, please remember it’s only my opinion, I don’t want to bash ship or shippers. It’s still a taste thing.

I already wrote something about it. This ship is really complicated. First, what bothers me is a mental age difference and different ideals. Charioce is an adult, a true adult unlike hundreds years Azazel. Nina is a cheerful child. They have different views on life, one of them should to give up or they’ll never find a compromise. I wish it will be Char but on the other hand it could feel rushed, out of his purposeful character. He should change not because of Nina’s naive kind ideas.

Second. I really like Nina’s personality that’s why I feel like she lost herself when “Chris” was around. Because of her crush, yeah, but I want that Nina keeps being her true self. I think we all agree that this love feeling was really facile and blind. Sorry, I don’t believe in love at first sight. I see the first step of Charioce and Nina relationship starts from Nina’s speech to him. That was our true Nina.

Third. As I said for me their true relationship starts only now. Nina still should to know that the king = “Chris”. I wonder what kind of reaction she will have. It will prove how deep her feelings were. Still I don’t see yet that Charioce takes a big interest in her. Ten days were running out but he didn’t even visit her. Maybe the next episode shows why.

And last. It’s too early to say that this ship is canon. Spoil an endgame already in PV? Nee, it’s too easy. Do you remember 3d PV? The Nina’s question “Is it love?” and then “Let it end” with fights, fire and blood. It’s not a sweet story. Charioce and Nina should make a true bond, understand each other to be canon. It takes a long time.

As AzaNina shipper I like to think that it’s a misleading. Yeah, I’m fan of the stories, when the girl has a crush on the handsome guy, but then realizes that her best friend is her match. Here comes a question: why AzaNina? The answer - their relationship started platonic. Yeah, I like platonic relationship that slowly becomes a romance. Almost in every episode is a small hint for their development.

Azazel and Nina both are energetic, a little naive dorks. I like Azazel’s unconscionable care about Nina, I like his progress from “kisama” to “Nina”. Nina can see his true personality yet, without handsome charm, and she really cares about him even without calling him her friend. She never really offended on him, without any reason she helped and trusted him.They both love Mugaro too, I think he becomes the reason for them to be closer. I enjoy their interactions, they always are so funny. I’m curious what Azazel is thinking about Nina now, when he can’t just use her power?

Well, you see, it’s a really personal perception. All characters relationships still need more development. Let’s hope it will be really likeable and we keep enjoying the show together.

a summary of my experience in got fandom

The Artist.

(warning: long story)

There’s this painting my wife loves, called “Death and Life”, by Klimt. I don’t know what she finds so fascinating about it. I made all the right noises when she showed me her beloved framed print when we were first dating, oohing and ahhing and making up some bullshit about warm and cold color schemes and the specific choice of angles and line. She was an artist, our first few dates involved long walks through museums, starting in Picasso’s blue period and ending in heavy petting and blue balls.

I took an art history course as an elective when I was finishing up my doctorate, I remembered enough of the lingo to charm my fantastically gorgeous future wife and lure her back to my stupidly filthy apartment. We’re talking me as the foul bachelor frog, sitting on a lillypad made of empty take out containers surrounded by pond of enough unwashed clothes to keep a laundromat in business for a cool 6 months.

I remember scrambling to find 2 of any sort of cup-like container for the bottle of wine we had brought back while she was in the bathroom. I rinsed out a couple of coffee mugs and ran into the bedroom to try to clean up the condom wrappers that had been sitting on my bedside table since 2003. On the bed, neatly laid out against the rest of the chaos, were my wife’s dress, bra and panties. She came out of the bathroom completely nude aside from a pair of high heels, took the wine from me and took a swig straight from the bottle. I fell totally, completely and irrevocably in love.

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anonymous asked:

Which would be the candidates? I am always into following assholes like you!

@avari20 is very crotchety; do not believe her face, which at rest implies an innocence and soul where there’s actually just the charred black remains of a human. 

@lilbreck, although I’m tempted not to compliment her like this, since she’s being very trying today. 

You probably already know the lovely @hellsbellschime, a.k.a. The Biggest Bitch. 

@klarolinedrabbles is very sassy, has excellent gif usage, and can cut you in both English and Spanish.

@maevelin works so hard at being an asshole, and it’s really paid off; what’s more, she’s an articulate asshole, my favourite kind. 

@clonemaster-general is my favourite snarky scientist and I’m pretty sure she could literally cut you with a look when you’re being stupid. Like, julienne style.

@jonstarks is petty as fuck and wants all of tumblr’s more ridiculous discourse to get the fuck off her lawn.

@kirythestitchwitch is basically sunshine, tbh, an aggressive mom friend, but she has a petty streak a mile wide and is probably one of the first people I’d call for a conversation that starts with ‘So this motherfucker…’

@sunoftheguns will tell you to suck her dick while murdering fuckboys one-handed.

And @garglyswoof who, I’ll be honest, really doesn’t belong on this list, but she kicked off our friendship by sending me a historical penis reference, and for that reason alone, I can never leave her off a ‘recommended blogs’ list.

Did I miss any of you assholes? Please recommend yourselves in the comments if you think you qualify for asshole status. A short resume would be appreciated.


@drfoxes and her family were kind enough to have me over for a night in between flights home from my 12 day trip to Rome <3

Left–Sketch: me, Lines: Beth

We decided to draw our chars hitting people with vegetables.  I chose Murphey because I don’t draw him enough

We found a LEEEEK

Us drawing at ungodly hours of the night like the nerds we are

<3 <3 <3 We hope to meet up again sometime!  Not sure who will go where, probably whatever’s most convenient (like for me it was nice to stop off for a night and break up my flight time), but it’s definitely happening again.  ILY beb <3 <3 <3

rfareacts  asked:

What if the RFA members find out that MC legitimately still believed in Santa. Like if she would accidentally close the door on someone she almost started crying, telling them she'd be on Santa's naughty list. Would they break it to her or go along?

((This is honestly too cute! I had to do this one! And how could they look MC in the eye and break her innocent heart?))


