i kind of like him in red tho

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This is kinda specific but.... RFA + V + Saeran reacting to taking a bath with MC and feeling her boobs pressing against their back.

ayeeee i got u

-kind of a blushing mess?
-but then he’s all like
-“fuck it” you know
-cause he really likes it

-little prick turns the fuck around and starts groping you
-it turns really dirty really quick

-at this point he doesn’t give a fuck about the beast tbh lmao
-he’s still red in the face tho
-turns around and starts grinding to make you as red as him
-with his dilly wink wonk
-i hate myself

-fuck being professional she’s making a move
-a move being turning around and kissing down ur neck
-shit,,,, i might be str8,,,,

-acts like he doesn’t even feel it and continues doing whatever he was doing
-he’s teasing you like the little prick he is lmao
-things get down quick tho what did you expect

-a blushy bab
-a baby
-but also daddy he turns around and makes you beg for attention

-he’s like smirking to himself
-also regretting his life at the same time
-but turns around and begs whatever satanic shit for forgiveness and just
-fondles whatever he can touch lmao

in summary, i hate myself and my life and this game doesn’t make it any better

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i saw your pidge as yellow from pokespe drawing and I couldn't stop thinking "damn.... silver is as emo as keith tho"


I know right?~

So far I think:
Lance is gold
Keith is silver
Pidge is yellow
Matt as red (bc Pidge is trying to find him like yellow with red)
Allura is platinum
I think hunk would be diamond?
With Shiro I’m still kind of iffy about? Like who would Shiro be?

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Okay but is Latino!Jason the kind of person who would says he'll help someone learn Spanish but he talks really fast and they don't understand anything he says.

ok but i bet it’s not like. he’s trying to b mean spirited or anything it’s just. if he Slows Down, the words get confusing. it’s like staring at a word so long it stops looking like a word- when they ask him to slow down and he complies, he trips over his words like…. wait….. am i using the right tense???? 

((click for better resolution))

So I’m??? not to sure if someone’s started a mermaid au for bakushima yet,, but because i’m an absOLUTE SLUT FOR MERMAIDS HERE YOU GO


I’ll put hcs under the cut to spare you because it got really long really fast—-

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Aone: The Iron Giant

Aone Takanobu is a very quiet character and as such we don’t get to know that much about him. This has never stopped me from overanalyzing things before, so let’s go.

Resting bitch face

Aone’s whole shtick is that he looks scary, but is actually just the sweetest boy. He is the epitome of ‘big guy, big heart’. Let’s be honest here, he has a serious case of resting bitch face. And with his build, weird hair and complete lack of eyebrows he would instil fear in a fair amount of Japanese people. On top of this (or maybe because of it) he seems to be socially awkward or shy. The poor kid is very aware of his effect on people, ok? It legitimately bothers him that people are afraid to sit next to him on the train.

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I actually made this a while ago it’s rlly messy and did it super quick but I decided to post it anyways
Uh so it’s supposed to be in a kind of Polaroid-esque style thing??? I honestly don’t know

I’d like to consider that Paul and Patyrk are Tord’s friends tho although he refuses to admit it and after the end, Tord’s just devastated while the two pilots comfort him

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is anyone ever confused as to why there's two red hoods? i feel like someone says something at one point and it's ~awkward~

ya absolutely lmao tho to be fair tommy doesn’t officially make his debut til he’s like in his mid teens, by which time jay is like approaching middle age (around 50ish i believe) so he’s out and about vigilante-ing a lot less than he used to. so tommy kind of takes over for him. when they’re in the field together they differentiate between each other by calling tommy “red” and jay “hood”

i imagine also that criminals and villains are like oh SHIT there’s a NEW one cuz jay was becoming a lil less brutal in his age lmfao, but in general tommy is much gentler than jay lmao so villains end up much preferring to face tommy

