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Maybe we should just focus back on making theories instead of trying to play the arg and stuff cos its only getting us involved in more drama and hate. There is already enough evidence on the show for special without and arg or some kind of game, so it's not necessary anyway. I hate seeing people messing with y'all this way, its sad and kind of cruel and now other ppl on tumblr are attacking tjlc once again, like lets just do our thing and ignore all the negativity

that’s what we try to do i’m p sure. we all know how insane this sounds. we all know how insane we LOOK. it’s not like we’re sat here grinning at the prospect of being mocked and humiliated, but this is precisely how chris melas felt too

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Jataro I.... don't really understand. In the same day you said that you love being hated and that love is a lie. How does it works? Anyway happy birthday! ^^ and it's not like this day doesn't exist at all for 3 years, nope. You celebrate your birthday 6 hours a year(?) I mean you know how that day works right?

No. I’m not talking about the same kind of love here.

Shingetsu-kun already told me but my day still doesn’t exist. It’s not on the calendar or anywhere.

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▲ I crave that mineral.

I am full of salt

{ Here are a handful of unpopular opinions for you; feel free to pick apart your favorite! }

  1. Why is Slytherin still the evil house? Why are we perpetuating this kind of bullshit? They’re cunning and resourceful; think of them less as being evil overlords and more like nature survivalists. They’re gonna do whatever it takes to meet their (usually pretty ambitious) end goals, but that doesn’t mean they’re evil. If Harry were a better improviser, he’d’ve made an A+ Slytherin. Hermione, too, if she’d been less willing to drag her friend’s dead weight around, academically speaking.
    On that same note, can we also stop with the “Gryffindors are jocks” bullshit? I’m a Gryffindor and I couldn’t be further from a jock. We’re the stupid impulsive assholes who just love you a lot, okay? We’re dogs, essentially. Stupid, lovable, gung-ho dogs.

  2. I’m tired of Persephone and Hades randomly being Greek mythology’s hyper-idolized teen dream. Listen to me girls. Listen to me closely. That narrative you keep thinking you identify with, about a young girl rebelling from an overbearing mother and running into the arms of the dark, handsome, cool stranger? That’s not the myth. That’s not the story. That’s a reimagining of it. The way it goes in mythology, the reason it’s the “rape” (used in this case to mean the forcible or nonconsensual taking of one thing to further the will of another), is because Persephone (technically then Kore, a maiden-goddess of spring and flowers) is kidnapped and forced into the Underworld. It doesn’t make Demeter out to be overbearing. It doesn’t make Hades out to be cool, dark, mysterious, or even initially interested in Kore’s autonomy. It’s just a taking.
    Sidebar, they’re also not a perfect power couple. Hades has an affair with Minthe, the nymph who would eventually become the mint-plant after being turned into one by Persephone, and Persephone had Adonis–which, I’ll grant you, could be easily construed as a very different relationship. They had less cheating than most couples…but they still had cheating. So please. Stop.

  3. The Bible ought to be treated as a literary text (perhaps even a seminal one) rather than an absolute truth in spheres outside of religious ones, especially including the spaces of academia and the government. Moreover, religious spheres ought to make more room in recognizing that their truth is not a secular one, and ought to work harder to remind their participants (especially the younger ones with an interest in politics and/or higher education) that although religious foundations are adequate sources of ethos, they need to work harder to find truths (logos) and passions/emotional responses (pathos) outside of their religion in order to create better or more universal arguments to back their opinions.
    In other words, religion doesn’t count for dick outside of religious institutions and if you can’t sway my opinion without shoving your choice of literature in my face, I have no reason to believe you.
    (Also known as you’re in college now and no, your prof won’t accept the Bible as an adequate resource on its own, try again.)

  4. I would rather use Tumblr magic to force an unfollow than I would confront a follower making me uncomfortable–not because I fear confrontation, but because I fear losing face on the level of personal discourse. Which I recognize is ridiculous, since if I’ve hit either of those two points, I’m obviously mentally if not emotionally beyond caring for your opinion of me.