  •  He comes home and hears MC crying in the kitchen.
  • He runs in to find MC surrounded by charred hockey pucks and some smelly milk in a glass
  • “MC, are you alright?” Yoosung yelled, afraid that MC had burnt herself 
  • “I’ve ruined Christmas! I burnt Santa’s cookies, and the only milk we have is sour.”
  • “MC, it’ll be alright.” Yoosung consoled, hugging MC
  • No it isn’t! Santa won’t come back if he doesn’t like the cookies and milk!”
  • Yoosung just kind of took a minute to process before he realized that MC still believed in Santa and was legitimately terrified of not having Christmas presents 
  • “No, Santa isn’t like that!”
  • MC stopped crying, and Yoosung helped her clean up
  • “Hey, you know what would make Santa happy? If we change up the menu for him” Yoosung stated happily
  • “A-are you sure that he won’t mind?”
  • Yoosung goes to the fridge and pulls out a unopened bottle of Coca-Cola and a bunch of vegetables
  • “Hey, if we feed his reindeer, they’ll be super happy. Because they’re pulling that heavy sleigh and nobody feeds them!”
  • Yoosung is getting very into this, and they end up leaving Santa a piece of cake and vegetables with a bottle of Coco-Cola.
  • Yoosung even writes a note explaining the mishap to Santa
  • ‘Santa’ ends up writing a note back saying thank you!


  •  They go to the mall, and of course there’s the mall Santa
  • “Zen! Look it’s Santa!”
  • “Yep! Hey wait, where are you going?”
  • “To get a picture with Santa and tell him what I want!”
  • “MC you aren’t really going to…”
  • MC ran over to the line, excitement in her smile and a sparkle in her eye. Zen sighed and joined MC in line.
  • “MC, that’s for little kids!” Zen whispered
  • They’re getting weird looks from the rest of the people in line, and Zen sighs in frustration
  • “Come on babe, I’m sure he’s busy…”
  • MC’s eyes started to fill with tears.
  • “But…but…if I don’t tell him what I want, he won’t bring me anything
  • MC began crying, and Zen began to freak out. He didn’t realize how serious MC was until now, and now she was crying in the middle of the mall
  • “H-hey, Santa wouldn’t be like that. He knows everything right? He wouldn’t forget you!”
  • “He…he won’t?”
  • “Yep, he wouldn’t do that. If he forgets anything, I’ll get it for you myself”
  • “You promise?”
  • “Yes, I promise MC. So come on, let’s go home.”
  • “But I still want my picture with Santa! And you have to be in it too!”
  • Zen gives up. He’s getting a picture with Santa whether he wants to or not


  •  Jaehee was going through her paperwork and saw a handwritten letter, and looking at the handwriting, she immediately recognized it as MC’s
  • “Hey, MC, I found this letter that you wrote”
  • MC grabbed it eagerly, and a smile broke out on her face
  • “You found it Jaehee! I was so afraid that I would have to rewrite it!”
  • “Who is it to?”
  • “Santa of course! Now where was the envelope?”
  • Jaehee thought that this was so pure and innocent.
  • “So, MC, Do you have the right stamps”
  • MC suddenly stopped, and sank to the floor
  • “THAT’s what I forgot at the store”
  • Jaehee couldn’t help but laugh, but she got her a stamp and they sent the precious letter off
  • “Did you write yours yet?” MC asks innocently
  • “Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”
  • “Yay! I can’t wait until Christmas! Jaehee, aren’t you so excited?”


  •  “Jumin, aren’t you excited for Santa?”
  • Jumin looked genuinely confused
  • “What is a Santa?”
  • “Not what silly! Santa’s a person! He brings people gifts if they’re good all year!”
  • Jumin is still somewhat confused, but MC is so excited about this “Santa” person, that he listens carefully
  • MC explains how he uses reindeer to bring gifts to everyone around the world in one night because of his magic
  • He doesn’t understand why one person would give away so much for free…and how they continued to do it every year without going bankrupt
  • Apparently magic explains that
  • He may not get it, but he wants to make MC happy
  • The next day, Elizabeth was on the counter, where she knows she’s not supposed to be
  • MC comes in to Jumin lecturing Elizabeth about how disappointed Santa would be with her
  • “Elizabeth 3rd, if you aren’t a good kitty, Santa will not bring you presents on Christmas and you will be very sad.”
  • MC thinks it’s so cute! Lots of pictures are taken!


  •  “Saeyoung, do you have a fireplace?”
  • “No…why?”
  • MC starts crying, and eventually through the sobs explains that Santa can’t come without a chimney to climb down
  • Saeran comes in and asks what MC is crying about. Saeyoung explains, and Saeran just gives MC a look
  • “MC, you realize that Santa isn’t mmph” Saeran tried to explain before Saeyoung covered his twins mouth with his hand
  • “What Saeran is trying to say is that Santa Clause is someone who’s versatile. A lot of homes don’t have fireplaces, so he’s figured out how to get through the vents!” Saeyoung quickly interrupted, as Saeran ripped Saeyoung’s hand from his mouth
  • “That’s not what I was trying to say… What I was trying to say was that Santa mmph.”
  • MC dried her tears and smiled at a struggling Saeran, who was trying to get his brother to let go
  • “That’s so nice Saeran! I didn’t know that! Thank you!”
  • Saeran couldn’t break her innocent heart after that. Sure, he was rude and crude, but he wasn’t a monster
  • “Yeah…what I was trying to…Saeyoung no…” Saeran stops and gives Saeyoung an understanding look and Saeyoung backed off
  • “…what I was trying to say was that he also sometimes goes through the windows… because, you know, he has magic and stuff. Like, he’s not going to leave you without gifts…because you’re a good person MC, and…and if he does I will personally go to the north pole and give him a piece of my mind”

I’m kind of assuming Blake hasn’t told RWY about her family at all…. so… I just want to see Weiss’ reaction to Blake being….. well….. this like Faunus equivalent of her. XD

Mercy {Pt. 5}

I’m a little worried you guys will hate the way Mercy actually plays out but I thought it was a good opportunity to put this in the “Euphoria”/”Killing Me” series so it might be interesting to see just how I fit it in? I wrote the rest of it today so this season’s treatment of Bonnie and her love life and her sexuality did play a big role in how I wrote this part. I really do hope you guys enjoy it, it also might be more effective if you reread “Fiending” to refresh your memories.

