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Week Four

A/N: Welcome to week four for where I’m kind of playing catch up from last week. Rec list tags: @mogaruke

No Pairing

A New World by @impala-dreamer 

OMG she better call the number! Like I kind of feel bad for the guy but then and not really cuz he’s not Sam or Dean and that’s what matters lol. Just saying… I wouldn’t mind a sequel…

Classic Car Family by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms  (fluff)

This kind of killed me in such a good way! IT was like nostalgia and every emotion wrapped up into one! The ending blind sided me and I just like fell out of my chair!

Storm Clouds by @impala-dreamer  (angst)

So I skipped this last week and had to wait until I was in a good place to read this and damn this was so good. It was very realistic, almost too realistic to me. This just goes to prove that you can’t go wrong with having the Winchesters as family

Dean x Reader

Stitches and Whiskey by @impala-dreamer  (fluff)

OMG YES! I love a sassy Dean soooo much! And the fact that this has never happened on the show kind of makes me mad. You need to pitch this idea to the writers. Like just use a GD first aid kit for once.

Mile High Club by @jpadjackles  (smut)

OMG. That was short sweet and HOT AF. I’m gonna need a part 2 but she was not take care of and we can’t have that. Deans took caring for that. *begs for part 2*

Vulnerable by @dancingalone21  (fluff)

This was wonderful! All the silliness and cuteness! I love how Dean didn’t care if she was a lesbian. A lot of people see him as just someone who wants sex but he’s deeper than that! Love this!

Here Now by @impala-dreamer  (fluffy angst)

Dean coming back from hell gets me every time! Like he’s just so vulnerable! I’ve never felt the need to protect anyone as much as I feel the need to protect him when he comes back from hell. This was just so full of emotion! Love it! 

Barcelona by @pinknerdpanda (fluff)

Aww this was soo sweet! I love how Dean makes it up to her! All he really had to do was say sorry and be all Dean like but he chose to do something so sweet! Made me swoon a million times over.

Truth or Truth by @ilostmyshoe-79 (smut)

OHMYGOSH. That was so hot! I could have gone for a cold shower after reading this. Whew, this had me sweating!

An Impossible Choice by @nichelle-my-belle (angst)

OUCH. Oh my gosh that just killed my heart and my soul. Ugh poor Dena, poor Cal! Even Sam lost a friend! This just killed me…

Imagine Dean coming home to you dancing around the kitchen, singing Pour Some Sugar on Me while baking a pie by @bringmesomepie56 (smut)

“Thank god for Def Leppoard and Apple Pie” Yes! Thank god because this fic was amazing! I love that Dean was so bold! Then again when is het not lol

Got Me Feeling Emotions by @thegreatficmaster (fluff/angst)

NO! WHAT?! AH! Wheres the rest?! I keep scrolling down and there’s still not more! Im always up for some demon Dean and I wouldn’t hate a second part… ;)

Sam x Reader

Better Than This by @melbelle45 (fluff)

My fave line “Three lives were formed in this body, three healthy lives that live and breathe and destroy our house.“ Swwoooon so hard! And the Daddy!Sam at the end <3

Perfect by @imagineteamfreewill (fluff)

Aw I love fluffy Sam! He was so sweet and so nice! I think we all can agree that we all need a little Sammy in our life…. or a lot of Sammy ;)

The Guest Of Honor by @revwinchester  (fluff)

Ah!! I love College!Sam and how freaked out he was about her being the presidents daughter! Glad he came to his senses though!

Black and Blue by @bringmesomepie56  (smut) 

Ha! I can just imagine Sam being super bummed that he tried to kiss a girl and was met with a punch to the face. Well I think they made up for that!

Jensen x Reader

That’s My Girl by @not-moose-one-shots (fluff)

This was soo cute! I love all the things that Jensen said he love about the reader! It was all very sweet and made me swoon!

Too Good by @impala-dreamer (fluff)

I’d watch Jensen put different clothes on all day. In fact, I’d probably watch him do anything… But we all know that leather jacket kills all of us!

Jared x Reader

Lift you up by @impalaimagining (angst)

We all have shitty days, some worse than others. Pretty sure if I had Jared my day would be far far less shitty. I’d like to rent Jared for the day please?


