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Like She’s Mine (part one) - Stiles Stilinski

so this is my new stiles series!

warnings: heavy mentions of sex (but not smut), swearing, this is a non supernatural fic (so scott isn’t a werewolf lyd isn’t a banshee allison isn’t dead fuck you jeff davis fuck you you piece of shit and yadda) 

“Al-Allison stop there’s a customer!” I hissed, but she continued throwing seeds at me.

“You deserve this!” She said, borderline yelling.  I gave her a mock angry look, bracing my hands up in front of me while she continued pelting me.

“I made one comment!” I whisper screamed, and eventually snatching the bag of seed from her.  “Would you cut that out grow up!” Allison giggled as I zipped it back up, and put it back on the shelf in the back room.

“Yeah yeah.  You go get those out of your hair and I’ll help the customer” Allison said, rolling her eyes.  I flipped her off just before she walked out of the room.

I re situated the blue apron tied around my neck and waist, with the ironed on Lou’s Flower Shop patch on the front.  I pulled your hair out of it’s ponytail, and at least twenty seedlings fell onto the ground.  A mental note was made to kick Allison’s ass later.  I made my way back to the employee bathroom, finger brushing my hair as more seeds came out until I seemed to be clean of them.

“y/n!” Allison called.

“Yeah?” I called back, and pulled my hair up into a perfectly messy bun.

“Customer wants to speak to the manager” My brows furrowed as I made my way into the shop.

“What?” She pointed, and I walked further in, seeing who our customer was.  “Stiles!” I grinned ecstatically, and raced towards him, jumping up and hugging him tightly.  His arms caught me immediately, as they always did.

Stiles, my bestest friend in the whole wide world, had been out of town for a lacrosse tournament for the past week.  Sure, we FaceTimed every night, and texted every day, (seeing that he didn’t actually play lacrosse) but it was weird not having him around.

“I missed you so much” I breathed, and his arms stayed wrapped around me as he set me back down.

“Yeah I missed you too” He responded.  “Thought I’d surprise you instead of picking you up for Lydia’s party” You grinned sheepishly.

“This was much more fun” I said, shrugging my shoulders as he smiled back at me.

“When does your shift end?”

“Now, I’ll cover for her” Allison said.  I turned to look at her.

“You don’t have to Alli, I’ve only got-”

“You’ve only got fifteen minutes left, so I got it” Allison said, waving her hand dismissively.  “Go out for lunch or something, you’ve been moping all week” My body wiggled slightly as he squealed and clapped my hands.

“Allison I owe you a big one!” I said, untying my apron faster than ever and hanging it up behind the counter.

“I know.  I’m the best” Allison said, fluffing her hair.  I danced across the floor, kissing her cheek quickly before grabbing onto Stiles’ hand.  

“See you tonight!” 

“You too!” She called back as Stiles and I walked outside.  He swung out hands wildly between us as we walked towards his Jeep.

“I liked the surprise” You said to him with a big smile while buckling in.

“Good” Stiles responded curtly.  “Now, where to for lunch?”

“I don’t care, somewhere we can eat outside though because this weather is amazing.  It’s actually sunny and not hot, what a strange day in California” Stiles chuckled as he pulled out of the parking lot.  When I looked back to the store, Allison was going outside to water the rose bushes.

“You still like working there?” Stiles asked, catching my gaze.

“I love it, it’s a perfect little job” I responded.  He seemed to like my answer.

“And here from any colleges yet?”

“Still just Berkeley” I responded with a shrug.  Not that I minded Berkeley, it’s just I applied for an assortment of universities that appealed to me, and Berkeley wasn’t really my number one choice.  “You?” Stiles shook his head, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

“But I also haven’t seen the mail in the past week, so there could be something there whenever I get home” I nodded in response as he continued drumming.

“Ever get to play?”

“Thanks for asking, but it really just hurts my feelings more” Stiles said, and I chuckled.

“Well I was thinking you could teach me some things, over the summer, and we can practice together” 

“You wanna play lacrosse?” Stiles chuckled, and parked on the side of the road.  I looked out the window to see the old cafe we used to go to.  Usually we would just order a coffee and a pastry.  but we always talked about eating an actual lunch there.  But… those crepes just always looked so good…

“Yeah” I finally answered.  “Why not? Maybe it’d help you, and it could be fun” I said, shrugging a shoulder.  Stiles smiled over me, and we unbuckled our seat belts.

“Alright, well if you say so then sure. but you’d learn more from Scott” I shrugged again.  “You pick a table and I’ll go get menus” He squeezed my shoulder and I nodded, making my way over to an empty table with an umbrella.  I pulled back the metal chair, and set my purse on the tabletop as I sat down.  Just as I’d pulled my phone out, checking Insta and Snapchat, a shadow fell over me.

“Stiles” I smiled when I looked up, but it wasn’t Stiles standing there.

“Hey, your table was empty you look like you needed company” I stared wide eyed at the boy in front of me.  He was attractive, to some standards anyways, but he held a smirk that made me shift in my seat.

“Thanks that’s very kind, but my boyfriend is coming back in a moment” I said promptly.  Thankfully Stiles came outside at that moment.  “Hey babe” I said with the biggest smile I could muster.  He was confused for a millisecond before his eye line cut to the boy in front of me.

“Hey y/n, I got the menus” He said with an equally large smile, then sat down across from me.  “Who’s this?” He asked.

“I’m- uh leaving” The guy walked off before anything else could be said.  I sighed in relief and leaned over the table, putting my hands flat on it.

“God bless you Stilinski” I breathed, and he smiled again.

“No prob, babe” I rolled my eyes and took a menu from him.

“I’ve got other plans” I said cheekily, opening it up.

“Like getting into Theo Raeken’s pants tonight at Lydia’s party?” I raised an eyebrow at Stiles.  “You eye fucked him all year y/n.  I figured tonight was the night” My questioning glance turned into a smug one, and I winked.

“As a matter of fact, tonight is the night.  And it’s going to be amazing” I said.  Stiles looked down at his menu, hiding his face.

“I think I’m gonna try a Paganini” He mumbled.

“You wanna help me with my outfit? Lydia was gonna do it but she’s prepping for tonight” But he continued to keep his face buried in the list of foods.  “Stiles?”

“Or maybe..no.. no a sandwich sounds good?”

“Stiles” I snatched the menu from his hands and he opened his mouth to protest.  But I was faster.  “Do you want to help me or not?” He sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, yeah sure y/n” He said, and I smiled, and looked at my own menu.

We ended up ordering two different sandwiches, and switching because we didn’t like our own.  We talked more about his tournament, my job, ideas of things we could do over the summer, pretty much anything that came to mind.  That;s just the way our friendship was, we did whatever whenever.  It was easy really.  I don’t think anyone in history had a friendship as great as Stiles’ and mine.  We were unbreakable and irreplaceable.

When we finished lunch, we headed over to my place so I could get ready.

“You have no idea how excited I am” I said excitedly.  I was in a bikini at the moment, going through my closet to wear something over it.  Stiles was sat on my bed, watching every time I held up a possible outfit to wear over it.

“Too skimpy” He said as I held a pair of shorts and a strapless crop top.

“That’s sorta the point Stiles.  I want to wear something easy to take off when I’m with Theo tonight” Stiles rolled his eyes.  “Well? Do you think it’ll be good?”

“Why don’t you try the black leather skirt” I grabbed what he was referring to from my dresser, and pulled it up.  It fell to my mid thigh.

“With what top?” I pondered, wandering over to my closet now.

“The white tank top with no sleeves and the collar” Stiles said.  I pulled it out and buttoned it up, tucking it into my skirt.  I smiled at the outfit I’d pulled together.  Well, Stiles did.

“Wow, this actually looks good” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Now sit down and braid your hair” He said, shaking his head with a slight smile.  I sat down on the bench in front of my vanity, surveying my reflection.

“Thanks Stiles, you are literally the best” I blew a fake kiss while tying my hair in a loose ponytail braid down my back.

“I know” He said cockily and pulled out his phone.  He took a picture of me, and from the typing he did I figured he was Snapchatting.

“Who to?” I asked, tying a hair tie at the end of my hair.

“My story.  I’m crediting myself for your stunning outfit” He said.  I gave a curtsy before pulling out my eyeliner.

“Cat eye right?”

