i kind of like him i think

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Hey, im sorry for the ask but where does it states that those scenes were before the launching and not like... just showing a special cadet a fucking nice rocket and all? (As for Matt, just to have pictures of him in the garrison) /sorry, i dont really know this kind of stuff

Pidge was there with Matt because he was leaving for Kerberos soon. That’s why he gives her the glasses, promises to come back soon, takes the commemorative photos, and so on. This also explains why Shiro is there–he’s the third person on the Kerberos crew. 

I’m also pretty sure that’s their shuttle docked in the background there. Which is part of why I also think Shiro is thinking back to this same launch and his parting with Keith in the second episode. You can see that rocket still in the background there. So logically, it’d be near the mission launch. But also from a thematic standpoint, it’s just natural to conclude that Keith was thinking of the same event as Pidge since both his memory and the photo were drawn with the same background–the launch for Kerberos. In Pidge’s flashback, we also see Shiro kind of leading Keith around and pointing things out–makes sense if he’s giving him a tour of the launch site. 

Anyway, this also gives us a reason to include Keith in the scene as well. It’s understandable they’d let the astronauts be with their closest loved ones before the launch. That’s something they actually do at places like NASA too. But, if Shiro’s backstory is what I think, and he’s estranged from his family, it’s very possibly he had no relatives to bring with him. So perhaps as an exception the garrison would allow Shiro to take Keith to the launch instead. You know, that way he’d have someone he really cared about to see him off. It’s…really sad, but also bittersweet in that, no matter what, at least he still had Keith. And that was the last person he wanted to see.

MONSTA X reaction to their s/o loving hugs

Anonymous asked - monsta x reaction to their significant other loving hugs

Jooheon - 

He would be very appreciative if you were to ever give him a big, warm hug. I could see him pulling away from the hug and looking down at you very tenderly. Would place a loving kiss on the crown of your head. 

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Shownu - 

I think Nunu would be confused if you were to give him a hug out of the blue but would enjoy the feeling of your body against his. If you were around people, I think he’d only like to pat your head or hold your hand. Not much of a PDA person. 

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Minhyuk - 

He’d love it all. I see him doing all kinds of funny PDA’s with you. He’d backhug you, nuzzle his head into you. He may love hugs and PDA more than you. 

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He’d love your touch. Especially if he were to be very stressed and tense. He’d rather lay down and hug you, you could rub his belly, only if he wasn’t feeling ticklish. He’d have all the lights off and TVs and he would only have soft music playing. 

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Kihyun - 

I think he likes kisses more than hugs. He’s also another one who doesn’t like a lot of PDA. 

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Changkyun - 

I.M is a pretty shy person. I said this before I believe, the youngest person tends to be shyer than someone older than them. You’d have to only keep the loving gestures behind closed doors. 

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Hyungwon -

I can’t be too sure about Hyunwon. Because on days were he acts cold, he could think you’re being obnoxious with the loving gestures. Also on his cold days, that could be all he wants from you is a hug. Kinda walking on eggshells. 

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I wonder if wilford thinks people eventually come back and it just takes time. Maybe it won’t be the day after like us, but he believes it could be a year or a few when someone does come back.

Kind of like a Pet Semetary thing? Where the dead take, hmm, a few hours roughly to come back to life? Tbh yeah I think he’d have a mindset like that, and I think that makes it even sadder because like…

I can see him sitting on the edge of his bed, glaring at his door, waiting for his friend to walk in and greet him and it just…never happens. and he’s left wondering why they didn’t come back this time

The song dropped and honestly I have chills. I’m so in my feels now. This is beautiful. So beautiful. It really got me thinking, I don’t really get this kind of feeling from anything else, ya know? Like nothing and no one has given me this feeling that I’m feeling while listening to this song. And I’m not sure if that’s amazing cause of how talented he is or really sad and pathetic on my end. Either way, this song makes me feel something. And I’m so proud of him. I’m so glad he finally released it. Joji really is an amazing man.

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for the last couple of days i've been watching and rewatching warfstache videos and like, i feel like Mark really watched all of his videos and tried to figure out the best backstory given the character he had already developed because like a lot of the lines Warfstache says make sense now and i'm really sad. Never thought I'd care about Warfy this much!!

I know! Honestly, Warf went from a character I kind of cringed over and didn’t really like, to a character that I really adore? I’m honestly just so proud of Mark for how far he’s come; I know when he made A Date With Markiplier, he said that he hated the characters, how they had come to be a joke for most, and how he wanted to show who they were to him. And I really think he’s done that. Both with Dark and Warf now, and each and every time he has a big project I honestly get really excited? And I love that he’s pushing his boundaries and that the team is growing right along side him. Sometimes now my favorite videos are his sketches and small films – I’d rather watch them then his game play videos most of the time. Who Killed Markiplier really showed that Mark knows his characters, knows his writing and acting, and knows the depth that he really truly wants to give these characters. They’re no longer a mockery and an embarrassment to him – they’ve become some of his greatest masterpieces. 