  5. There is nothing sexual about shoulders and people should be allowed to wear tank tops/spaghetti straps even in “professional” environments, especially if it’s fucking hot outside.

  6. I’m of a mind that if something in your headcanons/the way you play your character directly impacts something about my character, you ought to come to me and talk it out before assuming I agree. Even and especially if the element is present on an immediately accessible page on my blog (like my about or rules page) but not on yours. I should be offered the chance to accept, refuse, refute, or modify events which might dramatically change the way I need to be playing my character with you.

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Anyone sending you hate is a little prick with zero concept of civility or what it means to be a human being. IDC whatfandom you're from or what you ship fuck all of that, to send hate to anyone for whatever reason is the lowest thing anyone can do and they've no excuse except they're miserable. Fuck them. I know you are a good kind sweet person and an important part of the twd fandom, without u I'd have left long ago your positivity kept and keeps me here. You are fucking class <3

OMG. OMG. OMG. Thank you so much for the support! And for the kind words. I think that I will start to cry again in a second, seriously. But crying happy tears! Not sad ones! :)
You’re really, really sweet and amazing! Thank you so much! ♥♥♥


october 18th, 2016.

How to Handle Player Behavior

So, for a lot of DM’s, we’ve got a lot on our plate with NPC’s, maps, dungeons, stats,the list goes on and on. Normally, players are pretty good about policing each others’ behaviors, but when they’re not, we gotta step in sometimes. So how do we do that without making anyone angry? You can’t, not guaranteed anyway. Some players hate being told to knock something off, and there’s not much you can do about it. Here’s the way I handle it, and it’s worked pretty much every time at not angering people. 

1. Start off by saying you’re not angry. (You shouldn’t be, if you’re heading it off early!) This will set the tone for the conversation. Your players need to know that you don’t do anything out of anger, especially this kind of thing.

2. Outline the negative behavior(s) and don’t diminish them by saying it’s not a big deal.

3. Let them know it has to change, and if you can, outline tips for improving it.

4. Reassure them that if they don’t want to change it, there are groups for everyone out there! If someone’s play style doesn’t mesh with the others very well, chances are good that there’s a group that LOVES that sort of behavior.

5. Outline a few positive things that they bring to the group, and let them know they’re still welcome in the group as long as they work on those things.

This is my first warning type situation. I usually wait a session or two, then re-evaluate their behavior. If it doesn’t improve, I usually repeat steps 1, 2, and 4, and let them know that if it doesn’t change soon, the group will have to part ways from them. After a session or two, re-evaluate again, and then make your decision. 

Anyway, I hope that helps!

y’all, i’m actually christian (christopagan, technically, but that’s beside the point), the religion where the whole “unconditional love” and “love thy enemy” doctrine comes from, and i’m here to tell you -if you’re using that philosophy to shut down any kind of resistance that isn’t explicitly nonviolent, nondestructive, and “non hateful”, you’re doing it wrong.

you cannot love people while simultaneously not doing everything in your power to protect them. you also cannot claim that you’re allowing someone to oppress others because to use force to stop them from doing so would be “hateful”. at the end of the day, even if you do nothing at all, you are being complicit in the inherent violence of the system; that sure as fuck is not “loving” the people the system exploits and oppresses. yes, it is crucial that we love our enemy -insofar as we recognize they are human and can change, can redeem themselves, and so on. not “loving” them to the point of stepping aside and letting them brutalize our fellow human beings.

love isn’t passive. love isn’t a feeling. love is a commitment to respecting someone and doing what you can to promote their well-being. love is preventing the rise of those who would promote suffering, hatred, and fear to rise. of course there will be casualties, and that’s a tragedy, but those casualties are necessary to prevent far, far more.