The links to the previous parts:





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“She sleeps all day. Dreams of you in both worlds. Tills the blood, in and out of uterus. Wakes up smelling of zinc, grief sedated by orgasm, orgasm heightened by grief. God was in the room when the man said to the woman, “I love you so much. Wrap your legs around me. Pull me in, pull me in, pull me in.” Sometimes when he’d have her nipple in his mouth, she’d whisper, “Oh, my God.” That, too, is a form of worship.

Her hips grind, pestle and mortar, cinnamon and cloves. Whenever he pulls out … loss. Dear moon, we blame you for floods … for the flush of blood … for men who are also wolves. We blame for the night for the dark, for the ghosts.”

— Warsan Shire/Beyonce, Lemonade

This wasn’t even how she wanted to spend her Saturday. But Bonnie had promised Caroline. All of the girls on the cheer squad had been volun-told into helping out with The Sexy Suds Car Wash and as Caroline’s best friend, Bonnie had to pick up the slack when everyone else was goofing around. So here she was on a Saturday afternoon clad in a brown bikini top and white shorts, wiping down cars when she could’ve been at home. Or at Grams’.

           They were only a few hours in and it already felt like a long day. But, Bonnie thought idly, not a boring one. Lots of drama. For the first time in months, Elena actually looked good. And she looked good with Stefan. She smiled and laughed and engaged. All with Stefan. The Hot New Guy with the Romance Novel Stare that no one knew anything real about. That Bonnie still didn’t completely trust despite their get-to-know-you dinner a few nights before. There was something about him that went beyond brooding, beyond mystery to secrecy. Painful secrecy. The energy she got from him wasn’t bad exactly but it was dark and it scared her. And then there was Matt. Who couldn’t stop watching Elena and Stefan together, broken eyes and a wounded pout that saddened his face with each kiss, each giggle, each hug between them. Elena was her best friend but Bonnie had also known Matt since they were kids and seeing him hurt wasn’t easy.

“Uh uh, no,” she’d said when she’d caught him staring at them kissing by a car a few feet away. “None of that tortured, pining stuff.”  

           “I’m just observing.”


           Bonnie had caught Matt furtively glancing at them at least ten times since that conversation. Caroline was also acting … well, like Caroline but also decidedly not. She’d been oscillating between her normal neurosis and a frightened distraction that Bonnie had never seen before. It had been three days since Damon, Stefan’s brother, left town without a word and Caroline had been acting weirdly since, jumping at voices that weren’t there, doubling-down on her already heightened control-freak behaviour. It had caused Bonnie to be simultaneously exasperated and worried.      

And then there was Bonnie herself, silently breaking down, silently clinging on to whatever peace of mind she had left, silently but frantically questioning whether or not she was actually, literally going crazy. It was one of the reasons why she’d wanted to stay in today, why she’d been thinking about consulting with Grams. Things had been… happening around her, lately. Or, well, because of her. Like … the energies. Before the school year started, she didn’t know anything about energies. She didn’t know anything about them now. But she felt them. Could read them. Like how she could sense Stefan’s. Like how she was able to read Elena’s past. And then there was the incident with the candles at the Founder’s Party. She’d done it. She knew she’d done it. Lit the candle just by staring at it. Lighting all the other ones in the process. But that was magic. And magic didn’t exist. That was insane. Actually insane. But then … there was today. There was Tiki. She’d gotten on Bonnie’s nerves with her attitude, picking on those too timid to stand up for themselves, like that guy who brought his car to be washed. Bonnie wanted to humiliate Tiki the same way Tiki humiliated that guy and before she knew it the hose had gone haywire, soaking Tiki from head to toe so that Matt had to rush over and help her get it off. Bonnie didn’t know how but she knew she was responsible, she knew she caused the hose to gush out water

So now she was leaning against the hood a jeep, trying to stay calm and relaxed, trying to collect herself so that she could go throughout the day unbothered or at least seemingly without a care. It wasn’t the time to have a break down. Not at Caroline’s event. Not when Elena was finally starting to get her life back on track. Bonnie stared at nothing in particular taking deep breaths in and out when she heard her voice.

“Sweeper duty.”

Bonnie snapped her head to the front and inwardly sighed at seeing Tiki in front of her. “What?” she said.

“You have to clean the pavement,” said Tiki, holding a broom in her hand.

Bonnie did not have the time for this. “It’s a car wash. By definition, the pavement is clean.”

“But not dry.”

Her vague irritation started souring to anger so that Bonnie felt her heartrate pick up, her skin burn with indignant rage. “And I’m doing this why?”

“Caroline bailed so that leaves me in charge.”

Tiki grinned as she walked away, handing Bonnie the broom. Bonnie swore beneath her breath and then looked dejectedly at the pavement. It was soaked with water. There was no possible way to get it dry with a broom. It was a fool’s errand. Which was exactly why Tiki gave it to her to do. Bonnie sighed, moving away from the jeep to start sweeping but as she stared at the wet pavement, she wondered … had she become too timid to stand up for herself? Did Tiki find her an easy target? Was she an easy target? The task was bullshit and she didn’t even want to be here in the first place and Caroline had bailed on her own event, an event that she dragged Bonnie to, and Elena was nowhere to be found and now Mega Bitch Tiki is giving her a damn broom to sweep up water at a car wash event that was supposed to go on for another two or three hours? This was how Bonnie had to spend her fucking Saturday?

And then the water ignited. Bonnie gasped at seeing the fire erupt but as the flames blazed a trail, she grinned at the power of it, at the power of herself, of what she could do. Savage delight seared deep in her gut as the fire began to engulf the blue car in front of her. People around her were screaming but she took no notice, vague echoes distant in her ears, the fire held all of her focus and the more destruction it caused, the more powerful she felt and it felt good to feel this powerful; it was a strange type of good, a reckless good, a potent good, almost … an erotic good.