“Girl you know it” I laughed, having to drop the wand as not to smudge as my shoulders shook.  He got up and looked at me through the mirror, standing behind me.  “You look great y/n” I smiled sweetly and he dropped a light kiss to my hair, squeezing my shoulders.  “I’m getting a drink, be right back” He said, and I nodded, going back to my makeup.

When he left the room, and I finished applying the sharp black wing, I checked my phone.  Instantly going to Stiles’ story.  There was a picture taken from the front seat of the jeep, an open road in front of it.  Then a video of Scott singing Hello way off key, with the caption HACKED on it.  At the end you could hear Stiles yelling at him to get off his phone.  After the video was a photo of the flower shop I worked at, and below it said surprising my favorite y/n today.  I smiled big at that one.  Lastly was the photo of me, grinning sheepishly as I was looking at Stiles rather the camera.  It was exceptionally candid, and Stiles had written she’s beautiful on her own but I think I did an excellent job for tonight.  I accidentally blushed, and shut off my phone.

“I’m back” Stiles hollered, walking into my room, and plopping back into his spot on my bed.  “Eyes look great” He said, giving me an okay sign as he drank from his glass of water,

“Merci” I said, posing for a short moment.  Then began to tidy up my vanity.  “Are we going to your house for anything? Are you gonna swim?” Stiles shook his head.

“No that pool’s gonna be crowded and I want no part of that” I chuckled, closing up the drawers and standing up.  I smoothed out the non existent wrinkles on my skirt, and looked over my room.  

My eyes landed on a necklace on the top of my dresser, and I wandered over to it.  My fingers looped into the chain, and I attempted to link it behind my neck.  After a minute of this attempt Stiles chuckled and came over, linking the hook and the ring together.  I looked down at the locket, and turned around.  Stiles smiled at it, opening it up, revealing a picture of him and I that Scott had taken last year.  We were at school, in science.  I was obviously sleeping, my head on Stiles’ arm, lying on the desk.  He was trying not to laugh, but was unable to suppress the goofy grin as he looked at the camera.  Allison had been sat in front of me, and tilted her chair back to give my sleeping self bunny ears.

“I’ll never understand why you chose that one, of all the pictures to put in a necklace” I said, whilst giggling and closing the locket.  It didn’t really look like one.  It was a metallic circular medallion.  A few swirl engravings over it.  When you weren’t standing right in front of me, it just looked like a plain necklace.  But to me it was beautiful because of what it held on the inside.  Stiles shrugged in response, and walked back to his glass of water on my desk.

“I don’t know, I guess it’s just one of my favorites” I looked down at the locket, still held in my fingers, then placed it neatly and centered on my collarbone.

“Yeah me too” I said with a smile.

“Are you nervous?” Stiles asked, parking in the street near Lydia’s house.  I pondered the question, unsure of how to answer without being totally sure of myself.  In a way, no of course I wasn’t.  It was at Lydia’s house, all of my friends would be there, I was slaying the look Stiles had picked out for me, and to top it all off, I was wearing my lucky necklace.  But on the other hand… well maybe a little.  Big crowds wasn’t exactly my strong suit.  If I was left alone in them for more than 15 minutes I began to get a little claustrophobic and self conscious.

“I don’t think so” I responded, and pulled down the sunshade to look in the mirror.

“If you’re nervous about how you look, you really shouldn’t be” Stiles said.  “Because you really do look beau-”

“y/n!” A bouncing and grinning Allison skipped up to the passenger’s door, pulling Scott behind her.

“Hey!” I said, getting out of the car to hug her.  Scott took her drink from her hand, probably so she wouldn’t spill it all over me.

“You look fantastic! Whose hips are you grinding on tonight?” Allison asked.  I could almost hear Stiles’ teeth grinding.  I put a hand on his arm as I replied.

“Theo’s” I answered with a simplistic tone.

“Ooooh” Allison batted her eyelashes.  “Well it’s ‘bout time.  I’ve been watching you two check each other out since last spring” She chuckled, and I rolled my eyes a little bit, biting my cheek so I wouldn’t smile too wide.  Stiles was clearly set off by the idea.  “Plus he’s like, mega hot” Scott coughed, and Allison giggled, her eyes darkened in drunkenness. When she turned to him, Scott smiled at her tightly.  “Don’t worry babe, you’re like… you’re… you’re… super mega hot times infinity” Scott laughed, and handed me the red plastic cup he’d previously taken from his girlfriend.

“Time to get you some water” He said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.  “Good to see you y/n” He waved slightly, and I returned it.“See you in a bit McCall” I said, watching as he and Allison walked off to a more secluded area outside.  It was then I realized my hand was still on Stiles, to which I dropped it to my side.

“Wanna go in and find Lyd?” He asked, and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.  “You’re going to be fine.  Great! Besides, I’m not leaving your side until you tell me to” I smiled weakly in a silent thanks, then tucked my hand under his arm as I walked with him inside.  My eyes had fallen down to land on our shoes.  I was in black flats, and he was in old converse.  I smiled at them, how they’d somehow provided a comfort.  I’d seen these shoes a million times.  If it wasn’t these, it was Star Wars socks, or lacrosse cleats.  “You good?” Stiles asked me.

“Yeah, I think your feet just made me feel better” He chuckled, shaking his head as I looked up at him through my lashes.  “Tonight’s gonna be fun” I said, mostly to hear myself say it.  He nodded curtly.  “And we’re going to have a great time” Stiles nodded again, smile growing.  “Let’s go get a drink first”

“One, then we loosen you up in a few dances, then you go find your dream boat” He said the last part in a more sarcastic tone, but I giggled and agreed to the plan.

Three cups of beer later I was looser than the brakes in Roscoe.

I was cheering and dancing, swinging my hips and waving my hands up in the air.  Here and there Stiles would laugh and spin me around, dancing in funny ways to make me laugh then saying no no, this is my best move.  Every new one worse than the last.  But it made me laugh, and I knew that’s what he was going for.  While twirling, my eyes landed on a certain brooding boy that had been catching my attention lately.  I curled back into Stiles, one hand in his, the other on the back of his neck as I leaned in close to his ear.

“Theo’s watching” I whispered to him.  I could hear him swallow, and pulled away to see him looking for the dirty blonde boy.  “Dance sexy with me” I said quickly.  Stiles’ wide eyes shot to mine.

“What!?” He whisper screamed.“Dance sexy with me, we have to peak his interest” I said quickly, squeezing both of his hands.  “Please?”

“y/n” He whined, giving me a pouty look.“It’ll only be for a second I promise” I told him, and pressed my chest to his, slowly setting my elbows up on his shoulders, my hands in his hair in moments.  His own hands landed on my waist in no time at all.  I smirked at his reaction, looking down at my feet as they barely moved, but the whole rest of my body did.

“This will not end well” Stiles whispered, his lips barely brushing the shell of my ear.“No” I responded in agreement, and I’d never admit it, but it was an accident when I grinded against him, pure instinct.  “It’s gonna end great” I giggled at the feather light ticklish feeling of his hands wandering up to my waist.

“He’s looking for sure now” Stiles said, pulling away abruptly.

“Uh Stiles-” I clamped a hand over my mouth, trying not to look down.  His eyes lowered to his khakis.

“Damn it y/n you gave me a boner!” I laughed, I tried not to I really did but i couldn’t help it.

“I am so so sorry” I said between giggles.  “I mean that I really am” I said.  He was red with embarrassment.

“I’m gonna go and… fix it?” Stiles scratched the back of his head.“Do you need help-?”

“No definitely not” He chuckled.  I nodded, giving him an apologetic look.  I suddenly felt really bad… “It’s fine y/n, trust me, taking care of it will not be bad, for me anyways.  Anyone trying to get into the bathroom’s just gonna be grossed out-”

“Ew Stiles” My face contorted into one of disgust, and he just laughed.

“Okay well, call me if you need anything, enjoy lover boy and,” He stepped closer, putting a hand on my shoulder as he lowered his voice and looked directly into my eyes.  “Just remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  If at anytime something goes wrong, or you don’t like something, or literally anything, call me, find me, anything you have to do y/n and I’ll be there in a second” I smiled softly at the protective side of Stiles.

