i kind of like how my coloring looks on this


This isn’t actually a kitchen, it’s a plant sanctuary.

I made this space mostly to mess around in Photoshop. I’m trying to create an action I can use consistently but it’s slow going.

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lol can I ask how? I'm curious? Like form your mom, your dad?

((OOC: My Mom is 100% Swedish. It’s from my Dad’s side. It’s always this fun thing where people will tell me my coloring is too dark to be Swedish and too light to be Hispanic. Here’s a picture of my parents that kind of “explains” my coloring {and me behind them, hiding from the sun}))


Variations of Gothitelle’s evolution line based on different types of Lolita fashion. Click on each for a full view.

The standard Gothic type is the most common one people come into contact with. Designers became very influenced by Gothitelle’s black and white color scheme, which helped give birth to a new fashion, Elegant Gothic Lolita. 

As soon as other varieties were discovered, such as a very “sweet” looking Gothitelle with pink and blue colors, designers took notice and created more Lolita designs based on these variations.

If Lolita brands existed in the pokemon world, I’d like to think that some of them took inspiration from the Gothitelle line.

I imagined the brand name “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright” was based on the fact that Gothita kind of looks like a baby, and Gothorita/Gothitelle get their power from the stars. The brand name “Metamorphose“ could have also been influenced by how Gothita evolves and changes each time, lol. 

[I’m so proud of myself for finally finishing this thing. My depression made me not care about drawing anymore for the past several weeks, but I’m trying to get back on track again.]

★ “Wa” = “Japan, Japanese;” Is used as an adjective in some compound words (washi = “Japanese paper”)
★ “Hime” = “Princess”

Please do not delete the caption.


Finally finished! XD A set of Rumples that I started weeks ago to go with my Belles! These were super fun to draw and I love how they came out! 

My personal favorite is little Spinner!Rum but I still can’t decide if I love or hate his crazy disco shirt in the fourth one! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Enjoy!

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may i ask how your drawings look watercolor like ?? is it a special brush you are using ? love your art btw !! keep it up ^o^

i mainly used this brush for the coloring

i got most of my brushes from devianart!! n just did go randmon with the settings  really ´ V `;;

  • for the water color effect just add a new layer above your base (clipping + FRINGE!!!) and there you go  = W =
  • for some nice effects you can also add an overlay layer (or some textures) 

I had a dream last night that I was playing this post-apocalyptic game where all of the people except you and your crew were turned into horrifying monsters

The way the game worked was it would open to you and your Cool Group of Angsty Survivors and their base is taken over by the monsters. So the whole point of the game is to survive long enough to get to another safe place.

You have four people in a team and you all just. Line up side to side and go in a straight line. You have one gun that does a set amount of damage (other weapons are available instead of a gun and some are pink and sparkly)

The monsters come at you in a straight line and basically, you have to fight them off, walking backwards to make sure you have enough time to beat them

So basically the object of the game would be to figure out how to fight each monster specifically so you go forward more than you go back and make it to a checkpoint

And you’d have this journal you make of every monster you see, with all the info on how to beat them, whether you were the one who fought the monster, or one of the other three players with you

You can play solo, but if three of the four people in your group dies but the fourth one makes it, all four of you can still progress, so single player mode is super hard. Computer players are available but they kinda suck

And as you go along you discover all of the other people have become these monsters, and certain monsters target certain people so there’s only so many monsters you can see on your own

Some monsters may specifically like to target girls over boys. Some may target people under the age of 20. Some may just want to only fight people who have a sparkly pink sword. The more odd the thing is that attracts the monsters, the harder it is to find them

So as you go through the game you have two objectives, get to a safe spot and end the game, or the optional one to keep heading out every day to find new monsters



        So, this was a Pewdiepie picture I drew back in April of 2013 and I kind of wanted to do a little redraw to see how much I have changed within the span of three years, and holy hot damn. 

Things I’ve noted:

  • Pretty sure I didn’t use references when I was younger so REFERENCE FOR ANY ARTIST IS IMPORTANT! It’s always great to have SOME kind of reference to you. I cannot tell you how long I stared at Pewd’s hair trying to get it right while looking at the other one and saying “Why the fuck does it look like this? This doesn’t look like Pewd’s hair in the slightest.”
  • Even if something is white don’t be afraid to make it an off white of some kind. It really helps with shading, lighting, and all that fun stuff. One thing my professors have always taught us is not everything is pure white or black. There will always be some tinge of color somewhere. 
  • Don’t give up. As you can tell between three years I’ve changed A HELL OF A LOT and to all artist out there who don’t think their good, get up and try again! Try harder and harder til you find that style that is right for you! All artist paint, color, draw, and do steps in different ways so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t look like Picasso or something. It’s your work, and you put your heart and soul into it and that is what makes it special. If you keep trying and listen to those who critic you properly, you’ll make great things! I know it!