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Beautiful art AND you take requests!? I have one I think would look really nice in your style, but ONLY if you're into it bcz honestly I feel bad requesting free labor (hence anon). Idea: Sad Sirius kind of crumpled in on himself, wearing an obviously-Remus's-sweater (S likes that it smells like R) that's way too big for him (maybe his knees are pulled up under it?) + Remus is there holding him close. Either pre- or post-Azkaban both fine. Feel free to tweak if the prompt is too specific. Thx!!!

I’m so so sorry your request has stayed in my inbox for too long!! I’ve been stuck in schoolworks and also haven’t had my drawing tablet with me for the past few weeks :(

Your request was so angsty (not complaining! I really like it) I wanted to draw a sad and lonely Sirius and somehow Remus didn’t quiet fit in so it ended up being just Sirius, sorryyy :( So this was set after Azkaban when he was staying at Remus’, wearing Remus’ clothes and trying to figure out what they were to each other (because I assumed they couldn’t just ‘get back together’ after 12 years of separation and desperation, especially not when there was a war coming outside).

Please do not feel bad for requesting, you guys give me ideas!! :) And I hope you like what I did even though it wasn’t exactly what you wanted and so I’m sorry again and I will shut up now.

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what did you think about shiro this season? (assuming that this is the real one and not a clone)

assuming it’s the real shiro, i’d say uhhhhh he needs to have several conversations and chill the fuck out lmao. in season one shiro did nothing but support the kids and project calm and reassurance, and in season 4 he actively ignore’s keith begging him to be the leader instead – for all that i personally think keith would be a fine leader, especially with the support of his teammates, i think keith admitting that he’s not comfortable or ready for that kind of pressure is really mature of him? it’s not like this is a group project in school, where experience is good and necessary, it’s leading a war effort, and he’s a teenager who’s made it clear from the start that he was reluctant to lead. but shiro just tells him, ‘if you don’t do this you’re letting everyone down, including me, and i’m not asking you, i’m telling you.’ it’s such a strange paradox to order someone around while telling them to be the leader. do you trust his choices and opinions or don’t you? 

besides that, shiro ignoring lance telling them to get off of the planet in the finale, only to realize immediately that lance had made the right call, was super fucking annoying, because anyone should have realized that sticking around was dumb. he just shuts lance down without even letting the others make a call either – a direct contrast to him in the first episode where he tells everyone that they’re a team now, and they all needed to decide whether or not to jump into the wormhole. it feels like since he got kidnapped again, shiro’s been jumping into the commanding part of leading more than the cooperative part. 

to be honest i can’t really remember what else they do in the season – i know there was emphasis put on shiro the hero in the drug episode, which strikes me as interesting, bc that’s. all shiro gets to be in this show. he spouts platitudes and during the difficult parts of battle shouts for everyone to try really hard without really saying…what that means. in contrast, when they’re panicking about the bomb and being trapped, lance tells allura ‘you should use your magic, i know you don’t know a lot about it but you’ve done it before, and i know you can because blue chose you for a reason and you’re the heart of this team.’ it was such a fantastic moment of what leadership should be like in the show.

and i don’t mean to rag on shiro – shiro was a good leader the first two seasons, even with his ‘hero’ persona and sort of lame battle encouragements. he listened to his team and gave them individual support (well. pidge and keith, at least.) but i can’t seem to get past him simultaneously “ordering” keith to do something he’s unhappy doing when shiro is meant to be the person keith is closest with. dismissing him out of hand, guilt-tripping him over theater shows – it rubbed me the wrong way. and then we discover that shiro CAN fly the black lion? all he had to do was listen to keith telling him he should try again? mmmk. i’m basically clinging to shiro is a clone bc otherwise shiro’s undergone a massive personality shift and clearly needs to talk some shit out.

i mean this could be a reach but does anyone else kind of feel like jide is hiding a lot like maybe supressing a lot of hurt? i just feel like ever since things with him and seana ended he began to go downhill with the weed and the sleeping around and the excessive spending. it kind of seems like he had an identity crisis somewhere along the line and i do genuinely wonder how he feels and what he thinks about when he’s alone you know

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How come Clockwork is so popular? This may sound like heresy, but I can't get excited about him. He has no friends. He has no backstory. He knows too much about time, so any issue in any plot would raise the question, "Why doesn't Clockwork go back in time and fix it?" I like characters who are weak and foolish, who have room for growth, who don't have powers comparable to those of deities (or, if they do, can't control their powers).