“I know.  I know how to take care of myself” I snuck a secret glance to Theo, who was looking at his phone for the moment.  I took his downcasted moment to press he lightest of kisses to Stiles’ cheek.  He gave me a look of surprise.  “I would’ve hugged you, but I didn’t want to strain lil Stiles” I pointed down to his khakis, and he groaned, rolling his eyes.  Though it didn’t really seem like it was a ‘little’ Stiles stuck in there at all.  I blushed, and coughed.  “You go fix yourself, and I’ll go fix myself” I said, walking backwards towards where Theo was standing against the wall.  He gave me a thumbs up and turned around, swiftly making his way to Lydia’s bathroom.  I spun on my heel, confidently waltzing up to Theo.  His eyes caught me, and shameless wandered my body.“Well hello” He said in an amused tone.  “Where’s your little partner?” He asked, raising a brow.  I gave a slight pout.“He got bored of me” I said.  “Do you want to dance with me instead?” From the look on is face, I knew his answer was a yes, and that his mind was reeling with images of me dancing on Stiles.  I tugged on his hands.  “Come on, come play with me” I said, smiling cheekily as we were on the dance floor, again surrounded by people.

His lips were hot, and his kisses were hard and needy.  Mine were all the same, and I let his hands run down my sides.  We’d somehow gotten ourselves up the stairs and into Lydia’s room without breaking skin contact once.  I wasn’t sure how it wasn’t already occupied (poor Lyd she was always buying new bed sheets) but as soon as we’d come in, I kicked the door shut and locked it for extra precaution.

I finished unbuttoning my top, the first four had been ripped open, but I wasn’t in the mind to care about it.  In seconds I had it peeled over my head, and his hands had yanked open the back zipper of my skirt, hastily shoving the fabric down my leg.  His hands splayed around my hips, gripping tightly.  He mumbled a barely coherent “jump” against my mouth and I obliged, legs winding around his waist as his hands dropped to my ass.  I squealed, and giggled, and we fell back on Lydia’s bed.

“You’ve got… right?” I panted.

“Of course babe”

It was a night to remember for sure.  But not the way I wanted it to be.

I woke up alone in Lydia’s bed.  And instantly, my head ached and my legs throbbed.  I groaned loudly, the light from the windows making my brain pound against my skull.  I wanted to gouge my eyes out they hurt so badly.

“Thought you’d be up soon” I sat up slightly, just enough to see Lydia’s figure leaning against the doorway.  I whined, taking in my surroundings slowly, trying to remember the past ten hours.  “I brought you water and advil” She announced, and I thanked in with a breath of relief.  I took them quickly, licking my lips and blinking quickly.  My eyes landed on the empty space next to me.  “He left around two am” Lydia said.  I rubbed my hands over my face, still unable to form a proper sentence.  “Stiles is in the guest room, and he’s probably got a worse headache than you” She told me in a soft tone.  Lydia’s fingers ran through my hair gently.  “Need anything else?” I shook my head.  “Alright, well I’ll leave you be” She said, and left the room as quietly as she could.  

After continuing to rub my eyes, willing the pain to be gone, I forced myself to stand.  Tears brimmed at the dizzy feeling, which only made me hurt more, but I managed to walk into the guest room.  Stiles announced his presence by moaning.  Through the black spots of my vision I could see him lying face down in a silky pillow, under one comforter.  The ceiling fan was turned on medium, which made me relieved.

“ ‘m joining you” I mumbled, dragging my feet through the carpet as I made my way to his bed.

“y/n y/n y/n” Stiles mumbled when I crawled in.

“How much did you drink” I whispered so quietly my voice was a breath.

“Too much” He mumbled back, eyes clenched shut.  “I’ve been puking all morning”

“I can tell” I whispered.  “Your breath smells like mint and you never brush your teeth till after breakfast”

“Don’t mention food I’ll get sick again” He groaned, and I whispered an apology.  I curled my legs up to my chest, hugging my shins.  “You’re night sounded good” Stiles eventually spoke.

“I don’t remember it” I mumbled back.

“That’s too bad” He said sarcastically.  I laughed gently at his voice being muffled in the pillows.  “You came in afterwards, told me he fell asleep and wanted to talk”

“You were here all night?”

“When the party became a bust and people left, I came up here to chill out.  You came in a few hours later, maybe one thirty” He said, eyes remaining closed, but I watched intently as he spoke.  “Told me he fucked you so good you thought your brains came out of your ears” I groaned softly, putting my hands over my face in embarrassment.


“You don’t remember any of it?” He asked again, and I shook my head no.

“Nuh uh” I said, eyes slipping closed.  “But I know it happened” He hummed in question.  “Man cause it hurts.  I think he was like… super sloppy” Stiles made a sound in the back of his throat.

“Are you trying to make me puke”

“Sorry” I said for the millionth time.  Stiles chuckled, wrapping an arm over my legs and chest, hand landing on bare skin and the back strap of my bra.

“Are you not wearing clothes?” He mumbled.

“No” I hummed back, becoming drowsier.  He didn’t say anything else on the subject, just kept his arm over me loosely.

“When we wake up later, like.. Way later… let’s stay in all day and eat ice cream” Stiles said, and I nodded, head pressed against his chest.

“M’kay” Was all I could manage, before yawning, and falling asleep.Besides the throb behind my head and between my legs, the whereabouts of my clothes, and the scratchiness in my throat, everything was okay in the world.

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The Truth Behind “You are My Heaven”

A/N: Hello, my lovelies. This is not a fic, it’s actually a personal story. Or more like a word blurt. But I offered to share it and people seemed interested, so here it is. This is what inspired my fic You Are My Heaven. Spoilers below, I guess, if you haven’t read the fic. Also, I am working on an epilogue, but it might take me a few more days. You’re all wonderful. Read this if you’d like, but no hard feelings if you don’t. I will be tagging my permanent list below, though. Hope no one minds. Here we go. 

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Week Four

A/N: Welcome to week four for where I’m kind of playing catch up from last week. Rec list tags: @mogaruke

No Pairing

A New World by @impala-dreamer 

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Classic Car Family by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms  (fluff)

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Storm Clouds by @impala-dreamer  (angst)

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Dean x Reader

Stitches and Whiskey by @impala-dreamer  (fluff)

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Mile High Club by @jpadjackles  (smut)

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Here Now by @impala-dreamer  (fluffy angst)

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An Impossible Choice by @nichelle-my-belle (angst)

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Imagine Dean coming home to you dancing around the kitchen, singing Pour Some Sugar on Me while baking a pie by @bringmesomepie56 (smut)

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Got Me Feeling Emotions by @thegreatficmaster (fluff/angst)

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Sam x Reader

Better Than This by @melbelle45 (fluff)

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That’s My Girl by @not-moose-one-shots (fluff)

This was soo cute! I love all the things that Jensen said he love about the reader! It was all very sweet and made me swoon!

Too Good by @impala-dreamer (fluff)

I’d watch Jensen put different clothes on all day. In fact, I’d probably watch him do anything… But we all know that leather jacket kills all of us!

Jared x Reader

Lift you up by @impalaimagining (angst)

We all have shitty days, some worse than others. Pretty sure if I had Jared my day would be far far less shitty. I’d like to rent Jared for the day please?

Mess Up Miserably (Embry Call)

“Come on! Just talk to her!” Jacob told me.

“Yeah, she’s actually pretty cool.” Seth insisted. You were best friends with Leah so you and him were bound to grow closer.

I’d imprinted on you when you came to Sam and Emily’s looking for Leah. Now, both you and her were outside, you pleading with her to go shopping with you.

Hell, if she kept saying no, I would take you myself.

“Embry, you’ve been wanting to imprint for as long as I can remember and now you finally have!” Emily said, trying to reason with me.

“That’s exactly the problem! What if she wants nothing to do with me? I’ve wanted this for so long, what if I mess this up?“I asked, nervous as hell.

“Embry, listen to me, man. You’re either going to fail miserably and judging from the disgusting amount of sweat coming off of you, I do mean miserably, or you’re going to get everything you’ve ever wanted.” Quil said.

Everything went silent for a minute, everyone staring at Quil, surprised that he could actually say something so deep.

“What kind of Dr. Phil shit was that, Quil?” Paul asked, breaking the silence.

Everyone laughed, while I was actually taking the words of one of my best friends into consideration.

I got up abruptly, nerves in a bundle, nearly knocking over one of Emily’s chair.

Just then, Leah came walking in the door and I saw you getting into your car.

“You better go get her, man.” Jacob pushed.