Her name. “Bonnie?” She was being shaken. “Bonnie? Bonnie!”

That feeling. It stopped. Like she’d been doused in cold water. Abruptly, the fire disappeared, leaving the car intact and Bonnie turned swiftly around to see Stefan in front of her.           “Are you OK?” he asked.

“What just happened?”

“You were in some kind of trance.”

Bonnie snapped her head around back to the car and saw the smoke and the charred metal, the frightened expressions on everyone’s faces. Holy shit.

“Did I do this?” she asked Stefan.

He paused to look at the wreckage she caused. “I think so, yeah.”

Oh God, what had she done? “Nobody else saw, did they?” When Stefan shook his head, an inkling of relief blossomed in Bonnie’s chest but it did nothing to lessen the guilt and the fear that now wreaked havoc on her mind. She had to get the hell out of here. “Don’t tell anybody. Please.” She waited for Stefan to nod his head and then she turned around and ran. And kept running.

Bonnie hadn’t paid attention to the direction she’d chosen to go in, she only knew that she didn’t feel safe around people. No. She didn’t feel safe to be around. That was probably why her feet had taken her into the woods where no one would be this early in the day, when everyone who was anyone would be at the car wash. She’d ran for what felt like ten minutes before slowing down to catch her breath, bending over, hands on her knees.

And then she felt it.

Something strange. Almost feverish. She felt faint and wired at the same time, like every nerve in her body was sensitized, attuned to something or … someone. Her heartrate picked up like how it had done when she’d spoken to Tiki and she heard the reverberations of something, a clap? Was that clapping? Someone was here. Close to her. Bonnie spun around on the spot, searching for the mystery.

She’d found it.

A guy. Not much older than her if older than her at all. Tattered grey shirt, denim jacket fit snugly over broad shoulders, dark jeans. Tall. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Chiselled jaw. He clapped as he leaned casually against a tree, one foot cross over the other, a benign grin on his face. But Bonnie could sense there was nothing casual about this man at all; his eyes were sharp and mischievous and intent on her. He had an air of danger, true danger, about him, the kind of danger that was lethal, almost menacing and it … intrigued Bonnie. She held her breath with anxiety but not with fear, she was curious. Dangerously curious. Excited by his presence. He was calling to something in her that Bonnie couldn’t properly explain.

He stopped clapping. “That was quite a show.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The guy raised his eyebrows sceptically. “Lying is a sin, you know. Or so I’ve been told.”

Bonnie narrowed her eyes; he was a stranger and yet her irritation at his knowing tone felt familiar. So did the urge that tickled her, the urge to throw herself at him and attack him with force, with …

“I’m not lying. I don’t even know what this is about.”

“So you didn’t just set a car on fire?”

           Bonnie coughed derisively and rolled her eyes. “I don’t have any matches. How would I have set a car on fire?”

           He moved away from the tree and widened his eyes, waggling his fingers conspiratorially. “With your mind.”

           Bonnie swallowed hard but then forced herself to laugh. “You’re crazy,” she said.

          “Just observant.” Slowly, he began to walk toward her, a measured determination in his gait. “And I’ve been observing you, Bonnie Bennett.” The benign grin on his face had twisted itself into something more roguish and Bonnie felt something within her contract and then was immediately, inexplicably angry with herself.  

“You know my name? What are you, some of kind stalker?”

“That’s such an ugly word,” he said. “I’m simply interested.”

“In me,” said Bonnie.

He was only a few feet away from her now, hands in his pockets, a small smile on his face, smouldering concentration in his eye. “In everything about you.”

How was it possible for words to caress the skin? Bonnie flushed, suffocated with a discomfort that was intense but not unpleasant, that burned her with yearning.

He was dangerous. She knew it in her gut, he was dangerous. Strange men don’t approach you in the woods unless they’re dangerous. But … there was something dangerous going on within her too; something that matched the energy she got from him. What the hell was going on?

“If me knowing your name is what makes you uncomfortable, I can tell you mine,” he said. “It’s Malachai. Actually, no. That does sound like a stalker name, doesn’t it? You can just call me Kai.”

“OK,” said Bonnie.

Kai moved closer, closing the gap between them, circling her so that she felt the tension of a near-touch, of his body rotating around hers but she kept her head facing forward. She wouldn’t follow him with her eyes. She had the feeling it would satisfy him and she had the natural inclination to refuse him.

“Don’t you want to say my name?”

“Why would I?”

“So you can know how it feels on your tongue.”

That smugness. Bonnie groaned and then turned her head to the side so that she could hold her gaze, his face was closer to hers than she’d anticipated, his jaw clenched, his gaze holding hers. Infinitesimally, Bonnie parted her lips. “Kai.” He closed his eyes, a small sigh escaping his mouth, and she caught her breath as the name sent shivers through her.

What. Was. Happening?

           “Who the hell are you, Kai?”

           He moaned, his eyes still closed. “It certainly feels good. Hearing my name on your lips.”

           Bonnie shook her head, putting her hands on the back of her neck. “This is seriously creepy.”

           “And yet you’re not creeped out,” said Kai. He started circling her again. “You know who I am, or what I am. You knew it from the moment you saw me.”

           “Can you stop speaking in riddles and just spit it out?”

           “Trust your instincts, Bonnie. Trust what you feel.”

           “What I feel is like slapping you,” said Bonnie harshly.

           Kai chuckled. “That’s a feeling you’re going to have to curb for now.”

           Swiftly, Bonnie turned to strike him but Kai caught her by the wrist, their bodies crashing into each other so that their noses touched. “There’ll be time for this later,” he said.

           Bonnie growled in frustration and pushed him away so that he staggered back. He laughed. “You like this feeling. Don’t you? Like the feeling at the car wash.”

           “Nothing happened at the stupid car wash.”

           “That anger. It’s what gives you power. That power is what gives you joy. That wild, ferocious, fucking amazing joy. You keep running from it. Shrinking yourself to lighting candles, why light candles, when you can ignite the world? Have everyone at your mercy.”