Old Man Ollie probably bitches about tommy taking what is technically a batfam hero identity rather than an arrowfam identity but lian just visits him in the nursing home and cheerfully flips him off lmfao

i always thought that red would b the kind of guy who’d pester you for a battle if he wanted to tho poor green

imagine it tho like

*while green’s on the phone* YO MAN FIGHT ME

*while green’s in the shower* psst man you wanna check out my team

*while on a date with green* hey man you wanna fight

*in the middle of having sex* hey let’s have a battle after this-

and then green kicks him out of the apartment

okay here’s the thing i have this whole haikyuu drama club au (yes a drama club au) in mind but i just can’t seem to write down all my ideas for it coherently….. so i’m just gonna write the tsukkiyama part of it here!! are u guys Ready bc i’m kinda Ready

this got kinda long so the rest of it will be under the cut!! it is v cliche bc i am v cliche okay here we go

  • so these two kiddos both usually work back stage, doing the Nerd things n having a good time (or try to)
  • but outside of the club and when they’re at each other’s houses sometimes yama likes to take out the script they’re working on at the time and act out the lines with tsukki
  • tsukki doesn’t really “act” tho, more like say the lines as monotone as possible
  • not bc he can’t act (he’s actually kinda decent. yama says he’s good when he actually tries!!) but bc he just doesn’t want to, he works backstage why would he practice the script voluntarily???
  • really the only reason he bothers going along with this is because
  • he really likes to hear yama act
  • (actually he really likes yama in general but he’s not gonna admit that to anyone lmao who do u think he is)

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Reine des Fleurs---on my tab

Been reading about the characters and set about organizing the “types”.

Leon: Main interest. He’ll probably be like all main interests to me. Either I like them enough to go “eh…why not” or I can’t stand them. I’m hoping he’s the former because he sounds slightly different from most otome main interests.

Louis: He’s gonna be scary at some point. I don’t know, most of the time otome makes the “sweet” guy scary as fuck, for some reason–that I hate. Hopefully this game is like “fuck tropes” and he won’t be so scary.

Ghislain: Whatever the hell that name is. Grumpy and strict which is a recipe for cuteness overload. You know it. It’s always the aloof kind that make girls go “d'awww”. Helps that he’s really hot tho.

Orpheus: Designated shota–ish. Shota with puberty is also a scary as hell recipe (Jesus half the guys in the game are giving me scary vibes. What is this? Dialovers again?). Not confirmed that he’ll be creepy, but he’ll be creepy. Red eyes don’t help. Nope.

Hubert: RUN THE HELL AWAY WHILE YOU CAN! He’s gonna be like a trainwreck, I can tell. It’s really really bad, but you just can’t run away. The heroine sees him as a brother. Nope…not awkward at all. Not terrible at all. Locking the heroine’s chastity belt because I get the feeling no good can come out of him (no pun intended, don’t give me that look.)

The art style looks lovely and the guys look adult enough to all be sexy to me (except Orpheus). I don’t expect the characters to break down barriers in terms of otome characters but the art and storyline is just too addicting.

it’s really difficult for me to have a stable image for jack in fics cause I’m like

when I read island AU fics  jack is obviously bronzed with orange hair  and when I read england AU fics  jack is with dark red hair and pale, but wouldn’t he like keep his orange hair from the island once his hair got like that from the sun, but what about jack’s eyes are they like dark blue or pale blue, I think they’re pale tho, and I’m pretty sure his hair is kinda curly, and I imagine him slim and bony but kinda muscly as well, and another thing, is he nerd-like or jock-like, I mean he’s a nerd pre-island but kind of a jock during the island that is confusing to me, also does he have freckles on his d too

such important dilemmas how am I gonna live like that

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Happy New Year Admin-san~! (o w o)7 And in honor of the release of the Extra Game, how about the G.O.M.'s s/o telling them their honest opinions on their new looks (*cough* hair *cough*)

thank you my deer nanopedayo hehehe :) happy new year to you too~

OMG almost lost my ask scared the shit outta me but all is well heh ^^

Kuroko: Thinks he is averagely good looking, and kind of cute with his wide eyed blur and innocent look. Wonders how he is so invisible despite his exotic pale blue hair colour PLUS that ridiculous bed hair he has (SAIYAN LEVEL) but that’s a different story.

Kise: Very handsome and good-looking of course. He always seem to sparkle and be in the spotlight. It’s like he walked out of a photoshoot all the time (probably true). His hair colour is considered normal, as compared to his fellow Teikou days basketball team mates those are crazy hair colours.