I ran out the door and of course, I fell down the steps of the porch and basically face planted. I heard an audible nervous sigh come from inside the house.

“Damn, are you okay?” I heard you ask, gently grabbing my elbow to help me up.

"Oh, yeah. The only thing bruised is my dignity.” I said, getting up brushing myself off.

You laughed and I took that as a sign I wasn’t doing too bad.

"You got a little something right there,” you said, rubbing the dirt off of my cheek.

"I’m Embry, by the way.” I said, offering my hand to shake. That’s was the first time I realized how sweaty and dirty it actually was. I started to take my hand back, but you grabbed it before I could.

"I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” you said, and I knew I still hadn’t yet messed up miserably.

Engraved pt. 10

<– Engraved 9 | (<– Crowned 1) | Engraved 11 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 8161 (sorrynotsorry)
Warnings: Angst. fainting, sexual innuendo…guns, bruises, wounds.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: A little happy trip present from me to you @oh-beyond enjoy ;) pup, new girl, all the good things. Guys let me know what you think ;) feedback much appreciated.

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Your pov

“So.” Baekhyun started as you walked into the room with a beer, a bottle of diet coke and a hot tray of nachos. “You fucking the hitman?”
You didn’t reply, as you sat the tray down, places his beer in front of him and took a sip of your diet coke.
“You’re going to ignore me all night?”
No reply, you just reached for the nachos and pulled one of, stringy cheese trailing behind and revealing salsa underneath.
“Angel, humour me. Don’t be like this.”
“You gonna be an annoying little shit all night, I ain’t going to talk to you,” you said, but you had a smile on your face so he probably knew you were playing.
He took his own nachos, and the crunching was loud in the room. “Before you nag I’ll turn on the music.”
“I’m not getting a headset?” you pouted, actually very disappointed, you were sort of looking forwards to it.
He shook his head. “Nope, this is not some chat line.”
“As if you and Chanyeol don’t discuss girls on the floor to have a threesome with,” you bit, facing the screen and taking some more nachos. 

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l.sm ❥ take my seat

seokmin x reader; 100wtsily

gif; mine

word count; 981

synopsis; you meet seokmin when your train is delayed. based on wtsily prompt number 8, take my seat.

✎ i stared at a blank document for three hours trying to write this i’m screaming. and yes the gif is from the spring day mv

The blaring sound echoing around you signaled the departing train at the edge of the tracks. You rushed to the sliding doors and burst into the crowded train car, shoving people to and fro as you clung to the supporting handles above you. You were beyond late due to your alarm clock neglecting to go off that day, which wouldn’t have been an issue if you didn’t have a train to catch.

You were visiting your hometown for the first time in over a year, your mother’s persistent begging finally cracking you down. If I had missed the train she would’ve killed me, you thought to yourself, relief coursing through your veins as the train finally started moving. Your relief was cut short, however, when the mass of people surrounding you moved with the train, effectively squashing you. Grumbling, you slipped between person after person until, finally, you escaped the initial crowd near the doors and made it into the less crowded aisle between the seats. You stared at the lucky few that snatched themselves seats and sighed.

The rain battered down harshly on the windows as you focused on balancing while avoiding the touch of the irritated woman standing in front of you. She was gesturing wildly as she spoke to a man you assumed she was married to, judging from the ring on his finger and the patient smile on his face as he listened to her rant. As you absently observed their interaction, the train skidded to a halt. Bags went flying across the floor and you shot forward just as the woman threw her hand back. You yelled out, clutching your nose and clinging to the seat beside you to stay upright. The woman looked back at you and apologized as a voice rang out on the loudspeaker.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the abrupt stop. A tree has fallen onto the tracks due to the storm and is in the process of being removed. Please be patient as it will likely take two more hours.”

You’ve gotta be kidding me, you groaned internally. The woman continued apologizing profusely while her husband handed you a handkerchief and a piece of candy. Smiling politely, you waved away their concern and popped the candy in your mouth, its citrusy flavor distracting you from the dull ache in your nose.

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Sam Winchester-Cold heart

Title: Cold heart

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count: 1934

Summary: Reader is really confused when Sam starts acting distant and cold towards the reader.

Sam hadn’t been himself lately. You don’t know what you did wrong or how on earth you were going to fix your somewhat doomed relationship but you were really starting to feel the effects of Sam’s coldness towards you. You were positive it was something you had done and so you tried your best to fix it.

You would hug him from behind only to get shrugged off by him. You would send him a simple text but never get an answer. His calls were short and snappy and he would hang up before you could even finished your ‘I love you’.

You spent all day making Sam his favourite meal. It wasn’t the easiest to cook and you burnt yourself a lot. Both of the Winchester brothers new you were clumsy and so you didn’t cook a lot because of it. You ended up with a bandage around your blistered, sore hand and tired, aching limbs when you had finished 6 hours of cooking his meal.

Sam and Dean came back from the hunt and Dean was headed straight to the library. You grasped the plate as you carefully and wearily walked over to your tall boyfriend.

‘’Hey, Sammy. I-I made you your favourite meal’’You stuttered nervously, hating that you were no longer comfortable and secure around him. Sam dismissed you with a short eye roll and waved his hand.

‘’I’m not hungry’’He snapped before brushing past you and into his room. You stood there biting your lip as you tried your hardest not to cry. You walked to the library before placing the dish down in front of Dean who was scribbling down some notes.

‘’Do you want this, Dean?’’You whispered, trying your hardest not to let the emotion show through. Dean looked up at the dish before turning to you.

‘’Isn’t this Sammy’s favourite?’’He asked with a frown, his brows knitted together.

‘’Y-yeah. but he doesn’t want it’’You shrugged, trying to play it calm. Dean’s eyes fell to your hand as he frowned deeper.

‘’Darling, what happened to your hand?’’Dean fretted. You rubbed it consciously.

‘’Erm, I burnt it. Making the meal’’You muttered, coughing to try and get rid of the lump in your throat. Dean paused as he gently guided you down to the chair in front of him. Just one look of kindness from Dean and eyes that screamed ‘Talk to me’ made you burst out in tears.

‘’I don’t know what to do. I spent 6 hours making it and even burned my hand and he doesn’t even wanna look at me. He’s been so cold and snappy with me and I really don’t know what I did to upset him’’You sobbed, grasping your face in your hands as Dean shook his head in disgust at his brother.

‘’You didn’t do anything, (Y/n). It’s his fault he’s been in a bad mood and so he’s taking it out on you. He snapped at me too, Doll’’Dean sighed as he pulled you in for a hug. You pulled back as Dean wiped away your tears. ‘’You want me to talk to him?’’Dean asked sweetly. You shook your head, you knew exactly what you were going to do.

“No’‘You sighed as you gave the older Winchester a kind smile and grasped his comforting hand. ’'I’m gonna go to a bar. Get a few drinks down’'You sighed as Dean opened his mouth but nodded softly.

You smiled and said thanks to Dean before grabbing your jacket and telling him you were off to the bar.


Sam was sitting lazily on his bed. He really didn’t have a clue how badly he had effected you. Dean came storming in, scaring the crap out of Sam as he jumped and carefully slid his headphones off his ear.

‘’What the hell dud-’’

‘’No!’’Dean barked, pointing his finger at his younger brother who sat with a shocked expression and a agape mouth. Sam stuttered over his words, the last time he got told off from his brother like that was when he was 11.

‘’Do you have any idea what you’ve done?’’Dean scowled. ‘’Your girlfriend, who by the way spent 6 hours cooking your favourite meal and badly burnt her hand which is wrapped in bandage, was crying her eyes out because she thinks you being a complete dick to her is her fault. She’s clueless as to what she’s done but she feels guilty as hell and you’ve done nothing but be a complete dick to someone who doesn’t even deserve it’’Dean scolded.

Sam sat in silence and just like that the annoyed, moody Sam seemed to go away and the sweet, caring Sam seemed to take his place. He had guilt written all over his face as he got up to go and find you.

‘’She’s at a bar. Probably pissed out of her mind’’Dean muttered as he slammed the door shut. Sam grabbed his jacket, shrugging it on as he went to go and find you.


Your throat burned as you poured the burning liquor down your throat.

’'Another one!’'You hiccuped as you slammed down the small glass shot on the old, wooden bar. The bartender sighed from his spot, rubbing the town between the glass he was cleaning before he slung it over his shoulder. Typical.