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Have you listened to that interview where Taylor talked about every song on 1989? I think it was for iheartradio, you can find it on YouTube. Anyway when she describes clean she doesn't talk about a relationship, she's talking about the hate fest of 2012-13 and how she felt tarnished and how her life wasn't hers. Her voice was kind of trembling and you can hear that she choked. I think clean is it actually about a relationship but it's just hard for her to talk about it so she "lies" about it

yes OF COURSE i have do u even know who i AM

1. i don’t think what she describes here is a “lie”or some sort of cover up. i think that writing the song which she describes in the interview below as being “about allowing yourself to really feel pain and then all of a sudden time passes and you’ve survived it and you’ve made it out the other side” was a major part of the emotional process she says she went through while writing and releasing 1989. the two descriptions of the song we have heard, one relating to moving on from a specific relationship and one relating to an emotional process (which forms the basis of pretty much all of the clean speeches) aren’t seperate they are inextricably linked. 

2. she’s really, really candid here and it’s one of the rare times she has opened up about the impact all the external talk about her personal life actually has on her and i find it super captivating 

from (11:14) 

clean is the last song on the album for a lot of reasons but mostly because it felt like a completion of this kind of emotional process i’d been going through for the last couple of years. You know i feel like… my personal life was really, really, discussed and criticized and debated and talked about to a point where it made me feel kind of almost…tarnished in a way you know… and the discussion wasn’t about music and it broke my heart that i had made an album that i was proud of and i was touring the world and playing to sold out stadiums and still they managed to want to only talk about…my personal life. At a certain point i felt a switch and it was at the end of recording this album, that i began to feel like…my life was mine again…and my music was at the forefront again and i was living my life on my own terms and i really no longer cared what people were saying about me and that was when i started to see people talk less about the things that didn’t matter….this song clean which is essentially about allowing yourself to really feel pain and then all of a sudden time passes and you’ve survived it and you’ve made it out the other side. 

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How can you tell when an ENFP likes you and when they're annoyed by you?

so here’s the problem with ENFPs: we’re nice by default; it’s imbedded in us that everyone is worthy of being treated with respect, dignity and acceptance irrespective of how much we forking hate them..so it get’s a really tricky

there’s two kind of annoyed for ENFPs: we particularly don’t care for your existence or we want you to disappear from our lives

how to know if we don’t care for your existence:

  • smile that never reaches the ENFP’s eyes when they look at you
  • not asking questions (if we don’t ask you things, that’s a BIG warning sign)
  • a lot of nodding when you talk + smile that doesn’t reach eyes

how to know if an ENFP wants you to disappear from their life:

  • passive-aggressive behaviour (it is so forking annoying, ENFPs are literally the kings/queens of passive-aggressive behaviour and trust me when I say that our own passive-aggressive behaviour drives us freaking nuts)
  • not even nodding when you talk
  • not laughing at your jokes (we laugh at EVERYONE’S jokes)
  • no smile, just a thin stretched line of lips
  • glaring at your back when you are not looking

how to know if an ENFP likes you (in a friend way or a romantic way):

  • QUESTIONS about everything and anything. We like you. You are ours now and we want to know everything and everything. the more irrelevant and redundant the questions the more we like you; example: if we wanna know about your favorite cheese we got it pretty bad
  • thoughtful comments (we hate using our brain so if we use it say something thoughtful to whatever you’re talking about, we must like you)
  • I don’t know if it’s obvious but we’re a little territorial and possessive (at least of people we regard as friends) but I think we do a pretty good job of hiding it
  • we go out of our way to help you and be there for you (contrary to popular belief, we are not philanthropists, we don’t do things for just anyone) 
I love being in the Timeless fandom.

With the season finale coming up and the fate of our show hanging in the balance, I just want to say how much I love this fandom. I look around at other fandoms, and there’s so much hate! Ship wars and theory arguments and a host of other negativity. But not here! No ship wars or any kind of arguing or hatred. We just love our show and collectively scream/cry/comfort each other. This is such a happy and supportive fandom. Maybe it’s because we’re still too small for drama. Whatever the reason, I love you guys and I love being here. Thanks for making this fandom such a lovely environment! 