           “You sound legitimately insane. Like you need professional help insane. Who are you?”

           “A witch. Just like you,” said Kai. “Well no, not exactly like you. There’s no one like you. Not even another Bennett witch.”

           “I’m not —”

           “Don’t,” said Kai, walking up to her again, close enough so that Bonnie felt his breath on her ear. Instinctively, she licked her lips and pressed them together. “Don’t run from this feeling. You’re a—”

           “Psychic. I know things I know that I know things. And being a psychic—”

           “You’re a witch.”    

       Bonnie snapped her head toward him. “I’m not a witch!” Kai was thrown back against one of the trees, his hands pinned beside him so that he was splayed, spread-eagled against the trunk.

           “Well now, you’ve got me at your mercy. What do you plan on doing with me?”

Bonnie didn’t answer the question. She only stared, her chest heaving up and down from her rapid breathing. She’d done that. She’d moved a person with her mind. It was exhilarating. Seeing Kai there, helpless, vulnerable, completely at her mercy because of her power … there was a harsh satisfaction that clenched her insides at seeing it. He was right. She was. A witch. She really was.

“Grams,” she whispered.

“She can’t help you.”

Bonnie narrowed her eyes and walked up to the tree Kai was pinned against. He stared down at her, his expression a mixture of odd pride and what Bonnie thought looked like desire. It certainly irritated her. But it also … incensed her. He kept her in a constant state of agitation. Agitation that made her quake.  

Stay on point.

“How would you know what my grandmother can do? She’s—”

“Limited,” said Kai. “It’s not her fault. Morality leads to self-righteousness, which leads to blocking yourself from certain power.”

“Morality,” Bonnie repeated. “So what you’re saying is, you can teach me to be immoral, you can teach me to be evil?”

“Well, I didn’t say anything about myself, actually,” said Kai, grinning.

Abruptly Bonnie reached forward and grabbed Kai’s chin, her fingers pressing hard against his jaw. She wanted to squeeze that smirk away, snuff out the arrogance etched in his features. It was a violent need that overcame her with such impulsive swiftness. Kai lowered his head a little so that his bottom lip brushed against her index finger, grazing her skin so that she swallowed hard. Bonnie wrenched her hand away and turned on her heel, putting her hands to her forehead, gritting her teeth.

“I could teach you how to give in,” said Kai.

Bonnie whirled around. “Give in?”

“You’re repressive.”

“You don’t know when to shut up.”

“True,” said Kai. “But that really just means I’m honest about things people don’t want to hear.”

“I am not repressive. I’m—”


“I am not scared of you.”

“Again, I didn’t say anything about me. I must be really under your skin.”

Bonnie whipped her head to the side, glaring at Kai so that he started to sputter, his mouth opening and closing for air. “You’re not under anything,” she snapped.

After a minute or two, she looked away so that her hold on him was released; she could hear him gasping and puffing but his wheezing turned into chuckling. “God, your power. Even then, now …That is what you’re repressing, what you’re scared of when you let yourself feel it. Your own power, your own rawness, your own desire.”

“It’s dangerous.”


“I could’ve killed you,” said Bonnie. “And I am not a killer. Not for any reason.”

“You’d be surprised,” said Kai.

Bonnie furrowed her eyebrows and walked back up to the tree trunk. She didn’t know what made her do it but she inched closer to Kai so that their faces were a breath away from each other and she passed her eyes over his face, locking her gaze with his, resentment and intrigue and anger and curiosity churning in her gut, roiling beneath her skin, forging something between them as he stared back at her, his lips parted. “And what does that mean? Do you want me to kill you, is that it?” said Bonnie. “Who are you?”  

“Someone you hate.”

“So why should I listen to you?”

Kai strained against his invisible bonds so that their lips nearly touched. “Because you want to,” he said. “I could show you how to dig into that feeling. You know I can.”

Bonnie leaned forward as if she were about to kiss him, Kai stretched his neck even further to meet her lips but Bonnie moved her head away, Kai still reaching for her, his mouth quivering. She raised her head and released him from his restraints.

And she felt like she made a terrible mistake.

Like she’d welcomed the devil into her mind.

But she was curious. She was drawn. She was at his … … …

“I don’t trust you,” she said as Kai stepped behind her.

He pressed his lips against her temple and breathed into her ear. “It wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if you did.” Gently, he tugged on the bottom of her earlobe and Bonnie took a sharp intake of breath. Her eyes fluttered. She turned around and pushed him so that he staggered back, a grin on his face.

“In fact I, I despise you,” she spat. “I have never had such a strong reaction to someone I don’t even know.”

“Nor will you ever again,” said Kai.

“Oh shut up,” said Bonnie. She took a beat to process her response and then closed her eyes and growled in frustration. “Why do I feel like this? I know it’s wrong but I want to kill you,” she said frantically. “The urge is overpowering. I know I would be doing me a favour, the world a favour if I killed you.”

“You don’t know how to yet,” said Kai. He started walking up to her. “I’d have to teach you.”

Bonnie tilted her head sceptically. “You would teach me how to murder you?”

“I’ve known for a long time that I’d meet my end at your hands, Bonnie.” He was directly in front of her now. “In more ways than one.”

“I don’t know what that means,” she murmured, staring up at him. Their proximity to each other was dizzying, Bonnie was flushed with heat, she could barely see straight, she was uncomfortable in the best way, she was angry in the worst way and she could feel it, feel that she had the same effect on him. It was intoxicating. They were intoxicating. In the most guilt-inducing way.

“But you want to find out,” he said.

Bonnie opened her mouth to disagree but found herself speechless. Kai reached forward to touch her wrist but she jerked her hand back.

“Don’t touch me,” she said.