’'I think you’ve had enough. Why don’t you let me call you a cab’'He suggested. He was kind but you could tell that he didn’t actually have concern or worry but just knew how to deal with drunk people.

’'N-no. Another one’'You hiccuped again. He sighed, muttering under his breath but obliged and held out another shot glass. You went to hand him cash but he pushed your hand back.

’'You already paid for it, hon’'He chuckled before going to the back room of the bar. You threw back your head, closing your eyes at the sensation before a door opened.

Sam walked into the bar, rubbing his chilly hands together as he looked around the bar for you. His eyes stopped on you, growing soft with his puppy gaze as he quickly walked over to you.

”(Y/n)“Sam called as he grasped the shot from your hand and put it down. You snapped around in your seat, almost shrinking back in fear first before a pissed and angered expression fell onto your face.

’'No. Go away’'You yelled like a stubborn child. Sam blushed as people turned around to see what was going on. Thankfully it was almost empty and the people left were either too drunk to care or didn’t care anyway. His hand grasped your forearm as he pulled you off the bar stool.

You stumbled, hiccuping and falling as Sam held you up right. ’'No. I do wanna go with you’'You slurred, poking his shoulder. Sam sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration before he hesitantly ran his hand over your wild hair. You flinched under his touch much to the hurt look on his face when you did.

’'I know. I’m sorry, (y/n)’'He sighed. ’'Come on, let me just take you home and then I’ll explain everything’'He whispered as he kept a firm grip on your forearm so he could keep you upright.

He watched you stumbled as he tried to walk forward. ’'And probably repeat it again tomorrow since you won’t remember any of this’'He winced when he saw how drunk you were.

Sam managed to get you out of the bar and cold air hit you hard. You whimpered, grasping your jacket which was stupidly thin for winter. Sam turned to face you as he shrugged off his own jacket.

’'No’'You growled, lazily pushing away his hands that held out his jacket. Sam sighed, eyes softening as his breath fogged in the cold air.

’'C'mon, (y/n). It’s cold’'He pleaded. You stubbornly turned away from him and Sam muttered something under his breath before sighing and shrugging his jacket back on. ’'Fine’'He gave in.

You shakily walked with Sam, your legs like Bambi as you tried to find your footing. Sam caught you as you stumbled, stopping you from face planting the floor as he grunted and held you upright.

’'Yo-You’s so mean’'You whimpered, hitting his fingertips that held your forearm. Sam looked down as he continued walking to the impala, a look of guilt on his face.

’'I know, baby. I’m sorry’'He whispered. You glared at him, face scrunching up.

’'Don’t call me that!’'You yelled, hitting his arm more hard. Sam winched but didn’t budge. ’'You can’t call me that when you don’t love me anymore’'You yelled but your voice faded in the end as Sam looked at you with a shocked expression.

The two of you stopped, only inches from the Impala. ’'Is that what you think?’'Sam gaped as he watched your face twist up before you surprisingly and randomly burst into tears.

’'You don’t love me’'You sobbed, ripping your arm out of his grip and letting yourself collapse to the floor. Sam tried to stop you but he wasn’t quick enough and now he found himself trying to haul you off the ground whilst passers by gave him funny looks.

He sighed, stopping his trying and sat down in front of you. He used his slender fingers to move a piece of fallen hair behind your ears. You tried to rip your head away from his touch but that just resulted in banging your head off the Impala door. Sam winched, watching you whimper as you cried even harder, grasping your sore head.

He had to admit, as horrible as it was seeing you like this, you were kind of cute when you went from being the big bad hunter who could kill someone with just a glare to someone who cried and crawled into the comforting arms of anyone.

Sam had seen you drunk a few times and unfortunately for you, you were the emotional drunk. Sam thought it was cute how you would cry over little things like how your toothpaste had ran out and then you would bawl in his arms for the next ten minutes while he reassured you there would be more toothpaste. He always thought it was adorable and made him chuckle but he hated being the cause of this one.

’'Hey, hey’'Sam soothed, sighing softly. ’'It’s okay, (y/n)’'He whispered. ’'I do love you, with all my heart. I just… I just got stressed and I took it out on you. I’m sorry’'He explained as he rubbed his fingers over your cheek.

’'It’ll never happen again, I’m sorry’'He whispered against your forehead when you finally let him near you without trying to headbutt him. You whimpered softly as you looked at him through teared eyes.

’'You promise?’'You sniffled. Sam chuckled softly as he nodded.

’'I promise’'He agreed. The two of you stayed like that for a while before he patted your back. ’'Come on, lets get back before Dean sends out a search party’'He chuckled. He waited for a bit but never got a reply. ”(y/n)?“He mumbled, lifting the piece of hair that covered your face. He laughed softly when he saw you sound asleep, your nose just as red as you eyes were. He leaned down, picking you up and carefully sliding you into the backseat of the Impala as he got in and drove back to the motel.

The next morning Sam had made sure he told you just how much he loved you along with breakfast in bed and reassuring touches and kisses as he repeatedly told you how much he loved you.

He promised he’d never do it again and Sam kept his word.

Can't Deny My Love (Sonny Carisi)


Hurray for collaboration fics! If you like this one, please head over to @lordhyorke and give her some love! Half the credit goes to her, (probably more than half, really, ‘cause this all stemmed from this post.) You can also read this on her Ao3 account here

NSFW and enjoy!

Word Count: 3,345 (it’s a long one, my friends)

Warnings: D/s relationship, the word ‘slut,’ spankings, rough-ish sex?

Originally posted by rahfaelbarba

‘Hey babe, I’m about 5 minutes away. See you soon!’

You shot that text off to Sonny as you got out of the subway. You two were finally going to go out with some friends tonight. Sonny had to cancel the last few times, and though you completely understood why, you had to admit it hurt a little every time he did. Still, you wouldn’t love him as much as you did if he wasn’t as dedicated to his job. It meant keeping people safe, and he wouldn’t be your Sonny if he wasn’t doing that.

“Hey! What’re you doing here?” Detective Rollins came over and gave you a hug.

“Hey Amanda! I’m just waiting for Sonny. Do you know where he is?” She frowned.

“Yeah, he’s in an interrogation. Should finish up soon, though.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll wait right here for him, then.” You took a seat at his desk, hoping he could leave soon. Sonny was only running a few minutes behind so far, and that wasn’t bad. Your friends weren’t the most punctual people themselves, so there was no reason to worry. You pulled out your compact and touched up your makeup. You were putting away your lipstick when Sonny was walking towards you. You caught a whiff of him —the unmistakable scent of bergamot and cedar wood that reminded you of home.

You stood up, smoothing down your skirt and smiled, despite having a feeling about what news was coming your way. Sonny leaned in and kissed you gently. The look on his face spoke volumes.

“You look gorgeous, Doll…”

Your smile weakened. “…but?” Sonny slumped his shoulders and sighed. You knew he hated disappointing you, but it’s not as if you enjoyed being disappointed yourself.

“But, I have to stick around here for a while.”

“Do you really have to? Tonight?” You couldn’t help the note of hurt in your voice. Even though you quickly regained your composure, it was just long enough for Sonny to catch it. Hazards of dating a detective, you supposed.

“I know, we had plans, but this damn guy keeps changin’ his story.” He pulled you into a hug. “I’m so sorry. You know I’d rather be with you. I really thought I’d be done by now.”

You nodded, not moving away from his chest, you wanted to be as close to him as you could, especially since he wasn’t coming with you tonight.

He kissed the top of your head, “But don’t let me stop you from goin’ out. Go and have fun with your friends, okay?”

“Maybe I’ll find someone who doesn’t cancel on me so much,” You smirked at the look of panic on his face. “But I don’t think I’ll find anyone half as good as you.” You winked and kissed his cheek. “It’s honestly okay. I understand. You go and lock up the bad guy, I’ll see you at home.”

Sonny bent down and kissed you. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” You smacked his arm lightly.

“Just go and do your job before you’re stuck here all night!”

“Copy that, beautiful.” He kissed you one more time before heading back to the interrogation room.

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Looks normal right?

oh. OH.

Nope. Not okay anymore-

Okay, so, hear me out. 

I panicked because of a bug that was on the couch, so I fell over onto the floor with my computer. (So brave and heroic, I know-). 

I called for Elizabeth to come and take care of it, she just set it free outside while I (pathetically) crawled to another chair to set down my laptop computer thing.