So I’m not a gamer in any way shape or form: I was a nationally ranked athlete, am a deans scholarship recipient, and I’ve been nominated for several study abroad a under the impression that I’m ‘a well-rounded and kind individual’. Take it or leave it, judge me as you like, but I absolutely LOVE da:I. And one of the girls in my house (for a lack of better terms) just outed me to the rest of our house. Is it wrong that I’m bothered by it? Because I’m still me, I just love an elf egg.            


Y’know guys, Mark inspires me so much. His perseverance, his kindness, his positivity, his diligence, his leadership, his selflessness, his care, his heart, his attitude, his love, his strength–just him. I think of Mark and I just feel like I should be a better person because such a wonderful human being lives on this Earth. He’s been through so much and he’s worked so hard, yet he still has one of the brightest most beautiful smiles on his face everyday, and it’s honestly so admirable. I respect him so much, and this has probably been said so much by so many people because there’s so much to admire about him, and I’ll add myself to that group of people.

Mark Lee deserves the world and everything more, and as much as a fan can, I love him with all of my heart <3

anonymous asked:

the hell? are you seriously into incest? What makes you think thats ok??

Hew fucking boy anon. Okay. Here’s the deal. In addition to tagging all of my Crispino twins appropriately, “incest, nsfw” are the ones I use consistently btw. I DO NOT think it’s okay at all. 

I don’t write some kind of glorified or idealized sexual relationship with these two. I don’t write it being functional, or consensual. I write it as being mutually abusive and very fucked up. 

So, if you’re going to ask me if I think that familial violence and sexual abuse okay, quite frankly I don’t. I think there are better ways to ask me this question, like an anon stating “can you pls tag as x so I can blacklist x” which I would love to accommodate. Quite frankly, I’m not here for behavior policing via fandom, considering this is something I do in my free time, and because appropriately tagged posts do not harm individuals who blacklist/communicate with bloggers what tags they wanted blacklisted. 

anonymous asked:

Your blog makes me feels safe, but I haven't seen any posts about violent sexual thoughts, which is concerning. Is that just me?

definitely not just you!!!!! i should do a better job at consistently tagging them (i’ll do that from now on), but usually they fall under tags like this one!

Might as well be truthful. 

It takes like 50 takes just to take an okay photo to post on here. Most of them look t-e-r-r–i-b-l-e.  Munt face and all.  

And even then, you do it in a way in poses that make you feel like an absolute idiot too.  And then you publish it somewhere and you get this kind of crippling anxiety over, “What if no one likes this”. 

What the hell is the point anyway?  So someone can stroke my ego?  Why do we do this?  Why is there always someone way more perfect with way better photos who look more natural?  What’s the point in all this anyway?  

I want to try and live with as much grace and levity as possible, but I’ve kind of ruined that showing parts of myself and taking photos in the best way possible that makes me feel way too disconnected from reality. 

Also fuck those Instagram guys.  They’re so fucking annoying.

pleasemakeitgayer  asked:

Oh okay! Thanks for clearing that up! May I request texting just you for Quinn and Estela?

Texting with Quinn:

- Lots of emojis
- Mainly the heart related ones
- You’ll send each other pictures of things you’re doing and things that remind you of one another
- She will send you pictures for all kinds of recipes with “We should totally try this”
- (Always actually trying those things and mini food fights and heated make out sessions ensue)
- “I miss you so much” and “I wish I could hug you right now so badly”

Texting with Estela:

- You can send her texts whenever and she’ll immediately read them all but only responds when necessary
- Doesn’t like technology much so she gives short answers
- Grammar is always correct
- Will correct you on your grammar
- Occasionally sends you really heartfelt messages that make your whole week better
- Sends blurry pictures with cute captions and you don’t have the heart to tell her that you have no idea what’s happening in the picture so you just guess

suchbeautifulmindss  asked:

Im not sure if you already answered this (kind of new) but what made you want to start a Tumblr? ❤️❤️

Oh man, I don’t even remember… 

I think my friend had one.. and I thought it was cool to have a blog and have people to talk to because I made all of my friends online.. I used to play Zwinky and Gaiaonline ;~; lmao 

But I had it.. it was so trash~ it was so basic because I was trying to be cool like my friend, but then I changed it up, made everything pink and.. It made me feel so much better about having a tumblr.. and now I have my blue blog and other blogs, and they make me feel good  ♡

ourhamiltrash  asked:

First name: Tom or something I not smart Nickname: Tom Age: 15 Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Either Gay or Bi or straight Nationality: You said you were 2 different kinds of nationalities once but i forgot which ones? Relationship status: Taken Likes: Stealin lex form me Dislikes: Stealin Lex from you/ Offensive jokes Random fact: Your Probably a better singer than me

close lol

anonymous asked:

I would love to see a twist where Allison finds out but it's when ivory is too far gone and completely unstable so they're able to take Nicole away and give her a Better life. I also can see exactly why she named her daughter Nicole. (1. Spitting image of Nico 2. N i c o le)

Originally posted by ricamora-falahee

Oh, that would be an awesome twist! Allison does have a lot of love to offer a child! But she’s kind of fixated on having her own biological kid with Nico…so we shall see! lol  And yes, Nicole looks exactly like Nico, and she also resembles one of Nico’s younger sisters. If Allison ever sees her, it’ll be a dead giveaway!

Today, I had a long talk with a new friend about the agonizing process of me trying to get over my current crush. It’s been two years, she’s dated at least two people in that time, she has kind of rejected my confession… yet sometimes she holds my hand, intertwines our fingers, lets me sleep on her shoulder and draws patterns on my back.
Yet I know… I’m not the one in her heart. It’s like… I’m being fed false hope. It’s not good for me to keep this up, all she does now is make me confused and worried and afraid.

And this new friend… might be interested in pursuing me romantically. She has been nothing but kind and sweet and understanding, and when we talked… I told her I was afraid of rebounding off her. And you know what? She said she wouldn’t mind, if it would help me feel better.
How could I do something like that?
So I told her… to give me time and space. That… I would still be her friend, and game with her and hang out with her, but… but if she wanted anything more, would she please wait for me?

And she said yes.

What do I do now?


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨


Merry Christmas!! The zine these drawings were originally meant for kind of fell through so I decided to post them today as a gift to you all instead. The theme was about giving kindness and helping out the community, what better time to share them than the holiday season!

Out of all of them, the Marinette and Alya one is my favorite. Which do you guys like best? :)

if you see this post try to do any of these right now
  • drink a glass of water
  • put on chapstick/lip balm
  • clip/file/paint your nails
  • take three deep breaths
  • put on fuzzy/comfortable pants
  • say something outloud that you’ve been thinking
  • look up pictures of dogs or cats (or any animal you like basically)
  • walk around your house
  • go outside (if you can) and look for plants/flowers
  • take pictures of said plants/flowers
  • stretch your arms
  • if you’re sad try to smile as big as you can and take a picture of it
  • cheer up
  • it will be okay

i just wish for once, i could be the best at something. the smartest, the prettiest, the best writer, the most talented musician, the nicest, the most forgiving, the one who makes people laugh the loudest. but there’s always going to be someone who’s better than me, and i know there’s always going to be someone worse too, but for some reason, that doesn’t help my self-esteem. it’s a “if you’re not first, you’re last” kind of thing. it’s like i could be so proud of my accomplishments and then somebody does it better and my whole mood is ruined. it’s like i could think i look pretty in a picture and then i see someone else’s selfie and i delete mine. it’s like i’m so tired of feeling inferior, of judging myself off of how many instagram likes i get and how badly people have treated me, but i don’t know how to stop. i’m so tired of being chosen second and thinking “ah ha! i was right! i do suck!” i wish i was the kind of person who knew their worth without someone having to remind them every two seconds. i wish i could fall in love with my imperfections.

i live on countdown. thirty-three days until i am done with this. twenty-something until christmas, until new years. only three days of work before a day of rest. just eight more classes until i graduate. just one more year until i’m out of here. just. just. just this moment itself kind of feels like i’m both wasting it and wasting in it. like it’s killing me to be here and live through it but i know when i look back it will seem like it passed in an instant. already i’m worrying that i’m missing the best of things. already i’m worrying that it doesn’t get better on the other side of this. that i reach the end of the countdown just for another one to begin. like i don’t know how to survive without a clock telling me there’s ten days before he goes away again or there’s six years before i have to buy a house or there’s only so much time left before my youth runs out. how do you plan for the future and also live in the moment. how do you keep your childhood joy and also obsess about what happens two years from now. 

i just want off the ledge. i want to be someone who doesn’t care what happens next. i want to be someplace that whatever happens, happens. that i’m not worried about the end.