“But I have to,” said Kai quietly. “I need to.” He extended his hand again and this time Bonnie didn’t move away, allowing him access to her. He traced his thumb over the veins on her wrist and then trailed his fingertips up her arm, turning Bonnie’s breathing shallow. His eyes molten and intense with concentration, watching every expression pass over her face, Kai slowly began to step behind her, his hand slipping to her hips, fingers skating across her stomach so that her back arched, her behind connecting to his pelvis, making him squeeze his eyes shut. He nuzzled the nape of her neck, his hands flirting with the waistband of her shorts. Bonnie bit on the insides of her cheeks to keep from any noise of pleasure escaping and betraying her. Kai’s hands explored her torso, his fingers skirting beneath her bikini top, running back down to her shorts, slipping beneath the waistband, circling her hips, toying with the knots that held together her string bikini.  

“Ready for me to show you what your power can do?”

He pressed his lips against Bonnie’s shoulder and she sighed. “Yes.”

Kai gripped her hips and it was instantaneous pain. And instantaneous pleasure. Bonnie felt her veins ripping open, felt the draining of an intimate part to herself, a fundamental part of herself so that she was weaker, anguished, she gritted her teeth to keep from crying out. But then there was that pleasure beneath the discomfort, a thrill that trilled her blood, that increased her heart rate. This was entirely messed up.

Finally, he let go and Bonnie spun around to face him, her hand on his throat. “What just happened?” she demanded.

“You’re a part of me now,” said Kai. “If only for a little while.” He extended his hand forward and then said, “Incendia.”

Three trees combusted into flames and Bonnie roared in surprised anger, looking around wildly at the burning flora. “What the hell is the matter with you?”

“Look at what you could do with your power.”

Bonnie fumed with pure, unadulterated outrage; anger for the life Kai had destroyed, anger at him for using her magic to do it. She was beside herself with fury, with hatred at his methods, at their connection, at him. She wanted to destroy him for this. As the fury worked through her muscles, boiling her blood, she felt power gather within her, felt herself become formidable and unrestrained and that same savage delight she felt at the car wash bloomed in her gut more intense, more reckless, the sensation was —

“It’s practically orgasmic, isn’t it?” said Kai.

“Don’t act like you know me!”

Her rage pushed forward a yell that crashed through the woods, splitting trunks and logs, igniting six more trees; inflamed branches crashed to the ground, black smoke furled in the air, birds squawked and flew far away, rodents dashed for cover, for escape, everything around them was burning violently. Kai stared at her with a lustful awe that Bonnie felt all over her skin and she shoved him, her fury deepening. “Don’t look at me like that! I will blind you if you keep looking at me like that!” Strong winds started to gather, blowing the flames, breaking a part branches that were still intact, spreading the fire.

Kai shook his head, his expression grave and mesmerized. “God, you’re amazing. This weather is apocalyptic. Do you know how much power it takes to cause this? How good it feels knowing I bring this out in you?”

“Good? Good?” Bonnie lunged forward and yelled in his face. “I hate it!” Thunder cracked, forked lightening sliced the sky, embers twirled in the air around them, cutting across their skin.

“Then stop doing it!”

Bonnie glared at him. She was breathing rapidly and deeply and with each intake, that erotic sensation engulfed her, that savagery, that power — she was completely drunk off it. She couldn’t stop. Not as long as Kai was around her. And she couldn’t make him leave. She couldn’t bring herself to stop the feelings ensnaring her, empowering her, guilting her. She was at their mercy. She was at his mercy.

“Who are you?” she asked again.

“Someone you hate,” he repeated.

“I do,” she said. “God, I fucking hate you.”

Bonnie started to move forward but Kai reached her first, thrusting his lips against hers, kissing her with a readiness, a ferocity that told Bonnie that he had been burning with the desire to feel her mouth on his with a torturous intensity. She grabbed a hold of his head, clenching his hair painfully tight as he shrugged off his jean jacket, letting it fall to the ground, flames licking the cuff of his sleeve. Bonnie pulled away, running her tongue along his jaw, causing him to moan, which in turn made her ache with a gratification she wasn’t accustomed to. She itched the tip of her tongue against his ear, gently biting down on his earlobe so that a moan cracked in his throat and he hastily undid her bikini top, sliding his hand down to her hips, sliding between her thighs, massaging her through the material of her shorts, causing Bonnie to breathe “Shit,” in his ear. Another growl of thunder, the flames razed the woods. She was destroying everything.

“Tell me you’re the only one who can curse me with this feeling,” said Bonnie breathlessly.

“It’s a promise.”

Kai kissed her again, the swirl of his tongue, the urgency of his lips calling to something deep within her, the home to her magic, to her desire, to her power, to her lust, to her emotion bringing it forth with such force that the fire rose twenty, thirty feet in the air, the trees, the grass, the bushes, all of them consumed with flames. Noises in the distance.

“Sirens,” said Bonnie.

“I don’t care,” said Kai.

He started to kneel, his mouth on her neck, on her collarbone, kissing her breasts so that she gasped as another flash of lightning split the sky; he enclosed her nipple in his mouth, groaning low in his throat, rubbing her waist, the tip of his tongue skating down her stomach, tickling her skin so that Bonnie laughed and cursed him. As he sunk to his knees, her ran his hand up and down the inside of her thigh, looking up at her as his teeth gripped her short’s waistband. Bonnie wanted to break their gaze, break their bond, their sick, intoxicating, horrible, addictive bond. But she watched him watch her as he unbuttoned her shorts, as he slowly untied her bikini bottoms, as he moved forward, his mouth making contact with the apex of her thighs. Her head shot back and Kai pressed her to him, easing in a finger, stimulating her ache so that she mewled and bit down on her lip. She touched herself, palming her breasts to the same rhythm of Kai’s tongue, the action caused Kai to groan and increase the pressure of his lapping, he reached up, putting his palms on Bonnie’s hands, directing her motions.

“Kai,” she moaned.

He closed his eyes and started unbuckling his belt. He couldn’t wait anymore. He needed to be beneath her, atop her, inside her, he needed —  

Bonnie woke up with a start, sitting upright, panting heavily. Wait, where was she? Where were the woods? Was she … was this … she was at home? From her spot in the living room she saw shattered glass in the kitchen, a hole in the hallway wall. Right. The fight she and Kai had. That led to them screwing each other’s brains out on the couch. Bonnie looked down, she was lying down on the sofa cushions instead of on the broken backrest. Kai was sitting on the coffee table, his elbows on his knees, clasped hands beneath his chin.