My harddrive was still plugged in and the way I set it down bent it.

SO; The harddrive I use for saving my art/drawing on the application is of now unavailable. I was able to transfer most of my art to another one before it crashed, so that’s the good news. 

The bad news of this is that the parts that weren’t able to be transfered were parts of an animatic I’d been working on as a surprise for you guys. 
I’ll try it again, but, it’ll take longer this time since I’m kind of bummed and I’ll have to start from the beginning again.


also pls send help it’s cold in here
where’s my blanket-

Lost In The Woods - Part 1

A/N: I received a fun request that gave me an idea, so thank you nonny! Let me know what you think guys! 
Warnings: Some cursing. Some attitude.

I stood at the edge of an enormous lake, trying to skim pebbles across the water. I couldn’t do it. Probably because I was doing it aggressively. I felt aggressive. I was pissed.

We were lost. It was a team building weekend away, a “survival in the woods” kind of deal and I was paired with Spencer, I didn’t mind, he was cute. Until he opted for the difficult version of the trail. The one where we didn’t get a map to find our way to the cabin, we had to follow the path ways and find clues. Okay, he’s a genius, I’m fairly intelligent… we can do this. Right? Wrong. We had clearly missed a substantial clue along the way because I’m willing to bet we were not supposed to be here, in the middle of nowhere next to a lake with no paths and no roads.

“Look, I know you’re upset (Y/N) but it will be getting dark soon and we can’t keep searching all night.” Spencer interrupted my thoughts and I turned around, he furrowed his brow when he saw the look on my face
“What’s so bad about staying here for the night? We have the emergency tent, some supplies we can figure it out in the morning”

“Fabulous.” I muttered miserably in defeat, swinging the huge rucksack from my back and on to the ground. 

I knelt down and searched through the front half, pulling my cardigan out and throwing it on. It was COLD.
Spencer began working on putting the tent together and I stood watching, I knew full well I was being completely childish but I despised camping. If we’d made it to the cabin, I would have been find. A roof, a warm bed, a shower. But nope. I knew nothing of my surroundings, what dangers there might be, I had to pee in a bush. Nothing about this was good. At least I didn’t think it would be…
I sighed and set to helping Spencer finish erecting the tent, it only took about 15 minutes to get it set up with the sleeping blankets inside but it felt like a lifetime in the awkward silence. I needed to stop being a brat.

“So, fire wood I guess?” I chirped, Spencer furrowed his brow in confusion at my change in nature.

“Definitely a good idea.” he smiled and we both walked a little further into the woods, collecting branches and thick twigs. My thoughts turned to that of food, what had we even brought with us? I bet it’s gross.

Spencer chucked the last of the wood on the fire and sat crossed legs next to it with the flint, my tongue stuck out over my bottom lip a little as I concentrated.


“Voilá!” I exclaimed, I was extremely proud. I looked up and Spencer was staring at me with a smile twitching at the corner of his lips “What?”

“Oh, n-n-othing. Good job.” he stuttered, clearing his throat and turning to his open rucksack. That was weird.
I shrugged it off and started setting up the metal grill over the smallest end of the fire, Spencer wandered back over with a pack of sausages, bacon and some soft rolls. Nice.

“These will be perfect.” I rolled my R’s as I purred the word perfect and Spencer chuckled as chucked them on.

Ten minutes later and we were sitting in our fold out chairs, lost in mindless conversation, eating sausage and bacon rolls watching the sun set over the lake. Okay, so this wasn’t so bad.

“This. This is breathtaking.” I smiled, taking in the view.

“It certainly is.” I turned to Spencer who was already looking at me, I felt myself blush.
I drove my hand into my jeans pocket and brought out my phone, checking for the millionth time for signal. None, of course. I sighed and decided to take some photos, it truly was a remarkable scene. Nothing like I’d ever witnessed in my life growing up in the city, I sighed with content and snapped away. After numerous landscape photos, I flipped to my front camera to check my hair, my unruly, long (Y/H/C) locks were tied tightly to one side in a messy ponytail. Wilderness selfie? Yes, I think so. I smiled and posed, but stopped when I felt his eyes on me.

“What now?”

“Nothing, (Y/N). You just finally look like you’re having fun.” Spencer smirked slightly, I rolled my eyes and leaned over towards him, forcing him to pose for some extremely awkward but super cute pictures. I smiled as I looked through them.
Spencer’s face is ridiculously photogenic, good Lord. And he looked so cute, sitting there in his cargo pants and his worn, brown jacket, his soft, curly hair falling over his face slightly as he memorised every moment of the view before him. Ok, need to stop looking at him like that. 

We sat in silence a while longer, and it bothered me. When was Spencer ever this quiet? It’s me. I must’ve upset him earlier, damn why am I such a moody bitch? I bit the bullet.

“Sorry for being a jackass earlier, I’m just not that fond of sleeping on the floor. Or nasty bugs. And having no toilet, toilet paper and… yeah, I hope I didn’t offend you.”

“It’s fine, (Y/N)… Although, I kinda was starting to think you couldn’t bare the thought of being alone with me” he murmured, looking down at the ground.

“Aw, I’m so sorry that’s not the case at all.” I reached my hand out and squeezed his shoulder, feeling him tense a little.

It definitely wasn’t the case, I had a huge crush on Spencer. I was completely smitten, actually. But I’m just not the type to admit those type of my feelings, not even to myself. The only person I’d confided in was my bestie, JJ. Although, I’m pretty certain the entire team knew.

“That’s good, because I was kind of looking f-forward to um, spending time with you.” he pursed his lips slightly, his gaze travelled from the floor back to the lake.


“Oh” was all I managed to air as a huge crash of thunder made me jump so hard I fell backwards out of my chair.

“Are you alright?” Spencer jumped up and extended a hand for me to pull myself up, I could see him desperately trying to laugh.

I wanted to laugh. But I couldn’t. I’m petrified of thunderstorms.

“Shit…” I breathed as I stood, dusting myself down. Another crash of thunder
sent waves of anxiety through my body and I almost cried.

“You’re scared of thunderstorms?” his tone was serious now, he’d figured out I wasn’t joking. I turned to look at him then to the sky.

“Yes. Very. Maybe it won’t be a full one, maybe it will…”

A triple flash of lightening, a crash of thunder and the heavens opened.

You’re fucking kidding me right?

anonymous asked:

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't picture B saying or tweeting any of the things he used to say about Miranda about Gwen. I remember being shocked during one of of his BSers Lounge when he was asked what his perfect day would be. He said hunting and having Gwen there, neked! I about fell out of my chair 😂😂. That was the first and only time he has said something 'racy' about Gwen.

Yea I totally agree. That was the first time he said anything like that about Gwen and considering how many of those comments he used to make about Miranda, it still shocked me 😂 But again, I think it goes back to the fact that she’s not just his girlfriend, she’s a mother. So he has to consider that. Some of those comments that Blake made used to make me uncomfortable so I’m kind of glad that he’s toned it down lol.

Arrow: Oliver/Vigilante!Reader

A/N: Hey guys, sorry for lack of posting on here. I’ve just been really busy with school work, but I’’m going to try and post more stuff!!

Imagine you were on the island with Oliver and he was in love with you but he thinks that you died there but he finds out that you’re alive when you show up in Starling City as a sword wielding vigilante please

Can you do a one shot where the reader is like cat from Gotham and she helps Oliver escape in a tight situation while he’s hurt and with no way to contact team arrow??? Please❤🔥

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

I sheathed my sword and sat down on the rooftop as Starling City shone and remained silent in safety. As i watched the city, I sighed in content. It was quiet and it was nice to be sitting on a building rather than sand or forest floor.

My short amount of peace was cut short when gunshots went off near me. i jumped to my feet and watched as a motorcycle zoomed after a truck. Whatever was going on, it wasn’t good. Especially since the person on the motorcycle kept losing the truck as it zipped through streets. Pulling my hood up, I ran along the rooftops, jumping over the gaps until I landed on a low enough roof.

As soon as the truck was near, I leapt off the room and landed on the truck with my sword out. I stabbed the roof of the truck with my sword and hung on as the people in the truck tried shaking me off. The loading door of the truck opened and I heard more gunshots. I swung myself into the truck and kicked whoever had the gun in the chests.

In the truck, I came face to face with boxes labelled with hazardous material signs.

