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18 Million Subscribers!!!

That’s insane. The channel is growing so big so fast. I can’t believe how far it’s come. 

Huge congrats to Mark. He’s worked so hard over the years. Both him and the team deserve it for all the amazing things they’ve done so far. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store. 

And remember…

we’re only 2 million away from tasteful nudes.

                                ✨  The Dreamiest Dads  ✨

Can’t afford the game? Draw fanart! 
I’d actually like to draw more dads/dadsonas!

Dream Daddy © Game Grumps
Brian Harding & Mat Sella © Game Grumps 

Mack Malavé belongs to @kawaiijohn

EXO’s Reaction to Their S/O Dropping a Lit Mixtape

A/N: Trying out a simpler more relaxed style for this one. tell me what you think!!!!


*initially would be surprised that his s/o was spitting literal fire, however would quickly get into it once the beat dropped, busting out his BEST moves*


*100% supportive and would constantly be talking about how cool his s/o and would always show people their mixtape whenever possible, jamming along*


*honestly won’t stop screaming the lyrics to the songs, stumbling over them as he tries to keep up–all with a giant smile on his face*


*in actual awe over the fact that his s/o was so talented and wouldn’t be able to close his mouth as he sat there in shock and listened to the mixtape on repeat*


*though he’d be slightly confused at first, he’d soon get into the groove and make his favorite song his ringtone, giggling whenever it went off*


*super duper proud and would make sure to promote it was much as he can, shyly asking to play it for his members and beaming when they loved it too*


*he’d bring out some of his smoothest moves every time he heard his s/o’s songs come on, not caring who saw him—he was going to support them no matter what*


*legitimately impressed by his s/o’s rapping skills, and would constantly be listening to the mixtape, happily rapping along and bouncing to the beat*


*this boy would turn into an absolute fangirl, constantly yelling the lyrics even when the songs weren’t playing and telling everyone he knew about the mixtape*

Tomorrow it’ll be exactly ten years since I put the first page of Wurr online.

I have multiple (mostly confusing and somewhat conflicting) feelings about this. I’m trying to have a page to upload to mark the anniversary, but my brain is scattered all over the place and I can’t concentrate on planning it, so I won’t promise anything but boy.

Ten years.


anonymous asked:

you're always saying you have no money but now you're buying a house???????

Yeah so you know who does have money? My parents. They got sick of me waiting around for them to die and inherit their money before I could move out of their house so they’re giving me the deposit so I can get a mortgage now.

It’s the old ‘bank of mum and dad’ phenomenon. It’s not fair at all, but I’m one of those lucky people who has that option, and that’s pretty much the only way most people of my generation get on the property ladder at all.

Personally I don’t have much money, and it’s gonna be pretty much beans-out-of-a-can for me from now on because all my wages are gonna go towards paying the mortgage and bills. But my parents helping me out like this means that I can start living independently from now on so I am very very grateful.

(I did offer to pay them back, but my mum said: ‘Alice, frankly by the time you finish paying us back we’ll be dead anyway and you get the money either way, so you don’t need to bother’)

me, getting any kind of attention: this is so awkward just leave me alone???

me, as soon as the person giving me attention leaves: no wait come back ):

I love how LinkedIn is like “10 jobs you might be interested in” like yeah sure I’m interested but the real issue here is would those 10 jobs be interested in me? Cause I feel like that’s the more pressing issue here.

SJM Accent Challenge
woof woof
SJM Accent Challenge

SJM Accent Challenge

I was tagged by @propshophannah (and will be, maybe, by @itach-i when she posts??)

I tried not to ramble but that didn’t really work out. Apologies for the barking dog (Macska!) and my scramble to get into another room leaving me out of breath. This was the third time I recorded my answers and my voice was going so it’ll have to do. Also, a few swear words popped out. But in context, I think they were justified.

Name and username

Where are you from?

Pronounce the following words: 
Archeron, Rhysand, Cresseida, Thesan, Rhoe Galathynius, Illyrian, Manon, Abraxos, Prythian, Lucien, Ianthe, Suriel, Bryaxis, Nuala and Cerridwen, Elide, Velaris, Rowan Whitethorn, Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemia Ytger, Rifthold, Adarlan, Crochan, Kaltain Rompier, Sorscha, Dorian Havilliard, Lyria, Asterion horse, Valg, Eyllwe, wyrdmarks, rowaelin, feysand

How did you find out about the books?

When did you start reading them?

Favorite character from TOG?

Favorite character from ACOTAR?

Have you read The Assassin’s Blade? Do you plan on reading the ACOTAR Novellas?

Favorite ship/s?

Read a page from your favorite book from TOG (or ACOTAR)

Which scene destroyed you the most?

If you read fanfiction, name your favorite or some of your favorites

Fave headcanons?

Fave quotes?

If you could choose any piece of media to readapt the Maasverse in, what would you choose? (e.g: movie(s), tv show(s), animation, a musical, videogames, etc) TOG or ACOTAR? Why?

Which would be your ACOTAR Court? Why?

And last but not least, say 3 unpopular opinions. Do it, go off

I’m not tagging anyone specifically, but if you haven’t done this yet and want to - go for it! And tag me in the reply so I can listen :)

I got talking with my dude about how it’s silly that people expect that a romantic partner should share all your interests, and he was like, right, you should be your own person, and I admitted that sometimes I’m jealous of my favorite authors who have partners(husbands) who read their work and are their biggest fans, but I get that that’s not mandatory, and he said, well, right, you wouldn’t really appreciate my criticisms, since my tastes are so different from yours, and I don’t remember exactly what I said, but he perked up when I mentioned how much porn I’d been writing lately, and he was like, you know, I probably would have some reasonably meaningful feedback on that, and honestly I dunno, I write a lot of gay stuff, and stuff I don’t think he’d really be all that into, but, well, long story short I sent him a link to the most recent PWP (Yavin IVsome) and I’m now rereading it with a critical eye and kind of thinking like, hm, maybe I shouldn’t have sent him that, so, uh, anyway. It’s a bit female-gazey, now that I reread it, and maybe I’m too flowery in the descriptions, and gosh. 

… Dude and I have been together for a decade and a half, and the last thing of mine I had him read, he wanted to know why everybody had dumb names. He is Super Not Into fantasy or sci-fi stuff at all, and doesn’t read much at all but when he does, it’s contemporary stuff. He loved Nick Hornby etc. He doesn’t do drama or epic shit or any of the stuff I do.

This is almost as bad as when I told my sister my AO3 handle and linked her to a fic. It’s been like six months, she didn’t read it, I think I’m all good, but the nervousness about it… 

y’all don’t understand, I’m not out to people in RL, I don’t know anyone in person who’s basically ever read my fanfic. Some of y’all talk about, like, your mom reading your shit, and liking it, and giving you advice, and I can’t even imagine what that would be like.

I almost hope he doesn’t read it because then I can stop worrying what he won’t like about it. Ugh I’m the worst at dealing with this.

when u draw cute self-insert

when you think abt irl romance

when you realize that you feel that way abt irl romance because you are so shitty at basic human interaction that you can’t even hold a basic friendship and that this self insert garbage is just a coping mechanism to make up for how guilty you feel on how you have treated those close to you but still try to enjoy your shitty fictional relationships anyway

@thetoxicstrawberry Berry you are so sweet. Thanks for being so encouraging on my last drawing!!!!!! I’ll gladly hop aboard the madakaka art train. Choo choo! (Kakashi makes faces in the mirror. Madara tolerates his stupidity.)