        There is possibly some other things I’m missing, but hell. I’m so happy with how much I have progressed.

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What kind of drawing tablet and software do you use! Your art is awesome!

Hey hey! Firstly, thank you very much! :D Secondly, I use a Wacom Cintiq at work and at home. Program wise, I do most of my line art in StoryboardPro, because I like the pixel-y way it makes my lines look and then I use Adobe Photoshop CCS for coloring and color correcting. I also sometimes do my line work in Clip Studio Paint, again because I like the pixel-y quality to the lines! Hope that helped!


Sooo…. yeah, needed to destress and asked @dakt37 if I could color one of their awesome Star Wars art. This one just CALLED to me. Seriously look at Waxer’s & Obi-Wan’s faces! How could you say no to that? So I cleaned up the lineart a little, colored it, redid the dialogue balloons, added some “armor damage,” so that they wouldn’t look like a bunch of shinies, and just tried to enjoy it (which I did, but my artistic sense wouldn’t just let it be that, so I kind of might have gone overboard?) (First one to guess why the mug is that color gets a cookie.)

Coloring consistency what’s that?!

Original drawing belongs to dakt37 

Star Wars belongs to D*sney


Pride and Prejudice: Liz on Top of the World

A ravishing landscape of savage and romantic beauty scudding clouds, mountains, wild rocky outcrops. Elizabeth is walking freely, the wind in her hair. The view is magnificent. She breathes deeply.

Testing out my art style with different kinds of line art and coloring styles cuz I’m not really a fan of my digital art lol (also I cant figure out how to shade cuz I’m not smart with technology). Mainly doin this because I just like drawing flat colored cartoon art, just trying to make my art look nice without shading, but I know I’ll have to figure out how to do it (digitally) in the future. So yah just experimenting.

Here’s an Eri :>

Takasugi Shinsuke | Speedpaint

これ…誰ですか (@_@) wwww

Imagine waking up in Cair Paravel in the Golden Age and not having a clue how you’d gotten there

Imagine waking up in Cair Paravel and Aslan shows up in the council room with the Pevensies and explains that they have to look after you.

(h/c) hair color

(e/c) eye color

(f/c) favorite color

(y/f/n) your first name

(y/l/n) your last name

(y/n/n) your nick name

This is also a pick and choose story with images so sorry if it seems long, also its my first time writing like this so please be kind! I hope you like it :)

You wake up to a pounding headache and slowly stir in your bed. Except it feels slightly different. Gingerly, you touch the blankets. They don’t feel like your own. Instead of being a soft cotton they are a cool silk. Feeling slightly more alarmed you stand up. The room is dark. Except for a window with curtains you don’t recognize. 

You walk over cautiously to it and slowly pull the curtain aside letting the setting sun shine warm rays into this unfamiliar space. You look about you and are awestruck. The entire room looks as if its been carved from marble.The bed you had previously been laying in was covered in pale blue satin sheets with embroidery of swans all over it. The bed was a dark cedar with carved podiums and hanging white taffeta drapes. The walls had beautiful paintings and tapestries on them. You studied yourself in the mirror close by. Your (h/c) was a mess but it looked really pretty like someone had styled it that way. Your (e/c) were gleaming with excitement. You felt logically that you should be worried but oddly enough you weren’t, 

You had a soft white nightgown and on and proceeded to go to a wardrobe across the room. it had stags carved into the front of it and when you opened it your mouth hung wide open as you silently gasped. Breathtaking gowns all in (f/c) hung in the wardrobe all in different styles. Your hands stopped on this one and excitedly you pulled it out just as a women entered the room.

She had long blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

“Ahh good to see your finally awake your majesty. You gave us quite a fright.”

she smiled warmly. you thought about how to handle this situation in your head without freaking this nice lady out. But she cut you off.

“I can see you’re trying to figure this all out, You are in Narnia, and as a Daughter of Eve you shall have a coronation to be a Queen of Narnia as is thy right Your Grace.” she bid a low curtsy

“And might I add that is a lovely gown you’ve chosen for the ceremony, very befitting of a Queen. And you can relax we know your not from this world.” you let out a sigh of relief.

“Now lets figure out how you’ll be wearing your hair. And which tiara you’d like for your coronation. Oh and by the way my name is Marian.” she said with a smile. “Pleased to meet your Marian.” You beamed

“My name is (y/f/n) (y/l/n) but you can call me (y/n/n)

Once you and Marian had chosen your attire you walked into the council room to see four sets of eyes on you as well a Lion. But you weren’t afraid, something inside you sensed that you were safe here. Marian smiled at you and dismissed herself.