“Looks like you guys were in a rush.” I muttered as I moved to the small window that looked into the driver’s seat. I slashed at the metal with my knife and the wall fell. The driver slammed on the brakes when he saw me. Thankfully, the car was parked when I punched him.

I jumped out the van and froze when I saw the man on the motorcycle. He raised a bow and arrow at me and aimed it at my chest.

“Listen, I just helped you out.” I told him sheathing my sword once more.

“(Y/N)?” He asked. The voice sent chills up my spine.

“Oliver?” I pulled my hood off.

“I thought you died!”

“I’m kind of alive.” I pointed out. “What the hell are you doing?”

“That’s a long story.” He lowered his weapon.

“Seems like it. Well, I’m sure you handle these guys. I gotta go.” I jumped onto the hood of the truck before jumping back on to the roof of the building.

I threw my towel over a chair and fell on to the sofa. The TV was on and there was a report about the truck I had stopped. I watched as the news reporter explained how these chemicals could be used for deadly bombs. Isn’t that why criminals stole chemicals?”

There was a knock on the front door and I froze. Getting up from the sofa, I made my way to the door and looked through the eyehole to see Oliver. I slowly opened the door.

“How did you find me?” I asked.

“How are you alive?” Oliver questioned. We stood in silence

“You first.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I have a friend who works with computers. She tracked you using traffic cameras and records.”

“Okay, well, you should come in.” I stepped out of the way and let Oliver in. He looked around the room before sitting on the sofa next to me.

“Well, the landmine went off.” I began.

“That was the day before they found me.” Oliver added. I nodded and carried on.

“I was in and out of consciousness. Finally I managed to get up and healed over time. I realised right away you were gone. I thought you died.”

“How were you found?”

“Fishermen. I set fire to some of the trees and I was found. They brought me back here.”

“And you what? Became a vigilante?” Oliver raised his eyebrows.

“Isn’t that what you did?” I asked. He went quiet and smiled.

“You told me something the night you… Died.” Oliver began. I remembered what he was talking about and leaned back on the sofa. “Do you still mean it?”

“Do you?”

“I do.” Oliver told me. I leaned towards him and kissed Oliver.

“I still love you too.”

When I was 8, I attended a family party at my aunt’s house which was on top of a hill. Her backyard consisted of this huge downward sloping garden with lots of trees everywhere. I grew up with a lot of cousins who were around the same age as me, and that day, we all decided to play around and explore the backyard—we climbed trees, collected bugs, played hide & seek, etc. 
Everyone who came to the party that day was completely healthy. The weather was nice, food was good. There was a small chance for anyone to get sick from the party…however, during the drive home that night, I started to feel nauseous. I used to get carsick a lot when I was little, so I thought it would pass once I got home. The thing is, I live 15 minutes away from my aunt; the nausea was not from being carsick, and it didn’t go away when I got home.
In fact, my mom (who left the party early and was already home by the time my cousin dropped me off) said that when I got home, I acted very strange. I was totally silent despite the fact that I had been hyper and talkative that whole day. I didn’t say a word to my parents, not even a hello or a kiss on the cheek to greet them like I always did. I walked right past them and just sat on a chair on my patio outside for about an hour. That whole time, I didn’t do anything on that chair. Just sat. From what I remember, I eventually I got up out the chair, threw up water, then fell asleep.
I was too sick to go to school the next day. My mom is a nurse, so she knew whether or not I needed to visit a pediatrician to explain/treat my sickness. I didn’t. 
She did, however, call upon a different kind of doctor: a “witch doctor”. This witch doctor lives all the way in the Philippines, aka the other side of the world. My mom had my grandma in the Philippines give the doctor a picture of me and then told him general information about me like my name and birthday. The witch doctor then put my photo on this shrine in his home, said a prayer, and dipped melted candle wax into a bowl of water which formed the shape of a girl. Almost immediately after this prayer, which took place thousands of miles away from me, I felt better and the nausea was gone. The power of prayer. (Many people actually do practice the magic of candle burning and prayers in wax, you can try it if you research it.)
Apparently, the witch doctor said the reason why I got sick was because there was a spirit of a young girl in my aunt’s backyard that wanted to play with me and my cousins, and in order to do so, she “went inside” of me and basically took over my body. That also explains my weird behavior and the formation of a girl in the water bowl. The prayer he did drove the spirit away from my body. 
Ever since this incident, I stopped going to my aunt’s garden. Who knows what’s still down there, playing beneath the trees.

A bonus Marinette POV scene from Sealed Away, set after Marinette gets home from work in Chapter 7:

She sat with her feet tucked up under her on the little plastic bed in the dormitory. She didn’t attend classes because she was there for the intern program but the university had made an exception for her and allowed her to rent a dorm room. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to afford to live anywhere near the fashion district.

Her phone was ringing.

“Hey, girl, what’s up?” Alya said.

“Remind me that I am over him and I am not a pining idiot,” Marinette said.

“Is this about Adrien?” Alya asked.

“No, it is about the other boy I spent all my teenage years sighing over and staring at and being an idiot about,” Marinette said.

“Oh, you never talked about him, what’s his name?” Alya asked.

“I hate you,” Marinette said.

“Tell me what happened,” Alya said.

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This is the beautiful Sollux cosplay that I missed when I was sitting in the convention center lobby. I was sitting on the floor near a pillar, waiting to hear from Knives about the Masquerade, when my Captor senses started tingling I looked up and saw the wings from across the hall, and then instantly fell in love with the beautifully-designed footwear. Hoping to be able to get a closer look and perhaps a photo, I attempted to stand up and found that my foot was completely asleep! As I fought with shaking my foot awake and attempting to stand on it, other people stopped them for pictures, so I was hoping I could get moving in time, but I wasn’t quick enough. A single tear rolled down my cheek as the wondrous cosplayer exited the lobby, and I expressed my infinite sadness on tumblr. I’m only kind of exaggerating about that.

I eventually made my way to the Dealer’s Room to visit saccharinesylph being an adorable deer loli at the Medieval Midwest Lolita Collective booth, and I watched the exhibition match at the “beat your fellow otaku with a foam sword” exhibit. Just as I was chatting with a friend and pondering whether to go back to the Hyatt, I saw Sollux again and got so excited I almost fell out of my chair trying to flag them down!

I finally got to see this GORGEOUS cosplay(er) up close, and the pictures I took don’t even do any justice to the craftsmanship, because the care taken in making the cloth ragged (with a heat tool - BRILLIANT!) and the clean lines and construction of the boots and wings are just magnificent. The button closures for the horn openings are tiny Doom symbols too - one black and one white. I was probably emitting visible floaty hearts because I just… just overjoyed at this excellence.

It turns out we met at SoyCon last year, and they were inspired by my Sollux cosplay! We exchanged tips and chatted a bit, and then Knives called so I had to go.

purpledragoncaptor - I cannot even possibly give you enough kudos on the excellent job you did bringing this design to reality. Your cosplay really turned out to be fantastic!

Bring Me Back

Request from 1hellokitten9:
Hi could you do an one shot where the reader is clints long lost sister she was kidnapped by hydra and was best friends with the maximoffs but then hydra changed her and she fights against the avengers and the maximoffs with her new power electric❤

Clint breathed heavily as he slid behind the mailbox, pressing his back against it and peering out to get a better view. HYDRA thugs were everywhere and giving the team a run for their money, but all of the Neo-Nazis combined were nothing compared to the woman leading them.

Head to toe in black and silver, the woman walked through the battle with an eerily calm demeanor, stepping over fallen bodies and debris gracefully. She carried no weapons, her strong shoulders apparent with her tank top even without the weight of a gun. She was the weapon herself. Leading the HYDRA team into the city, she had planted her feet decisively before sticking both arms out in front of her with her index and middle fingers extended. With an effortless fluidity, the woman traced lines through the air – lines that generated blinding, sparking beams of atmospheric electricity. She spread her palms wide and unleashed a flood of utter destruction upon the helpless civilians. She was dodging everyone’s attacks with extreme agility, as if she was born doing this. In her intense focus forward, however, Clint saw an opening.

“Maximoffs, I’m going to try to slow her down with a combustible shot. Pietro, you grab her and Wanda, well, do your thing” he called out into his headpiece, steadying his arrow against his bowstring. “3, 2, 1.” The arrow sailed right at the combat boot-clad foot of the woman, exploding on contact and throwing her backwards. She paused for a second as she hit the ground before springing herself up to her feet, carelessly throwing aside her previously adorned dark eye goggles that were now cracked.

