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Quick and easy skin texture/freckles tutorial

What you need:
Pastels, old toothbrush, q-tip, brush for mixing, patience

  1. Our vict- eh, head that needs freckles.
  2. Scrap some bits off of your pastel stick (the finer, the better). I’m using Schmincke soft pastels (Burnt yellow ochre H plus Pouzzuli earth D). Add water, mix everything. Dip the toothbrush into the mix.
  3. Flick the brushes onto a paper towel, to get it a bit less watery. Its not a must, but if you’re using that technique straight onto the head, you a) don’t know how vibrant the colors are and b) will get big blotches. and you’ll want small dots for a (semi-) realistic look.
  4. Flick the toothbrush bristles over the head/areas you want to add freckles/textures on.
  5. Use a q-tip to remove dots that you don’t like. Since they’re wet, its easy to remove them.
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until you like it. Take some time between layers to let them dry; yo can also vary the colors you’re using.
  7. Tadaa! Done.

▸Don’t do it as I did it -after- you’ve done details like eyebrows/lashes, but before, otherwise you’ll layer the dots over the details.If you want to do it after the detaisl, remember to seal everything before the freckles/texture, so you don’t accidentally remove details when removing small dots with the q-tip.

▸Be aware that even though you can remove dots when they’re dry, they will leave some kind of very faint blushing.

▸Work form a very light color to heavier colors. Pastels mostly look more vibrant when freshly sprayed onto a head, but dim a bit down when drying.

▸On dark heads/tan dolls - freckles will appear faint when dry (even if you’re using dense dark colors), but they WILL pop up after you sealed them. Also applies to some extend on NS/WS heads, just not that obvious.