“What the hell did you do?” she yelled.

           “I proved a point.”

           “You messed with my memories!”

           “I showed you who you really are,” said Kai.

           “You violated —”

           “I didn’t violate anything!” he yelled. “I brought you back to your memories and I put myself in there.”

           “For what? What point did you prove, Kai?”

           “That you would always be mine. You would always find your way here, to this moment.”

           Bonnie’s eyes widened with anger and then she screamed, shifting her position on the couch so that her feet were planted firmly on the ground and she could look Kai dead in the eye. “Are you insane?

           “You blame me for who you are now, you blame me for making you this way but you were always this way, Bonnie. You were always dangerous, you always had this darkness, even then, even when you were pure, scared, martyr Pre-1990s Bonnie. Pre-Kai Bonnie. I just showed that to you.”

           “You could’ve manipulated that entire sequence!”

           “To what end?”

           “To this end! You and your fucking games!” Bonnie started to get up from the couch but Kai grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her so that she looked at him.

           “I do play games and I always win,” he said, staring at her. “Maybe because sometimes I cheat, maybe because sometimes I don’t play fair but not with you. It always has to be a fair playing field with you. It’s how I know I won. I was there. You were you. That was real.”

           “Then you would’ve completely fucked up the future, our present and everything looks the same as it was!”

           “And I did change things. Going back to that moment … that kind of magic … I created an alternate universe. Another one anyway.”

           “An alternate universe?”

           “What, have you never mind-jumped and constructed alternate alternate universes before?”

           Bonnie broke away from Kai’s grasp and pushed her fingers against his forehead so that his head snapped backward. She walked back down the hall. Kai stood up.

           “Admit it, Bonnie. You always enjoyed it, the kind of power I bring out in you. You enjoyed it with expressionism, you enjoyed it even before you knew anything about magic, you just shut it down. But you can’t with me because it’s more than magic. It’s you. I see you.”

           “You see the worst in me.”

           “I see everything in you,” said Kai. “I bring out everything in you. You’re yourself with me, the true Bonnie Bennett who doesn’t repress—”

“I want to repress!” screamed Bonnie. “I want to be the girl that represses, the girl that chose morality, the girl who fought for something, who would die for something because at least I could live with myself then but I can’t go back to that! I try and I can’t!”

“You can’t because you don’t want to.”

“I can’t because you’re still in my life, fuelling everything.”

“Then get rid of me.”

“You won’t let me go!”

“Would it matter if I did?”

           Bonnie stared at him for a while, teary-eyed and indignant. “I don’t …” She cleared her throat and shook her head. “I don’t know how to be free of you. Sometimes I think I’ll never be free of you. And it kills me. You are killing me, Kai.”  

           “I can’t stop,” he said. “And I wouldn’t if I could.”

           “I know that,” snapped Bonnie. “You’re not the good guy.”

           “And you aren’t as predictable as the loyal, repressive martyr so eager to shrink herself to what’s acceptable, that’s why you’re in this. I’m not in in it alone.”

           Bonnie glared at him. “I didn’t say I wasn’t killing myself too.”

           A sudden rapping on the front door caused Bonnie to jump. “Bonnie. Bonnie, I know you’re in there.”

           Bonnie closed her eyes and swore. “Jeremy.”

           “I’m not going away, Bonnie.”

           “Jeremy, it’s not a good time!” she called.

           “Then I will camp out on this porch. I’m serious.”

           Bonnie rubbed her temples.

           “Invite him in,” said Kai.

           “Don’t be an ass,” said Bonnie. “I’ll meet you at the Mansion,” she called to Jeremy.

           Kai’s eyes narrowed and Bonnie felt the air shift. “Don’t start with me,” she said.

“You’re going to Damon?”

           “I am meeting him at Damon’s.”


           Bonnie raised her eyebrows. “Excuse me?”

           “No, Bonnie,” said Jeremy. “I’m not falling for that. You just want me to go. I’m not leaving.” He kept knocking on the door.            

“Just invite Little Gilbert in,” said Kai.

           “He can’t see you,” said Bonnie. “He can’t see this.” She pointed to the broken couch and the smashed glass, the cracked wall. “I’m not that cruel.”

           “He needs to see this,” said Kai. “He needs to know his place.”

           “His place?”

           “He can never bring it out in you. The intensity that caused this. No one can bring it out in you,” said Kai, walking closer to Bonnie so that he stood directly in front of her. “Only I can bring it out in you,” he whispered.

           “I’m cursed with you,” said Bonnie.

           Kai slid his hands around Bonnie’s hips. “Yes.”

           “I’ll never forgive you for that.”

           He grazed his lips along her neck so that she sighed. “No.”


           Kai slipped his hand into Bonnie’s underwear, gently running his index finger along her sex so that her knees buckled. She held onto Kai’s shoulder for support. “Yes?”


           “Jer, just.” She bit Kai’s shoulder as his finger swivelled. Kai’s breathing turned rapid, he whispered. “Yes?”

“Jer, I promise, I—”

Kai guided Bonnie to the wall, hitching her leg onto his hip, pushing his pelvis into her groin so that she clawed at his neck. “Yes, Bonnie?” he repeated.


“Bonnie, open the door!”

“Jeremy,” said Bonnie breathlessly. “I will meet you at The Mansion in an hour. I promise!”

           Kai put his lips to her ear as he rocked into her again. “Yes, Bonnie? You…”

           “I’m at your mercy,” said Bonnie finally, pressing her hands against his back, pushing him into her. “In this moment, I’m at your mercy.”

           Kai groaned and undid his fly.

           “An hour Bonnie! I’m trusting you to be there!”

           Bonnie heard Jeremy stomp off the porch to walk down to the driveway. She pushed Kai back and moved away from the wall.

           “What are you doing?” he said.