Right on schedule, the twins swooped in, but they both stopped short. Clint ran out toward them. “Let’s go, kids,” he roared out in confusion and frustration. “What are you waiting for?” The siblings didn’t answer, simply staring whitefaces and openmouthed at their target. Clint turned his gaze toward her face and prepare to strike, but was absolutely not prepared for the sight he was about to see. 

It wasn’t just a face. It was a very familiar face. The face of his younger sister, Y/N, who had been captured by HYDRA a year ago and had been unable to be located – no matter how hard the team tried. They had wanted this asset badly and weren’t about to relinquish it.

Before HYDRA took you, you had worked with your brother and the Avengers as a research and development specialist, designing new weapons for Clint, Natasha and Sam and working with Bruce and Tony to come up with new protective measures for cities under attack – or cities in the middle of an Avengers vs bad guys showdown. You were a damn good field agent as well, but would only go out with the team if it was absolutely necessary. You had grown especially close with the twins – Pietro ended up with a massive crush on you but was too nervous to do anything in case it ruined your friendship, and you and Wanda were like sisters. Your capture had hit both of them almost as hard as it hit your big brother. Clint had never forgiven himself after you got captured; you had spent about 20 minutes arguing with him that you didn’t need to be there. But there you were now, standing in front of all of them like some kind of perverted ghost. It may have been your body, but who was really inside it?

Clint’s heart raced as he hardly dared to believe it was you. Was it really his sassy, sweet little sister staring at him with cold, blank eyes? What had HYDRA done to you? “Y/N?” he asked, his voice catching with emotion. You tilted your head to the side, your brow furrowing as you looked at the three figures in front of you. Your brain seemed to jolt slightly at the sound of the name and at the sight of these people, but you shook it off quickly. “Must have just been reeling from the close explosion,” you told yourself.

You stared at him, confused to see tears appearing in all three of their eyes. “Who the hell is Y/N?” you asked, pausing a second to look at the pain on their faces before sending a blast of electricity that sent them all flying 40 ft backward.

You kept walking determindely forward, your mission clear: extract the 5 HYDRA agents kept under guard in the high security prison. 

You turned just in time to bend backwards, dodging the flash of red energy the dark-haired twin had sent your way. “Y/N!” she cried out pitifully. “It is us! Your friends.” You scoffed. “I don’t know any of you.” You sent another bolt her way, narrowly avoiding being hit as her brother raced her out of the way. He was behind you all of a sudden, pinning your arms behind you. You snarled and lit up your hands, sending him staggering back at the touch. He dropped down, his blue eyes bright and also wet. “Y/N,” he said softly, holding out his hands. “I’m not fighting you. We’re friends.” You looked at him in exasperation, raising your hand as a bright ball of electricity filled your palm. What kind of weird strategy were these Avengers trying to use on you?

You lost balance as something solid crashed into your side, the beam of power shooting awry and into a nearby skyscraper. You looked up at the man who tackled you and struggled under his strong grip, your body glowing bright with electricity. You shocked him once and while he cried out, he did not relinquish his grip on you. You froze for a second. “I’m not losing you again, little sis,” he gasped out as you zapped him again. His face contorted with pain but he held on to your wrists. You stopped this time on purpose, utterly bewildered.“WHAT GAME IS THIS?!” you roared out. “Get off me or I will kill you.” “You always did love trying to kick my ass when we were little. Mom hated it, said you needed to be a lady,” he leaned back off of you and you stood up immediately. “Y/N, HYDRA brainwashed you. That’s why you don’t know us. You were captured a year ago. They did something that made you all – all sparky –” he breathed out heavily.  “It’s your brother, it’s Clint. It’s me, shorty.” 

At the nickname, you winced as a memory came flooding back powerfully to the front of your mind. You standing on your tiptoes in the Avengers kitchen, tongue in your teeth as you struggled to reach the box of cookies on the top shelf while Pietro laughed at you. “Shut up,” you said, flipping him off, even though you laughed. Clint walked in. “What a surprise, shorty can’t get her snack,” he said, smirking. “When we were little, she’d have to drag a chair in to help but it was so much bigger than her that it made all kinds of noise – always got caught.” “Fuck off, Clint,” you said irritably.

Clint caught you as you fell forward, overwhelmed with the sheer realness of the scene that just played out in your head. Was it some kind of trick? “No … this is her,” you yelled, pointing a finger at her. The woman held up her hands, smiling at you. “You had a memory, did you not? That is not my power, I do not conjure up memories. Only fears.”

“I’ll prove it,” Pietro said, reaching in his pocket. Your hand flashed bright as you moved to strike what you thought was a weapon, but it turned out to be an iPhone. He hit the screen a few times before turning it toward you. Your heart seemed to stop in your chest. There you were with Pietro, laughing as he gave you a piggyback ride at Central Park. A picture from your birthday of you kissing his cheek, his face lit up in a smile. A bunch of drunk selfies you had taken with Tony. A picture of you and Clint holding your hands up in victory while Pietro pouted with a soccer ball next to Thor. A candid of you and Wanda dancing messily at some bar. It was real, it was undeniably you.

Your breathing became shallow as you looked down at your hands then at the people around you. “How, how, what did they do to me?” you whispered in horror. “They took this all from me,” you said quietly, tears filling your brown eyes. 

In a second, Clint had pulled you into a hug as you sobbed into his shoulder. “Then let’s take it back, shorty. HYDRA is gonna pay, don’t worry. And Steve helped Bucky get a lot of his memories back, we’re gonna do the same for you.” Steve? Bucky? The vaguely familiar names floated hazily in your head, you placed your hands over your eyes as you cried out in frustration. 

“There’s so much I don’t remember. I want to remember,” you cried out miserably.

“You’re safe now, Y/N. You’re with us, that’s all that matters.” Pietro said as he rubbed his hand on your back. “It will come with time,” Wanda added. Clint placed his hands on your shoulders. “It’s gonna be OK. I promise you.” He inhaled sharply and his voice shook. “I’m not letting anyone hurt my little sister ever again.” 

“I know,” you said slowly. “But someone else is going to hurt. All of HYDRA is going to hurt. Motherfuckers created this, well,” you said ferociously, lighting your hands up with crackling energy “they’re going to have to deal with this.”

Pietro smiled and pulled you into a side hug. “There she is.”

Clint pressed into his mic piece suddenly. “Everyone, meet on 5th and West 48th.” He beamed at you, tousling your hair gently. “Y/N’s back.”

Studying ||Nash Grier||

 Can you do an imagine where you help Nash study for like a bio test and he much would rather make out with you or something?


“Wait so when…. ugh never mind im just to confused.” Nash said more aggravated than confused.

He put his highlighter in his text book and closed in violently. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair for the hundredth time messing it up more than it already was.

“Im so done with this.” Nash said scooting his chair back from his desk and walking to where I was sitting, on the edge of his bed. 

“Nash you really need to be studying.” I said quietly but Nash didnt want to hear it.

He put his hands down on the bed by my sides and pressed his lips against mine forcefully . His hand went to my cheek as our tongues fought over dominance, but I pushed him away. 

“Nash you really need to be studying.” “No fuck studying.” He said quickly trying to reattach his lips to my own but I move back putting a hand up o his chest stopping any further attempts. 

“Nash im being serious you really need to be studying, your going to fail your stupid test then bitch at me and all jokes aside I really dont want to hear it.” I warned. 

Nash fell back and sat down in his chair. He looked at me with his crystal clear blue eyes and jutted his bottom lip out. “Come on y/n I really dont want to be studying and its kind of distracting for you to just be sitting in here looking the way that you do all I really want to do is make out with you.” Nash said trying to be as innocent as he could. 

I just chuckled, “alright I guess ill just leave then and you wont have to worry about it.” I said grabbing my bag. “No no! Thats not what I meant.” He said quickly but I was already walking out the door leaving Nash to study without distraction.

Confession Rehearsal Novel (Chapter 6)

Here’s the sixth chapter of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “(Confession Rehearsal) Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu”! 

Masterpost with links to all the translated chapters can be found here.
You can find the masterpost with all the Confession Rehearsal/Sound of Confession Project-related translations here.

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