I can’t answer this perfectly since I don’t know every person’s feelings about him, but I can explain why I think he’s a good character.

Clockwork isn’t meant to be a character who is weak or who needs to develop, and that’s fine. There are different kinds of characters who serve different purposes. Main characters should always be the type that need to grow. It makes them more relatable. Clockwork isn’t that type of character, though. He’s more like Mufasa from the Lion King, the ghosts of Christmas from A Christmas Carol, Yuko from ×××HOLiC, or the lion turtle in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Oogway from Kung Fu Panda, or Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

Characters like this aren’t written to be the ones who go through an arc. Usually, they’ve lived long lives already (or they could be immortal) and they have wisdom and experience that helps the protagonist through their journeys. They can often embody an idea rather than being intended as a flawed person. Clockwork, for example, can embody the ideas of responsibility and second chances.

The writing is also clever because it does humanize him somewhat. He has a sense of humor, an attitude toward his superiors, and the knowledge to know when to mess with time and when not to.

The reason Clockwork can’t fix every problem in the show is made clear in Masters of All Time. Messing with time just isn’t that simple, and he’s not allowed to be biased and help each individual with their problems. All he can do is guide things along the best course.

Clockwork’s popularity isn’t about people relating to him, but more people admiring him and his writing. There’s a lot that’s thought through with him. His character’s role was set from the beginning, but it wasn’t always clear to the audience. He’s interesting in the way that people want to figure him out and understand his way of thinking, even though his knowledge makes that pretty much impossible.

That doesn’t mean you have to like him, of course. While I do really like him, my favorite characters are usually the ones I relate to, so I agree with you and gravitate towards more flawed ones. That’s not what appeals to everyone, though, and it’s important to realize that’s okay. People can like different kinds of characters. Some like outrageous comedy characters, others like wise mentor types, others like deliciously evil villains, and some like the characters who feel the most real and organic.

Diversity is what keeps a cast interesting.

For more details about Clockwork specifically, I’ve talked about him in depth here. The quickest answer to your question, though, is that things would actually get boring if every character was weak and foolish. We wouldn’t have our Charles Xaviers, our Maleficents and Ursulas, or our Mary Poppinses. Other types add different dynamics to work off of, and that dynamic can be what draws you to a character.

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#1 - #10 for Zen please!

5. Do they prefer movies or TV shows? Why?1. What are three Netflix shows that they’ve rated five stars?

Tbh…”Hmm? What’s Netflix?” -Zen 

lmao but if I could pick for him: Glee, Stranger Things, Sons of Anarchy

2. Where do they prefer to read? On the sofa, in bed, at a table, on the porch, in a cafe?

On his sofa, laying down, feet propped up on the arm rest or a pillow

3. Do they like to play games? What kind of games: video, card, board? What are some of their favorites?

Well, we know now that he loves minesweeper haha! But I think for board games he would get CRAZY intense over Jenga and like pride himself on his stillness when removing pieces 

4. What’s their food weakness? What food can they never turn down?

MARSHMALLOWS. They’re so soft and fluffy and sweet and melt in your mouth yummy 

5. Do they prefer movies or TV shows? Why?

Movies, mainly musicals. But movies are longer and easier to snuggle up while watching. 

6. What holiday is their favorite? Which is their least favorite?

Toss up between Valentines Day and Christmas but I have to say Valentines Day is his favorite! It’s his chance to show off to his love. Least favorite? (im so sorry guys but I live in US so I will base it off these holidays LOL) but Thanksgiving because it’s just about food now. Though, he does like the togetherness aspect. 

7. What’s their diet like? Are they vegetarian, vegan? Do they have any food allergies that make them have a special diet?

No food allergies. He enjoys meat if its a lean meat but mostly he eats very sparingly and it always includes a lot of greens like salads or roasted/steamed veggies. He loved greens. 

8. What sort of toys did they play with as a child?

Loved the little baby mirrors they add on toys. Enjoyed action figures. MUSIC TOYS THOUGH. Anything that had sound, he loved. 

9. How often do they go grocery shopping? Do they tend to do one large trip, or smaller ones throughout the week?

Sadly, not very often. He will grab a few things here and there at his convenience but he doesn’t go and actually grocery shop. He nabs a lot of pre-made salads and things like that and eat when he can. So it’s random and definitely not planned at all. 