Midorima: FREAKING CARROT. When she witnesses him in his orange basketball jersey and that green hair? Enough said. Otherwise, his eyelashes and eyes are very attractive, it is a pity he refuses to remove his glasses.

Aomine: He looks kind of scary at first, but really he is just arrogant ha! His dark blue hair is striking, but the more you look at it, it seems as though it goes well with is tanned skin. But his skin colour is really dark for a Japanese though.

Murasakibara: NEEDS A HAIRCUT. AND HONESTLY VIOLET HAIR IS SO DISTRACTING. Too freaking tall. But he is really cute so its alright. She loves him all the same.

Akashi: That red hair though, it screams sassy!Akashi. He isn’t super tall nor short, so it’s nice to stand next to him. His eyes are really pretty, yet sometimes (aka the other Akashi) they look disturbingly insane.

BONUS Kagami: His hair is so unique like it’s red with black highlights???? His eyebrows are so intense and split though. However, that makes him kind of manly and he is hot in his own way.

BONUS BONUS SHIN CHAN: this admin read somewhere (I forgot so sorry) about his new haircut and I can’t agree more.

below is attached picture:

“Hairdresser: So, what do you want?
Midorima: Just f*ck me up.”


by Admin Watermelon 

Outfit :)

Calum can sex your brain…

Rated 13 +

Smut, smut, smut oh yeah and smut!

I wasn’t really up for anything on a beautiful Sunday morning, all I could think about was putting the last finishing touches on my art project.. The theme was “go natural” so I basically had to draw anything natural; I had decided on going for a beautiful sun flower which was located at my best friends house

So I decided on calling y/b/f/n to let her know that I was on my way with my art supplies
After a few rings I finally heard her voice on the other line

“Wut?” She said in her groggy morning voice, I knew she would still be asleep which was the perfect timing because I know she would always say yes when she’s half asleep

“Can I come over to finish my drawing of the flower at your house?” I asked in a sweet little voice but knowing her obvious answer

“Yeah sure whatever” she replied before hearing the phone line go dead ..

I got dressed into my ripped skinny jeans and a shirt with lips stick stains that looks like a work of art (see what I did their? No? Okay) and just let my hair loose for the day

I grabbed my bag which was already prepared from last night and I went out the front door into my car.
I drove off to Starbucks first because I was feeling a bit hungry and just craving for a caramel frappé

I grabbed my purse and went into Starbucks ordering my drink along with an apple pie cause let’s face it everyone would love an apple pie for breakfast.

I took my to go bag and payed the cashier before hitting the road again which didn’t take long because her apartment wasn’t that far long in fact it was just a few blocks from here, I parked into the parking spot of her apartment complex and walked up the flight of stairs which was a freaking pain, her landlord hadn’t fixed the fucking elevator yet do I was stuck walking up the flights of stairs, finally reaching her floor I knocked on her door; earning no responses which I knew was going to happen, I took her spare key from under a flower pot which was nearby and unlocked her front door, seeing y/b/f/n passed out on the couch was no surprise. She really liked to party a lot! “Hey biatch I’m here” I said earning a deep and painful groan from her which just left me giggling like an idiot

I went out on the veranda only to find the flower completely dried up and ugly! I couldn’t draw that, I needed the beautiful colors from it!! Now what am I suppose to do.. My house barely has grass how do you expect me to have flowers? Well that’s great! By now I was utterly frustrated so I called my geeky friend calum for help

“Hey cal can I come over?” I asked

“Yeah sure, but I gotta warn you my friends are here and they’ve got a hangover” he said giggling

“Alright be there in 5” I said before hanging up

I went Into the kitchen I grab an aspirin and drop into some cold water and placed in on the coffee table so y/b/f/n would have it when she wakes up..

I was on the road again heading towards calums house which was at least a good 20 minutes away and I was only 15 mins out

I switched on my radio for the moment and sang to one directions song midnight memories which was actually pretty fun

When I finally arrived at calums I took all of my necessities out and rang the door bell; earning an instant reply he opened up the door and I was glad to see him, with his cute little smile.. I don’t know why but in a way I kind of liked calum he was always such a sweet heart but also such a perv at times..

