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never fell in love
because i just cut loose
but not when it comes to you


A drunk!Dean x Reader / fluff

A/N: Hey, it’s me! Just writing two things in one week. (It’s probably going to snow). This is just something that popped into my head, because I love drunk!Dean/Jensen. I hope you guys like it. Your response fuels my writing. Let me know what you think! ♥

Word Count: 1,302

- language.
- implied smut (kind of)

Tags: (at the end)
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*gif is not mine.

It was early for you, considering you normally didn’t wake up until at least noon. Looking at your phone, you realized it was only 7 am. Sam wasn’t even awake yet; his bedroom door next to yours still closed. With no windows in the Bunker, it was hard for you to wake up with the dawn anymore, your body used to the sun being your alarm clock. Walking down the hallway into the kitchen, you could hear faint giggling. It was a deep, goofy giggle, and you knew exactly who it was coming from.

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dude you shouldn't erase mccree's amputation

i don’t think this is fair, considering I drew 1 (ONE) picture, where I even say it’s AU-ish explaining why I drew what I drew. if you look at literally every other mccree I drew you will probably realize something 

just guys? don’t go around throwing accusations like these, especially when there is no ill intent, am i not allowed to make an AU where mccree has both arms? maybe it’s just me but i think as an artist I have kind of a free reign of what I draw (if you follow me long enough, u know i wouldn’t do something truly offensive, that just ain’t my cup of tea) 

anyhow, if you disagree with this, feel free to unfollow me, I won’t delete the picture of the mclucio nor will I edit it, take this with a grain of salt and move on 

I was really lucky to be with a director that I like and admire, and a co-star, Jonathan Groff, who is one of the nicest guys in show business. He’s just such a sweetheart, everybody loves him, and he’s very professional and very prepared and very respectful to David [Fincher] and to the crew. He’s just a pleasure to be around. I kind of lucked out on this one.

I’d like to spread a little fanboy positivity on this fine evening. We give these guys a bad rep but there are those SELECT few that just warm my heart. My friend Gabe is one of them. He has no experience with the dumpster fire that is our fandom. We talk kind of irregularly throughout the year via email and this is what happened when I mentioned Reylo. 


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Guys I’m crying this is the most hysterical thing that’s happened



At first I was pissed because one of the moderators is a very good friend of mine and she was harassed the most. They sent gorey pictures of dead children, like it was some kind of 4chan raid?? Lmao

But then I tried talking to these people. And by talking I mean having the time of my life because they are so fucking delusional it’s like they have no idea everything they stand for is so pathetic. Its like they can’t come to terms with the fact that they did all this shit over a video game. And the really stupid thing is that the moderators they attacked actually do prefer the older games, but I digress.

Their pals sent me gorey pictures as well, and I really couldn’t care less. But the reason I’m putting this out here is to just let everyone know how toxicity in a fandom can really ruin people. The same person also attacked the Pokemon community because they believe that people over 18 who play Pokemon are pathetic. It’s utterly ridiculous.

If you have a Google Plus and use it, these are the people to stay away from. Some of them may look pretty chill from the outside, for instance I know one of them likes Xenoblade Chronicles, and someone else likes the Legend of Zelda. It’s really a shame that people who seem to like such good games go completely against what those games stand for and take them way too seriously. There are also more I can identify.

Stay safe out there, you guys. This really is a shame.

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If you're looking for sidlink fics, I'm writing one called "FFS, I Believe in You!" My username on ao3 is DyraDrabbles. :> (You guys don't have to read it if you don't want to, of course - just figured I would mention it since you asked for sidlink fics!)

just one thing clear, love.
I LOVE IT, really this are the kind of things i really enjoy to read.
I laugh when I have to laugh and suffer when i need to suffer 
i will hope for the best and wait for your next upd8…please dont let me wait to much….

this is for you, hope it like, a cute doodle because im never tired of link blushed and you give me that and more. thank you.
Pd. Thank u for remind me the fucking temple of water…

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Q, would you be down for a polyamorous relationship with the Landlady/other skellies or are you more of a monogamy kind of guy?

I’ll just go ahead and answer this one, lol, because I can confidently say that Q would 100% be against sharing with any of the other skeletons as of where the story is right now (chapter 22 of @tyranttortoise‘s SSLL and chapter 4 of SeM). Who knows, that might change down the road, but as things are now, his feelings on the other skeletons pretty much breaks down as follows:

Loathe: Sans

Dislike: Stretch, Red, Edge, Black, Mutt

Neutral: Axe

Okay: Crooks

Like: Papyrus, Blue

These will change over time, obviously, heh. That’s just where we’re at now with Q being pretty fresh out of the cage still. He doesn’t like any of them enough to share the Lady X’D He’s not against polyamory, just against polyamory with literally any of his ‘roommates‘ as of right now.