10. Do they eat breakfast? What’s a typical breakfast look like for them?

Yes! Eggs, whether scrambled or in an omelette (depending on how badly he messes it up haha!). Juice, and perhaps some spinach or maybe tofu

Theory on Who Killed Markiplier ending

So, what I got out of all this is:
Mark somehow died during an argument with the Colonel, which was happening because Celine was cheating on him with the future Warfstache. 

When Celine and Damian summoned him in the tower, he took over their bodies (letting Damian’s body die and possessing Celine’s) so that he could get revenge on the Colonel. 

The detective figured out the Colonel killed Mark and accused him openly, which causes both the detective and us to get shot.

I really don’t know if we’re in Mark’s body or Damian’s body at the end, or if that’s what we looked like the whole time. I kind of think that’s our body, so I’ll run with that assumption.

Damian locks us in the mirror, and he and Celine presumably share our body now, as Darkiplier.

The colonel is completely broken about all this. He never meant for this to happen. 

The Butler and the groundskeeper knew what was up and got their asses out and lived, so they’re probably smarter than the whole fandom. 

Or this is all some kind of hallucination from that glass of cocaine the Butler gave us earlier.

Believe whatever you want to believe.

So, I just saw the sneak peek for the episode tonight. It showed WestAllen in therapy. The writers made Barry tell the therapist he loves therapy. It completely disgusted me. Barry doesn’t love therapy. He hates it. I can’t be the only one who remembers 1x01 where he was telling the team about all the shrinks that analyzed him and didn’t believe him and how he felt like he was crazy. In what world would Barry Allen love therapy? It was a horrible experience for him. And now they’re making him say he loves it? Sorry, but that has to be some kind of lie to spare Iris’s feelings and make the therapist think he’s okay with this. There is no way he actually would be okay with it if we look at his character. I’m getting really sick of this WestAllen fan service justifying all of Iris’s horrible actions. Barry deserves better than her and he deserves better than writers who are making him seem insignificant on his own show to boost up Iris fucking West.

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Have you watched any of Jon Burton's GameHut videos on youtube? Some really interesting stuff about the development of games like Sonic 3D Blast and Toy Story. Also, how do you feel about him working on a Sonic 3D Blast Director's Cut romhack?

I think once the “Sonic R v0.03″ video went up and it became clear he was using GameHut to dump all kinds of interesting curiosities from the archives of Traveler’s Tales, I couldn’t subscribe any faster. It’s fantastic he’s willing to be so open about this kind of stuff. Imagine how much weird, cool stuff never gets seen from other developers. Projects that get started but never finished, pitches that get rejected, etc. There are thousands of games we never knew existed.

Sonic 3D Blast: Director’s Cut is a wild proposition. I think what maybe blows me away the most is that, like, it’s easy forget these guys are probably incredibly smart. Because Jon Burton is the founder of Traveler’s Tales. The success they’ve had with the Lego games earned him an executive producer credit on all of the Lego movies thus far. And you picture a guy like that, and you think of a guy in a suit who is in meetings all day long, and to be fair he probably is.

But he got his start making games. Getting his hands dirty. Writing code. And you watch him trying to get a Sonic R prototype running in an emulator, and it’s like, he’s injecting memory addresses and doing all this stuff that for me, a “modern indie developer,” is completely and entirely over my head. Even from the perspective of being around the borders of the ROM hacking community via Sonic Retro and stuff, some of the things he’s doing are still over my head. He may as well be a sorcerer.

And that after all this time, after the company he’s built, the fame he’s earned (at least in some circles), he’s still passionate about game creation to do something like a “Sonic 3D Blast: Director’s Cut.” To dip in to 23 year old source code for a dead platform and dump new features in to that game, just for fun. That’s just… wow, you know? That’s fantastic. Tremendous respect to that guy.

I had a spiel here about needing to see it in action before I pass judgement, but in the few days it took this to get posted, a video went up detailing some of his changes.

They’re definitely interesting and on some level I’m glad he’s not just ditching Flickies entirely as a mechanic. That’s not to say hunting out enemies is some tremendously fun thing, but we already have a hack that gets rid of the Flickies. I definitely approve of pretty much everything in this video, from the enhanced controls to the improvements to the camera, power-ups, and more.

Consider my attention grabbed.

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Can ask you?why he wears glasses all the time?i am new fan

Hi zoelli83,

From what I remember, he started wearing sunglasses for 2 main reasons: 

  1. He thinks his eyes are too small (he has really kind eyes & they’re beautiful but… i’m not the most objective considering i run a fansite lol)
  2. He never knows where to look during live performances, so wearing them takes the guess work out of figuring out which camera to focus on


They give him the confidence to do things that he wouldn’t normally do without them, like telling jokes or trying to be funny

But over time, wearing sunglasses just became his trademark look (fans tag him in pictures of them wearing sunglasses and he’s almost unrecognizable to the public without them). 