They all studied you as the Lion was the first to speak.

“Welcome (y/n) Daughter of Eve. I see you have transitioned quite well into your new surroundings.” he chuckled and you managed to give him your best curtsy.

“It is both a privilege and an honor Sire.” he bowed his head to you this time.

“I see that I have chosen well.” As Aslan motioned to the tallest boy with blonde hair and blue eyes you felt your face get hot and you could feel yourself blushing as he stepped up and bowed to you.He gently kissed your hand. His blue eyes shining.

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am High King Peter and these are my siblings.”

He gestured to the girl with dark hair first.

“This is High Queen Susan, the eldest sister.” she curtsied and gave a soft “Hello” with a sympathetic smile.

“And this is King Edmund the Just.” the tall boy with dark eyes and hair held his gaze slightly longer than the rest and asked “How are you fairing?” as he walked up to you and kissed your hand. “As well as most young ladies in my position would be your Grace.” to which he replied “Please call me Edmund.”

“Very well Edmund.” you gave a slight nod of your head and small curtsy. “If there is anything you’d like to know about Narnia just ask.” he smiled kindly.

“Edmund here is our librarian on all things to do with Narnian law and culture.” Peter said grinning widely. A slight friction between them was suddenly felt. 

“I’m glad I will have so many kind people to help me adjust to this wonderful transition.” you looked at the youngest then who ran over and hugged you with the happiest smile you’d ever seen.

“And I am Queen Lucy.” she curtsied and grabbed your arm. “Now lets show you around Cair Paravel and talk all about your coronation it will be so exciting!” and she and Susan walked you out of the council room.

I don’t know who I am under all of this skin. I bleed red like everyone else and my skin gets darker when I’m under the sun but I don’t know why my heart aches the way that it does. I don’t know how I look on the inside, I wonder what color my internal walls are painted and I wonder if they are decorated and if they are, I wonder what kind of decorations I have. And if someone were to open me up and roll me out and read me like a map, I wonder if they would be surprised. I wonder if all the directions I’m giving are correct. I wonder if I lead anywhere.
—  m.o.w

So after much delay & stress & ultimately deciding that the only way I’d be able to like how it looks is by using the sketch lines & coloring it in grayscale, I finally finished this companion piece or w/e for that one fic I wrote nearly half a year ago lmao. 

After a couple weeks of secret “chapstick sharing,” your friends might start to get suspicious if your lips are uncharacteristically sparkly & you start to constantly smell like vanilla cake batter~ ;3c Tsk-tsk, boys, what kind of situation are y’all gonna have to deal with now~?


As an artist I kind of have to accept characters appearances, so his look wasn’t that big a deal, I enjoyed how Kubo was able to wrap things up in such short notice to be fair. I just had my version of Ichigo sitting around for a while so I forced myself to finish it. I know… He still looks sort of youthful… I would have really liked if he had long hair though :o and darker eyes as if he were more tired being a substitute a dad and a doctor ya’ know what I’m saying? Also I did it traditionally and ended up coloring on in sai and photoshop!

I’m so late I know!


Did you seriously just scream at me because I'm not religious?

“Hi, how can I help you?”

“Hi. I’m looking for some candles. The kind you’d see in a church.”

“Well I don’t have any idea what kind of candles you’d find in a church. But we do have a wide variety of candles. We have all different colors and sizes. We have battery operated ones and the regular ones. Did you need a pillar candle?”

“Well. They need to be like the ones you see in -insert random religious ceremony I’m not familiar with at all-”

“Again.. That’s not something I’m particular familiar with. Did you need white candles? How tall and how skinny or fat do you need them?”

“WELL YOU JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING DO YOU?? Can’t you get someone who knows SOMETHING??”


And then I slammed the phone down. Fuck off. Go bother someone else.

I got a few questions about how I do backgrounds, model 3D buildings, if I have a certain process, etc., and honestly I’m all over the place.  My backgrounds aren’t very good.  I model in Rhino and I would just be explaining how to use the program.  But what little process I have for non-building things goes kind of like this:

I start with a gradient of 2-3 colors over the whole page to roughly map out light and tone.  Pretty much all background detail is going to be variations of these 2-3 colors to keep it looking consistent. 

Objects in the distance, like the little trees, are going to be lighter and blend in more with the background color than objects up close.  Shadows are darker and cooler in tone than lit surfaces.

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I'm sorry to bother you, but how did you color Fawks and Katie Bell that way? /post/128806131319/harry-potter-meme-½-movies-harry-potter

Hi, lovely anon! Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all <3

Thank you for asking this. So, here comes my very first tutorial!

How to make this kind of gif from this gifset ( tutorial under the cut )

Please like or reblog if you find this useful! ♥

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