“Cal thanks for letting me come over” I said embracing him in a loving raptured hug

“For you it’s never a problem” he said and I couldn’t help but notice his cheeks turn crimson red.. Which was a perfect color on his skin tone which also lead me thinking I could draw calum!

“Cal I need a quick little favor” I asked a but nervous tho, I had drawn people before but not completely naked; I won’t lie tho I’ve been wanting to see calum naked since I first laid eyes on him

“What is it?” He asked

“Well I need you to pose naked for me while I draw you” I said a bit embarrassed but at the same time quite pleased

“U-uhm su-sure” he complied stuttering a bit but I think it was cute.

We went off into his room and he locked the door, I sat down on the bed waiting for him to get undressed I was sort of eager to know what lies underneath those clothes..
He swiftly took off his shirt and my eyes instantly focused on the tattoo spread across his chest, lingering down to his stomach; his beautifully prominent v-line and the figure of his torso, it was absolute heaven. He took of his sweats leaving him in his briefs just him being like this just got my motor running and he was only half naked, none of the goods were out yet.

He was a bit hesitant with removing his boxers but I reassured him it was okay, he fumbled with the waistband of his boxers before bending down pulling his boxers; oh my my was he gorgeous, my dream was being fulfilled but not exactly, I couldn’t help but stare at him with such want ..

I took out my pencil and started to sketch out the features of his face, moving to his graceful neck and down to his broad shoulders, beautiful biceps and strong chest, the figure of his torso and the prominent v-line and his charismatic abs.. Finally reaching his dick which was beginning to get hardened, I couldn’t draw a hardened dick in my photo.. I put down my sketching book and walked over to calum

“Are you getting hard baby” I breathed, it was unexpected I didn’t think I had it in me

I grabbed his fully hardened cock in my hands and started to pump up and down his shaft wanting a breathy moan from calum

“Baby I can’t have you hard cock in the drawing” I said bending down taking his cock into my mouth, I felt his knees tremble and he looked like his legs were about to give up

I lured him over to the bed and straddled him with my clothes body, I ground my hips on his erection and he moan which turned me on even more now
I started getting rid of my clothes
I kissed down his neck leaving my lipstick stains and through my ripped skinny jeans across the floor, by now my clothes were scattered along the room
I slid down on calums cock wanting more I started moving but I wasn’t going fast enough that’s wen calum flipped both of us into the missionary position him being dominant in bed was the cherry on top of the sweet cake!

The loud squeaking of the bed, the slapping of skins and the muffled moans were the only thing prominent in the air he was fucking my brains out
His thrust were godly each time hitting my gspot I got closer to fucking heaven “fuck calum fuck fuck fuuuucckk!!” I don’t think I’ve ever moaned so loud in my entire life
“You wanna fucking cum huh baby? Wanna fuck cum on my cock” he snickered, when I didn’t respond from the pure ecstasy his thrust went faster and harder if it was even possible “fuuuuckk yessss shiiiittt fuck me calum” I screamed at this point .. I came all over his dick within seconds I don’t think I’ve ever has such an orgasm like this in like forever! Calum pulled out his dick and came all over my stomach

He slumped down next to me on the bed, our heavy breathing and our sweaty bodies.. “Fuck do that again” I said laughing a bit, calum went to his desk and took a few tissues to wipe off his juices on my stomach .. He lent my his bathrobe and I took my sketch pad once again .. Putting the finishing touches on my project

A loud thud came from the door “Jesus mate some of us are still hungover could you keep it down!” One of his friends said from the other side of the door and I couldn’t help but just laugh ….

Ask for requests, I do blurbs and preferences :) xxx

EXCLUSIVE: Larry Stylinson vs paparazzi on the AMAs red carpet after arriving together without the rest of 1D

“… (cont.) sources say one pap said something nasty to tomlinson about his past & the kind styles we all know didn't hesitate to snap back at the man & defend tomlinson while LT stood beside him rolling his eyes at the pap & moving down the red carpet unaffected with his hand on styles lower back, listen we dont know if “Larry Stylinson” is finally on or not but it looks like the dream team we all missed dearly are back & bolder than ever” /// 2015