I love all Dorianmancers. I absolutely love Adaar x Dorian, Cadash x Dorian, Lavellan x Dorian, Trevelyan x Dorian, Bull x Dorian, Cullen x Dorian, literally anyone who identifies as male x Dorian. But seeing how horribly some Dorianmancers act towards other Dorian ships is super down putting and frustrating. If you don’t feel comfortable with certain ships, or prefer other ships, then that’s fine! Just don’t try to shit on literally everyone who likes a certain Dorian ship just because it goes against your ~headcanon~. Dorian loves men. That’s it. He loves manly men and he loves softer, less masculine men. He loves tall Qunari men, and he loves short, hairy Dwarves. He loves broadly muscled men, and he loves men who aren’t ripped. He loves thin men and chubby men. He loves human, elven, dwarf, and Qunari men, and no matter how hard some people whine and stamp their feet yelling “Dorian only loves x kind of men in my headcanon and anything that’s opposite of that kind of man is wrong and grosses me out”, Dorian is still going to continue loving all kinds of male Inquisitors and characters. Dorian loves men.


Seriously if you don’t like period talk (get the fuck over it) but if you don’t then just move on.

I REALLY wish pads were free. I started my period yesterday and I had plenty of pads for this cycle. I go to grab another today and they are gone. The culprit? My sister. She has a bad habit of using mine (because she never has money to get her own) and then when she finishes the pack never tells me. 

So here I am doubling liners because I don’t wear tampons to bed (toxic shock syndrome worries being why) and I also hate tampons which is a personal preference.

My problem is I’m not able to get to a supermarket because the nearest one to me is closed, I don’t drive and no one is home to ask to drive me to a supermarket that is open. 

So, they should be free so every woman who menstruates has an abundance of them and has them on hand when needed.

I kind of blame my sister (lol) but then again I blame whoever decided to make sure pads are fucking expensive to buy because not everyone can afford them.

Bullshit I tell you.

Love Triumphs Part 8: Unsure

Jared Padalecki x Reader

1350 Words

Chapter Summary: Still reeling from the hatred thrown your way, you try to figure out how to work your relationship with Jared.

Story Summary: AU (I love Gen, and love her with Jared.) Jared and Gen have split up, but are still friendly. You, the Reader have recently started acting on Supernatural, and have fallen in love with Jared. Both of you get hate due to the fact that you are much younger than he is.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

The next few days at work were extremely awkward for you. Jared was being kind and understanding, even though you were shying away from him a little bit. The rest of the cast each came up, giving you words of encouragement, while the crew gave you kind smiles as they went about their duties. In between your scenes, you spent most of your time in your trailer, nervously chewing on your lip as you tried to decide what to do.

Jim had been right, the publicity, although negative, was still good for the show, and last night’s episode had the highest rating of the year. The negative comments had slowly died down, as fans became enthralled with something new. You still knew you were going to stick with Jared, to give the relationship a chance, but you were trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Did you thumb your nose at the fans, making your relationship public and outgoing? Jim would probably like that the best, it would produce the most publicity. Or you could ask Jared to keep your relationship quiet, keeping it off of the social media, and just in private on set.

Truthfully, you had really considered option two. It would be the least hurtful of the two, at least for a while, if you hid it from those who did nothing but scorn. But you didn’t want to hide your relationship. Sure, you were years younger than him, and he was coming off a divorce, but you were already feeling things for him you had never felt before. Why did age matter in a relationship if both people didn’t care about it?

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Here we are one more week with episode 5! For the record: I’m not ready. I have zero knowledge of Japanese regionals (in fact, I only learned about their existence when I watched episode 4), so let’s see what I can learn!