           “I’m going to the Mansion,” said Bonnie. “He trusts me to be there.”  

anonymous asked:

ohhhh god your writing is so good I'm honestly addicted could I pleeaaase have s/o catching the boys cheating on her? I understand if this isn't somethin you wanna write, though!!

Thank you so much for your kind words!! Unfortunately cheating is a subject I am never going to write about, at least not like this–I like to keep it fun and mostly light around here–the occasional angst I might dabble in will always have some fluff to follow. I personally don’t enjoy angst and hurting chars without some kind of resolution or happy followup ;3; sorry to disappoint!

Possible suggestion for a future mount in Path of Fire
  • Luminate: Let me get this straight...you want to RIDE Aurene?
  • Commander: Yes
  • Luminate: Glint's second scion, her legacy, one of the saviors of this world. You want to RIDE ON HER BACK?
  • Commander: Mhm
  • Luminate: Like some kind of fucking horse?
  • Commander: Correct
  • Luminate: ...
  • Luminate: What's wrong with you?
  • Aurene: *swoops in, grabs the Commander and puts them on her back*
  • Luminate: ...why do I even bother

thecatofdarkness  asked:

Elise, Le Blanc, Madam Red. Koko from Jormungand (maybe). few Kakegurui chars xD.

Based off my blog, what other characters could you see me Roleplay as?

I love Elise,Sometimes when i write my muse i use her as inspiration. I think i could Rp her well(?… 

 I hate Le Blanc >:c…. with all my heart, except for this akin i like it, look at the feathers♥ , i hate her. (why Le Blanc kitten) 

OMG YES Madam Red Q.Q another inspiration for Em. I’d love to Rp as her she is so stylish and adorable and cute and insane and all at the same time ♥

Idk…. but i just met another adorable character :O i dont know her but i already love her :T

/ Hmmm from Kakegurui? :O which one?


  • Supreme Overlord Ouma: Either A mix between Gundam & a dictator, or Super-Happy-Team-Leader. No in between.
  • Maid-sama: she gives me that Celeste/Mikan vibe. And by that i mean, I feel like she’ll kill someone, but be rlly surprised when she actually does.  Also, would love for her to beat me up
  • Buggy: Oogami but with Yaoi hands
  • Art Mom: Sonia and Akane love child. was arrested for being too cute
  • Cosplay Mom: if she doesn’t kill someone and dress up as someone else while doing it i’m gonna scream
  • Blonde Souda: what kind of shoes are those?? what’s with the bondage?? gives me big sister vibes like akane. hopefully she’ll survive then?? pre-game fave
  • Robo-hoge: Either a memelord or Batista’s char from Guadians of the Galaxy 
  • Kirigiri V2: Either dead first or dead first.
  • Tennis?? Really??: Did you mean: First Culprit? Did you mean: probably gonna get the yamada/teruteru treatment?
  • Witch: Either SHSL Cinnamon Roll or SHSL SINnamon Roll
  • what’s that in ur hair: was probably arrested for that accessory
  • SHSL It’s not Gay if it’s in space: Sexy Hagakure V69
  • SHSL Woah what’s up wit ur hair: misunderstood tragic backstory inbound
  • My new wife: a nursery school teacher?? she’s gonna either be lowkey crazy or i’m gonna fall for her like ishimaru and be gutten when she dies 
  • Fuck the police: A Lowkey Hajime and the type of protagonist i’ve been waiting for

Also, i made a prediction list on who’d die/kill/live, so here’s that:

  • LIVE: Supreme Overlord Ouma, Blonde Souda, Fuck the Police, Robo-hoge, My new wife
  • VICTIMS:  Ultimate Shrug, Kirigiri V2, Witch & what’s that in ur hair (for the double trial), Buggy, Art Mom
  • CULPRITS: Tennis?? Really??, SHSL Woah what’s up wit ur hair, Maid-sama, SHSL It’s not Gay if it’s in space, ANND Cosplay Mom
life update

My phone is here aaaaaaaaaaaa it’s amazing. Prepare for a barrage of instagram photos and more tumblr activity

Also dankep had her game session yesterday and it blew the pants off of everyone. I got to have a lot of fun with an off the hinges character, and everyone else was also taken with the high stakes and an action-packed plot. I really liked playing a different kind of character and everyone said that I even played her good which is aaaaaaaAA

I did burn out at one point and had to go lay down on the grass for some time, as the game was even more taxing than usual bc of all the emotions and screaming and aaaa (and the pressure on me bc I had a special char). We ended up playing just a while further after I returned so I don’t become completely dead (which I have done in the past just for the sake of others having fun) and I even got to spend the night at my own home.

I was unsure wether I’d feel bad today bc over-exertion but miraculously I don’t. I feel ok. In the morning I even felt happy with all the memories from the game and every single one of my friends caring about my wellbeing (that was really heart-warming).

I have cookies at work today


The Costumes of The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda

1. 1996 Film 
2. Der Glöckner von Notre Dame - Costumes by Sue Blane
3. La Jolla’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Costumes by Alejo Vietti

The original Disney design for Esmeralda is very pretty and, for lack of a better phrase, very “Disney”. Like most designs for Disney heroines, the designers took artistic liberties, forsaking historical accuracy for this more “aesthetically pleasing” look. Princess Jasmine is a another prime example of this.

Sue Blane strayed from the original design by Disney and, from the looks of it, opted for a more “realistic” approach to Esmeralda’s costume design. Unlike the nice and neat appearance of Esmeralda in both the original film and La Jolla, the German Esmeralda’s clothing is very tattered looking. This is not to say that the German Esmeralda’s costume is historically accurate to what Romani women would wear back then; I have no idea if it’s even close to accurate. 

Alejo Vietti, on the other hand, seems to have returned to the colorful and more “aesthetically pleasing” design for Esmeralda’s costumes. I think I can safely say that her costumes here are in no way accurate to Romani dress especially her red dress.Perhaps Vietti chose to do this to emphasize the fact that this production is more like a “play within a play” rather than just a musical production. I hope that makes sense. In my opinion, it kind of looks like she’s going to a Renaissance Faire. 

Which Esmeralda design do you guys prefer?