I don’t necessarily think he wears them for the same reasons I mentioned above. Recently, he’s been wearing glasses with light-colored lenses and he even shows his eyes more often… so now I’d like to think that he’s become much more comfortable in his own skin and solely wears them as a fashion accessory. 

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I hope this answers your question and welcome to the fandom~ ^^

P.S. You’ve joined us at a great time… you do not know how haaaaaard it was to get a glimpse of this man’s eyes a couple of years ago lol

can someone, who has maybe been paying attention to the press / chatter about this latest episode of Discovery, please help me make sense of something? (this will contain spoilers).

Lorca’s story - the one Mudd forced him to reveal. He killed his entire crew rather than see them be captured…and faced no consequences, other than being given command of what I’m now thinking of as the Ship of Death?  There has to be more to it than that, right? Burnham’s imprisoned for life for something even Admiral Whatsface says people doubt her guilt, but Captain Bloodthirsty gets to destroy his ship and murder his crew, and he gets nothing but a shiny new ship and new crew for him to feed to the cannons? Someone please tell me I’m missing something.

gdi - where is the DNA of this man in ‘future’ Trek? In Captains like Jellico? Because what the fuck ever kind of leadership is he supposed to be showing us? Janeway, Captain ‘I will self destruct this ship if you look at us wrong’ herself, jettisoned her crew into the wilds of Delta quadrant rather than see them be captured, and stayed on board to blow herself to smithereens, on what seemed like a bi-weekly basis. Did she learn to do that by reading about Lorca and saying ‘yeah Kathy. Do exactly the opposite of this guy’?

Don’t even get me started on ‘oh - there’s other prisoners on this ship, do you hear them screaming in the background, but us StarFleet officers, we’re just going to bugger off back to our shiny ship and then twist our merry way on out of here just as soon as we can; rescue the others? what sort of foreign gibberish are you spouting now’

Istg, I want to rewrite this episode but with Georgiou captured instead of Lorca. Except that Georgiou would never allow Ripper to have been abused as badly as he was before they set him free. 

good lord, but this show gets me all ranty. :(

Look, I love Roman Reigns, okay? I didn’t like how he was booked over the past year. I thought it was just dull to have him win everything.

I love the Bullet Club. I think they’re one of the best things in wrestling today, better than Roman Reigns probably.

I’m seeing my friends get hate because they don’t like Roman and they don’t like what he was saying about the BC. Please don’t do that. We all are allowed an opinion but some of the things being said are just down right disgusting.

Please be kind to one another.

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Top 5 Glenn moments? :)

Thank you!

1. Season one. His very first line. Before we even saw him. That’s when I knew he was gonna be my fave. Had me smiling within 5 seconds of being on the show. When I first fell in love with him ❤️


3. The scene where he checks Maggie for scratches! It defines him in so many ways even though it’s like a 30 second scene. My kind hearted baby.

4. When he comes crawling out from under the trash after two weeks of thinking he was “dead.” Not only was I crying tears of joy, but my knees were weak because how good he looked all dirty and bloody? Boy had me shook!

5. When he tells the group they bury their people and don’t burn them. That was a huge pavement for the rest of the show. Like when we see them burying their people now all I think about is how Glenn made that happen. If it wasn’t for him setting that rule, they would be burning them. The heart of the show.

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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oooh, what if solas visited her in her dreams after the events of trespasser? maybe to see how she was doing, if she had any remnants of the mark left and she caught him?

Oh she’d hate it lol. At this point I dont think she’d view any kind of advance on Solas’ part as being loving or considerate. She’d feel he’s either snooping for info to use against her or tryna sate his weird intrusive curiosity about how her private life is going without him. And again she has her hangups towards the Fade as it is, so being haunted by her ex lurking out the corner of her eye would really rile her. I think Virelle would avoid sleeping altogether if she knew Solas had that kind of effortless reach and was willing to overstep her boundaries like that, no matter his intention. 

But I might be biased cause I’m personally adverse to the idea of Solas being a recurring guest in Lavellan’s mind & feel the most redeeming and responsible thing he could do after everything is at least leave them alone completely and keep his distance instead of – once again – establishing the pace and terms of their not-quite-a-relationship based not on whats fair and in the best interests of Lavellan but whats convenient and comfortable for him.

Anyway he and Cullen should compare notes on ‘how to pester women that I’ve voluntarily banished from my life due to my Moral Code but continue to pine and lust after’.