[If you’re curious about the previous mega-posts, feel free to read them here:

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4]

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Not Letting You Go

Originally posted by shawnslmao

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Requested by anon: Could you write an imagine where y/n has to go rehab for an ED or anxiety or something and people are just being mean saying it’s just a promo stunt and Shawn can put up with it and decides to say something about it to make them stop? I love your writing like you have no idea!!

Note: Hi!!! This was requested and as I always say I’m always here!


Shawn’s P.O.V 

“She’s back.” You whispered after reading Brian’s text, tears brimming in your eyes. Your beautiful girlfriend of three years has finally come back from rehab and you have missed her terribly these past few month, her dad kind of blames you for her being in rehab.

The reason she was in rehab was because of all the hate she was getting from your fans, on how she wasn’t ‘fit’ even though it was a complete lie and she was perfect in your eyes, it caused her to have an ED.

You wiped away the tears from your eyes and hurriedly grabbed your keys and ran downstairs to get to your Jeep.

“Where are you going?” you heard Aaliyah ask not taking her eyes off the T.V.

“Out. I’ll be back soon, mom’s upstairs if you need her.” you said hurriedly leaving your house jogging to your car. You had to make a few stops first.


You sighed, laying in bed staring at the ceiling, who would’ve thought you’d end up like this? Your thoughts slowly drifted away and you started to think about your friends, and Shawn. You haven’t told them that you came back just yet.

You knew that your dad partly blamed Shawn for your condition, even though it wasn’t his fault and he couldn’t do anything to stop it nor control it.

“Shawn! What a lovely surprise to see you!” you heard your mother greet, and you almost jumped out of your skin. What was he doing here? You kept trying to hear most of what they were saying but all you got was: “She’s upstairs.” you heard footsteps getting louder, heading to your room. You weren’t ready for him to see you, not like this.

A silent knock came from the other side of your door, you pulled the bed sheets over your whole body to cover yourself up as the door opened.

“Y/N?” you heard his angelic voice call for you, but you didn’t answer.

“I know you’re awake.” he said softly setting whatever he had with him next to your bedside table, and felt the bed dip as he sat on the bed next to you.

“Y/N.” he sand softly as he slowly pulled the sheets off of you only for you to pull your pillow to your face so he wouldn’t see it.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell me you came back?” he sighed

“I didn’t want anyone to know I was back.” you said pulling away from the pillow to face him, only for his eyes to go wide and he had a shocked expression on his face, can you blame him? You had dar circles under your eyes due to your lack of sleep, you became as thin as a stick thanks to your ED, and you felt weak and you were pale and lifeless.

“Your reaction was exactly why I didn’t tell you! It’s because I didn’t want you to see me like this! I needed to pull my shit together before I told you!” you said getting up to walk to the bathroom crossing your arms over your chest, as Shawn watched you in shock.

“Maybe you should let me go, Shawn. Find someone else who deserves you and that is prettier than I ever will be, that can support you better than I can. How am I going to support you if I can’t even support myself? Maybe you’d be better off without me.” you said about to close the bathroom door when he stopped it with his foot.

“Baby, listen to me. I don’t want anyone else, and you are perfect just the way you are! And you are and forever will be the most beautiful girl that I have had and will have the pleasure of meeting! Don’t listen to them, I know they affect you, but I’m not letting you go.” he said knowing he referred to his fans.


“Just ignore them. I know you can.” he said, and tears you never knew you shed started falling as he pulled you into his embrace.

“You’re so strong baby. I’m so proud of you.” he said into your hair kissing the top of your head.

“What did I ever do to deserve you?” you asked and he smiled.

“Now why don’t we open up what I got for you?” he asked pointing to the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on your bedside table with bags of food and other things.

Soon you two started watching a movie after eating and opening up what Shawn got for you. You were cuddled into his chest trying your best to stay awake as he played with your hair humming a tune.

“Go to sleep baby, I’ll be right here.” he whispered and you looked up to him, and nodded, soon sleep consuming you.