1. Thank you all so much for a fantastic birthday!!! Not to be a sobstory sally but my last few were rough and it was so wonderful to be with you guys and you were all so sweet and honestly I was overwhelmed by all the kindness you guys have shown, then and always. I appreciate you guys so much and I only hope I can repay the kindness. Every single one of you inspire me to be better and I love you so much!!!!

2. I’ve answered all b-day related asks in my box and reblogged everything in my notifs! If I missed you, please let me know! 

3. I will be gone for a good chunk of today like I was yesterday, so please be patient w/ me! Things will be back in full swing on Sunday

Again, thank you all so much! You bring me so much joy and I hope today is wonderful for all of you!!!

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This might be kind of weird question and idk if it's ever even happened before but what if the leader of a political party doesn't get a seat in the House of Commons? Aren't they usually the ones that speak on behalf of their party in the house? What would happen then? :P

They do interviews at Parliament Hill (just not inside the building). As Jagmeet Singh has done a few times so far.

Jagmeet Singh has appointed Guy Caron as his leader of the house in the meantime to act in his place.

I would like Jagmeet Singh to get a seat and challenge Trudeau/work on legislation before 2019, though. That’s a key part of a federal leader. He doesn’t have to of course, but I do like the leader of a party to be in parliament before an election.

That’s just me. Others may disagree.

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Heather McNamara dating a girl!!!

• Y'all are literally the cutest okay
• and tbh no one was really surprised that she started dating a girl, bc everyone kind of suspected she was into girls
• The Best Girlfriends
• Everyone literally worships you guys like, they think you’re so brave and inspirational for being open about your relationship
• The day after Heather announced she had a girlfriend, literally a dozen people the next day came out
• She is NOT shy about showing PDA to you in the hallways and in front of the other students
• Also the other Heathers are really excepting of you two, and the instantly want you to be a part of the “group”
• I’m sorry but i just hc lesbian!HeatherM so so so hard bless

is making “straight jokes” a late millennial thing? like, I was hanging out with a group of late 20s-early 30s dudes (including a gay guy) and one of them did something creepy and I said “that’s the straightest thing I’ve ever seen” and they all got kind of offended…? like…. is this a tumblr thing? or am I just an asshole?

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I got one for you! Kastle zombie apocalypse.


Is this an excuse for Shane or something….. Because it kind of feels like it is. Also confession I’ve never seen TWD but Shane is fine af.

New York was deserted now. The streets eerily quiet. And when people were on the streets, they were armed with weapons as they went in search of food. 

Frank had known it was coming. He had made sure to be prepared. Fuck, no one else had believed him. Food, supplies, dog food for Max. Karen was the only one who had believed him. So naturally, they worked together on stocking up for everything. 

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Which song do you think is the best of the three so far? I think RFI is the best. It's lyrics are sharp and adult. It's nice to see that angle of Taylor. It's pre-chorus is my LIFE and it's bass it my DEATH! Also, don't you think Gorgeous sounds a lot like HYGTG of this album? It's very High School-esque and it's catchy in a guilty pleasure kind of way (coming from a guy who loves Taylor Swift songs).

i like ready for it and gorgeous the same dont make me pick one of my children over the other !!

stranger things season 2 theory


jk its an alien

anyway, ok so ive had this thought for a little while and i questioned it if it seeme legit and i thought, oK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH iM GONNA SAY IT!!

so, yknow how in the trailer, will is being inspected and stuff and how he seems to be almost getting shocked in the bed in front of joyce and that one guy hugging (i forgot his name schwoopsie) i thought like,,,

what if will is in an asylum???

it kind of far-fetched but i thought like, joyce said in the recent final trailer she says, “this thing, you said it was all in his head, and what have you done? nothing.” i feel like maybe she brought will to a hospital, but they probably thought he was going crazy or something, so they used electroshock/electroconvulsive therapy to try and maybe get it out of him so he isn’t “crazy”

i dunno, leave some suggestions if you like!! and feel free to branch out like,, thIS IS thEORY BUT!! yeET!

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i'm kin and honestly this lucina-against-antikin blog is making me cringe down to my very core. guy should just do us all a favor and leave. just a total disgrace to the kin community

yeah no kidding! they shit on other people within the kin community and its just bad. 

antikin only enjoy their dumb shit because its so stupid its funny and kin cant stand them because theyre antagonising and making a fool of the kin community!

its unbelievable how awful one person can be. like, this is the kind of person kin folk tell antis “theyre just making us look bad, the kin community isnt like that!”and i would 100% agree with you



modern disney aesthetic
↳ aladdin


I like the idea of ???% signing even more than originally planned, i think i’m going to do more!

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