Shawn’s P.O.V

You slowly pulled Y/N off of you and adjusted her on the bed and put a blanket over her petite body, kissed her forehead and sat on the chair next to her bed, watching her sleep peacefully.

You opened your phone scrolling through twitter for no apparent reason when you landed on a bunch of hate comments about her, but one of them got to you the most:

“She’s just doing this to get his attention, she is already ugly af and I bet he was going to leave her before she faked this so he won;d feel sorry for her and not leave her.” (ik this isn’t 300 characters but bear with me here.)

You couldn’t take anymore of this, she didn’t deserve any of this. You slowly got to her dresser so you could open your live stream without waking her up, you had to put an end to this now.

“Hey guys, I know I haven’t been active on social media lately because I had to catch up with friends and family, and my girlfriend,” you stopped and sighed

“Listen guys, I’ve noticed a lot of hate going on, and most of it is towards my girlfriend which is not okay. She was having hard time without her ED, and the hate just made it worse,” you made sure to be careful with your words.

“You all need to stop this, please? She doesn’t deserve this and I don’t know why some of you would send such cruel things.” you stopped to take a breather and looked at your beautiful girlfriend and smiled.

“I just want you all to like her, because even if you didn’t you are going to have to deal with it anyway because I’m not letting her go. I love you all my Mendes Army.” you said blowing a kiss to the camera, ending the live stream, and slipping back into bed with the girl you love.

Although I have to add there’s another aspect of that ‘Whiteness is different in Europe!’ post.

Like, aye, sure.  We do place a lot of importance on ethnicity and nationality but its not like we’re not racist as fuck too.

We can hate white Polish, white Irish (not so much now but still a bit), every kind of Eastern European, the lazy Mediterranean countires, etc. etc. but dont let that make you think we also don’t hate the black folk that have moved here or the north Africans or middle eastern folk or Indian or Pakistani.

Europeans are really fucking good at being bigoted.  So good we don’t even let skin colour stand in our way!

(Although seriously, if you’re the wrong skin colour we’ll also hate you and kinda hate you more).


This is terrifying to post. I’ve not been so nervous to post something since I posted the Prologue for GTY. But, I hit a 100 followers, and am actually at something like 121 followers as of this morning (HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS, WHAT?!), so I want to do something special for all y’all for following me and being so kind and awesome. And, hell, I have a Knight!Dean kink that I’m here to force upon y’all.

So, you know…if this sucks, let me know; if you like it, let me know; if you like certain parts and hate everything else, please, for the love of Chuck, let me know. I’m dying to hear what y’all think about this.

Also, if you’re not down for smut, there’s a break in the story were it could, theoretically end, so, once it breaks, you’re more than welcome to just stop there and I promise not to be offended. I actually wrote it like that for a few reasons, the first and foremost being that I never thought I’d post this, but, if ever I did, I was sure I wouldn’t post the smut, so I wanted a clear stopping point.

Also, fun fact: making me write a medieval!AU makes me write a lot more pretentiously.

I’m stalling. Okay, ending this essay-length author’s note.

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 6,819ish
Summary: Y/N is a princess, and there’s a tourney to win her hand
Warnings: Some swearing and hella explicit smut

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I'm not even saying this to shade Harry and Jeff/FSM because I don't think Harry is this kind of person but like.. I'm unfortunately not shocked this is how they're running with his marketing? The Harry The Illustrious Rock Star vs Those Other 3 Randoms is something that's been set in motion since 2012, and something that's never been stopped. And unfortunately most of this fandom and the general public eat stuff like that up. I hate it with every fibre of my being but like.. I'm not shocked.

Me either…Here’s the deal with me. Harry solo music: HELL FUCKING YEAH GIVE IT TO ME
Solo Harry media after he drops his songs: HELL NOOOOO
We all know how the media is gonna talk about it and I’m already pissed off
AND ITS NOT HARRY’S FAULT let me be clear before some of you come for me